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    Flash vs. Arrow (The Flash
  • "You mean the bank that was robbed of 1/2 million dollars, where a dozen people tried to murder each other, and you think our attention should be focused on catching Santa Claus."
  • Captain Singh meticulously preparing lunch while Eddie makes his proposal. Barry would later steal it right under the poor captain's nose. The funniest part is that he meant to eat it in the office to avoid his boyfriend's comments about eating healthy.
  • Diggle and Cisco get into a "Who would win" argument about whether Arrow or Flash would win in a fight, while Felicity watches the two in what could possibly be a battle to the death.
    Felicity: Please tell me you're not actually having this conversation right now.
  • After his first look at the Flash, Diggle just stares slack-jawed for a few seconds before saying "You're fast". He remains completely obsessed for a while afterwards, including wondering if Barry can do everything fast, like going to the bathroom.
    Diggle: I had a cousin who got hit by lightning once. He just developed a stutter.
    • At the beginning of that scene, Diggle is eating a box of french fries. When Barry shows up he panics and the fries go flying everywhere. Meanwhile Felicity, having seen it all before, doesn't bat an eye.
    • When Barry offers to give Felicity a lift to S.T.A.R. Labs and grabs her, she barely has time to get out a yelp before Barry speeds away.
  • Barry carries Felicity to S.T.A.R. Labs and moves so fast that her shirt catches fire. They quickly tear it off leaving her in just a bra as Cisco and Caitlin walk in. Felicity even stammers that she's glad that she decided not to go braless.
    Barry: You guys remember Felicity?
    Cisco: I'll always remember this.
  • Cisco playing around with a carbon fibre boomerang, and accidentally wrecking the lab. Made funnier by Caitlin screaming and trying to run from it while flailing her arms above her head.
    • His reaction afterwards when the others rush into to see why Caitlin is screaming.
    Cisco: (raises hand in a mea culpa gesture) That’s my bad. That’s on me.
    • Later he has it stuck in a clamp and tells it to stay. And his hand is bandaged.
  • Iris gushing to Barry over Oliver visiting Jitters and telling Barry that Oliver is on her freebie list, which she calls a "three list".
  • In a darkly funny way, Oliver telling Barry how he doesn't mind his surroundings while they're training. Barry doesn't seem to understand what he means until he's shot in the back by two crossbows Oliver had hidden in the grass.
    Barry: You shot me!?
    Oliver: I heard you heal fast. [Cue him tearing out the arrows and making Barry scream in pain]
    • Barry complains to Felicity about this, and it turns out Oliver had told her his intentions.
    Barry: You knew he was going to shoot me?!
    Felicity: It's really hard to tell when Oliver makes a joke!
  • After Oliver parts ways with Team Flash on good terms, particularly Joe & Wells, he tells Felicity what the audience already thinks of the latter.
    Oliver:: There's something off about that guy.
  • Oliver says they're going to have to discuss Barry "giving [his] enemies silly code names." Barry responds accordingly:
    • Although it should be noted that Oliver did not pick these names.
  • Oliver calls out Barry on being late:
    Oliver: Barry, how can you have Super Speed and still not be on time?
  • Immediately after this, Oliver explains how he went to every crime scene that the Flash visited and looked at Iris' blog. Barry's response:
    Barry: Don't you sleep?
  • Caitlin learns that the bank being robbed is the one she uses. Cisco's opinions on banking?
    Cisco: Once super-thieves showed up, I went mattress.
  • Cisco going into his Motor Mouth fanboy mode when he learns the Arrow is Oliver Queen. Apparently, he was on Cisco’s list of 150 possible suspects. Then Diggle shuts him up with a hard look.
  • Ollie doing seriously the usual speech about how his secret identity must stay a close-guarded secret, and then Felicity "translating" that he had a lot of fun working with Team Flash, and can't wait to do it again.
    Oliver: My identity is a closely guarded secret known only to a few, and if it were to get out, would endanger my family, my friends and it would embolden my enemies to retaliate with me through them.
    Felicity: What Oliver is trying to say is that he had a lovely time working with you and getting to know each of you, and he can't wait to do it again soon.
    Oliver: ...right.
    Cisco: You know, it didn't sound like that's what he was saying.
  • When Cisco announces they've spotted Bivolo on traffic cams by facial recognition...
    Caitlin: Since when have we had facial recognition software?
    Felicity: Happy Hanukkah!
  • Cisco gets an especially funny line when he rolls his eyes at Roy G. Bivolo raving about how he'll kill them all while he's in his cell:
    Cisco: "Blah blah blah. No prison can hold me." Heard it all before, pal. Adios, Prism.
  • This is immediately followed by an exchange between Caitlin and Cisco:
    Caitlin: I liked "Rainbow Raider".
    Cisco: Ok, you don't get to pick the names.
  • Followed thereafter by Oliver's opinion of the Pipeline.
    Oliver: I have a prison like this. Mine's on a nearly inhospitable island in the North China Sea, but this works too.

    The Brave and the Bold (Arrow
  • Diggle's attempt to get Lyla to have A.R.G.U.S. back away from the boomerang killer case didn't exactly turn out to be successful at first attempt:
    Lyla: You only call me "sweetie" when you want something.
    Diggle: Is it working?
  • Barry on the salmon ladder. At super speed. With Caitlyn and Felicity both being awestruck and Distracted by the Sexy, while Felicity claims that the ladder is for "distracting me" and notes that Oliver uses it every Wednesday.
    • Followed by Cisco struggling to do a single pull-up.
    • Barry after finishing: "I don't see what's so hard about it."
  • Roy complaining about Cisco geeking out over everything in the Foundry, only to change his opinion on their guests after Cisco notes that Roy's costume is much cooler than Ollie's, and that red's better than green anyway.
  • Cisco terms Arrow headquarters the "Arrowcave", which quickly catches on much to Oliver's chagrin.
    Cisco: We want to see the Arrowcave.
    Felicity: We don't call it that. Ever.
    [one scene later]
    Roy: Since when did we start selling admission to the Arrowcave?
    Oliver: It's n— [points accusingly at Felicity] You see what you've done?
    • Felicity's response is to just stare at him while flicking her earring.
  • Apparently Starling City has much more loose paper lying around than Central City, causing some problems with the Flash in town.
  • Barry nonchalantly outing himself to Lyla.
    Caitlyn: Hey! Secret identity!
    Barry: They're married!
    Lyla and Diggle: We're not married!
    Barry: Or together...whatever. He told her about me.
    Diggle: [shakes head]
    Barry: You didn't?
    Diggle: I keep secrets for a living, man.
    Barry: Ah. My bad...
    Lyla: [awestruck] You''re...
    Barry: The Flash. [holds out plate] Sushi?
    • And then while Oliver pulls Barry away from the group to lecture him, Caitlyn has to restrain Cisco from taking a picture of the two of them. Fully suited up, but with their masks off.
  • Barry twice tying up a whole room of bad guys by the time Oliver gets there. The second time he misses one, and sputters that he knew about the guy after Oliver takes him out. His face is hilarious.
  • Oliver meeting Captain Lance for the first time since "The Calm" & calling him "Detective" before verbally back-pedalling, since that is what the Arrow calls Lance.
  • Felicity's cheerful grin when Lyla realizes Felicity has hacked a top secret ARGUS spy satellite for Team Arrow's use.
  • Barry and Oliver discuss the next time they might team up.
    Oliver: For the next time you're in town.
    Barry: There'll be a next time?
    Oliver: I'm still calling the shots.
    Barry: We'll talk about that.
    Oliver: Yes we will. And then I'll call the shots.
  • Oliver is the one who insists on a rematch.
  • Barry reassures Oliver that he can inspire people. As Oliver Queen, not the Arrow, because that guy's a douche. Which Oliver himself finds Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Lyla asks what's up with "Speedy" when she sees Oliver and Barry aren't on good terms. Oliver automatically assumes she's talking about Roy, which would be nothing except that Roy has been very determined to insist he not be called "Speedy" the last time Oliver used it to refer to him, meaning that Oliver has somewhat appropriated Thea's old nickname for Roy.
  • Cisco meeting Thea:
    Cisco: So who's that hottie?
    Roy: My ex-girlfriend.
    Felicity: [same time] Oliver's sister.
    Cisco: So, stay away is what you're saying?

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