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Nightmare Fuel / Supergirl

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Adventure Comics #421: Trapped in a psychic dimension of raw evil populated by demons. And your invulnerability doesn't work. Have fun.

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The Comics

Silver Age

  • In Action Comics # 402 "Feud of the Titans", Superman and Supergirl are accidentally exposed to a bio-chemical weapon which makes them hate each other. This is story is both hilarious (both cousins are incredibly and ridiculously petty) and scary (imagine they—two Earth-1 Kryptonians—decide to fight seriously. They would tear the planet apart).
  • Lesla-Lar's talents included body-swapping, and she was disintegrated on-panel in her second appearance, "The Girl With The X Ra Mind". Her final appearance -"Strangers at the Heart's Core"- had her mental energy dispersed on the astral plane, killing her for good.
  • Supermans Girlfriend Lois Lane #55 epitomizes why you never, ever, let Krypts near from Red-Kryptonite. Supergirl hypnotizes her cousin into making whatever she wants, locks Lois Lane up in a coffin and is going to freeze her into suspended animation for a thousand years. Luckily that's when Kara snapped out of K-induced craziness... but notice if a Kryptonian goes insane and wants to bury you alive you can't outrun them, overpower them or doing anything, really.
  • Adventure Comics #408: "The Face At The Window" is a bona fide ghost story: an old mansion owned by a trigger-happy old man who hates visitors, a mysterious little girl wandering over the halls in the dark and requesting to help her find her missing parents, and corpses murdered and hidden in the basement by the house-owner several decades ago. Reviewed here.

Bronze Age


  • In some post-Crisis stories, several characters met some kind of spirit called "Kara". In the Secret Origins' Batgirl issue, Barbara Gordon claimed she used to have an imaginary friend called Supergirl. This would imply the original Kara Zor-El's spirit got stuck on the post-Crisis Earth, but she was reduced to a ghost who wandered the Earth after losing everyone she loved, being unable to communicate with people—with exceptions—and had been forgotten by the universe she saved.
  • Before landing on Earth, Post-Crisis Kara spent thirty years in suspended animation, curled-up in a tiny pod and trapped in Kryptonite which hurt her and poisoned her mind.
  • In Supergirl: Identity, Dark Angel traps Kara in a horrifying illusion without her knowledge. If Supergirl had mentally, physically, or spiritually broken, Dark Angel would have had the authority to erase her. Supergirl survived the test, but Dark Angel decided to erase her anyway, only to be stopped by her boss, The Monitor.
  • After New Krypton, Kara has a nightmare in which she's fighting Superwoman again. Then Superwoman's flesh melts off her face and she becomes a skeleton. All of sudden, Kara finds herself in a hellish landscape, surrounded by flames and skeletons. Her dead mother accuses her from letting them die, and her murdered father wants to take her with them.
  • S'tanicule Gyrstress -the Post-Crisis Satan Girl- was accidentally drawn to Earth by Brainiac 5. As soon as she arrrived, she possessed nearly all Legionnaires, enslaved the entire planet in days by spreading her "Crimson Plague" on the air, and began building a dimensional portal inside her citadel to call all of her people to the normal universe. Supergirl and Brainiac 5 almost got killed off when they fought her, and had to resort to time-travel to stop her.


  • After capturing Kara, Tycho held her in a stasis beam near from a chunk of Kryptonite. She was in incredible pain but she couldn't scream or even move.
    Kara: Kryptonyte. a radioactive element lethal to the touch. Just being close to it — like I'm being held now — can be fatal. I'm screaming, but no sound comes out. I'm crying, but there are no tears. My skin is burning off, but there are no flames. All there is... All I am now... is the pain.


  • In Gotham City Garage, Kara Gordon was abducted and experimented on by Lex Luthor who wanted to control her and harness her power. James Gordon rescued her, although he had to alter her and his daughter's memories to keep her safe. Even so, it meant Kara had to live a decade in a city despotically ruled by Lex Luthor and patrolled by robots which gun down whoever "malfunctions".

The film

  • The demon Selena summons in the climax nearly pulls Supergirl apart.
  • We actually get to see what the Phantom Zone looks like here. It's a bleak, rocky wasteland with a greenish-black sky and pits of slime dotted across the landscape. The only possible way to get out is beyond the Maelstrom, a massive vortex that circles an endlessly swirling blood-red void.