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Mercy Point
Short-lived UPN science fiction drama (8 episodes, only 7 aired) taking place on a Space Station medical facility in the 23rd Century staffed by, and serving, both humans and aliens.

While it could legitimately be described as "ER IN SPACE!"—the visual style, with heavy use of SteadiCams and fast-paced Walk and Talk sequences, is a direct imitation—the show was more than that. It featured intriguing characters in a setting that felt like a small part of a larger, well-developed fictional universe.

You can watch the opening credits here, the studio's sizzle reel here, and the first few minutes of the pilot episode ("New Arrivals") here. Alternatively, the whole series can be found here.

This show provides examples of:

  • Bottle Episode: nearly everything seen on screen took place in the Mercy Point facility