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Sometimes, a character is just a walking, talking Moment of Awesome. They may not yet qualify for Magnificent Bastard but they're just so awesome! Well, here is the right place to tell the world about just how awesome your favorite character is!

NOTE: This is to gush about characters, not to bash people for not liking those characters.

See also Gushing About Shows You Like. Compare Ensemble Dark Horse, where a minor character has a huge fanbase. Contrast The Scrappy.

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    Asian Animation 
  • Setting aside how Flower Angel is often considered a mockbuster of Cardcaptor Sakura, it somehow managed to produce an expy of Kerberos named Kukuru who's unironically kinda cute. His design is different enough (as with all the other characters in the show), and he takes on a plush form in the earlier seasons that's absolutely adorable. Despite being a Royal Brat who played pranks in school, he genuinely cares for his human companion Xia An'an, even becoming her love interest in Season 3 since they're both fairy (or half-fairy in An'an's case).
  • Happy Heroes: Huo Haha, the Arc Villain from Season 8, is really fun with his Affably Evil personality that consists of thinking something evil might be too unethical when that's kind of his thing or apologizing for possibly scaring nearby children, including the audience, while still being a legitimate threat when he needs to be. It's not hard to see why he's a favorite among the fandom.
  • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf:
    • Weslie. He's such a cute and adorable little goat! Same goes for the rest of the goats.
    • Wolffy. His antics are always fun to watch and his personality is very good.
      • Him being a genuinely good father to his child Wilie probably adds to this; sure, he's mean to the goats, who are Wilie's friends, but the fact that his son sees him as a hero of sorts anyway is legitimately kinda adorable.
    • Miss Earth. She's a really adorable spin-off character (from The Earth Carnival, the third season of Pleasant Goat Fun Class) that really needs more attention from not just the fanbase, but CPE itself.

    Comic Strips 
  • Calvin and Hobbes. And for that matter, Susie Derkins. One of the best female foils out there. She's the only kid who tries to be friends with Calvin, and no matter what crazy shit he pulls, she never stops trying.

    Fan Works 

  • Sound Horizon is full of awesome characters, but I love Idolfried Ehrenberg from their 7th Story CD "Märchen" the most. He only appears in the backstory of one of the other characters and only has about three lines of dialogue, which resulted in the fandom basically running away with his personality which was later adopted in official concerts, making him an awesome(ly rude) pirate that basically lives for breasts and has quite a bit of Ho Yay going on with Cortes.
  • Gorillaz has Noodle, a cute Japanese girl with mad guitar skills.
  • This Troper must admit to being guilty of Character Gush; namely for SF-A2 miki from Vocaloid. I swear, whoever thought up her being an alien is a genius; it adds so much to her character and gives so much more room for character development; you can spend HOURS just figuring out what her culture is like. And since there's no official anything on her—no backstory, no personality, no nothing—there's really endless possibilities with what you can come up with.
    • Also, Rin and Len Kagamine are pretty freaking epic. I swear, just listen to ONE of their songs and your head will CAVE IN from the sheer awesomeness put into both the songs themselves and the stories and illustrations that go with it.

  • Spring Heeled Jack, The terror of England, so mysterious, was he a real life demon? Was He an alien? Was he just a hoax? Was he a guy in a costume? Was He a monster or evil or was he really a misunderstood hero? Remember That in Universe, most super heroes are framed for crimes or accused of crime, whats to say that Spring Heeled Jack wasn't a hero who was misunderstood? He's just that Mysterious! There's a reason I based my College Creative Writing on his sightings & made a rather good Super Hero Story.
  • Geof the talking mongoose. Yes, a talking animal which may or may not be a poltergeist can be creepy and inconvenient, but there's just something so adorable about how he bonded with the family. And he mostly spoke with the daughter, so he pretty much is a childhood imaginary friend come alive!

  • Trevor and Julia manage to maintain a sincere, heartwarming relationship despite being fully aligned with the Hunt, something that few other avatars are able to do. Also, how they at least started out as genuinely good people who wanted to protect innocent people from monsters, with Trevor rescuing Julia from the People's Church ritual even after becoming an avatar. The Hunt is also one of the more cool entities out there, even if all of their successful kills happen off screen. And they're really funny as well.

    Pro Wrestling 

    Web Animation 
  • Homestar Runner:
    • Strong Bad. He's quite possibly one of the most hilarious animated characters ever, and I'm usually wary of cases where the Anti-Hero type becomes more popular than the plain, simple hero (usually leads to character bashing lobbed at said hero, etc). H* R makes it work because Strong Bad is actually funny and his instances of not being as cool as he says he is make him that much cooler. Plus, Homestar definitely works better as The Ditz than the heroic athlete so it all balances out.
    • Homsar. The most hilariously nonsensical Cloud Cuckoo Lander ever, and so endlessly quotable. "Ahhh'm a song from the sixties..."
  • Red vs. Blue:
    Caboose: Or, it happens to be a key all the time, and when you stick it in people, you unlock their death.
    • Tucker. That is all. Bow-chika-bow-wow!
    • On a more serious note, the Meta and Washington. A pair of rivals that took the plot to a darker and more interesting place, with sheer badassery to boot.
    • Oh, Felix. Felix, Felix, Felix, where do I begin? A villain whose nature is a shocking yet satisfying twist, Felix manages to make his partner Locus look like a minor threat by comparison. He's delightfully smug, unapologetically evil, and yet surprisingly complex and nuanced when you take a closer look at him. His one major weakness just makes him more appealing, especially due to an absolutely brilliant monologue written by his creator and voice actor, which actually manages to give him a shred of humanity, without earning any sympathy.
  • EVERY SINGLE character from Shadow of Israphel!!!
  • RWBY:
    • Pyrrha Nikos is an experienced, extremely capable fighter (she is the four-time Mistral tournament champion) and a stellar student, much like Weiss Schnee. Unlike Weiss, despite being a celebrity figure, Pyrrha is incredibly humble, polite, and willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it, easily one of the gentlest characters in the show. She will stand up to people who she deems "atrocious", however, and will have no problem handing their asses, all four of them. Not to mention, she is a beautiful Statuesque Stunner, with piercing green eyes and red hair.
    • Yang Xiao Long, aka the shotgun-gauntlet wielding brute force of the eponymous team. She is such a Blood Knight that she took up being a Huntress solely to get into fights. Despite being an arrogant hothead, she has a huge heart and a strong nurturing side to her baby sister. She also has awesome hair, and woe betide any being foolish enough to lay a finger on it, be it a Grimm or a Too Dumb to Live bartender. And that's not even getting into her awesome Semblance. She cares for her teammates' well-being so much that she won't hesitate to use force to knock some sense into them when they insist on destroying themselves.
    • Blake Belladonna is an independent, intelligent Badass Bookworm cat Faunus whose idealism and and passion for justice is well-hidden by her cynical comments and her tormented past. She is willing to work herself to death to make sure that her people aren't exploited. Her moral compass causes her to abandon the White Fang, the group she'd grown up under, when she sees that they've become needlessly antagonistic towards humans (the people that have abused Faunus since who knows when). She isn't powerful like Yang, but she's agile and stealthy with Gambol Shroud, an intricate (yet practical) and difficult-to-wield 4-in-1 weapon (a katana, a sheath that serves as another sword, a whip, and a gun). She singlehandedly defeated one of RWBY's most dangerous foes in a fight. She isn't afraid to insult those who deserve it, despite her withdrawn personality.
    • It's a shame Sun Wukong doesn't get more attention from the actual show itself. He's a gorgeous monkey faunus who is adorably smitten with Blake and effortlessly a smooth individual, who shows evident love of action but important concern over his friends. He's also an intense badass in a fight, at one point knocking a man flat on his ass with a punch from his tail...and then beating around baddies like rag dolls with a Bo staff, and unloading 40 shotgun blasts in five seconds from the shotgun-nunchucks his staff splits into. He's also good enough to not only get into the finals round among only seven other fighters in a worldwide tournament with hundreds of combants more experienced than him, he did it while the Big Bad was actively trying to plot and prevent him doing it. Yang and Pyrrha are there not without any lack of skill, but Cinder's machinations also made sure they got there. Sun unknowingly flipped off the Big Bad by showing how badass he can be....albeit offscreen.
    • No love for Ruby? She's easily one of the most adorable protagonists, is skilled with the scythe, and is all around a good person. What makes me admire her is her determination even after the devastating losses in volume 3.
    • Penny Polendina is quite possibly the shining beacon of cuteness for that show. There's something so very endearing about her Adorkable nature, so much so, that she's the first new character Rooster Teeth announced for RWBY Chibi. The fact that she came back after being Killed Off for Real in the main show speaks volumes.
  • Alastor the Radio Demon from Hazbin Hotel for being a fusion of Bill Cipher, Discord and Black Hat while still being able to put his own super fun spin on it. Also his voice is GODLY!
  • From Planet Dolan, there's Shima. No wonder everyone wants her back- she's a cat (cats are cool), she averts Real Women Never Wear Dresses by being pink and wearing a dress yet not being a walking stereotype, she's probably the most sensible (Doopie and Melissa are pretty sensible too, but Melissa sometimes steps out of line with her crush on Nixxiom and Doopie is sometimes irrational like when she said to Pringle, "I said do sapphire next!", whereas Shima remains sensible even when she's goofing off), and finally she's one of the most moral characters and is seldom (if ever) the perpetrator of a dark joke.
  • Rocky from Battle for Dream Island. Some people think he's bland and uninteresting. But I think he's the cutest thing EVER!!! Besides my dog, of course. Even though he vomits and doesn't talk much at all (he only speaks in like 3 or 4 episodes, and one of those times was indirect)note , that just makes him even better!!! That means he never will say anything you disagree with! And when he throws up he makes the CUTEST sound! And lucky for him, it looks painless, and it's not because he's sick, but he has an Infinite Matter Generator in his mouth. Aww, and don't forget his adorable smiling face! If you stare at it for too long, it might get creepy, but just ignore that. I just wanna hug him, even though he would be very hard (he is literally a rock) and he would vomit on me, but I don't care!!! We need a plushie of him!!! Too bad my second-least fave and his girlfriend who I dislike got plushes, but this is a place to gush, not hate. I just love Rocky, he's so underrated!! He needs more love, seriously. Go give Battle for Dream Island a watch, will ya?

    Web Original 
  • Jack Bulletproof, the Cop Who Plays by All the Rules. Because police procedures are there for a reason, and anyone who manages to be this awesome while doing the most reasonable and thought-out thing in any given situation deserves a mention.
  • SCP Foundation:
    • I don't know whether she counts as a "character" or not, but SCP-811 is one of the best written SCP items on the site by their own standards and EXACTLY how you should write a dangerous humanoid SCP item. She's got strange abilities that, while cool, don't come off as "super powers", she's dangerous without being malevolent, in fact she can be quite sweet, and she even has a backstory that makes you feel bad for her. It's a shame she doesn't get as much attention as SCP-173, SCP-682 or even SCP-105.
    • I like SCP-085 a lot. She's so nice!
    • SCP-5031 is a particularly delightful SCP, with a wonderful character arc. Really makes you feel proud of how much it grows.
  • Neo Pets:
    • Brynn and Hanso. There's just something about the way they interact that makes me happy.
    • If we're talking about Neopets, Armin. He's so sweet! I've also always had a big soft spot for Jeran.
    • Adee. She has such a cute design and who can resist a sweet little Neopet who loves ice cream!
    • Queen Fyora. A very wise and powerful High Queen with a pretty aesthetic to boot.

    Web Videos 
  • KateModern: Terrence is a brilliant character. He's basically a sociopath, but he gets enough Villain Episodes and Enemy Mine scenes that that doesn't matter, and he somehow manages to be both hilarious and terrifying, often simultaneously.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog:
    • Dr. Horrible, P.H.D. in Horribleness and one of the most pathetic and lovable Woobies of all time while simultaneously being sexily evil.
    • Though Penny, surprisingly, is the one who gets the most backstory. Combine that with Felicia Day's adorableness and, well, there's not much more to say, is there?
  • The Nostalgia Critic: So messed up... and so entertaining to watch. Also, his singing voice. Dear God, his singing voice.
    • OH MY GOSH, CHESTER A. BUM IS THE GREATEST CHARACTER I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! He's deranged, stoned out of his mind, and absolutely hilarious.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: LINKARA! He is a man! -PUNCH- Wears a purdy hat!]] Quoting theme songs aside, not only is he a master of snark, but I also end up cracking up from his rage outbursts.
  • Carl Copenhagan from Demo Reel. Sexy-accented Memetic Badass with a Dark and Troubled Past and a hidden soft side. You were taken from the internet too soon, sir.
  • Eugene, Matt Santoro's clone. He can make it snow with his warlock powers, he's a badass with his lightsaber, and is easily the funniest character. Need proof that he's the funniest character? In How to be Popular, Matt teaches him how to be popular (hence the title), and tells him to express his style. So, he dances to the song "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO, and he even twerks! That's comedy gold.
  • Korak from High Rollers. After being a figure shrouded in mystery thanks to some great storytelling and the two utterly opposing views of him (a slave owner and oppressor vs a champion and a hero), the former view turned out to be a misunderstanding and he turned out to just be... a genuinely Nice Guy, hailed as a hero, yet who is too ashamed of his past to tell of it, and of his real name to even use it - which is heartbreaking. The fact that instead of using his 'hero' status to be an ass and brush off Jiutou and her allegations, or even have her locked up for attacking him in an important fight, he let her go on her way and later sat down to have a rational conversation and address the issues raised with an uncommon and touching frankness and honesty does him credit. In addition, he has a humility about him (seen in his interaction with Jiutou in episode sixteen 'I did not want to disturb you with my presence...') which is utterly adorable, and a sense of humour (or at least a will to save face for Cam) as seen at the end of the same episode. And to top it all off, he is a seven foot tall red-and-gold humanoid dragon paladin, clad in golden armour and wielding a mystical crystalline blade.
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd: In-universe: Rick (Knife-Puncher) Taylor from Splatterhouse.
    • When HVGN discovers that Darkwing Dark can deflect knifes, he gleefully imagines who would win in a fight — then realized it's pretty much no-contest.
  • I'll stick with real internet reviewers, thank you very much, like The Cinema Snob with his sharp dress sense, awesome voice, dry wit and adorable cats.