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Nightmare Fuel / The Fear Mythos

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The Fear Mythos ain't called that for no reason.

  • Eccentrically Bored examples:
    • This entry, "Rabbits," is almost a BLAM. It came out un-expectantly, and it was... it was just unnerving.
    • The ending. Oh god, the ending. Talk about your Downer Ending: Joey Steward succumbs to the Slender Man and kills his entire family on Easter just so they won't be caught by the Archangel.
    • In fact, just the concept of the Archangel is Nightmare Fuel. He is the freakin' afterlife itself.
  • Jordan Eats Normally Now examples:
    • Throughout June and July of 2011, Jordan starts to post a lot less frequently. But when he does post? Well. He breaks down.
    • "Please kill me." And after The Topography of Thought mentioned a "Fatal Tragedy."
  • Debasing the Beef Canoe:
  • Out of the Spent and Unconsidered Earth examples:
  • Ontological examples:
    • Oh god, the whole concept of waking up in a building with no windows, no doors? While one would get used to such a thing, the idea of having no way out can cause people with isolation issues some serious lack of sleep.
  • Moonlit Whispers examples:
    • Garth is recording the noises at night, when he sleeps. Mainly, it's his neighbor's television set. But when the television set goes off, something else can be heard. Listen to the end of this audio and then proceed to crap your pants.
  • Closest to the Sun examples:
    • The sheer mindscrew that Achromatic Morality goes through within the Empty City is terrifying. Also the fact they she apparently wrote 417 posts, though only four show up. The Empty City messes her up so much, the post begins like this:
    I have sinned. I must be punished.
    This place is warped and ti it twisted and I can't see the wood for the trees. II ma wronged and must be punished.
  • Faces, Strange and Secret examples:
  • The World Through These Eyeholes examples:
    • The description of the way Faceless uses the birds to attack is TERRIFYING.
    • The Brute's modus operandi probably also qualifies as this, even BEFORE he's released.