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Supergirl vol 6 #20: This conversation needed to happen.

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Silver Age

  • The cover of Action Comics #252. Superman sees a teenage girl flying out of a Kryptonian rocketship while wearing a version of his own costume, and his first reaction is "A girl, flying! It — uh — must be an illusion!"
  • In that same issue, Kara comes up with the name Linda Lee for her Secret Identity and Superman wonders what is with him and those initials.
  • The inherent awesome silliness of Streaky the Supercat. The cat who gains super-intelligence and powers due to a magical marble in Action Comics #261.
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  • In Action Comics #286, Lex Luthor shoots at Supergirl and he notes that "the bullets only bounce off". Seriously, Lex? You all of people forgot Kryptonians are bullet-proof?
  • In Action Comics #291, Kara first meets Mxyzptlk. She definitely doesn't like him. And she tells so. Mxy's reaction was popping the question.
    Supergirl: I'll tell you what I think! I think you're an irritating, aggravating, annoying pest! I hate you! You're the greatest creep there ever was!
    Mxyzptlk: My, but you're beautiful when angry! A strange thrill is tingling up and down my itty-bitty spine! It must be... love! Marry me, beloved!
    Supergirl: NO!! Not even if you were the last man on Earth!
  • In Superman Volume 1 #176, Superman and Supergirl celebrate a Kryptonian holyday called the Day of Truth in where Kryptonians honor the memory of an hero by speaking nothing but the truth, not matter the cost. The thing is, both cousins may be incredibly, astonishingly, rudely blunt. So, when Supergirl's fan club gives Kara a lunch:
    Girl 1: Supergirl! How'd you like the food? We cooked it all ourselves!
    Supergirl: Er... You meant well, kids! But frankly, the salad tasted like moldy hay, and the chicken wasn't fried... It was burned!
    Girl 2: (sobbing) How could you say such cruel things, Supergirl? We've never been so humiliated!
    Girl 1: And we called her our heroine!
    Supergirl: But, girls... You asked for the truth... and you got it!
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  • Action Comics #324 cover featuring devil Supergirl stirring a cauldron and pranking her cousin is another wonderful example of Silver Age delightful silliness.
  • The cover of Action Comics 360 is a Supergirl-themed Goose Game: link.
  • In Adventure Comics #409, Supergirl gets to fight a band of dragon-costumed muggers, and she can't stop herself:
    Supergirl: Excuse the pun, pal... but I'll be dragon you off to jail!
  • In Adventure Comics #415, Supergirl is abducted by a wannabe space dictator who intends to destroy Earth, conquer the universe and force her into being her mate in spite of her obvious "inferior breeding". When Kara says what she thinks of his plan and he shouts "Y-you mean you refuse my gracious offer—? And compound the insult by daring to call me a fanatic?", Supergirl's retort is basically: "Yes?"
  • And when she proceeds to beat his crewmen down, she gets snarky:
    Supergirl: I've been kidnapped from Earth, blasted with a ray gun, and ordered disintegrated— now I think it's time to register my disapproval of such actions!

Bronze Age

  • In Superboy Vol. 1 #204 Brainiac 5 creates a Supergirl robot to be a girlfriend in his sleep. It is both hilarious, creepy, and a wonderful example of Silver Age nuttery.
  • In Action Comics # 402 "Feud of the Titans", Superman and Supergirl are accidentally exposed to a bio-chemical weapon which makes them hate each other. This is story is both hilarious (both cousins are incredibly and ridiculously petty: Kara puts up an energy barrier to keep Kal off her side of the Fortress, and he retaliates by smashing her trophies) and scary (imagine two Earth-1 Kryptonians decide to fight seriously. They would tear the planet apart).
  • In Superman Family issue #204, Enchantress is draining Supergirl's powers. Supergirl manages to run away by streaking into space and then remembers Enchantress said her spell depends on an astral alignment being exactly right. So she kicks the Moon out of orbit and once June Moon's spell is disrupted, kicks the Moon back into place. So, is it awesome, hilarious or plainly nuts?:
    In a perfect moment of late Silver Age lunacy, Supergirl literally kicks the moon slightly out of its orbit. That is one mighty kick! You either love moments like these for their lunacy or hate them for their stupidity.
  • In Superman Family #208 Linda Danvers is sick of putting up with her overbearing, rude boss. When he insults her in front of other students she quits angrily, but not without before giving him one piece of her mind.
    Linda: That tears it! This school is experimental— it's one of the words in its name... but with close-minded, backward-thinking buffons like you in charge... the "experiment" is a failure... it's bombed— as the say in show biz!
  • In Supergirl (Vol 2) issue #19 two crooks stalking a park at night spot a woman sitting alone on a bench. They approach her from behind and bludgeon her with a pipe... which gets bent. Then they notice her Supergirl costume... and her pissed off expression.
    Supergirl: I take it this [pipe] is yours, guys?
    Crook 1: H-Holy...! It... It's... Oh, man, it sure is! Hey... We're awfully sorry, lady... Honest! We didn't know it was you!
    Supergirl: I'm kind of glad it was! My head's made to take this kind of abuse!— Is yours?
    Crook 1: Oh... Momma...
    Crook 2: P-Please... Don't do it!


  • In Many Happy Returns, Pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El tries to visit the Post-Crisis continuity and ends up getting confused at how reality works so differently. For example, trying (and failing) to push the Earth out of the way of an asteroid versus trying to move the asteroid (which the Justice League is taking care of anyway).
  • Linda Danvers, in order to save the Pre-Crisis Supergirl's life, goes back in time to the Pre-Crisis universe and attempts to bluff Superman into believing she's his cousin. Her attempts to make up a story explaining how she's younger than him but from Krypton are a combination of Blatant Lies and Epic Fail. Made doubly funny for the Continuity Nod and Genius Bonus of being Supergirl's legitimate Pre-Crisis origins (which just SOUND like an Ass Pull) when said aloud). Superman pretends to be fooled, only to point out, years later, her costume is made of cotton and other Earth fabrics plus the fact he could tell she was not Kryptonian at a glance due to the whole super-senses thing. It becomes a Heartwarming Moment when the Pre-Crisis Superman chooses to reveal he fell in love with her anyway.
  • This exchange in Supergirl vol 4 #77:
    Kara Zor-El: I'm looking through it. It's amazing. All the equipment I'm seeing. So many sizes and shapes...
    Linda Danvers: All the ...? Kara! Just where are you looking?!
    Kara: The equipment room, where they keep all the sporting stuff, why?
    Linda: Oh, I thought you were peeping in at the guy's lock— Forget it. My own dirty mind.
  • In Supergirl (Volume 5) #1, Supergirl helps the Justice Society out with Solomon Grundy. You'd think they'd be grateful. You'd think wrong.
    Kara: Ugh. Kal told me this happens sometimes. A whole team works to take down the bad guy... and then one big fat Kryptonian punch ends it. It should feel like a win and yet... they're all looking at me like I did something wrong...
  • In Supergirl Vol. 5 #19, Supergirl lampshades Pariah's Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness.
    Pariah: "I am the Herald of Darkness. I am the witness to Apocalypse. I walk where the dragon's tail meets its mouth, bathed in blood... Call me Pariah."
    Supergirl: "I'm sorry, but... Who the hell are you?"
    Pariah: "I am the space between Scylla and Charybdis. I am the gasp before the Big Bang. I—"
    Supergirl: "Shut up and make sense!"
    Pariah: "I—All right."
    Supergirl: "Now again, slowly, and without the Lord of the Rings double talk."
    Pariah: "My name is Kent Massa. I was a scientist once... Until I dared look into the eyes of God and—"
    Supergirl: (clenching her fist) "I will hurt you."
    Pariah: "I... Fine."
  • In that same issue, Grace Choi earns a free punch to the Maid of Might's face, only to break her hand.
  • When Supergirl and Wonder Girl hug, with Kara's arms around Cassie's neck and Cassie's arms around Kara's waist. Just as it starts getting good, Ravager (Rose Wilson) shoots them with a rocket launcher as a prank.
    Wondergirl: "Thanks. I love you, Kara."
    Supergirl: "I love you too." BOOM
  • In Supergirl: Identity Kara returns to her apartment, Captain Boomerang Jr. asks how her day was.
    Supergirl: I met a girl tonight (Terra II).
    Boomer: (Double Take, then grin) Explain. And do not leave out any details.
    Supergirl: (hits him with a pillow) Idiot. Another hero in a costume.
  • In issue #25, when Supergirl first meets Reactron:
    Supergirl: Was that a nuke? Did he just nuke me?
  • In Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman Prime, Superman, Supergirl and Power Girl face off against Superboy Prime... and Prime dumbly yells that Superman is afraid of fighting him because he needs help of girls. Naturally, Supergirl in Power Girl decide punch him out of the planet for his sexist -and brainless- putdown. Summarized here.
  • In Bizarrogirl, Kara has been depressed and unwilling to be a heroine since the demise of New Krypton. When she's finally back in action, Supergirl declares:
    Supergirl: Guess it's time to beat up something besides myself.
  • In Superman #713, Superman tells Supergirl and Superboy that he has been wondering whether there must be a Superman... and he realized the answer is "No". And then he takes off his costume. Supergirl finds the situation so stupid that she facepalms hard.


  • In Supergirl #8, Kara first sees a TV and thinks she's finally found some technology that doesn't look completely alien. Then she picks the TV and speaks it:
    Supergirl: "TV", please expand image and holofy times five. Engage background datascroll factor two. Hmm. I think it's broken.
  • In Supergirl #21, Silver Banshee gets angry at Kara's mopey mood and calls her sulking friend out.
    Silver Banshee: Oh, whine me a vineyard, Supergirl. I get it. You got a rough deal, no doubt about it. And yeah, Earth can be about as much fun as a stick in the eye sometimes. But you know what? Everybody's got it rough. And there are a lot of people who have it worse than you.
    Supergirl: Worse? Name one person who has it worse than me?
    Silver Banshee: (pointing up at a roof leak) ... I literally have crap raining down on my head.
  • In issue 22, Supergirl meets Cyborg Superman while on another planet. He acts very friendly to her and offers a way to make her memories of Krypton come true. When he tells her what he wants for the offer, she retorts:
    Supergirl: You want to say that again? I couldn't hear you through all the creepiness coming out of your mouth!
  • Her opinion of Cyborg Superman doesn't improve after he goes on a rant about reaching perfection.
    Supergirl: Wow. I... I'm speechless over your level of insanity. H'El and now this creep? When am I going to learn? Boys offering Krypton are NOT to be trusted.
  • Sanctuary's reaction to the two Karas - Supergirl and Power Girl - is to try and kill one or the other. While this isn't intrinsically funny, it's the way it's written, with both versions of Kara being mostly just exasperated with Sanctuary, who proves to be something of a Deadpan Snarker.
  • The way that Skallox, a powerful Red Lantern who has a Skull for a Head, gushes over Red Lantern Kara, even acting as her impromptu cheerleading squad when she yells at Superman.


  • In the first issue of the seventh volume, Kara's attempts to fit in are hilarious:
    • She doesn't believe that a vehicle fitted with an internal-combustion engine and without a holographic thought interface can be called a car.
    • She often seems clumsy or dumb because Earth's customs are very strange and Earth's technology primitive. She struggles with a projector because it might as well be a stone tablet to her eyes. The sad thing is, she was considered a genius back in Krypton.
  • In Supergirl vol. 7 #1, as Kara is learning how to drive, she puts her foot on the brake... and through the bottom of the car. When it happens, her foster mother cries out: "Again?".
  • In Supergirl (Volume 7) #8, Kara and Lois have a talk during a family dinner. Kara asks if Lois knows about Catherine Grant's anti-Lois room and her cousin-in-law nods: she's already got it bugged.
  • In Superman: Revenge, Cyborg Superman gets stuck into the Phantom Zone as a result of the battle between the Superman Family and the Superman Revenge Squad. Both cousins agree he can stay in there.
  • In Supergirl #16, Kara and her parents are having takeout. Kara remarks she "can't locate the chicken in the 'chicken fried steak'". Jeremiah suggests to X-Ray it.

The film

  • Selena spends so much time being needlessly evil that she's down on all her house payments at the start of the movie.
  • Myra asks Lucy where Linda is, joking that she's ill, and Lucy says she heard Myra was coming and got sick to her stomach.
  • Selena's Painful Rhyme when summoning a demon to attack Supergirl.
    Selena: Power of Shadow, take shape. Look like a vicious dark star. Seek out that wretched young creature and destroy her wherever she... are.
    Bianca: Oh, God, that's awful. That's never gonna work.
    • Then as the demon leaves and destroys the room, Selena asks Bianca to remind her to do it outside next time.


  • In Justice #8 a mind-controlled Kara tells Lois Lane that she doesn't know what her cousin sees in her:
    Supergirl: I don't know what Superman sees in you, Miss Lane. And don't tell me "X-Ray Vision". I have, too. And I don't see anything.


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