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Recap / Star Trek Voyager S 1 E 14 Jetrel

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A look into Neelix and his Dark and Troubled Past.
Voyager brings on board an alien scientist whom Neelix recognizes as the creator of a deadly weapon called the Metreon Cascade, which has been used in a war against the Talaxians and wiped out the people on his homeworld, including his family. The scientist claims that Neelix is dying of a disease called metremia, and although he doesn't seem to have any apologies for using his science to create a weapon, he does seem earnest in wanting to find a cure for the disease. As it turned out, the metremia is what only the scientist himself is dying of, and his research was actually to reconstitute the people who have died from the Metreon Cascade, though his attempt to do so using Voyager's transporter technology ultimately failed.

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