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  • "Busty Airborne Lass?? Eh, I've been called worse."
  • Every single panel with Vartox. Especially with the reveal that despite acting like a Hormone-Addled Teenager and the classic 'I need your help to repopulate my planet' line (which turns out to be true, more or less), he's actually shocked by Karen's not unreasonable assumption that he meant they repopulate the planet the old fashioned way, and hilariously embarrassed - he actually meant that he needs her help to basically use her Kryptonian genes to undo the sterilisation. Karen, naturally, spends the rest of the arc teasing him about it.
  • Really, her entire dimension-hopping teamup with Harley Quinn, which involved Harley convincing an amnesiac Power Girl that they were a crime-fighting duo.
  • The POV Visual Gag when Karen Starr tells Mr. Bevlin to "stop messing with my (snow) globes". Her expression when having to deal with a Wall of Text from a co-worker at the elevator also counts.
  • In Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman Prime, Superman, Supergirl and Power Girl face off against Superboy Prime... and Prime dumbly yells that Superman is afraid of fighting him because he needs help from girls. Naturally, Supergirl and Power Girl decide to punch him off the planet for his sexist - and brainless - putdown. Summarized here.
  • There's one comic cover with her (during her bout of amnesia) catching Harley trying on her outfit.
  • Her musing/confession on her uniform's design flaw in JSA Classified V.1 #2.
  • Another cover is from V2 #10, as seen here: [1]
  • This page where she's only a cameo guest: [2].
  • Page 3 of #23 has her and Superman facing a life-sized wooden figurine of a caveman, a pterodactyl with Mickey Mouse gloves and shoes, and a raptor dressed like a lumberjack.
  • In a way, Geoff Johns' infamous explanation for the boob window becomes this when you realise that Power Girl has been exposing her cleavage for all to see for years just because she couldn't think up a good logo.