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     1987 Series 
  • The image of people the caliber of Lois Lane, Amanda Waller and half the Squad, including serious heavy hitters such as Vixen, Bronze Tiger and Nemesis, getting the Pie in the Face is simply too much to ignore. Then they kick the prankster, Captain Boomerang, on a desert island. And when Waller congratulates herself for finally getting rid of Boomerang, another pie hits her face.
    • And of course, they have to return for Boomerang. In the time they've left him in the island he's built a huge boomerang out of materials he's found in the island. Just to prove how much of an idiotic idea it was, Vixen sets off the launching mechanism for the boomerang. It crashes in a huge rock seconds after being launched. The formerly boasting Boomerang returns to his bootlicking persona moments after a priceless scene.
  • The entirety of the issue where Doctor Light is sent to Hell, and is resurrected. Only to find himself still in the coffin with no way out. And so again to Hell with him. Or the first Doctor Light reviving and getting out of his grave still halfway decomposed, trying to be a hero, only to get beaten up and destroyed by the fundie family he tried to "save". And again Arthur Light when he gets yet another chance to get out (possessing the female Doctor Light for a while before being kicked out and humiliated yet again), and begs Waller for a job... to find her dismissing him and suggesting he find a job with the Justice League.
  • Captain Boomerang again. In the first issues, he wasn't above trying to spin the Suicide Squad program so he could get a fancy house outside Belle Reve and time at his leisure so he could commit crimes freely with the Mirror Master equipment. Unfortunately, for him, he got caught... as Mirror Master. He thought at the time he was being confused with the original Mirror Master, Sam Scudder, when he got drafted by Waller into the Squad... again. During a graveyard stakeout in which the team was attacked by zombies and steadily zombified, Boomerang made repeated, and miserable, attempts to keep switching between Mirror Master and Boomerang. Until the lights went on, and the whole charade was revealed: it was all a setup to humiliate him - and inform him he had lost all privileges... including voluntary stay in the Squad.
    • And when he got slapped with the explosive wristband of the Squad as Mirror Master, Boomerang had to conceal it, as he technically was assumed to be a loyal agent who didn't need it. He hid it under an arm cast.
  • When Nemesis quits the Squad, he tells Waller to get out of his way or "I put you in the hospital. And not a person here will lift a finger to stop me." Glancing at the seats, Waller sees Bronze Tiger and Vixen looking away in embarrassment, Nightshade seeming bored, Punch and Jewelee looking at each other, Dr. Light just sitting nervously and Boomerang, Duchess and Shade looking downright eager to watch Nemesis do it.
  • The revelation that even other Australians can't stand Boomerang, considering him a national disgrace. In fact, they prefer to think he's an American putting on the bad act of being Australian.
  • Prety much anything with Punch and Jewelle.
    Reverand Cramer: Lord, I know you have a divine plan in mind for all things...forgive me for asking...but just what part do they play in it?
  • On a mission abroad, Ravan throws Bronze Tiger by announcing he just killed a few guards.
    Ravan: Not to worry, I did not get any blood on the uniforms.
    Bronze Tiger: I keep forgetting why he's called a Thug...
  • The Squad is being sent to rescue a prisoner about to be executed in Iran.
    Ravan: A question, please. While we are there, would you like us to kill whoever is running Iran this week? Would take little effort, throw nation into chaos, no trouble, really.
    (a Beat Panel as Waller rubs her chin in thought)
    Waller: I like the way you think, Ravan, but no, thanks anyway.
  • Carmichael and Boomerang are forced to go on a mission together.
    Carmichael: I really hope you're in range when I get to use my "persuasion field". I'll have you up on the tables, dancing naked doing really strange things with your body parts.
    Boomerang: I've done that on my own. Muck with me once, peanut, and I'll up and job ya. Dead cert yer a dead man, and that's not the pig's arse.
    Carmichael: I guess I'd be more scared if I knew what the hell it was you just said.
  • Adam Cray tries to intimidate a pack of bad guys who have shown up at the hospital to finish off a wounded Waller, giving them a big speech on walking away while they can. The leader of the group notes how "that is the worst John Wayne impression I have ever heard."
  • Grant Morrison's appearance - because he had foolishly written himself into an Animal Man story to mess with its No Fourth Wall, which meant he was officially a DC Universe character that Waller could deploy - wherein he's almost immediately killed because his writing skill was useless in a fight.

     2011 Series 

     2016 Series 
  • With Ostrander back in the writer's chair for War Crimes, and getting to mix in his old characterizations while riffing on the Suicide Squad film versions, there's a lot of fun dialogue to be had.
    • From Issue 1:
    Captain Boomerang: "Rex"?!
    Mad Dog: Don't start.
    Boomerang: Or what, mate? If you want to barney, I'm your man.
    Mad Dog: "Barney"?
    Harley: Don't mind Boomerbutt. He likes to make up words and phrases and pretend they mean something in Australian. ...REX.
    Boomerang: (Mock-indignant) Don't CALL ME THAT! No one gets to call me that!
    (Harley starts cackling)
    • And then, to add insult to injury, Waller (the one who came up with the name), again calls him Boomerbutt.
  • The main series itself is no slouch:
    Harley: (Clinically watching Croc get the bends and vomit into his suit) Fascinating. Croc's going to drown in his own space helmet. Also, that's a lot of what I can only presume are hot dogs.
    • In Issue #2, Harley attempts conversation while fighting a hallway of goons:
    Harley: Hey, Katana, read any good books lately?
    Katana: (Stoic silence)
    Harley: ...Any good films?
    Katana: (More silence)
    Harley: What about neoliberalism? Do you, like myself, subscribe to the theory that -- as an ideology -- it is largely to blame for the majority of issues, economical AND ecological, currently facing our troubled planet?
    Katana: (Yet more silence)
    Harley: Guess I'll take that as a "no".
    • In that same fight, Katana and Harley kill 20 or so men, while Digger takes out exactly one, with a boomerang that arcs over five panels straight into a guy's face. He even shouts "You're welcome!" afterward.
  • In Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, Waller talks to both teams on how her first version of the Squad is out there and "they want to kill me. I need you to protect me." There's a Beat Panel of both teams staring at her...and the next has the League still staring while every member of the Squad throws their heads back in hysterical laughter.

     2019 Series 
  • When introduced to their new teammates, Harley can't help but ask Zebra-Man what his powers are, and lampshades that his powers have nothing to do with zebras.
  • On issue 4 while traveling the outback, Harley annoys Wink so much with Are We There Yet?, she in turn teleports her to the middle of the desert. When she teleports her back, a scared Harley can only mumble there were too many emus.
  • During The Flash annual which sees the rogue Squad team up with the Flash in order to avoid their pursuers, the whole event is told by Captain Boomerang, who obviously tries to make himself sound better than he actually was.
    • When he claims that he defeated Deathstroke in a single punch, allowing the rest of the Suicide Squad escape, the agents interrogating him confirm that what really happened was that Slade beat the shit out of him and would have killed him had the Flash not saved him.
  • On issue 6 when the Suicide Squad goes to Gotham to remove their tracking/exploding chips by a Back-Alley Doctor, Harley mentions the doctor attending them is one of two former Arkham patients with the same last name; one who was released, and the other who brutally stabbed three guards with a spoon before escaping.
    • Chaos Kitten refuses to leave a dog at the clinic of the doctor.
    • When Batman finds the unconscious doctor so that the police can pick her up, he confirms with Jim Gordon that the doctor is the latter. The one who stabbed three guards with a spoon.
  • Deadshot stops his fight with Batman by putting the dog (left in his care by Chaos Kitten) in front of his face, knowing Batman wouldn't hurt an innocent dog.
  • When Batman tried to persuade Floyd to give up his crime of being an assassin, on the basis that it would be good for his daughter, Floyd responded in a baffled manner.
    Deadshot: Do it for my...? You seriously lecturing me about putting a kid on a dangerous path? Have you met any of your Robins?
    Batman: *Glares at Floyd*
  • Just as Floyd is expecting Batman to be gone in his typical Stealth Hi/Bye, Batman is standing next to him. Apparently Wink stole and teleported the Batmobile somewhere Batman doesn't know.
    Deadshot: You..., uh, want me to call you an uber?
    Batman: Do you want me to call you an ambulance?
    Beat Panel
    Deadshot: Good talk. Lawton and the dog walk way
  • Crossing with heartwarming, but Zoe Lawton making her own costume based on her father's and calling herself Liveshot is rather endearing. What's funny is that she also gave the dog its own goggles and cape.
    • Next issue reveals she named it Dogshot.
  • The nonchalance of Jog not only finding out he's back to life, but that his father is the freakin' Black Racer.
  • The Justice League arrives to take Black Mask away and when Green Arrow demands Harley to drop her gun, she simply shoots Black Mask in the leg. When Green Arrow argues about it, Osita shoots Sionis in the other leg, saying he doesn't need to walk to face justice.

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