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  • The Steampunk comic Airship Enterprise is Star Trek NOT IN SPACE!
  • Albedo: Erma Felna EDF is Redwall IN SPACE! or Legend of the Galactic Heroes WITH FURRIES!
  • Archie Comics had some stories IN PREHISTORIC TIMESnote  as well as IN THE FUTUREnote !
  • Even the creators of Atomic Robo describe it as Hellboy WITH SCIENCE! Literally - the commentary for the first volume is literally called "What if Hellboy was a robot?"
  • Most Elseworlds can be described as "A familiar character (usually either Batman or Superman) IN SOME OTHER TIME PERIOD! This dates back to the proto-Elseworld, Gotham by Gaslight, set in The Gilded Age; other examples include Superman Kal (Middle Ages), The Batman of Arkham (1900s), and Shogun Of Steel (Feudal Japan).
    • Given the name of the characters on the good side, Shogun of Steel can also be described as a deliberate Shout-Out to Seven Samurai WITH SUPERHEROES!
  • Ex Machina is best described as Citizen Kane, with the flashbacks told from the perspective of the man who is Lonely at the Top...WHO HAPPENS TO BE A SUPERHERO!
  • The Far Out Fairy Tales graphic novels from Stone Arch Books are all this, with several of the titles being quite self-explanatory: Ninjarella, Red Riding Hood Superhero, Snow White and the Seven Robots, Hansel & Gretel & Zombies, Jak and the Magic Nano Beans, Rapunzel vs. Frankenstein, etc.
  • Camelot 3000 is the Arthurian legends IN THE YEAR 3000! You guessed, didn't you?
  • Dell Comics published infamous adventures of classic monsters Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and the Werewolf... AS COSTUMED SUPERHEROES!
  • Hex was Jonah Hex transported INTO THE POSTAPOCALYPTIC FUTURE!
  • Jink and The Rebels are ElfQuest IN THE FUTURE! Many fans hated them.
  • Jack Kirby's Kamandi is essentially Anthro, an unusually intelligent caveman and and earlier DC hero who never caught on, in a post-apocalyptic future.
  • Kirby conceived of Kamandi's sort-of sister title O.M.A.C. as "Captain America IN THE FUTURE!"
  • How Lanfeust de Troy became Lanfeust des Étoiles
  • There's a comic book adaptation of Moby-Dick in space. The whalers are asteroid miners, the giant squid is a white star named Kraken, Moby Dick is a (possibly sentient?) comet, and the final harpoon is a 10-megaton warhead.
  • ODY-C is The Odyssey IN SPACE, telling the story of warleader and starship captain Odyssia's return home to the planet Ithacaa following the sack of Troiia.
  • Ramayan 3392 AD is the Ramayama IN THE POSTAPOCALYPTIC FUTURE!
  • In Robin Tim and some of his classmates attend an apparently dreadful showing of "Macbeth on the Beach" in Robinson Park for extra credit. Very little of the play is shown on panel but it includes a bunch of New Jersey college students trying to talk like surfers.
  • Space Family Robinson (aka Lost In Space: Space Family Robinson) was The Swiss Family Robinson in Space!
  • Marvel's Space: Punisher miniseries is almost Exactly What It Says on the TinThe Punisher IN SPACE! (The inexplicable colon in the title seems to suggest Marvel is slightly embarrassed to look like they're embracing this trope that blatantly.) The comic also featured the Space Fantastic Four, the Space Avengers, Space Deadpool and so on.
    • Marvel 2099 also falls into this category, with the series being Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, X-Men etc. IN THE FUTURE! WITH CYBERPUNK! This is especially the case with Punisher 2099, as there is little to distinguish Jake Gallows from Frank Castle aside from the setting, whereas most of the Legacy Characters at least had unique origins to set them apart from their modern-day namesakes.
  • The Punisher is The Executioner IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE!.
  • Five Ronin is Wolverine, The Hulk (kinda), the Punisher, Psylocke, and Deadpool, in Jidaigeki Japan.
  • Usagi Yojimbo had a spin-off IN SPACE!
  • Marvel's What If? v1 #14 featured a story called "What If Sgt Fury Fought WWII in Outer Space?", although this was a reimagining of the same events depicted in mainstream Marvel rather than a spinoff or sequel.
  • DC's The Witching Hour #14 had a story titled "The Haunted House In Space," literally about a haunted house floating through space on a chunk of rock.
  • Goddess Mode is Magical Girls IN CYBERSPACE!
  • Wonder Woman (1942): After the fall of Nazi Germany in the real world Di still fought the occasional "former" Nazi but Saturnian Expansionist Space Fascists were introduced as a new villain, so that she could continue fighting the same ideological opponents in space! This fight ended up actually migrating to earth, but the author died right as this storyline was occurring and the replacement dropped it.
  • X-Wing Rogue Squadron is fighter pilots IN SPACE!
    • One of the comic's long-running subplots is Romeo and Juliet IN SPACE!, and WITH ALIENS THAT TRADITIONALLY HATE EACH OTHER!
    • Another is the Anastasia mythos with a Boisterous Bruiser Princess IN SPACE!