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The Unusual Suspect is a Caustic Critic who reviews movies and video games. Originally he was inspired by Angry Video Game Nerd to do video games but became inspired by The Nostalgia Critic to review movies.

You can see his videos on YouTube,Geekvision, and The Agony Booth.

He provides and discusses examples of:

  • Accentuate the Negative: In truth, he only seems to review movies he enjoys. Doesn't stop him riffing the crap out of it.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: In his review of Star Wars Episode II, he remarks that Obi-Wan survives jumping out of a 1000-story window, taking a missile to the face, and seeing Anakin and Padme together.
  • Author Appeal: In his Critical Review of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII he puts Lightning in an outfit that resembles that of Phoenix Wright.
  • Bait-and-Switch: In the review of the Fellowship of the Ring, he notes the similarities between the names of Aragorn and Arathorn. Then he says that if Gimli's father is called Gloin then it's pretty obvious what Gloin's father's name was: Gerald.
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  • Breaking the Reviewer's Wall: Quite a bit, talking to the characters, killing the characters...
  • Fingerless Gloves: Often wore them in the beginning of his career.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: Often times gets things thrown at him and almost gets shot by the James Bond opening.
  • Money, Dear Boy: invoked His only rationale why The Amazing Spiderman exists (though he adds that he actually enjoyed the film and its' main problem was just that it was too similar to the Sam Raimi one).
  • Nice Hat: The hat he wore for the first couple of years. He's since replaced it.
  • Once per Episode: Each of his Harry Potter movie reviews features one instance where he's about to finish a dick joke, only to be interrupted by Snape yelling "Silence!"
    • Except for the first movie, because the clip of Snape is from the second movie.
    • Used three times in the second movie, because this is the movie where the clip is from. The third time, Suspect interrupts Snape, promising to be nice.
    • For the third movie, Snape interrupts a poop joke instead.
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  • Product Placement: He points out all the product placement in Casino Royale (2006) and in a deleted scene in the review of the Amazing Spider-Man he notes the same (and ironically it's all Sony's product placement.)
  • Retirony: He has made two separate jokes about this. First is in his The Matrix review, when Trinity throws a knife at a guard's head and it kills him, Suspect dubs over saying "Damn! Two day till retirement." The second one is in his Home Alone review, when the police officer fails to catch Kevin, Suspect says this is particularly embarrassing for the cop since he was only two days from retirement.
  • Rule 34: He often edits scenes to make them a lot more dirty.
    Suspect: Damn you, Mel Brooks, for giving me such a dirty mind!
  • Running Gag:
    • Snape yelling "Silence!" every time Suspect is about to finish a dick joke or about to say the punchline to a joke engaging in any kind of toilet humor.
    • The "Shame" Bell.
    • Suspect inserting himself in the films he reviews, either via green screen or by appearing in a in-universe screen such as in the Die Another Day review.
    • As of the Star Wars Episode I review, Bob the drug dealer interrupting Suspect's review to offer him fictional drugs like the Death Sticks from Star Wars Episode II and the gold stars from Super Mario Bros games has become one.
    • As of his Spider-Man 2 video, superimposing Mr. Aziz's likeness over the footage.
      • "GOOO!"
  • Shame If Something Happened: Suspect imagines that one Sony executive uses this on another one to greenlight a reboot of Spider Man in his Amazing Spider Man review.
  • Shout-Out: To Jeremy Jahns, with his quoting Jeremy's "It's a good time...if you're drunk" rating, to Mr. Plinkett in his Phantom Menace review where he plays the beginning of his Phantom Menace review in his review, Nostalgia Critic, obviously, Il Neige, subverted when he calls him just to tell him he was stealing his "EXTREME!!!" yell set to a guitar in one of his Lord of the Rings reviews where a character does something, well, extreme, to Family Guy, The Simpsons, Jerry Springer, etc.
    • In his Power Rangers theme song mashups, whatever movie/media he chose to mash with whatever season theme song he chose to go with it.
    • Cinema Sings, whatever band he chose with the movie clips he used to cover the songs. Gets a few shout outs itself, such as when Billie Joe Armstrong tweeted about the "Basket Case" video.
  • Significant Anagram: In pointing out that Neo is an anagram of One, he also points out that Justin Timberlake is an anagram for i'm a Jerk but lisTen
  • Spiritual Successor: To the Nostalgia Critic, as he uses the reviewing style & does a good mix of using reference clips from movies, or TV shows, & sketches/cutaway gags, while Doug seems to have shifted from one to the other completely after bringing back the critic, as well as not coming off as a complete asshole with the dark comedy, and has a good amount of analysis of the movies at the end, which Doug introduced in 2013 to the NC. In addition to that, Il Neige. Especially with Neige not having a review out for a while, and even then, it was a long time since the one before, he seems to be filing the role quite well as a quirky non-Channel Awesome affiliated movie reviewer on YouTube from the late 90s to early/late 2000s generation. Though he doesn't have the limit of only reviewing movies from 2000 on, though even Neige has reviewed a movie that wasn't from the 2000s before. Two, if you count Pokémon 2000, which was released first in Japan in 1999, almost a year before America. He also handles visual effects very well in his own way that makes him stand out.
  • Spit Take: Suspect, as a Sony exec, does this when "another" says to sell the rights of Spider-Man back to Marvel.
    • Suspect does another in the The Two Towers review, when he founds out that the long-haired effeminate boy he mistook for a girl is actually a boy.
  • Take That!: He does plenty of these:
    • Musicians...
      • In his review for The Two Towers, he notes that the letter 'r' is the most sinister letter in the alphabet, pointing out all the evil things with the letter r in them, at the end of the list? Chris Brown.
      • "You fool, no man can kill me."
    Suspect!Witch King: Except maybe, his music makes me wanna kill myself.
    • From his The Matrix review, when Morpheus is explaining the Matrix to Neo:
    Morpheus: This is the world as it exists today.
    Neo: Stop! Let me out! I want out!
    • ...filmmakers...
      • Tommy Wiseau is subject to getting killed quite a bit.
      • In his Die Another Day review, when the doctor of the gene therapy clinic says that they use the tissue of orphans, runaways, and people that won't be missed, Suspect gets out his mobile and call Adam Sandler.
    • ...and politicians.
      • In his Spider-Man 3 review, when looking through a dictionary to prove the accuracy of it, he finds the word Wanker... with a picture of David Cameron next to it.
      • He also takes a shot at Nick Clegg's backpedaling on tuition fees in the "Top 10 Things Episodes 4-6 Got Wrong" video to demonstrate the dickishness of Obi-Wan's "certain point of view" excuse for why he didn't really lie to Luke about his dad being dead.
      • He also equates the usefulness of Episode I's senate with that of real world politicians.