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  • There has been a bit of Ho Yay between Supergirl and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon and Stephanie Brown) before and after the Crisis On Infinite Earths:
    • In Superman Family #171 Barbara saves Kara -who has temporarily lost her powers- from drowning. First thing she attempts? Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
    • During their third team-up in Detective Comics #508, Barbara falls off a building... and Supergirl shows up out of nowhere and catches her. Apparently she just happened to be in the neighborhood. And apparently she needed to carry her in her arms bridal style for some reason.
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    • In Batgirl Adventures, Harley Quinn thinks Supergirl and Barbara Gordon are much too obvious:
      Harley: Oh, Ivy can't hurt me. She gave me a special shot once so we can play and I won't get sick at all.
      Batgirl: You mean you two...?
      Harley: What?
      Batgirl: You and Ivy are... well... *crosses her index and middle fingers in that "I'm implying you're in a relationship" gesture* friends...
      Harley: Yeah...?
      Batgirl: Y'know... friends... like...
      Harley: Like what everybody says about you and Supergirl?
      Batgirl: What?! Who says...? Forget it! Forget it!
    • Apparently, Supergirl watches those types of college movies. You know, the ones with pillow fight and Slumber Parties, and she is just dying to reenact them with Stephanie.
    • Later, after Dracula appears, Supergirl rips off her top to reveal her costume beneath it.
      Supergirl: "Aren't you know..."
      Batgirl: "Not unless you wanna see my bra."
      Supergirl: "Does it have a bat on it?"
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  • In Supergirl vol. 5 issue #19, Kara meets Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)... and glomps her and kisses her during their meeting.
  • An amusing situation has been pointed out regarding Cir-El's short tenure as Supergirl, specifically in the Actions Comics and Superman comics she appeared. She, Traci 13 and Natasha Irons had a team up arc in Action Comics #806-808 to help save Superman. The end of the story resulted them all laying together on the same bed. That in of itself is more amusing than anything but just a short while later in Superman #200 (2004) which was the same issue Cir-El was erased in, there was a pinup of the 3 girls which was a take on that scene and the 3 were in a much more romantic setup in it.
    • In an even funnier case Mike Deodato Jr. showed unused designs for the pinup and those were even MORE romantic with the girls caressing one another
    • Especially amusing given many years later in Rebirth, the Superwoman series established Natasha Irons and Traci 13 as being in a relationship...
  • When Supergirl's existence is finally revealed publicly, she is introduced to the President and First Lady (Just go with it, it was the Silver Age). As Jack tells her he knows she'll continue to use her powers for truth and justice, etc.note , she says "Thank you, Mr. President!" but her thought bubble reads "The President's wife looks — Gorgeous!". Now, is that an erotic response or, like so many girls her age, admiring a woman (twice her age) well known for her poise, charm and style whom many teenage girls looked up to as a role model?