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Bondi Vet is an Australian Reality TV programme wherein Kindly Vets rescue animals, and nearly always succeed.

The original series ran from 2009 to 2016, featuring:

  • Dr Chris Brown Veterinary surgeon at Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital, near Sydney's Bondi Beach (hence the show title).
  • Dr Lisa Chimes An emergency veterinarian at Sydney's Small Animal Surgical Hospital (SASH).
  • Dr Andrew Marchevsky A specialist surgeon at SASH.
  • Tim Faulkner The only non-vet among the cast; general manager of the Australian Reptile Park, a zoo in New South Wales' Central Coast region.

In early 2017, Dr Chris stepped down as host, citing his increasing television hosting schedule. The producers searched for a new host, but instead decided to reboot the series to feature vets throughout the country. The second incarnation of the series debuted in 2019 as Bondi Vet: Coast to Coast. Faulkner returned for the rebooted series; veterinarians featured include:

  • Dr Peter Ricci Has a diverse practice in Perth, serving both as a small animal emergency veterinarian and a wildlife and zoo veterinarian.
  • Dr Alex Hynes An emergency veterinarian in Gold Coast.
  • Dr Kate Adams Veterinary surgeon at Bondi Veterinary Hospital, another practice in the Bondi area.
  • Dr Lewis Hunt
  • Dr Danni Dusek Practices in a combined veterinary clinic and animal rescue in Melbourne.
  • Drs Alison and Audrey Shen Identical twins who operate a mobile veterinary service in Sydney.

While not part of the main cast, other veterinarians have been featured on Coast to Coast, including:

  • Dr Gerardo Poli Practices alongside his girlfriend, Dr Alex.

This show provides examples of: