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  • The Flash Vol 1 #171 has Dr. Light use special light to make himself or others look like anything he wants them to. After apparently killing the Flash with a different weapon, he makes him look like a concrete slab and lays him on the sidewalk. Things go from weird to downright hilarious when the Flash regains consciousness and can't speak due to being a concrete slab, but can move and think. Bystanders think they've gone mad and scientists try to test the concrete to no avail, while Flash complains about them hitting his head and sneezing at the cold water they dump on him.
  • The Flash Vol 2 #19, Wally West attends the Rogues' party for Captain Cold, deciding to one-up a mean-spirited joke from Trickster who had sent him an invite in jest, and also brings his girlfriend, who spends the whole time befriending Golden Glider. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Special mention goes to Connie getting to know Lisa, who casually explains her motivation for becoming a supervillain (deep-seated hate for Barry Allen). After demonstrating her psychotic rage, Connie asks if she has any issue with Wally, and Lisa is genuinely confused. After all, only a psycho would still hold onto a grudge like that.
    • Dr. Alchemy acts leery towards Connie, but after a few drinks he approaches and apologises, using his power to give her a solid gold, then platinum bracelet. Lisa remarks that he used to turn her underwear solid gold regularly as a prank.
    • Later, Wally saves Lisa from a drunk Captain Boomerang's wildly-tossed boomerang. She thanks him profusely, and starts saying how he's nothing like Barry Allen, and is instead brave and noble, like the Top. Wally is pretty disturbed by her words considering Barry's his idol and Top was a monster, but Gentleman Ghost steps in to tell him to just roll with it, since to Lisa, it was a compliment.
  • Wally West and Linda Park were often a fountain of these, due to their shared Deadpan Snarker tendencies, as well as Wally's Manchild personality and Linda's The Comically Serious reactions. A few examples:
    • Early on into their relationship, Wally has to pull a Cooldown Hug on his ex-girlfriend Frankie Kane/Magenta, ending in a public kiss. Wally narrates how he's probably not in trouble and he's not scared at he's shown passing a chocolate shop, then immediately double-backing to get her some. He then ends up eating most of them himself.
    • In the same story, Linda and Frankie end up confronting one another, and it looks like Linda is in trouble due to Frankie's unstable mental state, anger issues, and possessiveness over Wally. Instead, they end up becoming buddies, bonding over making fun of Wally's inability to feed himself like an adult. Even better, they remark on his childish choice of favourite food, a super-sugary frosted chocolate cereal, which earlier in the series Wally had been shown eating with gusto.
    • Linda is tired of Wally's 80's-era hairstyle, so she takes him to get a haircut. Wally acts like a petulant child as she physically drags him to the salon. This is also after she caught him competitively gloating about winning some pogs against some random kids. Also, as soon as he's done, he pretty much explodes to get out of his seat and is happy to put on his mask because he's horrified by the terrible hair cut; the kicker? This is the hairstyle that would become Wally's iconic look.
    • At the beginning of Dead Heat, Wally and Linda are having brunch and discussing some recent stuff, when Linda mentions her parents, and the discussion turns to the topic of when they plan to get married/have kids, something her parents are nudging her about. The two then become extremely awkward, before Wally is then attacked by Ninjas and he's thrilled to have the distraction.
    • While watching hockey at ringside, Wally snarks to the reader that the sport is more Linda's thing. The way she reacts to the game fits the analogy perfectly.
  • At the beginning of the Black Flash saga, the Flash Family have assembled to take a family photo, but Bart keeps ruining it because his ADHD is really flaring up. They try, but he runs off to point out some ants he just saw, so Max pulls him aside and calmly explains to him why they need the photo. He gets it, poses, but then immediately spots a quarter. Max remarks that it's a miracle they got him to stand still as long as they did already.
    • In the same issue, as soon as they're done with the photo-taking, Bart grabs Linda and pulls her inside to play video games with him. Next we see, Linda is demolishing him and happily gloating about it.
  • Also on the Linda-Bart friendship, later during the Dark Flash saga, Bart is unaffected by Abra Kadabra erasing Linda Park from everyone's memories by virtue of being a time-traveller, so he remembers Linda perfectly fine and, when he brings her up, he's surprised nobody remembers. He has a mini mental breakdown trying to convince everyone, prompting Jesse to just drag him out the room by his ankle.
    • He does this again shortly after, and so her and Max just pick him up and drag him away. He spends the entire time mentally picturing them all with dunce hats.
    • Later, Jesse is wondering aloud about the current situation and what happened to their Wally to turn him into Walter. Bart suggests asking him about Linda; Jesse, frustrated, sarcastically remarks that yes, maybe it does have something to do with the imaginary friend Bart has that is supposedly Wally's girlfriend that nobody but him can remember, and maybe they should ask him. Bart takes this completely serious, then runs off to go ask him, leaving Jesse annoyed and baffled.
  • You'd think that, with Super-Speed, Wally would have no problem setting up a Two-Timer Date? Well, neither of his dates seem aware of the situation, so Wally might actually get away with it...until it's revealed that Wally also has a meeting with the Justice League Europe. Cut to their headquarters and we see the various Leaguers bored out of their minds waiting.
  • Another JLE misadventure had the team taking French lessons (since they were based in Paris, and most of them don't know the language), and the Injustice Gang happens to enroll in the exact same class. It's like reading something out of Archie Comics as classroom hijinks and Hilarity Ensues ending with both heroes, villains and even the cops getting disciplined by the teacher. It ends with the Injustice Gang deported while the League spend the night in jail...until it was pointed out to them that, as an official Justice League charter, they all have diplomatic immunity, something that team leader Captain Atom completely forgot about. The team was furious.
  • Issue #210 had Wally and Dick reminiscing on memories (this was after Wally re-establishes his secret identity to the rest of the superhero community after the Spectre erased them), specifically, Dick taking Wally to the Batcave for the first time. Wally is essentially trespassing, so he mouths off his opinion that Batman is a lunatic like the criminals he faces, just as the man himself arrives. Oops.
    How could I forget the first time I met the Batman? [I] Circled the world a dozen times before Barry finally calmed me down.


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