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Comics with their own pages

  • Larfleeze's many, many insane rants.
    • Heck, it doesn't need to be a rant, as proven when all the dead bodies of those he has killed to create his orange construct-esque Lanterns are resurrected and surround him.
    Larfleeze: Yuh-oh.
    • Really, there were a lot of gems in the "Agent Orange" arc where Larfleeze made his debut that qualify, even if he wasn't at center stage. Some memorable ones include Hal Jordan temporarily falling under the evil influence of the Orange Power Battery:
    Orange Power Battery: You could really go for a hamburger right now, couldn't you? Two hamburgers!
    • Larfleeze to rival Orange Lantern Lex Luthor: The ring is mine! And if you ever get hair, that's mine too!
    • Larfleeze in Vegas. His first encounter with a complimentary buffet:
    Larfleeze: All-you-can-eat.... I HAVE ARRIVED!!!
    • Also, Hal trying to properly utilize the Blue Lantern Ring, which only works if you find something to genuinely hope for:
    Hal: (falling out of the sky) World peace. I hope for world peace!
    Blue Power Ring: Insincerity registered.
    Hal: Dammit! (continues to fall)
    • Double when the ring finally registers a sincere hope. The hope that eventually, the ring will shut up and quit asking what he hopes for.
    Blue Power Ring: Sincerity registered.
      • The cover, with Glomulus wearing novelty reindeer antlers and rocking out on electric guitar!
      • It's even funnier that the cookies are surprisingly tasty (if you like oranges).
  • Green Arrow/Black Canary #15, from Page 13: If You Know What I Mean?
    • Also in issue #7, when Ollie thinks he has been followed by aliens and calls in Green Lantern to help. Hal promptly discovers that the bad guys are actually humans wearing masks. When Ollie protests that it was easy for Hal to find this out, because of his power ring, Hal replies that he spotted the zippers around their necks. And though Ollie pleads with him not to tell anyone, Hal has already sent a video to the JSA, the JLA and Batman...
  • From Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade:
  • Most Excellent Superbat (an in-universe Japanese Batman takeoff) in Final Crisis #6:
    Superbat: I have the greatest power of all, Mister Miracle. I am so rich I can do anything.
    • How rich is he? He bought Japan.
  • Superman playing Santa Claus is nothing new. But Batman getting involved is something special.
    • Also, "I suppose I should do something about that whole Middle East thing..."
    • The Shout-Out to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns with Batman responding to Superman talking about teaching kids about the magic of Christmas with "My parents taught me a different lesson - lying in the alley... twitching...", only to trail off as he realizes he's coming on a bit hard for a discussion about Christmas. Clark's awkward expression as he glances up at the gifts he's delivering sells it.
  • The way Black Adam discovers what his new magic word is, in one of the funniest (and greatest) things Peter J. Tomasi has ever written, in issue #6 of the Black Adam miniseries.
    Teth-Adam: [in a diner] Hrm. Please prepare me one of these, "chocolate egg creams". [KRAK-OOM]
  • In the DCU Holiday Bash II, there's an entire two page spread of Santa trying to give Darkseid a lump of coal...and he succeeds. And apparently does so every year.
  • Green Lantern is the best superhero in The DCU at overcoming fear. So of course, his counterpart on the Bizarro World is a member of the fear-based Sinestro Corps. He often checks his Power Ring to make sure it's still working, only to end up blasting himself in the face.
  • In the 2008-2009 series Trinity, the good guys and bad guys are forced to make teams with gimmicks based on the Major Arcana. (Plastic Man is The Fool, Lex Luthor is The Hierophant, Geo-Force is The World, etc...) Gangbuster, a Badass Normal, is The Wheel of Fortune. When he realizes he is outmatched against an army of demons...
    Gangbuster:: "Hey Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel and solve the puzzle. G-E-T M-E O-U-T O-F H-E-R-E!"
  • Martian Manhunter #24 from start to finish. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle hide all the Choco cookies in JLI headquarters, as well as the surrounding area. Mayhem ensues.
    • After he cools down and is convinced he has a problem, J'onn exorcizes a physical manifestation of his addiction from himself. The craving-creature latches on to various other league members, revealing a sample of their cravings. In particular, Ice laments not being able to indulge in a sautéed baby seal since leaving her homeland.
    • On J'onn's page on The Other Wiki, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are actually listed in his Rogues Gallery section, along with the sentence "They stole J'onn's cookies". Go look.
  • Lex Luthor commenting on the obsession between Batman and the Joker.
  • A few from Supergirl (2005): Breaking the Chain:
    • When Supergirl lampshades Pariah's Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness.
      Pariah: "I am the Herald of Darkness. I am the witness to Apocalypse. I walk where the dragon's tail meets its mouth, bathed in blood... Call me Pariah."
      Supergirl: "I'm sorry, but... Who the hell are you?"
      Pariah: "I am the space between Scylla and Charybdis. I am the gasp before the Big Bang. I—"
      Supergirl: "Shut up and make sense!"
      Pariah: "I—All right."
      Supergirl: "Now again, slowly, and without The Lord of the Rings double talk."
      Pariah: "My name is Kent Massa. I was a scientist once... Until I dared look into the eyes of God and—"
      Supergirl: (clenching her fist) "I will hurt you."
      Pariah: "I... Fine."
    • When Grace Choi earns a free punch to the Maid of Might's face, only to break her hand.
    • When Supergirl and Wonder Girl hug, with Kara's arms around Cassie's neck and Cassie's arms around Kara's waist. Just as it starts getting good, Ravager (Rose Wilson) shoots them with a rocket launcher as a prank.
      Wondergirl: "Thanks. I love you, Kara."
      Supergirl: "I love you too." BOOM
    • When Supergirl returns to her apartment, Captain Boomerang Jr. asks how her day was.
      Supergirl: I met a girl tonight (Terra II).
      Boomer: (Double Take, then grin) Explain. And do not leave out any details.
      Supergirl: (hits him with a pillow) Idiot. Another hero in a costume.
  • The story "JLA: World Without Grownups": Superboy, Impulse, and Robin are put into simulations that mimic their deepest fears. Superboy faces off with Metallo, Impulse faces Nazi dinosaurs and Gorilla Grodd, and Robin is faced with a combination of Hannibal Lecter and The Joker. Robin figures out that they need to switch off since the simulations are geared to defeat each of them. Thus, Superboy beats Grodd while Robin beats Metallo. Robin then belatedly realizes that he left Impulse with the Hannibal-Joker...only to find that Impulse managed to drive the Hannibal-Joker crazy by asking him "Why?" over and over again!
  • You bet you'd never see the day when Pokemon appear in comic books other than manga. Well, here it is!
    "Yes, perhaps this is a warrior's game..."
  • In Batman (issue 621) the conversation about steak:
    Commissioner: What are you doing?
    Batman: Grilling.
    Commissioner: Who?
    Batman: A steak.
    Commissioner: You COOK?
    Batman: No, I GRILL. It helps me RELAX.
    Commissioner: Grilling a steak to RELAX? But a prime piece of meat has to be just right, not UNDER — or God forbid — OVERDONE. It is. And there's no sauce known to mankind — or the French — that can hide the fact the chef's to blame. That makes a steak the most STRESSFUL thing to cook, you know?
    (Later in the same scene)
    Batman's Monologue: It was WRONG to cut Allen off, but my GRILL was FLARING. And like he said, a steak is RUINED, if not done just right. I liked mine pink on the inside, not red or grey. I was after the perfect SIZZLE. But I MISJUDGED. It was RED. RAW. MY tastes didn't run that way... But I wasn't the ONLY man in town with an APPETITE.
  • All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder: If not the whole series, then most of it. Now whether it's intentional or not, that's up for debate.
  • When Thara Ak-Var gets stabbed by a kryptonite knife, Chris Kent brings her to Lois Lane so she can pull the fragments out and treat the wound. When Thara recovers, Lois grills her on what exactly is her relationship with her son. Seeing a pyrokinetic Kryptonian scared of her boyfriend's human mother is hilarious. Later, Thara tries to jump Chris only for Lois to be right there and be all "No way, not gonna happen".
  • The otherwise completely unfunny first issue of the Venom storyline has this: Batman, blaming himself for the death of a kidnapping victim, continues attempting to fight crime after injuring his shoulder and going three days without sleep. This leads to him be battered by a pair of ordinary thugs. He wakes up in bed to hear Alfred deliver this line:
    Alfred: I told the physician who reassembled you that you fell from a hot air balloon onto a picnic table full of cheese blintzes. *beat* The story was too ludicrous to be disbelieved.
  • There's a story where the Guardians of Oa visit the Zamorans, with Sodam Yat, Arisia, and Guy Gardner as backup. When they are hit by a bright violet flash: The Guardians continue being stoic, Arisia and Sodam cover their eyes in pain, and Guy whips up Cool Shades and puts them on with a smug look on his face.
  • From Justice Society of America, Obsidian's fake out and everyone's expression. Seems to also be something of a Take That! to people who thought the author (Bill Willingham) would pull something like that in his run.
  • From 52, Renee Montoya and the Question are investigating a warehouse together. They saw someone enter who appears to have vanished. Montoya says there must be a secret door, the Question's immediate response? 'What is this, D&D?' After finding the switch by accident the two of them fall through the floor and end up with Renee on top of the Question while he delivers the immortal line:
    The Question: Elf needs food badly.
  • There was one spinoff novel, the plot of which was Batman, Green Arrow, and Aquaman teaming up together with Nightwing, Arsenal, and Tempest to stop Deathstroke from carrying out an assassination. When they finally catch him, he incredulously asks if it really took that much firepower to stop him. The response?
    Batman: Not really, but it was a nice excuse to spend some time with the kids.
  • Kevin Smith's The Widening Gyre may be... controversial, but it is also... well, it's written by Kevin Smith, the man whom seemingly never met a gag he didn't like. If it had been received better it might have an actual page.
    Calendar King: I'm proud to report I've puked in your trunk.
    • Joker's banter as he's waving around a shot gun in the canals:
    Joker: I am Jesus! I am Moses! I am Lucifer, the Fallen! I am Elijah! I am the beatified bones of Dancin' Don Rickles, and I'm gonna eat yer babies!
    • Various characters' reactions to finding out Batman has a girlfriend now.
  • Countdown to Final Crisis has Kyle Rayner being used as a club by Heel-Turned Mary Marvel to beat up Donna Troy.
  • In an issue of Batman: Gotham Knights, Batman is facing off with Hugo Strange on the rooftop of the Wayne Enterprises building. Tim asks Dick what they're going to do. Dick says it's Batman versus Dr. Strange: he's getting popcorn.
  • In Detective Comics #609, during his fight with Anarky, Batman is beset by some hobos that are on Anarky's side. One of them - a legless cripple - tries to take on Batman. Bats' exasperated face in the last panel, in an otherwise serious comic, is priceless.
  • In one issue of Robin (1993), a group of heroes led by The Veteran (the invincible personification of Patriotism) is fighting their way across Bludhaven, which is filled with C- and D-list villains recently escaped from a prison, to get to Robin. One such villain, who appears to be made of straw, leaps out of the shadows and declares...
    Wicker Man: Behold! I am the Wicker Man! Beware my power!
    The Veteran: Oh for the love of... [pulls out a lighter and flicks it on] Behold! I have a working lighter!
    Wicker Man: ...I surrender.
  • From the DC One Million crossover event:
    • The opening narration of Chronos #1,000,000 describes the crimes future Flash has stopped while patrolling Metropolis.
    "After stopping a runaway Silverale transport from veering into pedestrian traffic, he delivered twins to a pregnant mother caught in the chaos of a Bizarro Pride parade. At the Bismollan Embassy, he prevented an assassination attempt by a Durlan extremist disguised as tiramisu."
    • Justice Legion L's issue has them pursuing Agent If, a Reality Warper terrorist whose power works by saying sentences that start with "if." He uses his power to enter the United Planets' artificial sun in order to destroy it, Titangirl, who's just a psychic projection, confronts him:
    Agent If: Titangirl! How can you be here? All right...all're dead! No! If you're dead...then...something. Anything. WHY AREN'T YOU DEAD?!
    Titangirl: Perhaps you broke your toy?
    Agent If: No...I know the answer! You're not really here! You're projecting thoughts from somewhere outside the Realitoy's range! And that means you can't stop me, either! All I have to remember is that you're just an idea in my head! You couldn't be here if I didn't exist, or--or...NO! IF I EXI--*
    Implicate Girl: What's the latest on our terrorist?
  • Emperor Joker: Darkseid, realizing the severity of the situation, tries to form an alliance with The Quintessence (Zeus, Highfather, Ganthet, The Phantom Stranger, and Shazam!), only to find that The Joker has turned them into babbling idiots.
    Darkseid: ...Well, what say you all?
    SHAZAM: Wassup, D?
    Highfather: Wasssaap!
    Phantom Stranger: WHATZZZUP!
    Zeus: Yo, where's Desaad?
    Ganthet: Wazzzup!
    Darkseid: (deadpan) I am too late.
  • Lex Luthor once managed to easily capture Superboy by making a kryptonite cage labelled "Luthor Trap to capture Superboy". Superboy walked right into it. Even the narrator gave up at that point, noting that it went far beyond curiosity into sheer stupidity on Superboy's part.issue
  • Stephanie Brown AKA Batgirl has a Precocious Crush on her developing contact for the police, Detective Nicholas Gage, who avoided any action on her feelings. It leads to ...
    Batgirl: (As she swings by Gage and Gordon, giving Gage a smile and a small wave) "Hey, you!"
    Detective Nick Gage: (Off Commissioner Gordon's look) "What?"
    Commissioner Gordon: "'Hey, you'?"
    Gage: "No one raises an eyebrow when you talk to Batman."
    Gordon: "I'm pretty sure Batman's legal, detective!"
  • Batman/Spider-Man, after Batman corrects Spidey's reference to The Road To Morocco:
    Spider-Man: A-ha! I knew we had something in common besides our love of tights! You're into old movies too, huh?
    Batman: I was - when I was young.
    Spider-Man: Young? Somehow, I can't picture you ever being young! You must've been pretty cute, waddling around in your diapers, chasing the Joker across the playground!
    Batman: I was never "cute".
  • The Looney Tunes crossover specials provide all manner of cross-pollenations between characters that have a shocking amount in common in practice than on paper, and more often than not it results in comedy gold.
    • One of the crossovers featured in the first batch was Lobo crossing over with Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. Sam Sheepdog helps Wile E get up into space to hire Lobo to catch the Road Runner, and in return Wile E picks up the slack on another bounty he's tracking. It seems like a mismatch in power at first... before we see that the Road Runner can make anyone their own worst enemy. Wile E manwhile finds out that Lobo's original bounty was on Kilowogg, after which he tries desperately to de-escalate the situation. By the end of it, the two meet back on Earth, call it even since Lobo already got paid for both jobs, and Wile E. calls it quits with his ambitions... up until the Road Runner knocks him over, and prompts Wile E. to show that he did get one thing afterwords; A Green Lantern Ring he stole from Oa.
    • While Lex Luthor and Porky Pig's issue is a gut-wrenching tale about Porky learning too late that he's working for a very dangerous and very callous man, it has a brief intermission gag where Lex Luthor is attempting to show off his own Social Media website... only to have his live presentation trashed because a member of the website began making fun of him. He gets into an argument through a sockpuppet account, and eventually caves to his own ego and traces the account's log-in information to find out that he's been trolled by Daffy Duck, who he proceeds to personally threaten into hiding.
    • Elmer Fudd's crossover with Batman is a cutting noir story about a man tracking down the man who murdered someone important to him. It's played dead seriously... but Elmer still has his speech impediment, even in his internal monologue. And the entire situation has Elmer tracking down Batman due to what is essentially a gritty retelling of the Duck Season, Rabbit Season gag pulled by Bugs.