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  • The Kongs in Donkey Kong Country, especially in Donkey Kong 64. Even old Cranky Kong manages to be a badass in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.
  • The family of Yume Koujou mascots, whatever their surname is supposed to be, in Yume Koujou: Doki Doki Panic.
  • The Vault Dweller lineage in Fallout. The original Vault Dweller saved West Coast America from the Super Mutant threat and indirectly ensured the foundation of the New California Republic by helping Shady Sands. The Dweller's grandson, the Chosen One, saved the entirety of America if not the world by defeating the genocidal remnants of the United States government. The chosen One's son with one of the Bishop women, Mr. Bishop, is a badass crimelord who takes over New Reno at the tender age of 12.
  • One of the favorite tropes of the Fire Emblem series.
    • Genealogy of the Holy War could be defined by this trope. (Well, this, Brother–Sister Incest and Game-Breaker. And occasionally Ship-to-Ship Combat (No Really, that happens. In Game.))
      • The Odo bloodline is the most famous one, comprised entirely of extremely skilled sword users. It includes: Tsundere Ayra, Fallen Prince Holin, Future Badass Shanan, Cute Bruiser Larcei, and Seliph's Lancer Ulster. And in Thracia we see two more members, the insanely badass Galzus and his Action Girl daughter Mareeta.
      • The Odo bloodline is so badass that every member added to Fire Emblem Heroes shook up the local metagame there. Ayra's riduclous skillset introduced the first big wave of Power Creep, Both versions of Mareeta can kill just about anything by just looking at them funny, Larcei and Mareeta brought the Damage Reduction meta into play, and Shannan has blatantly overpowered self-buffs.
      • The Hezul bloodline, though to be fair Raquesis's kids Delmud and Nanna vary between "just okay" and "awesome" depending on who you pair her with. Then again, we still have Raquesis herself, her half-brother/first love Eldigan and specially his Black Knight son Ares.
      • What about the Holsety bloodline? We got Lewyn, and if Thracia 776 is to be trusted, it also includes Ced. And if Sety is in, then so is his sister Phee...
      • If Sety and Phee are in, then their Badass Normal mother Ferry counts too.
      • Despite all of their HUGE flaws, the Tordo bloodline members aren't bad either. Patriarch Leptor can handle the Mjolnir rather dangerously and so can eldest son Bloom and granddaughter Ishtar; younger or better said middle daughter Tailto is a decent spellcaster as well, grandson Ishtore is a pretty good Magic Knight, daughter-in-law Hilda (originally a member of the Fala bloodline) was as powerful as she was evil, grandsons Arthur and Amid manages to master other types of magic alongside thunder (in their case, wind and it's implied in other material that Arthur was trained by Lewyn himself), and granddaughters Teeny and Linda do their best to catch up. The only one we don't see in action is youngest daughter Ethnia, and she's still mentioned to have joined the army to avenge Tailto (in the case Tailto died child-less) and have mothered the aforementioned Amid and Linda.
      • The Fala bloodline gives us Magnificent Bastard Arvis and his Magic Knight brother Azel. Alvis's kids can also be pretty badass, but due to their heritage they more exactly belong in the Lopto bloodline (Julius) and the Narga one (Julia), with the exception of Heroic Bastard eldest son Saias who was confirmed to be 100% Fala. And his mom, Aida, is hinted to be Alvis's most trusted advisor and a decent fighter in her own right.
      • The siblings Dain and Noba founded their own bloodlines, named after them. The Dains include Travant and Areone, and the Nobas have Wuan, Altenna and Leif.
      • The Baldo bloodline gives us Sigurd. And other members include patriarch Vylon, daughter Ethyin (married into the Nobas, thus also bringing her own family in), son Seliph, daughter-in-law Deirdre who belongs to the Narga and Lopto lines and then is brainwashed into joining the Fala one.
      • Blaggi bloodline is a little more shady, but still qualifies. The leader is the clairvoyant White Mage Claude, among the most powerful healers in the first generation; then we have Sylvia, who may be either his sister or his cousin, but is still a long-lost member and a Spoony Bard with high resistance and a very decent capability as a support unit. Whether Sylvia's kids Corpul and Leen are badass or not, eh, it seriously depends on who's their daddy, but they're still badass enough to join Seliph's adventures.
      • Ulir bloodline now. We don't really know if daddy Ring fitted in, but the eldest daughter Bridget and White Mage younger daughter Adean definitely do. Their kids (Faval, Patty, Lana and Lester (and Mareeta, Briggid/Eyvel's adoptive daughter and resident Game-Breaker of Thracia 776)) depend a lot on their dad's heritage, but if the Dads are the right ones (Mareeta father is fixed, since she's from Thracia 776, but her father is still insanely overpowered) they definitely count, and like Leen and Corpul they still are badass enough to help Seliph directly.
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    • More than one of these shows up in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, too.
      • Renais: Daddy King Fado may have kicked the bucket early, but we have his children: Princess Eirika and The Ace Ephraim. Their entourage and associates include Seth the Silver Knight and three Knights, Kyle and the brothers Franz and Forde, who can grow into phenomenal charas if used well (and the last two are the sons of a long-deceased Knight who was pretty badass, if the records are believed). Aside of this, we have Garcia the Retired Badass and his son Ross, the Poster Boy for Magikarp Power.
      • Frelia: Daddy King Hayden is a Reasonable Authority Figure and an expert at Bow and Sword, in Accord, son Innes is a former Child Prodigy turned into both Guile Hero and Archer Archetype, daughter Tana is a Plucky Girl who evolves into a badass Pegasus Knight and prospect Dragon Rider. Associates include the Pegasus Sisters Vanessa and Syrene, Stone Wall Genius Bruiser Gilliam and Staff Dude Moulder who can be promoted into Bishop or Sage depending on your choice.
      • Jehanna: Queen Ismaire may have met a rather sad end in-story, but she was the highest Guildmaster and leader of the Jehannian mercenary guilds, ruled Jehanna alone and very wisely when her husband died, and when unlocked she's a pretty competent Lady of War. Her son Joshua is strongly hinted to not be a slouch on swordfighting either. If you count True Companions as family we have Gerik's mercenary, with Team Dad Gerik as the biggest example AND his friends/followers Saleh, Tethys, Ewan and Marisa following eagerly.
      • Grado: In royalty fields we have Emperor Vigarde, a wise leader who was also a Genius Bruiser even when he Came Back Wrong as an Empty Shell. Son Lyon is a genius-level dark magic user and maybe one of the most powerful magicians alive in that whole universe, period. In other fields we have Sunstone Glen, already a top general in the Grado Army, and his younger brother Cormag who can be recruited into your army.
      • Rausten: While Pontifex Mansel was a Non-Action Guy, he maintained a Church Militant army in his surroundings. The badass fighting part comes with his niece and heiress L'Arachel, the most badass White Magician Girl in that world, who can become a very powerful Lady of Black Magic when promoted. Let's not forget her guardian, either: he might have pathetic dodge, but Dozla is still a pretty strong axe user.
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    • The Reeds, from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Patriarch Brendan Reed is a Worthy Opponent who founded his own guild of assassins, and a pretty nice guy, if something of an Unwitting Pawn, when he's not burying an axe in your head. His second wife (much younger than he), Sonia, is a Lady of Black Magic Matriarch who's up there with Lust in terms of sexy evil. Brendan's two sons from his first marriage are disciplined master Lloyd and Blood Knight Linus, loyal only to their father and his best killers. Finally, Brendan and Sonia have an adopted daughter, Nino, a card-carrying Woobie Magical Girl Warrior with Magikarp Power. And if we're counting her biological family, her uncle Canas is the resident Game-Breaker, and her dead biological family were very badass spellcasters. Brendan's first wife's identity is unknown, but she was probably very awesome indeed.
      • And one ending has that Nino marries Jaffar, one of the most powerful members of the Black Fang, so he'd be in there too. And their sons, who are both extremely good with their chosen schools of magic.
      • Canas, his mom Niime, and his son Hugh. And if we trust Niime and Canas's words, then Canas's wife was a pretty good anima spellcaster (Hugh inherited his anima skills from her) and she was Nino's biological maternal aunt, since Nino's dead mom Iris was her (Canas's wife's) sister.)
      • Other families would include the Lords families (Lyn, Eliwood and Hector, as well as their entourages) given who they can marry, and their kids. It applies to all Pegasus rider sisters as well (Thany, Thite, Yuno, and (in name mostly) Yuno's husband Zealot in the sixth game; Fiora, Farina and Florina in the seventh), and Karel's family (Karel himself, younger sister Karla, Karla's rival-turned-husband Bartre, and daughter Fir).
    • Greil, Ike and Mist from the Fire Emblem Tellius Saga. To start, Greil was Retired Badass General Gawain who severed the tendons in his hand at some point as self-punishment for accidentally killing his Plucky Girl and White Mage wife Elena) and yet still held his own. Daughter Mist is a pretty decent White Magician Girl (and notice that the Greil Mercenaries kept her out of the battlefield but she Plucky Girl-ied her way in) and can go to awesome if well-raised, and she's still badass and emotionally stable enough to wield Lehran's Medallion aka the Fire Emblem without going crazy... like her Missing Mom Elena also did. And son Ike is, well, The Hero and a freaking awesome one.
      • If we count the Greil mercenaries as a part of the family, then we also can add Oscar, Boyd, Rolf, Rhys, Mia, Titania, Soren... their level of badassery varies, but they still stick with Ike no matter what.
      • Aside of them we the have Brother–Sister Team Geoffrey and Lucia, the long-separated sisters Sanaki and Micaiah (though Micaiah's case very much depends on you), as well as Soren's real family (with the physical exception of Almedha, but she was still no-nonsense enough). There's Magnificent Bastard Ashnard, Almedha's brothers Rajaion and Kurthnaga, possibly Rajaion's lover Ena... and definitely the father of Rajaion, Amedha and Kurthnaga, King Dheginsea. (Oh, and Eda's grandfather Nasir.)
    • Fire Emblem Awakening takes the trope Up to Eleven, since in this game parents can fight along their children and even grandchildren. Chrom's family takes the cake: if you marry the right characters and draw their whole potential, you can fill the entire party just with his family tree, and kick major ass!
    • Fire Emblem Fates takes it even further than it's predecessor. In the third path of the game, it is possible for at least one pair out of the possible eight combinations of the Hoshido and Nohr royalty to marry each other and in turn have an extended royal family that fight together. And like Awakening, their children can fight alongside their parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, and cousins.
  • The Mishima family of Tekken, especially after Tekken 5 and the appearance of old Jinpachi Mishima. Even Heihachi's ADOPTED SON Lee is a badass! As well as being a Rival to the REAL son Kazuya. Hell, even Heihachi's bastard son Lars (from Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebeillion is a total badass hero.
    • The Kazama count as well, and might as well be merged with the Mishimas considering Jin is a product of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama. Jin's cousin, Asuka, does a pretty good job holding her own, even owning most of the students in her dojo. And if you want to include non-canon, Unknown counts as well.
    • Kunimitsu has a husband and daughter that are also ninjas. The latter would even eventually become her successor.
  • In The King of Fighters universe, we have the Sakazaki family (Takuma, Ryo and Yuri, and several other accomplished students like Marco Rodriguez and Robert Garcia), the Bogards (Jeff Bogard, who adopted then-street urchins Terry and Andy), the Howards (Geese and his son Rock, who'd become Terry's adoptive son) and the Kusanagis (Saisyu, Kyo, Shouji, Aoi, and to a degree Shizuka who may not be a frontline fighter but has the wits and the naginata to handle herself well). Also count family friend and Kyo's fanboy Shingo, as well as Kyo's partners Daimon and Benimaru).
    • If we go to Fatal Fury we can also include the Kims (patriarch Kim Kaphwan, sons Jae Hoon and Don Hwang, and by extension: family friend Jhun Hoon; disciples Chae Lim and Jinju May Lee, recruits Choi Bunge and Chang Koehan), the Shiranuis (never shown but always mentioned leader Hanzou, granddaughter and star pupil Mai, disciples Andy Bogard and Hokutomaru, family friend Jubei Yamada), and the Heinleins (leader Kain, his blood brother Grant, and his nephew Rock Howard)
  • The Simpsons do this a few times in their video game adaptions. The earliest being The Simpsons Arcade Game.
  • Devil May Cry gives us Dante, his twin brother in blue Vergil, and their father Sparda who sealed the evil demons out of the human world.
    • 4 introduces us to Nero, who is also said to hold Sparda's blood. He's either a distant relative or one of the twins' kids, with more than a few hints suggesting that he's Vergil's son. Within the first five minutes of the game, dude dropkicks Dante in the face and it gets crazier from there.
    • If Bayonetta is to be taken into account, Eva, Sparda's human bride and mother of Dante and Vergil, was an Umbra Witch. She apparently fought off the forces of the inferno once or twice herself. And speaking of Eva, if you want to get really hazy with genetics, Trish was made in Eva's image by Mundus. She's currently part of Dante's Badass Crew with him and Lady, sharing a brother-sister like relationship with the devil hunter.
  • While the family is kind of screwed up, BlazBlue's three main protagonists, Ragna, Jin and Noel are a family. The Grim Reaper, the Hero of Ikaruga and the Eye of the Azure are siblings. Several openings, namely the Chronophantasma Extend opening, show them fighting together. To make it even cooler, Ragna and Jin were inspired by the previously mentioned Dante and Vergil respectively.
  • The Azzameens of the X-Wing games. You kill the patriarch and oldest son? Well, their youngest son shoots down dozens of fighters, fucks up half your fleet of warships, and blows up your superweapon while your Emperor's on board, bitch. You don't want to know what the middle son, the daughter, and the family droid get up to.
  • King's Quest has the Royal Family of Daventry. Patriarch Graham defeats a giant, a witch, a dragon, and deceives an underground family of gnomes in his very first adventure, and he has two more. His children, Alexander and Rosella are badasses too, with Alexander fighting off minotaurs and evil wizards, being an accomplished sorcerer, and Rosella slaying evil fairies. Mother Valanice doesn't spend much time onscreen, but when she does... It isn't just by genetics, either. You're required to banish an evil wizard or cross a desert, barefoot with whatever random stuff you have in your pockets to marry in to this bunch. Cassima earns the title by helping out Graham in KQ5, and by stabbing the Big Bad to save Alex's life in the sixth game. Prospective son-in-law Edgar spent a lot of time under More Than Mind Control, but was more than capable of throwing the proverbial Spanner in the Works.
  • Desmond Miles of Assassin's Creed comes from a long line of Badasses Assassins, from Altair of the Crusades to Ezio of the Renaissance. The Kenways in particular consists of three generations of badasses.
  • Most of the characters in the Metal Gear series are related to each other through blood, marriage, or choice, and they're all badass.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • In Final Fantasy IV, you have Cecil, strongest knight in the world, his girlfriend (wife in the ending) Rosa, the most powerful white mage in the world, his uncle Fusoya, alien master magus, his father Kluya, who put the seal on the Sealed Evil in a Can, his brother Golbez, who could shrug off the most powerful black magic spell out there, and the sequel puts his and Rosa's son in the main role. Also, while you only really get to see Edge in action, he does come from a long line of Ninjas.
    • The Beoulve family of Final Fantasy Tactics. Barbaneth, the patriarch of the family, was so widely feared on the battlefield that even in the last moments of his life, his mere presence was enough to force Ordalia into a peace treaty with Ivalice. Dycedarg is a brilliant tactician and no slouch in battle himself, leading the Order of the Northern Sky following his father's death. Zalbaag is one of Ivalice's greatest commanders whose record in battle is rivaled only by his father and Orlandeau. Ramza ends up carving his way through the demon hierarchy up to and including Ultima, their leader. Even Alma, the youngest sibling and only noncombatant in the family, is able to force Ultima out of her body through sheer force of will, as well as potentially learn a variant of the Ultima spell more powerful than Ramza's.
  • Dragon Quest:
    • In Dragon Quest II, the three heroes - the Prince of Midenhall, the Prince of Cannock and the Princess of Moonbrooke- are cousins, as well as grandchildren of the Hero who defeated the Dragonlord in Dragon Quest I and descendants of the legendary hero Erdrick of Dragon Quest III.
    • In Dragon Quest V, your player character is not just the son of a king and a saint, your very own children even end up fighting the forces of evil on your side. A nice plot twist in this regard is that you are not the legendary hero destined to save the world, your son is.
  • The Worzen family of Legacy of the Wizard, also known as the "Drasle Family." The grandfather, since deceased, trapped a powerful dragon in a painting, and his descendants (and their pet creature) are the ones who make sure it gets destroyed once and for all. They all throw around magic; while dad can crush boulders, mom can fly, the daughter can leap the entire height of the screen, and their pet dog is more than just a dog. Meanwhile, the son is The Chosen One who can wield the sword that can actually kill the dragon.
  • The Yakumo family of Touhou Project is one of these, although the members are all effectively adopted. The Scarlet family is comprised of very old, very powerful vampires, making theirs In the Blood. The miko Sanae Kochiya lives with her ancestor and Goddess she worships (as well as her roommate and fellow Goddess Kanako) as a family, as well. All three families are at Physical God levels of power.
    • Then there are the Komeiji sisters and their pets. Only one of them - pet hell-raven Utsuho - is at Physical God level, but you'll still be taking your life in your hands going up against the others.
  • Some of the installments in the The Legend of Zelda series imply that this is the case with Link's family; for example, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past clearly states that he is the last surviving member of a family of prestigious knights.
  • Super Robot Wars brings up the Branstein (Maier, Elzam, Rai, Leona [cousin]) clan, the Ardyguns, the Schoolchildren (adopted, but still family), and the Zoldarks (Bian and Lune). ALL of these families are QUITE capable at kicking ass.
  • Dynasty Warriors gives us the Sun family: patriarch Sun Jian and his children Sun Ce, Sun Shang Xiang and Sun Quan are all formidable fighters. You could also count Da Qiao and Liu Bei by marriage, although Da Qiao is discontinued as a playable character as of the sixth installment. As for Liu Bei, his relationship with the Sun family goes pretty spectacularly to hell after a certain incident at Fan Castle... Since Dynasty Warriors is based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms which is in turn based on history, there is some Truth in Television to this one.
    • By the eighth installment, the Shu also has its own, if you count that Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are sworn brothers. First there's Guan Yu's children, all capable fighters on their own: Guan Ping, Guan Xing, Guan Suo and Guan Yinping. Suo is also a Battle Couple with Bao Sanniang. Then there's Zhang Fei's kids: Zhang Bao (also sworn brother to Guan Xing) and Xingcai. And even if he was a Sucksessor in the original, Liu Bei's son Liu Shan has been more capable in fighting when he puts efforts into it.
    • In Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires, you can either make your own character or pick one from the established cast, and enter into a campaign. You can proceed to romance any NPC of the opposite gender given they propose to you and are in your army. You will eventually have a child who is a mixture of both parents and can be saved to the game as a custom character. Said character can also be put into your army. Thus a husband, wife, and child can all enter into combat together on any mission.
  • Bioshock:
  • Super Mario Bros.:
  • Two families in Brave Soul: Rudy and his father, who are the best Hunters of their respective generations; also Claire and their father (and by extension Alicia), who managed to re-seal Demon King Caraile before it escapes again in the game only to be finally killed by the combined effort of (depending on your party choice) Rudy, Alicia, and Claire. As a bonus, in Claire's ending, Rudy married her, in effect creating his own badass family.
  • The ENTIRE Raglen family line can be seen as this in the Record of Agarest War. Five generations of the Raglen family can sure kick ass.
  • In the Nasuverse, any family is this. Shirou's True Companions, and the Tohno family both qualify. The latter also counts as a Big, Screwed-Up Family, though.
  • In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Badass Normal Pirate captain Briggs would like to introduce Felix & Co. to his wife, his baby boy, and his Adept-blacksmith grandmother. They end up as allies.
  • Dragon Age
    • The Amell Family appears in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. The Human Magi orgin was our first introduction to this family, and considering how Game-Breaker mages are in that game... Then we find out what Hawke's mother's maiden name is, which adds both him/herself and his/her younger siblings Bethany and Carver.
    • Given that their father was an apostate mage who apparently stayed one step ahead of the Templars his whole life, even with another mage (possibly two) as a child, the Hawkes count too. Making Hawke a melding of two badass families, which explains a lot.
    • The Couslands, at least before Howe's betrayal, have been a Big Good in Ferelden for centuries. A Female Cousland can eventually marry Alistair Theirin, unite the two lines and jointly rule Ferelden.
    • The Theirins, the ruling family of Ferelden and Royals Who Actually Do Something. Alistair is the last surviving heir of this family, his grandmother Moira started a rebellion during the Orlesian occupation of Ferelden, and his father Maric eventually won that war and regained the throne. According to the Qunari, the Theirins are all Reavers due to Calenhad drinking dragon blood after making a deal with Flemeth, which might explain a few things (though how they know this is unclear).
    • A villainous example exists with Flemeth and her daughters, who are all powerful apostates and shapeshifters. Aside from Morrigan, another daughter called Yavana is depicted in a comic tie-in, attempting to use Theirin blood to resurrect High Dragons. If the Dark Ritual is performed, Morrigan herself will give birth to child with the soul of an Old God, adding to their badass quotient.
    • The Trevelyan family, which includes the human Inquisitor, traditionally gives its younger children to the Templars. They are also related to the Pavus family of Tevinter, which currently holds a spot on the Magisterium.
    • The Cadash clan, which includes the dwarf Inquisitor, became intertwined with the Carta after they were exiled. Before that exile, one of the great warriors they produced was Shale.
  • World of Warcraft gives us the Saurfangs and the Crowleys.
    • There's also Durotan and Draka's families. Durotan and Draka both openly defied super-powered demon warlock Gul'dan (in-universe the most powerful warlock to have ever existed), Durotan's brother fought an army by himself knowing that it was suicide and thought it was fun. Draka was born weak and sickly, but basically forced herself to become a badass and managed to attract the chieftan of the Frostwolves as her mate. Oh, and their son, Thrall/Go'el, is basically the messiah of two planets, Azeroth and Draenor. He's also the Earth-Warder (god-like powers over the elements, control of the earth, etc), the World-Shaman (most power shaman to have ever lived), and former warchief (basically he's a Magic Knight Messiah).
    • The Hellscream family, despite their penchant for evil. Grom single-handedly killed a demon lord, freeing his entire race from evil. His son either bent the will of or convinced an Eldritch Abomination into working for him, almost took over all of Azeroth AND Draenor, and was able to hold his own in a battle against Thrall (until Thrall whipped out his god-powers and smashed him).
  • Team Fortress 2:
    • The Conaghers have been serving Mann Co. for at least three generations, and each of them is a Gadgeteer Genius in their own right; Radigan was responsible for keeping the respective Mann brothers alive past the 19th century, and among other things sawed off his own arm in order to become a cyborg, while Conagher Sr. was implied to have replaced Nikolai Tesla as the field engineer using weapons that weren't supposed to be invented for over 20 years, with his son, the current engineer in turn replacing him.
    • As shown in "A Cold Day in Hell", the Heavy's mother and sisters are just as badass as he is.
  • In Baldur's Gate Throne of Baal, you, a Bhaalspawn capable of turning into an embodiment of murder, can team up with your half-sister Imoen, a decent thief and more powerful wizardess who also gains Bhaalspawn powers, and your Back from the Dead half-brother Sarevok, the strongest fighter you can recruit. If you are a male and romance Aerie, she will be a Pregnant Badass cleric/mage, a very powerful character if used correctly. Your late foster father Gorion was also a badass Harper who teamed up with the likes of Elminster and once fought and wounded a red dragon.
    • Some of the main character's extended family can count as well. While a lot of Bhaalspawn are fairly average, there's also The Five from Throne of Bhaal, a quintet of Bhaalspawn out to slaughter the rest of their kin and seize their father's power, and includes members such as a half-dragon and an invincible fire giant.
  • The Seyfarth clan in RosenkreuzStilette counts as quite a Badass Family: they've wielded the Demon Sword Grollschwert and the Devil Scythe Grassense and have been Blood Knights over the years, after all.
  • Suikoden V gives us the Royal Falenan Family: Father Ferid fought on the front lines in a war and was considered one of the four reasons Falena won the war. Mother Arshtat bears the The Sun Rune, and can vaporize people into particles with merely a thought. The eldest child is the protagonist, and becomes a military commander over the course of the game and comes to bear the Dawn Rune, a powerful magical artifact. Arshtat's younger sister Sialeeds is a sorceress and political genius who bears the Twilight Rune, the Dawn Rune's counterpart. Only Lymsleia isn't a badass with violence, although that could be because she's only ten. She is a political genius, though.
  • In Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse, the entire Al-Hazrad family are quite the badasses. The player character is a corsair and plows through pirates, genies, sorcerer's dungeons and evil plots all by his lonesome. While your family is not playable, your elder brother Tarik is a corsair and Merchant Rogue himself, your elder sister Aliya is a sorceress who can fly, and your father and aunt are both accomplished sorcerers themselves. Only your mother is a quiet homemaker. Although she does command a genie, as does the rest of your family.
  • In Hyper Princess Pitch, the family of the protagonist, a pugnacious princess who decided to become the personal nemesis of MechaSanta, her mother, the Goddess of Explosions and her father, the Bear Miner.
  • The Simpsons family definitely become this while on their quest to save Maggie in The Simpsons arcade game.
  • Nekketsu Oyako, a Playstaion/Saturn Beat 'em Up game, has this consisting of a mighty father whose wife has been distressed and two kids who are respectively an average assistant and a fragilistic daughter.
  • The Belmont clan from Castlevania have whipped Dracula to hell every century without having to raise an army. Helps that one of them finally DESTROYED DRACULA.
  • The Starlings of Lollipop Chainsaw are a family of zombie hunters. Protagonist Juliet is a cheerleader by day, and chainsaw-wielding undead slayer by night. Her two sisters are a recklessly destructive driver and expert sniper, respectively, and dear ol' Dad can punch things really freakin' hard.
  • Halo:
    • Captain Jacob Keyes is a total badass, and proves himself to be one of the best strategists and captains the UNSC has. His daughter Miranda is also a total badass and master strategist, but has some trouble living up to her father's legacy. They are both considered among the war's greatest heroes. Catherine Halsey the former's wife and latter's mother, isn't a fighter, but probably qualifies due to her unparalleled brilliance.
    • The Spartans aren't actually related, but they consider each other family, and they are the most badass characters in the franchise. Since the second generation of Spartans including Master Chief were created/raised by Catherine Halsey, they could technically be considered her children and thus related to the Keyes as well.
    • In Halo Wars, John Forge comes from a family that has served in the military all the way back to WWII. That may have been what allowed him to waste the Arbiter's sorry alien ass.
  • The McClouds from Star Fox. Courageous, determined, and they could give Anakin Skywalker a run for his money in starfighter combat.
  • In Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, Mr. Zurkon can be upgraded so that his wife and son can be summoned to fight alongside him.
  • League of Legends: As a few of the political powers (mainly Demacia and Noxus) practise some level of Asskicking Equals Authority, numerous Champions have long lineages of Badassery. Known relations include Ashe and Tryndamere (marriage) Garen and Lux, Darius and Draven, Katarina and Cassiopeia, Kayle and Morgana, and Nasus and Renekton (siblings) Ashe, Lissandra and Sejuani are distantly related as are Sivir and Azir. Shen and Zed are adopted siblings.
  • Johnny Cage, his daughter Cassie, and (ex)wife Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat X. Prior to the events of the game Johnny and Sonya were a pretty close Battle Couple who helped seal Shinnok and end the Netherrealm War and free the trapped revenant souls of Jax, Sub-Zero, and Scorpion from Quan Chi's dark magic. However because of Sonya's duty to the Special Forces (and thus becoming general), she was out of Cassie's life a lot of the time and Johnny was the one who raised their daughter (which eventually led to their divorce). Cassie joined the Special Forces as well when she was of age and Johnny is designated the leader of her squadron (which also includes Jacqui Briggs, Jax's daughter). The Cages are playable in chapters 1 (Johnny), 5 (Sonya), and 12 (Cassie) of the Story Mode. By the end of the game things seem to be working out as Sonya and Johnny seem to be getting closer to being on the same page again.
  • Downplayed in Overwatch with Ana Amari and her daughter, Fareeha. While they're a rather small family, they're exceptionally badass, with Ana being an ace sniper belonging to the Egyptian army and the original Overwatch strike team, and Fareeha being a career soldier, equipped with experimental flight armor and a rocket launcher.
  • John Romero and Tom Hall have stated that B.J. Blazkowicz, Billy Blaze, and Doomguy are all part of the same family, with Billy being the grandson of B.J. and Doomguy being Billy's son. The only gap in the badassery of the Blazkowicz clan is Billy's father Arthur, who is a talk show host. How canon this is is unclear given B.J.'s shift into Alternate History and the implications in DOOM (2016) suggesting that the Doom Marine hails from an alternate dimension.
  • Sly Cooper has the Cooper Clan, a long line of Master Thieves spanning back to even the prehistoric era. While Sly is the only active Cooper for most of the games (until time-travelling enters the mix), his family's history sets the background for all of their plots, whether it involves the Thievius Raccoonus that details all of their thieving techniques, or the Cooper Vault that holds all the treasures they've accrued over the centuries.
  • Bayonetta's eponymous protagonist is an Umbran Witch who goes around beating up powerful angels that look more like aliens using her own physical prowess and some help from the demons of Inferno and even the series' equivalent of God. In Bayonetta 2, we see that it runs in the family: her mother Rosa is an Umbran Witch just like her daughter, while her father Balder is a Lumen Sage, the Spear Counterpart to the Witches, who takes on all corners with a two-pronged staff and a variety of elemental powers.
  • In Rune Factory 4, your child inherits certain abilities from your spouse and certain ones from your character. Despite your child only being 5 years old, they can still kick butt. If the three of you go adventuring together, you can even find a hidden area containing the materials needed to make the Dolphin Pendant—an equipment that makes your family's stats match yours, which, given the game's Absurdly High Level Cap, makes them very badass indeed.
  • Rainbow Six Siege has the two GROM operators, sisters Zofia and Ela, and their father. Zofia is a Determinator with a customized Grenade Launcher, and Ela is a Glass Cannon who can throw Trick Bombs. Both of them were raised by the former commander of GROM, and both of them joined it in his honor; Zofia to carry on his legacy, and Ela to posthumously earn her father's respect.
  • The Aleste series has the Waizen family. Three of them, Ellinor, Alice, and Luna, are all female, and they're apparently a family of Ace Pilots.
  • Crypt Of The Necrodancer: Cadence's mom, dad, grandma and uncle are all playable characters, and all are just as capable of kicking ass as Cadence.
  • Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume has Reinhilde and Auguste Haughn and their children, Valmur and Phiona. All four of them are powerful warriors, but only two of them can join Wylfred's party — on the B route, it's Valmur and Phiona because Reinhilde and Auguste are killed in an ambush, while on the C route, Reinhilde and Auguste join after Phiona dies and Valmur goes mad from losing his other sibling.


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