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What's the point of this site?

The Agony Booth is primarily devoted to posting recaps of movies and TV episodes. These are not "reviews". Movies and TV episodes are thoroughly analyzed and dissected in excruciating detail to show what they do right and what they do wrong. But most important of all, the point of this site is to have fun mocking any and all kinds of movies and shows.
From the FAQ

The Agony Booth (named after a torture device from the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Mirror, Mirror") was a website that specialized in posting recap-cum-MST entries on So Bad, It's Good movies and TV shows.

At the start, the site was primarily run by older professionals (their ranks included computer programmers, teachers, lawyers, soldiers, etc.) who maintained a house style based around thoughtful criticisms of technical and storytelling faults as well as less tangible qualities. They were willing to mock anything as long as they could back their critique up. As such, the Booth tended to have a "nothing is sacred" policy. They also had a tendency to use Troper terminology. The forums had a reputation for exclusivity; the list of rules (and rationales for banning) was long and detailed, and intelligent argument on a par with the house style was expected whether for or against the subject in question.

Starting in The New '10s, the site began to drift away from its roots and revamped itself as a Channel Awesome-style pop culture video essay site. They also locked most of their older written content behind a Patreon paywall and merged with Happy Nice Time People, a like-minded site that also specialized in TV recaps.

     Video Essay contributors included: 
  • Mr. Mendo's Hack Attack, a video version of their traditional articles, occasionally taking on well-liked films, hosted by Mr. Mendo.
  • Movie Dorkness, formerly the Red Suitcase Adventures, a more positive look at popular culture, hosted by Sofie Liv.
  • Stuff You Like, an analytical look at great film, great TV (and all kinds of tropes), hosted by Sursum Ursa.
  • Cartoon Palooza, a sarcastic look at recent animated features, hosted by Joey Tedesco.
  • The Cheap-Arse Film Review, a look at film that can be purchased inexpensively (in England), hosted by Cheapus.
  • The Film Renegado: a celebration of Mexican films and culture, hosted by Jerry Nava.
  • Good Bad Flicks, a salute to films that are so bad they're good, hosted by Cecil Trachenburg.
  • The Movie Skewer, hosted by each of the others in rotation, this is a show for the Boothers to review things outside their normal niches.
  • Mystery Madness, a look at what makes mystery films work, hosted by Full of Questions.
  • The Porn Critic, a look at the plot holes in porn parodies, hosted by The Porn Critic.
  • The Unusual Suspect, a (British) look at movies and tie-in games, hosted by The Unusual Suspect
  • The Examined Life (of Gaming), video game reviews, hosted by Roland Thompson.
  • The Oldschoo' Review, an AVGN-esque look at films, hosted by Johnny Oldschool.
  • The Bunny Perspective, a celebration of hard to find films and general pop culture hatred, hosted by Phil Buni.
  • The Cinema Slob, a look at good films, host by The Cinema Slob.
  • Friday Night Fright Flicks, sketch comedy built around current horror releases, hosted by Count Jackula and The Horror Guru.
  • The various shows of Joshua the Anarchist.
  • The Blockbuster Chick, celebrating big-budget bombs, hosted by Suzie McGinney.
  • P.G.S.M. Summaries, an in-depth look at Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, hosted by Nycea.
  • Reel vs. Reel, a show that puts competing animated films up for discussion, hosted by The Animated Heroine.
  • The DVD Shelf, a celebration of classic films and their DVD releases, hosted by David Rose.
  • What We Had To Watch, pop culture ephemera from the 21st Century, starring Il Neige.
  • The Graphic Novel Picture Show, focusing on comic book movies, hosted by Solkir.
  • Minority Report Reviews, which takes a second look at widely hated films, hosted by Tom Marriott.
  • Tom's Retrophilia, great stuff from back in the day, hosted by Thomas Stockel.
  • Saturday Morning Glory, a look at insane episodes of Saturday morning cartoons, hosted by Ryan Lohner.
  • The Following Special Presentation, a look at goofy made for TV movies, hosted by Stan Ferguson.
  • Thoroughly Manly Musicals, a show about musicals, also hosted by Stan Ferguson.
  • Terror Obscura, a look at horror films, good and bad, hosted by The Fear Fan.
  • The Special Relationship, a spin-off of Britannia Rules?, which examines American remakes of British films and TV shows, originally hosted by Richard Murphy, now run by invoked Sursum Ursa as part of Stuff You Like.

In 2017, the Agony Booth backpedaled from producing video essays and returned to producing exclusively written content. Unfortunately, their new/old business model wasn't enough to save the site. It posted its final content in November 2021 before going offline sometime next February, with no communication from any of its social media accounts. Currently, the URL redirects to a site called LOLWOT that — despite its name, logo, and description — appears to be nothing but lists of random celebrities' net worth. As a consequence, none of the links on this page work anymore.


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