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What's the story in Balamory, wouldn't you like to know?

Balamory is a 2002 British children's series all about the life of the residents in Balamory, a fictional Scottish island based on Tobermory.

The show ran for four seasons from 2002 to 2005.

What's the story in Balamory?

  • Alliterative Name: PC Plum, Penny Pocket, Suzie Sweet and Josie Jump.
  • Art Evolution: The Season 3-4 intro is re-animated with better CGI.
  • Buccaneer Broadcaster: The episode "Pirate Radio" has Edie McCredie unknowingly broadcasting all over Balamory using her aunt's old transceiver, which she hasn't got a license for. The things that pick the signals up are a tap, a phone and a kettle.
  • Catchphrase "What's the story in Balamory?"
  • Christmas Episode: "Panto" and "Seeking Santa", the latter of which was a DVD exclusive.
  • Color-Coded Characters:
    • PC Plum: White
    • Edie McCredie: Blue
    • Spencer: Orange
    • Pocket and Sweet: Red
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    • Archie: Pink
    • Josie Jump: Yellow
    • Miss Hoolie: Green
  • Extra-Long Episode: "Seeking Santa".
  • Fake Interactivity: The "Which Coloured House are We Going To?" songs have this.
  • Homemade Inventions: Archie makes tons of these, most of which have yogurt pots on them.
  • Gratuitous Italian: In the Spaghetti Day episode, Edie sings some bad Italian while playing an accordion.
  • Leitmotif: Every character has one of these. They got changed from Season 3 onwards, though.
  • Logo Joke: In Edie's second "Let Me Take You On a Journey" (used from Season 3-4), the logo at the beginning is a parody of the early 90s BBC 1 globe.
  • Man in a Kilt: Archie often wears one. Ironically, his actor isn't actually Scottish.
  • No Communities Were Harmed: Balamory is based on the Scottish burgh of Tobermory.
  • Once per Episode: The "Which Coloured House Are We Going To?" song and the character song.
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  • Only Shop in Town: The Pocket and Sweet shop is this.
  • Plot-Driven Breakdown: The episode "Broken Down Bus" has Edie's bus break down in the middle of the road and PC Plum trying to find it and Edie.
  • Product Placement: The Spice Girls CD "Spiceworld" is the driving force for "Likes and Don't Likes". "Spice Up Your Life" is even played within the episode.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Archie. His house is even painted pink.
  • Trademark Favourite Food: Listed in the annual:
    • Miss Hoolie: Italian food, lasagne
    • Edie McCredie: Thai food
    • Archie: Yogurtnote 
    • Josie Jump: Beans on toast
    • Suzie Sweet: Meatballs and Balamory Buns
    • PC Plum: Spaghetti
    • Spencer: Olives and cheese
    • Penny Pocket: Smorgasbord
  • Token Minority: Penny Pocket has a wheelchair and is the only disabled character.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield?: The only thing we know about Balamory's location is that it's off the coast of Scotland (characters even call Scotland "the main land"). It is based and named after Tobermory, and some scenes were shot there. Keyword being "some". Archie's castle is the real life Fenton Tower, which is located in East Lothian, not the Isle of Mull. Then there's the fact that Miss Hoolie's nursery was shot in Glasgow. So who knows where this place is?
  • World Tour: Edie's implied to have gone on one of these.


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