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Sep 17th 2016 at 5:02:28 AM •••

Pulled the following for "Just because you can define something as "in space" doesn't mean it counts. It still needs to be recycled from an older idea" and "It's not enough that an idea seems to be ripping off another idea. It needs to be blatant in its advertising that it is a copy for it to count."

  • Re-imagined Battlestar Galactica is original Battlestar Galactica TAKEN SERIOUSLY!
    • Hardly "seriously" when you have Cylon fetish-dungeon ships, and crank the Fanservice Up to Eleven. More like a Darker and Edgier version.
    • With the revival of serial-formatted TV such as 24 and others, rather than episodic tales, the Re-imagined Series and J.J. Abrams's Lost were can't-miss-an-episode shows at the time. The subject matter and Mind Screw plots between these two shows were too similar for some fans, jesting that the new BSG was "LOST: IN SPACE!"

  • Of course, between 1970-1973 the show was noticable for being Doctor Who NOT IN SPACE!
  • In one Dead Ringers sketch, the Tenth Doctor is referred to as "Jarvis Cocker IN SPACE!"

Feb 8th 2012 at 8:57:12 AM •••

I really don't get the whole "Torchwood has the same tone of Doctor Who but with more sex". Someone explain better?

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