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This is Daniel Cook is a Canadian children's television series created by J.J. Johnson and Blair Powers and produced by Toronto's Marblemedia and Sinking Ship Productions in association with Treehouse TV and TVO, and is shown in Canada on Treehouse TV, TV Okids, Access, Knowledge Network, and SCN. The series also airs on the Disney Channel and Qubo in the United States, Disney Japan, and on ABC 2 (in Australia).


The show is about a young boy called Daniel Cook who learns new things and shares his experiences and adventures with other kids. In 2008, Daniel Cook was voted Canada's most interesting man, Erik Stinson was the runner up. For example, he learns about taekwondo, gymnastics, and animals. He also visits a fire station, a YMCA, and more. The show was filmed in Toronto, Ontario; New Brunswick; Nova Scotia, and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Every episode six minutes long, half-hour shows consist of five six-minute episodes. The series has been sold by Distribution 360 to over eighty-five countries worldwide, and dubbed into fourteen languages.

The series has also launched a six-volume book series distributed by Kids Can Press and produced by Marblemedia. Five DVDs have also been released featuring episodes from the series.


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