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Phoebe from Friends cosplaying as Supergirl

Works referencing Supergirl.

Anime and Manga


Comic Books

  • When Anya Corazón, a.k.a. "Araña", was first being fitted for costumes in Amazing Fantasy, one of her potential outfits resembled Supergirl's costume.
  • Big Bang Comics is an affectionate parody of Golden and Silver Age comic books. Christine Kelly "Ultragirl" is the Supergirl's expy, being a Flying Brick with laser vision and super senses, who happens to be Superman's expy's relative, and who eventually joins the future super-team Pantheon of Heroes.
  • Black Hammer: The Quantum League is blatantly meant to be the Legion of Super-Heroes, being a group of teenage heroes in the future whose name all featured variants of "Boy, Girl, Lad," and "Lass." One of their members, Hammer Lass is a very clear equivalent of Supergirl, even dating Archive V (the Brainiac 5 analog).
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  • Powers: Retro Girl is a blond, female Flying Brick who wears cape and a Mini Dress Of Power.
  • Supreme: Suprema, the main character's adoptive blonde sister and cape-wearing Flying Brick is an intentional Supergirl expy created by Alan Moore as a homage to the Silver Age Superman.
  • Mighty Mouse: Issue 4 of the Marvel comic (part one of a parody of Crisis on Infinite Earths, of all things) introduces Mighty Mousette. Of course, considering what happened to her Kryptonian inspiration in the original story, this didn't last long...

Fan Works

Film — Animated

Film — Live-Action


  • Anachronauts: Carrie "Astro Gal" Lane from sa09 is a throwback to the Golden Age of comic book characters; however, is an eternally-fifteen-year-old girl with a sort of Kryptonian powerset, like Supergirl, and she catches the phrases of Superman.
  • The Supervillainy Saga: Gabrielle Anders a.k.a Ultragoddess is a Supergirl expy.
  • Tales of an Mazing Girl: 'Mazing girl is a Supergirl expy (though she has powers closer to the '40s Superman and seems closer in scope to that).
  • In "Ayla and the Tests" of the Whateley Universe, Phase gets major grief from some other students because he's seen flying in the 'Supergirl' posture. In keeping with the series' love for metahumor, at one point Generator tries out several different flying poses, including the two-fisted "Superman" style and the one-arm-forward "Supergirl" posture.
  • Villains Don't Date Heroes!: Fialux is an obvious Supergirl expy, with an identical powerset and origin and a similar costume to her 2004 incarnation.
  • Wearing the Cape: Astra is a Supergirl homage. She is the most popular and powerful hero's female counterpart, she is a Flying Brick, and she wears a cape and a blue skirt.


  • Skylarking: Their "That's really super, Supergirl" song refers to Supergirl'' and namedrops kryptonite.
    Hurt like kryptonite.

Professional Wrestling

  • Alexa Bliss: She has sometimes worn gear reminiscent of Supergirl.


  • Birds of Prey (2002): During the pilot episode, Huntress calls Dinah "Junior Supergirl".
  • Black Lightning: In "Lawanda The Book Of Burial", Grace invits Anissa to a cosplay party and suggests her to disguise herself as Supergirl.
  • Friends: In "The One With The Halloween Party", Phoebe dresses up as Supergirl.
  • Fringe: In one scene from "Over There, Part 2", several framed comics can been seen hanging on a wall in the background, including a Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 variant where Superman and Supergirl have swapped positions. According George Perez twitter:
    Here's an old one, from Fringe Season 2, Episode 23 (20 May 2010). In the background, you can see Supergirl holding a dead Superman. Original art was by Juvaun Kirby, but for the Fringe show, the final art (new Supergirl head) was modified by Carlos D'Anda.
  • Powers: In the live-action show which adapts the comic series, Retro Girl is a Supergirl expy.

Video Games


Web Video

Western Animation

  • Ben 10: Eunice is an alien blonde girl who arrives on Earth in a spacepod, with no memory of who she is beside her name. The way she arrives on Earth is kinda reminiscent of Post-Crisis Kara.
  • The Godzilla Power Hour: The one Atlantean scientist who tried to warn his people their city would sink was named Kara-El.
  • SuperMansion: Lex Lightning is a Supergirl expy.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs parodied Supergirl once.