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Spoiler Warning for Seasons 1-6

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Season 1

     Episode 1: Pilot 

  • When he hears that Barry got into a fight, Henry tells him "Way to go, Slugger!" He then immediately tells Barry no more fighting after Nora looks at him.
  • Barry's last excuse for being late is car troubles. He does not own a car.
  • Barry tells Iris that he's been thinking a lot about relationships. She tells him that she hopes he finds someone who loves and adores him for who he is.
    Barry: "You took the words right out of my mouth."
    Iris: Aww, aren't you glad you're with someone who knows you so well?
  • Wells announces that the future will be here "faster than you think." While looking pretty much directly at Barry. One wonders how long he's been waiting to use that.
  • After waking up from his coma, Barry Allen notices a very nice benefit of being struck by lightning:
    Barry: Lightning...gave me abs?
  • The first thing Caitlin does when Barry wakes up is to ask him for a urine sample.
  • When they're testing Barry's speed, they put him in a red outfit that looks like it was designed to minimize wind resistance while still providing padding for falls, with a helmet to boot. The result looks completely ridiculous. The only consolation that Cisco can give is that he'll be (at that point hypothetically) moving so fast nobody will see him.
    Cisco: How's it fit?
    Barry: [embarrassed] It's a little snug.
  • Barry's upset that the first time he tried to help someone, it went wrong. The look on Oliver's face...
  • Oliver giving Barry some helpful advice that Barry once gave him:
    Oliver: Wear a mask.
  • And each of them making their showy exits.
    [Oliver jumps off a building and rappels to the next]
    Barry: Cool.
    [Oliver watches Barry zip off]
    Oliver: Cool.
  • Though it's played up as a serious moment, the scene of Mardon believing he is God was lightened by Detective West's snappy "Shut the hell up."
  • Soon after getting caught up to speed on the fate of the particle accelerator and S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry makes a hasty exit to catch up with Iris after learning that she frequently visited his bedside during his 9-month coma. He ends up doubling back to ask Wells if he could keep the S.T.A.R. Labs sweater.
    Wells: [exasperated] Yeah, keep the sweatshirt.
    • Even funnier is the tweet from Grant Gustin, stating that he did keep the sweatshirt and has it in his closet at home.
  • The look on Wells' face when Barry is telling him about the man who killed his mom...

     Episode 2: Fastest Man Alive 

  • Caitlin being the "stern older sister" walking into Cisco and Barry's super heroics.
    Barry: [unconvincingly cheery] Hey, Caitlin! How's your day?
    Caitlin: Get back to S.T.A.R. Labs. Now. [Death Glare]
    • Barry looked like he nearly stumbled when he heard Caitlin's voice on the line.
  • "Captain Clone."
  • Barry's reaction to the clone of Multiplex standing motionless in S.T.A.R. Labs; Caitlin grew it.
    • Caitlin's Motor Mouth explanation of how she grew the clone. She sounds like a Technobabbling Genki Girl.
  • Cisco calculating that Barry needs to eat roughly 850 tacos. This is said completely seriously.
    Cisco: Unless we’re talking cheese and guac, that’s a whole other set of equations...
  • Barry Leaning on the Fourth Wall in the opening narration, saying he won't bore us with the whole origin story from last week.
    • Unintentionally, it becomes even funnier as the audience just sat through such an introduction seconds earlier.
  • Barry leaving his civvies behind in his rush to a crime scene, to which Wells wonders how long it'll take him to notice. He has to buy a new outfit before heading in.
  • Just as the S.T.A.R. Labs team figure out why Barry is suffering dizzy spells and fainting after using his super speed, Barry passes out...whilst running on a treadmill at super speed. Cue this blur of arms and legs suddenly stopping as Barry flops to the ground, then gets launched backwards into a pile of boxes filled with packing peanuts.
  • Barry learns that Danton's cells replicate in a way only found in babies.
    Iris: So what, your killer's a newborn?
  • Barry analyzes the scene of a robbery at a gun store, noting the perpetrator wears a size 10. Which he points out is just like the Captain. Cue him babbling to try and cover up what could have been perceived as trying to accuse the captain of armed robbery (Which he didn't mean).
  • Harrison Wells sarcastically applauding what he believes to be a two-faced Simon Stagg who had just said that he hopes Danton Black comes looking for trouble.

     Episode 3: Things You Can't Outrun 

  • Iris asks Barry what he could see in her phone's photo of the red blur. Eddie calls at that moment.
  • Barry tells her he's been doing a lot of jogging.
  • Cisco messing up codes.
    Cisco: Code two-thirty-seven on Wade Boulevard.
    Barry: ...public indecency?
    Cisco: Wait, I think I meant a two-thirty-nine.
    Barry: Dog leash violation!?
    Caitlin: Bad man, with a gun, in a getaway car, GO!
  • Eddie goes to the Wests' to meet Iris, but unfortunately runs into Joe, and had to quickly come up with an excuse that he wants to re-investigate the crime scene.
  • Barry asks which one is the north wing in the mall.
    Wells: It's the one with the Big Belly Burger.
    [Cisco gives him a weird look]
    Wells: I eat.
  • Iris and Eddie finally tell Joe they're dating...and he reveals he already knows. This conversation results:
    Eddie: So you're not mad?
    Joe: Oh I'm mad. If they hadn't confiscated my gun, we'd be having an entirely different conversation right now.
    Eddie: ...I'll give you two some space. I'll be outside, looking into the Witness Protection Program.
    • He then gives his blessing on the relationship by promising Iris he'll do his best not to shoot Eddie.
  • "So, we're supposed to get used to living above a makeshift prison. Housing violent criminals with SUPERPOWERS?"


     Episode 4: Going Rogue 

  • Barry and Joe making fun of the name "Leonard Snart". Barry says that "Leonard" is almost as bad as his full name, "Bartholomew".
  • This episode guest stars Felicity Smoak, which means these come pretty fast and furious.
    • Felicity says "I wanna see it" before she realizes how that sounds and clarifies she means Barry's speed.
    • Barry is so eager to show off his powers for Felicity that he forgets his sneakers can't handle the friction.
    • When Barry brings Felicity to the lab, she promises Caitlin and Cisco that she can keep a secret. Barry immediately elaborates that she works with the Arrow. Felicity is understandably annoyed.
      Felicity: ...And apparently, you can't.
    • And then later, she makes an "...I'd be as rich as Oliver Queen" analogy, and immediately starts backpedaling in such a way that she actually makes it more obvious that the Arrow is Oliver.
    • "My team's setup is a lot like this...but with more pointy objects."
    • When in the lab, Barry is on the treadmill showing off his speed, and says "Want to see how fast I can run backwards?" He immediately crashes.
      Caitlin: ...he heals fast, too.
    • Eddie Thawne doing a Jaw Drop when Felicity walks into the trivia contest wearing a Little Black Dress.
    • Barry names the trivia team the incredibly dorky "E=MC Hammer," to the confusion of Eddie and Iris. Felicity gets it instantly.
    • Felicity is at a bit of a loss at an excuse for Barry's suddenly leaving—being used to saying Oliver is "on a date", or some other appropriate fib—and comes up with Barry having bad diarrhea. And then she berates herself for continuing to talk to the air after he runs off.
    • Her failing to dramatically crack her knuckles.
  • Joe and Eddie having a bit of an awkward time in the car while discussing Iris. Eddie turns on the radio...and gets "When a Man Loves a Woman". He switches stations...and gets "Let's Get It On" this time around. He promptly turns it off.
    Eddie: ...quiet is good.
  • A blink and you'll miss it one: Wells proudly says that Barry (running a few hundred miles per hour) isn't even close to his top speed...before hastily tacking on a "Theoretically, that is." Yes, he forgot to hide his knowledge of the future for a second there.
  • Barry and Leonard Snart bantering in full-costume makes for a fun moment.
    The Flash: If you wanted to get away you should've taken something faster than a train.
    Captain Cold: That's if I wanted to get away.
  • Cisco threatens Snart with the prototype cold gun, which is so huge that Felicity and Caitlin have to carry around the power source behind him. After Snart leaves, Cisco mentions it's actually the lab's vacuum cleaner with a bunch of LEDs stuck on it.
  • Snart smiling at the "Captain Cold" moniker.
  • Iris telling Barry that Felicity likes him, since (in her own words) she's the only girl who sees him for the great guy she's always telling him that he is. Think about that for a second.

     Episode 5: Plastique 

  • When Barry realizes he can't get drunk (while they're having a pleasant night out at a bar), Caitlin squees about doing experiments and starts scrounging through her purse.
    Barry: keep a blood test kit in your purse?
    Caitlin: Hey, you have your hobbies.
    • Caitlin's reaction to Barry saying he can't get drunk is to immediately administer a blood test. Cisco's is to grab more shots
    • Then in a Brick Joke at the end of the episode, Caitlin reveals that she's cooked up a very potent alcoholic beverage (she calls it roughly 500 proof, while 200 proof is pure alcohol) for Barry. When Barry says that he's gotten buzzed from it, Caitlin gets all giddy—and then it wears off after 30 seconds.
  • With Central City constantly in danger, Joe at this point simply expresses nothing but exasperation.
  • When Eddie gets an emergency call interrupting the night out at the beginning of the episode, everyone else instantly pulls out their own excuses as to why they need to leave as well.
  • Barry tells Joe the Streak met with Iris, and Joe warns that Iris would have easily been able to recognize his voice. Barry demonstrates his ability to vibrate his vocal cords to produce a reverb effect—and Joe bursts out laughing.
  • Plastique blows up the suit in her first encounter with the Flash. Cisco begins sulking like a child and declaring her to be pure evil because of this, until he sees her.
    Cisco: Nobody blows up my suit and gets away with it...unless they look like that.
  • Whilst the team are explaining meta-humans to Bette/Plastique, Cisco comments that none of them have looked like her. He immediately begins backpedaling, whilst a snickering Barry facepalms and Caitlin threatens him with a lobotomy.
  • Whilst testing Plastique's abilities by giving her objects to throw and explode, Caitlin holds up a boomerang and gives Cisco a blank stare.
    • Could that possibly be a nod to the last question in this What-If XKCD?

     Episode 6: The Flash Is Born 

  • This exchange:
    Caitlin: Check the math. Your dispersal models don't correlate.
    Cisco: Uh, they do if you factor in the seasonal fluctuations in reproduction cycles.
    Wells: What exactly are we debating?
    Cisco: The average number of bugs Barry swallows in a day of running.
  • When asked what he hit to damage himself as he had done, Barry simply says "A man." before making sure to clarify "A big, bad man." a few seconds later.
  • When Barry says the new metahuman can turn his skin into metal, Wells calls him a "man of steel". Doubly funny because said metahuman is called a "big bad man" just prior, so this might be a jab at the very divisive Man of Steel film.
  • When Barry recognizes the new metahuman as a childhood bully, Caitlin and Cisco starts reminiscing about theirs as well.
    Caitlin: I had a childhood nemesis, Lexi LaRoche. She used to put gum in my hair. [pouts]
    Cisco: Jake Pocket. If I didn't let him copy my homework he'd give me a swirly.
    Barry: Now that we've established that we're all uber-nerds, what are we going to do about Tony?
  • Caitlin interrogating Barry whether he is secretly meeting Iris in costume while preparing to set his dislocated shoulder.
    Barry: ...No.
    Caitlin: Good. (snaps his shoulder back in place with a loud crack)
    Barry: ARGH!
  • Cisco calculating the speed and the angle with which Barry has to hit Girder (animated on a screen) while Caitlin looks worried.
    Cisco: [Technobabble] Bam.
    [Animated Flash explodes on impact]
    [Caitlin glares at him]
    Cisco: ...Ouch.
    Caitlin: "Ouch"!?
  • Cisco seriously wanting to also hunt down his and Caitlin's childhood bullies, regardless of whether they also have powers.
  • This exchange after Barry and Iris land blows on Girder, successfully knocking him out:
    The Flash: Nice cross.
    Iris: I think I broke my hand.
    The Flash: [weakly] Me too.
  • During an otherwise serious conversation about Iris' blog, she asks what she should call The Flash:
    The Flash: Anything but The Streak.

     Episode 7: Power Outage 

  • The testing after Barry's been depowered.
    Cisco: He's slow even for a normal person...
  • After buying a cup of coffee, Barry - out of costume - gets pulled into an alley by a mugger who demands he give up his wallet. Naturally, the mugger gets a bit confused when his victim finds this hilarious instead of terrifying. Barry literally spends the whole "mugging" laughing at the mugger's terrible luck, telling him how much this is going to suck for him and advising him to just walk away, while the mugger has no idea why he's acting so nuts. When the mugger refuses to take the hint, Barry then grabs his gun and then pulls a cop over there from somewhere at superspeed, but not before stripping the guy down to his underwear for good measure.
    • A bit of Fridge Funny: the cop takes only a second to wonder "How did I get here?", before realizing that the guy in underwear is probably a criminal. Has Barry done this before?
  • When Barry tells Joe that he's lost his powers, Joe randomly tosses Barry's coffee mug to the floor in order to see if Barry will catch it. Barry is annoyed at this, both because Joe didn't just take his word for it, but because he "loved that mug". And when Iris comes in and sees the broken mess on the floor, she also bemoans it, citing Barry's love of that mug.
    • What makes it funnier is the implication that Joe did this mere moments after Barry told him about his power loss.
  • Eddie's last scene, high as a kite on painkillers.

     Episode 8: Flash vs Arrow 

    Episode 9: The Man in the Yellow Suit 

  • Barry trims the tree at superspeed...until Joe glares at him, and he untrims the tree at superspeed.
    • Immediately followed by Iris chiding them for taking so long with it. Yeah, Barry was so done with this that he risked exposing his secret to her just to end it.
  • The repeated mentions that the old family eggnog recipe isn't as light on the bourbon as grandma pretended.
  • Cisco calls the man in yellow "Opposite Flash." A few minutes later, the man says (where Cisco can hear him) that he's nothing like the Flash. You might even call him the reverse.
    • His first (accidental) nickname is "Speed Psycho."
  • Wells turns down the offer of bourbon, saying he doesn't want to drink and drive. Which becomes even funnier when we later learn that he's the Reverse-Flash, and couldn't get drunk if he tried.
  • Wells also says, very sincerely, that no one is more interested in ensuring that the future's technology is safe.

     Episode 10: Revenge of the Rogues  

  • Wells commenting that Reverse Flash isn't such a bad nickname. One might say it's even the reverse...
  • Cisco excitedly telling Barry that the remaining training drones have lasers; Caitlin & Wells both immediately say no, as if they're telling a child not to do something stupid.
  • Snart making Mick wear a seatbelt.
  • Wells offers S.T.A.R. Labs' help in order to "catch Cold". Cisco is clearly about to make a Lame Pun Reaction, but Wells cuts him off:
    • Made even funnier when Cisco dubs Rory "Heatwave" and Wells tells him to cut it out.
  • Joe looking around at the mess Iris made and pointedly telling Barry they both know she's never going to clean it up, then simply turning and walking away when Barry protests he isn't going to do it.
  • Barry notes that to take both guys down, he's going to have to essentially recreate the climax of Ghostbusters.
    Cisco: That movie was surprisingly scientifically accurate.
    Wells: And really quite funny.
  • Really, Mick Rory in general is just a treat to listen to. It's as if the more fire there is in a scene, the louder and hammier he gets, leading to...
  • Though it's played completely straight, the reveal that "Firestorm" is actually a very long acronym. You can almost hear Grant Ward saying "Somebody really wanted their initials to spell 'F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M.'"
  • When Snart and Mick are being dragged through the station, Mick is thrashing like a wild animal and threatening to burn everyone in the precinct, while in the background Snart just has a deadpan look that mutters "Just calm down for once, Mick."
    Joe: Partner's a real hothead.
    Snart: That's funny.
    Joe: You know what's hilarious, Snart? We got you.
    Snart: Congratulations.
  • Somewhat darkly funny, but in the past, Barry has been shown to be as gentle as possible when pulling innocent bystanders to safely (usually they only look a little confused and maybe a little off balance.) When he pulls Eddie out of the way of Captain Cold and Heat Wave, Eddie ends up getting thumped against a wall...pretty roughly. Clearly Barry's petty jealousy isn't going anywhere.
  • Joe returning Iris' favorite stuffed toy from her childhood, after Iris says the only reason she stopped sleeping with it was Joe taking it away as punishment after she broke one of his vinyls.
  • After Iris moves out, Barry and Joe discuss the idea of Barry moving back in; Barry leaves, packs his belongings, and returns, within seconds.
  • Every time someone suggests Barry use his super speed for Mundane Utility (such as to clean the house after Iris leaves or when Caitlin asks him to read an 800 page report), he rolls his eyes.

     Episode 11: The Sound and The Fury  

  • The Flash captures the Royal Flush Gang in a chess-like manner (blame Wells' strategizing). And then Flash makes sure that they won't escape by exclaiming "Got their keys!". You can hear the enthusiastic tone in Barry's voice when he said that.
  • Offscreen, Iris gets an excited reaction about getting invited to join the Picture News crew. Joe's response?
    "Was that a good scream or a bad scream?"
  • After getting captured the first time, Hartley is escorted in handcuffs into S.T.A.R. Labs by the Flash.
    Hartley: "Being scooped up by a guy clad in head-to-toe leather is a long-time fantasy of mine, so thanks."
    • And Barry just nods in response.
  • Flash taking a selfie with all his friends, to 'document' for the people of the future. It's funny because not only Caitlin agrees to it, but so does Wells!
    Wells: If you really think that people in the future would care about what we do here...I suppose we should document it.
  • Cisco's opinion of Hartley.
    Cisco: He was mostly a jerk, but sometimes, (beat) he could be a dick.
  • Cisco is offended at Hartley making his own supervillain name, then admits it's pretty good in the same serious tone.
  • After his second bout with the Pied Piper, Barry's temporary hearing loss causes him to go No Indoor Voice, until Caitlin finally tells him to stop.
  • Barry demonstrates resonance to Joe by blowing up a wine glass. He thinks it is awesome.
  • Hartley converses with Cisco in Spanish, talks to Caitlin in French, and when he and Wells are alone in the Pipeline, they speak Latin to each other. Barry is watching on the camera, and regrets not taking a foreign language in high school.

    Episode 12: Crazy For You 

  • Barry and Cisco having a friendly argument about to who the Flash suit really belongs to. Wells looks on amused.
  • Drunk Caitlin.
    • She goads Barry into joining her onstage for karaoke, aiming to embarrass him. Turns out that he's actually a great singer while she's not.
    • Barry having to hold her hair back when she vomits (after superspeeding her outside so she doesn't do it in the middle of the room).
    • Having Barry take her home and asking him to help undress her at superspeed.
      • After which, she asks him if he took a peek at "the goods", and when he denies it, she says it's okay if he did.
    • Coming to work the next day hungover and bundled up.
      • Made even better by Barry bounding perkily in and gently mocking her drunken behaviour and hungover state. His smug smirk is just like anyone who has ever been the Designated Driver.
  • Barry interrogates the prisoner who beat up his dad by taking him out of the prison, which would lead to his sentence being extended if caught. Then he leaves without putting the prisoner back.
  • Caitlin giving the Metahuman of the week her codename, Peek-A-Boo.
    Caitlin: Come on, don't I get to name one?

    Episode 13: The Nuclear Man 

  • "So how does a superhero get ready for a date? Same as everybody else..."
    • He has "Uptown Funk" on in the background.
    • And after several high-speed clothing changes of Barry at home to try and get the right look for his date with Linda:
    Joe: You change one more time, I'ma shoot you.
    • Joe is an audience for Barry's wardrobe changes. The only reason Barry finally made a "decision" was because of the threat above and that Joe finally lost interest.
  • Apparently, very spicy foods are exempt from Barry's accelerated metabolism.
  • Cisco guilt-tripping Barry into stopping a robbery while he is on a date.
    Cisco: Fine, but when you read in the paper tomorrow about the poor little old lady being robbed.
    Barry: How do you know it's a little old lady?
    Cisco: Please. It's always a little old lady.
    Barry: Okay, alright. (superspeeds) No little old lady!
  • Barry stops a man threatening to jump off of a building and drops him off dumbfounded in front of Eddie Thawne.
    Man: Are you going to let me go back up there?
    Eddie: ...No.
  • The jokes about The Flash being the "Fastest Man Alive" in bed? Well, Cisco and Caitlin bring up that it might be canon.
    Cisco: Aren't you worried about moving too fast?
    Barry: No, what do you mean? It's a second date.
    Cisco: No, no, no, no. I meant going too fast. Hurrying. Look, I mean, you're fast, but there's fast and then there's fast. Am I being subtle enough?
    Barry: No, you're really not.
    Caitlin: Cisco is right. With your increased blood flow and increased heart rate, theoretically, your speed could cause you to...
    Barry: (eyerolls)
    • Cisco's tips are just as glorious.
    Cisco: You're gonna need to think about a lot of dead puppies. Like, we're talking about a whole kennel. And baseball. Cold showers. You know what? Nuns.
    • Even funnier, when he is making out with Linda at home and he starts vibrating.
    Linda: Whoa! What's wrong? That felt amazing.
    Barry: I a little excited.
    Linda: (giggles) I would hope so.
    Barry: Sorry, Linda, I'm just, um, a little worried about moving too fast.
  • The flashback with Barry and Prof. Stein is picked with jokes about Barry's nerdiness, his age and his awkwardness to tell a complete stranger about him visiting the particle accelerator with his "not-girlfriend".
  • The old Allen house is now occupied by Sherry, a very attractive middle-aged divorcée who promptly starts hitting on Joe. Cisco tells him with complete sincerity, "I will not judge you."
  • Wells is adorkably excited at the prospect of having a stakeout at the Steins' house, and spends most of it pigging out on Big Belly Burger takeout.
  • Barry fumbling out of the door and making awkward excuses when he's forced to cancel his make-out session with Linda at Joe's house.
    Linda: Your shirt is on backwards...
    Barry: Yeah, I got it. I will text you, alright? Uh, no, I'll call you! I'll call you. Or how about I just, I'll just do both, okay? I'll do both! I'm so sorry!
  • Barry confronts Firestorm:
    Barry: Hey, I'm not here to hurt you, and I know you don't wanna hurt anyone else. So if you could just not...
    (Firestorm's body starts igniting)
    Barry: ...Flame on.
  • Cisco comes back to S.T.A.R Labs and sees Ronnie!Stein:
    Cisco: Ronnie! ...Not Ronnie.
    Ronnie!Stein: Martin Stein.
    Cisco: (leaves the room) That's not freaky at all.
  • When Barry has a little smalltalk with Prof. Stein:
    Ronnie!Stein: This body's taste buds would obviously be different from my own. Perhaps I'm now a light beer man.
    Barry: There are worse things to be.
    Ronnie!Stein: You mean like a living nuclear bomb?
  • How Barry convinces Linda to go out with him again is both funny and heartwarming:
    Linda : I don't wanna date someone who's into someone else.
    Barry: I'm not into anyone else. I'm gonna prove it to you. This is the Naga Jolokia...or the ghost pepper. It is the world's hottest pepper measuring 401.5 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. If you do not agree to go on another date with me, I will eat it right here, right now.
    Linda: You're bluffing.
    Barry: I never bluff. (eats the pepper)
    Linda: Are you okay?
    Barry: I'm fine, yeah. (crunches)
    Linda: You sure?
    Barry: (starts crying) Mh-hm. Mmh...! (spits the pepper out)
    Linda: Yes! Yes, I'll go out with you! That pepper could have killed you, nerd. (hands some milk over to Barry)

    Episode 14: Fallout 

  • In the beginning of the episode, Cisco asks Ronnie what it's like to fly, who says it would have been awesome...if he had been holding the controller. That sets the tone, and the rest is Stein and Ronnie arguing like two brothers about who screwed up in their latest video game.
  • Stein, ever the snarker, ruins a tender moment between Caitlin and Ronnie by asking for clothes.
  • As a side-effect of the Sharing a Body situation, Professor Stein now has cravings for pizza.
  • The fact that Stein, the stodgy, stuffy, proper old professor who insists on calling Ronnie "Ronald", has not only researched time travel but has actually thought about where he would go if it were possible.
    • He's on Legends of Tomorrow, so he more likely than not visited the time period he wished to visit prior to the show.
  • Cisco helps Joe through the time travel theories being discussed by referencing movies that used them, causing Wells to geek out about Back to the Future.
    • The look on Joe's face when that last part happens.
  • Iris walking in on Caitlin and Ronnie coming to stay with Barry and her father, forcing all four of them to come up with a tag team excuse. Even better if you take her saying Ronnie looks familiar as a meta-joke about Robbie Amell's resemblance to his cousin Stephen.
  • When Stein gets captured, Team Flash realize that they have a way of tracking him down, all looking at Ronnie. Ronnie has no clue why.
    Ronnie: What?
  • Discussing the impossible things that happen this episode.
    Cisco: This is some serious Twilight Zone stuff. And I say that fully aware we have a guy in our basement who can turn into poison gas.
    Ronnie: Really!?
    Cisco: Dude, that was like, week three!
  • When Ronnie is introduced to Joe.
    Caitlin: Detective West, I'd like you to meet Ronnie.
    Joe: Wait, you're her...
    Ronnie: Dead fiancé.
    Joe: (Beat) Want a beer?

    Episode 15: Out of Time 
  • Barry tries asking Joe for advice regarding his feelings for Iris. Joe instantly cracks up, and lampshades the complicated relationship the four of them (Eddie included) currently have.
  • Barry's bewildered expression after he broke the time barrier and wound up one day in the past.
  • Iris and Linda feeling uncomfortable after their respective dates left them at the bowling alley.
  • Iris asks Barry how his relationship with "Lin-da" is working out. Barry recalls how she used that same tone when discussing a girl he dated in high school, "Be-cky Coo-per."
  • Thawne, for once, chuckling at one of Cisco's nicknames, specifically, the "wizard's wand", and how Caitlin comments that it's subtle.
    • And then Barry starts swinging it like a lightsaber, which it resembles.

    Episode 16: Rogue Time 
  • Cisco and Barry at a bar, and get picked up by a hot chick. When Barry gets brushed aside, look at his face as he leaves.
    Barry: Make me proud.
    • Before that Cisco's almost instinctive moving out of the way of his Tall, Dark, and Handsome Buddy when the gorgeous girl approaches them, and the almost giddiness he gives off when Lisa corrects Barry that she was checking out Cisco instead.
  • Heatwave just can't resist adding his snarky two cents when being bound to a chair with Cold.
    Cold: Oh. Love the paneling. Mahogany?
    Heatwave: So glad your house is made out of wood. It's going to be a pleasure to watch it burn. (getting punched by goon) Refreshing!
    • Heatwave even corrects Cold's declaration of claiming Central City.
    Cold: This is my city!
    Heatwave: ...Our city.
  • Cisco ends up in a disappointing and dangerous situation when he finds out that his hot date at the pub turned out to be none other than Leonard Snart's sister, Lisa Snart.
    Cisco: Oh, COME ON! I should have known better, I am not that lucky...(beat) Please don't kill me for kissing your sister.
    Cold: (to Lisa) You kissed him?
    Lisa: You're not Dad, Lenny.
    Cold: I know. Dad's in jail. Sterling role model.
  • Lisa Snart's reaction to being shot at? Diving behind cover and grinning like it's the most fun she's had in ages.
    Lisa: This is sick!
  • When Cold walks in and finds Mick beating up a prisoner, he just tells him to knock it off and calm down, in a tone that suggests this is nothing new for him.
  • After Talking the Monster to Death, Snart asks the Flash if he could give Snart a lift back to Central City. Barry of course refuses.
  • The look on Barry's face when Eddie, after decking him earlier in the episode, suddenly threw his arms around him and offered him sympathy.
    • The reason for this is equally hilarious, in that Caitlin told Iris and Eddie that Barry's recent behavior is because of a medical condition (that she made up).
  • Barry heading straight to Mardon's apartment and throwing him in the Pipeline. The sheer offhandedness of how the guy who caused so much trouble last time gets dealt with is pretty fun.
    • Not to mention how, when the Flash meets him, Mardon is lying down on his bed just chilling out.
  • The line Cold uses to reveal himself to Cisco:
    Cold: Hell-o, Cisco. What exactly are your intentions with my sister?
    • Cisco's tone of voice when Snart reveals himself makes it sound like Cisco is more afraid of the My Sister Is Off-Limits thing than the fact that he's making the moves on a supervillain's sister.
  • Joe tries asking Barry for his strange behavior. Barry says that he's always been weird. Joe, on the other hand, replies "Weirder."
    • Then Barry tries to get out of the embarrassing situation by going on his date with Linda, leaving Joe alone with Thawne; Joe asks him if he's going to fill in the blanks, Thawne replies a blunt no.
  • Cisco's brother reveals he got a girl who liked Cisco during high school to date him instead by telling her Cisco wanted to be a priest.
  • Joe tells Iris that Barry "heals fast," with a look on his face that just screams "sick of the Dramatic Irony."

    Episode 17: Tricksters 
  • James Jesse's description of his "perfect trick."
    Jesse: I've had 20 years to come up with the perfect trick. It's going to be my masterpiece. My Mona Lisa. My Breaking Bad Season 5.
    Axel: [gives him a look]
    Jesse: They gave me cable in prison so I'd stop killing the guards.
  • The Trickster also compares a lack of casualties from an attack during his heyday to the Chicago Cubs winning the Pennant.
    Jesse: It just doesn't happen!
    • Ironically, this joke later became Hilarious in Hindsight when the Cubs actually do win both the Pennant and the World Series less than a year after the Trickster fails to kill anyone in his second appearance on the show.
  • The line Mark Hamill's been waiting 35 years to say, played for as much Narm Charm as humanly possible: "I am your father".
  • At the episode's climax, Barry manages to rush in and cure everyone who the Trickster has poisoned, ruining his plan. His reaction? Comment on how unsanitary it is to use the same syringe on everyone.
    • And then there's his reaction afterwards. Given the character, you'd expect a hammy breakdown. Instead, we get a look of bored "Oh great, now I have to go to jail again" annoyance.
  • When Cisco is mocking the Trickster speaking about himself in the third person ("That's never a good sign"), Caitlin comments that he's just mad he didn't get a chance to come up with his own name for the villain.
  • The Trickster checking out Iris as she walks past him.
  • When the Trickster introduces himself during his big entrance at the party, most people just look at each other in confusion.
    • His jokes warrant a polite laugh from the audience. His attempt to explain it? Not so much.
    Jesse: Huh. Tough crowd.
  • Eddie's slack-jawed expression when he realizes that Barry is the Flash, especially when one realizes he punched the super fast, police-connected vigilante in the face last episode.

    Episode 18: All Star Team-Up 
  • Joe and Eddie chasing some crooks, so they decide to call in the Flash. He gets into the cop car...with a guy he caught for "indecent exposure" (in other words, The Flash caught a flasher). And Barry's all being Smug Super again during the whole chase.
    • The flasher actually looks proud of himself when Barry announces this until Joe say's bluntly "that aint something you should be showing people" and he looks down self-contentiously.
    • The mugger Tempting Fate about how he and his pals seemingly got away, until Joe (who, courtesy of the Flash, pulls a Stealth Hi/Bye) nonchalantly gives him a *Click* Hello. It gets to the point that Joe starts cracking up.
  • Felicity introducing the Atom to Team Flash:
    Thawne: What exactly are we waiting for, Ms. Smoak?
    Felicity: [points to the sky] That there!
    Caitlin: Is that a bird?
    Cisco: It's a plane...
    Felicity: It's my boyfriend.
    Ray: Hi! [lands in the Atom Suit] I'm Ray.
  • Eddie meets up with Felicity and Barry at Jitters. He tries to dance around the fact that Barry is the Flash which leads to....
    Barry: Felicity knows.
    Eddie: Wow. So everyone but Iris.
    Barry: Feels that way.
  • And as they're leaving for the scene of another attack.
    Felicity: Bee careful.
    Barry: Wow, seriously?
    Felicity: I'm sorry, bad joke, just don't die.
  • Ray's first attempt to explain the problems with his suit came out wrong, and Felicity's attempts to clarify just make it worse. Caitlin's response: "God, there's two of them."
  • Cisco's reaction to finding the Monster of the Week uses bees:
    Cisco: Bees. Why did it have to be bees? Y'all know I don't do bees, ain't nobody got time for bees!
  • This wonderful Freudian Slip:
    Caitlin: You're so lucky. Ray's nice, and smart, and hot.
    Felicity: Yeah. It's like I'm dating Barry but in Oliver's body. [realizes what she just said] A sentence you'll never repeat to anyone!
    Caitlin: Your secret's safe with me.
  • Felicity's description of Brie Larvin:
    Felicity: She's like my nemesis. [beat] I've never had a nemesis before. I kind of like it.
  • During their hacking war.
    Brie: You want to bring it? It is brought!
    [Felicity's computer bursts into smoke and sparks]
    Felicity: Rude.
  • And when Felicity takes out the swarm:
    Felicity: Boom! Drop the mic! (to Thawne) It's metaphorical, of course, because I don't have a...mic.
    • Even better is the smile on Thawne's face when she says that.
  • Ray's flying on his first mission for the Central City superheroes in a suit that they haven't finished debugging yet, while Cisco and Caitlin play mission control from inside the (moving) van. When Ray's suit does malfunction, Cisco quickly comes up with a plan...
    Cisco: We'll catch you.
    Ray: [surprised] You will?
    Caitlin: [looking at Cisco like he's lost his mind] We will?!
  • Cisco high fives Ray for landing inside the van safely, only to hurt his hand.
    Cisco: The Atom lives!
    [High-fives Ray]
    Cisco: [in pain] Let's work on some softer gloves for next time, okay?
    Ray: [sheepishly] Sorry...
  • Ray and Cisco come up with a name for the villain. At the same time.
  • Cisco isn't very impressed with Ray's superhero name, or is at least disappointed he didn't get to come up with one.
    Cisco: So are you married to that, or...?
  • When Joe, Barry, and Thawne go to meet Dr. McGee:
    Tina: Have you finally found my tachyon device, or are you here to blackmail me for another one?
    Thawne: ...Do you have another one?
    • Thawne's tone seems to imply interest in taking it if there is one.
  • Eddie complaining about the tension between him and Iris means they haven't had sex for two weeks...and realizes that he's saying this to Joe.
    Eddie:...And you did not need to know that.
  • When one of the Bandit's bees gets loose in STAR Labs, Cisco (who is afraid of bees) starts shooting up the place with lasers.
    Cisco: (blows away half the desk) "Did I get it? I think I got it..."

    Episode 19: Who is Harrison Wells? 
  • Joe asked Barry to pick up some pizza, so Barry went to Coast City since they have the best pizza on the West Coast.
  • Laurel confiding to Cisco that she's the Black Canary, leading Cisco to have a Fan Boy moment. It's so bad that Laurel has to ask him to calm down.
  • Cisco couldn't stop smiling after receiving a picture of himself with the Black Canary.
    Laurel: Hey. You show this to anyone, I'll kill you.
    Cisco: (Grins) That's just an expression...right?
    Laurel: (Matter-of-factly) Nope. (Leaves with a cheeky grin on her face)
  • Caitlin's reaction of being kissed by Fake Barry is quite priceless when she's caught off by surprise.
    • Speaking of Fake Barry, Thawne nonchalantly tazing him is at the very least chuckle worthy...
    • Just Fake Barry's smug, arrogant attitude and the way he was checking out Caitlin is funny in comparison to what real Barry is like.
    • When the real Barry puts a hand on Caitlin's shoulder later, she gets a reflex action...
  • In general, there is quite a lot of Cringe Comedy in the way Fake Barry interacts with Caitlin and Iris. They keep giving him updates on the team's current situation, while Fake Barry has to pretend to understand. When Caitlin realizes that Iris has arrived, Fake Barry says "It's...her!"
  • Barry is found Bound and Gagged. He says Bates was there, as if that wasn't clear already.
    • Not to mention that Caitlin slaps him hard to wake him up, causing Barry to ask why she didn't use some smelling salts.
  • Admit it, you laughed when Fake Caitlin kicked Barry's ass.
  • During their fight, Bates transformed into several people Barry knew, including Iris and Caitlin, whom he was understandably hesitant to fight against. Then he transforms into Eddie and Barry promptly kicked his ass. Yeah, he has issues...
  • Hannibal Bates puts up a futile effort in persuading his jail wardens to let him out of his cell.
    (Hannibal shapeshifts into Caitlin)
    Fake Caitlin: (to Barry) Hey cutie, wanna let me out of here?
    (Barry and Thawne turn to the real Caitlin)
  • Caitlin goes to Thawne's pad to confront him with the secrets he's been hiding. She rings the doorbell, but Barry whisks her away to another place. When Thawne opens the door and nobody's there, he seems genuinely puzzled.

    Episode 20: The Trap 
  • Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco's joint shock at learning that Iris and Barry will marry in the future is priceless.
    Cisco: ...Mazel tov?
  • Cisco is alerted to Thawne entering the building by a tracker he secretly placed on his wheelchair as a precaution. When he explains this he continues with; "Which, if we're wrong about him and he is paralyzed, I'm going to Hell for that one."
  • Cisco's reaction to seeing Gideon's Operating System, which he planned on erasing the memory databank of them being in the room. It was much more advanced then he anticipated.
    Cisco: *laughs* Yeah...No, that's not gonna happen.
  • Captain Singh is talking to Barry in the police station, and after Barry asks if he's all right, he says:
    Singh: Yeah, since Rob and I have been planning the, you know, wedding...between the florist and the hundreds of kinds of cake filling, and who can sit next to who...[beat, places hand on Barry's shoulder] Never get married, Allen.
  • In the middle of CCPD, Eddie shows Barry the ring he's planning to propose to Iris with. For a moment Barry covers his face, thinking that it might get misinterpreted by anyone passing by.
  • Just as Cisco falls asleep from the effects of the dream glasses, Joe quips "So that's how you get him to shut up."
  • While inside his flashback dream of the alternate timeline, Cisco pauses to admire the shirt he is wearing at the time. He thought the dryer ate it, apparently. Joe can't stop himself from giggling when he hears it.
    • He also poked himself, resulting in a hilarious expression on his face.
  • Cisco reverses the containment field to keep speedsters away from inside, so Barry tests out the barrier, only to crash and ricochet.
  • A Black Comedy Rewatch Bonus, sure, but the way Bates acts as Thawne, including how he just keeps his arm up without vibrating it deserves mention and appreciation.
    Thawne!Bates: (growly; after Cisco trips) Oops...
    • Seriously, it looks less like he's (pretending to) about to stab Cisco through the chest, and more like he's about to engage in some karate chop action.

    Episode 21: Grodd Lives 
  • Barry and Iris neck-deep in Dramatic Irony:
    Iris: So you think the Flash is out there right now looking for Eddie?
    Barry: (awkwardly) I'm sure he's doing everything he can.
    Iris: (looking right into Barry's eyes) I'm having trouble trusting the Flash right now.
    Barry: Well, then trust me.
  • A cathartic one for sure, but Iris just abruptly appearing at STAR Labs to reveal she knows Barry's the Flash, and everyone's gobsmacked faces.
  • Cisco and Caitlin convincing themselves to listen in on Barry and Iris, who has just discovered he is The Flash.
    • After Iris walks out on them, Cisco and Caitlin so obviously fail at trying to keep their eavesdropping a secret.
  • A shipment of gold is being delivered by the police. They use an armored van...disguised as an ice cream truck.
    • Joe suggests the driver to turn off the truck's music after denying nearby kids some ice cream.
  • In an otherwise terrifying scene when Joe is with Grodd he offers him a banana. Of course this being Grodd it doesn't work at all.
    • It later turns out this was Cisco's idea, and he later eagerly asks Joe if it worked.
    • Just the fact that when they go hunting the huge, terrifying, telepathic gorilla, Cisco thinks it'll help to bring a banana.
  • Joe gets fed up with Cisco's constant movie references:
    Joe: You and your movies.
  • Barry's very casual response to learning Grodd was a gorilla, suggesting he was so done with the comic book stuff.

     Episode 22: Rogue Air 
  • Cisco tells Caitlin to stay on guard at the laboratory while Barry and Joe went to check the particle accelerator. Shortly after leaving, Cisco scurries back to retrieve his drink.
  • Caitlin is offended that Lisa calls her uptight. Nobody from Team Flash comes to defend her as they silently agreed.
    Caitlin: I AM NOT UPTIGHT!
    awkward silence from the others
    Caitlin: You don't get to call me uptight.
  • Lisa is not pleased that she's the only one inside Star Labs that doesn't know the Flash's secret identity.
    Leonard: And I promised I wouldn't tell anyone, that includes my sister.
    Lisa: [retorts] Jerk.
    Leonard: [to Lisa] Trainwreck.
  • Lisa Snart's and Cisco's reunion:
    Lisa: Hey Cisco.
    Cisco: Oh, hey, Captain Cold's evil sister!
    Lisa: Ah, you're not still mad at me, are you? I really did enjoy kissing you.
    Caitlin: [turns around with shock] YOU KISSED HER?!
    Cisco: Under duress, calm down...
  • Pretty much every scene when Cisco tries to resist Lisa's flirting antics in a futile fashion:
    Cisco: Really not enjoying being one of the good guys this week. Really not!
  • Lisa of all people have a legal truck driver's license when the plan requires a truck driver to escort the prisoners.
    Lisa: What? I have a class A CDL.
    Caitlin: You do?
    Lisa: We can't all be doctors.
    [Caitlin scowls]
  • Cisco being relucant to give Lisa a supervillain name:
    Lisa: How come you haven't given me a code name? I heard you came up with Captain Cold. What do you think I should be called?
    Cisco: Female Inmate.
    Lisa: Ah, come on. You made my gun, the least you can do is give me a badass alias. Please?
    Cisco: Fine....Golden Glider.
    Lisa: Smart is sexy, Cisco.
  • Snart's choice of music when Barry comes to talk with him? "Cold as Ice".
  • Snart's reasoning for why he shot Deathbolt in the face? "He owed me money". Even funnier, Bivolo seems to think that's pretty reasonable.
  • Mardon questions Snart's motives on why he sabotaged Team Flash and rescued the prisoners.
    Mardon: What, you want a "thank you"?
    Snart: Who doesn't like a "thank you"?
    Bivolo: [hesitant] ...Thank you.
    Snart: You are so very welcome!
  • Bivolo uses his powers on Caitlin, making her lash out at Cisco. After the whole escape scene, Caitlin is implied to still be under the Raider's spell. She apparently has a lot more bottled up anger than the Flash had. Hell hath no fury...

     Episode 23: Fast Enough 
  • Thawne is disappointed that Barry didn't bring him a Big Belly burger, stating he likes it so much because they don't have cows in his future. The next time Barry visits his cell, Thawne is just finishing up takeout.
  • Cisco's irritation at Thawne ruining the name Dr. Evil for him.
  • Cisco isn't interested in helping Barry go back in time since he could kill himself, until...
    Barry: We're gonna need something else too.
    Cisco: Really? And what's that? 'Cause I don't know about you guys, but I'm not at all interested in helping you get yourself killed.
    Barry: I need you to build a time machine.
    Cisco: Go on.
  • When Stein tells the team there's a chance the wormhole could change into an unstoppable black hole.
    Cisco: So long and thanks for all the fish!
  • When Cisco is alone with Thawne he can't resist asking how he got the Reverse-Flash costume into the ring.
  • Eddie tells Stein about Thawne's newspaper from the future, citing it as evidence that he will never amount to anything. Stein's response?
    Stein: And I have a mug that says "World's Best Boss"...I doubt my teaching assistant would testify to its authenticity.
  • Ronnie has some doubts about Stein's authority to perform a marriage:
    Ronnie: Is this actually binding?
    Stein: My father made me become a rabbi before he would send me to MIT. This will be "legit" as the kids say.
    Ronnie: No kids say that.
    Stein: Let's not fight on our wedding day.
    • The "rabbi" tells Ronnie and Caitlin to kiss. Ronnie says not to tell him what to do, to the guy who spends time inside his head when using their powers.
  • There is something very comedic about how a certain helmet simply fell out of the wormhole. It's the reactions that it causes that cements it; they mirror the reactions of the viewers.
    Joe: [ie, viewers not in the know] And what the hell is that?
    Thawne: [ie, viewers in the know] That's my cue to leave.
  • This exchange between Cisco and Eobard when Cisco reveals Eobard killed him in an alternate timeline.
    Thawne: Cisco, I'm sorry.
    Cisco: Yeah. It sucked!
    Thawne: Not for killing you. I'm sure I had a good reason.

Season 2

     Episode 1: The Man Who Saved Central City 

    Episode 2: Flash of Two Worlds 

  • Caitlin repeatedly Eating the Eye Candy that is Jay during her numerous medical tests.
    Jay: Barry, I don't know what else to do to prove to you I'm on your side. I've been poked, prodded, I even subjected myself to a full bodyscan!
    (Barry and Iris give Caitlin a look)
    Caitlin: I was being thorough!
  • Cisco getting annoyed at Jay naming Sand Demon, but letting it slide because it's a sufficiently awesome name.
  • Oliver's broadcast from the last episode of Arrow shows up here, and Cisco is annoyed that he insisted on adding a color to his name.
  • Jay made a comment about why nicknames like "Scarlet Speedster" and "Crimson Comet" has to be in alliteration:
  • When Prof. Stein starts rambling about the multiverse, Joe basically goes Screw This, I'm Outta Here.
  • A Brick Joke about the helmet. It tumbled out of the wormhole in the last episode of the first season, and upon Jay getting it, "I thought I lost that."

    Episode 3: Family of Rogues 

  • Jay's utterly resigned tone when Barry takes off to try superspeeding through the breach in STAR Labs.
    Cisco: He isn't.
    Jay: Yeah, he is.
  • When they finally manage to stabilize the breach and successfully send an object through it, Stein exclaims "Excelsior!" Looks like he finally made his decision.
  • When Lisa talks about her team knocking off a horse track, Caitlin asks if it "causes your family physical pain not to rob people?"
  • Barry confronts Snart at his hangout. After a short exchange, Snart leaves Barry with the bill.
  • Cisco's spot-on impression of Stein getting irritated with Caitlin constantly checking up on him.
  • Undercover Barry introducing himself to Lewis Snart, portrayed by Michael Ironside, as Sam.
  • Barry calls the lab right as Cisco is about to take Lisa's bomb out, freaking them out enough that Caitlin almost calls him Barry in front of her.
  • This exchange between Barry and Snart.
    Barry: Snart!
    Snart: [comes out of hiding] Barry!
    Barry: Are you ok?
    Snart: [shrugs] Peachy!

    Episode 4: The Fury of Firestorm 
  • When Barry and Professor Stein walks into the body shop to find Jax, Stein was quite disappointed in Jax's taste in music and that he has allergies.
    • This is made funnier in light of the group's earlier discussion about how to find another participant and Cisco compares it to a "Meta-Human Tinder app" saying that "merging with Stein and randomly bursting into flames sounds like the biggest 'swipe left' of all time."
  • When Caitlin asks Barry if he would turn down the chance to be a superhero, he instantly says he didn't, but it took him time to decide, while all others say yes. Except for Cisco, who is discovering he actually does have superpowers and doesn't really want them, who says yes in what would be, if they suspected him of having superpowers, a dead confirmation of guilt.
  • The slight resemblance between Gustin and Andrew Garfield becomes a whole lot funnier when Caitlin tells the heroes that they can beat Hewitt by taking advantage of his anger issues. weaponizes You Fight Like a Cow in the face-off against Hewitt. Jax and Barry are basically trolling him.
  • At the end, Barry is watching Patty as the Flash, clearly considering romance, and the 20 foot shark-man she's been harping on all episode appears out of nowhere and grabs him.
    Patty: It's real!?
  • Followed immediately by this gem:
    Patty: Hey, put him down! Put your hands...fins in the air!
  • Just how sudden it happens is absolutely hilarious. An entire episode focusing on Firestorm, and suddenly a giant shark man comes out of absolutely nowhere. Sure, there had been some foreshadowing, but most viewers probably expected it to be a simple Mythology Gag, especially after Barry's tests seemed to disprove Shark's existence.
  • Detective West asking "What is it with you, Iris, and my partners?"

    Episode 5: The Darkness and The Light 

  • Earth-2!Wells comments that it's strange to read your autobiography when you didn't write it and it isn't about you.
  • All the deliciously awkward interactions between the team and Earth-2!Wells.
    Barry: Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, this is Harrison Wells. From Earth-2.
    Earth-2!Wells: Hey.
    Cisco: ...hey.
    Caitlin: [raises eyebrow]
  • Earth-2!Wells idly asks if this world has Big Belly Burger. In later scenes, he is eating or slurping a soda at awkward moments.
    • That request has a secondary level of funny given that fake Wells made a similar remark in "Fast Enough", which (understandably) creeps out Cisco.
      Cisco: This isn't happening...
  • Cisco summarizing Earth-2!Wells: "Our 'Wells' may have been evil, but you're just a dick!"
  • After Cisco tells Earth-2!Wells how "Wells" killed him in an alternate timeline, how does Earth-2!Wells react?
  • When Iris was shocked to see Earth-2!Wells, he reacts with much chagrin:
    Earth-2!Wells: Let me guess, my counterpart did something to offend her?
    Cisco: Her fiance died because of him.
    Earth-2!Wells: Oh...[leaves]
  • Barry has to go on his first date with Patty even though he got temporarily blinded by Doctor Light. Cisco decides to be his eyes through a pair of sunglasses. Grant Gustin proves to have slapstick skills up there with the silent greats, and Cisco's commentary (including complaining when Patty figures it out and Barry puts the glasses away) is gold.
    Cisco: That's me, creepin' and peepin'.
    • Before the date, when it's mentioned that Dr. Light may go after Linda (her Earth-1 counterpart), Barry decides to go and keep an eye on Linda...and apparently manages to forget that he's currently blind.
  • Caitlin and Cisco summarize how Earth-2!Wells isn't really the counterpart to their Harrison Wells. Afterwards, Wells admits that he couldn't follow any of that.
  • Aside from being heartwarming, the discussion about Cisco's powers at the end of the episode are very amusing. Barry and Caitlin bring up that now that he has powers, he needs a cool name, something he takes very seriously.
  • Barry's facial expression when Earth-2!Wells and Garrick's argument devolves into a fistfight. And the fact that he doesn't break it up quite as quickly as he could have.
  • Barry wonders why Earth-2!Wells saved him in the previous episode, reasoning that he wouldn't just come over to meet him. Wells responds that, no, that is what happened.
  • Doubles with Fridge Brilliance: recall how everyone was concerned regarding how fast Barry's relationship with Linda was progressing, as he would have troubling controlling the vibration of his molecules triggered by excitement. Here, Barry's eyesight is conveniently restored at the end of his date, after he kissed Patty. Barry's healing was accelerated by his hormones!

    Episode 6: Enter Zoom 
  • Dr. Light escapes by turning herself invisible and tricking Cisco into opening her cell. She can't turn her clothes invisible.
  • When Joe wonders why Barry is so gung-ho about going after Zoom right away, Barry quotes some advice Joe once gave him. Joe reminds him that the context of that advice was Barry's high school football tryouts, at which point Barry indignantly insists that Joe promised never to bring that up again.
  • Linda's Training Montage includes blasting the wrong targets (and Cisco), having her power glove catch fire, and blasting things while high-fiving.
    • The ridiculous face Cisco is making in the selfie he used to make the cardboard target of himself.
    • When Linda asks if the gloves are safe, Cisco says yes, but Wells adds "-ish".
  • Linda's first thought upon being told Barry's secret: that she'd made out with the Flash.
  • Linda and Barry's Bad "Bad Acting" when "Doctor Light" faces the Flash.
    Cisco: Next time we're doing this, I'm writing better dialogue.
    Iris and Caitlin: "Next time?"
  • Team Flash waiting for an hour for Zoom to take the bait made Barry lift his leg due to his awkward posture on the ground. Barry commented how he should have been in a better position due to his leg falling asleep.
  • Caitlin protests that Cisco's anti-Zoom weapon could become the next Cold Gun and they might end up with "Sergeant Slow." Cisco has this to say:
    Cisco: I would never let that happen. "Sergeant Slow" is a terrible name.
  • Linda's bummed out that she can't keep the power gloves from her Training Montage. When Iris asked her what she would do with them, Linda replied she would use them for raves.

    Episode 7: Gorilla Warfare 
  • Cisco is asking Caitlin about bird-men, and she laughs it off as ridiculous. He just rolls his eyes.
  • This exchange:
    Caitlin: He wants more like him.
    Cisco: He wants kids? Because I'm pretty sure one telepathic Grape Ape is enough for this city.
  • Cisco tells Iris & Barry about his plans for his date with Kendra, capping it off with breakfast. Barry & Iris then express confusion over this, leading to Cisco to stumble over an explanation, at which point Joe steps in & tells Cisco that they're just messing with him.
  • After it's discovered that Grodd moved locations:
    Cisco: The reason we couldn’t find him before is because he graduated from a bachelor pad to a penthouse, like a baller.
  • Albeit, it's funny in hindsight, but: When its discussed what to do now that they found out Grodd's new location, Wells-2 comes out...dressed in the Reverse Flash costume. Barry, understandably, proceeds to slam him against the wall.
  • Earth-2 Wells pretending to be the Reverse Flash to try and rescue Caitlin from Grodd, saying that they don't need her any more. Caitlin is terrified, and then confused when he winks at her.

     Episode 8: Legends of Today 

     Episode 9: Running To Stand Still 
  • The opening scene has Earth-2 Wells being chased down and caught by Zoom. Normally this would be Nightmare Fuel, and it is, but then Wells begs him to let his daughter live and demands for Zoom to say something while Zoom's strangling him. Zoom's response?
    • No really. It still manages to be creepy since, well, Zoom said this, but at the same time, it's hilarious because Zoom said this.
  • Cisco's response to Jay and Caitlin's blatantly obvious attraction to each other.
    Cisco: Oh dear lord, just kiss already. The thirst is real.
  • Catilin's explanation of what Christmas is when Jay feigns ignorance of it.
    Jay: What's Christmas?
    Caitlin: Oh! Ah, well, it's this holiday we have where we cut down trees and sing songs to celebrate the birth of a baby two thousand years ago and then the Romans killed him so we give each other gifts.
    • He later pretends to not know what mistletoe is, having Snow explain again.
  • All the comments about the seemingly random snowfall being a "Christmas miracle" become darkly hilarious when the Weather Wizard weaponizes the snowfall (which he created) to break into the prison and he announces "Let it snow!" in the most villainous tone of voice possible.
  • Barry and Joe's reaction to Mardon, the Trickster, and Snart breaking out of jail just days before Christmas.
    Barry: Please tell me this is not happening.
    Joe: It's official. Santa hates us.
  • The Trickster is again a blast every second he's on screen, the toppers being his Oh, Crap! expression when his leverage over Barry disappears, and getting choked up by Barry talking Patty out of killing Mardon. ("That was beautiful!")
    Trickster: Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, I made you out of...C4!
  • Cold just rolling his eyes at the Trickster's antics is hilarious as is the sight of him casually drinking hot chocolate out of a Christmas mug in the West's home.
    • He also mentions that he prefers the little marshmallows in his hot chocolate, which he says he searched the house for.
  • When Barry confronts Mardon on a roof, Mardon says he needs Barry's help to decide on how to kill the people below: hail or acid rain (which he notes is "a little trickier").
  • After Harry makes a reference to The Godfather, Cisco is surprised that Earth-2 has the film. Harry tells him that every Earth has The Godfather and Jay nods that it's true in "Yeah, duh." manner.
  • Barry's reaction to Mardon using his powers to fly, followed by Wells cutting off Cisco's explanation of how it's technically not flying to say yes, it is.
  • In an attempt to get one of the Trickster's bombs, Wells shows up at a child's house and delivers this gem of a line:
    Wells: Your toys, give them to me.
  • Even though it's a pretty dire situation and we've had a pretty heavy scene what with Wally West and all, the Snark-to-Snark Combat between Iris and Snart is pretty funny.
    Snart: Read your article on the disappearing middle class. Strong point of view, nice prose style.
    Iris: Yeah, well, who needs a Pulitzer when you have a homicidal maniac's seal of approval?
    Snart: Didn't you hear? I had a rough childhood.
    Iris: Everybody in this room had a rough childhood, get over it.
  • Barry tells Patty to put her arms around him. Her response?
    Patty: I'm seeing someone.
    Barry: Me, too.
    • Oh, the dramatic irony...

    Episode 10: Potential Energy 
  • When Barry rushed his way to a dinner date with Patty, the bouquet of roses he's carrying is on fire from the Super Speed friction. Patty just laughed it off as "it's the thought that counts".
  • Cisco has been tracking the Turtle for months. Barry has never heard of this, but everyone else has.
  • Every Earth may have The Godfather, but apparently not Moby Dick, as Jay is just confused when the Turtle is called a White Whale and asks if he's some whale/turtle hybrid.
  • Harry gets irritated at something in his equations, and knocks a bunch of things off a table in frustration. Cisco shows up at this point, and tells him that he can't just throw other people's stuff around when he's pissed. Harry's only response to this is to walk over to another table and knock over some of his own stuff.
    • What's even better is that Cisco uses the same tone most people would use for scolding a naughty puppy.
  • Iris making fun of Joe enthusiastically showing Wally around CCPD.
    Joe: There is my desk, upstairs is anti-crime and CSI - that's where Barry works, and we have the open files...
    Iris: And that is a pencil. That? Stapler.
    Joe: OK, sorry Wally. Obviously, your sister got the funny gene.
    • Then later making fun of him when Patty wants to talk to Iris.
    Iris: Yeah. You're not needed.
    Joe: I am needed. (Beat) Somewhere. I'm gonna go there.
  • Barry awkwardly asking Patty to come to the museum with him.
    Barry: You've been wanting me to share more, so I wanted to share that I
    Patty: Okay, interesting.
    Barry: Yeah, I can't get enough
    • Then, at the end:
    Barry:I'll see you at eight.
    Cisco, Caitlin, and Jay: Seven.
    Barry: Or, seven. I'll see you at seven.

    Episode 11: The Reverse-Flash Returns 

  • In the beginning of the episode, Barry is running all over town doing the Samaritan act as hard as he can. Wells, true to form, laments that they're not doing enough to prepare for Zoom, and Cisco's response is even more childish than usual.
    Cisco: Aaaah, I see. You haven't had your coffee this morning...
    Harry: I had my coffee this morning. Don't slurp.
    Cisco: *slurp*
    Harry: Don't.
    Cisco: *slurp*
    Harry: Don't.
    Cisco: *slurp*
    Harry: Doooooon't...
    Cisco: *sluuuuuuuurp*
  • Cisco Screams Like a Little Girl when Harry jumps him in the Time Vault wearing the Reverse-Flash costume.
  • Thawne is pretty chill that he dies in the future:
    Flash: You died.
    Thawne: Good to know.
  • When they realize that Cisco's vibe vision (induced by the goggles Harry built) of Thawne killing Dr. McGee hasn't happened yet:
    Cisco: Are you telling me I can see the future?
    Harry: That's exactly what I'm telling you.
    Cisco: Those goggles are getting named. Immediately.
  • Cisco confronts Thawne in his cell and demands to know how he puts his costume in a ring like it's the most important thing in the world.
  • When Barry and Thawne build up enough energy to open the portal and send the latter back, Barry sends Thawne through the portal by quite literally chucking the Reverse Flash head over ass through said portal like Thawne was just cheap luggage.
  • The show finally acknowledges how weird it must be for the people from Earth-2 to constantly hear it called that, with Wells saying "You realize that this Earth is my Earth-2, right?"

    Episode 12: Fast Lane 

  • Cisco trying to be awesome.
    Cisco: Who's the greatest hacker in the world, people?!
    Barry and Caitlin: Felicity Smoak.
    Cisco: What's wrong with you two? That's not friendship.
  • Cisco has made an app that gives everyone the opportunity to call in and describe meta-humans and what they are up to. Barry suggests that since it gives him eyes and ears everywhere, he can start looking for a new girlfriend using it.
    Cisco: ...Did I just make meta-human Tinder? Nope, not starting that fetish!
  • Harry getting progressively more irritated with Barry's Oblivious Guilt Slinging, until he throws an eraser at his head.
  • Barry asking for permission from Cisco when using Tar Pit as the name for their new foe.
  • When they succeed in closing one of the breaches, Barry hugs Harry enthusiastically, and then gives him a friendly shove in the shoulders while telling him to smile. Harry just stands there, his bulky goggles having fallen down over his nose, completely nonplussed by the sudden physical affection.

    Episode 13: Welcome to Earth- 2 
  • Barry speeds around Central City closing all the breaches connecting to Earth-2. which prompts all three of our young scientists to discuss their physical ability while they were students...
    Barry: Not bad for someone who got a C in gym.
    Caitlin: D+.
    Cisco: Straight up F right here.
  • The first thing Cisco does in Earth-2's STAR Labs is to take selfies everywhere, with Barry deciding to join in.
  • Barry's and Cisco's reactions to Earth-2 Henry Hewitt, given their previous interactions with his double.
  • Earth-2 Barry has the same reaction to being in STAR Labs and meeting Harrison Wells that Earth-1 Barry did meeting the fake Harrison Wells back in season 1.
  • How does Team Flash incapacitate Earth-2 Barry? With a taser. Which might probably remind us of what happened to a certain god of thunder...
    • Even funnier is why they tasered him. It looked as if the team were about to reason with Earth-2 Barry when he started squeeing when he saw Harrison Wells. Earth-2 Barry was so annoying about it, that even Earth-1 Barry was rolling his eyes and he gladly fried the guy when he was handed the taser.
  • The casual mention of "Mayor Snart" in the news report at the beginning. Just the thought of any of the Snarts as a politician is hilarious, given that we know them all as criminals.
  • Earth-2 Floyd Lawton is a terrible shot. At one point he fires an entire magazine at a target less than 20 feet away, and fails to hit him.
  • Cisco meets Earth-2!Cisco.
    Cisco: I knew there was another me here!
    Earth-2!Cisco: And I knew you were coming, Cisco. Even before you entered the breach and set foot on this world. See, we are all connected, Francisco.
    Cisco: The name is Vibe.
    Earth-2!Cisco: Reverb.
    Cisco: Actually not the worst name you could have come up with...but not the best.
    • Despite the dire situation, Cisco finds time to be weirded out by Earth-2!Cisco's style.
    Cisco: I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that you're part of Zoom's gang or that weird samurai situation you've got going on on the top of your head there.
  • When Reverb fires a sonic blast, Cisco complains that he has no idea how to do that.
  • When Barry brings Cisco to CCPD to meet Detective West-Allen, he enthusiastically greets her. Iris, not knowing who he is in this universe, very casually flicks her billy club out at him, demanding to know why he's talking to her.
    Iris: Do I know you?
    Cisco: (frightened) D-Does she know me?

    Episode 14: Escape From Earth- 2 

  • Cisco and Harry finally decide to release Earth-2 Barry, who is desperately but politely horrified at what has happened to him. Harry, on the other hand, is just annoyed at his inability to resist imprisonment.
    E-2 Barry: Oh long was I in there?
    Harry: Barely a day.
    • Also Harry keeps bringing up "barely a day" several times.
  • Earth-2 Barry's reaction when he finds out that Earth-1 Barry kissed his wife.
    E-2 Barry: I'm-I'm sorry, he got frisky with you? No no no no no, OK, I'm gonna have to find this guy and give him a piece of my mind.
    Harry: Don't give him too much.
  • When Cisco, Wells, Earth-2!Barry, and Earth-2!Iris try to get Killer Frost's help, with initially predictable results.
    Cisco: Gahhh, that did not go as planned.
    Earth-2!Barry: Her name starts with "Killer", this comes as a shock to you?!
  • Cisco calls Killer Frost "Elsa".
  • When Cisco says, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend", his Earth-2 comrades stare at him in confusion, prompting him to complain that apparently, Earth-2 never invented that phrase.
  • Geomancer attacks Caitlin and Iris at STAR Labs. Caitlin manages to put him down by shooting a shock collar around his neck.
    Iris: Nice shot.
    Caitlin: I was aiming for his leg.
  • Earth-2 Barry tries to explain the situation to his wige by comparing it to an episode of a TV series called "Commander Carl, Space Marshal of the Galaxy". No one, including Cisco, has any idea what he's talking about.

     Episode 15: King Shark 
  • Every joke about everyone acting surprised that King Shark was alive, thinking that he died. Kind of like how the fandom reacted that King Shark was dead after he was shot by Harry. The best part? Harry never says anything, suggesting that even he's just as confused about the whole thing.
  • After King Shark attacks the West home, Wally lampshades Joe and Iris' blasé reaction to the attack by referring to him as "Jaws coming in here like the Kool-Aid Man", and expresses confusion at how they say that they've seen things stranger than a shark man in shorts.
  • Barry himself has become very jaded to all this weirdness. His reaction to hearing that Shark is gunning for him personally is an exasperated laugh. When King Shark makes his entrance, his expression is somewhere between "terrified" and "yep, this is officially my life now."
  • When Cisco complains about Caitlin taking the role of Quint in the trap for King Shark, Harry unhelpfully points out that Quint dies in Jaws. Adding to the humor, Jesse even shakes her head in annoyance at either her father's unhelpful nature, or at how much of a geek he is.
  • While waiting for King Shark to fall into the trap, Harry starts bugging Cisco about if he had programmed the satellite correctly for the trap. Once Harry finally quiets down at Cisco telling him he is insulting his intelligence, Jesse joins in, prompting Cisco to tell them to be quiet.
  • Dig continues to be awed by Barry's speed, and Lyla eventually agrees with him.
    Lyla: He's fast, John. Get over it.
    Diggle: (still in amazement) Never!
  • Caitlin trolls Cisco by pretending to turn into Killer Frost.
  • When Wally said "No one is faster than me", Joe has a laugh about it. It could also be a Mythology Gag given that in the comics, Wally IS a tad faster than Barry in the Pre-New 52 era comics.
  • The Stinger, while dramatic, has a rather on the nose bit of dialogue: Zoom returns to his lair, with Jay's corpse, then proceeds to unmask. His response?
  • Joe playfully telling Iris not to get ideas when they hear Iris-2 was a cop...only to become absolutely delighted when he hears Joe-2 was a lounge singer.

    Episode 16: Trajectory 
  • Cisco was Crazy-Prepared enough to bring his drones to the training session. And when they did prove useful, what else would you expect but for him to brag?
  • When Harry grudgingly agreed to let Jesse hang out with Team Flash, he demands her to bring protection. Jesse got so flustered until Harry placed the meta-human detection watch on her wrist.
    • Wells then cracks a joke about building an "inescapable daughter cube."
  • When Barry introduces Wally and Jesse, he has trouble figuring out how to describe their relationship, him going through various forms of brother before giving up and calling him a friend.
  • When catching up on the history of Earth-1, Jesse is watching a video about Beyoncé's departure from Destiny's Child. Jesse apparently knows the pop singer as "Senator Knowles." Just try picturing Beyonce as a politician without laughing a bit.
  • Although it's a serious and dramatic situation, there's this exchange:
    Barry: What blood type is she?
    Wells: PZ-negative.
    Cisco: Yeah, that's not a thing on this Earth, man.
  • It's a blink or you'll miss it moment, but while the group is standing at the bar, the couple right next to Cisco are really going at it, and into him, to which his face gives off the appropriate mixture of disgust and envy. Whether this was intentionally written in to the script, or an ad-lib by Carlos Valdes, or just a natural reaction, it doesn't take away from just how hilarious the situation is in its awkwardness.
  • Cisco briefly calls the new speedster "Bad Flash", before shaking his head in disgust. He later finds out that Eliza gave herself the name Trajectory.
    Cisco: Why do the crazy ones always name themselves?
  • Cisco and Caitlin's erratic dancing during Team Flash's night out.
    • Followed by Iris' comment to Barry.
    Iris: (giggling) Promise me if ever do get married you won't do that dance at our wedding.
    Barry: (obliviously) Oh I can promise you that. (Beat) Oh! Not the wedding, just the dancing!

    Episode 17: Flash Back 
  • Harry insists Barry will screw up and give himself away while in the past. Cisco insists that Barry is very good at pretending to be himself. "You should have seen him playing Earth 2 Barry. I was like damn, someone get this guy an Oscar!" Except Barry did a terrible job of pretending to be E2!Barry, and he does similarly bad at pretending to be his own past self here.
  • In a cathartic sort of way, there's Barry managing to fuck up the timeline from the word "Go" accidentally showing up when past him first met Hartley (roughly 14 minutes into "The Sound and the Fury") and managing to forget to turn his comm-link off.
  • A meta example comes from Barry flashing back to Hartley using his earplug to blast his way out of the Pipeline...despite not being there to see it.
  • As seen in the promo, Thawne getting up from his chair and clocking Barry in the back of the head after realizing that he isn't his Barry.
  • Cisco plays "Never Gonna Give You Up" in the music speakers. Hartley wants him to stop.
  • When Hartley and Cisco first met, Hartley sneered at Cisco's "Han Shot First" t-shirt. When he, Caitlin, and Cisco are cornered in a cell by the Time Wraith, however, he proves to be Not so Above It All.
    Hartley: Holy Harry Potter...
  • Just when everything is going wrong and Barry keeps screwing up the past, what is ultimately the final nail in the coffin for the original timeline? Past Barry showing up at STAR Labs due to the sedative wearing off, wondering where the other him is. That's right. For all intents and purposes Barry unintentionally tipped off the others that he time traveled. Thawne can be seen facepalming in the background at this.
    • "Wells" repeatedly trying to get everyone to shut up about time travel, before just admitting that's what's going on to get it out of the way. The "goddammit" look on his face when Future Barry mentions the Caitlin from his time period is total gold, plus him miming for Future Barry to shut up when the others aren't looking. And then there's this once the cat's out of the bag:
    "Wells": I think what he's trying to say is he's from the future.
    Past Barry: The future.
    "Wells": Yeah.
    Past Barry: The future?
    "Wells": Yes.
    Past Barry: But, the fut-
    "Wells": Yes. [Death Glare]
  • Cisco freaking out over seeing two of Barry, and using a failed Trust Password since one Barry is, of course, from the future.
  • When Barry returns to his time, Pied Piper has become a fixture at STAR Labs, to his intense confusion. And he's still dropping Latin phrases every once in a while, even though none of them speak Latin.

    Episode 18: Versus Zoom 
  • Turns out that while Barry was hanging out with Supergirl, none of the rest of the team even noticed thanks to his returning right where he left.
  • Cisco and Caitlin's best idea for opening up the breaches again is to detonate a nuclear warhead right next to the city's power grid.
    Barry: "Yeah, we're not gonna do that."
  • If Cisco's somewhat sour attitude at not being able to formulate how to reopen the breaches doesn't get you laughing, then maybe the frowny face on his glass board will.
  • Wally and Harry meet face to face:
    Wally: You kind of look like that guy—
    Harry: I'm not him.

    Episode 19: Back to Normal 
  • Every word out of Killer Frost's mouth is dripping with snark.
  • Jesse is a Quintuple Major in college.
    Jesse: What, is that not common here?
    Iris: Girl, no! That is not common anywhere.

    Episode 20: Rupture 
  • The team locks Jesse and Wally in the Time Vault to keep them safe from Zoom, but leave before Jesse has a chance to ask how they handle bathroom needs.
    • Joe and Harry appear to be on the same wavelength. At one point, when Wally and Jesse ask through a computer if they can finally get out, the two fathers bluntly say "No" in unison.
  • When they need a bolt of lightning for the new particle accelerator.
    Harry: Ramon, you have the wand?
    Cisco: The one I made for Mark Mardon?
    Harry: No, the one you built for the Harry Potter convention! Yes, of course, the one for Mardon!
    Cisco: ...How did you know about the Harry Potter convention?
    • And then, when he uses the wand, he shouts Expecto Patronum!

     Episode 21: The Runaway Dinosaur 
  • "We pretty much invented 'trippy' here." Straight from the Speed Force's mouth (albeit as Joe).
  • Cisco and Iris trying to explain what Thawne did to Barry during his coma to Henry.
  • When Cisco first sees that Girder has come back from the dead.
    Cisco: A zombie? For real?
  • Moments later, when Girder is advancing menacingly.
    Cisco: Get behind me.
    Iris: [shoving Cisco aside] You get behind me!
  • During Girder's shamble through the City, he comes across a smug show off and his date.
    Smug Guy: Big Belly Burger in Starling city is way better, this place sucks!
    (Girder approaches a sweet-looking Hummer)
    Unimpressed Date: Oh my God, is that your car?
    Smug Guy: Oh, yeah!
    (Girder smashes his car)
    Smug Guy: HEY, that's my mom's car!
    • Even better, director Kevin Smith brought in his old buddy Jason Mewes to play the role. Feel free to imagine that Jay came through a portal from the Askewniverse.
  • Joe's awkward conversation about the change from human to meta-human with Wally after the second particle accelerator explodes. Topped off with him dropping something just to make sure.
    Iris: I gave you that mug!
  • Iris and Barry's embracing each other after his return only for...
    Cisco: I'm so glad you're back, cause we're about to die!
  • Cisco proceeds to recap their half of the episode in a single long breath, topped off by him once again wondering if Girder is after their brains.
    • While Harry makes zany motions reacting to his explanation next to him, barely getting a word in edgewisenote .

    Episode 22: Invincible 
  • After Barry (as the Flash) rescues Tina McGee from the collapsing Mercury Labs, her response?
    Tina: Thank you, Mr. Allen.
    Barry: (looks shocked)
  • While at STAR Labs, Tina brings up witnessing "Harrison Wells" leaving Mercury Labs a few months ago, wondering if that has anything to do with the building collapsing. As the rest of the Team Flash (understandably) gets uncomfortable:
    Harry: (walks in, holding a mug, smiling) A few months ago? Sure. (Tina goes wide-eyed) Now? No.
    Barry: ...Yeah, there are a few more things we can get you caught up on, Dr. McGee...
  • Doubles as a CMOA, but how does Wally help save the Flash when he's about to be killed by Black Siren? Mowing her down with his car.
  • After Flash's first encounter with Black Siren:
    Barry: WHAT!?
  • Cisco's plan to distract Black Siren while Barry enacts the frequency plan? Cosplay!, seriously, Cisco and Caitlin dress up as Reverb and Killer Frost to distract Black Siren.
    • Some fridge funny here: Where did Cisco and Caitlin get those costumes? And in such a short time period?
    • Siren sees through the ruse by tossing "Reverb" a metal pipe who catches it with his right hand, when the real Reverb is a southpaw. Cisco tries to make up an excuse mid-sentence before he decides to just screw it.
    • Caitlin is so shocked by Cisco's powers emerging that she can barely even form a coherent sentence:
    Caitlin: What the WHAT?!
  • In an otherwise very serious and dark scene, the Flat "What" expression on Wally's face when he realizes Barry is the Flash.
  • Likewise, when Zoom is about to kill Henry and is outlining his revenge plot to turn Barry into him, he gets an annoyed look on his face when Henry keeps spoiling it by being compassionate and forgiving.
  • Harry's Insistent Terminology to get the others to say a higher frequency rather than erratic.
  • Harry trolls the others by pretending to have no idea what the sonic device is. Then quickly describes it in incredible detail much to the annoyance the less tech savvy members of the group.
  • Cisco using Harry as a guinea pig for the weapon to incapacitate Zoom's army. You can tell Cisco's been waiting for a moment like this...

    Episode 23: The Race of His Life 
  • Zoom's darkly humorous comment when he has captured Joe.
    Zoom: I will say, if anything, Barry has an ample number of fathers to kill.
  • Barry trying to explain the whole thing with his time remnant to Wally.
    Joe: Is that what I look like when they start talking all that science?
    Iris: Yeah.

Season 3

     Episode 1: Flashpoint 
  • Barry's parents do not approve of him stalking Iris for the last three months...until he admits he finally got the courage to ask her out. Then they're oh so proud.
  • The way Joe instantly picks up on Barry's interest in Iris, and tells them in no uncertain terms that he doesn't like it.
    • Hell, Joe's entire personality in this timeline (a drunken, belligerent cop who doesn't give a crap about his job) is funny, if a little tragic.
  • Wally is named Kid Flash, a moniker he hates. He was given it by his sister, who writes most of his stories for the news anyway.
    • Plus, Barry being quick to remind him of it when Wally calls himself just, "The Flash".
  • Every time Wally seems clueless and arrogant, you can see Barry struggling to stay quiet. Even funnier because it's reminiscent of the times Barry went after Reverse Flash or Zoom too early.
  • Barry tries to get the band back together, but they keep bickering. He then realizes that someone is still missing. He uses Mr. Ramon's computer for a moment, then runs out of the room. He returns a moment later with this timeline's Caitlin, understandably baffled as to why she's suddenly in Ramon Industries.
    • Barry then introduces her as a scientist, and she meekly explains that she's actually an Ophthalmologist here. A pediatric one.
    • To top it off, the others won't stop pestering Barry about how he basically just kidnapped her, which Barry admits he kinda sorta did. It's topped by this glorious exchange:
      Caitlin: (Very sweetly, relaxed, and unassuming) Have I been kidnapped?
      Wally: (thinks it over) Unclear.
    • Later, when Cisco has to wear a pair of reading glasses, Caitlin informs him he'd be an excellent candidate for Lasik. He just stares at her blankly.

    Episode 2: Paradox 

  • Felicity's little whine after Barry's sudden arrival blows all of her neatly sorted paperwork askew.
  • The episode begins with a jewel thief trying to escape on a motorcycle. Barry disassembles the bike while catching the bullets the thief is shooting at him. Once the bike slows to a stop, Barry takes back the jewels at normal speed and hands the thief the bullets as the cops show up.
  • Barry's attempts to get Iris and Joe to dinner involves superspeeding across town to have conversations with both of them at the same time, while making each of them think the other is willing to extend an olive branch.
    Iris: Why are you out of breath?
    Barry: No reason!
  • Barry talks to Felicity about the changes caused by Flashpoint. Among the numerous very serious changes (Dante's death, Diggle's daughter turning into a son), Barry is annoyed to realize that he has kissed Iris twice, and erased both events from the timeline.
    Barry: I've kissed Iris West twice, and I have managed to erase both times from existence.
    Felicity [Eating Chinese takeout]: Man, I hate it when that happens.
  • Barry's annoyance that Captain Singh is back in charge of the precinct.
    Barry: Captain Singh's back? That's just terrific.
  • Barry now has a coworker for a year and still refuses to cooperate with him on any cases, insisting on doing everything himself.
    Barry: How have I worked with this guy for a year?
    Joe: You say that all the time.
  • A borderline meta moment: after Iris confronts him on how weird he's acting and demands to know what's up, Barry runs off and proceeds to time travel again...only to get ripped out of the Speed Force by Earth-3 Jay.
  • Barry's tone when asking who Alchemy is when he appears, and attacks Barry during his fight with the Rival. It comes off in a very annoyed/tired, "oh, come on, not another bad guy"-way.
    Barry: And who are you?!
    Alchemy: I am...Alchemy.
    Barry: ...Okay, well what do you want?!
  • When Caitlin asks if there are any side effects from Barry's Cosmic Retcon, he replies none, "Unless you're secretly moonlighting as an ophthalmologist". She is understandably confused.

    Episode 3: Magenta 

  • Harry has taken to using the old "You're right—NOT." thing. A lot.
    Cisco: Really? you guys are doing "NOT" on Earth-2, now?
    Jesse: Ah no. That's all him.
  • Since Earth-2 wasn't affected by Flashpoint, it takes Harry two seconds to figure out Barry changed the timeline. He doesn't actually facepalm, but the sentiment is there.
  • Harry's blatant attempts to stall Jesse from actually being a superhero by making her do the tests over and over.
  • Joe tells Barry he never saw his Dad-Cop mode because Joe sees Barry like a second daughter, before laughing and admitting he's just joking, though Barry still is slightly offended.
    Barry: (muttering) Second daughter? What is he talking about?
  • When Caitlin tries to talk to Jesse about her speed, she keeps talking about how she has no powers but she'd take it slow if she did.
  • Cisco's reaction when he hears Magenta chose her own name. Apparently, he wasn't impressed.
    Cisco: Meh.

    Episode 4: The New Rogues 
  • Mirror Master traps Barry in a Mirror, and even still his girlfriend takes the time to set him up with a no win situation.
    (Iris checks out her reflection's posterior in Barry's mirror)
    Barry: What are you doing?
    Iris: Do these pants make my butt look big?
    Barry: (giving off a Seriously glance) I am literally stuck in a mirror!
  • The entire awkwardness between Barry and Joe, now that Barry is dating Iris.
  • Just this little gem!
    Iris: So you'll pick a good movie for tonight!
    Barry: I'll try!
    (she kisses him goodbye and leaves and he looks around and realizes he's alone in the lab)
    Barry: (muttering to himself) Just like I'll try to find our metahumans, that no one else cares about!
  • Cisco and Harry competing on who gets to name the villains first. Harry beats Cisco at Mirror Master, and Cisco gets to Top later. They seem to enjoy themselves in beating the other.
  • Cisco, Caitlin and Harry, fielding multiple Dr. Wellses from across the multiverse!
    Cisco: He's nice and he's not evil, that's a combination of Wells we haven't had thus far.
  • Barry is quite amused at how much he sounds like Oliver while training Jesse. It gets better when you remember that to Jesse, Oliver Queen is just some spoiled rich guy who died on his boat. Sadly, though, Barry has to do without shooting her in the back with automatic crossbows.
  • Cisco says he couldn't stomach another Wells with Harry's bedside manner:
    Harry: I care for you too, you jackwagon.

    Episode 5: Monster 
  • Barry's decision to move out of the West house, but he doesn't have his old apartment to go back to. He winds up bunking in with Cisco instead. And he suspiciously acts like a housewife while he's there.
  • Barry offers Cisco to take him to S.T.A.R. Labs. Cisco sheepishly turns it down. Judging by his face and the way he talks, they did it before and the experience wasn't very pleasant for Cisco.
  • H.R. and his hammy Cloudcuckoolander-ness worthy of a kiddie camp counsellor as he gives Team Flash their coffee orders. He wants to build team spirit with scavenger hunts!
  • Caitlin's message actually telling Cisco not to steal her pizza pockets. Cut to Cisco eating one, and pitifully defending himself with, "it wasn't labeled."
  • H.R. says that on Earth-19 Gladiator was called "Sweaty Men". Apparently it wasn't a very popular movie because of that.
    • Earth-19 is also apparently home to an Alfred Hitchcock movie called Murder on the Titanic. H.R. summarizes it with the lines "Who did it?" "Who cares? We're drowning!"
  • Joe's utter disbelief about his daughter telling him to get a love life.
  • While trying to stop the monster with the carbon fiber rope, both Cisco and H.R. consider going full on The Empire Strikes Back.
    Cisco: Barry, we're gonna do Empire!
    H.R.: Empire of the Sun, Barry!
    • Followed immediately by...
    Caitlin: Bigger they are harder they fall!
    (everyone looks at her stunned)
    Caitlin: What? Even I've seen Empire!
    • And the crowner!
    Barry: (excitedly to himself) I've always wanted to be a Jedi!
  • After seeing H.R.'s attempts to triangulate the location of the hologram's signal, Cisco declares that this proves H.R. really is a that he doesn't actually know how to use a computer.
    Cisco: This whole time, he's been acting like he can help us, but he can't because he doesn't know how, does he?

    Episode 6: Shade 
  • Cisco accuses HR of stealing his power-dampeners. H.R. insists that he hasn't even met anyone outside the lab yet, let alone reached the point where he would need cuffs.
  • H.R. is incredulous that no one told him about him technically being a murderer on Earth-1 (thanks to Thawne). Cisco's response?
    Cisco: Well, what about your résumé as a world-renowned genius scientist?
  • The incredulous looks of Team Flash when H.R. reveals his facial disguise maker. Especially Barry.
  • If it's between keeping an eye on Wally or going on the movie date with Cecile, Joe would rather prefer the former. But the rest of Team Flash talks him out of it.

    Episode 7: Killer Frost 
  • The Flash finds Caitlin and Julian in the warehouse and confronts her.
    Caitlin: Get out of here.
    Barry: You know I can't.
    Julian: What are you doing? Take her out. Take her out!
    Barry: You don't want to do this. You don't want to hurt anybody.
    Julian: She's willing to hurt somebody. Knock her out!
    (Barry knocks out Julian)
    Joe: He's still out cold, how hard did you hit him?
    Barry: I didn't mean to knock him out...
    Barry:(Smugly) Or maybe I did!
  • There isn't much to laugh about in that scene, but it's still kinda funny how Killer Frost tries to talk her way out of the Particle Accelerator.
    Caitlin: (with Killer Frost's voice and eyes) Guess I just needed a little bit of sleep. Thanks, guys. I feel much better now. It's okay. You can let me out. I promise, I'm not gonna hurt anybody.
    Everyone else: ...
    Caitlin: Hm. Guess you're all smarter than I thought.

    Episode 8: Invasion! 

    Episode 9: The Present 
  • STAR Labs is now adorned in holiday decorations courtesy of H.R. and the Flash suit stand is the centerpiece, the Christmas lights making it look like a Christmas tree.
  • What's better than the Trickster? The Earth-3 Trickster who is even wilder and bears a suspicious resemblance to another Mark Hamill character...
  • Joe asks Cecile to join the annual party at his house, and it boils down to the two of them trying to one up the other on whose grandmother has the better eggnog recipe.
    • At the party they trade mugs and declare that both of their grandmothers must have been alcoholics.
    • H.R. getting stinking drunk on the eggnog. If his babbling is accurate, he drank a mixture of the boozy punches.
  • After Team Flash instructs Julian to count backwards from 10 as they attempt to put him in a trance, he falls asleep at 10.
  • After Barry and Jay fight Savitar, Jay comments on how nice it was to have a sidekick.
    Barry: I'm the sidekick?
    Jay: Well, I'm the senior partner.
    Barry: Senior citizen, maybe.
  • After Barry surprises Iris with the ridiculously swanky apartment they'll be moving into, all Iris can do is sheepishly mutter that she got him a wallet.

    Episode 10: Borrowing Problems From the Future 
  • Caitlin insists her power dampeners keep breaking. Cisco points out that she just forgets to charge them.
    Caitlin: What am I supposed to do? Plug myself into the wall outlet like some human iPad?
  • So H.R. is ready to open the new STAR Labs Museum.
    Cisco: So who exactly is paying for all this?
    H.R. That's a good question...
  • Cisco's hologram malfunctioning.
    • Even before that, the way its dialogue was blatantly pieced together from disconnected words that HR recorded and edited together, resulting in some AcCENT upon the Wrong SylLABle.
  • H.R. attempts to Talk Like a Pirate when naming Plunder.
  • When Julian shows up at the museum's opening, H.R. calls him "Julius."
  • Apparently reptiles are common housewarming presents on Earth-19.
  • At the party at the end, Julian officially joins.
    Barry: Welcome to the team.
    Julian: Just so you know, every member of my last team was killed by Savitar.
    Caitlin: ...we need to work on your small talk.
    Julian: I was trying to be upfront.
  • Joe telling Barry to be a Sink or Swim Mentor to Wally, likening it to what he literally did with Barry when teaching him how to swim.
  • We get our first In-Universe acknowledgement of the upcoming The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover:
  • Iris in full on panic mode before their house party, rushing around the apartment as Barry struggles to zip up her dress...
    Iris: Oh my God, oh my god!
    Barry: What?
    Iris: I forgot the ice!
    (Barry whooshes out, and returns with a bag of ice)
    Barry: (smugly) Instant party save!
    Iris: Baby, you've never been sexier!
    Barry: I know!

     Episode 11: Dead or Alive 
  • Likely classified as both funny and awesome, Cisco retaliating at Julian's comment about how "disorganised" Team Flash appear to be at the start of the episode with a British/southern English accent of his own.
    Julian: Surely, all your adventures are not this disorganised.
    Cisco: There's a method to the madness, mate. Watch and learn!
  • Cisco recreated the events of 5 months later with a LEGO playset. Barry wonders why his figure is an astronaut.
  • When Cisco is facing off against Gypsy in the speed lab after she shot H.R. with a Vibe, he tries to reason with her by talking like two adults, over coffee, or maybe dinner, he knows a great Thai place up the road...
    Caitlin: Are you asking her on a date?
    H.R.: (clutching his Vibe wound) Are you kidding me!?
    Cisco: I am negotiating!
  • Cisco agrees to fight Gypsy in a trial by combat, boasting as he issues the challenge. When Gypsy mentions it's to the death, Cisco acts like he knows all about it and confident even as he jumps at the 24 hours to prepare. As soon as Gypsy teleports away, Cisco turns to face the others, still smiling.
  • Iris talks with Joe as a distraction so Wally can steal some files. Some of the subjects she brings up make Joe uncomfortable.
  • After Iris and Wally team up to stop a criminal, we get this exchange:
    Wally: Don't worry, Dad's like my biggest fan now, he's totally cool with me doing stuff like this.
    Joe: Hell no, I ain't cool with this!
  • Cisco and Gypsy's fight briefly takes them to Catco on Earth-38, where Eve Tessmacher is working late. After they leave again with no explanation, she comments that National City is getting even weirder.

     Episode 12: Untouchable 
  • The team decides to bet on who will win the little race, Barry or Wally. HR is the only one who bets on Wally and then he ends up owing his all teammates money. He then meekly asks if they take IOU's.
    • On Earth 19 betting for money was banned after an unfortunate incident with Vice-President Al Capone.
    • Abe Lincoln is also on the $100, not the $5.
  • Yorkin's "Um, the hell?" face when Wally slices his hand open with no explanation.
  • The face Wally gives Yorkin after he grabs his arm expecting his powers to work, it is the most smug look even with the mask on.
  • Barry and Iris both talking about how terrible the security at STAR Labs is. Barry has installed three deadbolts, which Iris says he didn't have to do, but then Barry points out that Cisco offered to have a custom-made door built for them and reminds her how terrible they are at keeping people out of STAR Labs:
    Iris:...I like deadbolts, deadbolts work.

     Episode 13: Attack on Gorilla City 
  • When Barry is explaining the team's mission to Julian.
    Julian: Are you going to Planet of the Apes?
    Barry: No, it's just a city...of them.
    Julian: You're going to Planet of the Apes!
  • Before leaving for Earth-2, Barry has Iris assure she'll keep Wally out of trouble.
    Joe: Y'all know Wally can hear you!
    (cue a dumbfounded and insulted Wally glaring at Barry and Iris)
    Barry: (sheepishly) Sorry Wally!
  • Grodd (through Harry) explains that as trespassers, the team will be executed.
    Julian: How about a signpost at the front "all trespassers will be executed," not the worst idea, is it?
  • Harry is baffled to discover that HR is not, in fact, a genius.
    Barry: I don't think he could remember an ATM code if he tried.
    HR: Oh, there are so many numbers...
    Harry: It's only four digits!
  • HR ships Jesse and Wally pretty hard, and their kiss leaves him grinning like a loon.
    HR: [as they leave] Invite me to the wedding! [glances at Harry, who is still asleep] He's gonna be so pissed.
  • After escaping from Earth-2 and Grodd, Barry's got a certain idea on how to celebrate his victory with Iris.
    Iris: So does that mean no more nightmares? You're finally gonna get some sleep tonight?
    Barry: (playfully) Well, that last part is entirely up to you!

     Episode 14: Attack on Central City 
  • H.R. likes how Harry brushes his teeth, wondering how the other Wells did so.
  • When Jesse and Wally tell Harry that Jesse wants to stay on Earth-1 to be with Wally, Harry stands up, and Wally immediately takes two steps back.
  • On Earth-19, Alfred Yankovic is a famous poet.
  • Harry's terrible attempt to convince Wally that he's dying ("I...don't know how much time I have left." "I...have seen a doctor, yes."), which Wally completely buys. Jesse, on the other hand, sees through it immediately.
    Jesse: Hey, dead guy! You told Wally you were dying?
    Barry & Caitlin:[in a very concerned tone] You're dying?
    • And the two go from concerned to judgmental in a flash.
    • Fun (meta) fact: Wally wasn't the only one. So did the audience.
    • Cisco immediately picks up on it and calls Harry "Dead guy" as well.
  • When Cisco tries to appeal to Gypsy's morality to help, she says "Are you trying to Luke Starkiller me?" Cisco grins at the reference, but doesn't say anything.
    • One wonders whether, in her universe, that actually is the character's name, or if she just got it wrong.
  • When Cisco goes to confront Gypsy on Earth-19.
    Gypsy: I don't really do long-distance relationships, so...
    Cisco: Well I definitely want to discuss this further, especially if distance is your only issue.
  • Caitlin says that any good in Grodd is already gone and she hopes ARGUS places him in the same cage as King Shark. Cisco's response:
    Cisco: I'd pay money to see that fight.
  • At the end, Gypsy is in the middle of telling him she's not interested...only to interrupt herself by kissing him. After the kiss Gypsy is squeezing Cisco's face so much his cheeks are swelling up.
    Cisco: I'll marry that woman...yeah.
  • Jesse is just as much a fan of Big Belly Burger as her father was.
  • After Joe has been the victim of Grodd's mind-control and tells Team Flash he felt like he was seeing what Grodd was seeing, they devise a way of using what Harry calls "transcranial magnetic simulators."
    Joe: Hold on, ya'll want to put a bunch of magnets against my look into the mind of a psychotic, murderous ape?
    Wells: Yeah.
    Joe: Fine.
    • The line is particularly sold by Joe's sense of resigned indifference.

    Episode 15: Wrath of Savitar 
  • Barry and Iris revealing their engagement to everyone.
    Barry: [to Cisco] Speaking of best man, would you—
    HR: Okay, okay, I'll be your best man. [starting a speech] "I first met Barry Allen—"
    Barry: Actually...I was talking to Cisco.
    Cisco: Obviously.
  • In a Black Comedy way the team just roll their eyes at Savitar's narcissist tendencies even though they are cleary scared of everything else he says.

    Episode 16: Into the Speed Force 
  • Cisco gleefully explains that "Goldtooth" is his upgraded Bluetooth device that works across the multiverse.
  • HR getting into an argument with Caitlin and Cisco over the differences between the Earth-1 and Earth-19 versions of Peanuts.
  • HR stands in Jesse's way, refusing to let her go after Savitar. She smirks and asks if he's sure. He says yes...and she knocks him out with one super-speed punch to the jaw.
    Jesse: That was oddly satisfying.

     Episode 17: Duet 
  • Barry and Kara's utter bafflement at this weird world is great.
  • When they meet Malcom Merlyn, Barry is thrown.
    Barry: (muttering) Malcom Merlyn, former head of the League of Assassins.
    Kara: (muttering) What of the what?
    • When "Cutter" says they work for him, the two both respond "What the what now?" together.
    Barry: I don't know who you are...(Cutter pulls out a switchblade) obviously, you're someone quick with a knife...
  • During the first big song and dance number Barry starts grinning and is clearly starting to enjoy the performance. Kara looks utterly confused and has a startled look when she sees him start moving with the music.
  • Malcolm Merlyn of all people singing "Put a Little Love in Your Heart". Okay, it's not really Malcolm but he's still a cutthroat villain so it still counts.
  • Barry and Kara arguing over who gets to kick down a door, with Barry saying that he didn't mean to "make it a gender thing" by volunteering to do it, he just wanted to do it. This is all while they believe Millie/Iris is in danger and needs their help.
  • The sheer Mood Whiplash and incongruity of characters singing and dancing in the middle of what's been a couple of grim superhero shows is just flat-our hilarious.
  • Meeting Music Meister, Kara declares she's "had my fill of magical creeps."
  • Kara and Barry are both extremely annoyed to find that Millie/Iris and Tommy/Mon-El are dating in this reality, and resolve to get out as soon as possible.
    Kara: And back home to being single. Yaay.
    Barry: At least we'll be single together.
    Kara: Has saying that ever made anyone feel better?
    Barry: Debatable.
  • J'onn and Mon-El are pressing to help stop Music Meister in Central City.
    Cisco: No offense, J'onn, I respect this whole special agent situation you got going on but this problem right here needs someone with—
    (J'onn transforms into his Martian form)
    Cisco: Green skin and a sick-ass cape...
    • Caitlin runs in to deliver news on Barry and Kara and stops when she sees J'onn, offering a weak "hello" before going on.
  • Barry and Kara are momentarily speechless that their plan to have Millie and Tommy confess about their love to their fathers worked so easily and the two run off to do it.
    Kara: Okay...convincing people in musicals is really easy.
    • One part of convincing them to do so has Kara saying that "there's no place like home", and then immediately doing a double-take.
  • Stein and Joe are married in the musical.
    Barry: No, no! I like musicals.
    • "Dads?" (Cue Iris, Stein and Joe all turning and raising an eyebrow at Barry in complete synchronicity)
  • Watch Barry during the Distant Duet. Before the number even begins his eyes start looking around, apparently for the source of the guitar. For some Funny Background Event during the song he starts sitting down and watches Joe/"Digsby" in awe.
  • "Super Friend", written by Rachel Bloom and just as hilariously wacky as you'd expect with all kinds of puns about both Barry and Kara's powers.
    • Highlights include Barry telling Kara that he isn't impressed by her more famous cousin, which she's flattered by and her mentioning his Time Travel ability, to which he awkwardly responds that he isn't supposed to do that anymore. Also, he says that if she needs his help, "he'll be there in a Flash."
    • In a meta way Barry not being impressed by Kara's more well-known cousin is funny considering how much of a Superman fan Grant Gustin is in real life.
    • There's also the fact that when Barry mentions Superman, Winn looks up with a hilarious "WTF?" face.
    • Becomes even funnier after Elseworlds, at which point it becomes clear that Barry's never actually met Superman, he's just heard of him from Kara.
  • When Joe's doppelganger starts pulling an Overprotective Dad routine on Millie, Barry rolls his eyes, making it clear that he's seen more than one exchange like this in the real world.
  • Mon-El's first meeting with the team starts with him laying out his plan for helping Kara:
    "We find the guy who did this to her and punch him in the face, repeatedly, until he breaks whatever spell he put on her."
    • He then has to awkwardly explain that he's Kara's boyfriend, which isn't helped any by J'onn pointing out that they just broke up.
    • HR chimes in that at least he wouldn't be so tactless to point out that Barry just broke up with Iris...while she's right there.
  • Kara promising to drop a mountain on Mon-El if he ever lies to her again, and then clarifying that it's Not Hyperbole.
  • Barry and Kara having an honest and deep conversation about their relationship problems, only for Stein's doppelgänger to reveal he's been sitting in earshot the whole time, at which point he tells them to shut up.
  • Cisco's shock when the Music Meister reveals he'd escaped his holding cell.
    Cisco: Man, how'd you get out of the cell!?
    Music Meister: (annoyed) Cisco, do you really think that cell is gonna just, like, hold me?
    • Just the fact that Music Meister appears only mildly irritated by Cisco's question.

    Episode 18: Abra Kadabra 
  • The Flashes, Cisco and Gypsy working together to stop Kadabra's escape. At one point, Cisco delivers "You. Shall. Not. PASS!" in a way only a LOTR fan would do it justice (while doing a Kamehameha).
  • HR shows up at the end and reveals that the reason he was missing the entire episode was because he was on a sex romp for two days. Of course, he didn't bother telling anyone, so they all thought he had just disappeared.

    Episode 19: The Once and Future Flash 
  • Cisco, HR and Julian duck into a holding cell to hide from Killer Frost. HR starts to sing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" and after a few verses, Cisco joins in. The look on Julian's face before he tells them to "SHHHH!" is priceless.
    • The trio are thrown when the door suddenly slides open.
  • Even in the Bad Future, HR is still a source of laughs.
    • He's managed to make a successful career of his romance novels, which he uses just to pick up women. In fact, he's got two of the women at his book reading hitting on him right when Present Barry zooms through and picks him up.
    HR: I was about to check off one of the most important boxes a man can check!
    • When the team is coming back together, he's desperately looking for something in the lab he needs before he can be useful — his drumsticks.
    • When Cisco is coming up with a way to help Present Barry fight Mirror Master and Top:
    Cisco: Give me that thing in your hand.
    HR: (extends drumstick)
    Cisco: Your other hand.
    HR: (hands over device) Yeah, that makes more sense.
    • And keep in mind, all this was directed by Tom Cavanaugh himself.
  • There's something meanly funny in how, after spending the whole episode teasing The Reveal of Savitar's identity, come The Stinger, all we get is a shot of a leg.

    Episode 20: I Know Who You Are 
  • The promo lampshades the endless debates of who Savitar is.
    Barry: I know who you are.
    Savitar: It's about time.
    • And then Black Comedy kicks in when it's revealed that Barry is Savitar.
    • The episode starts with this scene and then becomes a How We Got Here. Much like the infamous cliffhanger at the end of The Walking Dead Season 6, it's quite amusing to picture the show's crew panicking as they realized they'd severely overestimated the fans' patience for this reveal, and they'd better make it as clear as possible that we would be getting the answer this week.
  • On Earth-19, Albert Einstein's name was Norbert.
    • And apparently "french fries" are called "finger chips."
  • Tracy says she's in the same situation as Sarah Connor, to which Cisco and HR both chime in that she's more like Miles Dyson. Note that this means despite the various differences already seen from Earth-19, The Terminator and its first sequel are apparently exactly the same.
  • Meta one. Ever since the last two seasons were about Barry trying to become faster then the villains fans were irritated by Barry calling himself the fastest man alive in the opening segments. Well seems like he can finally call himself that now.
  • After being built up as possibly the only hope during their Darkest Hour Tracy turns out to be a female HR (albeit a Ditzy Genius).

    Episode 21: Cause And Effect 
  • A minor one in the midst of an incredibly tense and emotional moment, but when Savitar says he realized he wouldn't feel pain anymore if he simply became a god, Barry tilts his head to the side just a touch and gives him a look bordering on an eye-roll, as if to say "oh Jesus, really future me? You're really this nuts? Do you even realize how crazy you sound when you talk like that? Pretty dang crazy is the answer."
  • Right before his empty armor attacks Barry from behind, Savitar says, "My suit is cooler than yours." Which, honestly, is something Barry would say if he was evil.
  • Before Cisco could tell Barry what he and Julian are going to do to him, Barry takes a look at the apparatus they are going to use, and he wonders if they're going to give him...a perm.
  • After Barry loses his memories, one of the first things he does is ask if S.T.A.R Labs is a dentist's office.
    • And when he starts freaking out, he checks his full name on his ID, asking if he should instead be called "Bart". Wally's form of helping is saying that "Bart" is a good name.
    • He even accuses the rest of Team Flash about being the type of criminals who steal kidneys from people, checking himself for scars.
    • After asking Wally how they know each other, and when told that they're brothers, Barry checks his hand to see what color his skin is.
    • Julian's utter failure to reassure a panicky, amnesiac Barry.
    Barry: How do I know you haven't been experimenting on me?
    Julian: We haven't! Well, okay, technically yes, but you were consenting!
  • Cisco decides to test if Barry at least still remembers that he's the Flash via the "Catch" test. The end result?
    Julian: Oh my lord.
    Cisco: (with The Unsmile) He's, like, God awful.
    Julian: He's pathetic...
  • This is Cecile's first time meeting Barry since learning he's the Flash...and she is just dumbfounded to know that not only is he currently suffering from amnesia, but also that it's Team Flash's fault.
  • The Reveal that Barry's amnesia fucked over Savitar: Killer Frost is walking through an ominous warehouse, chewing out Savitar for just kneeling on the ground doing nothing. She even bangs on his helmet and asks if anyone's there. Suddenly Savitar springs up and looks like he's about to punish her for her insolence, but then he, in full armor and with his deep, modulated voice says "Who are YOU?" then looks down at his hands and says "WHO AM I??"
  • Just the idea that Barry Allen was once a big fan of Dragon Ball Z. And Iris has no idea how to explain the show to him.
  • An amnesiac Barry testifying in trial is one of these after another.
    • Julian, who is feeding Barry his lines, can't resist sneaking in a line that has Barry compliment Julian.
  • This exchange when "Bart" meets Killer Frost.
    Bart: (absolutely giddy) Are you a supervillain!?
    Kiler Frost: [Gives him a look that just screams "What do you think?"]
    Bart: Just asking.
  • Definite Mood Whiplash, but after Barry relearns that his parents are dead, he suddenly dips into Bullet Time, much to his shock and confusion.
  • On Earth-19, Star Trek: Voyager is the only entry in the Star Trek franchise.
  • Much like the last episode, there's much meta-amusement in how after the show's increasingly strained and confusing time travel rules, here the writers finally throw up their hands and say that after as much time travel as Barry has racked up, things just plain stop making sense, with Savitar explaining that the more you time travel the less it affects you.

     Episode 22: Infantino Street 
  • Snart is quick to get his Deadpan Snarker on with Barry:
    (Snart has just asked Barry why he would ask for help again after the last time they worked together)
    Barry: Iris.
    Snart: Ugh. Girlfriend.
    Barry: Fiancée.
    Snart: Mazel Tov.
  • Cisco makes a pun about Snart being smart, causing the entire team to stare at him awkwardly. Cisco quickly makes up an excuse to leave.
  • H.R. realizes Tracey still doesn't know who the Flash is, so when they run into him unmasked, H.R. hastily blindfolds her with his hands.
  • Team Flash (sans Barry) decide to hide Iris in Earth-2. The Unexpected Character that was "waiting" for them was just as surprised as the audience was.
  • Snart has a Double Take when Barry nonchalantly "introduces" him to Grodd. In spite of becoming a time traveler, a telepathic killer gorilla still seems to throw him by surprise.
  • Cisco has a lengthy rant about the vault the team is about to break into, ending with how it cost ARGUS millions of dollars. By the time Cisco is done, Snart has already opened it without a hitch, and Barry deadpans that Lyla should ask for a refund.
  • While trapped, Barry explicitly tells Snart NOT to look behind him, for Killer Shark is recovering from his anesthetic. Snart turns around, and for the very first time (in this series at least), our cool, calculating criminal has a real Oh, Crap! on his face.
  • When Snart is trapped with King Shark, Barry calls Cisco to quickly unlock the shark's containment unit. Fearing for his life, Snart throws in his own two cents: putting in a good word to his sister.
  • With King Shark hidden in the fog, Snart is reminded of the famous Special Effect Failure of the mechanical shark from Jaws that forced the film to keep it offscreen most of the time (and of course a huge Lampshade Hanging on how the show is doing the same thing here).

     Episode 23: Finish Line 
  • There's something oddly humorous about "Iris" casually spitting out a piece of gum. And then HR calling Joe "dad."
  • Gypsy saves Cisco from Killer Frost and Savitar, and they resort to (classic Ship Tease) bickering. Unrelated (or maybe not), but when they spring out of Gypsy's portal, Cisco winds up tumbling down the stairs.

Season 4

     Episode 1: The Flash Reborn 
  • Cisco stating he hates teleporters. Not only is this Hypocritical Humor, but he is also probably reminded of Gypsy.
  • The following exchange from near the beginning:
    Iris: Duck.
    Wally: I don't see no duck.
    (A few seconds later after Wally and Cisco get knocked over.)
    Wally: She meant the other duck.
    Cisco: Yeah, I cannot believe you actually thought she meant a duck duck.
  • Wally wanted to rename the team "Team Kid Flash'' in Barry's absence only for everything to point how horrible the name is. Cisco's argument is that it has too many syllables.
  • Wally can speak Japanese, which flabbergasts Cisco completely.
  • The apparent Fridge Brilliance to the reason Barry's return was a delayed effect of the Speed Force Bazooka. Barry was just late, that's all.
  • Cecile asks Joe to get rid of his vintage jazz record collection. Iris puckishly reveals that she hit the wrong button for Joe, who replies those records are only leaving the house when he goes —- in his coffin. They're coming with him.
    • Cecile then suggests burying them in advance and Joe can catch up with them later.
  • Barry's coded message, which he keeps painting on walls, and which Cisco thinks is saying something important to possibly restore his sanity actually says....This house is bitchin'.
  • The final scene has a big meta laugh as it's basically the crew saying "Okay, we heard you, screw any mystery about the Big Bad, it's just this guy. You happy now?"
    • There's also something anticlimactically funny about how The Thinker's last line literally is: "...I'm thinking..."

    Episode 2: Mixed Signals 
  • Captain Singh welcomes Barry back by saying he's late. Again.
  • Cisco showing off that he's a consultant for the CCPD as he walks in on the crime scene, and immediately blanches upon seeing the murder victim, telling them why they're showing it to him. It didn't occur to Cisco that he'd never be exposed to that gruesome scene if he wasn't shooting his mouth off...
    • Cisco showing off his badge to onlookers.
      Singh: He knows that badge is plastic, right?
  • Barry's sheer joy in the episode's start, which results in such scenes as a "Risky Business" Dance.
  • Barry taking advantage of his speed in a unique way: Binge-watching shows in record time.
  • While waiting for their therapist, Barry and Iris see a paper with the headline "Mayor Queen is the Green Arrow". They wisely conclude they will deal with that later.
  • Really, whole scene with Barry and Iris at the therapist, from listing all the people who have died, to trying to keep the fact that Barry is The Flash secret, to him having to deal with a crisis.
    Barry: (Leaves).
    Iris: You're gonna write down that he ran out of here, aren't you?
    Dr. Finkle: (clicks pen) Yes.
    Iris: 'Kay.
  • Cisco talks about the tech guys from the magazines he read as a child. Wally cracks about "those were the magazines you read as a teenager?"
    • Later, Cisco is reading a fold-out with a motherboard, gushing over it like it's a beautiful woman. Enter Gypsy behind him.
  • Barry rescues Kilg%re's second would-be victim from a car crash by dismantling the entire car, leaving only the poor sap and the driver's seat he was on, and the seat harmlessly hits a barrier, followed by a wheel. We later learn that he brought the car, back in one piece, to STAR Labs.
  • Because of Kilg%re shutting off Barry's comm, Barry has to use a payphone to call STAR Labs.
    Automated Phone Voice: You have a collect call from-
    Barry: GUYS, HELP ME!
    Iris: (panicked) We accept the charges!
  • Cisco defends the inflation mode he added to Barry's suit, pointing out the possibility of Barry losing his powers while running on water. He is then asked why he didn't just add an air tank. He then concludes that's a good idea.
  • When the rest of the team give Cisco shit for including a self destruct mode in Barry's suit, Cisco loudly reminds the others that they've faced Evil Barrys before.
  • One of the holidays they celebrate on Earth 19 is Saint Shaquile O'Neil Day.

    Episode 3: Luck Be a Lady 
  • The Thinker as The Comically Serious while spelling out Becky's crappy life in his usual ponderous tone.
    Thinker: Born in Sarasota, Florida, the first indignity in a life full of unfortunate circumstances.
  • Becky takes "born unlucky" to new heights: She gets a bad coffee order, comes home to find her boyfriend making out with her best friend, has been rear-ended four times, identity stolen twice and a cat burglar once stole...her cat.
    • Also Becky complains about her life on her My Space page. Yes, that's right: in 2017, she uses My Space.
  • Our introduction to Hazard's powers, causing various bits of chaos as she strolls into a bank and walks out with the cash, capped off by Barry slipping at full speed on a bunch of marbles, all scored to Frank Sinatra's rendition of the title song.
  • The episode opens with Barry, Cisco and Caitlin playing laser tag against a group of adolescents...and losing. The only person who didn't get hit was Caitlin!
    Caitlin: Wait, did you guys die already?
    • The sheer fact that the Fastest Man Alive, a superhero with years of life-or-death combat experience against all kinds of enemies, probably the most dangerous person on his entire creamed by a bunch of Muggle teenagers. Even without using his powers, you'd think he'd be a bit better at this!
    • Cisco challenging the kids to a paintball match later, and subtly threatening them...only to have a Verbal Backspace because of the mother.
  • Barry and Iris high-fiving each other because they're getting the wedding venue they wanted...because a couple broke up.
  • The breakup cube that Jesse made for Wally. Which, apparently, is made out of cheap Atlantean plastic, according to Harry.
  • Becky runs into her ex at a diner with his new girlfriend. One look and the guy is knocked down by a tray right before a woman with a plate of hot dishes. Cut to the Thinker and his aide watching while we hear him screaming in agony from what's been dumped on him.
    Boyfriend: Who makes soup so hot?...Are those live lobsters?!
  • Harry and Cisco squabbling, ending with Harry storming out and mimicking Cisco.
  • Barry, Harry, and Cisco find the source of the new metas: Rescuing Barry from the Speed Force released a localized burst of dark matter. They see that a bus route runs through the affected area, and Cisco immediately announces that they're dealing with a "busload" of new metahumans.
  • With Iris growing paranoid with a luck-based meta human running around, she wants to get married to Barry ASAP. So, she calls Barry to meet her at a they can piggy back off of a funeral.
    • When the priest wants to reset the altar, Iris instead grabs the funeral photo and flips it around.
    • Then Barry quietly and quickly saying his full name (Bartholomew Henry Allen), very much embarrassed of his name, and Iris loudly stating her name.
    • Then the priest ends up sick because an altar boy put in cinnamon in the incense, which he's allergic too. And then Iris asks the priest to walk it off.
  • Harry tries to calm down his anger by throwing the break-up cube, just for the cube to rebound off the wall and hit him on the head. Cisco shows up behind him and says it was golden.
    • Does the setup of the two characters feel familiar to you? It's the reverse of an almost similar moment from Season 1's "Out of Time". And practically in the very same room, making things a whole lot funnier.
    • Harry reveals the reason he's on Earth-1: he was such a jerkass to Jesse and the team he set up to support Jesse's superhero work that they voted him off the team and out of their universe.
  • The extreme Tempting Fate scene with a goose flying into an airplane engine.
    • Just the fact that the main pilot of the plane tranquil during the whole time the plane is in trouble.
    • The pilot was also clearly cast for his resemblance to Sully Sullenberger. You can just feel him thinking "Not again!"
  • The reason why Becky's probability field is growing exponentially? She went back to the casino she worked at and is playing craps.
  • Meta: when this episode first aired, a lead-in to an Aflac commercial came on using clips from the episode.
  • The Stinger: After Joe decides to listen to Cecile and get a new house, Cecile decides that they should stay, since she's pregnant. The jovial mood of the scene grinds to a halt (as does the background music) as Joe locks up in shock.

    Episode 4: Elongated Journey Into Night 
  • A madman teleports into Cisco's pad and attacks him seemingly unprovoked. Cisco is mad...because all his TV memorabilia are getting destroyed.
  • Barry and Joe walk into STAR Labs and meets Breacher, the aforementioned madman. Cisco walks in, and immediately introduces Barry as his "personal assistant" in a bid to impress him. Apparently, Breacher was told that Cisco, not Barry, owns the whole place.
  • Breacher's reaction to Harry:
    Breacher: You look like someone I once sent my daughter to kill.
    Harry: (nonchalant) I get that a lot.
  • Caitlin walks in just as Breacher is leaving:
    Caitlin: Why is the scariest person I have ever seen roaming our halls?
    Barry and Joe: (in unison) Cisco.
    • And then Caitlin nods like that makes perfect sense.
  • Iris' and Caitlin's playful ogling Ralph Dibny, once again bringing up her schoolgirl crush on Oliver, favorably comparing the two, to Barry's annoyance.
    Caitlin: Oliver Queen is hot!
    Iris: Amen, hallelujah.
  • The sign that said 'Private Investigator' on Dibny's door now say's 'Private Dick'. Apparently a client was not happy with his attitude.
  • After Barry and Joe leave Dibny's office, the Mayor's goons show up and then immediately threaten Ralph, holding him upside down by the legs from the top of a building, unknowingly awakening Ralph's powers, making him safely "dangle" down the building. Barry and Joe walk by apparently not noticing the whole spectacle, and had to double back when they did.
  • The Running Gag of Joe's reactions to Ralph's stretching, from throwing up to just with an "oh, God" look on his face.
    Joe: Four years seeing this stuff, I finally puked.
  • Iris is right behind him screaming as she finds Ralph's leg in the hallway, grabbing his shoe and running to the lab yelling. There, Barry and Caitlin are trying to get Ralph to breathe as if he's giving birth.
    • When Ralph sneezes, Iris apparently forgets she has Ralph's shoe in her hand and raises it to cover her face in shock.
    • What really sells it is that while Iris is freaking out beautifully, Barry is in full "yeah, this is our lives now" mode.
  • Joe asks Ralph who the guys on the roof were.
    Ralph: Is that...really...the issue right now? Look. At. Me!
  • Ralph's first act upon getting his powers under control? Making his gut vanish into six-pack abs.
    Ralph: I look like a Hemsworth!
  • After getting on each other's nerves again, Barry tries punching Ralph, causing his fist to get stuck in Ralph's mouth.
  • Breacher "challenges" Cisco into a hunt (with the latter as the prey), under a time limit of 24 hours. Breacher gives Cisco a headstart by counting down from 10, but it took until the count of 8 before he realized what the countdown was for, and bolts. Breacher then sighs before rushing the final three numbers before taking off after Cisco.
  • While packing up weaponry to deal with Breacher, Cisco pulls out a machete, and Harry immediately cuts off his spiel of advice to say it's too much.
    • It gets even funnier when you realize Cisco almost took a machete to fight Machete.
  • Ralph's reaction to his own stretchiness:
  • The nonplussed way Barry disarms Bellows' Dirty Cop goons. Instead of running in super speed, he's walking, gingerly plucking the bullets out of the air, and setting the two to knock each other out, all in a general "just doing my chores," type apathy.
  • When Ralph meets up with the Mayor to give him the photos of his affair in exchange for $200k, Ralph decides to stop blackmailing him, and tells him to keep the money. Ralph then threatens to link him to the bomb that was planted in his office if he doesn't leave him alone. It's pointed out that this is still blackmail.
  • Breacher thinks Ralph is a Plastoid, the beings who "ravaged my world." It turns out that the "ravaging" is less mass death and destruction and more that the Plastoids caused coffee crops to go extinct.
    • Which is even funnier in a way as it means Breacher is from a world without being getting hyper on coffee.
  • Ralph's stunned reaction when he discovers Barry is the Flash.
    Ralph: Seriously, dude? Most people get hit by lightning and die and you get super powers? I used to love the Flash now I have to hate the Flash...
  • After the Mayor takes Joe hostage and attempts to escape via helicopter, Ralph stretches to hold the helicopter in place, and Barry runs up into it to disarm the Mayor, Joe chooses that moment to abruptly admit that Cecile is pregnant, genuinely confusing Barry. Cut to commercial.
  • The celebration at STAR Labs with Joe bringing in Cuban cigars for everyone. Barry is so enjoying his Cuban...
  • Breacher making the name Josh sound incredibly intimidating.
  • Breacher's Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are while he's hunting Cisco. "Heeeeere, Cisky, Cisky, Cisky..."

    Episode 5: Girls' Night Out 
  • While testing his powers with Team Flash in the Speed Lab, Ralph decides to show off by stretching his entire body. Felicity walks in, talks about her plans of having a bachelorette party with the female half of the team, then she sees Ralph, still in his stretched form.
    • While talking with Barry, Felicity starts to ramble on about how statistically speaking most married couples eventually get divorced. While in the background, Harry can be seen in the background immediately giving her the "kill the conversation" gesture with increasing obviousness. Harry, who to note was kicked out of his universe for having no people skills, has more tact than Felicity.
  • Norvok shows up to the girls and only Caitlin recognizes him, with the others apparently thinking he's a stripper. Especially Felicity, who was asking him how long he is supposed to keep his clothes on...
  • When Caitlin transforms into Killer Frost, she sighs about her sweater ("I hate pink.") She then takes a swig of champagne, lets out a burp...and it turns into a frozen cloud out of her lips.
  • Katee Sackhoff as Amunet. Something about the former Starbuck talking like a Cockney baddie is just hysterical.
    Amunet: Is there any part of the way I'm dressed that leads you to believe I want to be called "ma'am?"
  • Frost tels Amunet she's out.
    Amunet: Out of what? Out of options, out of your mind, out of the closet, there are just so many "outs" for a lady in blue.
  • Amunet offers to cut Frost in on a murder in exchange for some percentage.
    Amunet: And I'll throw in not killing you and that's only because I've got forgiveness in me kidneys!
    Frost: I think you mean heart.
    Amunet: Oh, no, no beat-beat in this chest, sister.
  • The bachelor party, in contrast to the girls' night out, is chock full of hilarity:
    • Part of the party involves Cisco showing a film of Barry's childhood, from infancy to his adoption into the West family. Barry questions HOW exactly did Cisco collect all this?
    • Ralph shows up, assuming the guys were doing some secret super-hero thing. When he learns this is a bachelor party, he's in total denial before insisting they join him.
    • It turns out Ralph is the #1 customer at the "Golden Booty", complete with a framed photo of himself on the wall drunk as hell.
    • Cisco concocts a special elixir that can get even Barry drunk. He spends the rest of the episode shitfaced and ping-ponging emotionally.
      • He constantly announces to everyone "I'M THE FLAAAAAASH!" Luckily, he's so drunk that nobody believes him.
      • He does a weird twitch, and when asked about it, he says he went to get peanuts at the bar.
      • At one point, Cisco notices that he seems to be close to tears and asks him about it. Barry, who has buffalo sauce all over his face, replies that nothing's wrong; he just really loves chicken wings.
      • After Joe's heartfelt talk with Joanie, Barry tearfully asks him why Rose didn't make room for Jack on the door. Made even funnier when a few months later the film's director actually comes out with an explanation, as if he watched this episode.
    • The sheer horror of Joe realizing Cecile's daughter is a stripper.
    • One of the strippers confronts Ralph over his theft of $20 from her. After he unintentionally confirms it, a fellow regular promptly smashes his "#1 Customer" plaque. Ralph makes a sharp gasp, loudly shouts You Monster!, and attacks the guy, starting a Bar Brawl. Joe tries to stop the chaos by announcing that he's a cop, only to get tackled by another patron. The scene is then punctuated by Drunk!Barry loudly proclaiming "I'M THE FLAAAAAASH!" as everyone continues to fight around him.
    • Just because you're a cop or a CSI doesn't mean you're safe from the law when you're found in the middle of a Bar Brawl. Since Joe gets knocked out, and Barry is currently out of his gourd, neither of them could explain the situation and this lands them all in the slammer.
    • An elderly cellmate apparently finds Cisco's shoulders a good place to rest his head on. Meanwhile, Barry is finally having a hangover, and was throwing up on the toilet.
    • Harry shows up to bail Barry, Joe and Cisco out. He seems content until Ralph speaks up, and Harry begrudgingly adds him to the group. As they leave, the elderly cellmate doesn't realize that his "pillow" is now gone, and just harmlessly falls to the side.
    • The next day the boys, except Ralph, agree to Let Us Never Speak of This Again.
  • The girls return to STAR Labs.
    Cecile: Who was that Medusa man?
    Felicity: You know that is not a Cisco-approved codename.
  • Frost decides to strip naked in front of the ladies to change and drives them out of the room.
    Cecile: Your father will kill me if you get killed at your bachelorette party!
    Felicity: That is some crazy logic and that means I'm in too!
  • Frost explains she's awake when Caitlin is asleep.
    Felicity: Oh my God, you're like The Incredible Hulk! I said that with too much chutzpah. Dialing it back...
  • Ralph going googly-eyed at Killer Frost merely because of her white hair, and loudly voicing his disappointment when she turns back into Caitlin.
  • When they see Frost, Cisco and Barry are less upset and more just "oh, geez, this again?" Cisco openly says "I'm tired, can we we do this tomorrow?"

    Episode 6: When Harry Met Harry 
  • Barry and Ralph getting mugged. Barry just has this goofy smile on his face when he realizes what's happening. Then they just ignore the guy and plot until he shoots Ralph. Naturally, the bullet bounces right back at him. He shoots him again. And gets a bullet in the ass. The kicker is Barry blaming Ralph for it.
    • Even better, it's the same hapless mugger who tried to rob Barry all the way back in the first season. His luck hasn't changed much. And Barry's grin might be because he recognizes the mugger.
    • While the two supers are discussing what they should do to him, the mugger can be clearly seen losing his patience (and mind).
  • The argument between DeVoe and his assistant has funny moments made doubly funny by the fact that she is his wife.
    • The Thinker talks with the last line first: "The only way it can end. With my victory." When she stares, he sighs "fine, let us take the long way" and they have the argument...which ends with that very same line.
  • When the team is in the lab exhausted after an all-nighter, Caitlin casually mentions that the last time she felt this bad was when Killer Frost went to Burning Man. One of the most powerful metahumans in the world, known for her violent tendencies, stole the body from her goody two-shoes alternate personality just to attend a concert.
  • Ralph, Barry, Cisco and Caitlin playfully mocking Harry when he mentions that he will call his friends.
    • After bragging about having brainpower, Ralph accidentally sets the Lab to self-destruct. Everyone just sighs at this; Cisco almost falls asleep even! Ralph decides to Try Everything at the console to stop the self-destruct, until Harry brushes him aside, and stops the countdown with only ONE press of a button.
      • The fact that Star Labs even HAS a self-destruct button to begin with! Then again, it WAS built by an evil mad scientist...
  • Barry and Joe realizing the statue of a lion has blood on its jaws.
    Barry: Do you remember back in the day when we wouldn't calmly consider a stone statue our prime suspect?
    Joe: No, I actually don't.
  • The Council of Wells. Words cannot do justice to the hilarity of campy German Wells, Hugh Hefner Wells and Australian Cyborg Mad Max Wells snarking at each other.
    Cyborg Wells: Good on you. That dude was strange. (Takes a bite of a rat thing on a spit)
    • Even better is how he's accompanied by building, mystical music that abruptly cuts off when Harry punts him out of the conversation.
    • Cisco's reaction which is basically "OF COURSE your only friends are yourself."
  • Ralph's suit. The jokes write for themselves.
    • He was so enthusiastic about finally suiting up, until Cisco tells him the tarp on the dummy isn't covering the suit, it is the suit.
    • The fact that it's so small, it literally fits in the palm of Ralph's hand. Is Cisco finally getting close to the costume ring or something?
    • Nearly every time Ralph appears in it, the first he does is try to adjust his crotch.
  • The whole sequence with the T-Rex skeleton. Ralph tries the Jurassic Park "Don't move, they can only sense movement" strategy. It doesn't work.
    Ralph: The movie is filled with lies!
  • Caitlin mentions that Killer Frost once took them to Burning Man. Just imagine mild-mannered Caitlin's body at a hippie/hipster rager.
  • When Cisco gets a full view of Hefner Wells' meat and two veggies, he doesn't take it well.
    Cisco: Oh my God!
    Hefner Wells: What?
    German Wells: I can see your frank and beans.
    Hefner Wells: C'mon now. I do my best thinkin' commando, plus it ain't like we all haven't seen it before.
    Cisco: (Horrified) I haven't seen it!
    Cisco: (Later, to Harry) I have your junk burned in my head.
  • When discussing if Cisco was able to Vibe any more bus-metas, he mentions when he tried he ended up vibing himself and the traumatizing experience of what he either believed was his birth or his death.
  • Ralph can apparently gauge a woman's measurements with astonishing accuracy just by looking at them. And even if her back was to him. Iris and Caitlin, of course, aren't so thrilled with his little talent.
  • When Barry and Iris take him to their councilor to have Ralph hypnotized to better remember his memory of the bus, he laughs it off as fairy tale bullshit...
    Ralph: Give it up Rookie this psycho hooie is never gonna work on me...
    (smash cut as Iris and Barry are seated beside Dr. Finkle observing a deeply entranced Ralph)
    Dr. Finkle: Well that was quick!
    • Barry also asks Dr. Finkle if she can also fix Ralph's personality while he's under.
  • An incredibly sweet moment too, but that big date Ralph was eluding to Caitlin was actually entertaining the injured little girl in the hospital. How? By using his elasticity to create ballon animals out of his limbs.
    Little Girl: (giggling) Do a giraffe next!
    Ralph: (playfully smirking) Okay, but that might require some toes as well!
  • Darkly funny, but when Barry exclaims that for the first time since they started Team Flash finally has the advantage against their nemesis when learning the Thinker's identity. Thus ensues a kick ass montage of Barry and Joe, holstering his gun, heading out to his residence, Iris prepped at her console to offer reconnaissance and support, Harry at the back door packing his energy rifle in case DeVoe tries to run, and Cisco/Vibe and Caitlin/Killer Frost suited up to and ready to breach in at a moments notice. Team Flash is locked and loaded for a battle to end all battles, and then...they learn DeVoe is currently living as a mild mannered and disabled suburban house husband. Cue Barry and Joe's shocked expression.

    Episode 7: Therefore I Am 

  • When Barry brings up Devoe's love of samurai (as proof that he created Samuroid), Cisco and Harry just say "Who doesn't?"
  • In DeVoe's earlier classes, all his students are watching funny animal videos and playing with paper planes.

    Episode 8: Crisis On Earth-X, Part 3 

     Episode 9: Don't Run 
  • Cisco and Harry complaining about how they're putting up the tinsel on the tree. Which then falls over.
  • Doubling as a minor CMOA: after Iris insists she's not bitter with how Oliver and Felicity hijacked their wedding, Barry dumps their wedding present onto the return pile.
  • Cisco gets what he assumes to be a break-up cube from Gypsy and plays it in front of everyone, despite Harry pleading that it isn't and that he really should play it in private. It turns out to be holographic sexting.
    Cisco: Joe, do you mind if I-
  • In a deleted scene, Ralph tries to get his Netflix to work and accidentally sets off the STAR Labs alarm, prompting Barry to super-speed back from his honeymoon with Iris. Barry has to hold Iris back from attacking Ralph.
    Barry: You'd kill him.
    Iris: I would kill him...
    • Once again, Ralph tries various button presses to stop the alarm, and once again it was only defused with ONLY ONE press of a button.
    • For extra hilarity, there's Barry's face when he's holding back his wife.
    • Barry also snaps at Ralph on how "hard it is to run in flip-flops."
  • Caitlin's baffled, awkward reaction to finding her friends have been hanging out with her amoral Split Personality without her knowledge, especially the way they make it sound like some kind of How I Met Your Mother-esque wild night. Cisco and Harry don't seem to get what's so weird about it, until Ralph makes it worse by insulting Caitlin.
    • There's some grim humor in the fact that Caitlin runs off to Jitters to get some space, only to find out that they named a drink after Killer Frost. Despite being bummed about it, she ends up ordering it. And apparently enjoying it, to her chagrin.
    • And Amunet loves it too.
  • Just the idea of Amunet wearing a Santa cap on top of her usual nutty outfit.
    Amunet: A sprinkle of enthusiasm would not kill you.
  • We learn that Mick gave Barry and Iris 40 toasters as wedding presents!
    Barry: He said that there was some kind of fire sale...
    Iris: He stole them.
    Barry: He definitely stole them.
  • After three years as the Flash, you can tell how tired Barry is of fighting megalomaniacs. Even after DeVoe successfully kidnaps him, Barry never takes his boasting about his superior mind remotely seriously.
    [DeVoe hovers into view on his Cool Chair]
    Barry: Wow. What an entrance.
  • Amunet complains about how she hasn't stabbed, punched or shoved metal rods into Caitlin. When Caitlin gives her a lovely "really?" look, Amunet shrugs "Today, anyway."
  • Cisco/Vibe owns Amunet:
    "Are you a time traveller? 'Cause those white-girl-dreads came straight from the Nineties!"
    • And as the group is fleeing, Ralph takes the time to flirt with Amunet, only interrupted when Cisco literally drags him through the breach.
  • Amunet's hilariously squicked-out face as Caitlin removes the metal shard she put into Dominic's neck in the first place.

    Episode 10: The Trial of the Flash 

  • Cisco and Harry need Killer Frost to stop Fallout. Caitlin says she can't just bring her out by snapping her fingers, she has to be angry or scared. Cisco (clearly trying not to scream at her) points out that if Fallout explodes, he'll kill everyone in the city, including "the birds, the trees, the fish, the puppies!"
    Cisco: Puppies are going down because you didn't want to SHOW UP FOR WORK!
    Caitlin: (eyes glowing) Thanks.
    • By the time she exits the breach, she's in full Frost mode and asking "is this business or a social call?"

    Episode 11: The Elongated Knight Rises 
  • Joe having to negotiate with a robber who took a bank hostage, and the latter has trouble making up his mind about his demands. They include the conventional private plane, but also a hybrid car and a salad.
  • The robber demanding who the newcomer is, and Ralph pauses then consults STAR Labs, because they still didn't give him a moniker yet. Team Flash just stare at Cisco.
  • Ralph abruptly taking the bomb causing the robber to detonate it. Ralph absorbs the blast, expanding like a balloon, and then releasing it like he was cutting some cheese. And the robber faints during the "release".
  • Ralph brushes off the bomb.
    Ralph: My cells are completely polygmaized!
    Caitlin: You mean polayarmized.
    Ralph: Exactly!
  • The entire fact that the title is a takeoff of one of the darkest and grittiest comic book movies ever, and being applied to a character as inherently silly as the Elongated Man.
  • Cisco's reaction to the mug shot of Prank and Trickster is to groan on "what were they wearing back then?!"
  • Cisco realizes the reason his favorite gum vanished is because Prank and Trickster bombed the company. Harry notes they have it on his Earth, causing Cisco to be awed.
  • Ralph notes Trickster working with his mother and "I have a strict policy about fighting terrorist with an Oedipus Complex."
  • Cisco and Harry have refined bringing out Killer Frost even further, now just simultaneously shouting the name of Caitlin's childhood bully.
  • Vibe and Killer Frost come to rescue the hostages.
    Frost: Or we could just kill Trickster and Prank.
    Vibe: Remember that talk about murdering our way through our problems? We don't do that!
    Frost: Yet.
  • Ralph makes a bold dramatic entrance in his new costume, showing off...then isn't sure whether to cross his arms or have hands on hips for the right heroic pose.
  • Prank's utterly hysterical pout after being busted.
  • When the reporters finally dub Ralph's superhero name, one that he hates even though he unintentionally suggested it himself, it was Harry who first makes it "official", followed by the rest of the team.
  • When Ralph is in the medical room after getting harmed by the Axid, Iris says that they’ve found his Kryptonite. Ralph asks what the hell she’s talking about, and everyone just groans and clearly think ‘Really, Ralph?’ (Though honestly, especially given that he was left out of Crisis On Earth X, Ralph really has no way of knowing what Kryptonite is).
  • Prank demonstrates the power of Axid by melting a Beebo with it.
    "Beebo has an owie."

    Episode 12: Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash 
  • When Team Flash worries about Barry in prison, it shows Barry playing cards with his fellow inmates...and cheating.
  • The new mayor boasting of the city's new meta- and villain-proof building. Cue the building being shrunk and vanishing right in front of her.
    Mayor: I hate this city.
  • Psychic Cecile. Compared to how most people would react to suddenly hearing peoples' thoughts, Cecile has the time of her life.
    • Cisco tests her powers by playing guess the number with her.
    Cecile: 3, 11, 25, 3 again, Bulbasaur. What the hell is a Bulbasaur?
    • She then starts dismissing everyone's theories on where her powers are coming from, before they can even voice them.
    Cecile: (to Caitlin) I was not on the bus. (to Joe) I was not abducted by aliens! (to Iris) I did not inherit a magical totem from my grandmother. (to Cisco) Why are you still thinking about Bulbasaur?!
    Cisco: He's the cutest one!
    • She openly giggles about hearing everyone at a crime scene and yelling "thief!" at a woman stealing staplers from her office.
  • Harry rants on Barry being in jail.
    Harry: As a former prisoner, I can tell you...
    Cisco: Nah, that was gorilla prison.
    Harry: Gorilla prison is worse, they throw their scat at you!
  • Joe notes the name of Sylbert Rundine.
  • Mini Ralph and Cisco. Especially Cisco, whose normal snark seems doubled in size compared to his body.
    • Joe saying that they have "bigger problems" while staring at his shrunk teammates.
    • At one point Iris steps on what she thinks is gum and it gets stuck on her shoe. It's actually Ralph, who has this to say:
      Ralph: I'm a gumshoe, not gum on a shoe!
  • The return of Dr. Finkel as she listens to Joe and Cecile. Cecile quickly realizes she's actually writing her grocery list on her pad.
    • Poor Finkel can't understand why Cecile is snapping at Joe thinking of a pink elephant.
  • Iris apologizes for putting the guys in a hamster cage and thus puts them on...the Lego set Cisco was using to mark her murder.
    Ralph: Why do you guys have a giant Lego set anyway?
    Iris: It is a three-dimensional model of the place where I was predestined to be brutally murdered by a twisted future version of Barry.
    Harry: But what a difference a year makes.
  • Caitlin has to carry Ralph in her palm for "the big boy's room."
  • Cisco relates he knows Harry's plan failed.
    Cisco: It's all over your face! It's like a giant IMAX!

    Episode 13: True Colors 
  • Ralph is coming to his office when his nose wiggles at the smell of a horrible sandwich. He sighs as he opens to find old "friend" Earl Cox passed out on the couch. Ralph calls out for the cops and Earl shoots awake, saying it wasn't him.
  • Earl offers to cut Ralph in on a job.
    Earl: Clear your calendar, Slim. Cause I've got a score that'll knock your honey-glazed holiday ham into next Christmas.
    Ralph: Yeah, I don't think any of those words mean what you think they do.
  • Cisco notes how Wolfe is always looking smug in his Italian suits and how "he's literally a wolf in sheep's clothing!"
  • Ralph discovers he can perfectly shape-shift into other people when he shows up to STAR Labs and offhandedly rants about bumping into Earl...while unknowningly morphing into him. And after Cisco brings up a video feed, it takes Ralph a while to realize that it's him he's looking at.
    • This development leads to him attempting to impersonate Warden Wolfe to call off his deal, with Richard Brooks getting to show his physical comedy chops as even walking is tricky as another person.
    • Ralph shows up to Barry's appeal hearing as DeVoe. When the judge points out that DeVoe is supposed to be dead, having been left in Barry's loft, Ralph basically shrugs.
    • The completely befuddled expression on Marlise's face when Ralph-as-DeVoe shows up and testifies is hilarious. One can only imagine what she's thinking.
  • Becky wants to stay in her cell.
    Becky: The last time I had my powers, I nearly destroyed the city.
    Mina: Yeah, she can stay.
  • Ralph, disguised as Wolfe, asks for a mug. It's slid his way and he fails to grab it as his motor skills are off. "That's on you, bro."
  • Amunet less upset and more with some amusement when Ralph's disguise fails. She fires off metal at him and actually stomps her foot as he dodges it.
  • Becky cites the exact way Barry injured his hand. When he's surprised she knows so much about such things, she basically answers she's broken enough bones to know.
  • After her pep talk to him, an inspired Ralph thanks "Frosty Oprah!" Frost just gives a "de nada" shrug.
  • Amunet's You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! face when Becky's bad luck field makes Wolff's corrupt guards drop a sleep grenade at their feet. And then Amunet accidentally shoots them all as she's falling over.

    Episode 14: Subject 9 

  • Cisco complains about having to crash at Ralph's place as his futon is he sweats a lot.
    Cisco: Ralph, I love you, but dude you sleep on a futon.
    Caitlin: A futon isn't that bad.
    Cisco: It is when it's DAMP!!!
    (Caitlin and Iris give a cautious side eye to Ralph)
    Iris: Why is it damp?
    Ralph: I sweat a lot.
    Iris: You nasty.
  • Going through a lost and found box, Ralph claims to have found his old retainer. Cisco chuckles...until Ralph slips the retainer into his mouth like it's fresh.
  • Cisco is bugged that they can't use the nickname Soundwave for Izzy as "it's already been taken by a Transformer."
    • Also, the fact that it was Ralph who came up with it.
  • Cecile complains that she can hear Joe's thoughts and dreams which makes sleep impossible.
  • When trying to track down Izzy, Cisco assumes that they already checked her website with no success. Turns out nobody did.
    Ralph: Well, has anyone checked her website?
    Cisco: (Chuckling) Dibs, of course we checked her website.
    (Barry, Iris and Caitlin all give each other an awkward look)
    Cisco: Nobody checked her website?!? IRIS!!!
    Iris: (typing into her console) Yeah, yeah I'm on it!
  • When Izzy leaves, Ralph mentions he might be able to convince her to stay with a "You know" hallway speech (like the ones he's been on the receiving end of).
    Cisco: Then why aren't you doing that? GO!
    Ralph: Alright, jeez, I wasn't sure if you guys drew straws for this...
  • Harry builds a large helmet for Cecile to mute her mind-reading to sleep. He's confused why she's angry until she puts it on, asking how the hell she can sleep with a fifty-pound metal helmet on her head.
    • The fact that, completely by accident for a different job, Harry created the cerebral inhibitor the gang wanted to use on Thinker.
  • To find Izzy, Ralph encourages Cisco to "use your ESPN."

    Episode 15: Enter Flashtime 

  • Cisco complains that he's been opening breaches for Barry to train with for too long, and his shoulders hurt. Barry refuses to rub his shoulders, so Cisco insists on taking a 5-minute break. Barry tries to protest but Cisco loudly grumbles for his break while waltzing out of the Speed Lab. When Barry and Iris get to the Cortex and Caitlin is rubbing Cisco's shoulders.
  • Harry sent Jesse an apology cube in an attempt to mend fences...and she came back to return it because he didn't actually record any message.
    Harry: It's the thought that counts.
  • When Jesse showed up, Barry (who was obscured from the camera by Cisco’s profile) tilts his body in a way that only his head is showing, just to say "Wally's not here."
  • Harry shows off the early inhibitor model.
    Jesse: Looks clunky.
    Harry: That's what she said. Literally, that's what she said.

    Episode 16: Run, Iris, Run 

  • The suit-wearing Mr. Frye is openly insulted by the idea of him being on the bus.
    Frye: Do I look like I take public transit?
  • Cisco, naturally, mocks Frye's British accent.
  • Harry uses the thinking helmet to mock Ralph a bit with stuff like not wearing underwear. Ralph just smirks and points out Harry's cap is literally on fire.
  • Cisco and Harry get into an argument with Harry copying Cisco's words in a loud voice.
  • Caitlin presses Cisco to help Harry.
    Cisco: He's trying to match his intellect with a madman whose innovations are warping his brain. Have you not seen Spider-Man 2?
    Caitlin: No.
    Cisco: How do you live with yourself?
  • When Barry's speed is transferred to Iris, he finally gets to see how annoying it is when he speeds off in the middle of a conversation.
  • In a callback to Barry first getting his powers, Iris is running on a treadmill and can't slow down; when she stops suddenly, she's thrown into a box of styrofoam packing peanuts.
  • Iris switching clothes with Caitlin right before she has to go out and fight a fire and her saying "Sorry, Cait." Caitlin's adorable expression makes it even funnier.
  • When Cisco makes Iris a real suit, she changes into it and throws her clothes at him. He's not impressed.
    Cisco: I've got hangers!

    Episode 17: Null and Annoyed 
  • Director Kevin Smith ups the Jason Mewes cameo from his first episode with Jay and Silent Bob as security guards.
  • Ralph's solution to prevent DeVoe from jumping to his body? Withdraw his head into his body like a turtle. And after the training is over they try to call Ralph out from his "shell"; he has trouble hearing them.
  • The discussion of stand-up comedy:
    Ralph: An improv group of superheroes! We could take it to Washington, we'd be the DC Comics!
  • Harry demands no interruptions. Right on cue, Breacher exits a portal and grabs Cisco by the throat.
    Breacher: I need your help!
    Cisco: Kind of...mixed messages here.
  • Breacher is up front on how he was fighting a horde of vampires, obviously not grasping that's not a normal thing on Earth-1.
  • The utterly ridiculous cardboard cutout Cisco has of himself in a pose pointing at himself that's used for target practice.
    • Breacher buries a machete right through the head.
  • Jesse L. Martin hamming it up as Ralph-as-Joe-West. And then there's Barry's brief Oh, Crap! when he realized what just happened.
  • The only thing funnier than the sight of Barry floating to the ceiling with Iris holding a rope attached to his foot? His expression of how he's now used to crazy stuff happening to him.
  • When Barry shows up to slap the cuffs on Null at the bank (making himself invisible as he runs by), she remarks "Didn't see that coming." She then clarifies the intent of that remark by pointing Barry to the direction of a speck in the sky.
    (cut to the speck; it's a car with a screaming driver plummeting to the ground)
  • At the end, Ralph saves Barry from falling by inflating himself into a balloon to cushion the fall. Barry was grateful, until Ralph releases some gas. Cue Barry's horrified look (the way Ralph was positioned, guess where Barry landed exactly?).
  • The sight of Breacher in a goofy pair of shorts and Hawaiian shirt.
    Breacher: I looked into my knife and I saw an old man.
    Cisco: Have you never looked in a mirror before?
    Breacher: I am not a teenage girl!
    • Breacher mentions he's going to a "dragon farm on Earth-47" with Cisco chuckling before he realizes he's serious.

    Episode 18: Lose Yourself 
  • Cisco mentions how Harry wears his Thinking Cap to the bathroom.
    Cisco: I wonder what kind of problem he needs to be solved there!, I don't.
  • The gang find what they think is a portal for the Thinker and are prepared. Out comes...Edwin in a robe and pajamas, whistling as he puts his mail into a box. And when they call out, he yelps and falls backward into another portal.
  • Team Flash tracks Edwin Gauss down to a hippie commune. Ralph complains about the smell, and Barry advises the others not to touch anyone.
    Ralph: Unwashed flower child, have you seen this man?
  • Cisco getting really into putting together an Enterprise model, complete with paraphrasing Scotty.
  • Edwin somehow mishearing "The Thinker" as "The Ponderer", which he pronounces as ominously as possible.
  • It's a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, especially with the sad tone of the scene, but we get a brief glimpse of the notes Caitlin and Killer Frost have been leaving each other:
    "Still say you should make 'scan, Caitlin, scan' a thing - K.F."
    "You don't have to leave the freezer open. I get it. Let's decide what 'room temp' is for us."
    "Borrowed your car. Had a little accident. Upside: you have a new convertible - K.F."

    Episode 19: Fury Rogue 
  • The group discuss Siren-X and Iris mentions that she has the same power as Black Siren, the Earth-2 version of Laurel Lance. Naturally, Snart asks who she is. Cisco proceeds to go on a rapid-fire explanation about the convoluted history of Laurel Lancenote  that seems to be a meta joke / poking fun at the Arrowverse's confusing treatment of Black Canary. Eventually Barry has to interrupt him, while Snart looks positively flummoxed.

    Episode 21: Harry and the Harrisons 
  • Iris is very excited of researching about DeVoe before writing the exposé.
  • Kicked off the Council of Wells, Harry is forced to team up with the rejects that Cisco put together. Including returning weirdo H. Lothario Wells and two new additions: H.P. Wells, a poet in a beret and thick French accent. And Sonny Wells. Who is Andrew "Dice" Clay in all but name.
    Sunny: Be kind, rewind.
    Harry: Be kind, rewind?
    Cisco: They're still on VHS.
    • Harry's "please, shoot me" reaction through it all is the icing on the cake.
  • The team isn't happy about the idea of recruiting Amunet.
    Barry: She kidnapped you. She tried to sell me into meta-slavery!
  • It's not clear what's funnier: The photo of a pre-powers Amunet in a perky pink flight attendant uniform or that her real name is...Leslie Jocoy.
  • When they first meet, Amunet is using an "American accent"...which just means Katee Sackhoff speaking in her normal voice.
  • Amunet loves the "little hidey-hole!" for the Flash's suit.
  • Amunet reveals in a funny way that she already knew that Barry was the Flash. She gushes a bit over Barry's appearance before and after he takes off his mask.
    • Meanwhile, Iris is just giving a "oh, go ahead" wave with the look of being through this so many times.
  • Amunet keeps referring to Caitlyn as "Caty" (Katee).
  • Amunet complains about being robbed by some "naughty boy...or girl....or non-binary gendered individual."
  • Amunet is ready to kill Norvok.
    Iris: No killing!
    Amunet: That was not a stipulation when I agreed to join this crew!
    • She does back down as "it's a bit time-consuming to remove blood from metal."

    Episode 22: Think Fast 
  • DeVoe's assault on the A.R.G.U.S. facility is both terrifying and hilarious. Of special note is the moment when he puts his attack on hold and tosses a marble, just so a surviving guard can trip on it.
  • Caitlin starts the episode in a therapy session with Dr. Finkle] and has to cut it short because of the latest emergency:
    Caitlin: You don't charge by the hour, do you?
    Dr. Finkle: (smiles) For you and your the quarter hour.
  • Harry's further deteriorating intelligence, while situational Black Comedy, is still very entertaining
    • He trips on a chair twice, and thinks aloud that it came out of nowhere.
    • In the end Cisco proposes to find Harry a room that has no chairs.
    • Harry shows everyone Iris' blog and says that the blog is not hers, but from an anonymous contributor.
    • Iris' investigation on Marlize in her flat is interrupted by Harry's pounding on the door and shouting, "West-Allen!" Iris finally answers him, and sees Harry is knocking on her neighbour's door.
  • Barry zooms the real Diggle to S.T.A.R. Labs while his friends actually prepare themselves for his super speed vomit aftershocks. They even argue about what garbage can they should use.
    Barry: I'll just go get [Dig].
    (he rushes off before the others can get a word in edgewise)
    Cisco: TRASH CAN!
    (Iris and Caitlin Nod and all three scramble around the lab)
    Iris: (picks up the recycling) What about the recycling...?
    Caitlin: Nope...
    Cisco: I got it, I got it, I got it...
    (holds up the transparent waste bin)
    Caitlin: (handing him their solid grey can) Really!
    Cisco: It seemed like a good at the time.
    (Barry Rushes in and without looking Cisco hands the can to the disoriented Diggle without looking, who quickly takes it and hurls his inside out)
    Barry: I'm so sorry! I'm so, so sorry!
    (Dig throws up again, as Iris hands him an already prepared water bottle while glaring at Barry)
  • Joe being the Panicky Expectant Father. He complains about Wally not being here when they need him, reasoning that since he's on a time machine he should be there at any time, and thinks about bringing a katana to the hospital in case a Samuroid shows up.
  • Cecile gains a new ability that temporarily rewrites her personality to match those of people around her, including a random pizza delivery guy (who's talking in Surfer Dude speak), Caitlin, and then Joe!
    • When Cecile temporarily mimics Joe, she becomes the Panicky Expectant Father. And while Joe only thought about bringing the Samuroid katana, she's actually ready to leave for the hospital while holding it in her hand.

    Episode 23: We Are the Flash 
  • Ralph's solution to the Thinker reading all his moves and anticipating his attacks? Think of only what he loves, resulting in him Calling Your Attacks...with shrimp dishes.
  • Crossing with awesome: during their Foe-Tossing Charge escape from DeVoe's mind, Ralph holds on to Barry's back, as a cape.
  • After Harry is healed, he and Cisco have a heartwarming moment involving the iconic exchange between Kirk and Spock from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Iris proceeds to smile at Barry and say "Star Wars". Barry, being the geek he is shakes his head in disgust and gives her a silent "no".
  • At the end, Barry tells Joe that they have a toast to the new baby. Everyone looks around uncomfortable, and Barry repeats what he said. And then Wally shows up with a tray of champagne flutes. Barry's tardiness seems to have rubbed off on him.
  • This wonderful exchange at Jenna's homecoming party:
    Iris: We're next, you know.
    Barry: Wait, you want to have — what do you mean? You want to have a baby now? What do you mean? Right now?
    Iris: Barry.
    Barry: What?
    Iris: Relax.
    Barry: I'm fine.
    Iris: Are you? I just meant someday.
    Barry: Yeah.
    Barry: Right.
    Iris: Oh my God. Let me just get you a refill so you can relax.
  • And who shows up at the door right after?
    Nora: Hi!
    Barry: Hi.
    Nora: [steps inside the house] We need to talk.
    Barry: What?
    Cisco: [finishes his Champagne] Huh?
  • It should be a very serious moment, when it's revealed that the "Mystery Girl" is Barry's daughter. But let's face it, who else but Barry's daughter would screw up the timeline (not counting the Legends).

Season 5

     Episode 1: Nora 
  • Cisco's reaction to the big bombshell of Nora's parentage:
    Cisco: Anybody need a refill? No, just me.
  • Barry wears an old Flash suit that's not only too small, it literally stinks. Apparently, that particular suit was last used during a fight against King Shark.
  • Cisco's utter glee at Barry finally using the Flash Ring to change into his costume...only for him to become deflated when Nora sheepishly reveals he didn't design it...Ryan Choi did.
  • Team Flash being constantly both annoyed and amused about how behind Ralph is in the mythology of the Arrowverse.
    • Just the look on Ralph's face. It's like he has just made a huge discovery.
    • Back in the previous season, whenever the Team referred to Harry as being from Earth-2, Ralph mistook it to mean that Harry was "from Earth also". And Caitlin makes a silent nod that Ralph had a point there.
    Ralph: You guys really need to make a welcome pamphlet or a powerpoint or something...
  • Singh tells Barry that some work "piled up" during his absence. That turns out to be roughly twenty boxes of case files.
  • Nora proves that being a speedster named Allen that can not time-travel without screwing up the timeline isn't the only thing that's genetic: so is apparently the inability to not talk about the future. Team Flash has to repeatedly tell Nora "spoilers" whenever she mentions something from her time such as the Flash Museum or the name of the episode's villain, Gridlock.
    • Then when dealing with said metahuman, the Team gets the idea to simply ask Nora who Gridlock is...only for her to reveal that she has no idea. The curator for the Flash Museum apparently scrubbed the identity of all Flash's enemies for legal reasons.
    • Cisco is unimpressed with Gridlock's name, only to accidentally give it to him during the climax.
    Cisco: I am fortune's fool.
  • Joe’s reaction to learning that Cecile might still be able to read minds is priceless.
  • Cisco being hungover for half the episode. He used the champagne at Jenna's homecoming as an opportunity to throw himself a pity party over his breakup with Gypsy.
    • At one point, while a Heartwarming Moment is occurring in the foreground of the shot with Iris proudly watching her daughter race around the speed lab, in the background Caitlin is seen checking out a passed out Cisco.
  • When trying to figure out where Nora is supposed to stay, it's revealed S.T.A.R. Labs has a lounge. Which Joe knew about all along, apparently using it as a place to sneak naps.

     Episode 2: Blocked 
  • Upon learning Nora was never Trapped in the Past, Cisco bemoans that he had to cash in his own credits to pay for the reverse tachyon tech instead of a trip to Fiji. Before Ralph can even open his mouth, Cisco hammers down that he is not taking him to Fiji.
    • Of course, this is a guy who can teleport.
  • Nora's attempts to fit in as a present-day CSI are marred due to how she forgets major technologies from her time haven't been invented yet.
    • When she asks about one device, Barry replies, "I don't even think we have some of those words yet!"
  • The entire episode's B plot, wherein Ralph shares the step-by-step guide to curing heartbreak he invented to help Cisco get over Gypsy.
    • The list itself is filthy, clearly well-used, and full of zany Freeze Frame Bonuses.
    • Step one is Shark Cage diving, which Ralph states as though it's obvious.
    • The prepared affirmations of step two has an unexpected Shout-Out.
    Cisco: Cisco is creative. Crisco is good. Cisco is...smarter than your average bear? That's Yogi's. You stole Yogi's affirmation.
    Ralph: Yeah, I did, 'cause it's a winner. You don't see him moping over any lady bears.
    • Caitlin opts to skip ahead because there's no time to "find ourselves in Thailand" or "watch Beaches while painting each other's toes."
    • Step twelve is "Metamorphosis," which entails Cisco to get a makeover from Ralph's personal stylist. Cisco hates every second of it, especially the almost haircut.
    Cisco: [Grabs Bruce the Stylist's hand] You cut my hair, I cut you.
  • Ralph intentionally whispers "Han shot second." in Cisco's ear to wake him up. Cisco goes ballistic on him.

    Episode 3: The Death of Vibe 
  • The eco-minded criminal from "The Elongated Knight Rises" returns, using a solar-powered gun (and has the sunburns from spending a week charging it) and brings his own biodegradable bags to the robbery.
    • Ralph apprehends him by cracking wise about greens and shape-shifts into a giant Ralph-suit-colored pear. Unfortunately for him, the sight is a bit too comedic and Ralph ends up as a meme as a result.
  • The team call up Herr Wells with Cisco warning them what a total arrogant jerk he is. As soon as he sees them, Herr Wells turns total Fan Boy on Barry, Iris and even Nora, gushing on how great it is to meet them as he loves them all. Cisco is totally baffled to realize he's the only guy Herr Wells acts like a total jerk to.
  • Hearing Ralph coming, Sherloque says they're approached by "either a confident man or a scared baby giraffe."
  • Everyone's faces when they realize that Sherloque bullshitted his deduction of Cicada's identity; he solved the mystery on thirty-seven different Earths, so he just skipped to the end. And when the team demands a refund, he says he already paid the money in alimony for his eight marriages (to six different women).
  • Sherloque tries to fake his death by pretending to have been accidentally vaporized. Cisco realizes his "ashes" are actually tea leaves. What makes it especially funny is the fact that Cisco pops out of nowhere and startles the living daylights out of Nora and Iris. When Barry grabs Sherloque, he says faking his death worked in two of his previous the same woman both times.

    Episode 4: News Flash 
  • The hilariously awkward family breakfast, with Iris' terrible cooking. Barry makes an attempt to pretend he likes the food, but Nora doesn't even bother. It's clear from the second she wakes up that she knows exactly what's coming.
    Nora: [takes a picture of her food]
    Iris: What are you doing?
    Nora: I am just getting evidence that you make lumpy pancakes in every time period.
    Iris: (gathering up the plates) I'm gonna make you a banana.
    Barry: You're gonna make-?
    Iris: I'm gonna make you a banana.
  • Barry and Iris wait in the van while Nora goes to talk to Spencer to figure out if she's a meta. But she gets a bit starstruck, especially when she calls Nora adorable.
    Barry: ...what's happening right now?
    Iris: [annoyed] She's flirting with our daughter.
  • Barry reaction to learning that his daughter is a lesbian or at least bi is a simple "huh," with a facial expression that says "who knew?"
  • Just the fact that Barry, despite being a superpowered speedster who captures supervillains on a daily basis...absolutely sucks at baseball.

    Episode 5: All Doll'd Up 
  • Sherloque shows the major calculations he did to find a location.
    Caitlin: It took you how long?
    Sherloque: Oof, Dr. Snow. 18 hours cause I'm only semi-excellent at algebra.
    Cisco: You know this is calculus, right?
  • Nora puts together a cradle at Super Speed, only for it to slowly fall apart. Cecille holds up the bag of screws that she forgot.
  • Ralph's Building Swing, coupled with him recognizing his old living place.
  • Barry and Iris' hilariously disgusted expressions upon seeing that Ralph had eaten Rag Doll are a delight to witness.

    Episode 6: The Icicle Cometh 
  • Ralph makes the mistake of suggesting Cecile can't be intimidating. Cecile literally gets on top of the couch to rant on how she helped stop the Thinker while in labor.
    Cecile: I literally saved the world in between contractions!
  • Ralph and Cecile's Epic Fail of intel gathering. Ralph tries to do the classic badge flash with his wallet, which contains a photo of himself. If that wasn't lame enough, he's holding the photo upside down. Cecile, trying too hard to be intimidating, reads the custodian's name, Vance Brandon, backwards ID badge as "Vagger Bance."
  • Cecile is grossed out by Ralph's nose-twitching.
  • Iris and Nora watch as Sherloque sits by a river, spending two hours making tea and singing the same song in French.
    Sherloque: It stimulates the brain but also the digestive system. Because, since I've been here, I have been backed up like a traffic jam.

    Episode 7: O Come, All Ye Thankful 
  • Caitlin is coaching Barry through a delicate procedure, only for him to give up and say "time of death." Turns out she was showing him how to make a pie—and he did a terrible job.
    Caitlin: Don't worry Barry, it's a pie. It's not supposed to be a piece of cake.
    Barry: Wow.
  • Caitlin and Cisco try to teach Sherloque about Thanksgiving. He instead manages to convince them that none of them have anything to be thankful for.
    Iris: Since when did you guys become anti-Thanksgiving?
    Cisco Since a bunch of guys wearing hat-buckles fed us some bull, wrapped in lies, stuffed in's a deception Turtducken.
    Nora: Actually, I don't think the hat-buckles were real either.
    Iris: Don't encourage him.
    Cisco: She gets it.
    • It takes Killer Frost taking over Caitlin to mock how pathetic this complaining is to get them to the dinner.
      Killer Frost: By the way, I have the least to celebrate this year as I spent most of it unconcious!
  • After the team seemingly gives Joss her father, she unceremoniously drops a truck on him, to everyone's surprise. She's genuinely happy for their "help."
    Joss: Oh, don't feel bad! He was a selfish dick who abandoned his family! Anyway, thanks for helping me drop a truck on my dad!
  • Barry is talking to Mardon, trying to figure out what Joss wants. Mardon says he left Joss and her mom to focus on his "career," to Barry's confusion.
    Barry: Your...criminal career?

    Episode 8: What's Past Is Prologue 
  • When Barry and Nora are preparing to go back in time, Ralph starts playing "Back In Time", to everyone's annoyance, on the justification that he'll never have another opportunity to do it again.
  • When Barry gets caught by Season Two!Harry, his Oh, Crap! expression while he tries to think of something to say is priceless. Even more when Harry lowers his gun and says "Well, you change fast".
  • Thawne, talking about Savitar, starts laughing about his "pizza face".
  • With Evil Has a Bad Sense of Humor on full display in this episode, Wells also tells Cisco that he has a "vibe" about the latter's future. Just how many terrible puns did he slip in all those years?
  • The attempted handshake between Thawne and Pre-series!Cisco. The former wanted a formal one, but Cisco went for a more...casual one. When they try (and fail) to get it right, Thawne suggests they just go turn on the accelerator and pop some champagne, and Cisco gladly agrees.
    • In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment of Black Comedy, Thawne raises his hand into the position he usually does when he's about to kill someone before he goes in for the handshake.
  • Nora playfully calling Barry "old man" as she prepares to race him back to the present, to his mixed amusement and annoyance.

    Episode 9: Elseworlds Hour One 

    Episode 10: The Flash and the Furious 
  • When Barry and Nora show up back at STAR Labs because of Barry unable to stop phasing due to being destabilized by dark matter, the concern is brought up that Nora can't counterphase him forever, and Barry could wind up falling through the floor to his death. Cisco and Caitlin's solution?
    Cisco and Caitlin: (look of realization) Let him.
    Sherloque: Uh...
    • They go on to explain that the solution is to let Barry fall into the pipeline cell so he'll stop phasing. Sherloque helpfully adds that they need to position Barry right lest he get cut in half, with Cisco not helping matters by correcting Barry's position twice.
  • After Barry is forced to stay in the pipeline, Barry disappears from the episode for a bit...until Nora storms off to confront Joslyn, whereupon he contacts the others via the camera to ask for food.
  • Sherloque gives Barry a copy of Mick's trashy romance novel to read while he's stuck in the Pipeline. We later see that Barry is really into it.
    Barry: [reading] Oh girl, no you didn't.
  • It's subtle but when Nora first tries to stop Raya and Joss, she refers to Raya by her code name, which neither of them have heard before, leading Joss to glance confusedly at Raya.

    Episode 11: Seeing Red 
  • Ralph walks in on Caitlin while she's having an argument with Killer Frost. He then says he's been watching Sister, Sister lately and compares it to them having a sibling spat.
    • Then, Caitlin explains to Ralph she's been trying to help Cisco with the metahuman cure, but Killer Frost always takes over and messes with her equations.
      Caitlin: Like this. She changed my heterozygotes into asterisks.
      Ralph: Oh, I thought they were just...tiny snowflakes.
  • Ralph later finds Killer Frost when she blasts the whole glass board.
    Ralph I respect your right to protest the cure, Frosty, but even for me, that was excessive.
    Killer Frost: Well, maybe Caitlin will get the hint now.
  • At the end, Cecile's face when she tries to laugh off Singh's suggestion that she read Officer Jonesy's mind to know he was going to try and escape and make up an excuse on the spot.

     Episode 12: Memorabilia 
  • Ralph insists on wearing a helmet while ice skating. Iris points out how "you're made of rubber."
  • Iris is downright gleeful to hear Ralph's neighbor died as it means his huge loft is now available.
  • How did Sherloque get this super-fancy device from Earth-221? He used the multiverse version of Amazon. Which the team didn't even know existed.
  • Ralph and Cisco go to a guy at a bar who claims to know about Cicada. Cisco vibes to find he meant a terrible band called Sickadia.
  • Barry and Iris upon ending up in Nora's memories finally see the Flash museum and Barry’s reaction...well, as Iris puts it his ego is gonna be big for a while.

    Episode 13: Goldfaced 
  • We finally meet some of Sherloque's oft mentioned ex-wives. Four versions of the same woman.
    • Sherloque is horrified to realize that they've been in constant contact with each other.
    • One of them cites the time Sherloque bought her a puppy dog as a gift. When Nora remarks how that isn't a bad thing, she mentions how she's deathly allergic to puppy dogs.note 
    • Another complains about how he thought the "clues" of her loving the environment meant releasing fruit bats at their wedding.
    • When another complains how he faked his death to get away from her twice, one of the others comments that she really only has herself to blame for falling for it the second time.
    • Sherloque tries to hide behind Nora who naturally can't believe it just for the fact that Sherloque is over a foot taller than her.
    • Just the sight of Kimberly Williams-Paisley playing four versions of Renee ranging from a prim housewife to a corporate raider to a tough biker chick to a cowgirl.
    • The topper: Breacher is now their alimony agent. In other words, Wells almost gets into trouble with Breacher, again.
  • Sherlqoue meets the Earth-1 version of Renee and does his usual Sherlock Scan to figure out her occupation, hobbies, etc....and she rants on how he's been stalking her.
  • During the big shootout between the depowered Barry and Ralph and Goldface's Mooks, Ralph at one point slides across the floor, shooting several Mooks as he does so. When Barry asks where that came from, Ralph replies that he just tripped and decided to work with it.

    Episode 14: Cause and XS 
  • Iris and Caitlin's faces when Ralph brings his book to "help" Cisco with his upcoming date. They quickly decide to leave the Cortex and leave him all alone.
    • Even Sherloque makes an excuse to leave with Caitlin: "inject the device for the cure".
    • Cisco mouthing "Help me" to Nora.
    • After Ralph finally leaves, Cisco drops the photos of Kamilla's previous boyfriends and says "No thank you". Two seconds later, he picks them up again.
    Cisco: I didn't take these.
    (Nora shakes her head)
    Cisco: You saw nothing.
    Nora: Nothing.
  • Even if they end badly, there's something funny about how Cisco tries to play a different role during his failed dates to impress Kamilla.
  • Ralph using his powers to reach for his whiskey bottle.
  • How does Nora convince Ralph to stay at S.T.A.R Labs with her? With brownies!
  • When Barry returns at the end:
    Barry: Something happened while I was gone?

    Episode 15: King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd 
  • Barry spends a moment trying to find an excuse for Nora, before just giving up and telling Lyla she's his daughter. Lyla takes it in stride by passive-aggressively reminding Barry that he turned her daughter into a son with time travel shenanigans.
  • Nora hears "geek screaming" to show the problem has been solved.
    Cisco: It takes a village. But every village needs a genius and that's me.
  • Nora claims she and Barry will be okay against Grodd as speedsters "are immune to mind control." Barry has to give her a slow "noooooo" in answer.
    Nora: Okay, the Flash Museum just straight up got a lot of stuff wrong!
  • Iris unknowingly sitting out of the eponymous fight until the very end.

    Episode 16: Failure is an Orphan 
  • Iris is on the phone with an insurance company denying the claim of a family. She points out that "animal attacks do not fall under 'acts of God' and that includes gorillas."
  • Barry and Iris enter the Lab to find Nora has been going wild finding Cicada and the rest of the team clearly at the end of their ropes.
  • Nora asks Barry how he plans to sway Cicada. His "I've got loose thoughts" line has everyone moaning.
  • Iris fakes an emergency call from Jitters to get Nora away from them.
    Sherloque: You two did this.
    Cisco: You made her.
    Sherloque: You're responsible.
    • It turns out that the "emergency" is Jitters creating a drink in XS's honor. Nora is naturally ecstatic.
  • Cecile naturally starts getting excited at working an investigation with Joe, complete with complex signals if she reads something off in a suspect's mind.
  • Killer Frost in a hoodie. That is all.
  • Asked if the cure has been through human testing, Cisco shrugs "It's been through giant shark testing."

    Episode 17: Time Bomb 
  • Joe refers to the Time Sphere as "that big hamster ball thing."
  • Barry and Nora note how someone used the sphere to come back in time. Joe responds. "Makes sense...I can't believe I just said that."
  • Ralph crashes Cisco's date to babble on when "she meets the gang."
    • He also insists on calling coffee guy Jason "Larry."
  • Ralph's Insane Troll Logic that by getting Kamilla a job doing photographs for Iris, it will somehow lead to her getting superpowers, in his mind that of Spiderman and joining the team with Cisco. Cisco nearly throttles him for this insanity, which is insanely funny given the 6'3" man is visibly terrified for a second of his 5'7" buddy.
    Ralph: You don't think [Kamilla] would be a good Spider-Person?
    Cisco: (reaching up and grabbing a surprised Ralph's collar) Listen to me, ya turkey on stilts! It is not your job to get my girlfriend on the team...
    (Iris and Kamilla exit her office, as Cisco and Ralph immediately morph into a relaxed position)
    Cisco: Hey babe.
    • In the background after Iris gives Kamilla the job at the Citizen, Ralph can be seen making the Webshooting hands at Cisco in the background while motioning to Kamilla.
  • When Flash and XS show up at a party Vicki, the next target, is throwing for her daughter, her daughter thinks they're cosplayers. Barry spends a second trying to pretend to be a cosplayer before Cicada shows up.

    Episode 18: Godspeed 
  • Nora on the job in 2049, showing up late and babbling away, proving she's truly her father's daughter.
  • Lia talks of how if a new speedster showed up "He would totally be my new best friend" then sees Nora staring at her.
    Lia: No offense.
    Nora: Some taken!
  • Nora has been ducking her mother's calls, so how does Iris finally get through? Call the Flash Museum's front desk. Multiple times by the sound of it:
    Museum P.A.: [...] and Nora West-Allen, your mother called. Please, for your sake and mine, call her back!
  • How does Nia wake Nora up? Playing Lady Gaga.
  • Nora's first use of her powers takes her halfway across town and flying into a laundry truck. Just like her father.
  • Nia testing Nora's powers by tossing statues and other objects for Nora to catch.
  • Nia pulls a Cisco by coming up with Godspeed's name.
    • She later tries some names for Nora including "Hot Flash." Both agree they "need to workshop that later."

     Episode 19: Snow Pack 
  • Ralph refuses Cecile's request that he follows an angry Iris as "have you seen her right hook?"
  • Ralph gets into the super-secret Time Vault simply by sliding under the door.
    Ralph: What else do you guys have here, a bowling alley?
  • Barry finds himself in the middle of a fight between Caitlin and Carla on which piece of equipment to grab and obviously unsure how to handle it.
  • Ralph summing up his trip to the future:
    Ralph: John Stamos? Still handsome.
    Sherloque: He will never not age.
  • Basically every time Caitlin and her mom argue.

    Episode 20: Gone Rogue 
  • Cisco has named the satellites searching for Nora Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha.
    Cisco: I am clearly the Samantha of this group, right?
    Iris: Yeah, okay, Miranda.
  • Sherloque completely fails to understand emojis — he thinks the eggplant means that the sender likes vegetables.
  • Unsurprisingly, Larvan reveals that she hates the name Team Fladh gave her.
  • Cisco's reaction to seeing Queen Bee among the Young Rogues isn't quite what you'd expect.
    Cisco: (excited) Hang on, is that crazy bee lady? Hey girl, what's going on?! What a throwback!
  • Ralph thinks that because his "relationship guide" did so well, he gives Caitlin a "27 Steps to Mourning" guidebook.
  • When Caitlin is trying to tell Ralph that he deserves someone who loves him, he mistakes her for trying to come onto him and tries to let down gently. Caitlin reacts with disgust.
  • Sherloque and Cisco are tied up.
    Sherloque: The last time I was tied up like this...
    Cisco: Let me guess, they were your ex-wives?
    Sherloque: My wives' attorneys, actually.
  • Weather Witch sees her fake ID.
    Weather Witch: Jenni Ognats? I thought the idea was to not draw attention.
  • Weather Witch's reaction to seeing Ragdoll squeeze himself into a pipe smaller than his head.
    Weather Witch: Yep, gonna vomit.
  • Joe is also freaked out by the sight of Ragdoll, having not been around the last time he showed up.
  • Sherloque posing as the Flash via hologram to throw off the Young Rogues.
    Weather Witch: Is he drunk?

    Episode 21: The Girl with the Red Lightning 
  • Cisco learns that his former college roommate is a Quantum Engineering Nobel Prize winner in the future. When Nora calls him a genius, Cisco has this to say:
    Cisco: A genius, you say. The guy couldn't even stay awake through a single physics lecture. In fact, I'm pretty sure if it wasn't for his very smart, very considerate college roommate lending him notes, helping him study, he wouldn't have made it through his finals! Nobel Prize MY ASS!
  • In the final scene, this exchange between Sherloque and Cisco while Cisco is defusing the atomizer.
    Sherloque: Well, you're not great at the Operation game, are you?
    Cisco: You suck at constructive criticism!

    Episode 22: Legacy 
  • Sherloque suggests blasting Ralph to "reset" his body.
    Cisco: Blast him? Can't we just play some Gaga?
    Sherloque: Gaga is not the answer to everything!
  • Cecile is picking up some of Grace's anger while listening to Barry give Nora a pep talk.
    Cecile: What a lot of sentimental crap! You two sound like a Hallmark movie!
    Killer Frost: I hear you, sister.
    Joe: I think we're close.
    • Frost's line is even funnier given how Danielle Panabaker has starred in several Hallmark Channel movies.
  • David Singh reveals he knew about Barry being The Flash for awhile now. Barry's reaction is priceless.

Season 6

    Episode 1: Into the Void 
  • Ralph returns from his international search and relates how "did you guys know it was pronounced yaat and not yak-tat?"
  • As Barry heads into a black hole to save the city, Cisco starts playing Queen's theme song from Flash Gordon, gleefully declaring he's been looking for the perfect time to use it since the show started. Iris initially objects, but soon bows to how perfectly it fits.
    Cisco: I’ve been saving this for the right moment since day one.
    Iris: Really, Cisco?
    Cisco: The guy’s running in and out of a black hole!
    Iris: …Good point.
  • Ralph decides to help Frost with her identity crisis by being her life coach. Which of course means that the Book of Ralph comes out again, with his first piece of advice being that "Killer" is too aggressive a first name and suggesting she change it.
    Ralph: My mother's middle name is "Anne".
    (Frost gives him a look of disbelief)

    Episode 2: A Flash of the Lightning 
  • Frost attends a photography show and mocks the out of focus pictures. When Camilla says she took them, Frost can only shrug "can't all be winners."
  • A blast from Allegra gives Ralph "the worst sunburn ever." Frost just gives the "advice" of "put some aloe on it."
  • Cisco is laughing his head off when he finds Killer Frost was trying to draw her version of elaborate art.
  • Frost finally knows what guilt feels like.
    Frost: I feel like a Yakuza baddie is stabbing me in the gut repeatedly.
  • When discussing about Allegra Garcia, Ralph eats Kamilla's donuts and fails to read the "Kamilla" markdown in the box.
  • Killer Frost bought a bunch of the art from the exhibit. When asked how, she casually says she used all of Caitlin's credit cards.
    Ralph: Maybe our next life lesson will be in personal finance.
  • And when Allegra is accepted at her new job in the Citizen, Kamilla warns her not to touch her donuts.

     Episode 3: Dead Man Running 
  • We meet Ralph's mom, Debbie, who's under arrest for robbing a pawn shop. Ralph enlists Cecile to help prove she's innocent. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Debbie claims she's she was at a gambling den at the time.
    • The gambling den owner claims to have no cameras. Without hesitation, Ralph and Debbie point out at least three hidden ones.
    • An expert card shark (Debbie) and a woman who can read minds (Cecile)? The poor guys at the game had no chance and Debbie annoyed she has to throw a game in order to give them the excuse to leave.
  • Barry has Killer Frost come to a crime scene as his "metahuman consultant." It goes as well as you'd expect.
  • Ramsey talks to "Killer."
  • Within seconds, the new Wells has grabbed Cisco by the throat against a wall.
    Cisco: Oh, great, another angry one...
    • Then Iris knocks Wells out with a taser.
  • Frost figures out how to invoke Phlebotinum Overload on the zombie. He then explodes, covering Frost and Barry in his weird blood. You can tell Frost is really regretting her tactical choice even though it worked.
  • Barry throws Frost a birthday party, since she's never had one before. She chooses the guest list, which includes half of Central City's criminal underground. With Norvok as DJ.

     Episode 4: There Will Be Blood 
  • Wells shows up climbing through the window and informing Barry and Cisco he knows everything as he's had Cisco bugged. He refuses to tell where and just accepts Barry saying they won't trust him.
    • And Cisco spends a few minutes trying to find the bug on his body. And failing.

     Episode 5: Kiss Kiss Breach Breach 
  • Cisco reveals his middle name is Baracus.
    Cisco: My mom was a big The A-Team fan.
    Ralph: Wish mine was. I could have been Hannibal Dibny.
    Cisco: Hannibal? You're Face on your best day.
  • Cisco has created B.A.R.I. (Barry Allen Replicated Intelligence) with a goofy cartoon Barry to help him out.
  • Cisco calls his brain "The Ryan Gosling of intellects."

     Episode 6: License to Elongate 
  • After being locked up for weeks, Chester cuts loose, including sliding down the speed testing ramp and dancing.
    Frost: The one day I get watch duty.
  • Barry leaning in to adjust Ralph's tie...and finding out it's a camera.
    Ralph: And now I have ten close-ups of Barry Allen's nostrils.
  • Nash and Allegra. All of it.
    • Nash is completely up front on the existence of the multiverse and Barry being the Flash...then adds how she can't tell anyone.
  • Barry tries a The Name Is Bond, James Bond with “Allen, Barry...” only for Meister to assume his name is “Allen Barry.”
  • Frost is pulled into helping Cecile convince Chester to ask out the girl he’s been curshign on a date.
    Frost: My good deed for the day was to help somebody and I couldn’t find anyone less annoying.
    • The entire thing is a disaster as, for a mind-reader, Cecile is terrible reading the woman to make it a mess.
    • Frost actually stands by the Book of Ralph as a decent source of social advice.
  • Barry’s entire drunk act, especially facing Ultraviolet.
    Barry: I love Mortal Kombat!

     Episode 7: The Last Temptation of Barry Allen: Part 1 
  • When the guy Iris is trying to talk to reaches into his jacket, Iris yells "I have a tazer!" The guy was just reaching for a business card.
  • Allegra tries to obliquely tell Iris they need her "husband's friend" while Kamilla is standing there. Iris blinks and just says Kamilla already knows.
    Allegra: Since when?
    Kamilla: Last summer. Cisco used to be Vibe.

     Episode 8: The Last Temptation of Barry Allen: Part 2 
  • In the middle of an otherwise terrifying episode, Nash still manages to be hilarious. He yells at the Monitor a bit, mocking the minor earthquake he creates. When zombies come, he uses some sonic device to drive them away...until the device fails, and he wacks it a few times to try to get it to work.

     Episode 9: Crisis on Infinite Earths Hour Three 

    Episode 10: Marathon 
  • At Jitters' grand reopening after the Crisis, two laser rifle-toting robbers (the prominent one being the Running Gag Recurring Extra Harmless Villain) show up to rob it. Not only is the waitress practically mad that they're getting robbed the first day back, but she has to point blank tell them that there's almost nothing in the register.note 
    Robber: ...really?
    Waitress: Yeah.
    Robber: ...oh. (makes "Fuck it." expression) Well, I'm...gonna...start blowing stuff up, then!
    • When the Flash shows up to (effortlessly) defuse the situation, the robber's reaction is literally "Oh, Crap!".
  • Cisco’s hysterical breakdown about the Merged Reality after the Crisis is worth some laughs:
    • As he’s ranting on to Frost about all that’s happened, he suddenly rips his button-up to reveal he has a Superman shirt underneath.
      Frost: I'm sorry - Crisis is over, we beat the bad guy, and you're still worried, because...?
      Cisco: (turns from the whiteboard with a Thousand-Yard Stare) Because, an infinite number of Earths experienced a cosmic heat death from which only— (holds up a finger) one Earth was rebuilt.
      Frost: Mmm?
      Cisco: So now...not only do Superman, Supergirl, and Black Lightning live here...but now, our entire timeline has been rewritten, so that they've always lived here, and (ripping his shirt open) I DON’T REMEMBER OWNING THIS SHIRT!!!
    • When he tries to refute a point back at Frost, he hits his binder against the see-through whiteboard and whacks it again in frustration.
    • The "binder" contains photos of the various enemies the team have faced, put together like acollection of baseball cards. Frost, of course, wonders when Cisco had the time to put this together.
    • During this entire conversation it turns out Nash has been locked in the closet, with Cisco sheepishly trying to excuse it as bad piping and the heating problems. Which actually ends up being true, as once Nash gets out (via pratfall), he demands a cryptocircuit that Cisco promised him in return for fixing it.
  • Cisco suggests Nash visit Gorilla City. Nash just snaps "no, gorillas are aethists!" as if it's common knowledge.
  • Diggle displaying some new Genre Savvy by popping some nausea meds before Barry runs them to Lian Yu.
    Diggle: What you got?
    • Followed by Diggle getting whisked away with a wide eyed panicked face and a nasty looking whiplash like something out of a Looney Tunes cartoon.

     Episode 11: Love Is A Battlefield 
  • Iris cooks for Barry with him preparing to once more put up with her terrible pancakes...and ends up loving them.
    Barry: Wow, this is delicious. When did you learn to co—-(cuts off at Iris' expression).
    • Which becomes Black Comedy whenit turns out this is a "Mirror Iris" so of course her cooking is the complete opposite.
  • Allegra finds Frost in the office.
    Frost: Relax, I'm not some whack job meta-killer with crazy good aim and ulterior motives. Anymore.
    • The fact Frost is more into Valentine's Day than Allegra to the point of pushing Allegra to an old boyfriend.
    Allegra: This is a bad idea.
    Frost: Nah, challenging an entire drug gang to a knife fight is a bad idea. Fun, though.
  • If Amunet Black is in an episode, you're guaranteed some laughs.
    • Her reaction when Barry tries to arrest her at the restaurant: "Aren't you a CSI?"
    • She threatens to reveal Barry's identity if he comes after her and "no harm, no cowl."
    • "Behind every great man, there's a woman...rolling her eyes."
  • Barry wants to go after Amunet.
    Iris: She said no onesies.
    Barry: Please, don't call it that.
    • And later, when Amunet says it, he sighs. "Why do people keep calling it that?"
  • Iris goes into a bar with "banana" as her "safe word" if she gets into trouble. Which leads to Barry yelling it out several times himself.
  • The revelation the entire “gang war” is all a lover’s tiff of Amunet and Goldface.
    Amunet: The vinyl records were mine, Keith.
    Goldface: Since when do you like Radiohead? I had “Ok Computer” on 180 gram vinyl with a triple gatefold sleeve!
    Amunet: (Coughing under breath)Overrated.
    Goldface: You skipped out with my Straight Outta Compton soundtrack!
    Amunet: Oh, please, like you even knew who N.W.A. were before you met me!
    • Barry and Iris's "WTF" expressions listening to it are priceless.
  • The duo ignoring the security guard as they fight.
    • Goldface snarling "Bye, Felicia."
  • The pair's ridiculously over-the-top posing, Amunet with a staff and Goldface with a chain. You can see the goons behind them glancing at each other as if trying to decide who's more embarrassed by their boss.
  • Amunet and Goldface fight then reconcile. ALL OF IT.
    Amunet: You are nothing but a cheap, bald, Mr. T!
    Amunet: So does yours!
    Goldface: I'm from Connecticut! I went to Yale!
    Amunet: When I said I liked your dog, I lied. I'm a cat person.
    Goldface: The mud mask you use smells rank. Real mud smells better!
  • Thanks to the flower, the duo make up...and make front of Barry and Iris.
    Barry: I can't unsee this.
    Iris: At least it's less violent than a gang war...slightly.
    • During which, we hear clangs of metal on metal amid kisses and moans.
    • Barry and Iris clearly want some Brain Bleach during the whole scene. Barry just can't unsee it even if he wanted.
    • Even funnier? It's established in Legends that speedsters have a photographic memory. Oh dear...

     Episode 12: A Girl Named Sue 
  • Cecile noting how Ralph needs a shower due to staying up so many nights.
  • Barry seeing a photo of Supergirl and Lex Luthor together and noting "how weird this post-Crisis world is."
  • The banter of Ralph and Sue is fantastic.
    Ralph: I've been looking for you for nine months!
    Sue: Ouch. Hope you don't bill by the hour.
  • Sue pouring a drink from Ralph's bottle and cracking "you got the cheap stuff."
  • When Ralph tries to call her parents, Sue takes the phone and tosses it out the window.
    Ralph: Come on, I just switched plans!
  • After Ralph's standard "I smell a mystery" line, Sue muses "I smell expired milk."
  • Ralph breaks out his Joe impression to get into the bank vault. When he sees Sue peeling off her Latex Perfection guard mask, Ralph muses that "I finally know why people get grossed out when I do that.."

     Episode 13: Grodd Friended Me 
  • Flash faces the Pied Piper who is still on a life of crime over something that happened in the post-Crisis shift. When he reacts with a "what did we do?" Chester just laughs "that is straight-up cold."
  • Barry asks the computer what other changes are in the Post-Crisis world. He loses it after the third long pause between "calculating."
  • Chester worries that Barry is mad at him and that the "worst thing I've ever done before today" is sink his grandmother's car.
    Chester: Never try building a hovercraft at 11.
    Frost: Didn't you create a literal black hole over the city?
    Chester: Oh, God, you don't think he's still mad about that?
  • Nash is incredulous that Frost still stands by Ralph as a life coach.
  • The team tends to a comatose Barry.
    Chester: Do we have any sedatives?
    Frost: They don't work on speedsters.
    Chester: I meant for me.
  • Frost nonchalantly assures Chester that EVERYONE at STAR Labs has been guilty of almost accidentally killing Barry before. Including (mentioned for the very first time) the janitor.

     Episode 14: Death Of The Speed Force 
  • Wally's new Zen attitude takes getting used to.
  • Cisco assumes the "Welcome Home" sign is for him and a bit letdown it's for Wally.
  • Cisco's off-hand talk of having just visited Atlantis.
  • Barry is let down Cisco's name for Novikov is...Turtle 2. The background music even grinds to a halt after Cisco announces this.
    Cisco: Less is more.

     Episode 16: So Long and Goodnight 
  • Ralph needs Cisco's hacking help.
    Ralph: I need a hacker who can set up a net to help catch her, someone who can monitor the security feed, someone who speaks bandwidth and knows binary.
    Cisco: Hmmm...I'm not sure you know how hacking works.
    Ralph: Please, I've seen You've Got Mail several times.
  • Ralph tells Cisco "I have to tinkle. Yeah, I heard what I said."
  • Ralph called his tapeworm "Federico."

     Episode 18: Pay the Piper 
  • Harley reveals he figured out long ago who Flash and Cisco were, Cisco by "the hair" and Flash because...
    Harley: There's only three facilities in the state that could build a suit with that much bleeding-edge tech. But only one of them had someone brilliant enough to build it.
    Cisco: Thanks.
    Harley: Harrison Wells.
    Cisco: There it is...
  • Iris is able to prove to Kamilla it's really her by relating how she's the only person who can borrow Cisco's Chewbacca shirt.

Season 7

     Episode 1: All's Wells That Ends Wells 
  • Nash's attempt to use Allegra to pour the other Wellses into the Artificial Speed Force backfires, resulting in all of the other Wellses becoming temporarily trapped in Barry. Hilarity Ensues as Barry starts showing off the mannerisms of the other Wellses.
    • Grant Gustin is clearly having the time of his life emulating the various versions of Tom Cavanaugh while Nash just has a "shoot me now" expression on his face.

     Episode 4: Central City Strong 
  • Barry speeds to the camera at a talk show...except that he's facing the wrong way, so the audience gets a close-up of his rear for a couple of seconds before he turns around.
  • Iris eagerly asks for Allegra's opinion of her article. As it turns out, she thinks that it sucks, and has filled the paper with red ink.
  • Cisco trying — and failing — to catch a snack by throwing it in his mouth.
  • Cisco just looks so offended when Abracadabra dubs him "Mecha-Vibe".
    Cisco: I know he did not just name me!

     Episode 5: Fear Me 
  • Just the looks of Barry and Iris to Caitlin and Frost separated.
  • Cisco insists they have to find "Fuerza" , with everyone staring at him.
    Cisco: Fuerza...Spanish for strength. Look, She-Hulk was already taken.
  • Cisco relates how they can put Frost and Caitlin back together.
    Frost: She can finally watch This Is Us without me screaming "turn it off!"
    Cisco: Frost, what have I said about disparaging This Is Us?!
    Frost: They're so weepy...
    Cisco: That cast is too precious for this world.

     Episode 7: Growing Pains 
  • Mark's hilariously gratuitous Shirtless Scene, complete with slow motion close-ups and "Hot in Here" playing in the background. Frost Eating the Eye Candy and doing a terrible job of trying to hide it just makes it funnier.

     Episode 10: Family Matters Part 1 

     Episode 11: Family Matters Part 2 
  • Frost and Chilliblaine going from threats to bickering on dinner with Frost refusing to admit her attraction to him.

     Episode 12: Good-Bye Vibrations 
  • Euphoric Cisco's nonsensical song about his impending new job. He gets so into it that he falls off his cot in the med lab.

     Episode 15: Enemy at the Gates 
  • Barry's attempts to hide his suspicions Iris might be pregnant.
    • His driving to STAR Labs in a car with samples has Chester asking if he has a Flashmobile.
    • As it turns out, he is an absolutely terrible liar, awkwardly telling Chester that they're urine and blood samples...uh, for his annual physical from Caitlin.
  • Frost wants to take an injured Mark to a doctor...only to find he's ticked off every underground doctor in Central City. Even a veterinarian.

Season 8

     Armageddon Part 1 
  • Allegra refers to one of the reporters as "the old guy." Iris notes he's her age.
  • Ray decides to "accept Barry's offer" to crash at their place...which was so long ago, Barry doesn't remember it.
    • He and Iris muse on how a man who can shrink things has so many huge bags with him.
  • As Ray and Chester talk tech stuff, Barry gets a call. Iris hisses "don't you dare..." but Barry is already gone.

     Armageddon Part 4 
  • The extent of Thawne's manipulations just to discredit Barry and make himself the Flash really underline just how petty is.
  • The fact that they created a new title sequence with Thawne in Barry's place.
  • Allegra and Chester confessing their love to each other in the Bad Future as Barry and Thawne's race tears apart the world is both this and heartwarming. What makes it so hilarious is Caitlin's reaction.
    Chester: If boss doesn't catch Allen in the next 90 seconds...
    Allegra: Chester...
    Chester: 85...
    Allegra: Chester!
    Chester: 84...
    Allegra: Chuck!
    Chester: *finally turning to look at her* What?
    Allegra: I love you!
    *camera cuts to Caitlin whose eyebrows shoot upward.*
    Chester: Yeah? Well I love you too!
    *camera cuts to Caitlin again whose eyes have widened.*
    Caitlin: *turning to look at them* When did this happen?
  • Thawne's horribly cheap, ill-fitting (if comic-book accurate) suit, which looks like something a Comic-Con cosplayer would put on.

     Armageddon Part 5 
  • In a Black Comedy kind of way, this episode continues to highlight just how ridiculously petty Thawne is.
    • He explains the true reason why he hates Barry: In the future, the Flash saved a crowd of people he was planning to rescue, ruining his planned "big reveal" moment. This was enough for him to swear undying vengeance. Barry lampshades how stupid this is.
    • Thawne is imprisoned, and about to die unless Team Flash agrees to save his life. What does he do? Does he use his manipulation skills to try and convince Caitlin to help him? Does he act helpless? No, he decides to Troll Caitlin as much as possible.

     Episode 8: Lockdown 
  • It turns out Goldface and Amunet Black are also seeing Dr. Finkel.
  • Goldface is ticked one of his underlings doesn't know Moby Dick after buying him a copy of the book for his birthday.
    Goldface: B.A. in literature from Yale and I'm surrounded by philistines.