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  • Byzantium is The Roman Empire IN THE EAST!
  • The computer programming language C++ was originally called (and originally was) C....WITH CLASSES!
  • Hubble is a telescope... but IN SPACE!
    • And it's repaired by space shuttles, which are airplanes IN SPACE!
  • The OCR Physics A level in England. A levels have two sections; AS and A2. When asked what was covered in A2, one troper's teacher replied, "It's basically AS module one IN SPACE."
  • New Orleans' French Quarter is Paris IN AMERICA!
  • Argentina is Spain AS A LATIN AMERICAN REPUBLIC!
  • The Deep South is Northern England IN AMERICA!
    • Or, given the English origins of its first European settlers, the South and West of England IN AMERICA!
  • In terms of its original British settlement, New England is East Anglia IN AMERICA!
    • And Appalachia is the Anglo-Scottish border region IN AMERICA!note 
  • Patents for common software algorithms aren't that novel and won't be easily obtained. However, you can instead obtain patents for common software algorithms ON THE INTERNET!
  • Space solar power. Gigawatt-scale solar-panel arrays didn't work out? Okay, let's try gigawatt-scale solar-panel arrays IN SPACE!
  • Space weather. It's weather. IN SPACE! Except it's actually life-threatening radiation.
  • St. Vladimir was King Manasseh IN RUSSIA!
  • Tang is orange juice that only became popular after astronauts drank it IN SPACE!
  • This article/video describes the light show made when you explode an H-bomb. IN SPACE!
  • This sort of premise has been seen in venture capital investing, in which it becomes shorthand to describe some new idea as "X for Y" where X is some preexisting thing and Y is some new demographic. (For example, "Groupons for Moms".) Venture capitalist Ethan Kurzweil has written an article decrying this tendency as lazy and possibly detrimental to creativity.
  • Undergraduate math is made of this trope:
    • Many universities have three semesters of calculus, where Calculus III is Calculus I and II IN 3D SPACE!
    • After learning about vectors on a plane comes vectors IN SPACE!
    • Similarly, multi-variable calculus is calculus IN 3D SPACE!
  • Zero-G Spot is, as the Laconic page says, sex IN SPACE!
  • The Other Wiki has an entire template dedicated to topics... IN SPACE!
  • As described by Senator John Madigan: "Submarines are the spaceships OF THE OCEAN."
  • Elon Musk decided to use his SpaceX program to launch his personal Tesla roadster IN SPACE!
  • European Polecats are Ferrets IN THE WILD!
  • New England is The Deep South IN THE NORTHEAST!
  • The Mummers Parade is the Rio Carnival IN PHILADELPHIA!
  • New Zealand is Ireland/Canada IN OCEANIA!
  • Toronto is New York City IN CANADA!
  • Vancouver is Seattle IN CANADA!
  • Montreal is Paris IN CANADA!
  • Calgary is Fort Worth IN CANADA!
  • Chicago is New York City IN THE MIDWEST!
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