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"You know, we should get a drink sometime."
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    The Movie 
  • Deadshot is on a contract (as an "exterminator" for a "rat problem"), but then he checks his bank account on his phone and finds out Angelo (his contractor) didn't pay him before the kill. He negotiates on the spot till he's paid his due, to the last possible second as there is only one chance to shoot the target, and threatens to waste that chance. Angelo gets pissed and reluctantly accepts to send him not one but two million (the second is extorted to him "for being a dickhead", no less), and Deadshot terminates the target effortlessly using well-calculated bullet bounces. "No money, no honey!"
    • "Pleasure doin' business with ya."
  • Among the exceedingly Long List of weapons Deadshot is lethal with: a Potato Cannon.
  • The Flash's appearance, stopping Boomerang as he's robbing a diamond exchange, having murdered his accomplice.
    Flash: No honor among thieves, eh?
    • Later, he tells Rick Flagg some Blatant Lies about playing Mahjong with his grandmother. before being unfairly snatched by the police. Flagg calls him on it, naturally.
  • When first approached for the Squad, Deadshot immediately holds Griggs at gunpoint when he gets included to demonstrate his marksmanship. Griggs has an annoyed "You see!? I told you so!" reaction instead of shock and fear.
    • He starts rattling off demands, including paying for his daughter's full tuition through school and college. He also says that if her grades suffer, he wants them to "white people that shit". He also demands that when his daughter's mother visits her, her "stanky-ass" boyfriend Darnell can't come.
    • Griggs also tells his guards that if Deadshot shoots him, he'll ask them to kill him... and then clear Griggs' browser history.
  • During Harley's introduction, Batman rescues her from drowning when Joker's car goes off of a pier. Harley fakes being unconscious, lunges at him with a knife and immediately gets knocked out with a batpunch.
    • She pulls the same trick twice when Batman starts giving her mouth to mouth, kissing him back. Batman's not amused.
      • Batman even has a vaguely pained look on his face when he realizes exactly what he has to do.
  • In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, one of the Joker minions who raid the facility where the Restraining Bolt chips were produced is wearing a Batman mask. A really shoddy, lop-eared Batman mask.
  • When Boomerang first meets El Diablo, he asks him if his tattoos wash off.
  • Our first visit to the Belle Reve prison has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it funny background: the prison wall-sign shows the prison's motto is "Til Death Do Us Part."
  • As an early demonstration that metahumans can (and should) be deployed in black ops work, Waller has Enchantress teleport to Tehran and back to steal coveted military information. While the awestruck General sits with this folder in his hands, the creepy witch begins stroking his shoulder and face.
    General: [cringing] Oh, please don't touch me. Please don't touch me.
  • Just in case you didn't realize that the team is made up of people who are just frickin' nuts, we see that the first thing that Captain Boomerang does after being cut free from a duffel bag is to punch the closest guard he sees. Slipknot does the same thing with a female FBI agent.
  • Harley showing off her lunacy (it's even better in the trailer, as the music stops at the beat).
    Harley: "What was that? 'I should kill everyone and escape?' (Beat). Sorry... It's the voices. (Suddenly laughs) I'm KIDDING! Jeez! That's not what they really said."
  • Rick Flag's attempt to lay down ground rules for the Squad and intimidate them. Key word here is attempt.
    Rick Flag: The injection you got. It's a nanite explosive. It's the size of a rice grain but it's powerful as a hand grenade. You disobey me? You die. You try to escape? You die. You otherwise irritate or vex me...and guess what? You die.
    Harley: (Interrupting, while holding her hand up as if she's in school) I'm known to be quite vexing. I'm just forewarning you.
    Rick Flag: Lady, SHUT UP!
    Harley: (Puts her hand down with a childish pout)
    • Deadshot afterwards complains that the "pep talk" is not motivational, saying he should try for something more Phil Jackson the next time.
      Deadshot: He's, like, the gold standard. Alright? Triangle, bitch. Study.
      • Later on, when the team finishes listening to Waller's briefing, this exchange occurs.
        Flag: How's that for a pep talk?
        Deadshot: Well, compared to your shit, she killed it.
  • Harley getting dressed in next to nothing in the middle of a military base, looking up to see every soldier (including a couple of women) and most of Task Force X staring at her.
    Harley: What?
    • They all start walking on as if nothing happened. But the kicker? The only one who is Not Distracted by the Sexy ? Killer Croc.
      • Which makes sense, after a bit of Fridge Brilliance: Killer Croc is probably used to everyone stopping and staring at him!
  • Katana enters the chopper, Flag explains she's his lethal bodyguard, and this exchange ensues:
    Harley: Hi, Harley Quinn. Pleased to meet you. [Beat] I love your perfume! What is it, the stench of death?
    Katana: [In Japanese] Should I kill them all?
    Flag: Easy, cowgirl. It's not that kind of mission.
  • Harley Quinn randomly stopping to bash in a storefront window with her bat and snag a fancy purse, followed by Rick Flag's reaction:
    Rick Flag: Seriously, what the hell's wrong with you people?
    Harley Quinn: *rolls eyes* We're bad guys, it's what we do!
  • Boomerang's only response to Katana holding Soultaker against his throat is to ask if she has a boyfriend.
    • Funnier, in a Black Comedy way, when one considers that the sword contains the soul of her dead husband.
    • The crush returns later, as Boomerang says both should go for a drink some time.
  • Boomerang's character profile states that this is his fetish is pink unicorns. Thus when Task Force X's stuff is returned there is a plush one among his property, and he's very worried about it during one battle.
  • Flag and Deadshot agreeing that Waller is one mean lady.
  • Deadshot trying to rile up El Diablo:
    El Diablo: Stop touching me!
    Deadshot (petting El Diablo): I'm touching you! What you gonna do?
    El Diablo: You wanna see something?!
    Deadshot: Yeah! I wanna see something!
    • And after El Diablo goes all out:
      Deadshot: I was just trying to get you there. Phil Jackson, right? We good?
    • And then a grateful Harley kisses Diablo in the cheek!
  • Waller orders Deadshot to shoot down Harley as she escapes with Joker. He refuses until Waller tells him that he'll be allowed full custody of his daughter. Deadshot's response:
    Deadshot: Oh, she dead.
  • As soon as Flag explains the true reason for the raid, Deadshot decides "I Need a Freaking Drink" and enters the bar they're in front of.
    • In a Funny Background Event, Katana is first torn over what to do, before finally deciding to join the Squad in the bar.
    • Inside, Harley serves herself a cocktail glass filled with something that's bright blue, and with no less than four drink umbrellas.
    • Deadshot makes a toast to Honor Among Thieves, Katana is quick to remind everyone that she actually isn't a thief.
    • As soon as Flag enters, and destroys the detonator to their collars essentially setting the team free. Boomerang grabs his beers and runs out the door to freedom. He doesn't even pause to say goodbye.
    • This succession of takedowns:
    Boomerang: Outside? You're amazing. ...but inside you're ugly!
    Harley: We all are! We all are! (looks at Killer Croc) Except him. He's ugly outside too.
    Killer Croc: Not me, shorty. (pulls down hood) I'm beautiful!
    Harley: (grinning) Yeah you are.
    • "I've never been with a witch before, what's that like?"
    • The extended cut shows Harley serving everyone, including two Missing Trailer Scenes: El Diablo requesting water - "That's a good idea, honey." - and Deadshot pointing at an empty shot glass and asking "What am I, twelve?" - this just after Katana asks for whiskey.
  • Croc dismissing the Navy SEALs who are heading into the flooded tunnels with him as "just tourists".
  • Before the final confrontation starts:
    Harley: Everyone's seeing this flashy magic stuff, right?
    Deadshot: Yeah... Why?
    Harley: I'm off my meds.
    • Deadshot tells Flagg to "go talk to your woman, smack her on the ass, tell her to cut this shit out." Flagg, not as surprised as he would be in the beginning, says "I don't think that's wise."
    • Earlier in the bar, Harley says that "normal is a setting on a dryer". She presses "Normal" on a dishwasher in her Enchantress-induced fantasy of a normal life with the Joker.
    • Deadshot saying to Enchantress he finds her evil.
    • El Diablo turning into a fire demon to fight Incubus is an awesome moment. What he says to him while in said form is hilarious.
    El Diablo: "Ahora sí, cabrón!"note 
    • During the final battle with Enchantress, Harley whacks her with her bat, then lets out a "Sorry" with an Oh, Crap! look on her face.
      • In a quick blink-or-you'll-miss it moment soon afterward, Enchantress kicks Harley right in the crotch, sending her flying in retaliation.
    • "I'm not much of a joiner, but...maybe we should!"
    • After Deadshot destroys Enchantress' doomsday device, Flagg enthusiastically hugs him, only for Deadshot to say, "I'm not a hugger."
    • Even during a dramatic choice for Rick Flag, Enchantress' taunt to Flag while she's at his mercy is simple "you don't have the balls," which comes off as hilariously jarring compared to the rest of her dialogue.
    • Waller still being alive earns from Deadshot an exasperated "How in the hell are you not dead!?"
  • Deadshot's daughter manages to insert daddy into her geometry problem ("So if you're atop a building and shoot down someone in the street it's like this?"). Deadshot then starts lecturing her on the possible variables, such as wind speed and direction, rifling twist, bullet weight, before Flagg interrupts him.
  • After Deadshot asks to see his daughter, it's questioned if there are other requests. All have a proper payoff (with "Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody" playing, no less):
    • Harley asks for an espresso machine. Cue Harley in her cell, sipping a cup while reading a Harlequin Romance Novel, complete with pink slippers and extended pinky.
    • Killer Croc wants cable (BET). He is in his cell, eating a hamburger, amused at a music video ("Dwamn" by TechN9ne).
    • Captain Boomerang is unsatisfied ("Ten years off three life sentences? I'm walking out a free man or I'm gonna start havin' some fun!" "Why don't we have some fun?"), and gets an even worse solitary confinement. At first, Boomerang is whining and pleading, like a little kid asking for a lollipop. Then, he starts screaming at the top of his lungs at the guard stationed outside his cell to be let out through his window, which she then slowly and exasperatedly closes back up. She's clearly gotten pretty tired of his antics.
      Boomerang: Come on, doll, let me outta here, please!
      *she shuts the window*
      Boomerang: (muffled) LET ME OUT OF HERE, GODDAMN IT!!
  • The extended cut adds sort of a Description Cut after Deadshot asks Harley to "spread the word", as she's visibly too weird\manipulative to relate to the squad, leading Deadshot to describe her as "acting like a drunken stripper". Best part probably being her with Croc:
    Harley: Why do you eat people?
    Croc: Give me power.
    Harley: Would you like to eat me?
    Croc: Hell, no.
    Harley: Aw, why not?
    Croc: I don't want your crazy.
  • After Waller executes her own support team, she lays down the law, letting The Squad know that if she (Waller) doesn't get out alive, they get nothing, and in addition, if they step out of line, she can kill them all with a button push. After effectively making this group of dangerous sociopaths her bitches, she elbows her way past the monstrous Killer Croc as she leaves. Croc's response?
    "I LIKE her!"

    The Trailers 
  • The Tagline for the movie, playing off of the fact that the protagonists are mostly bad guys:
    Worst. Heroes. Ever.
  • The end of the first trailer: our "heroes" are doing a full on Power Walk. They look cool. They look intimidating. All of them have serious, do-not-mess-with-us looks on their faces....Except Harley. She blows and pops a bubble from her gum.
  • Another Harley moment from the Comic Con trailer, during a montage of scenes playing while the tagline is showing we briefly cut back to see her to a Dramatic Gun Cock... on her baseball bat. Pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Harley.
  • In the middle of a rather brooding montage of images, we get someone in a full panda suit and someone with a giant eyeball for a head firing assault rifles.
  • In the first look poster, there's something deeply hilarious in seeing Harley Quinn and Enchantress clinging onto Rick Flag (who looks like he's trying his best to ignore them) instead of the other bad boys around them. Katana (the other good guy on the team), is similarly squatting in front of Flag.
  • The second trailer has many moments, with the added hilarity of "Bohemian Rhapsody":
    • The random scenes of various government Mooks being terrorized by members of the Suicide Squad, including some poor prison guard getting pulled under water by Killer Croc, while Rick Flag reads the dossiers of the Squad, already sounding so done with it all:
      Rick Flag: "Deadshot... guy shoots people. He's (Killer Croc) a crocodile... and he eats people. Burns people (El Diablo). You're (Enchantress) possessed by a witch... And she's (Harley Quinn) just crazy."
      • At the end of her little spiel, she smiles this impish little smile that says both "I know you want me and can't have me" and "I'm gonna kill ya and make you love it".
    • There's also some shots of the soldiers having to neutralize the supervillains before taking them outside:
      • For Deadshot, he curls up his fists and enters a fighting stance, clearly intending to go out swinging. A dozen guards charge the cell at once and dogpile him.
      • For El Diablo, his fire powers are weakened with water — by him being blasted through a sewer pipe, sprawling out on the other end soaking wet from head to toe.
    • After being let out into a city that's been ravaged by some unknown terror, the rest of the squad is understandably nervous...except for Harley, who lets out a child-like "Whoa!".
    • There's gotta be something going on with Rick Flag saying "Here's the deal..." just as Queen starts bellowing "NO! WE WILL NOT LET YOU GO!" in the background.
    • As the trailer enters its climax and the music reaches its high point ("FOR MEEEEE!"), the music screeches to a halt on a scene of Captain Boomerang hiding behind a car, cracking open a beer and taking a swig.
  • Just the fact that the latter half of the third trailer is set to Sweet's Ballroom Blitz of all things.