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Linda Lee Danvers is Supergirl
Yes, Supergirl is that brunette, pigtailed, orphan girl who used to live in Midvale. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

After dying, Pre-Crisis Supergirl's ghost ended up in the Post-Crisis universe (New Earth)
Some few characters -Deadman, Post-Crisis Linda Danvers- got a glimpse of a female spirit called Kara. She has been roaming around the Post-Crisis Earth since her death, observing and trying to help her alternate universe's family and protecting the next Supergirls.She pitied her messed-up post-Crisis self, and rejoiced when she got over her issues, became an hero and learnt to trust Kal.She is aware that the universe's story was altered, but something prevents her from warning the Kents, Earth-Prime Kara or the remainder heroes.

As Dr. Occult was mind-raping Linda, Ariella suddenly came along
After punishing the bad man who was hurting mommy, she was reunited with Linda, and both Supergirls escaped from Hell.

Supergirl vol 5 #18 was a Take That against Pre-Crisis Kara, her fans and people who disliked how Supergirl was being written back then
A vapid, ever-smiling, flawless, brainless Supergirl who looks right like Silver Age Kara chiding Post-Crisis Supergirl for being imperfect and too human and relatable? And then Post-Crisis Supergirl blowing her up and screaming she is the real Supergirl? Come on.

During the events of Convergence, Pre-Flashpoint Superman and his family, Pre-Crisis Supergirl, Earth-One Barry Allen and Parallax Hal Jordan made a stop on their way to the Crisis...
... and they met Linda Danvers right after she sent young Kara back to Earth-One. Linda joined them, and after helping beat the Anti-Monitor,
The Spectre reunited her with Ariella.

After Convergence, the original Kara returned to Earth-One
Pretty self-explanatory.

Sooner or later, Kara will become a Red Lantern again.
DC is always recycling old ideas, so it's all but inevitable. However, the new Red Lantern Supergirl story will completely miss the point of Red Daughter of Krypton: Kara got a Red Ring because she hit rock bottom, and the ring was a way to get over her issues and become the kind of hero Supergirl is meant to be.

Or Spider-Man is her Distaff Counterpart (since she is an older character). Going over the facts (most of them taken from her Pre-Crisis version):
  • Supergirl was fifteen when she started out.
  • She often feels her powers are a burden and she just wants to be normal, but an older relative instilled a sense of responsibility in her.
  • She worked as a photograph for a while.
  • She doesnt' always get along with the cops.
  • She is a Deadpan Snarker. A big one.
  • Her college boyfriend was a redhead.
  • A metropolitan newspaper conducted a smear campaign to ruin her reputation for a while because of a journalist who had an axe to grind against her.
  • She has been cloned several times.
  • One of her clones tried to take over her life, but they managed to get along.
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  • She has zero luck at the love department.
  • She has some traits in common with MJ, too: She starred in a soap opera, took Psychology classes, and got killed because several editors and creative types blamed her for the decline of the franchise.

In Earth-7642 Peter and MJ are married
Clearly, when Mephisto tried to screw with Peter's marriage, Earth-7642 Superman -who is an alternate Silver/Bronze Age Superman- punched him out. And when Mephisto's agents tried to change history, Supergirl travelled back in time and blasted them. Married Capes look after each other.

Supergirl and Power Girl's powers malfunctioned early on because of the destruction of the Multiverse
In Supergirl story arc "Girl Power", Power Girl's powers went haywire when she and Supergirl shook hands because they were the same person trying to occupy a single space. This had never happened before when Earth-One Supergirl and Power Girl met and wouldn't happen later when both girls met again after Infinite Crisis when The Multiverse was restored.

Kryptonian maiden names are different because Krypton wasn't an one-culture world
Kryptonian males get their father's surname (thus, Kal-El son of Jor-El) and females get their father's full name (thus, Kara Zor-El daughter of Zor-El). Also, most female first names end in an "a", whereas almost all male first names end in a consonant, and family house names tend to be one syllable. However, a number of Kryptonian names don't follow this convention: Mala, Kizo, Lesla-Lar, Lyla Lerrol... This is because there used to be multiple Kryptonian cultures, each with their own naming ceremony.
The "men have their father's surname; women have their father's name" rule was probably a custom typical of the continent of Lurvan, where Kryptonopolis (Superman's birthplace), Argo (Supergirl's hometown), Kandor... were situated.


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