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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

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Season 1

    Episode 1 - "Pilot" 
  • Thanks to Kara's super-hearing, she knows when to declare that Cat will show up through her private elevator. Winn constantly wonders how she does it.
  • Cat complains that someone used her private elevator, and left behind the scent of their cheap cologne. She wants whoever it was found and fired. Or bathed. She actually doesn't care which.
  • Kara's brief deer-in-the-highlights look when James Olsen says that Kara has Superman's nose features.
  • Trying to prevent a plane from crashing and seeing a suspension bridge in her path:
    Supergirl: Oh, COME ON!
  • Kara insisting to Winn that she's not a lesbian.
  • After Kara tells Winn about who she is, he helps her with a costume, starting with a Stripperiffic one.
    Kara: I'm not flying around saving people in this thing. And where's my cape?
    Winn: Capes are lame, and you can tell your cousin I said that. Actually never, never do that.
  • Kara tries to foil a car chase... only to take a turn too fast and plow into a hill.
    Winn: The cape helps with aerodynamics! I should have thought of that!
  • Kara taking offense at a news reporter calling her out on the damage done to the bridge during the plane rescue:
    Kara: Well, you try saving a plane for the first time and see if you don't make a mess!
  • Winn tells Kara that you can't quantify love with an algorithm:
    Kara: Winn, you're in IT. Isn't your whole life based on algorithms?
    Winn: Yeah, so if there was an algorithm for love, I think that I would know about it.
  • This gem from Cat to Kara:
    Cat: I have a meeting with the board today at lunch, so cancel sushi with my mother. Oh, and cancel my therapist; I won't be needing it if I'm not having lunch with my mother.

    Episode 2 - "Stronger Together" 
  • Once again, Kara forecasts Cat's arrival thanks to her super-hearing.
    Kara: She's here.
    Winn: At least now I know how you did that.
  • Winn's weak attempt to brush off Kara's claim that Maxwell Lord is one of his personal heroes:
    Winn: I own a couple of Maxwell Lord watches...and his biography...and his autobiography.
  • Kara's hilariously awkward cover-up for her snickering at Cat declaring that she needs to interview Supergirl:
    Cat: So it is left to us to take control of Supergirl's narrative. Save her from self-immolation and scoop the Planet. I want an interview.
    Kara: [snickers]
    Cat: Yes, Kara?
    Kara: Sorry. Sorry, [giggling] I just, I just started to think about this kitten video I saw online earlier. It's so funny what they make those cats do. [laughs] I'll send it to all of you. [stops laughing] Or not.
    • During Kara's explanation, James gives her an "Are you freaking serious?" face.
  • "That was a... That was a really good pep talk. Excellent use of pep. Brilliant. Awesome."
  • Cat talking about the damage Supergirl caused.
    Cat: I don't like the fishes, but it reassures me that they are still under there swimming about.
  • Kara told James and Winn to meet her out in the alley... without telling them the other would be there.
    James: Hey, what's up?
    Winn: Nothing, nothing. I—I like to come out here to... smoke. Which I like to do in private, so—
    James: Actually, I'm meeting someone right now, so—
    Winn: Right. You can meet them in—inside the building. Yeah?
    James: No, my friend likes to make an entrance—
    [Kara flies overhead and lands in front of them]
    Winn and James: He knows!?
  • Winn's reaction to being told to meet Kara in the alley.
  • Kara's first superhero-in-training job is an armed robbery at a pizza place. She zooms up to the robber and covers the end of his shotgun with her hand, causing him to blast himself backwards.
    • The scene immediately cuts to Winn and James munching on pizza while giving her another mission.
  • During Kara's super-heroics training montage, Winn sends her for "a classic—kitten up a tree." Except it's not a kitten:
    Winn: Who names a snake "Fluffy?"
  • When Alex shows up at her apartment, Kara goes to answer the door still in costume and Winn and James both screaming "Wait, the cape!" When the door opens, the trio exchange fantastic "Wait...they know?" glances at Kara who just shrugs.
  • Kara's squick-ed face when she overhears Cat theorizing that Supergirl is Superman's girlfriend.
  • Kara and Alex reminisce how when Kara first came to Earth, she was terrified of the popcorn maker.
  • Alex defeats an alien that is far stronger and armed with spikes by kicking him in the balls.
  • While grappling with Kara, Astra snarks that she needs to rethink the cape. Already amusing on the face of it as fashion snark between two superpowered women with very different senses of style, but bear in mind that Astra is fighting her niece, who is in fact wearing her kid cousin's baby blanket as a cape.

     Episode 3 - "Fight or Flight" 
  • The delightful Irony that is Cat asking Supergirl if she has a day job. Oh, if she only knew...
  • Kara defending blurting to Cat that she and Superman are cousins.
    Kara: She's like a villain. She's like a super-interviewing villain.
    Winn: That is literally the most boring superpower ever.
  • This Crosses the Line Twice remark from Cat:
    Cat: I'm a writer. It's like riding a bike or severe childhood trauma, you never really lose it.
  • Henshaw's quips while he's chewing out Kara over the interview she gave:
    Henshaw: What's next? A book deal? A reality show? Keeping Up With the Kryptonians?
  • Cat's bizarre writing methods, starting with a request for a very special brand of coffee (hourly), demanding one of her employees be moved due to "distracting hair," complaints of a noise that definitely doesn't actually exist, and wearing two pairs of glasses.
    James: Is she always this bad when she's writing?
    Kara: People have been known to schedule their vacations around it.
  • Supergirl calling "Reactron" a stupid name...then responding "Oh" when learning that James came up with it.
  • What little we hear of Cat's Supergirl article is hilarious, starting with the Pun-Based Title: Millennial Falcon.
  • When Kara and James are talking about Superman around Winn, James slips up and drops Clark's name in such a way that makes it obvious he's Superman. Winn instantly realizes he means Clark Kent, and spends the next few minutes squee-ing in the background.
  • The worker at the coffee shop where Kara eats breakfast receives a deadpan response when she asks how Kara can eat so many sticky buns and not gain weight.
  • Kara's and Alex's sisterly bickering:
    Kara: Pass me that last potsticker.
    Alex: Uh, no. That one is mine. You've had four!
    Kara: If that potsticker is not in my mouth in two seconds, I will melt your face.
    Alex: [handing her the last potsticker] I hope you get fat.
    Kara: [chuckling] Not on this planet.

    Episode 4 - "Livewire" 
  • This exchange after Kara knocks out an escaped alien prisoner:
    Kara: He was tough.
    Henshaw: She.
    Kara: [surprised] Oh. [to the alien] Respect!
  • Leslie Willis's radio rant about Supergirl:
    Leslie: This is Leslie Willis, coming to you live and wired from Catco Plaza. The week of Thanksgiving which means it is time for my annual list of things I am not grateful for. And this year's list is only one item, Supergirl. The blue-and-red abscessed tooth in the otherwise-gleaming smile that is National City. How much do I despise, I mean loathe, her whole, "Look at me, I'm adorkable" thing? And that hideous, like, rejected-from-the-Olympics figure skating outfit she wears? I mean, a skirt and tights? Puh-lease. Seems like overkill, especially since no one is trying to get in there. And who would that be? You know, who's hombre enough to puncture the Chastity Belt of Steel? Or is what's required a softer touch? I mean, she does kind of give off a Sapphic vibe with that big ol' butch "S" chest plate. I mean, how would that even work with an alien? I mean, is everything the same down there, or are we talking tentacles?
  • When Cat says "If I could legally adopt (Supergirl), I would," Kara is shown unable to hold back a helpless giggle.
  • Cat had some fantastic lines this episode:
    • "Oh, and you'd better take some Dramamine, looks like it's going to be a bumpy ride."
    • "What fresh incompetence is this?"
    • In response to Livewire's "More than one way to skin a cat", remark: "Congratulations, you have the wit of a YouTube comment."
  • Kara's reaction to the containment device for Livewire:
    Kara: Cool, it's like the Ghostbusters!
  • Kara's opinion of chocolate pecan pie:
    Kara: Chocolate pecan pie is the best dessert in the galaxy. And as someone who's been to twelve different planets, I mean that literally.

    Episode 5 - "How Does She Do It?" 
  • Winn on Cat: "I didn't know she could smile if it wasn't based on cruelty to others."
  • Cat barks orders at Kara by demanding a salad with a cheeseburger on top of it. And she calls her assistant "Keira" on top of that.
  • Kara absent-mindedly breaking the stapler James had just been abusing as she tries to give him a pep talk.
  • "I liked school. Learning all about this new planet... [realizes what she just said] that I'm also from."
  • Alex to Kara: "You've spent more time in the friend zone than the Phantom Zone."

    Episode 6 - "Red Faced" 
  • Winn's complete failure at providing adequate clues for Kara during Scategories. Worse when he pulls out one card and just says "Oh, this one's easy. Your cousin." Lucy is sitting right there.
    Lucy: Let me see, I want to know what card that was... Superman? You should have said James' boyfriend.
  • Kara sets up boxing for herself and James. James gets a bag. She gets a car hanging from the scaffolding.
  • This exchange at the end of the episode:
    Kara: Would you like me to call your mother a car?
    Cat: She can take her broom.

    Episode 7 - "Human For a Day" 
  • Hank tells Kara that she can learn what it's like "for the rest of us" to be a normal human. Given The Reveal at the end of the episode...
  • Cat's horrified reaction to finding out that Kara has a cold. "You never get sick! That's the best thing about you!" "...not the best thing." She then gives a point-by-point lecture on how if Kara gets Cat sick, Kara will be single-handedly responsible for the next recession.
  • Henshaw interrupting Jemm's Badass Boast because he's heard it a dozen times already.
  • James notes that Clark calls it a "solar flare" when he loses his powers. Kara notes that Clark is a nerd.
  • Cat completely fails to recognize Winn, despite the fact that he sits right across from Kara and she walks by him every single day.
    • In true Cat Grant fashion, she misspeaks his name as "Witt". He calls it "close enough."
    • When called into her office, Winn tells James and Kara to send help if he isn't back in thirty minutes.
  • Kara is a bit annoyed that no one ever told her how much a broken arm hurts (though Fridge Brilliance: she probably hasn't suffered pain at all since she was a girl on Krypton).

    Episode 8 - "Hostile Takeover" 
  • One of Cat's e-mails reveals she asked out Idris Elba... and got turned down.
    Cat: [petulantly] His loss.
    • Most of Cat's e-mails were hilarious Poke the Poodle moments. You'd think someone as cutthroat and nasty as Cat would have some really serious scandals hiding in her e-mails, but it turns out the worst dirt they turn up about Cat is that she invested in Jekyll and Hyde the Musical (she still insists the musical score had potential), sent in an audition tape to Undercover Boss (on a bet), referred to Lois Lane as something rude (she's said worse to Lois's face), and used the corporate jet to attend Burning Man (she technically owns the jet, but Winn doesn't want to think about what she did there).
  • Cat describing Winn to Kara as "that handsome little Hobbit who has more cardigans than you do."
  • Winn noting the printed-up e-mails with "so much evil in three-hole punch-form."
  • James and Winn being catty around each other all day.
    Winn: You're in my way. [beat] I mean, excuse me.
  • When the team goes to Lucy for help with a legal matter, which involves trying to investigate one of the members of the CatCo board. They insist it's all hypotheticals.
    Winn: Because investigating the company that we all work for would be very very detrimental to our careers!
  • Cat's reaction when Kara suggests she's keeping a boy toy on the side... and the extremely awkward way Kara goes about asking about it.
    Cat: If I wanted to sleep with a beach boy, I'd still be dating John Stamos!
  • When talking about stepping down from her position to stop her oldest son from being dragged into a media frenzy due to being mentioned in some of her leaked emails:
    Cat: Like taxes, aging, and participating in Martha Stewart's Annual Secret Santa, this is something I have to do.
  • J'onn's reaction to the news that Astra has taken the Kryptonite knife:
    J'onn: Really liked that knife.
  • J'onn casually revealing he has telepathy to Alex by mentioning that Kryptonians are immune to it. Superman apparently finds this hilarious.
    Alex: You can read minds?
    J'onn: Another day, Alex.

    Episode 9 - "Blood Bonds" 
  • With Kara desperate to ward off Cat knowing she's Supergirl, she uses her heat vision to cook a cup of coffee until it explodes, then forgets to put her glasses back on. Winn notes "Yeah, she's doomed."
  • Kara swings by the DEO, where Alex is interim director while Hank is missing, carrying a bag of takeout of Alex.
    Kara: I know you forget to eat when you're stressed, so I stopped by that food truck you like.
    Alex: The one in Chicago? You are my favorite person.
  • Kara finds out about J'onn and asks why they didn't tell her as she can keep a secret. J'onn and Alex both promptly respond, "No, you can't."
  • Astra's soldiers don't know that J'onn isn't human, so when he's able to resist telepathy, he takes the opportunity to be a Poisonous Captive by implying the interrogator is working against Non. Funny in a Black Comedy way, given that Astra's own army includes numerous Human Aliens and it should be a logical conclusion that J'onn might be one too.
  • J'onn's utterly deadpan reaction after Non kills his telepathic interrogator out of pique when he can't read J'onn's mind.
    J'onn: Oh, yeah, you're so much more advanced than us savages.

     Episode 10 - "Childish Things" 
  • Cat once again with her snarky remarks while Kara is at work:
    Cat: [to Kara] As much as I know you millennials like to deny your emotions, I pay you not to have them.
  • After Kara leaves, Cat mutters "She should be paying me by the hour..."
  • Winn's deadpan response to Kara's earnest reassurance that she sometimes feels all alone, too.
    Winn: I've got this creepy little doll I can give you.
  • J'onn's performance as Lord is hysterically deadpan, even when he's making it look like Lord is insulting himself.
    Paulina: Mr. Lord? Aren't you supposed to be out with Agent Danvers?
    "Lord": I ended the evening early. To be honest, it was a little disappointing.
    Paulina: As long as we're being honest, she did strike me as a little humorless for you.
    "Lord": She's actually a lovely woman.
    [Paulina's jaw drops in astonishment]
    "Lord": If anything, it was my narcissism and ill-kept facial hair that ruined any chance I had with her.
    Paulina: I'm sure you weren't at fault, sir.
    "Lord": Getting so soundly rejected has caused me to question many of my life choices. I need to be alone, if you don't mind.
  • Kara coughs after sucking up a bunch of poison gas, noting "I don't usually inhale."
  • The look on Kara's face is priceless when Alex mentions how she had to eat slugs (technically snail eggs) to get information from Lord.

     Episode 11 - "Strange Visitor From Another Planet" 
  • Kara's pitiful attempt to deny having written the letter Adam received from Cat.
    Kara: What? [laughs] No! That would be... illegal! Maybe. And. And. Completely insane. Yeah. Yeah. That was a thing. I did.
  • At the end, when Adam is asking Kara out:
    Kara: Oh, uh, I have to see if I can...
    Cat: [from off-screen] She's available.
    • Plus her "Oh dear God, this could get complicated" face when she first realizes Adam's interested in Kara.
  • Cat's opinion of Miranda Crane:
    Cat: She is a lightning rod for bigots, hippies, and aliens, and yes, that is the order in which I detest them.
  • Cat announces her best reporter just jumped to a new job.
    Cat: His ruin shall be swift and merciless thanks to Lucy who will serve him a lawsuit by the end of the day.
    Lucy: That's not how it really works...
    Cat: By the end. Of. Today.
  • On the subject of Kara's name:
    Adam: So is it "Kiera" or "Kara?"
    Kara: "Kiera" to your mom, "Kara" to literally everyone else on the planet...and beyond.

    Episode 12 - "Bizarro" 
  • J'onn admitting he found the Supergirl skirt "surprisingly comfortable."
  • Winn claims he's not interested in Kara's claim that the Supergirl on TV isn't her...for all of a few seconds before admitting that he is interested.
  • Kara's shock that Cat not only got her own latte, but got one for her as well...and it's her go-to drink, to boot. Later, she compares it to Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • J'onn gives his opinion of Lord:
    J'onn: Maxwell Lord may have a god complex, but he's not an actual god.
  • Kara has a list of annoyances regarding Bizarro, ending with the fact that she talks like the Cookie Monster.
  • Cat says she was ready to "put out an Amber Alert" on the missing Kara.

    Episode 13 - "For The Girl Who Has Everything" 
  • Lord characterizing his cell as a "collectible display case."
  • When Alex refuses to release Lord from his imprisonment in exchange for helping out Kara, Lord attempts to compromise by asking for at least a case of Dr. Pepper and access to his Netflix account.
  • J'onn sucks horribly at Kara's job. He says that it almost makes him miss his alien prison.
    Alex: How'd it go with Cat Grant?
    J'onn: Let's deal with one disaster at a time.

    Episode 14 - "Truth, Justice, and the American Way." 
  • Cat still calls Kara "Kee-ra" after two years but pronounces Siobhan's name perfectly.
  • When discussing Lord's disappearance, Cat briefly speculates that he's off somewhere having an affair with Jennifer Lawrence... again.
  • Cat muses over why Lord didn't show up at an event.
    Lucy: Maybe he's embarrassed?
    Cat: You'd have to have shame in order to be embarrassed.
  • Lord calls Kara into his cell in order to request a reward for saving her from the Black Mercy. Kara says he's already been given the Netflix he requested.
  • Kara's reaction when she finds out that the bad guy is masquerading as a cop.
    Kara: Ooh! I've wanted to catch a corrupt cop ever since we binge-watched The Wire.

    Episode 15 - "Solitude" 
  • Siobhan's first appearance involves her needling Kara again, who gets... twitchy. And the best thing is, her quote? Not Hyperbole.
    Kara: [to Winn] I could throw her into space. I dream about it.
  • Cat dismisses the hologram of Indigo as "The Peroxide Avenger."
  • After Cat calls him "Toyman Jr," Winn comments that he liked it better when she didn't know who he was.
  • Winn mutters to himself like a crazy person while he codes.
    James: Isn't that the first sign of—
    Kara: Genius? Yes, it is.
  • The key to the Fortress of Solitude is an ungodly heavy chunk of dwarf-star alloy. Superman just leaves it by the front door since no one can lift it anyway.
    • Kara snarking that Superman/Clark "just leaves a key under the doormat." The "doormat" in this case being a snowdrift, but otherwise it sounds suspiciously like something "Smallville" would do.
  • When Alex and "Lord" complain that Winn's hacking is too slow, he says he's learning an alien programming language in the time it takes to watch a Doctor Who episode.
    Winn: ...that's really fast.
  • Siobhan threatens to kill Winn every time she's friendly with him, first when she admits some of her Freudian Excuse regarding her dad, and again when she kisses him.
  • Indigo is none too pleased at being reduced to traveling the web alongside the likes of Candy Crush.

    Episode 16 - "Falling" 
  • Cat is happy about her appearance on The Talk.
    Cat: I usually despise sports metaphors, but it was a touchdown, a home run, a...whatever you call something good in hockey.
  • When Cat needs Winn (whom she refers to as "my computer drone"), she sends Kara off to look for him. Kara hears him in a locked supply closet and uses her X-Ray Vision. Then she screams and starts rubbing her eyes as if she can get rid of the memory that way. Siobhan comes out a second later, Winn trailing behind.
    Kara: I am never using anything from that closet ever again without surgical gloves!
  • Kara's initial reaction to being exposed to Red Kryptonite is less "psychotic god" and more "bored teenager."
    K'hund: Your mother—
    Supergirl: Locked you in the Phantom Zone, ruined your life, blah blah blah... I've heard this story before. Wanna fight about it?
  • Winn is freaked out when Kara exits Cat's personal elevator.
    Winn: You are impervious to bullets and I am literally afraid of your safety right now.
  • Winn's reaction to hearing that Kara threw Cat off a roof, as well as Lord's casually impatient dismissal of his concern.
    Winn: She killed Miss Grant?!
    Lord: No, Cat has nine lives, she's fine.

    Episode 17 - "Manhunter" 
  • Cat can't believe Kara is taking an entire day off sick. She apparently assumed that "sick" means "coming in late." Winn has to awkwardly explain that taking an entire day is normal.
  • Winn promises he'll look after the phones in Kara's place, only to get called away by Siobhan. James gets a massive This Is Gonna Suck look on his face. Cat's phone rings, he takes a deep breath, slowly walks over, and answers it with as much forced cheer as he can muster, while Cat gives him a giant Cat Smile.
  • The Gilligan Cut from the news reporting on J'onn being a "scary, powerful and potentially dangerous monster" to him sitting in his cell struggling to open a pack of cookies.
    J'onn: How'd you know they were my favorite?
    Alex: I've seen you eat them at 3 AM. Only a favorite will do at 3 AM.
  • Two years before the series began, Kara bumps into Winn in a Meet Cute fashion. They even shared Adorkable moments when they introduced each other through a firm handshake.
  • While Cat is baiting Siobhan at the end of the episode over the fake e-mail from Kara that Siobhan sent, she mentions that she found it suspicious that Kara would have such deep-buried anger issues, so she called in someone who has been obsessively studying Kara for the past two years. Cue Winn walking up.
  • At the very end, Siobhan is drunk on the rooftop, and Winn runs up screaming for her not to jump. Siobhan just rolls her eyes.
    Siobhan: Please, I have far too much self-esteem to kill myself.

    Episode 18 - "World's Finest" 
  • Kara is so desperate to restore her reputation that she helped a family assemble an IKEA table.
  • Cat tries to help Kara by quoting from her essay: "The Lighthouse Technique: Shine Your Light and Let Him Come To You and Before You Know It He Will Be Docked in Your Port."
  • Cat and her cupcakes. When she sees Kara looking at them, she steers it into a conversation about wanting things you can't have (that is, James) and when Kara tries to take one, she slaps her hand away. And Kara is clearly furious at not being allowed to have a cupcake!
  • As she falls from the balcony, Kara's expression is less panic, more mild frustration (which makes sense for someone with Nigh-Invulnerability), but her Dissonant Serenity is still kinda funny.
  • Kara's shirt is set on fire from the friction of Barry's speed, leaving Barry quite confused at how he can help without groping her. Likewise, he's confused as to why she's only mildly annoyed instead of freaking out.
  • Kara taking off into the air and throwing her civilian clothes off...which land right on top of him.
  • Kara and Barry reacting to the other's superhero name with "You're the who now?" They're both among the most famous people on their Earths, so they just have no idea how to react when someone doesn't recognize them.
  • Barry's Redundant Rescue of Kara, followed by his reaction to her revealing her superpowers:
    Barry: I thought I was the impossible.
  • Cat noting Siobhan's return.
    Cat: Kiera, call security. I haven't seen eyes that crazy since I had fondue with Ramona Singer.
  • Upon meeting Barry for the first time, Cat manages to whip out three in a minute:
    • Cat describes Barry, Kara, James and Winn as the "attractive, yet non-threatening, racially-diverse cast of a CW show" (which just gets even more Hilarious in Hindsight after the channel hop).
    • Cat realizes she doesn't know who Barry is and asks. Kara (a foster child), Winn (the only child of a supervillain), and James (who's black) all claim that Barry is their cousin. Kara tries to cover by saying they are so close they feel like family.
    • Cat decides to name the new hero. Barry, having gone through this already, tries to ease Cat away from "The Blur" by suggesting "The Flash" (complete with a "not this again" expression). Cat retorts that The Flash "sounds like someone whose only superpower is jumping out of an alley in a trench coat." Barry's expression is of "Yeah, she's right." (Of note: When Barry later introduces himself to Lucy, he noticeably does not identify himself as The Flash.)
    • Meanwhile, as he enters the office, he can clearly be seen gawping at all of the TV screens.
  • Barry speaking up, only to see Cat giving him that icy stare.
    Barry: Speaking was the wrong choice, I see that now.
  • Barry, when explaining multiple Earths, says he's been to the one where they are all evil. "It sucked."
  • To prove he's fast enough to jump Earths, Barry runs to get everyone ice cream and comes back. James is nonplussed, Kara reacts like it's the greatest thing she's ever seen, and Winn looks slightly terrified.
    • And immediately before that, we have Winn's reaction when he finds out that Barry is from another universe. James is confused as hell, while Winn pauses for a moment, and then starts geeking out.
  • Winn's glee at James' obvious jealousy of Barry.
    Winn: I didn't know your face muscles could make that expression.
    • Even Lucy points out that she makes the same jealous sneer James made, only to add that she looks cuter with the look.
  • Barry is shown frequently checking references and names to see if things match up. Such as Mariah Carey and the Three Musketeers.
  • Barry wants a selfie with Kara's spaceship. Winn is about to take the picture when Lucy walks up with a bunch of soldiers, and he quickly backtracks.
    • At the end of the story, he's still geeking out over the fact that she's an alien.
  • Siobhan's aunt uses a hilariously-exaggerated Irish accent to lure in customers looking for mystical trinkets. Siobhan actually asks "What the Hell Is That Accent?"
  • When Siobhan is told that if she doesn't kill the one who wronged her, her powers will continue to grow at the cost of her soul, she's clearly considering that it might be worth it.
  • Cat mentions that Bernie Sanders is trying to get her into hot yoga.
  • Livewire hearing Siobhan introduce herself.
    Livewire: It's like your parents knew you'd grow up to be a big snob.
  • When Livewire asks how she got out of prison, Siobhan shows her sonic scream to Livewire, who covers her ears and wilts to the ground.
    Siobhan: Luck of the Irish.
    Livewire: Okay, I'm listening. Sort of.
  • Livewire comparing herself and Banshee to "an evil Taylor Swift Squad."
  • The Flash talking tough to Livewire and Silver Banshee when he and Supergirl confront them.
    Flash: What do you say we step away from the nice lady, settle this like women.
    [Supergirl looks at him]
    Flash: What? There's more of you guys here than me.
    [Supergirl grins]
  • Cat revealing she knew Barry was the Flash.
    Cat: Oh, please. Barry shows up, the Flash shows up, his insistence on that silly name, and he was so unfailingly charming and nice, that he had to be either a superhero or a Mormon.
    • Fridge Funny: Since Kara is also "unfailingly charming and nice," that means Cat naturally assumes she's a Mormon.
    • Or alternatively, that Cat already knows Kara is a superhero and is messing with her...
      • Reinforced by Cat noting that she "can spot the extraordinary pretending to be a nobody in [her] midst just like THAT!" and snaps her fingers in Kara's face.
    • Kara realizes the same thing, visibly wondering which category she falls into.

    Episode 19 - "Myriad" 
  • After Maxima threatens Lucy and her guards with what she will do to them if they open her cell, Lucy goes and opens it. The Double Take Maxima does at this is simply hilarious.
    • Kara is rather Squick-ed out to learn Maxima hoped to marry her cousin.
  • Cat's opening line. The city's under mind control, which she's immune to, but she's barely noticed.
    Cat: Keira, call Harrison Ford, tell him I'm flattered, but I don't date older men, especially when they're married.
  • When Kara gets a text from Superman, Cat's first instinct is to ask for both phone numbers.
  • Lord indulges in some Casual Danger Dialogue:
  • Cat and Kara come up with an alternative to Lord's bomb (which would kill 8% of the population).
    Lord: Well? What is it?
    Kara: Hope.
    Lord: Yeah, I'm gonna go with the bomb that kills bad guys instead.
  • Cat apparently actually believes her assistant's name is "Keira" and keeps calling her that even as the world is ending.
  • Cat's response when Kara tries to point out her employees are being mind-controlled.
    Cat: Hmm, well, yes, they are a bit more quiet than usual. Maybe my reign of terror has finally reached its peak effectiveness.

    Episode 20 - "Better Angels" 
  • J'onn doesn't like Kara's plan much more than Lord.
    J'onn: How will you break Non's control?
    Lord: A symbol.
    J'onn: ...a symbol?
    Lord: And a speech.
    J'onn: A speech?
  • Leave it to Cat to see the truth behind Kara's talk to her.
    Cat: That was either my eulogy or your dictated suicide note.
  • Cat's idea of promoting Kara is to throw all her stuff in a banker's box (while talking about how it's what normally happens when people get fired) and walking her to her new office.
  • After Cat promotes Kara, she says the pay "won't be much different." Then she admits it won't be any different, at all. Then she says she needs to earn a window.
  • J'onn in an apron. That is all.
  • A blink-and-you-miss-it moment comes in Kara's chat messages with Clark, where he wonders if recovering from the coma Myriad put him in is what a hangover feels like. Kara responds that he's asking the wrong girl.
  • Cat's first concern after her employees are freed from Myriad?
    Cat: The morning meeting was to begin sixteen seconds ago. You people were more punctual when you were drones.

Season 2

    Episode 1 - "The Adventures of Supergirl" 
  • The fact that Kara sees Kal-El as still her nerdy "little" cousin and honestly is amazed at the Hero Worship he gets.
    Supergirl: [to a bystander] I used to change his diapers.
    Superman: Uh, not exactly sure you have to tell them that.
    Supergirl: Yeah, I think I-I really do.
  • Kara's You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! reaction to Cat falling over Clark and explaining she once sent a drunken text to him.
  • It turns out that the DEO actually has a very fancy, state-of-the-art facility at the top of a skyscraper in National City. Kara is quite upset that they made her keep flying out to "that cave" instead. When J'onn explains that there are many such places, she voices the following complaint:
    Kara: A bat bit me in the last one!
    J'onn: Whiner.
    • Ten times funnier when you remember that she has Super Toughness; the bat probably came off worse.
    • Also: A bat? In a cave? In a DC property? Hmmmm....
  • Cat's treatment of her new assistant, Miss Tessmacher: "She cries more than Halle Berry at award shows."
  • After Superman saves a family from a drone, the son is impressed. The dad? "That's it. We're moving back to Gotham!" Because that's a much safer city to live in.
  • Clark apologizing to some CatCo employees for his klutziness. When Kara compliments him on how well he has the act down, he admits that, this time, it was quite real.
  • Clark trolling Kara by claiming to have "super-telepathy" and telling her that she'll develop it herself one day. It is a possibly unintentional Shout-Out to the tendency of the writers in the Silver Age to put "Super" in front of any number of abilities both superpower and mundane, and give it to Superman for the duration of an issue.

    Episode 2 - "The Last Children of Krypton" 
  • When Superman and Supergirl take down a pair of robbers, they first try shooting them, then one tries to punch Superman, only to get picked up for his trouble, Superman not even hurt. If anything, he's confused.
    Superman: See, now, if the bullets don't work, right — why the punching? [throws the thug into a bush] I never understood that.
    • There's also the bit where he points to the car's bumper, utterly wrecked after crashing into him, and says, "I think I might've scratched it a little bit," in a genuinely polite and friendly tone. Kara, meanwhile, is barely keeping from cracking up.
  • Watching Clark walk away, Cat compares it to "transcendental meditation." Kara looks like she's fighting not to throw up.
  • When Superman and J'onn's argument becomes heated, Winn first frets that they're going to fight... then gets excited and says it's so cool they're going to fight!
  • Winn then Squees that he's going to help make Superman's anti-Kryptonite suit.
  • Superman offers to shake Winn's hand. Winn opts for a Man Hug. Then Superman returns it without complaint.
  • At one point, Winn searches for Promethium; the monitor displays the chemical formula, C12H22O11. In other words, sugar.

    Episode 3 - "Welcome to Earth" 
  • Supergirl geeking out about meeting the President. You can tell J'onn's had enough when she asks him if she should get a blowout.
    J'onn: [rolling his eyes in exasperation] Oh dear God.
  • Winn's reaction to Alex's Stealth Hi/Bye.
    Winn: And... you are... already gone!
  • When Alex finds Maggie in the warehouse she and her team of agents are searching for the missing Kryptonian, she asks Maggie how she found the warehouse. Maggie's response?
    Maggie: I'm a detective, Agent Danvers. I detect.
    • Then, Maggie correctly guesses that Alex is a part of the DEO and not a Secret Service agent like she claimed, but Alex pointedly ignores her.
  • Kara freaks out over almost letting Scorcher kill the President.
    Kara: That's like...misdemeanor treason!
  • The President's remark about her "other jet." Doubles as an Actor Allusion.

    Episode 4 - "Survivors" 
  • Mon-El asks if they play "garotta" on Earth. The humans, of course, have no idea what that is, while Kara is just annoyed.
    Kara: It's like soccer. With dragons.
  • When J'onn refuses to tell Kara and Alex about his encounter with M'gann, Kara threatens to make a pouty face.
    Kara: Don't make me pout.
    Alex: She's really good at it.
  • Winn teaching Mon-El slang leads to an Innocently Insensitive moment.
    Mon-El: She's a babe.
    Kara: Excuse me?!
    Mon-El: Oh, your mother, I mean.
    Kara: ...Okay.
    Mon-El: [confused] Winn told me that "babe" is what you call a beautiful woman on Earth. I'm sensing that's not right.
    Kara: Maybe don't let Winn teach you too much about women on this planet.
  • A bit of Gallows Humor, but a badly-wounded Supergirl grins and tells Alex after getting her ass handed to her against Draaga "I hope not too many people bet on me."
  • After Winn's heavy drinking night out on the town with Mon-El, he's sitting morosely with an ice compress against his head.
  • When J'onn says that a 6 foot alien had a 5'2" compatriot, Winn defensively blurts, "I'm five-nine!"
  • Kara uses her Super Speed to get into Lena's office, and is quickly followed in by Lena's incredibly flustered assistant. Lena tells her assistant that Kara is to be let in immediately in the future; apparently she thinks this will be a recurring event. Justified, in that she mentions that her brother Lex has the same arrangement with that other pesky reporter, Clark Kent.

    Episode 5 - "Crossfire" 
  • Mon-El is really, really bad at pretending to be normal. He introduces himself with his social security number (and then complains that he memorized his fake ID for nothing), calls bringing coffee to his co-workers "bribery", doesn't understand why Kara uses the elevator instead of flying, and is really disappointed that he is not allowed to use his powers to "go through this giant pile of boring paper".
  • Mon-El lets Eve do all his work for him.
    Mon-El: She wanted to please me. On Daxam, when a woman—
    Kara: Stop. Just whatever you were going to—just stop.
  • Mon-El has been watching Grey's Anatomy, which leads him to believe sex in the workplace is perfectly normal for humans.
    • To give further context to Mon-El's situation, Kara's super-hearing caught him and Eve getting down to some sexy time in the closet (he interprets "Do you have protection?" as "Like, a sword?"). What makes it even more hilarious is that this isn't the first time Kara is grossed out about catching her coworkers in the act.
      Eve: This isn't what it looks like...
      Kara: This is the definition of things being what they look like!
  • Kara and Supergirl both get invited to Lena's party. Kara and Winn initiate "Operation Doubtfire" to distract Lena at key moments so that Kara can switch costumes.
  • At the gala, Lena and Winn crawl out from under the stage (after having disabled the bad guys' guns) while everyone stares.
    Winn: This isn't—we weren't—we saved the day!
  • When Kara gives Mon-El a guide to National City, he asks what a strip club is. Kara proceeds to rip off that page and tells him to read the other pages.

     Episode 6 - "Changing" 
  • Drunk!Kara. Just Drunk!Kara in general. Basically, imagine her usual adorkableness dialed Up to Eleven.
    • Even Alex can't help laughing at the sight.
      Alex: I'm driving you home.
      Kara: Well, I'm not flying, that's for sure!
  • When the DEO receives the alert of something happening at the research station:
    J'onn: Supergirl and I will fly up there...
    [Everyone looks over at Kara who's passed out in a chair]
    J'onn: [sighing] Alex and I will take the jet.
  • Mon-El finally steps up to be a hero... and notes "I regret this already" when Parasite starts walking toward him.
  • Drunk Mon-El is quite funny as well, especially when he tries to convince Kara that his powers are under control and he doesn't need training.
    Mon-El: [shatters his glass in his hand] ...This was not a prime example of that.

     Episode 7 - "The Darkest Place" 
  • Kara and Alex talking about Guardian with James and Winn, who both get offended whenever Kara or Alex says something they disagree with. Especially Winn's reaction to Alex saying Guardian has a sidekick. The entire debate is inter-cut with the most recent crime Guardian stopped and James and Winn's respective parts of the event.
  • M'gann admits she had to use ghost peppers as a replacement spice for a Martian delicacy. The real joke is that ghost peppers, the hottest natural pepper on Earth, can be lethally spicy.
  • James pressing Winn to help him clear his name of murder.
    Winn: Why am I strong enough to say no to your fantasy football league but not to this?
  • Winn complaining he doesn't want to go to prison because he's seen every episode of Oz.
  • Alex corners Winn:
    Alex: Do you know something about Guardian, Winn?
    Winn: Is... I just... I know he's not a bad guy, all right? So, if you can just have your friend, Maggie, please give him a break.
    Alex: [shoves Winn against a wall] I know six different very painful ways to get you to tell me who Guardian is, using my index finger! But before I go there...
    Winn: It's James. It's James!

     Episode 8 - "Medusa" 
  • The opening shows a Danvers family Thanksgiving. In the midst of it, Mon-El drops by, having been invited by Kara. Unfortunately, it seems she wasn't clear enough in her explanation of "stuffing", as Mon-El took it to mean mattress stuffing.
  • Kara takes away Alex's beer, as she already is way too drunk, and puts it in the freezer. The freezer reveals a bottle of whiskey Kara hid, which Alex sneakily runs off with, while Kara is in a conversation with Eliza.
  • Kara thinks Mon-El was trying to hit on Eliza, not realizing that he wanted to impress Kara by being charming to her mother.
  • Alex warning Winn and James not to tell Kara about Guardian during Thanksgiving dinner because it'll take away from her announcement. She's clearly at least a little tipsy while yelling at them.
    Alex: No, because I have to say something very important. And I'm not going to have you two hijacking the night with your vigilante... hijinks!
  • Then, during dinner, Alex attempts to drunkenly come out to her mom... only to be interrupted by a wormhole opening in the kitchen.
  • Winn's comment on the wormhole opening:
    Winn: Last night, the space-time continuum ripped itself apart in the middle of your apartment, which only makes it slightly less intense than last year's Thanksgiving.
  • Alex's response to Maggie kissing her:
    Alex: So you're saying you like me? That's... that's what I got from that.
  • When Barry and Cisco finally succeed in getting into Kara's apartment, Cisco notes that he'd better have gotten the coordinates right, or they're going to have a very surprised person walk through the door.

     Episode 9 - "Supergirl Lives" 
  • Alex suggests that she and Maggie call in sick to stay in from work during the morning:
    Alex: [fake coughing] I've got the black lung!
  • Alex being Adorkably giddy and giggly about dating Maggie.
    Kara: I need you to go be with your girlfriend.
    Alex: [giggles] I kinda... I have a girlfriend. [grins]
  • Snapper must have his coffee and danish, but Kara and Jimmy dueling with each other over the same story are preventing him from getting his morning caffeine and sugar fix.
    • James then simply sticks a folder in Snapper's arm and vamooses.
  • Kara and Mon-El trying to infiltrate the "research study." First, Mon-El is genuinely interested in the stupid kids' magazines left out to read. Then he calls Paris "Paris City." And then Kara claims they can't get blood tests due to their religion.
    Mon-El: Yes, we are very devoted to our gods.
    Kara: God.
    Mon-El: Yes, God. We are... madly monotheistic!
  • Winn's excuse for his wearing sunglasses indoors:
    Kara: Are you aware that you're wearing sunglasses? Indoors.
    Winn: The future is so very bright.
  • Alex dorkily calling dibs on an alien weapon after killing its owner.
  • Mon-El yelling "Start the car!!"
  • Winn doing his best Guy Fleegman impression: "I'm not a Red Shirt! I'm not a Red Shirt! I'm not a Red Shirt!" After taking out an armed alien, he starts crowing, "YOU are the Red Shirt! YOU are the Red Shirt!"
  • Winn bragging to James that, yes, Guardian defeated enemies here on Earth, but he fought off aliens on another planet. James is impressed.
  • Maggie reveals she knows Kara is Supergirl because of how much Alex cares about her.
    Maggie: Plus, the glasses don't help.
    Alex: I always said that too, it's kind of ridiculous.

     Episode 10 - "We Can Be Heroes" 
  • Maggie and Alex bet on how long the guards posted outside will be able to stop Kara coming in.
    Alex: I'll give it about five seconds.
    Maggie: Ten, at least. She's way too polite.
    Alex: Oh, you wanna bet?
    Maggie: If I'm right, you gotta try vegan ice cream.
    Alex: That's disgusting.
  • Kara ranting about having a nemesis.
    Kara: Clark always made [having a nemesis] seem so fun, like a deadly pen-pal you see once a year! But no, having a nemesis is STRESSFUL!
  • When Kara is ranting about Livewire, she accidentally breaks a computer monitor. The delivery of the lines are what really make this.
    Kara: Wh-what is that, a toy?
    J'onn: No, it's expensive.
  • When Kara asks if everyone else had known that James was Guardian, Mon-El jumps to defend his innocence.
    Mon-El: I thought James was a professionally handsome desk person.
  • Alex claiming she had told James and Winn to tell Kara weeks before, when she had specifically refused to let them do it on Thanksgiving because of her own confession.
  • Kara asks if she and James can have the room for a minute. Everyone else immediately turns and practically runs out.
  • Almost everything Livewire says in this episode is comedy gold.
    Livewire: [after the Mad Scientist explains his plan for making supersoldiers with her power set] This is copyright infringement, asshat!
    Livewire: [after James and Mon-El show up to rescue Livewire and lose horribly] You know what I love? Little boys who think they can do a better job than the woman who's an actual superhero.
  • A Brick Joke pays off.
    Maggie: So, she let Livewire go.
    Alex: [reluctantly] Mmm-hmm.
    Maggie: [shit-eating grin] That means vegan ice cream at my place tonight.
    Alex: [groans] I never should've taken that bet. Gross!

     Episode 11 - "The Martian Chronicles" 
  • As kind of painful as it must be for Mon-El, Kara's long line of justifying why she doesn't share the same feelings as him, while unintentionally insulting him, is hilarious in its awkwardness.
    Kara: I mean, I have my career in journalism that I just started out on, and when I'm not focusing on being Supergirl, I really need to focus on that, and even if I did have the time to date someone I wouldn't date someone like...Someone who is...
    Mon-El: [slightly defensive] An intergalactic bartender.
    Kara: Yes! No! No.. Because it's not your job it's the way you are.
    Mon-El: [blankly] I am going to go over there now.
    Kara: [whispering] Okay!
  • When M'gann asks if Supergirl can just scan the building with her X-Ray Vision to find Winn:
    Kara: No, because someone lined the walls with lead. [looks accusingly at J'onn]
  • White Martian!Alex is pretty snarky:
    Kara: If you hurt [Alex]—
    WM!Alex: You'll what? Whine at me?
  • Winn's confused reaction after being freed is rather funny: "Was I on the ceiling?". And then he and J'onn go to the reactor.
    J'onn: How long to disable the reactor?
    Computer: Core breach in four minutes.
    Winn: ...About four minutes?
    J'onn: That was a good answer.
    Winn: Yes, as long as I can focus, it should be easy— [sees Supergirl fighting a White Martian] Monsters are real!
  • After Winn sees a White Martian getting thrown into a wall while he's trying to fix the nuclear reactor:
    Winn: This did not used to happen at CatCo!
  • After blasting a White Martian with the gun she called dibs on at Slaver's Moon:
    Alex: Have I mentioned how much I love my new gun?

     Episode 12 - "Luthors" 
  • Mon-El's reaction to the surprise James and Winn felt when Alex came out to them and his statement that on Daxam, "the more the merrier" applied to sexual and romantic relationships.
  • Mister Mxyzptlk makes an appearance in the midst of Kara and Mon-El admitting their feelings for one another. He goes on to declare his own love to a befuddled Kara.

     Episode 13 - "Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk" 

     Episode 14 - "Homecoming" 
  • Mon-El's immediate reaction to waking up to an empty bed.
    Mon-El: Was it that bad? ...or was it that good?
    • Turns out to be the latter when Mon-El watches the news and sees that Supergirl has been doing an entire day's worth of heroics in the past hour.
  • Kara makes Mon-El promise not to tell anyone at work about their relationship, since she found all the scrutiny during her thing with James annoying. Mon-El agrees...and then immediately announces it to the entire DEO.
    Mon-El: I'm sorry, but on Daxam, we used to have parties whenever two people got together. You're lucky I didn't throw a parade.
    • Topped off by J'onn telling them that they need to go see Pam in HR ("We have an HR?") to fill out the forms for dating a co-worker, in triplicate, and Alex says they need to attend a mandatory sexual harassment seminar (with a huge shit-eating grin on her face as she's saying this. She's clearly enjoying this).
      Mon-El: It's gonna be a rough sparring session for me...
      Kara: Ya think?
      Mon-El: Yeah, okay, I'm gonna warm up.
  • When Maggie shows up at the Danvers' family dinner so that Alex can come out to her father, she brings along a bottle of tequila. Jeremiah states she's now family.
  • Winn says that the only reason Mon-El is so paranoid about Jeremiah is because he recently binge-watched 24.
    Winn: I knew I shouldn't have given you my Netflix password!

     Episode 15 - "Exodus" 
  • Apparently, Maggie and Alex agreed that the winner of their pool game gets "dinner, a bottle of scotch, and one of those flash grenade things."
    Alex: There is no way I'm giving you a grenade.
  • Mon-El mimicking Ricky Ricardo as he returns to Kara's apartment.
  • Mon-El mishearing "blog" as "blob." And Kara doing it not long afterward.
  • Alex calls Winn when she's on the spaceship that's about to launch:
    Winn: Uh, hey, Alex, can I call you back? We got an undetected launch.
    Alex: It's me! I'm the launch!
  • After Alex tells Maggie that she got her job back:
    Maggie: Good, 'cause I'm not dating some unemployed slacker. Though you do make good arm candy.
    Alex: Mmmm... don't I?

    Episode 16 - "Star-Crossed" 
  • Winn is at the DEO practically bouncing out of his chair from sheer happiness, with his co-workers quietly laughing. Maggie calls, and he greets her in a cheerful bombastic way... that swiftly peters off as he realizes she's calling about the building he broke into last night with Lyra.
  • Winn promises to bring doughnuts for the cops... and cut to him in an interrogation room, eating them all himself.
    Winn: I'm stress-eating, okay?
  • When they find out Lyra was just using Winn to steal a painting, Alex just sighs.
    Winn: She femme-fataled me!
    Alex: You do have a type.
  • Alex demands to know what an informant wants to give up information on Lyra.
    Thug: Hamilton tickets. Orchestra.
    Winn: Well, we're screwed.
    • And then Alex agreeing, the moment is funny in itself before the reactions
  • Mandrax No Sells a hit from James' shield, to which he sheepishly says "That usually works."
  • After Maggie lets Winn go since he retrieved the stolen painting and found the actual art thieves:
    Winn: You're a good egg, Maggie.
    Maggie: Leave before I throw you into holding for fun.
    Winn: [scared] I... have better places to go. [hastily walks off]
    Maggie: [grinning] Think I scared him?
    Alex: [proudly] Almost as well as I do.
  • The Music Meister soundly relieved at finding Kara, as if he knows her and she can help him escape, and immediately being shut down by her funny "Who, me?" reaction.

    Episode 17 - "Distant Sun" 
  • Kara again does a quick change into her superhero outfit just off-screen, in what's becoming a Running Gag for Kevin Smith's directing on the show.
  • The fight between Kara and Mon-El is hilariously terrible, as he's moving around like a jerky puppet with advanced martial arts, but she can't fight back because she doesn't want to hurt him. And when she finally does punch him in the face, he's already been freed from the telepath's control.
  • The telepath says that humans are too moral to do what needs to be done to get information from him.
    Alex: Winn, get me a wrench.
    Winn: [looks seriously worried]
  • Winn teleporting outside Mon-El's cell.
    Winn: Oh, thank God I'm not in space.
    Mon-El: are in space.
    Winn: I mean outside, all floaty... I'm here to rescue you!
    Mon-El: Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
    Winn: [delighted] You finally saw Star Wars!
  • Rhea has the most confused expression imaginable when she stabs at "Kara" with a Kryptonite sai and nothing happens.
  • Kara's Adorkable (over)reaction to Mon-El cooking breakfast for her.
    That's very sweet, but there is no way you're getting in the way of me and (Gasp!) BACONNNNNN!!!

    Episode 18 - "Ace Reporter" 
  • The episode starts with there being no crime in the city. At all. Kara briefly considers going after some hypothetical supervillain who dumped "law-abiding serum" into the reservoir, before everyone else leaves, J'onn for budget paperwork, Winn for new software, and Alex for Thursday knife practice.
  • With nothing better to do, Kara tries her hand at baking. After taking her dish out of the oven (without oven mitts), she declares it a failure and dumps it in the trash with four more.
  • After Supergirl saves Snapper from the nano-swarm, Kara brings it up with him.
    Kara: So I heard Supergirl saved you.
    Snapper: ...Yeah, she was there.
    Kara: Did you say "thank you?"
    Snapper: Once. To a divorce lawyer. It was awkward for everyone.
  • Everything about Mon-El and Kara sneaking into Spheerical.
    • Starting with the 'hug' Mon-El bestows upon Jack in order to steal his keycard. Mon-El whispers something about them hanging out in his ear and suggests Jack call him later. It's mostly Jack's "WTF?" face that sells it.
    • They peek out from around the corner in a Scooby-stack.
    • Right after they agree to keep a low profile, Mon-El busts out a bright flashlight. Kara reminds him she has X-Ray Vision.
    • When confronted with a locked computer, Kara is stymied for a second before she enters "Starling," Jack's pet name for Lena.
      Mon-El: That romantic bastard.
  • After Kara brings Snapper a danish she made, he gives her her job back in the most back-handed manner possible by yelling at her for "leaving early."
    Kara: Really? I can have my job back?
    Snapper: Unless you're thinking of starting a food truck. [takes a bite of the danish, stops] ...Don't start a food truck.
  • Mon-El is concerned that Kara's behavior towards Jack constitutes stalking. Kara counters that it's "just journalism":
    Mon-El: ...very creepy journalism.

    Episode 19 - "Alex" 

    Episode 21 - "Resist" 
  • The entire episode is a reminder of how sorely missed Cat Grant was.
    • She saunters right into the middle of a talk between the President and Rhea to talk about "not needing to measure anything."
      Cat: I have brokered peace between Kayne and Taylor Swift so I think mediating peace between our two worlds should be a piece of cake. And the future is female, we've all read the t-shirts.
    • Cat refers to Rhea's tiara as "overkill." Rhea looks genuinely annoyed, and in later scenes is wearing a much more understated headband.
    • Winn isn't very good at covering for Kara and James when Cat questions where they are.
      Cat: Where is James Olsen? This is the biggest story in the history of the world. That's just the reason I put him in charge.
      Winn: James is... is, uh... hiding, like a coward.
      Cat: And Kiera? Where is she?
      Winn: She is also... a coward.
    • She mentions setting up the DEO in a dive bar as "very French Resistance."
    • Cat almost absentmindedly calling Guardian "James."
      James: I'm...Guardian.
      Cat: Oh, honey, I can see your eyes through the slit.
    • Cat's reaction to finding out the President is an alien? "At least tell me you're still a Democrat."
      • She also notes Olivia is a pacifist "otherwise you'd have stabbed me in the back when your fiance flung you at me."
      • She's the first to put it together, noting how she saw Olivia in her native form in college but figured it "was the pot brownies."
    • Cat's snarky remark that the Daxamites are going to "make National City great again" suggests that Donald Trump is a politician on Earth-38 too, and Cat did not approve of him.
  • Kara tells Alex that she'll be "faster than a speeding bullet."
  • Maggie's reaction to finding Alex in the bar? "I'm so glad that when things look their worst, we both thought to run straight to a bar."
  • Hank Henshaw mentions his cybernetics have been upgraded:
    Hank: I can interface with the onboard Daxamite computer system. We'll pass through undetected.
    Winn: [impressed] Cool.
    Alex: [gives Winn a stern look]
    Winn: Not cool.

    Episode 22 - "Nevertheless, She Persisted" 
  • Winn blatantly fanboy-ing as he sees Superman again, culminating in a whispered "I love you".
  • Winn and Lena working together to finish Lex's atmosphere device. They both forget the names of parts as they're giving them to each other, things are exploding all over the city, and Lillian is just slowly circling them with a bewildered look on her face.
    Winn: I am excellent in a crisis. [Lillian walks behind him; he screams]
    Lillian: Yes, we can see that.
  • Rhea's second-in-command is ordered to take out Superman. The fight lasts about a minute before Superman throws him out of CatCo like a ragdoll.
    Superman: Well, at least he tried.
  • Cat shamelessly flirting with Clark. And then after he leaves the room, her exchange with Kara.
    Cat: I promise you, once he takes off the glasses, he is a tiger in bed.
    Kara: [sotto voice as she leaves the room] Oh god, I hope Rhea kills me.
  • Before that, Cat comparing Guardian to Darth Vader with a "lifesaver," and Kara's disgusted face when the former admits that she never saw Star Wars.

Season 3

    Episode 1 - "Girl of Steel" 
  • Winn says that post-Daxamite invasion Kara is less like herself and more like Alex. Alex is not pleased with this comparison:
    Winn: She goes from being Little Miss Sunshine to... well, Alex, basically.
    Alex: What? I'm not like that.
    J'onn: Come on, Alex. Your unrelenting seriousness is one of your best qualities.
    Alex: I'm not like that. I'm not!
  • Winn interrupting Alex and Maggie discussing their wedding.
  • Supergirl having a "chat" with Morgan Edge on a container ship sailing well out to sea. And then leaves him there.
  • Alex announces she's going to have the biggest, gayest wedding in National City.
  • Alex asking J'onn to walk her down the aisle at her wedding because she thinks of him as a father, nearly brings him to tears. And then she warns him:
    Alex: Stop. Don't cry. If you cry, I'm gonna cry, and then everyone here's gonna know we actually can cry.
  • And the wedding wardrobe:
    J'onn: Do I have to wear a tux?
    Alex: I'm wearing kevlar and boots.
  • Lena calling Edge a "sentient bottle of cheap cologne" is particularly hilarious.

    Episode 2 - "Triggers" 
  • Maggie and Alex appear to be having a heated argument over something very important with Winn and J'onn getting caught in the middle. They just couldn't agree about whether to have a band or a DJ at their wedding.
    • Then J'onn gives a very thoughtful and logical explanation as to which choice they should go with.

    Episode 3 - "Far From the Tree" 

    Episode 4 - "The Faithful" 
  • Lena tells a story about a handsome male world leader who seemed about to ask her up to his room, but first asked if she was baptized. Apparently he only sleeps with "good Catholic girls", so that was the end of that. (As an extra joke, though she declined to name him, the description implies the writers might have intended it as a reference to Emmanuel Macron.)
  • Classic, but still a good one: After returning from commercial post-Supergirl saving someone from an industrial fire, the initial shot is of a digital sign outside the facility reading "190 days without an accident"...and it clicks down to 0.

    Episode 5 - "Damage" 
  • In the middle of Lena's otherwise depressing drunken stupor, she says that Kara is terrible at hiding things from her. Yeah, about that...

    Episode 6 - "Midvale" 
  • While the context is a bit depressing, the fact that Alex and Kara instantly revert to bickering teenagers when they get home is worth a chuckle.
  • The FBI agent tells Kara that she "has one of those faces. It's an asset in my line of work." Coming from a shapeshifter...
  • At the end, when they're about to drive back, Alex demands she be the one to drive, since Kara almost killed them three times on the drive up.
    Kara: That possum came out of nowhere.

    Episode 7 - "Wake Up" 
  • M'yrnn asking Winn for permission to go to the bathroom...for the first time after three weeks!
    • M'yrnn is calm and serious as he asks for permission...and as soon as Winn gives it, he gasps "Thank you!" and scampers off fast.
  • J'onn phases Kara and Winn through several hundred feet of rock to get to the alien ship.
    Winn: Oh my God, that was horrible...that was amazing...can we do that all the time?

    Episode 8 - "Crisis On Earth X, Part 1" 

    Episode 9 - "Reign" 
  • J'onn drives everyone crazy by insisting on playing "Jingle Bell Rock" over and over.
    J'onn: If my father learns nothing else this holiday season, he will learn about Hall and Oates!
  • M'yrnn sips hot cocoa.
    M'yrnn: J'onn, I do not know why you introduced me to coffee first. This brown water is vastly superior!
  • When M'yrnn compares Christmas to the Martian holiday Life Day, Winn thinks he's talking about the holiday from The Star Wars Holiday Special and excitedly talks about several scenes from it, then his face falls when he realizes M'yrnn has no idea what he is talking about. Then J'onn reveals he is a fan as he claims The Empire Strikes Back is the best sequel ever. M'yrnn then asks what a sequel is.
  • Lena brushes off nearly being shot as "my quarterly assassination attempt."
  • Reign and Supergirl's epic battle crashes them into an office building Christmas party. It's a brutal Kryptonian death match... as "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" plays. An Ass-Kicking Christmas perfectly epitomized.

    Episode 10 - "Legion of Super-Heroes" 
  • Brainiac 5 showing up inside Kara's coma. Just the baffled look on her face seeing a blue-skinned alien standing in front of her door. Then his babbling about meeting her in person and her dragging him in when he calls her "Supergirl."
  • Brainy's reaction to Kara calling being trapped in this state torture.
    Brainy: Of all the four million, two hundred and thirty seven thousand, two hundred and sixty-four versions of our first meeting I envisioned, you calling it "torture"... wasn't one of them.
  • When Lena is wondering where Kara is, James fumbles and says she has a really bad flu. He then continues to stammer and fumble his way through the conversation, leading to him suggesting that Lana bring Kara a lot of soup. The second she's out of sight, he runs to his phone to tell Winn that they have a new problem.
  • Following the above, J'onn has to impersonate Kara so Lena won't suspect anything. Misery for him, comedy gold for the audience.
    J'onn as Kara, but in his own voice: [in a tone just like a Grumpy Old Man] The indignity...
    • When Lena comes by, J'onn puts zero effort into it—he refers to James as "Olsen" and his charade just screams "I'm so done with this shit" and you can tell how disgusted he is with having to do girl talk with Lena about how good a kisser James is.
      • Even better, Lena doesn't suspect anything since James told her that Kara was sick with the flu, and she chalks everything up to a fever-induced delirium.
    • Alex asks J'onn if he's ready to face Reign.
    J'onn: I just had a conversation about James Olsen's extraordinary kissing ability. This will be a Sunday picnic.
    • When Alex tells Kara about it, Kara's response is to laugh her ass off.
  • Twice in the episode, Mon-El talks about Bon Jovi being one of his treasured artifacts of the 21st century. Later on, Reign is tearing her way through the prison and pauses to speak with Coville when she notices him using a Kryptonian prayer. Then, before she can decide what to do with him, she hears, on a distant PA system, "Livin' On A Prayer". (Aside from being hilariously awesome, the scene might also double as a Shout-Out to the "Shoot to Thrill" scene in The Avengers.)
  • Brainy piloting the Legion's ship during their battle with Reign bleeds over into his representation in Kara's mind. She's concerned, so he insists all is well because his brilliance allows him to multitask, and juggles oranges while doing the nearby crossword to demonstrate. It falls apart instantly when the representation yells at Mon-El to watch out.

     Episode 11 - "Fort Rozz" 
  • Livewire is in fine form.
    • Just the sight of her in a pink waitress uniform.
    • When Kara says she needs someone "to watch my back," Livewire can't stop laughing hysterically.
    • She has absolutely no memory of Winn helping her constantly back when she was working for Cat.
    • She calls Mon-El "Cosplay."
    • She and Psi meeting up.
      Psi: You have a problem?
      Livewire: Ninety-nine but you ain't one.
  • Brainy spends the entire episode disgusted at the DEO's technology, which is horrifically primitive from his perspective.
    Brainy: I've seen espresso machines with more processing power.
  • At the end of the episode, Mon-El gives Kara some heartfelt advice. She takes a second, then laughs because she didn't expect it to actually be good advice.
  • Crossing over between funny, heartwarming, and awesome, Alex pretends to be a FBI agent to scare a girl who was bullying Ruby.
    Ruby: There's also this girl down the street who pushed me one time—
    Alex: Don't push your luck, kid.

    Episode 12 - "For Good" 
  • When trying to track down Reign by checking Kryptonian signatures, Winn squees over the fact that he knows where Superman is.
  • Lillian and Lena reunite.
    Lillian: Do you know of any other mother who would kill for her daughter?
    Lena: No, I don't. That's probably a good thing for society.
  • Winn sees Lillian in the armor.
    Winn: Is that the Lexosuit? That is awesome! [sees Alex glaring at him] Gonna be awesome when Supergirl destroys that thing!

    Episode 13 - "Both Sides Now" 
  • Supergirl and the DEO squad enter to find Julia sitting cross-legged on the floor, eyes closed as she listens on headphones. When Kara taps to open her eyes, Julia reacts about as you'd expect someone to find a super-heroine and a squad of armed gunmen in her living room.
  • Winn squee-ing over helping Mon-El fix up his ship with a battery from J'onn's ship.
    Winn: Can I touch it?
    J'onn: No.
  • Alex interrupting Purity's overly-long introduction:
    Purity: I am the scalding light. I am the flood that sweeps away sins. I am the word and cry of justice—
    Alex: Yeah, would you mind just condensing that a little bit?
    Kara: Alex.
    Alex: It's long.

     Episode 14 - "Schott Through the Heart" 
  • The episode starts with the gang lined up as Kara gives them a speech of steeling themselves as if for battle...and it turns out to be karaoke night with Kara cutting into The Beastie Boys.
  • At the DEO, My'rnn comes up to J'onn asking for money, since he ordered pizza, the guards tackled the delivery guy when he showed up, and My'rnn feels like he deserves a really big tip.
  • The DEO is attacked by...a horde of metallic fighting monkeys.
    James: I am so glad I don't work here.
    • And after they manage to beat them all back, Winn's mother can only ask "This is your job? This is?!"
    • Kara tells Mary that, on her day-do-day experiences, "attacked by flying monkeys" is only a 2.
      Kara: Does that make you feel better?
      Mary: Very much so.
  • Winn can't believe his mother is just strolling around a top-secret government lab.
    Mary: Oh, no one cares! [to various workers] Do they pay you enough to care? No? You should unionize!
  • Winn and James are being chased by a flamethrower-bearing car.
    Winn: Thing on our twelves!
    James: That's our six!
    Winn: Under a lot of pressure right now!
  • We see that Mon-El may have some skills but singing is not one of them.
  • Mary's reaction to Winn nearly being strangled? "You need to get that checked for infection, when was your last tetanus shot?" like any overprotective mother.

     Episode 15 - "In Search of Lost Time" 
  • Apparently, J'onn had an Imaginary Friend named "Zook" when he was a child.
  • My'rnn is mocked for using his powers to win a game of Charades like shape-shifting into an astronaut outfit. He responds by noting J'onn was a real cheater.
  • The whole team is surprised when Kara carefully takes off her shirt rather than her usual button-ripping, to which she retorts she really likes this one.
  • At the bar, Kara is thrown into a nearby arcade game.
    Kara: I had the high score on that!
  • Kara ending her fight with the Kalanorian in a photo booth. Then keeping the pictures.
  • My'rnn trolling J'onn by asking him where Zook went.
  • Winn enters.
    Winn: I have done something amazing!
    Kara: Did you find Pestilence?
    Winn: I have done something okay.
  • Winn freaking out when, in the midst of the whole DEO going crazy, Pam from HR comes after him with murder in her eyes.

     Episode 16 - "Of Two Minds" 
  • Brainy has taken to using an image inducer to make himself look human after "nearly causing a riot at the Piggly-Wiggly" getting some apple cider.
    • Winn walks in, takes one look, and knows instantly it's Brainy. And wants to know if he can borrow the inducer for Halloween.
    • To add context to the above, Alex and J'onn both pull their guns while Kara gets ready for a fight when the disguised Brainy walks in, and need to be told by Mon-El to stand down. Winn, however, stares at him for a second or two, then casually says "Oh, hi, Brainy." And then goes back telling the others what he came to tell them. Their surprised expressions scream: "How the hell did you figure it out?!"
  • When Winn is infected, he trolls Brainy by claiming Freddy Kruger scratched him. Brainy, of course, has no idea who that is and excitedly suggests they start looking for him.
  • Brainy has no idea what social media is, because it's long-extinct by his time. According to Mon-El, it was a rather short-lived fad.

     Episode 17 - "Trinity" 
  • A powerless Kara marches with Lena and Alex through the forest.
    Kara: Is this what it's like for humans to exercise? Why would you ever exercise?
  • Winn shows off the magnets on Alex's new suit by pulling Brainy's Legion ring over to him. Brainy is not amused:
    Brainy: That ring costs more than this entire ship. Also, that hurt!

    Episode 18 - "Shelter From the Storm" 
  • Brainy proudly tells Winn that he has reevaluated Winn to be a 1.42 level intellect (compared to the human 1.0, and Brainy's own 12.0). Winn is less than grateful.
    • In the same scene, Brainy gives Winn a gift of dirt (future dirt, from 31st century Earth), then ends up throwing shade at the New York Mets.
      Brainy: [...] I ran a diagnostic of your personality and calculated with a 98.7% certainty that you either collected dirt[scoffs] —or New York Mets baseball cards. And judging from the last 783 uninterrupted Major League seasons, I figured dirt was more likely to hold its value.
    • Brainy and Winn then try a truly awkward "bro-hug."

    Episode 19 - "The Fanatical" 
  • When Tanya is gushing about Guardian, she assures them that she's not going to start a religion.

    Episode 21 - "Not Kansas" 
  • Guardian playing basketball in full armor, being bored of no crimes being committed. He even talks with Winn in his distorted voice over the com.

     Episode 22 - "Make It Reign" 
  • Winn asks Agent Demos to punch him in order to test out the force field he's created.
    Demos: Finally!
    Winn: Seriously, you're not even going to ask—?
    • Demos is disappointed the punch has no effect and "it's not as satisfying as I imagined. And I imagined it a lot."
  • To communicate with Earth, Kara talks through the AI hologram of Alura. Winn, naturally, is thinking this is some sort of malfunction and trying to "test" her as Alex shuts him up.

Season 4

     Episode 1 - "American Alien" 
  • Brainy thought that Alex's request to "give a heads-up" when the President arrived meant it was okay to tell her when the President literally showed up and not a moment sooner.
  • Kara's first meeting with Nia who babbles constantly, tripping over her words and just in awe of being in Kara's presence.
    Kara: Oh my God. You're me.
    • Special mention to Nia texting Ms. Danvers in the middle of babbling...and exactly one second later, Kara pulls out her phone, checks it, and puts it back with a smile on her face as Nia continues to babble without noticing a thing.
  • Mercy's brother is knocking nun-chucks against a hard drive.
    Mercy: That thing hits my hard drive, it'll be family vacation 1996 all over again. Only this time, the paramedics won't be there to resuscitate you.
  • Brainy's attempt to teach Alex a lesson by dressing up like Winn.
  • Kara gives Nia a great pep talk. James notes how this was an almost perfect recreation of Cat, down to "chop-chop," which amazes Kara.

     Episode 2 - "Fallout" 
  • An otherwise-tense scene of Mercy's forces attacking L-Corp is made funny by Kara's utter frustration at how she can't get away to become Supergirl, thanks to Lena's insistence on keeping her close to "keep her safe." Oh, the irony.
    • Lena gives Kara special earplugs to protect from sonic attacks. When Lena turns away, Kara throws up her hands helplessly and just pockets them.
    • That's followed by Kara using her powers in secret to block bullets and other bits without anyone realizing it, including knocking herself back with a super-sneeze.
    • When Eve hot-wires a door shut, Kara and Lena just stare in disbelief.
    • When Lena finally tells Kara to run and hide, Kara gives a downright relieved "okay" so she can finally come back in costume.

     Episode 4 - "Ahimsa" 
  • Lena and Brainy are both surprised that Brainy is crying, but Lena is clearly surprised he can cry at all.
    Brainy: I'm not a robot. I'm techno-organic. I have feelings. These are tears of logic!

     Episode 5 - "Parasite Lost" 
  • In the opening scene, the team are having a party, and Brainy accidentally gets drunk after not realizing that the drinks have alcohol in them.
    Brainy: [salutes Lena and James with his glass] Long live the Legion! [falls unconscious]
  • We also learn that his attempts to woo Nia have stalled because he completely misunderstood her teasingly telling him to look her up. He managed to find out her address, her phone number, and even her favorite restaurants, but didn't realize that he was supposed to call her. Alex hurries to reassure Nia that he isn't as stalkery as he seems.

     Episode 6 - "Call to Action" 
  • Brainy beating up a bunch of Children of Liberty in a comedic way, coupled with completely unfitting music.
    Brainy: I will be forced to beat you up... with physics.
  • Alex and Kara trying to get Brainy to understand that saying they don't want him investigating the Children of Liberty means they really do. He proceeds to announce he will investigate "in total secrecy" in a loud voice.
  • Brainy tries to figure out a code in the Children of Liberty leaflets. The best result is..."ham sandwich." Which he believes is indeed a serious plot point.
  • A completely random but wild moment:
    Supergirl: Alex...there's a dragon on Main Street.
    Alex: That's what I get for making a Harry Potter reference.
    • Just the idea the dragon had been the pet lizard for a little girl all this time.
    • Alex's Harry Potter reference? Saying that if Colonel Hayley went "any more Dolores Umbridge," then Alex was going to "pull a full-on Weasley twin." Just picture Alex Danvers setting off fireworks in the DEO, that should bring a smile to your face.
      • Just picture Alex Danvers enjoying Harry Potter!

     Episode 7 - "Rather the Fallen Angel" 
  • Kara is, once again, a terrible cook.
    Alex: You know you can't cook turkey three times, right?
    Kara: It's accumulating flavor.
  • J'onn shows up at Kara's with take-out, since he knew she'd be cooking. Alex is relieved, and Kara just throws up her hands in defeat.
  • Brainy mentions that the dangerous alien explosive that the Children of Liberty stole is table salt on some planets.

     Episode 8 - "Bunker Hill" 
  • Brainy tries to be suave in front of Nia. Keyword being "tries."
    Brainy: Hey, girl.
    [He leans on Nia's kitchen counter, only to slip and fall on the floor]
    Brainy: [off-screen] I'm okay!
  • Nia compares this small town to The Purge. Brainy knows all about it.
    Kara: You said you were watching the classics.
    Brainy: And?
  • Nia complains about them being abducted.
    Kara: Reporting 101—when you get kidnapped, you're on the right track.
    Nia: That doesn't make any sense!
    Kara: Tell that to Lois Lane.
    Nia: Who?
    Brainy: It's very simple. We bide our time and then spring into actions using our super— [Kara glares at him] kung-fu. In which we have many belts in an aggressive rainbow of colors.
    • Even funnier because most martial arts systems either don't have belts, or have darker colors for more advanced students (usually red, blue, and brown, with black of course being the highest). Not exactly a "rainbow!"
  • Kara tries to subtly point out the anti-alien folks following them. Naturally, Brainy turns around to point right at them.
  • Kara tries to talk Manchester out of killing Lockwood. Manchester has a retort ready:
    Manchester: The intolerant left.

    Episode 9 - "Elseworlds, Hour Three" 

    Episode 10 - "Suspicious Minds" 
  • Kara and Lena working out at a gym. Well, Lena is; Kara is trying to fake it and accidentally tears off one of the adjustment buttons on her stationary bike.
  • Brainy trying to ask Nia out in a very awkward way. And then he hangs up before they can make plans. And then it turns out to be just a meeting to ask Nia to join Supergirl in her heroics.
  • Brainy uses a special mental trick to forget Kara's identity for an interview. When Alex asks if he'll eventually remember Kara is Supergirl, Brainy openly scoffs "Your sister? With the glasses...oh, right."

    Episode 11 - "Blood Memory" 
  • The tone of utter disgust Brainy uses when he says "frat bros," insinuating he barely recognizes them as human.
  • The heroes end up shoving a human-disguised Brainy into their cell to get information out of them. A master actor he is not, as his attempts to fit in involve striking the Captain Morgan Pose while discussing how he "scored some of that...sweet, sweet rage candy."
  • Kara doesn't quite grasp how calling Alex by her first name as Supergirl is something Alex finds irritating.
  • Nia unloads to Kara on how she has no idea what it's like to be suddenly gifted alien superpowers which your human sister is jealous of. The look on Kara's face...

    Episode 12 - "Menagerie" 
  • Brainy is so distracted by his date with Nia that, for the first time, he legitimately loses focus. Alex catches him shopping for gifts using the DEO's main screen.
  • When Alex says Kara shouldn't be at a crime scene, Kara starts to say she's been at plenty...then remembers Alex doesn't know she's Supergirl anymore so backtracks "for my job." This leads to Kara trying to "accidentally" find a safe via X-Ray Vision and J'onn acting surprised at her "good find."
  • Apparently, Alex was very... prolific in her dating after she broke up with Maggie. So much so that, when she sees one of her previous hookups at Nia's party, she can't remember who the woman is even after being told.
  • At the party, Brainy is found hiding in a closet from Nia's roommate who "thinks every song is her 'jam.'"
  • When confronted in her apartment, Menagerie unleashes snakes on J'onn, Kara, Alex, and Brainy. As the others deal with them, Brainy uses his Legion ring to leap to the ceiling, yelling that he hates snakes.

     Episode 13 - "So What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?" 
  • Nia talks to Kara about a "study trip" as a cover for her training. Kara says they have to keep "low profile" about this. Cue meeting Brainy in the most outlandish "tourist" disguise imaginable.
  • Somehow, Brainy and Kelex have met and hate each other.
    Brainy: Hello, Kleenex.
    Kelex: It's Kelex, Querl.
  • Manchester is doing a video feed when Menagerie complains about him holding the camera at a low angle.
  • The Elite are playing cards, with Hat obviously using his powers to cheat.
    Manchester: Gin.
    Hat: Don't mind if I do, mate. [pulls a gin bottle from his hat]
  • Manchester, in his video address, notes that Supergirl is probably watching indignantly with her hands on her hips. The camera cuts to Kara, who looks disgruntled. And has her hands on her hips.

     Episode 14 - "Stand and Deliver" 
  • The Elite march out of a diner.
  • Nia threatens Menagerie with a light ball and Kara stops her.
    Nia: I thought that you said being a superhero was showing strength.
    Supergirl: I meant more "hands on hips", not "screaming in face."

     Episode 15 - "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" 
  • A dark example comes in the opening flashback where Lex is monologuing to a captive Lena when a Metropolis PD helicopter arrives and orders him to surrender. Lex rolls his eyes in annoyance at the interruption and presses his watch, setting off an explosion that destroys the helicopter. Then he asks "Where was I?"
  • Lena finds Lex on the ground with a guard pushing him around.
    Lex: Forgive him, he knows not what he does. He's on a government salary.
    • Even funnier when it turns out the "guard" is Otis in disguise and this is just Lex trolling his sister.
  • After James recovers, Kelly receives a call from their mother and everyone present decides to vacate the room, with James pleading with them to stay.
  • Lex screaming for "MISS TESSMACHER!!!" just like in Superman: The Movie.
    • He shouts it. It's quite literally a Shout Out.
  • Otis calling Lena a "real smarty two-shoes."
  • More Black Comedy courtesy of Lex: The ending scene where Lex, cured of his cancer, triumphantly strolls out of his mansion with Otis by his side, only to be confronted by DOC officers. He then proceeds to set off explosions, moving his arms like a conductor, all the while Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik plays. It's sort of like Damien Darhk's "Return of the Mack" rampage in the same-titled episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

     Episode 16 - "The House of L" 
  • During his encounter with Supergirl, Lex dons his iconic Lexosuit in the midst of falling through the air...only for Supergirl to quickly curb-stomp him, causing the suit to fall off.
  • Lex continues to serve up more Black Comedy when, at his trial, he is asked to explain why he committed his crimes in a flashback:
  • As Lex's thirty-one life sentences are being announced, nearly everyone in courtroom, including the judge, start coughing and dying, while Lex just stands there bored.
    Lex: Let's make it thirty-two.
  • Lex runs the prison by giving the warden NBA tickets and supplying the entire place with lobster.
    • He's also carved a massive drawing of Hannibal crossing the Alps on the wall of his cell.
      Warden: What does it represent?
      Lex: Boredom.
  • Lex Luthor does not escape prison. He checks out like it's a hotel with his private jet standing by and comes back in 72 hours.
    Lex: Prison is the best alibi ever invented.
  • Lex and Red Daughter visit National City and disguise themselves. Lex, naturally, dons a truly horrendous wig.
  • Eve tries to get Red Daughter on track after she talks of loving America.
    Eve: Oh, no, you are not going to go all apple-pie eating, flag-waving Phillip Jennings on me!
    • She tells Lex that Red Daughter is "going to Star Spangle you right out of your plan for world domination!"
  • Otis saving Mikhail because even he wouldn't kill a child? Kinda heartwarming. Telling him to lie down and pretend to be dead if he ever sees a bald man? Hilarious.
  • Just the matter-of-fact way Lex announces "I have to give myself cancer!" as if it's the most logical course of action imaginable. Eve's face is what sells it.

     Episode 17 - "All About Eve" 
  • Supergirl tries to make peace with the DEO by showing up... with donuts. Hailey grudgingly appreciates it.
  • Lena notes how Eve is following Lex out of love.
  • Eve is talking very slowly and loudly to Red Daughter.
    Red Daughter: I speak English better than you.

     Episode 18 - "Crime and Punishment" 
  • Lena has no empathy for the warden Lex has been bribing.
    Warden: I only turned a blind eye—and I only did that after he threatened to kill me!
    Lena: Oh please, he does that to everyone.
  • Brainy yelling "No one is more clandestine than I! NO ONE!"
  • Brainy detailing his plan to get the database.
    Brainy: From studying Ethan Hunt, Master of the impossible mission, the obvious answer to bypass the guards will be subterfuge.
  • Hammered by a Kryptonite-powered Otis, Supergirl swiftly changes into Kara and claims "Supergirl just left."
    Kara: I was doing an article on prison reform. Maybe you'd care to comment?
    Otis: I don't trust the press. They always parachute into crisis like this without any context for the larger systemic issues at play.
    • That whole scene in general really, for being a Hurricane of Puns, and him fighting her in a wrestling arena and dinging the bell with a weight he's holding instead of using it as a weapon, then picking up two smaller weights
  • Just Supergirl threatening Steve for info gets her nowhere. Five seconds at meeting Kara, Steve is a fan gushing to her.

     Episode 19 - "American Dreamer" 
  • Even out of costume, Kara can't stop helping as when a man steals a woman's purse and Kara "accidentally" elbows him in the face so the cops can arrest him, apologizing for her "clumsiness" the whole time.
  • During the attack on CatCo, Franklin backs into a Child of Liberty and elbows him. Kara quickly finishes him off, but covers by pretending it was Franklin.
    Kara: Franklin! You saved me!
    Franklin: ...I did?

     Episode 20 - "Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?" 
  • At the start of the episode, Kara is trying to convince Lena to let her go to Kaznia alone.
    Kara: I think it would just be better, faster, if I flew alone. Commercial.
    Lena: I designed this jet myself. There's no faster way to fly.
    Kara: [suffering tone] Right.
  • Kara tries to butter up Eve by saying she's obviously the love of Lex's life, and surely he told her everything. Lena can't help but scoff, but Eve eats it up.
  • Nia is very enthusiastic about testing James' new superpowers. James is... less so.
    Nia: [holds up a giant hammer] I'm gonna hit you with this and see what happens.
    • Also, James completely blase about being set on fire.
  • The fact Lena is so intent on landing the plane, she never even notices Kara has left her seat to secretly help.
    • Kara's laughable "passed out" act to fool Lena.
  • "Snake on a plane." - Lena Luthor, everybody!

     Episode 21 - "Red Dawn" 
  • In the middle of a planning session for dealing with Lex and saving the aliens, Brainy declares that he will tell Nia he loves her. Lena and Alex are taken aback, but supportive.
  • In the same planning session Lena says that Lex is going to invade America.
    Brainy: What?!
    Alex: You should've led with that.
    • Then Lena adds that Lex has a clone of Supergirl.
      Alex: What?!
      Brainy: You should've led with that.
  • Lena slaps a baby truth seeker on Lillian to make sure she can't lie, then tests it.
    Lena: My middle-school boyfriend, Taylor.
    Lillian: I paid him fourteen thousand dollars to never speak to you again. [looks surprised]
    Lena: I knew it.
  • Lillian gets irritated that Lena is constantly taking digs at her.
    Lillian: Can't you just waterboard me like a normal person?!
  • Brainy impersonating Ben Lockwood. Hilarious and facepalm-worthy at the same time.
  • Nia suggesting the Wookiee Gambit and J'onn taking a dig at a Running Gag for this season: "Why does everyone think it's a good idea to get captured?"

     Episode 22 - "The Quest For Peace" 
  • Though Lex claims he's above gloating, he spends a good chunk of the episode doing exactly that after he brings Lena and Lillian to the White House.
    Lex: As another world leader once said, "I don't see why men shouldn't be as cruel as nature."
    Lillian: Try not to quote Hitler in public, dear. It'll hurt the brand.
  • After Lex and Eve leave, Lillian mentions that she poisoned the tea, and Lex would be dead by now if he had actually drank any. Lena is impressed.
  • Lex joyously singing along with a song as he flies around in his Lexosuit.
  • Lex is shocked that Supergirl is still alive, and complains about her and Superman always surviving. He sounds especially annoyed when he mentions their "perfect hair."
    • Even funnier when you remember that he's bald—he's probably jealous.

Season 5

     Episode 1 - "Event Horizon" 
  • Brainy and Nia's disagreement over who's the best movie villain of all time.
    • Crossing over with heartwarming, there's Alex and Kelly agreeing that Hans Gruber is the best villain, and Alex expressing affectionate delight on finding out.
  • Lena mercilessly trolling Kara by giving a whole speech about how Kara is such a better person than her who would never keep secrets. You all know she deserves it.
  • Supergirl falls on a poster with Lex's picture on it and says "Ew."
  • Brainy acting like Kara's cape being destroyed is a huge issue with Alex dryly noting she almost forgot "the whole three solar systems being destroyed thing."
    Brainy: This is no time for sarcasm! No matter how dry or well-crafted!
  • Brainy notes how the cape is specially designed for tight flying.
    Brainy: And believe me when a Farfarmniflatch is pursuing you across the poisonous prison pits of Takron-Galtos, you'll wish for the heady days of yore when your cape allowed for a sharp right turn, oh yes!
  • Kara is overjoyed to see that Brainy's new outfit for her includes pants.note 
  • Right before the final battle with Midnight, Team Supergirl quickly changes into their superhero outfits...except Alex, who only takes off her heels and asks "How do you guys change so fast?!"
  • Kara asks J'onn to shapeshift into her and go to the award ceremony. Brainy gleefully mentions how fun it is to see J'onn impersonating Kara (perfectly echoing the audience's thoughts).

     Episode 2 - "Stranger Beside Me" 
  • Nia tells Brainy how much she loves a certain meal. Naturally, he has 35 boxes worth sent to the office.
    • And Kara has to snag a couple for herself while working on a story.
  • Just the sight of Brainy giving Alex relationship advice.

     Episode 3 - "Blurred Lines" 
  • Brainy has taken to wooing Nia with lavish poetry. She has taken to using a blow dryer to drown him out.
  • Alex chastises Kara for considering breaking into a military base for Lena, and Brainy for using DEO resources to help Kara with something. Kara arches an eyebrow.
    Kara: I just want to point out... who do you think we learned all this rule breaking from?

     Episode 4 - "In Plain Sight" 
  • Brainy literally grits his teeth asking Lena for help.

     Episode 5 - "Dangerous Liasons" 
  • Kara tells Alex that Kelly is going to get her an anniversary gift.
    Alex: She doesn't need to get me...
    Kara: I told her the Schadel XG-1000 motorcycle helmet in small, matte black.
    Alex: God, I love you.
  • Kara and William trying to carry on a secret talk while at the coffee cart at the office. No attention is drawn to it, but Kara puts a lot of sugar in her coffee.
  • What trigger phrase did Brainy program in? "Pop quiz, hotshot."

     Episode 7 - "Tremors" 
  • Brainy is happy that "thanks to selfie culture," they have a line on Rhama Khan.
  • This.
    M'yrnn: Malefic is here.
    J'onn: You mean here [tapping head] in my mind?
    M'yrnn: No. He's across town.
  • Kara is confused at how small a Lex device is. When Lena says it was meant to fit under his "many human hair wigs", Kara drops it in disgust.
  • Brainy "uninhibited" is a sight.
    Brainy: Great Scott! Of course! Tuesday, croissant, pilates, Tuesday....Leviathan headquarters is in National City!
  • Also, there's just something about dead-serious J'onn unironically referring to Rama Khan as an "earth bender."

     Episode 8 - "The Wrath of Rama Khan" 
  • At the end of the episode, it's revealed that the Monitor has brought Lex Back from the Dead to help save the universe from the oncoming Crisis. Lex is seen playing chess against himself in the Monitor's lair. He sounds bored when he says "Checkmate, again." When the Monitor arrives, Lex advises "I dunno if anyone's told you, but the feng shui of this place is a bit stale."

     Episode 9 - "Crisis on Infinite Earths Hour One" 

     Episode 10 - "The Bottle Episode" 
  • Kara's dismay at watching a commercial her "older" self made with Lex and Lena and the idea of how she and Lex were actually friends.
  • Lena learning she's now on an Earth where she and Lex are trusted partners. "So, I'm in Hell."
  • The two Brainys meeting, arguing about who's real and rolling on the ground fighting while Nia just stares in disbelief. Notably, the Brainys try to drag one another to the DEO for questioning, but end up handcuffing themselves to each other. When they arrive to the DEO, they are without handcuffs. And without Nia.
    Alex: I know I'm gonna regret asking this question, but which of you is my Brainy?
    Both Brainys: [incredibly offended] How could you seriously ask that?!
  • Hell, just the various Brainys from a female version to one laid back and hopeful to one acting like Winn are comedy gold.
    • The "Bro Brainy" moans about this being like a "situation with some crabs" years ago and all the others reply "terrible experience."
  • When Lex summons Kara and Alex to his office, they have matching "blugh" expressions.
  • One Brainy finds a Cymbal-Banging Monkey doll in the Lost and Found box of Al's bar, and exclaims, "What fun!" Prime-Brainy scowls and takes the monkey away.
  • Kara's reaction to hearing the alternate Earth version of the Kryptonian witches are "tourists" who are reduced to fortunetelling.

     Episode 11 - "Back From the Future - Part 1" 
  • Toyman chuckling on Lex Luthor "being a funny name."
  • Lex is annoyed no one is buying his action figure. "I expected it to be a collector's item..."
  • Lex remembers William.
    William: I covered you before.
    Lex: I remember that piece. You called me fat.
    William: I believe it was "bloated ego."
  • Lex unable not to openly mock Kara on her "good friend, Supergirl" and Kara fighting not to erupt in public.
  • Kara and Alex's epic eye roll moans when Winn calls Lex a "hero."
  • Kara geeking out on J'onn's new secret HQ
    Kara: Is that a secret elevator?
  • Winn goes "how bad can it be?" on the pre-Crisis world. Gilligan Cut to him vomiting.
    Winn: And James runs a small-town newspaper and mentors children, that's adorable!
  • When Kara is worried about putting William in danger investigating Lex, Winn just laughs on how "you put me in danger like every day!"

     Episode 12 - "Back from the Future - Part 2" 
  • The revelation Winn's Legion code-name is..."Computer Lad."
  • The "WTF?" looks on Alex and Brainy when Lex calls on a good old-fashioned land-line telephone. Also, just the fact that Lex Luthor installed an old-fashioned landlines telephone in the DEO (as well as his office) just in case all other means of communication were mysteriously offline.
  • As Brainy charges out to distract the Lexosuits, he yells "LEEROOOOOOOOYYY... JEEEEEENNNNKKKIIIINNSS!"

     Episode 13 - "It's A Super Life" 
  • The revelation that the handsome, dashing Mr. Mxyzptlk we met in season 2 was all just a cover for the quirky, older, less handsome Mxy. ("Oh, I miss that hair...")
  • Mxy sending J'onn and Alex to enjoy a game of paintball.
  • Seeing Kara not trusting him, Mxy says that "by court order," he has to give Kara a recording of himself saying his name backward, which will send him back to the 5th Dimension "at any time you want.." Kara barely has the recorder in her hands for two seconds before she hits "play" with Mxy having a wonderful "should have seen that coming" reaction before vanishing.
  • As she watches herself lie to Lena, Kara announces that she's awful. Mxy agrees, and she shoots him a look.
    Mxy: What? I'm just agreeing with you.
  • When watching Kara die in the first timeline, Mxy snuggles up to Kara and sniffles like he's watching a tragic movie. They also share a box of tissues.
  • She tells Mxy to "beam me up," and he tells her they'll have to work on a catchphrase.
  • Just before sending Kara to meet Mon-El, Mxy muses "I never understood what you saw in him..."
  • In a Take That, Us moment, Mxy literally skims over much of the events of season 3 as not that important.
    Mxy: So much exposition...
  • Mxy explains that his "Mxyflyx" is too busy buffering to get to Kara's first meeting with Lena. Luckily, he has "Betamyx," which is an old-school video cassette collection.
  • Mxy going into Large Ham mode, pretending to be a old-school radio newscaster, with an attire to boot.
    Mxy:: Only months after publicly declaring their partnership, the formidable duo of Supergirl and Lena Luthor has already cleaned up National City's criminal element. This pair is literally unstoppable! Not to mention fashionable, after Lena convinced Supergirl to cut the hair of steel, and gave her a new suit to boot! But their next adversary is Lillian Luthor herself, and this time, their battleground is a courtroom! Emotions! Drama! Will they persevere?!
    Kara: Mxy, can you please take this seriously?
    Mxy: Take it seriously, because every party needs a pooper, and that's why we invited Kara!
    Kara: Really?
    Mxy: If we're gonna take the fun out of stuff, let's really do it.
  • The revelation The Hat's hat belonged to Mxy and he lost it in a card game.
  • Lena says disbelievingly that she was fooled by a pair of glasses. Kara tells her not to worry about it.

     Episode 14 - "The Bodyguard" 
  • Alex moaning on how this is the first time in eight years she's been out in public without her gun.
  • "Earnest Brainy" (as he was called in the script) makes a brief but delightful reappearance, punctuated by him putting on a pair of round, green sunglasses and calling attention to our Brainy's "nice haircut", blowing him a kiss after he does so. In response, Prime Brainy tells him to shut up and summons him back to his life projector.

     Episode 17 - Deus Lex Machina 
  • Lex's combination of amusement and annoyance at first of being a hero in this world.
  • The fact that Lillian A) is totally okay with the entire "rewriting reality" story and B) is actually the one who points out to Lex that throwing away his new standing just to get Superman and Supergirl is completely idiotic.

     Episode 19 - "Immortal Kombat" 
  • A lot about the opening strategy session.
    • Nia compares the strategy to the opening chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Kara tells her that's a terrible analogy, since Hedwig and Moody died in that chapter. M'gann gives them her condolences for their fellow warriors who had died fighting the good fight against Leviathan and Kara hastily tries to explain (before J'onn puts a stop to the digression and giving the plan - meaning M'gann probably still thinks they're actual fallen heroes).
    • Part of said plan is for J'onn and M'gann to pretend to be Supergirl in different places to divide Leviathan's attention. They don't disguise their voices right away, so we have David Harewood's voice coming from cute li'l Kara's face, even as he's giving orders. Bonus points for him complaining about Kara's suit chafing...
      J’onn: No, no. No way. Absolutely not! I can tell those pants will chafe.
      [cuts to J’onn looking himself over as Kara in the mirror]
      J’onn: Ugh. Bleurgh. I was right.
      • Especially funny that he mentioned in Series 1 that the skirt was "surprisingly comfortable."
    • Finally, there's Kara squealing at the top of her lungs (and having everyone come running, fearing an emergency) when Alex shows off her new super-suit. And again, J'onn still looks like Kara but sounds like himself as he runs to the rescue, sees what's actually happening, and says "Oh. It was a scream of delight. Thank Hronmeer.")

Season 6

    Episode 1 - "Rebirth" 
  • Kara offers to give Lex what he's always wanted. Lex questions what exactly she means.
    Lex: And don't say hair, that's a low-hanging fruit.
  • Lillian objects to Lex killing Lena, to which Lex childishly replies Lena killed him first.
  • How does Lex celebrate his murder of Supergirl? By raiding the Fortress' weapons vault and dancing as Queen's "We Are the Champions" plays on the soundtrack. He even imitates a cheering crowd.
  • Dreamer's attempt to shoot Lex fails, capped off with Lex's reaction.
  • Lena interrupts Lex's evil monologue by decking him in the face.
    Lena: [to Alex] Sorry, did you want to do that?
    Alex: No, family first.

     Episode 3: "Phantom Menaces" 
  • While it ends poorly, Lena screwing with Lex by taking an entire slush fund and donating it to a children's hospital in his name.
    Lex: Taking something perfectly illegal and making it legal!

     Episode 5: "Prom Night!" 
  • Nia relates her mother forced her and her sister to write full essays on how terrible "Wasssssup!" was.
    • When Past!Kara and company show up, guess what Nia says.
  • Brainy's idea of what is a perfect 2009 prom dress for Nia is...questionable. As in she looks like she walked out of a 1980s music video.
    • Even funnier if you remember that in her introductory appearance, Nia insisted that she loved fashion.
  • That even before she became a media mogul, Cat Grant had her obsession with coffee.
  • Nia complaining about the cold night with "I guess climate change wasn't real then."
  • Past!Kara tells Brainy and Nia, who she hasn't met yet, that she's an alien, much to Past!Alex's horror.
  • Their pathetic excuse of knowing Kara's name with "we're psychic from...Psyconian." And their names are Brandon and Brenda.
  • Brainy's attempts to "fit in" at Midvale High result in him getting roped into glee club, math club, drama club, and the baseball team, all in one day.
  • Tork's crimes include, according to the DEO database, illegal killing of endangered alien species and horrible taste in sequin shirts.
  • Nia tells Brainy that she has a song that she likes to sing to cheer herself up whenever she gets down. That song? "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton.

     Episode 6: "Prom Again!" 
  • The fact CJ still calls Kara "Keera."
  • Brainy talking about the plan.
    Brainy: Don't worry, we have a twenty percent chance of success!
    Nia: ...That's an eighty percent chance of failure!
    Brainy: Yes, it's terrible.

     Episode 7: "Fear Knot" 
  • Amid an otherwise dark episode, there's how Brainy's deepest fear is...balloons.
    J'onn: I don't have time to unpack all that.

     Episode 10 - "Still I Rise" 
  • Supergirl and Brainiac 5's cringey PSA about eating your vegetables.

     Episode 11 - "Mxy in the Middle" 
  • Mxy explains the backstory of Nxy...all to a cover of "I Will Survive." While using a flashlight as an impromptu spotlight. The "is this really happening" looks of the gang are absolutely priceless.
    • J'onn is fighting not to break out laughing.
  • Mxy wants to be helpful while the team make plans to trap Nyxly. Alex, who is attempting to power a DEO power-dampener bracelet with a magical amulet, asks if he can help integrate the two. Mxy says apologetically that explaining magic (which is instinctive to imps) to a non-magical being is difficult, but he thinks about it for a while... and then suggests turning it off and on again.
  • Supergirl distracts the huge alien using her heat vision like a laser pointer.

     Episode 13 - "The Gauntlet" 
  • Brainiac 5 possessed by the witch, which includes rubbing his chest to wonder "are these nipples?"
  • The totem makes Alex more gung-ho than usual, while J'onn turns into a complete Team Dad, constantly praising Kara, Alex, and Brainy.
    • He actually tries to reason with a dragon.
  • Kara blames herself for things.
    J'onn: Supergirl, I know you like to take things on your own shoulders but this is not your fault.
    Brainy: Actually, it might be.
    J'onn: Hold that thought.
  • Lena doesn't believe in magic. When looking for the information on the totems, Kara takes her to the Fortress to talk to a recording of a Kryptonian witch. Lena's expression is priceless.
  • As it turns out, Brainy had been affected by the totem's magic too. Which, in his case, means not running his usual improbably precise calculations.
    Brainy: (with pure disgust in his voice) Have I just spent all day guesstimating?
    • J'onn, who's still being affected by the totem, then insists on reassuring him that he's still useful.

     Episode 14 - "Magical Thinking" 
  • While trying to contain all the suddenly-violent civilians, Kelly and Alex discuss Kelly's home visit with Esme, with Kelly cheerfully showing off the friendship bracelet that Esme gave her, with a huge grin on her face. Alex lets out a huge "Aww!"
  • While it was already revealed that little Esme was an alien of some sort, this episode reveals just what her power is — she's a Power Copier, and is able to respond to an alien fire-breathing attack by doing the same. Picture a tiny, adorable little girl spewing out a huge jet of flame.
  • Lena's first attempt at a location spell backfires, causing poor Nia to become disoriented.
  • Under the influence of the Totem of Humanity, Nyxly is filled with compassion, and starts hugging Mitch, who looks utterly terrified.
    • At the end of the episode, Mitch, happy that everything is back to normal, hugs Nyxly. She looks exactly as freaked out as he had been.
  • When Kara and Lena are about to have an argument, Nia quickly hurries William out of the room.
  • "Am I the only one who cares about the snow leopards?!"

     Episode 15 - "Hope for Tomorrow" 
  • The looks on the faces of Kara and Alex when Esme figures out in five seconds Kara and Supergirl are the same person.

     Episode 17 - "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" 
  • Otis is overjoyed that Lex is back and goes for a hug, only for Lex to casually duck under it and walk away.
  • When Otis tells him that Lilian put him on the L-Corp Board of Directors, Lex stops mid-stride with a look of disbelief on his face.
  • Lex revealing why he's so determined to ally with Nyxly.
    Lex: Nyxly is the love of my life.
    Otis: I'm sorry, what?
  • Much of the banter between Nyxly and Lex.
    • She comments on how he's dressed "like a banker".
    • She angrily demands that he Get Out!... until Lex points out that they're currently in his home.
  • Alex and William are both confused to learn that Al's Bar allows reservations.
  • Mitch's excuse for the black eye Lex and Otis gave him to convince him to take some intel to Nyxly without mentioning them? He was doing research in the library and a book fell on him. Twice.

     Episode 20: "Kara" 
  • The long-awaited return of Cat Grant: Calling from a beach in scuba gear, ranting about pollution, mentioning she bought back CatCo and hiring Kara as editor-in-chief, all in one long rant.
    • Later, she has a bed set up on the beach while revealing she's always known Kara is Supergirl.
    Cat: Please, those spectacles disguised you as much as a pair of Groucho Marx glasses, you might as well have added the bushy eyebrows and mustache.
  • Brainy's utterly dorky dance moves.