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  • The Marvels.
  • The Fantastic Four. Utterly dysfunctional when things are quiet, nightmare of cosmic beings when things get rough.
  • X-Men: The Summers' have an extensive and Tangled Family Tree. Every family member can kick ass: they are poster children for eugenics. Daddy was (is) a space pirate. His three (confirmed) sons are two superhero team leaders and a supervillain who conquered his own space empire.

    His grandchildren include (but, since this is the Summers family, may not be limited to) a world-conquering time-travelling messiah so powerful he was able to fight the Silver Surfer to a standstill while simultaneously repairing all the collateral damage from their confrontation, a time-travelling celestial avatar who fought Galactus to a standstill, a trans-dimensional alternate universe equivalent of the previous messiah of near Cosmic Entity levels of power, a world-class supervillain and the daughter of Emma Frost. Known spouses/girlfriends include another celestial avatar, the daughter of the Big Bad, a supremely badass mercenary, an insane galactic warlord, a Cat Girl space pirate, Emma Frost and Deadpool (sort of).

    Oh, and his daughter-in-law occasionally becomes a living avatar of wanton galactic destruction, dies, and comes back to life. When she's not busy running the universe from beyond the bounds of space and time, anyway.
  • The Diggers family from Gold Digger is made of this trope. You've got the Adventurer Archaeologist Gina, her adopted werecheetah and bodyguard sister Brittany who can run at mach speeds, the third sister Brianna who's known for making her own power armor and being a crack shot with a gun besides, the parents, an archmage (Theo) and the greatest warrior and martial artist of a parallel fantasy world (Julia), then finally Stripe, Brittany's husband, who's the apprentice of their world's superman after being bonded to some alien artifacts... from his world, he being an alien prince. Oh, and then there's young Tiffany, it's just a matter of time before she grows her badass wings ^^
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  • The Furst Family of Astro City. Julius and Augustus, the family's patriarchs, are pushing 70 and still inventing new technologies (Augustus) and kicking crazy ass (Julius). Although, admittedly, Julius and Augustus are the only Fursts to actually be Fursts; Nick and Natalie are the kids of Gus' third wife and one of his greatest enemies, and thus Astra (daughter of Natalie and Rex Zaurus, son of one of his other greatest enemies) isn't related to them, either.
  • The Phantom is a long line of Badasses. Killing one just means their heir will come after you later.
  • Apollo, Midnighter and Jenny Quantum of The Authority. What's the only thing in the Wildstorm universe more badass than Apollo and Midnighter? Their adopted daughter Jenny, the embodiment of the 21st century who took over as their boss at the age of eight. As a family, they are so awesome they're terrifying.
  • The Bat-Family:
    • Start with patriarch Bruce Wayne aka Batman, the Badass Normal. He's adopted three sons and a daughter: Nightwing aka Dick Grayson, the original Robin, and the undisputed leader of a generation of superheroes; bitter middle son Red Hood aka Jason Todd (formerly the second Robin), with Batman's badassery and none of his mercy; Red Robin aka Tim Drake (the third Robin), following in his adopted father's footsteps so closely that it's difficult to separate the treads; Cassandra Cain, Batman's sole adopted daughter, former Batgirl, now Blackbat and the world's single best martial artist, who can wipe the floor with all four of them. Probably at once.
    • Then we have his biological children: Damian Wayne who is badass by default; Terry McGinnis as the son who eventually goes on to not only become the Batman but the leader of the Justice League; and the Huntress, Helena Wayne, Batman's AU daughter with Catwoman who was too badass to be 'Bat-anybody' after her mother's death.
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    • In terms of extended family, Kate Kane, the second Batwoman, is Bruce's first cousin and Damian's first cousin once removed. Bette Kane, AKA Flamebird, is also one of Bruce's cousins.
    • You've also got Fire-Forged Friends, like Barbara Gordon, the original Batgirl and hacker supreme Handicapped Badass Oracle, or Stephanie Brown, the third Batgirl/fourth Robin, who won't stop being a superhero. Not even if you ask, tell, torture, or otherwise encourage her otherwise. Even the dog, Ace, can fight crime. That's not counting badass parents, children, servants, love interests, and baby mommas like Huntress, Catwoman, the first Batwoman, Commissioner Gordon, Talia al Ghul, and Alfred. Any one of whom could kick your ass so hard that it turns inside out. Oh, and Superman's always willing to babysit. Even though technically, only Batman, the Robins (sans Steph), Cass, Kate, and Bette are related, crime fighting brings them all together as a family. Gotham wouldn't be the same without any of them.
  • And what about Superman himself? There's his cousin, Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl), half-clone and adopted brother, Kon-El (Superboy) and adopted son, Chris Kent (who'd better get to grow up to be Superboy), and his friggin' DOG, Krypto. And if you want to count best friends and family of same, well... look above. And then run.
    • In the Generations series (as the name implies), Superman, Batman, and several other heroes have children with some intermarrying between the lines. Batman actually acquires immortality and superpowers and marries Superman's great granddaughter (who is centuries old by this point but, like him, ages very slowly after adulthood.)
    • Chris actually becomes Nightwing.
  • Along the same line is the other Badass Normal family - Clan Arrow. Though, it might be better not to ask how many kids Ollie has actually sired.
  • Even though Jaime Reyes is the only one with powers, his entire family have done badass things. His mother talked down Guy Gardner, and his father beats Mooks with his cane. According to Fanon, his little sister is going to be a Green Lantern one day.
  • The Umbrella Academy.
  • The Parker family from Spider-Man. Obviously, there's Peter Parker himself but it doesn't stop there:
    • His parents are Richard and Mary Parker, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who worked for Nick Fury and once saved Wolverine's life.
    • Peter's uncle Ben fought in World War II and told his nephew stories of Captain America (it's not certain if he met Cap personally or just knew of him). There is also the pre-Spidey story in which Ben and Peter escaped from a giant monster.
    • His Aunt May once poisoned the Chameleon and was gutsy enough to swipe Wolverine's cigar and tell him to smoke outside.
    • His wife Mary Jane was no slouch in the badass department either since she once handled a hostage crisis, another time beat up the Chameleon with a baseball bat, and still another time cold-cocked sleazy Daily Bugle reporter Nick Katzenburg.
    • Then there's the Marvel Comics 2 reality in which Peter has Plucky Girl daughter May (aka Spider-Girl). Ben Reilly, ex-killer clone Kaine, and Ben's son Reilly Tyne. And Baby Ben will probably go into the family business, too.
      • In yet another alternate future, (Earth X timeline), Peter has another version of May who is no less badass and still takes up superheroing.
    • In the alternate universe series Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Mary Jane dons a special costume that allows her to use Spidey's powers, taking the codename "Spinneret" and their super-powered daughter in this universe, Annie May, is given the codename "Spiderling" (despite the girl begging for "Spider-Girl")
  • Also, the House of M, although just who counts (*coughmagicchildrencough* ) is still in flux, and they're just as likely to fight each other than you.
  • The Flash: The West/Allen family has Barry Allen, Wally West, Bart Allen, and a whole slew of adopted speedsters like Johnny Quick, Max Mercury, and the original Flash Jay Garrick. Barry's been dead for twenty years, but he doesn't let that keep him down. At least until Final Crisis, wherein Barry returned to life.
    • This is without even taking into account the evil branch of the family tree, the Thawnes, who might be evil and psychotic, but are definitely badass. You've got Barry's Evil Twin Malcolm Thawne, better known as Cobalt Blue, twenty-fifth century descendent Eobard Thawne who became the Reverse-Flash, and Thaddeus Thawne, aka Inertia, Bart's Evil Knockoff.
  • Please, don't fuck with the family of Casanova Quinn! His father runs E.M.P.I.R.E., his twin sister is a top agent of W.A.S.T.E. and Casanova himself isn't afraid to kill, mess with reality, get high on super drugs or even turn himself into his twin sister to make things go his way.
  • The Banner family. We have Bruce, his cousin Jen, his (sadly deceased) wife Caiera, and his children, Skaar, Hiro, and Lyra. They were later joined by Red She-Hulk aka Betty Ross joining the team, with buddies Rick Jones (A-Bomb) and Korg rounding out this Badass Crew. If you weren't fucked when Hulk got back, you will be. There's also Bruce's father-in-law and archnemesis General Thunderbolt Ross (aka Red Hulk).
    • It's also been heavily implied, though never confirmed, that Carmilla Black, the current Scorpion and daughter of Monica Rappaccini (the head of AIM), is also Bruce's daughter.
  • The Ninja Turtles, depending on the universe. The Turtles themselves are never confirmed to be related, but they consider each other brothers and Splinter their father. The 2003 cartoon and 2007 movie especially make this clear. In the '80s cartoon, however, they tend to act more like a Badass Crew with an Old Master. Lampshaded in Turtles Forever, where the '87 turtles are startled to hear the '03 turtles refer to Splinter as "Father".
  • The Hall family. Includes two Hawkpersons, one Helm of Nabu-bearer, and the incumbent anthropomorphic personification of dreams.
  • One of the main families from Fables. Snow White and Bigby Wolf, the former Big Bad Wolf, are now married. They have seven children—six shapeshifters and one invisible zephyr. Bigby's father is the North Wind, and Snow's sister, Rose Red, is a battle-ready wild child. This family could (and does) wreak some serious damage when they have to.
  • Mack "Clownface" Delgado and his daughter Panda from Body Bags. His partner and honorary brother Pops Sekula acts as the grandpa to Mack's badass and Panda's Little Miss Badass Daddy's Girl.
  • The Metabarons. Each male member of the family tree is so badass it's almost ridiculous: it begins with Othon, who kills an army of 1500 armored guys equipped with laser rifles with a knife, and it ends with Nameless, who's got implanted with bombs that make nukes look like petards, and can destroy entire universes almost at will...
    • Honorata is Badass herself too. She's a trained assassin and possesses mental power that can bend space and time.
  • The Endless from The Sandman definitely qualify. They are all siblings that are more powerful than gods and have been around almost since the beginning of everything. When a family consists of the anthropomorphic personifications of Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delight/Delirium, it's a good idea to stay as far away as is (in)humanly possible.
  • Nemesis the Warlock:
    • Nemesis is undeniably badass, being a powerful Magic Knight, holder of one of the deadliest swords in the galaxy And fused with a member of the ABC Warriors, greatest robot warriors in history. His uncle Baal, while old and rather out of his mind, is said to be an even more powerful wizard than him. It's often said that female Warlocks are much more powerful and dangerous than males and Nemesis' wife Chira lives up to that title. Their son Toth is insanely powerful having inherited his mother's powers after her death and adopts Satanus, a gigantic tyrannosaur who once fought Judge Dredd himself, as his pet. Nemesis' second wife, Magna, also qualifies, being able to give Chira a run for her money and having magic powerful enough to make Nemesis stop caring about war with Termight. And her father was once a powerful wizard. Nemesis kills Magna the moment he finds out about her part in Chira's death, but it was after they got married.
    • Satanus' family is pretty badass itself, being made of tyrannosaurs and all - aside from him there is his mother, Old One Eye, who has fought time-traveling cowboys, and his son, Golgotha, fought the ABC Warriors, a team of deadly robots. And if thought of as a family, rather than a Badass Crew, the ABC Warriors themselves are this and have a connection to Nemesis' family.
  • Judge Dredd: Judge Fargo and his bloodline are full of badasses. The man himself founded the Judge system and cleaned up crime in the Mega Cities. His clone "sons" Joseph Dredd and Rico Dredd became some of the best Judges in the force (before Rico went bad), and Joe's own clones Rico (II) and Dolman became another highly-capable Judge and a Space Marine, respectively. Rico's daughter Vienna is a normal citizen, but can handle herself in a gunfight. And Fargo's mutant relatives in the Cursed Earth get this status just for surviving the Death World they live in. Old Stoneface, Rico, Dolman, and Vienna even formed an informal family eventually.
  • The Carter lineage most definitely qualifies. While Peggy Carter fought with the French Resistance in World War II, her niece Sharon continues the kick-assery in the modern day, often teaming with Captain America to fight bad guys. In the Marvel Comics 2 continuity, there's also Sharon's niece, Shannon Carter, who becomes "American Dream", a proud and worthy successor to Cap's shield.
  • Another Carter family that counts is Booster Gold's family as him, his sister, his many greats grandfather, and his son, Rip Hunter are all superheroes and time masters
  • BOOM Comics's Darkwing Duck revival turned DW and co. into this. Darkwing was already a Badass Normal. Then, his daughter Gosalyn became the new user of the Gizmoduck suit, becoming "Gosmoduck" and Launchpad McQuack has been given control of Quackwerks and its army of (now-former) police robots by his former employer, Scrooge McDuck.
  • Speaking of Scrooge McDuck, the McDuck/Duck family is a badass dynasty with its own Ominous Latin Badass Creed: ''Fortuna Favet Fortibus"note  And yes, this includes Donald Duck.
  • Not to be outpaced, the Italian Mickey Mouse Comic Universe stories show that Mickey is the latest generation of one such dynasty, with the earliest known one being the ancestor who had to join the Pilgrim Fathers because, in the process of recovering the money for the supplies that had been stolen from them, he had been framed as a bandit. The most formidable alongside Mickey is likely his grandfather, who started out by volunteering to join the defense of Alamo as a teen (and surviving because Travis, seeing his young age, assigned him to deliver a message to Houston's army) and spent most of his life wandering the US specifically to have adventures, before finally marrying in old age-after marking the Texas Trail for his girlfriend.
  • In the 100th Anniversary Guardians of the Galaxy special, Rocket Raccoon fights alongside his 3 half raccoon - half…. some alien, children (although he insists that they're his nephews). The triplets are all badass adorable personified.
  • Brainiac's descendants have all proved to be quite dangerous in their own right. Vril (II) runs a successful police-for-hire company and has managed to defeat Starro two times without much aid, Lyrl usurped said company and almost took over the galaxy as a toddler, and Querl is a superhero and an important member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • The family of the fifth incarnation of The Fox as partially seen in The Fox Hunt. There's the titular vigilante Paul Patton, his wife who was once known as the She-Fox, his superhero daughter Fly-Girl who's part of the local superteam, and his teenage son Shinji who decides to take after his father with his own vigilante identity, The Ghost Fox.
  • Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. is about the Courtney Whitmore taking on a superhero identity as the new Star-Spangled Kid in order to annoy her new stepfather Pat Dugan and him returning to superheroics in a suit of powered armor called S.T.R.I.P.E. to protect her, becoming the adult sidekick to a kid hero for the second time.
  • Monstress has the Halfwolf family. Maika is an Unfettered Anti-Hero who never backs down from a fight (and usually wins). Her mother Moriko taught her everything she knows. Her aunt, the Sword of the East, is the greatest warrior in the Dawn Court. And her grandmother, the Queen of the Wolves, is one of the most powerful and influential of the Ancients.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • The Royal Family of Paradise Island/Themyscira has this in spades even if the actual members of the family seem to shift and change with every minor retcon to the DCU. Firstly there's Princess Diana aka Wonder Woman, her Retired Badass mother Hippolyta and aunts (usually only Menalippe survives long enough to meet the princess but sometimes three of the four of them are still running around), Hippolyta's sometimes wife Philippus-captain of the guard, Diana's husband the Ace Pilot spy Steve Trevor, Diana's sometimes adopted sister the first Wonder Girl Donna Troy and Diana and Steve's daughter Lyta, the superhero Fury. Diana's other "parent" is generally a Greek god, traditionally Aphrodite but there have also been adaptations that use Gaia, Artemis or Zeus.
    • The Candy family consists of Boisterous Bruiser Etta, her gun toting protective father Hard, her army officer Thrill Seeker brother Mint, her mother "Sweet", Mint's significant other the bullfighter Pepita and Etta's fiance/husband who varies across continuities but is always a military man with an impressive resume in the main DCU.


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