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A fanfiction where the characters are in a modern and usually more domestic setting. It can be a Non-Indicative Name as some works are set in a modern or even futuristic setting, but a modern AU will set it contemporary to the writing. Modern AUs also usually remove the fantastic elements, though some keep them. Modern AUs are one of the most common Alternate Universes in fanfiction, being a fanfic equivalent of a Setting Update.


Most writers create these stories is because they find it easier to write than actually use the works setting. Instead of having to keep researching its lore and keeping its general world building, writers will base the story off of a more familiar setting. Some writers will occasionally model it off of their own experiences. These kinds of stories are commonly used by shippers.

Artists also tend to use this trope as well. Often taking a character or two and draw what kind of societal archetype they'll be.

Compare to Setting Update, High School AU, Coffee Shop AU Fic, Historical AU, and Transplanted Character Fic.



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    Comic Books 
  • While the Tintin comics are set in the early 20th century when colonialism was still cool and China was in the throes of the Opium Wars, the fanfic Marlinspike Hall: eine Symphonie des Grauens is set in The New '10s, with internet and The Walking Dead, and openly gay characters.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live Action 
  • One example of a Star Wars modern AU would be The Boy Next Door and its sequel The Girl From Harvard. The two stories center around the relationship between Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala in a modern setting as college students who were formerly neighbors. Instead of dealing with the pressures of war and secret romance, Anakin and Padme must deal with the problems of a long-distance relationship. The story also does contain some twists as well.

  • Animorphs:
    • All Assorted Animorphs AUs: "What if the series was set in modern times?" describes how events from each book would be different with 2010s pop culture references and technology.
    • Sporadic Phantoms takes place in the 2020s instead of the 1990s, when the original Animorphs books were set. This is apparent from the many references to COVID-19, Donald Trump, and social media. This is done in order to fit the podcast format which for obvious reasons couldn't work if it was set in the 90s.
  • Harry Potter is set in the 1990s, but the infamous fan fic My Immortal makes it take place "now" i.e. The Oughties.
  • The Love Club is a modern The Wicked Years fic where Glinda moves next door the future Eminent Thropp, Elphaba Thropp. Instead of being set on Earth, it's set in a modern version of Oz and features multiple Ozian elements (including Animals).
  • The first Warrior Cats book came out in 2003. Word of God is that Warriors Redux takes place in the 2010s.

    Live-Action TV 

    Video Games 

    Western Animation