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Literature / Hensuki: Are You Willing to Fall in Love with a Pervert, as Long as She's a Cutie?

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Kawaikereba Hentai Demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasuka (可愛ければ変態でも好きになってくれますか?), also known in English as Hensuki: Are You Willing to Fall in Love with a Pervert, as Long as She's a Cutie? or just shortened to Hensuki due to its lengthy title) is a light novel series written by Tomo Hanama and illustrated by sune, which was published under the MF Bunko J imprint from 2017 to 2022 for 14 volumes.

The series later received a manga adaptation (illustrated by CHuN) in November 2017 and an anime adaptation premiered on July 8, 2019. It is also currently licensed by Funimation.

After putting away cleaning supplies for the Calligraphy Club and returning to the clubroom, Keiki Kiryū finds an anonymous love letter addressed to him, along with a pair of panties. As someone who desperately wishes to have a girlfriend, Keiki decides to find the sender of the letter and panties, and starts by narrowing the list of suspects to the girls who were in the clubroom before he left. Unfortunately, his investigation of these girls reveals that while all of them have feelings for him, they're also hardcore perverts who want him to participate in their fetishes! Would Keiki be willing to fall in love with any of these perverts as long as they're cuties?

This light novel and anime series provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Expansion: Zigzagged. There are additional scenes in the anime that didn't appear in the light novel, as well as light novel segments that didn't make it into the anime. Episode 7 is an example of both, since Keiki's thought process about choosing someone for the double date is expanded upon, but at the same time, Shōma's Freudian Excuse for his lolicon ways wasn't included.
  • Adaptational Early Appearance:
    • In Episode 6, one of Koharu's photos of Ayano Fujimoto show her doing council work with Shiho Takasaki and Airi Nagase, the Student Council President and Treasurer respectively. In the light novel, Airi is introduced in Volume 4 while Shiho is introduced in Volume 6, though Airi states that she was present during the trash cleanup operation in Volume 2 and that Keiki didn't notice her.
    • In Chapter 24 of the manga, which takes place long before LN Volume 6, Shiho Takasaki's name is at the top of a list of 3rd year test rankings.
  • Always in Class One: Averted. While Keiki and Shōma spent their second year in the same class, they end up in different classes in their third year.
  • Bait-and-Switch: The girls would eventually have their alone time with Keiki, who thinks that each one of them would confess their romantic feelings and turn out to be "Cinderella". While they do confess to him, it's not that kind of a fairy tale romance, but more like having Keiki fill their perverted tendencies.
  • Beta Couple: Shōma and Koharu are secondary characters whose relationship acts as a Foil to Keiki's relationship with the Calligraphy Club members and Student Council girls. Shōma and Koharu have their own kinks, being a lolicon and being a stalker respectively, that sometimes causes friction in their relationship, but they accept each other in spite of it. In contrast, Keiki is adamant in starting a relationship with a normal kinkless girl rather than the perverts pining for him.
  • Blackmail: A Running Gag of the show has Keiki being constantly blackmailed by some of the girls:
    • Two of the girls have a controversial evidence and an attached letter being placed in his own locker just so that they could arrange a meeting with him.
      • Sayuki blackmailed him with a photo of them lying on the floor, being almost half-naked and in a seductive position. This was after she became wary of him no longer going in the Calligraphy Club for the sake of meeting other girls.
      • Koharu blackmailed him with a photo of him reaching into Sayuki's cleavage. She just wants to ask for his assistance in making her meet with her crush Shoma since the two are buddies. She deleted it when he complied afterwards.
    • When they visit Keiki's residence, both Sayuki and Yuika forced him to comply to their wishes, or else his sister Mizuha would receive a copy of Mao's yaoi doujin featuring him and Shoma.
  • Book Ends: The series starts with main cast cleaning the Calligraphy clubroom, only for the penultimate chapter to end with them cleaning the clubroom once again. Though this time, Mizuha is waiting for Keiki instead of her panties and love letter.
  • Chekhov's Lecture: Back when they were young, Keiki gets constantly licked by their female dog Hanako who pins him down on the floor. Their grandfather had to teach him how to make the dog docile, which is to stroke her butt. He remembers this as Sayuki (who roleplays like a dog) was just attempting to pin him on the ground and lick him. She was surprised at what Keiki did but nonetheless stopped her antics from embarrasment.
  • Club Stub: When Sayuki's seniors graduated and left her as the sole member of the Calligraphy Club, the club was in danger of disbanding due to a lack of members. Fortunately, Keiki joining is enough to save the club, since two members seems to be the minimum in this particular school.
  • Cliffhanger: Most of the early episodes end with each of the girls revealing their perverted tendencies to Keiki, with the continuations happening on the succeeding episodes and showing how Keiki had to deal with the new information from the past episodes.
  • Compressed Adaptation:
    • Episode 1 is a compressed version of 2 and 1/2 light novel chapters or 5 manga chapters (of 30-40 pages each). This was done to make Sayuki's perverted tendencies a revelation and a Cliffhanger at the end of the episode.
    • Episode 12 fast-forwards through Keiki and Mizuha's date in order to reveal Mizuha's exhibitionism at the last minute.
  • The Confidant: There are two people whom Keiki constantly updates on the Cinderella case:
    • Shoma is the first person who Keiki tells about Cinderella, though he's initially not informed about the Cinderella candidates' kinks until Volume 2 Chapter 4.
    • Koharu's the second person who Keiki shares his Cinderella search with, including the candidates' kinks.
  • Covert Pervert: The series has a Running Gag of seemingly normal and cute girls turning out to have secret fetishes. Once they reveal their kinks to the protagonist, Keiki Kiryū, they stop hiding it altogether.
    • Sayuki Tokihara, the hardworking president of the Calligraphy Club, is a masochist who secretly wants to be Keiki's pet.
    • Yuika Koga, a seemingly innocent underclasswoman, is actually a sadist who wants to make Keiki her S&M slave.
    • Mao Nanjō is a friend of Keiki and Shōma who acts harsh but cares deeply about them like a tsundere, which makes it all the more surprising when she reveals that she's a Yaoi Fangirl who secretly uses them as material for her boy's love manga.
    • Ayano Fujimoto is seen as the diligent student council vice president of the school, but is secretly an olfactophile who wants to sniff Keiki's body odor.
    • Mizuha Kiryū is a double subversion. At first, the story leads the viewer to believe that she has incestuous feelings for her brother, Keiki, but then it turns out that they're not blood-related, meaning their relationship wouldn't really be incest. Then she turns out to be an exhibitionist who likes to secretly go out in public with no panties and takes strip tease selfies of herself.
    • Airi Nagase is a strict disciplinarian member of the student council, but enjoys yuri to the point of secretly writing a yuri fic of the Calligraphy Club members.
    • Rin Mitani, the cute student council secretary, turns out to be a boy who enjoys cross-dressing.
    • Shiho Takasaki is the student council president, who is secretly turned-on the concept of netorare, whether she's on the giving or receiving end of cheating relationships.
  • Dreaming of Things to Come: After learning about Yuika's secret, Keiki dreams of listening to a story book narration about a prince being locked inside a cage by a sadistic princess. In school, this is the exact same narration and story that Yuika wrote about her nowfound relationship with Keiki, much too his shock since he saw that in his dream.
  • Forgotten First Meeting:
    • Zigzagged in the case of Shoma and Koharu. They met under a tree in the road when he helped return her straw hat. While Shoma only realized that she was the white-haired girl from before when Koharu revealed it to her, he later on reveals to Keiki that he did in fact remember this meeting, and had been repeatedly waiting on the spot for the chance of seeing her again. It's just that Koharu cut her hair shorter that Shoma wasn't able to recognize her in school.
    • Keiki forgot the day he first met Mizuha and how she was adopted into the family. This leads to him believing she's his biological sister.
  • Friendly Rivalry: Keiki's haremettes are in an obvious rivalry, though they do care about each other. Whenever Keiki is on bad terms with one of them, the others will give advice to Keiki on how to make up with their rival.
  • The Girl Who Fits This Slipper: But done with panties of all things!
    • Keiki's quest has similarities to the fairy tale to the point that Shoma suggested him to use "Cinderella" as the codename for the mystery girl who left her panties with the love letter.
    • Played for Laughs and Subverted as Keiki says that it would be too ridiculous if he would go around asking each of the candidates to wear the panties in question, so a subtle investigation and having to know and understand them personally is the most probable course of action.
  • Japanese School Club: Sayuki is the president of the Calligraphy Club, and Keiki joined more to keep the club afloat than out of interest in calligraphy. Yuika, Mao, and Mizuha join as well when they realize that Sayuki has an advantage in spending time with Kiryu due to being in the same club. The other members tend to use the club as a means to engage in their fetishes, though when their club is being inspected, they do perform some proper calligraphy by drawing characters related to their fetishes.
  • Locker Mail: The plot revolves around Kiryu trying to figure out who left an anonymous love letter in his locker.
  • Love Letter: The plot started with a mysterious love letter with a panties of a girl on top of the envelope. Keiki reads it himself and was surprised that a girl has finally fell for him. Although he doesn't know who the sender is, and has to investigate each of the possible candidates.
  • Mistaken for Romance: Keiki's relationship towards the other girls are seen as this by their clubmates, not knowing that each of them are attracted to him in a perverted way. Among the girls, Sayuki's case was seen as this a lot, since she is the first whom Keiki started going out with.
  • Not What It Looks Like: Keiki found himself on the unfortunate side of being caught by Mizuha doing a perverted pose with Sayuki and Yuika in his room. He later had to explain their antics to his sister each time:
    • Sayuki choking him with her breasts while laying in his bed.
    • Yuika making him wear a bunny outfit and accidentally falling on top of him.
  • Oh, Crap!: Keiki had this reaction when Shoma turned on the lights to the Astronomy Club Room, only to reveal that Koharu had multiple stolen photographs of the latter, postered all across the walls and ceiling.
  • Open-Minded Parent: In Volume 13, Kiryu and Mizuha's parents turn out to be okay with them starting a relationship and even has them designated as fiancees instead of siblings so that their classmates will find their relationship socially acceptable.
  • Perverted Sniffing: Ayano indulges in this when cuddling with Keiki and tries to steal his underwear for this purpose. Sayuki and Yuika more successfully steal Keiki's briefs from his room and admit to sniffing them.
  • P.O.V. Cam: Just after Keiki uncuffed Sayuki, we later have a first-person view of a far, hidden camera taking shots of him grabbing her chest.
  • Previously onů: The anime uses this technique before each episode, albeit combined with the Fast-Forward Gag effect.
  • Questioning Title?: Are You Willing to Fall in Love with a Pervert, as Long as She's a Cutie?
  • The Reveal: The end of Volume 3 reveals Mizuha is Cinderella and is not blood-related to Keiki. While this revelation ends the mystery of searching for the sender of the love letter, it doesn't end Keiki's search for a girlfriend, since he later discovers that Mizuha is just as perverted as the rest of his Unwanted Harem.
  • School Festival: In Volume 7, the Calligraphy Club has to earn enough profit from the culture festival in order to make up for misusing the club budget and avoid being disbanded. Starting a successful Maid Cafe in the festival turns out to be harder than the club thought, though Sayuki successfully uses a different festival activity to advertise the club's cafe and boost their customers.
  • Shout-Out: The work makes a prominent usage of Cinderella as its inspiration, but the female lead is the one who wrote the Love Letter to Keiki. The male protagonist has to use one of the girl's items as his only clue for picking out from a list of candidates. But instead of a glass slipper, the item in question is the girl's panties.
  • Spoiler Title: The title gives away the fact that the "pervert" is a girl, and not the male protagonist, which also makes it different to most of the Ecchi/Harem shows with perverted male leads.
  • Wall Pin of Love:
    • Keiki had to do this with Sayuki early on because she just kept on avoiding him. It was in fact suggested by Mao and lampshaded that it can make a girl's heart pound.
    • Volume 11 reverses this situation by having Sayuki perform a wall pin on Keiki when he avoids her after her confession.

Alternative Title(s): Kawaikereba Hentai Demo Suki Ni Natte Kuremasuka