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The word is in the title just to point out that it's a Rescue movie.

A Rescue show/movie focuses on a group of professional Emergency Services personnel who specialize in helping people and animals when trapped in dangerous situations out in the field.

Typically, the story formula often shows the development of the emergency which turns into a life and death crisis that no one can help but the rescue force. They in turn usually are alerted at their base with an Emergency Squad Scramble with their driving theme music playing as they board their vehicles and proceed full speed to the emergency to perform the rescue.

Although these series are expensive to stage with all the explosions and location shooting (unless you use puppets or animation), they have the advantage that, during times of crackdowns on media violence, they're action shows where the heroes save people instead of killing them.


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Ship SAR op

Helios 87 is deployed from JASDF Komatsu Air Base to rescue crewmen from a cargo ship that's on fire. So far, the team has evacuated two of the four crewmen.

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