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Heartwarming / Real Life

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Who said that the most beautiful moments only happen in fiction? This page will probably make you cry tears of joy.

No personal ones, please. Even so, we are glad you have heartwarming moments in your own lives. Cherish them.

Now on their own separate pages:

  • The fact that this page was started in the first place.
    • And that it keeps being updated.
    • And was updated so much it's been split into seven subpages.
  • If you are ever feeling down, and things are feeling very bleak for you, or you wonder what the world is coming to, and you don't know how things will get better, you can come here, read these pages, and remember that there are moments like these happening every day, all around the world, from far away to close at home. There will always be moments of triumph and thankfulness, forgiveness, and determination. No matter how bleak things get, there will always be good people out there willing to help those in need. These people could be people you know, or total strangers. They may even be you.
  • TV Tropes will save your life?
    • Yes. It already has.