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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Awesome pages. Proceed at your own risk.
Yes, that is a giant gorilla fighting a half-human shark...Just a normal day on The Flash.

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Season One

     Episode 1: Pilot 

  • The flashback that shows a child Barry getting beaten up by some bullies. The reason? Because he stood up to them for picking on some other kids. He emerges without any bruises, and his Mom later reveals that he won.
  • The S.T.A.R. Labs team testing Barry's powers. They don't expect much...until he begins clocking in at 200 mph and blows away the canopy they set up.
  • Barry canceling out Mardon's Tornado Move at the end of the pilot is awesome both in-universe and out.
    "You can do this, Barry. You were right. I am responsible for all of this, so many people have been hurt because of me and when I looked at you, all I saw was another potential victim of my hubris. Yes, I created this madness, but you, Barry, you can stop it. you can do this now run, Barry, RUN!!"
  • The moment Barry catches the piece of debris headed for Joe and unconscious Eddie, then tosses it off and standing up to reveal himself in the suit and mask for the first time.
  • The fact that Crisis on Infinite Earths gets mentioned at the end of the pilot. Making this the first time in non-comic media that any Crisis has been so much as hinted at.
  • Oliver's Rousing Speech about how Barry can be even more of a hero than him, topped by giving the Flash his name.
  • Shortly after Barry gets his powers, he sees Mardon driving in a getaway car. After he and Iris get out of the way, what does he do? He doesn't stop to think, he doesn't hesitate, he just runs after him with the powers he barely even understands yet. The lightning bolt chose well.

     Episode 2: Fastest Man Alive 

  • Flash running through the giant mass of Multiplex's clones Matrix-style.
  • Wells stating that the Flash must be protected, then stabbing Stagg who was talking about harnessing the Flash's powers after having seen the Flash in action.
  • Flash dodges a bullet for the first time.

     Episode 3: Things You Can't Outrun 

  • Ronnie Raymond's Heroic Sacrifice. The moment the particle accelerator begins to fail, he straight-up volunteers to use his expertise to redirect the explosion. He saves countless lives in exchange for losing his one.
  • Barry's first confrontation with The Mist. He gets exposed to the toxic gas, his next course of action? Running all the way back to Star Labs so they can extract a sample from his body and create an antidote. Bear in mind, he can't breathe and is dying.
  • In the opening scene, Barry pulls a guy being chased by the police out of his car, puts handcuffs on him, and delivers him right into the back of the squad car chasing him - in the time it took Iris to take one phone call with Eddie. Bookended when he snatches a knife from a mugger and leaves the woman being mugged holding the knife, all in an instant.
  • Caitlin facing her fear of going down into the Particle Accelerator deserves some mention. Bonus points for Barry agreeing to accompany her.

     Episode 4: Going Rogue 

  • Barry is now able to simultaneously play Operation, ping pong, and chess, winning two of them.
  • Captain Cold is able to get away from Barry twice (one without his cold gun), and then nearly kills him at the end of the episode. He figures out Barry is more concerned with saving people than stopping him, so he endangers a train full of people, and has proven himself to be the most dangerous villain so far.
  • When Cold derails a train, the cars flip and fall out of control. Barry is able to save everyone by picking them up, running them out and then going back for more at lightning speed. He's moving so fast he might as well be teleporting.
    • No, we need to emphasize this. The train derails, we go to bullet time...and while in bullet time, he's still moving too fast to be seen.
  • Cisco successfully bluffing Captain Cold into backing off by pretending a vacuum cleaner is an upgraded version of his gun. Even when Cold points out he's clearly never killed anyone, the guy is able to keep his cool enough to make it believable.
  • Everyone seems to hate Cisco's code names for the villains, but when he calls Snart "Captain Cold" during their standoff, the latter can't help but give an affectionate smirk, apparently getting a kick out of the title.
  • A small but notable one for Captain Cold (who, remember, is a completely unpowered man). At the end of the episode he first casually boards a speeding train and then, just as casually, jumps off it while it's crashing.
  • Let's not forget The Stinger, where we see a familiar heat gun as Captain Cold is talking about needing a partner.

     Episode 5: Plastique 

  • Barry runs up a building (and back down again) to save a falling window cleaner.
  • Barry talking Plastique down, only for her to be shot and killed by General Eiling. As her explosive powers begin to overload her body, Barry picks her up and runs across water to get her out of Central City.
  • When Eiling confronts Wells over sending Plastique to kill him, Wells doesn't even need to get out of his chair to convince the general to back off.

     Episode 6: The Flash is Born 

  • Just before launching on his way to his mach punch, Bary takes a three point stance and his eyes flash with yellow lightning.
  • Barry's Mach Punch!
  • Iris taking the finishing swing at Tony.
  • Barry reveals his identity to an incarcerated Tony, not only to let the Jerk Jock know who beat him, but to give him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how Tony is nothing but the same elementary school bully who has wasted a powerful gift.
  • Barry comes up with an especially sly way to get the public onboard with his preferred superhero name, contriving to mention the word "flash" while talking about the Streak with Iris so she'll put it in her blog.

     Episode 7: Power Outage 

  • Blackout's Curbstomp Battle against Girder.
    • Before his death, Tony punching Blackout across the room and pulling a No-Sell against a blast of electricity. He may not have lasted too long, but he did put up a fight against Blackout.
  • Wells staring down Blackout and telling him the names of every person who died from the accelerator incident, and telling Blackout to kill him and let the others live without an ounce of fear showing.
  • Barry outracing lightning from across the room and saving Wells, followed by overloading Blackout.
    • We see Blackout throwing out his hands...and then we move into Bullet Time, at which point Barry runs across the room, grabs Wells, and then runs Wells back to Cisco and Caitlin, all in the time it takes a bolt of lightning to fly ten feet or so.
  • Iris taking out Clock King.

     Episode 8: Flash VS Arrow 

     Episode 9: The Man In The Yellow Suit 
  • Reverse Flash's fights with The Flash are awesome, and the character is very scary and effective-as a good villain should be.
    • During their second fight, Barry saves Joe and Eddie from Reverse Flash, and then is himself saved by Firestorm, who blasts RF like a flamethrower. Firestorm then flies away with awesome trails of fire behind him.

     Episode 10: Revenge of the Rogues 
  • Barry has been training to increase his speed, and at the beginning of the episode, we catch up with him dodging missiles. Except he's now gotten so good that he opts to instead catch one and throw it back at the drone, in the process freaking Wells out so much that he almost jumps out of his chair.
  • This exchange from when Caitlin is being held prisoner by the Rogues.
    Caitlin: You're sick.
    Heat Wave: You ever think you're all the sick ones?
  • The Flash's epic fight with Captain Cold and Heat Wave, which combines with his public reveal to make the police quickly accept him as a hero.
    • Ending the fight by slowing down, deliberately letting himself get hit by their weapons, in order to cross the streams and cancel them, knocking both villains out.
    • Eddie deserves mention as well, as he dives into the fight with nothing but one of Cisco's customized shields, saving Flash from a double attack by the villains.
  • The Stinger. Both Captain Cold and Heat Wave are on their way to Iron Heights in a police wagon. Heat Wave is ranting about how Cold's obsession with the Flash cost them everything, but Cold is his usual calm and collected self, saying their current situation just means the plan changes. Then an explosion goes off (or some sort of commotion) and someone opens the police wagon door. Who opens it? Cold's sister. The man has a plan for everything.

     Episode 11: The Sound and The Fury 
  • Hartley nearly kills Harrison Wells. Not bad, for the 'Prodigal Child'.
  • Hartley destroying the company of his parents who disowned him for being gay (old money, old values).
  • Wells saves Barry by sending a frequency through the satellite radios of all the nearby cars that destroys Hartley's special gloves.
    • And at the beginning of the episode, where he directed Barry to steer 3 motorcycle crooks right toward each other.

     Episode 12: Crazy For You 
  • Barry being a great singer at the Karaoke bar. It helps when Barry impressed a girl enough that she gives him her phone number.
  • While confronting Peekaboo, Barry hears a gunshot from behind and catches a bullet fired by Clay just before it enters the back of his neck. It barely broke the skin.
  • Cisco and Hartley's fight. For a couple of nerds, they throw it down pretty hard. And when Hartley almost escapes, Cisco whips out a vibration device of his own making that makes his hearing aids emit a sonic tone right into his brain.
    • Hartley's eventual escape is also a villainous awesome moment, with him turning this against Cisco, allowing him to disable him using the same method. The icing on the cake? He did it after telling him what he wanted, and thus, lived up to his end of the bargain, and made sure Cisco held up his.
  • Iris being fast enough with her phone's camera to get a picture of the Flash's face.
  • Barry and Peekaboo both showing great creativity in their fights to constantly turn the tables on each other with their particularly well-matched powers.
  • Though he doesn't outright say it, Henry figuring out that Barry is the Flash.
  • Barry finds out his father's been stabbed by the underling of a local crime lord. He proceeds to take the assailant out of prison, and instead of attacking him, interrogates the thug on the activities of his gang. They finish their "interview" with the Flash leaving the thug outside of prison instead of returning him inside (police sirens can be heard closing in so he wouldn't even think of escaping on his own), adding 5-10 years to the thug's sentence. The Flash had his revenge without even getting too violent.
  • The final scene where Grodd makes his debut, and it was tense, a little scary and definitely FREAKIN' AWESOME!

     Episode 13: The Nuclear Man 
  • Barry redeemed himself in Linda's eyes by eating a ghost pepper, which is the spiciest of all peppers (it is so spicy that it has been known to send people who try eating it to the hospital), thus becoming her "Spicy Champion" and winning back his date.
  • Barry outrunning a nuclear explosion
    • Which is in itself a Mythology Gag to an issue where the Flash did the exact same thing, but saving all the people of the town being blown up.

     Episode 14: Fallout 
  • You have to admire the tenacity Professor Martin Stein shows when he refuses to give the military information about how F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M works. The professor didn't surrender even when he's shivering in the cold torture room and getting electro-shocked by a cattle prod. Even General Eiling is genuinely impressed by the professor's endurance.
  • To contact Martin, Ronnie willingly cuts himself to write a message in his own skin.
    • And in return, Martin taps his arm against a metal surface, using Morse code so Ronnie can relay the location.
  • Ronnie and Martin are cornered by the military, leaving them no choice but to merge together again in order to fight back. This time, they performed a successful Fusion Dance due to cooperating with each other, resulting in Ronnie's body powered by Firestorm and Martin's sharp mind.
    • Because they discussed the possibility of the merging being permanent, the Fusion Dance is treated as a Godzilla Threshold. And both Ronnie and the professor still decide to go through with it.
  • The final scene. It features our first look at the Reverse-Flash's suit, our first full view of (and dialogue from) Gorilla Grodd, and the delicious karma of the episode's absolutely ruthless Smug Snake villain, all rolled into one.
    • It's even better if you're a fan of the DCAU, where Grodd was killed by Lex Luthor, voiced by Clancy Brown, but not before swearing he would somehow get revenge. It fits so perfectly that one wonders if this was done specifically to pay that moment off.
  • Victorious over Eiling, we are treated to the Flash and Firestorm racing together back towards Central City. It makes fans think a live-action Justice League may just happen yet.

     Episode 15: Out of Time 
  • Captain Singh defended Joe from a lightning strike by Mardon. Singh may be suffering from paralysis and brain damage from his heroic action, but it was a quite the Badass Normal moment.
  • A villainous one for "Harrison Wells"...or more specifically, Eobard Thawne. How he reveals himself to Cisco is a truly chilling scene. The way he explains everything; what his motivations are; even killing Cisco are all done in a chillingly calm and matter-of-fact manner. Not once did he raise his voice.
  • The Big Damn Kiss Barry shares with Iris, after she confesses she has feelings for him as well before he goes off to save her father, that leads directly into the reveal, as he immediately, and by immediate super speedy, changes into the Flash. The look on her face is priceless, both Shock and Awe!
  • Barry Allen out-races a lightning bolt. He's in a car with doors closed and seatbelt on, the lightning bolt has already smashed through the sunroof, and Barry unbuckles his seatbelt, grabs Joe, unbuckles him, opens the door and quickly moves himself and Joe out of the car while the lightning bolt is moving in super-slow motion. From a sitting position, Barry saved himself and Joe from a lightning bolt that was literally three feet away from blowing up the car.
    • He tops it at the end of the episode, when he runs so fast that not only does he create a wall of air to stop a tsunami from crashing into Central City, but he breaks the time barrier and winds up one day in the past.
      • This carries into a meta level by being such a big moment that for the first time they don't even try to top it with any kind of stinger.

    Episode 16: Rogue Time 
  • Both Barry and Cold have their respective Badass Boast on how much leverage they have on each other. Barry having his Super Speed to put Captain Cold away for life, but at the risk of revealing his true identity. It ends on a draw, resulting in Cold having no actual means to broadcast the identity of the Flash, but still free to go.
    • Cold is perfectly capable of broadcasting the identity of the Flash if he wants to. It's just that if he does so, Flash no longer has any incentive not to capture him and turn him in to police.
    • Barry actually seems to get Cold to agree to no more killing, pointing out that if he's as good as he believes, he shouldn't need to kill to get what he wants, getting to him through his ego. Cold concedes this, and the look in his eyes says the challenge appeals to him.
  • Captain Cold and Heatwave don't need their guns to send a message to a mob family. They simply kick asses after freeing themselves from being held captive.
  • Reverse Flash decides to pay a visit to the reporter investigating him and his connection to Stagg. The meeting ends with his hand through the reporter's chest.

    Episode 17: Tricksters 
  • The opening of the episode was a Moment of Awesome! We finally get to see the fight between Reverse Flash and Flash in the Allen home, as they run around on walls faster than light. Giving us a glimpse into Barry's true potential.
    • One highlight is Flash flinging the Reverse Flash into a wall and stomping on his chest.
  • James Jesse's Batman Gambit. Arrange for a lost soul to act like a copycat, and then pretend to be enraged that somebody's stolen your act. Then have that copycat dupe the police to look for a bomb in the city, when the real bomb is at Iron Heights ready to go off to set you free. Also doubles as Heartwarming when you know that said lost soul is in fact your long-lost son.
  • Jesse's "perfect trick": Infiltrate a fundraising gala hosted by the mayor by posing as a waiter. He spikes the complimentary champagne with mercury poison that takes one hour to kick in, and effectively hold the entire poisoned gala hostage. He forces the guests to transfer all their funds into his bank account (the number is located at the bottom of the wine glass) before he gives them the antidote, and he has a gun with him in case they try to call 911.
    • And he tops that by planting a kinetic bomb on Barry that will blow up if he goes below 600 mph or tries to take it off.
    Trickster: Ooh, it's active. Run, run, run, run, run!
  • Thawne's coaching Barry on how tap into the Speed Force by telling him to vibrate at the same frequency as air. The result leads to Barry running through a truck and getting rid of the bomb bracelet on his arm:
    Thawne: Breathe. Feel the air. Feel that wind on your face. Feel the ground, your feet lifting you up, pushing you forward, and the lightning...Barry, feel the lightning. Feel its power. Its electricity pumping through your veins, crackling through you, traveling to every nerve in your body, like a shock. You're no longer you now. You're part of something greater. You're part of a Speed Force. It's yours. Now do it.
    • Considering that the bomb will go off if he runs below 600 miles/hour or forcibly takes it off, it's a relief that Barry doesn't have to run forever to prevent the explosion.
    • The end of the episode: Barry figuring out from said coaching that "Wells" is in fact the Reverse-Flash.

    Episode 18: All-Star Team Up 
  • Another crossover episode with Arrow is expected to be chock full of awesome moments:
  • Barry manages to revive Cisco with his super vibration as substitute for a defibrillator.
  • Felicity outhacks the Bug-Eyed Bandit and proceeds to drop the entire swarm dead on its tracks.
    Felicity: Stay away from Barry Allen!
  • Ray manages to outmaneuver the swarm of robotic bees in his Atom suit and short circuited them.
    • Despite frying his Atom suit in the process, Ray manages to safely land inside of Cisco and Caitlin's van.

    Episode 19: Who Is Harrison Wells? 
  • Once he stops holding the Idiot Ball, Barry gets it together and gives the Shapeshifter the very definition of a Speed Blitz. Even when the shapeshifter changes into Flash himself, Barry still outfights him!
  • Thawne nonchalantly taking down Barry!Bates with a tazer before the shape shifter can attack Caitlin and Iris.
  • At Laurel's request, Cisco invents The Canary Cry. He repurposes (and improves on) Sara's sonic devices, fits it into a choker that won't look out of place on her costume, and does it in whatever spare time he has on his visit to Starling City.
  • A small one, but the fact that Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Rick Cosnett and Danielle Panabaker all got to show off their acting chops by playing a 'villainous' version of their normally good characters was supremely cool to watch. 'Eddie's' response to the cops asking him what he wanted them to do stands out especially: "Die."

    Episode 20: The Trap 
  • Barry saves the people (including Captain Singh's fiance) trapped in the fiery building by creating a vacuum from his super speed arm rotation, therefore putting out the fire in a flash.
  • It turns out Thawne has been keeping tabs on the team and has known about their growing suspicions of him the whole time, culminating in his sending Hannibal Bates disguised as him into the trap they prepared while he heads out to kidnap Eddie.
    • Even though it was somewhat a disappointing outcome for the team, the fact that Joe killed Hannibal Bates with a precise heart shot goes to show his excellent marksmanship.
    • In that same moment Barry manages to run after and snatch harmlessly out of the air 2 out of 3 bullets. It really shows how fast he's become since the beginning. And hell, the only reason he didn't catch the third is because of the force field bouncing him back!
  • After a whole season of keeping Iris Locked Out of the Loop, she ultimately doesn't need anyone to tell her and figures it out through her own detective work plus a handy "Eureka!" Moment.
  • The implication that the Arrowverse is heading towards making its own Justice League, particularly given how the DC Extended Universe has been screwing with the shows and dictating which characters they can use.

    Episode 21: Grodd Lives 
  • Following up on her learning Barry was the Flash last episode, Iris wastes no time revealing this: literally, Iris arriving at S.T.A.R. Labs to reveal she knows happens five minutes in.
    • This leads to Iris giving her dad a WELL deserved What the Hell, Hero? moment, for not only not telling her about the incident, but on the stupidity of not telling her about Flash. She then explains that she could have helped, could have stopped putting herself in trouble, and even stop writing the blogs about the Flash.
    • Also, just how quickly Iris fell into the groove at S.T.A.R. Labs, and, in a part Awesome part Heartwarming scene, in which Cisco and Caitlin are in a panic, Iris calmly and knowingly snaps Barry out of his Grodd induced Mental Stupor with just the sound of her voice.
    Iris: Barry, Do it for me!
  • Everything about Grodd. For starters he pulls a No-Sell when Barry tries to do his super sonic punch.
    • Not to mention that Grodd has come so close to killing the Flash with his Mind Rape telepathy. If Iris didn't snap Barry out of his senses, he would have been squashed by a subway train while under Grodd's trance.
    • Turns out Grodd survived getting hit by a subway train and proceeds to climb up a building King Kong style before The Stinger begins.
  • A double header for Eobard: 1) he's hiding with Eddie underneath STAR Labs where nobody would think to look and 2) He turned the particle accelerator into a giant Cosmic Treadmill.

    Episode 22: Rogue Air 
  • Iris West rescuing a cornered Caitlin's life by knocking an escaped Peek-a-Boo out cold from behind mid-taunt.
  • Considering how long Eddie endured captivity, it's still commendable of him to have enough energy shouting out for help so that Team Flash can hear and rescue him.
  • On the dark side, we have Snart double crossing Barry and releasing all of the captured metahumans back out into Central City]]. And this is after talking Barry into destroying all federal evidence of his existence.
  • Snart also shows remarkable Nerves of Steel as he stares down both Weather Wizard and Prism after casually murdering Deathbolt. It helps that he has his sister backing him up.
    • Which in turn also leads to Lisa's awesome moment as she casually puts her gold gun to Bivolo's head when he tries using his Hate Plague powers on Leonard and tells him to "Power down if you don't want me to melt your face".
  • The all out 3 on 1 battle between the Reverse Flash and a team consisting of the Flash, the Arrow and Firestorm. And thus we have the genesis of the Arrowverse's version of the Justice League.
    • And while Ray couldn't make it to the fight, his nanites are what let them negate Eobard's powers and take him down.
    • Reverse Flash managed to hold his own against three of his opponents, taking down both the Flash and Firestorm temporarily. While Arrow is the only non-metahuman of the group, he managed to fight on par with Reverse Flash (albeit disabled super speed) while Firestorm was recovering from being blown away and Flash busy helping out Firestorm.
    • What makes it more awesome is that Reverse Flash is holding his own in a melee fight against not Oliver Queen, but a League of Assassins Oliver Queen.
    • Really, the awesome begins even in the pre-fight banter
    Barry Allen: I don't care how fast you are, you can't fight all three of us at the same time
    Eobard Thawne: Oh I can't? Trust me...This? This is going to be fun!

    Episode 23: Fast Enough 
  • The implication that Cisco has been affected by the Particle Accelerator and that one day he may become Vibe. And on the evil side Caitlin may become Killer Frost.
  • The Heroic Sacrifice that Eddie makes erases the existence of Eobard Thawne just before Barry is about to get killed.
    • Seeing the monstrous Reverse Flash finally getting what he deserved is quite cathartic.
  • Barry running right into the middle of a Black Hole to prevent a universal calamity
    • And from what we see, it's not having any effect on him. Translation? Barry is outrunning a black hole.
  • Barry's Roaring Rampage of Revenge after witnessing his mother die once more. Sadly, it doesn't get far, and seems to only make things worse.
    • On that note: the final fight between Barry and Eobard, while awesome in and of itself, is one for Eobard. He shows Barry that, no matter how fast or strong he gets, Eobard will always be one step ahead.
  • As the Reverse Flash prepares to go through the wormhole, a silver winged helmet flies through, which he takes as his cue to leave. It seems that Barry isn't the only Flash Thawne has made an enemy of. In fact, he's quite scared when he sees the helmet; as we see in Season 2, he's right to be.

Season Two

    Episode 1: The Man Who Saved Central City 
  • The Flash finally getting recognition for being the saviour of Central City 6 months after the singularity incident. It's nice to see that civilians show their appreciation towards their icon of hope despite all of the hardships that had to suffer since the particle accelerator explosion.
  • Joe bullseyes a pair of propane tanks in mid-air after Barry throws them at Atom Smasher in their first confrontation.
  • Just how quickly Stein and Iris fell in as official members of Team Flash.
  • The addition of the Iconic White Circle to the Lightning Bolt insignia on The Flash's suit.
    Stein: Well see I like it. The lightning definitely pops more against the white.
  • Barry shows he's mastered those late Season One tricks, like the classic Flash ability of vibrating his body's atoms to move through solid matter, and creating tornadoes that even Atom Smasher has trouble with.
  • Iris putting her foot down with Joe and Cisco, saying it's time they stop handling Barry with rubber gloves before he pushes them all away for good.
  • Iris and Joe pretty much telling Barry to suck it up when The Team reforms at STAR Labs to assist him, despite Barry's insistence on working alone.

    Episode 2: Flash of Two Worlds 
  • An Offscreen Moment of Awesome, but with the revelation that Jay has inexplicably lost his speed makes his casual stroll into S.T.A.R. Labs, with recently beefed-up security, an impressive example of either strength, wit, stealth, or a combination of the three. And then nullified when we find out he's lying about the power loss.
  • Dr. Stein and Cisco proving the existence of alternate universes and discovering the gateways to these universes. A minor scene in the show, but if this news ever broke out, they'd win the Nobel Prize of the millennium.
  • Jay Garrick coaching Barry how to throw a lightning punch at Sand Demon is pretty awesome considering how Barry didn't trust Jay earlier in the episode. The cherry on top of this moment is when Barry pulled it off and turned Sand Demon into shattered glass.
  • Cisco tapping into his Vibe powers to figure out where Patty is kidnapped and what kind of trap Sand Demon laid when nobody else has a clue on where to find her.
  • Patty's hard work and determination finally landed her a spot in Joe's Anti-Metahuman Task Force. It helps that her school credentials are the best among her class.
  • The recreation of the iconic Flash of Two Worlds comic cover.

     Episode 3: Family of Rogues 
  • Barry literally dropping everything he's doing after hearing gunshots on the other end of his call with Iris racing from his lab at the CCPD and catching Iris in mid free-fall mere seconds after telling her to jump out the nearest open window. Yeah, he's the fastest man alive but still, wow!
    • Followed with him immediately racing back to the top of the building and incapacitating both of Iris' attackers while alerting the CCPD to their location.
  • Barry being fast enough to catch a bullet and make Snart and his dad think he's dead.
  • Cisco removing the explosives from Lisa's head.
  • Cold finally giving his dad the karma he deserves by killing him with his cold gun.
  • On a meta-level, the show refusing to copy last season's shtick of keeping Iris Locked Out of the Loop. The length of secret keeping from her has gone from most of a season to half an episode.

    Episode 4: The Fury of Firestorm 
  • The flashback from the Particle Acceleration Explosion shows how Jax saved a high school boy in crutches by getting him to safety within the stadium. Jax may have taken the explosion's impact, but his selfless heroics is what allows him to become a worthy half of Firestorm.
    • Before the explosion, Jax has his teammates and coach congratulating him for making a game-winning touchdown for the football match. It makes it even more awesome when the coach mentions that there are spectating university recruiters on their phones considering about giving Jax a football scholarship.
  • The sudden appearance of King Shark at the end, in addition to being scary, is awesome for how it was humorously foreshadowed earlier in the episode and for how splendidly rendered he is.
    • Patty shows her courage by pulling her gun on the huge monster and emptying it into him (even if he does No-Sell the bullets) to save the Flash. A moment later, Harrison Wells of Earth-2 tops it off in true Big Damn Heroes style by zapping King Shark in the back and knocking him out with an energy weapon, thus revealing himself to Barry.

     Episode 5: The Darkness and the Light 
  • Barry successfully creates speed mirages to confuse Dr. Light courtesy of both Jay and Earth-2 Wells coaching.
  • Cisco finally lands a date with Kendra thanks to Barry's encouragement in getting her phone number. Considering how awkward their first encounter was, it's reassuring to see that Kendra didn't tell Cisco to buzz off.
  • Now that he's accepted his powers, Team Flash realizes that Cisco needs an alias. Barry suggests, "Vibe?" Caitlin tests it herself, then Cisco smiles the grin of an Ascended Fanboy and agrees, "Vibe!" The whole scene gives you chills.
  • Iris shooting Dr. Light's helmet right off of her head.

     Episode 6: Enter Zoom 
  • Doctor Light escaping the pipeline through clever usage of her powers.
  • The whole Zoom-Flash fight. Barry is, as Cisco notes, not afraid, and does his best to fight Zoom, it's just not enough. Zoom catches Barry's lightning attack and throws it right back at him! Barry then concludes that he needs to even the odds, so he gets Zoom to chase him off a building, so their speed is equal as they are in free-fall. Zoom wins, but it's not for lack of trying on Barry's part-and Zoom's own efforts are as awesome as they are horrifying-catching a half dozen cops' pistol fire with one hand effortlessly, and racing from the newspaper to the police station and back to Star Labs in instants.
    • The whole sequence deserves some kind of award. The sense of speed and power in every frame is incredible. It's easily the most impressive fight in the series to date.
    • At the police station, despite Joe's orders to hold their fire, the police are so terrified of Zoom that they eventually all start shooting at him at once. Zoom could use his super speed to get out of the way, but instead he catches every bullet in midair. After Zoom catches the bullets, he slowly lets them fall from his hand, just to rub it in. His "Nice try," which is dripping with sarcasm, is the icing on the cake.
  • Just as Zoom is about to kill Barry in front of all his friends at STAR Labs, Cisco of all people gets the drop on him and shoots him while he's busy monologuing, driving him to flee and probably saving Barry's life.

     Episode 7: Gorilla Warfare 
  • Near the end of the episode, Barry regained his confidence in his speed by taking down Grodd into a breach. If you remember last season, Grodd can easily catch Barry's supersonic punch without much effort.
  • Keep in mind that Grodd was stubbornly holding on with all his might in order to not get sucked into the breach for a few minutes. That takes significant strength to not get sucked into the breach.
  • Harry facing Grodd to rescue Caitlin was very impressive as well.
  • Cisco's vibe of Hawkgirl looks amazing.

     Episode 8: Legends Of Today 

     Episode 9: Running to Stand Still 
  • Barry using a running helicopter blade as a launch pad to catch up to the flying Mardon.
    • Most likely just as impressive is that he's zooming across buildings.
  • Mardon and Trickster use a Sadistic Choice in the form of bombs hidden as presents distributed to random children throughout the city to force the Flash to let them kill him. Wells comes up with the idea of using one of the breaches to get rid of all the bombs at once. The Trickster is just about kill Barry with a knife when Cisco informs him they've lost their leverage, upon which lightning crackles in his eyes and Trickster has a glorious Oh, Crap! moment when he sees it.
  • Both Barry and Mardon have learned to use their powers to fly.
  • Iris gives a pretty awesome Shut Up, Hannibal! to Captain Cold:
    Cold: "Didn't you hear? I had a rough childhood."
    Iris: "Everyone in this room had a rough childhood. Get over it!"

     Episode 10: Potential Energy 

     Episode 11: The Reverse-Flash Returns 
  • A moment years in the making for Barry: he finally defeats the Reverse-Flash on his own. Even more impressive he doesn't do it by being faster, he does it by being smarter.
    • Not only that but a personal character moment for Barry: he is so utterly curb-stomping the Reverse-Flash that you wonder for a second whether it will play out like the comics, and the Flash will kill the Reverse-Flash. Fortunately, he manages to resist and settles for imprisoning him.
    • Barry wins because he's able to find a shortcut to cut off Thawne. All of that good Samaritan work paid off. Barry protects his city. He knows his city.
  • Just like Iris, Patty ultimately doesn't need anyone to tell her Barry is the Flash. And she didn't even need a coincidental blatant clue like Iris got, and figures it out through good old detective work.
  • Cisco speaking to Eobard Thawne in his prison cell gives us this awesome exchange:
    Cisco: I want you to know that I'm the one who figured out you were back. I helped stop you. Me.
    Eobard: And how'd you do that?
    Cisco: I have powers. And I helped track you down and I put you in here.
    Eobard: That's quite the ability you've been given.

     Episode 12: Fast Lane 
  • Joe gets two Papa Wolf scenes in quick succession. After discovering that Wells has been stealing Barry's Speed Force energy, he punches him out, grabs him, and throws him in a cell, saying it's either that or he'll shoot him. Not long after, he does the same thing to Tar-Pit after the metahuman put Iris in the hospital.
  • Barry and Harry closing a breach with the Breach Implosion Reactor, and in essence rewriting the laws of physics. Barry is ecstatic that it worked and even Harry has to admit that it was pretty cool.
  • Iris' entire reaction to Wally's drag-racing. Not only does she call out Joe for trying to be his friend instead of his father, she uses her investigative skills to find out everything she can about the guy running them, before threatening him with exposure and then arrest. Especially awesome because she's clearly scared out of her mind and didn't even call Barry for backup, but she did it anyway because that's how much she cares about Wally. Plus, it's nice that we get to see her as a badass reporter.
    Wally: Do you have a death wish?
    Iris: You're not the first person to ask me that, so maybe.

    Episode 13: Welcome to Earth-2 
  • The trip through dimensions, featuring glimpses of a different Barry, a different Green Arrow, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Jonah Hex, and Supergirl (2015). Yeah, this crossover is officially happening.
  • Reverb, the Earth-2 version of Cisco, is a serious badass who can not only see things from other Earths, but can generate powerful vibrations and attack people with them. If this is an indication of the power that Cisco will one day achieve, then Earth-1's metahumans have a lot more to worry about than just The Flash.
  • The Arrowverse crew gives their biggest middle finger yet to the Executive Meddling from the DC Extended Universe, with an appearance from Earth-2 Deadshot and the implication that Earth-2 Barry has Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman on his speed dial.
  • After learning the truth about Velocity-6, Caitlin is able to make a safer version in just a few hours. This allows Jay to show some of what he can really do as the Flash, including using his helmet for a directed vibration attack.

    Episode 14: Escape from Earth-2 
  • In the opening, instead of Barry narrating, it's Zoom! He proceeds to cause the city to burn, even making words of flames appear on buildings to declare he wants Harrison Wells. This works so well that the police are willing to capture Wells. That's right: The police are willing to bow to Zoom so much, they will kidnap people for him!
  • Earth-2 Barry has created an algorithm that tracks down metahumans with an impossibly complex array of statistics. Even without superpowers, he's a quite valuable crime fighter.
  • Who captures Geomancer? Not Jay, not Iris, but Caitlin! Girl proves that even without ice powers, she's a badass. Crosses into Funny with this moment:
    Iris: Nice shot!
    Caitlin: I was aiming for his leg.
  • Caitlin also deserves some credit for perfecting the Velocity-9 Formula. Not only does Jay get his speed stabilized, the damaged cells in his body are repairing themselves. Caitlin saved Central City in more ways than one.
  • Barry and Jesse put their brains together and figure out what the mysterious masked man's tapping means. Barry knows it isn't Morse Code because the tapping uses a special 5x5 sequence that decodes 25 letters ("C" and "K" being the same in the pattern). Jesse also helps on decoding what the masked man's tapping is about: J-A-Y, as in Jay Garrick. Unfortunately, Zoom interrupts before they can find out the whole story.
  • At one point Zoom enters Barry's cell. Barry, who was crippled the last time he fought Zoom, just defiantly says he going to destroy him, prompting a beating from Zoom. After the villain leaves all Barry takes away is that he now has a way of escaping his cell. In a few words it becomes obvious that while Zoom is The Dreaded to everyone else, to Barry he's just another criminal to be taken down.
    • This scene really stands out because Barry actually gets under Zoom's skin, a feat not even Eobard Thawne has pulled off with his defiance. The villain that wants all to fear him can't break the hero with hope.
  • Earth-2 Barry's Rousing Speech that inspires our Barry to vibrate faster than ever before to get out of his cage.
  • Killer Frost having a full Darth Vader moment when Zoom's attempt to kill Jesse gets her to turn on him for good. She holds him back as the others escape, knowing full well that she can't keep it up for long and faces a very painful death when he gets out of it.
  • Team Flash finally getting one over on Zoom: By episode's end, they've escaped Earth-2 with Jesse, meaning Zoom no longer has leverage over Harry. They also manage to seal the last remaining breach, so Zoom cannot travel back to Earth-1 (for the moment, anyway).

    Episode 15: King Shark 
  • Just the fact that King Shark is back at all. He was originally only meant to be an impressive (and expensive) bit of CGI work by the crew and a chance to show off how cool Harry is. However, positive fan reception has now Retconned his supposed death so that he can be the villain of his own episode. And he still looks as good as ever.
  • Joe West, seeing King Shark in his house, shoots at the nigh-invulnerable fish-man. It may not have done more than distract him, but given what this thing has done to government-trained agents, that takes a LOT of guts.
  • Barry and King Shark's aquatic battle, which Barry wins by electrifying the water, finishing the beast off with a lightning throw.
    • And it's made even more awesome by the fact that Barry delivered an utter Curb-Stomp Battle to King Shark. After the plan to sedate him fails, King Shark threatens to kill Flash and the A.R.G.U.S. agents accompanying him, only for Barry to tell the villain to Bring It, lead him away from others (while also proving that King Shark's earlier boast about being faster than Flash in the water 'false') before roasting him with a barrage of lightning throws like he's an ordinary fish.
  • Although Barry helped out with Wally's school project, Wally was able to complete a biodiesel fueled turbine engine for his assignment all by himself. This goes to prove that Wally isn't so Book Dumb.
  • The Reveal in The Stinger of Zoom's face. In just thirty seconds and after fifteen episodes of buildup, the show throws a curveball that questions everything we thought we knew about "Jay Garrick".

    Episode 16: Trajectory 
  • Earlier in the episode, Barry couldn't run fast enough to jump across a canyon. It was only when Trajectory destroyed a bridge that he ran Mach 3.3 in order to jump across the bridge gap.

     Episode 17: Flash Back 
  • Barry managing to beat Eobard, so he can't kill him, by deliberately leaving a Dead Man's Switch so if he killed him, it would ruin Thawne's plans. Thawne is pissed, but gives him what he needs to avoid that.
    • Keep in mind: we don't know if Barry was telling the truth, meaning that, as far as we know, Barry managed to successfully bluff Thawne into letting him live.

     Episode 18: Versus Zoom 

    Episode 19: Back to Normal 
  • Caitlin coming face to face with Killer Frost.
  • Iris' instinctive reaction to grab the gun after witnessing Harry's accident site.
  • Barry still going against Griffon, even without his powers.
  • Jessie Wells joining The Team in the field, to save Harry.
  • Zoom's spectacular rescue of Caitlin from Killer Frost.
    • After Caitlin helps her escape from her cell, Frost double crosses her, believing (correctly) that now Zoom has the "real" Caitlin, he's got no reason to let Frost live. Frost drives Caitlin into the tunnel exit of Zoom's lair and launches an icicle at which point Zoom comes flying down the hallway, PHASES THROUGH Caitlin, grabs the icicle mid-flight and stabs Frost with it.

     Episode 20: Rupture 
  • Barry managing to use holograms of the Flash to help the police fight crime and Rupture.
  • Even though she is still at Zoom's mercy, Caitlin risking pretty much her own life to get a message to Joe and the CCPD about Rupture's attack.

    Epsiode 21: The Runaway Dinosaur 
  • Despite being mere minutes after she watched the man she loved die (or so she thought at the time), Iris goes full on Big Sister Instinct with Jessie and Wally after finding them unconscious alongside Joe and Harry.
  • Barry literally having conversations with the Speed Force in the forms of his loved ones (Joe, Iris, Henry...and Nora).
    Barry: ...That's trippy.
  • Barry chooses to stay and regain his powers, even when Cisco vibes and offers him the chance to return.
  • Iris using herself as bait to lure Zombie Girder back to STAR Labs.
    Joe: Are you sure about this?
  • Barry finally regaining his powers!
  • Barry bringing Jessie out of her coma by just touching her hand.
  • So Zoom has a small army of metahumans working for him. That alone has a lot of potential for Awesome, although it looks like they're mostly fairly normal people with a variety of weapons or small powers...wait, is that Atomic Skull?

     Episode 22: Invincible 
  • The leader of Zoom's army is Black Siren, aka the Earth-2 Laurel Lance.
  • Team Flash taking out Zoom's metahuman army by remembering that everyone on Earth-2 vibrates on a different frequency and using that against them by creating a sonic weapon to take them out all at once. Zoom, of course, is fast enough to create a breach to Earth-2, but even he was in pain for a moment.
    • Combined with heartwarming, Harry gives Jesse his earphones, the only thing that protects him from the sonic weapon's effects, when her own fail to block the frequency.
  • Early in the episode, Barry captures several metahumans at once, all by himself.
  • Wally captures a bag snatcher and beats the shit out of him. When he reveals he has metahuman powers, Joe arrives just in time with a shock collar.
  • Wally using Car Fu to rescue Barry from Black Siren.
  • Cisco and Caitlin pulling off flawless impersonations of Reverb and Killer Frost. Yes, Black Siren sees through it, but for a moment you'd swear that the two supervillains had returned.
    • Not to mention she could have easily hurt or even killed them, but they lost their cool only when Black Siren saw through their act. Considering how they've reacted when faced with less dangerous metahumans, gotta give them props for walking into the lion's den.
    • Cisco makes an accidental use of his powers to blast Siren, resulting in her being Blown Across the Room.
  • In his last moments, Henry is nothing but calm, and makes sure that his last words are telling Barry that he loves him and is so proud of him. It also serves as a subtle psychological dig at Zoom.

     Episode 23: The Race of His Life 
  • Combined with Tearjerker, Barry speed fighting with Zoom across the city after seeing him murder his father in front of him, while running on pure concentrated Unstoppable Rage, and winning!!!
  • Team Flash's (sans Barry) ambush on Zoom was nearly perfect, except for the tranq-gun being jammed, or Joe not moving out of the way fast enough.
    • Joe's method of dealing with the jammed tranq gun, i.e. running up to the unstoppable murderous speedster and jamming two darts into his neck manually, is its own moment of awesome.
  • How Barry finally stops Zoom: he creates a time remnant of himself during the booting up of the Magnetor. Barry frees Joe while the time remnant keeps Zoom busy; then, while Barry and Zoom are fighting, the remnant creates a force strong enough to stop the Magnetor, sacrificing himself in the process — as well as luring out the Time Wraiths to destroy Zoom.
    • How the race starts: On Zoom's three-word mark: "Run, Barry, Run!!!"
    • The actual final speedster fight between them: Barry pounds Zoom. After seeing Zoom's actions the entire season, his time as Big Bad ending with the Flash utterly pounding him then leaving him to his demise is satisfying to say the least.
    • The Mythology Gag of Zoom turning into the Black Flash, complete with the red and white Chest Insignia, as the Time Wraiths attack him and drag him off is wonderfully creepy.
    • This time, on his own, Barry just proves he is "The Fastest Man Alive"!
  • The identity of the Man in the Mask: Henry Allen's doppelganger from a third Earth, who is also the real Jay Garrick. Getting to see John Wesley Shipp in a Flash suit again is the perfect capper.
    • Jay declaring he never wants to see the mask again and slicing it in half with a vibrating hand.
      • Even better is Jay taking Zoom's helmet from the time he (Hunter) disguised himself as Earth-2's version of himself and resolving to truly make it a symbol of hope.
  • While it obviously caused no end of problems with the timeline, there's an undeniable vindictive satisfaction in seeing Barry go back in time and save Nora by delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to the Reverse-Flash, ending it by knocking the murdering bastard out cold. The stunned gape on Eobard's blurred face and the surprised smile that the Season One Barry gives just before fading from view really sell it.

Season Three

     Episode 1: Flashpoint 
  • The Rival in this universe is Edward Clariss. It's surprising and pretty cool to see him get his due as an onscreen villain.
  • Barry vs The Rival, for its entirety.
    • The awesome actually started with Wally delivering a decent Curb-Stomp Battle to his nemesis. Of course, he was Impaled with Extreme Prejudice In the Back right after, but still, very cool.
    • After Wally gets stabbed, and just before the commercial break, we get Barry and Clariss running at each other in a shot right out of a comic book. Frustrating, but awesome.
    • Once the commercial is over, Barry and Clariss are seen racing over, under, and around every surface in the industrial park. Barry has come a long way from the guy who needed to ask how fast to run up the side of a building.
    • Then after Barry delivers his own curb stomp, he loses his memories of fighting and gets pummeled by Clariss. The Rival then ups the ante from his early lighting-throwing by creating two tornados. Of note, the only other "tornado" ever created by a speedster in this show was Barry's water funnel when he fought King Shark.
    • With his memories fading, we might think Barry is done for, and Wally will have a miraculous recovery to save the day. Nope, Iris busts out The Power of Love and convinces Barry to go Beyond the Impossible. He runs into one tornado, goes so fast he dissipates it, then jumps into the other one in midair. As he dissipates that one, The Rival even lampshades that it shouldn't be possible. The fastest man alive, indeed.
    • Then Barry jumps out of the second tornado's sad remains and super-punches Clariss in the face. Damn.
    • Barry spares The Rival. Naturally, Clariss tries to attack him from behind. So Joe shoots him. Which is awesome, not just for the recreation of the pilot episode's ending, but because it's the first time this version of Joe has gotten off his ass and helped in a long time. What's more, immediately afterwards he ignores the shock that Barry is a speedster to help his son.

     Episode 2: Paradox 
  • Wally has become a full-fledged member of Team Flash.
  • Barry running into the past once again only to receive interference and advice from Jay Garrick.
    • Jay pulled Barry out of the time warp he created.
  • Cisco coming to Barry's rescue, using his Vibe powers.
    Cisco: (shooting off a vibe wave) Stay away from my friend!
    • Which is then followed by the two of them double-teaming the Rival, bringing him down with ease.
  • Apparently, Alchemy will be bringing back powers to people who had them in Flashpoint in the near future, including Wally/Kid Flash and who knows who else.
  • Dr. Alchemy and the Rival working together are able to defeat the Flash, albeit by ambushing him. This shows they are not to be messed with.
  • A sort of teeter-totter between The Rival and The Flash:
    • The Edward Clariss/The Rival of this timeline is far more formidable than in the Flashpoint, possibly thanks to Dr. Alchemy's method of restoring his powers, to the point of pulling the move to beat a younger Eobard to beat him. Yet at the same time, a slightly out of practice Barry Allen/The Flash can beat him to the point that the next time they meet, he had to bring Dr. Alchemy with him to even things out in his favor before Vibe helped even the scales in Barry's favor again.

     Episode 3: Magenta 
  • Guess who came back from Earth-2! Jesse Quick, with powers in tow!
  • In the teaser of the episode, we are seeing the titular Magenta using her powers to lift up a FREIGHTER. She's equal to X-Men's own Magneto with that level of power.
  • Jesse, taking over Barry's motions, to maintain the updraft on the Tanker, while Barry reasons with Frankie.
  • Barry proving that what's special about him is his heart, helping Frankie to regain control from Magenta.
  • And at the end of the episode, we see that the team kept the Trajectory suit, and added a lightning bolt Chest Insignia. Jesse is gonna use it now!

     Episode 4: The New Rogues 
  • Oh sure, it's utterly terrifying thinking of the future repercussions, but Caitlin, secretly using her ice powers to get Barry out of the Mirror.
  • Barry training Jesse Quick really shows how far he's come since season one. He even lectures her on the difference between having powers and having precision, and the need to case unfamiliar environments, just like Oliver did with him.
  • Barry conquering Mirror Master, by encircling them with mirrors, thereby trapping him in infinite reflections, and preventing his escape.
    • At the same time, Jesse Quick taking down Top, with Jesse spinning her around, despite Top's vertigo effect in full force, and then punching the dazed Top out cold!
  • At the very start of the episode, when Snart fights Rosa and Scudder, Rosa takes down Snart's men singlehandedly.

     Episode 5: Monster 
  • When Barry is preparing to evacuate people from the monster's path, to his surprise he finds Iris already in the midst of doing so.
    Barry: What are you doing here!?!
    Iris: I was working on a story, and last time I checked you don't need superpowers or a red suit to help people.
    (the two pry open the bus door and begin ushering people to safety)
    Barry: All right get out of here I'm gonna try and stop, that thing!
    (he rushes off, while she continues to evacuate people from the bus)
  • Barry catching a bullet after it passes through the holographic monster just inches away from hitting a civilian!
  • Julian reveals he has military training, and knows how to use a gun.

     Episode 6: Shade 
  • It's utterly shocking yes, but the quick sneak peak we get of the battle between Killer Frost and Vibe, when Cisco vibes the future, and it's spectacular!
  • When an Alchemy-influenced Wally tries to attack Iris, she doesn't even flinch and knocks him out cold with a punch to the face.
  • We finally see what killed Edward Clariss in jail...and it's a Speed Force abomination. It looks more akin to a walking suit of armor than a real being...and when Barry asks who it is? "Savitar. The God of Speed."

    Episode 7: Killer Frost 
  • The fight sequence with Savitar at the beginning. He utterly annihilates Barry and shows that his God of Speed moniker isn't just for show. He is moving so fast that he literally appears all over the city at once!
    • Awesome Music: Savitar's theme is possibly the most epic piece ever put to television. It sounds like a demonic chorus rising from the depths of hell to chant the praises of their heathen god.
      Please note that this is not a slight against Hinduism, as Savitar is actually a false god.
    • The fight ends with the help of Cisco, who opens a breach to Barry's location, and Caitlin, who chases Savitar away by freezing him completely.
  • For the numerous fans who have gotten fed up with Barry's ongoing incompetence hurting everyone around him, his being called out on it multiple times and accepting that he deserves it has been a long time coming and is much appreciated.
  • Throughout the episode, Killer Frost, who doesn't have much experience, demonstrates her metahuman abilities and knowledge:
    • She uses her breath to create a freezing fog, to limit vision so she can evade the policemen, and then freezes the door so they can't get out.
    • To prevent Barry from following her, she uses an icicle to cut one of his triceps surae muscles.
    • When she fights Vibe and the Flash, she shows more than just throwing icicles. By freezing the wet ground, she prevents Barry from running properly and makes him slip. She follows it up and incapacitates Barry by causing hypothermia to him with a kiss.
  • Once Killer Frost has left The Flash struggling for life a completely stoic Vibe walks in advises Barry to vibrate to negate the hypothermia and then knocks her out with one (very powerful) blast.
  • Iris talking some sense into Barry about how he doesn't know if Dante's death and Caitlin turning into Killer Frost are actually a result of Flashpoint.
  • Barry snapping Caitlin out of being Killer Frost by standing in front of her and challenging her to kill him:
    Barry: You wanna be the villain, well this is what they do! They kill their friends because nothing else matters to them anymore!
  • Wally finally becomes a speedster!

    Episode 8: Invasion! 

    Episode 9: The Present 
  • On a meta level, seeing Earth-3 where Jay Garrick is fighting an even wilder Trickster is a joy for fans of the 1990 series.
  • Trickster managing to handcuff himself to Jay before he could react, then revealing a bomb under his coat. Cue Barry running in to disarm the bomb and tie up Trickster in less than a second.
  • Jay teaming up with Barry to fight Savitar.
  • After Barry sees Savitar killing Iris in the future, he becomes panicked and desperate to ensure it doesn't happen. Jay shuts that down, telling him what he saw was only a possible future and the best way to deal with it is to act like he never saw it at all rather than possibly causing a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy by trying to stop it.

    Episode 10: Borrowing Problems From the Future 
  • Barry and Wally finally working together as Flash as Kid Flash. With Barry's experience and Wally's natural talent they make the perfect team.
  • After Barry admits his journey into the future to Iris, and that he had considered letting Plunder go in an attempt to once again alter the future, the first thing Iris does is chew him out for his selfishness. Yes she's frightened, but she won't allow him to endanger Central City, for her own life.
  • Wally having a Big Damn Heroes moment and saving Barry from Plunder. Barry's preoccupation with Iris negates it somewhat but Barry makes up for when ...
    • Plunder escapes from Iron Heights and Barry lets Wally catch him all by himself, and Wally is able to prove his worth to all of Central City there by also averting the future by letting Kid Flash stop Plunder, instead of The Flash.

     Episode 11: Dead or Alive 
  • Cisco and Gypsy’s interdimensional battle takes them to Earth-2, National City and a lava planet.
    • Just the fact that after about two and a half seasons, we finally get to see Cisco suited up and in action for the first time (Barring the vision from "Shade"). Even better, it takes place at the episode's climax. It's also very satisfying for fans who think that he's always getting pushed aside in order to give Barry the spotlight, or just speedsters in general.
  • Iris going after a gun smuggler for a story to prove her life matters. Reckless and dangerous? Um, yeah. Completely badass? Um, yeah.

     Episode 12: Untouchable 
  • Cisco and HR determining that, due to the physics of The Multiverse, the Flashpoint timeline must still exist out there. They then have Cisco get a vibe of it, thus enabling to figure out Yorkin's next target.
  • Barry uses his speed to phase an entire train with people aboard when Yorkin blocks the tracks. The passengers give out a round of applause out of gratitude and sheer awe.
  • Wally finally mastering phasing, and using it to De-power Yorkin by running through him.

     Episode 13: Attack on Gorilla City 
  • Admit it, the excitable kid inside of you was foaming at the mouth during Barry's epic duel in the arena against Solovar.
  • Solovar is an albino gorilla with the voice of Goliath, and the same mind control powers as Grodd. He can put Grodd on the floor and make him stay down with a single punch, and quickly comes up with ways around Barry's speed abilities until Barry is forced to go dark with one of Thawne's moves to beat him. And since it turns out he never wanted to invade Earth-1, he may still become quite an ally for the team.

     Episode 14: Attack on Central City 
  • Barry stopping a missile launcher by using his superspeed to find the right code combination-and with 2 more seconds to spare.
  • What is Team Flash's weapon to stop Grodd? Bring back Solovar to challenge him.
    • The fight between Solovar and Grodd is also impressive itself with Solovar winning by throwing Grodd off a building.

     Episode 15: The Wrath of Savitar 
  • However your feelings on the matter, one has to admit Savitar's plan is VERY well thought out and clever, using everyone's fears and high emotions to his advantage so that he could free himself from the Speed Force.
    • Crossing over with Nightmare Fuel, Savitar dragging himself out of the Speed Force. The scene perfectly blends the CGI version and the practical suit version; it looks like something out of a horror film!
  • Barry's second round with Savitar goes way better than the last time the two fought, with Barry getting in a few decent hits and even chopping one of his blades off.

     Episode 16: Into The Speed Force 
  • The Speed Force tells Barry it's not letting him free Wally and he should go. Barry gives a very defiant no - which severely ticks off the Speed Force. It then proceeds to sic Black Flash on Barry, which nearly kills him, until he stabs it with his chest icon, seemingly vaporizing Zoom in the process.
    • Though it's awesome in itself that Barry is able to face Black Flash without fear, let alone fend it off, whereas Eobard is scared speechless at the sight of it (it probably helps Barry that the Black Flash is not hunting him down everywhere he goes).
  • H.R. realizes that a god wouldn't need armor so Savitar is just a man not a god.
    • Jesse manages to injure Savitar - proving H.R.'s theory that he's not a god but a man like any other.

     Episode 17: Duet 
  • Music Meister is shown being the Trickster Mentor so well that even the audience doesn't realize what he's doing. He initially comes across as an ordinary (if quirky and powerful) Affably Evil metahuman villain who was simply trying to steal Kara and Barry's powers to commit basic crimes, something that seems confirmed when Wally, Cisco, and J'onn take him down and put him in the Pipeline. Then with the reveal he could have simply strolled out of the Pipeline whenever he wanted and was trying to help Kara and Barry (and thus Iris and Mon-El), the implication becomes that he was playing the role of super villain just so Wally would regain his confidence by taking him down.
  • The coordinated attack by J'onn, Wally, and Cisco on the Music Meister, even if the Meister just let himself be caught. Bonus points for Wally being the one to punch him out.
  • A minor meta example in Barry and J'onn being on-screen together. Even if they have minimalist interaction, it's great to finally see the Flash alongside another founding Justice League superhero in live-action.

     Episode 18: Abra Kadabra 
  • Caitlin staying awake throughout her operation deserves a mention, since other than Julian having limited medical experience, nobody else can help her. She even coached Julian how to carefully remove the shrapnel inside her body.
  • Barry catching Abra Kadabra by phasing through his ship in mid air and tackling him through. No wonder Savitar seems to be envious of him.
  • The stunning effect as Caitlin's body seems to explode into vapor, then reforms into the fully powered, white-haired Killer Frost.

     Episode 19: The Once and Future Flash 

     Episode 20: I Know Who You Are 
  • Barry's Improvised Weapon to chase off Killer Frost, snapping to throw a bit of Speed Force energy in front of a running blowtorch, turning it into a fire blast on the same level as her ice powers.
  • Killer Frost creating an ice slide like Iceman from the X-Men and Frozone from The Incredibles. She leads Barry in a chase through the city over and around skyscrapers, traveling at least twenty stories off the ground. Not even her Earth-2 counterpart could do that!
  • One line from "Savitar" at the end. "Like I told you from the beginning...'I'' am the Future Flash."

     Episode 21: Cause And Effect 
  • Barry managing to successfully attack Savitar and was nearly ready to kill him....until Savitar's suit revealed itself to be Animated Armor.
  • Cisco temporarily wiping Savitar's memory comes off as very cathartic, especially seeing as how Savitar dismissed him as "small" and "tech support" earlier.

     Episode 22: Infantino Street 
  • Barry and Snart break into ARGUS, make their way down to the lowest level, beat King Shark, and get the Dominator tech Team Flash needs to power the Speed Bazooka...all without the use of Barry's powers.

     Episode 23: Finish Line 
  • After all the hardships and suffering Team Flash went through they succeed in saving Iris. And the guy who ultimately saved her, is H.R..
    • How it happens deserves elaboration. H.R. used a piece of Savitar's armor to find his lair, the same way Jesse found Savitar in "Into the Speed Force." He rescues Iris and they almost escape before Killer Frost spots them. Then he uses the image distorter to switch with Iris and allows himself to be killed.
  • Killer Frost freezing and shattering Black Flash, the zombie of the man who manipulated and tormented her last season.
  • The Final Battle with Savitar is one awesome moment after another:
    • Cisco spoiling Savitar's plan to escape the Delayed Ripple Effect and simultaneously conquer all of time by scattering himself across every moment of time — when Savitar forced him to rework the Speed Force Cannon to make his plan possible, Cisco instead reversed the polarity so that it would free Jay from the Speed Force Prison. He subsequently announces his presence by emerging from the portal and knocking Savitar on his ass.
    • Jay Garrick, Wally West, and Barry Allen all teaming up to fight Savitar. The three Flashes, together at last.
    • While the above is going on, Cisco and Gypsy are fighting Killer Frost, taking her down with Cisco ultimately refusing to kill her, but giving her the choice to be Caitlin again. This inspires a Heel–Face Turn, and she ends up saving Cisco from Savitar a moment later.
    • Frost's own turn. She does not use Cisco's drug that would return her to normal, instead choosing her friends over Savitar of her own free will when she sees Savitar about to finish Cisco. As Killer Frost, she made her own decision and thus proved that no, she isn't just like her evil alternate self even when the same temptation is there.
    • Savitar says that he's going to spend what little time he has left before his erasure killing everyone Barry loves. Barry, having finally had enough of this shit, proceeds to vibrate his way into Savitar's armor, knocking him out of it. He then proceeds to kick Savitar's ass with his own suit.
    • Barry resisting the urge to kill Savitar, which would just turn him into the next Savitar.
      Barry: I will never let the pain, the darkness, determine who I am. I will never be you.
    • Iris is the one to finally stop Savitar. The man who claimed to be a god brought low by a mere bullet.

Season Four

     Episode 1: The Flash Reborn 
  • Wally, Cisco and Joe taking down Peek-A-Boo in the intro scene, especially Wally jumping over the rooftops.
  • Despite the fact that she's clearly burying her grief about Barry to do it, Iris leading the team in Barry's place. Barry even says how proud he is off her for keeping the team together.
  • Barry's return. After Cisco fires up the Speed Force Bazooka to open a portal and bring Barry back only for it to close up it seems like the plan failed. Only for a larger portal to open up somewhere else in Central City as he speeds out of it and running into into a car head on with no injuries.
  • When Samuroid kidnapps Iris; Joe goes to Barry (who has been left seemingly traumatized after his time spent in the Speed Force and been writing some incoherent message) and pleads with him to come back to his senses as soon as he says "Iris is gonna die" we see Barry stop writing, the lightning flicker in his eyes as he breaks out of the Pipeline grabs the new suit and rushes off to save Iris. Cisco put it best:
    Cisco: The Flash is back!
  • Just how easily Barry takes out Samuroid and rescues Iris. He does it basically in one swoop
  • It's also noted in the Barry vs. Samuroid sequence that Barry is moving much faster than he or any other speedster ever has. The Flash is not only back, he's new and improved.

     Episode 2: Mixed Signals 
  • Barry saving Joe and Tim from a grenade explosion by catching all the shrapnel.
  • Yeah it comes back to bite him in the ass, but just how thorough Cisco was in upgrading Barry’s suit.
  • Wally, Iris and Caitlin, locked and loaded for whatever may come through the breach, is just a badass sight, even if its only Gypsy, on route for her date with Cisco, who reveals she could and would evaporate them if need be.
  • Despite the problems they are having in communication, the sheer underlying trust demonstrated between Barry and Iris, when she formulates a risky scheme of Barry electrocuting himself to over ride his haywire suit, despite Cisco and Caitlin’s multiple warnings.
    • Also the fact that, for this plan to work, Barry had to outrun a lightning blast that he shot himself!!

     Episode 3: Luck be a Lady 
  • The entire sequence of down on her luck Becky reveling in her newfound confidence as Hazard to the Title Tune, while she nonchalantly robs a bank.

     Episode 4: Elongated Journey Into Night 
  • Caitlin refusing to allow Barry's grudge against Ralph to get in the way of her ethics, throwing the oath she took as a Doctor in a furious Barry's face.
  • Barry phasing both he and Iris through the floor, moments before the bomb in Ralph's office explodes.
  • Barry not even breaking a sweat stopping some crooked cops. He walks to grab the bullets out of the air and knocks them out with the air of a man who does this all the time.
  • Cisco defending Ralph from Breacher. Yeah the guy leaves him scared shitless, but he won't let any harm come to an innocent man, no matter how much he dislikes Ralph.
  • Ralph finally using his powers for good to stretch out and grab the helicopter in mid-air.
  • Cisco earning Breacher's respect and being given the go ahead to date his daughter.
  • For comic book fans, the sight of Ralph wiggling his nose and declaring "I smell a mystery" is a true delight.

     Episode 5: Girls' Night Out 
  • Iris, Caitlin, Felicity and Cecile throughout the whole episode. Girls Night Out indeed.
  • Iris showcases exactly why she's the team leader, effortlessly handing out tasks to Felicity and Cecile after forming a plan of action, bringing Caitlin back to safety when she's Killer Frost, and coming up with a solution during the final climax.
  • Killer Frost not only creating an icy breath blast that would give Supergirl a run for her money, but creating an protective igloo around herself, Iris and Felicity before blasting everyone in the room. Then she takes down Amunet with ease.
  • Iris and Felicity beating Norvak with chairs.
    • After which, Killer Frost promptly appears and takes care of him with ease.
      • Iris doesn't use a chair actually - she uses the metal drinks tray instead.

     Episode 6: When Harry Met Harry... 
  • Despite also being a somewhat subverted moment of awesome due to the reveal that DeVoe is a wheelchair-bound House Husband, which also qualifies as a Funny Moment, the whole team's mobilization at the end of the episode to go get DeVoe is awesome both due to their coordination, and on a personal level:
    • Iris is set up as the team's mission control, carrying over the skills she picked up as the team's leader while Barry was in the Speed Force.
    • Barry and Joe calmly walking up to DeVoe's house. Keep in mind they have no other police backup, and are simply strolling up to a supervillain lair.
    • Harry covering them with his lightning gun, right after deducing DeVoe's name and location with the aid of his alternate selves.
    • Cisco decked out in his full Vibe suit, ready to breach the team in at Barry's signal and showing just how comfortable he's grown in his role as a superhero since the first season.
    • Caitlin's line "Snow and Frost, standing by," which seems to indicate that Killer Frost did undergo an actual Heel–Face Turn last episode rather than simply being placated for a little while. After being the source of much internal conflict, it's amazing to see Caitlin and Frost prepared to operate in tandem.

     Episode 7: Therefore, I Am 
  • DeVoe completely outsmarting Team Flash and Barry throughout the entire episode. By the time he finally admits to Barry who he really is he has already got Barry suspended and figured out heÂ’s The Flash. The guy is really giving Prometheus and Savitar a run for their money.
  • Wally returns, and he apparently repelled "Starro" from Earth all by himself.

     Episode 8: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3 

     Episode 9: Don't Run 
  • If you're still wondering how in the world can DeVoe become a legitimate threat to the Fastest Man Alive, then ponder no more: The Thinker not only hijacks a metahuman with psychic powers in the end, he also gets Barry arrested for murder using DeVoe's previous body.

     Episode 10: The Trial of the Flash 
  • Dibney reveals the full extent of his Character Development as Joe is desperate enough to plant evidence against the DeVoes, to which Dibney recounts how his own bending the rules ate away at him and ended up consuming his soul, after which he still opens the door for Joe, leaving him to make the decision himself.

     Episode 11: The Elongated Knight Rises 
  • Big Sir coming to Barry's rescue is worth mentioning considering how Barry is a newly imprisoned inmate with no connections or protection from other violent criminals in Iron Heights Prison.
    • Barry later returns the favor when Big Sir is attacked by the same inmates in retaliation. Using his powers to subdue them while disguising it as luck.
  • Ralph stepping up to the plate to become a true hero despite being scared.

     Episode 12: Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash 
  • Harry goads Dwarfstar into attempting to shrink him, when his real goal was unshrinking Cisco and Ralph. Then Iris shocks the meta for the win.
    • The whole sequence deserves special mention. The non-powered members of the team came together to take down the villain-of-the-week who'd managed to bring down the powered Cisco and Ralph! Truly, we can file them under Badass Normal.
  • Despite Big Sir's negativity, turns out Barry was right and Team Flash was able to catch the real criminal that framed him for killing a security guard.
    • When said criminal refuses to confess, Barry simply uses his powers to remove Dave from prison and take him the monastery in China he talked about earlier. (In the time it took an oscillating camera to turn away and back — we're talking a handful of seconds. Though he's not there just yet, this Flash is clearly moving toward his comic counterpart's insane level of speed.)
    • Youtuber Dr. Comix of Comic Books vs. The World put an actual number to this feat and it's just as insane as the scene suggests. Based on the distance Barry had to travel and the time it took the security camera to pan over to his cell, he calculated that Barry was moving over 71,000 times the speed of sound! That line from the Season Premiere about him being the fastest speedster ever wasn't just lip service.

     Episode 13: True Colors 
  • Barry managed to get out of his cell by MacGyvering two batteries with water and some other things to short out his cell, before managing to bust the others out.
  • Becky stands up for Barry against the other inmates. When Bison animates a hawk to go after her, Becky's powers kick in: A mouse scampers over a guard's circuit board, causing a spotlight to turn and blind Bison who throws up her hand so the hawk flies into Dwarfstar's face, causing him to knock back onto a nearby weight bar, sending the weights into Kilgore, who knocks both himself and Bison out falling back.
    • Then, when Amunet is ready to attack, Becky causes her to drop a gas gun from a guard's rifle and as Amunet falls over, her gauntlet fires to knock out all the other guards.
  • At Barry's appeal hearing, Cecile has the ultimate trump card — Clifford DeVoe alive and kicking and testifying that whoever stabbed him had been trying to frame Barry Allen. Actually it's Ralph using his shape-shifting powers, but nobody except Cecile knows that.note  Marlize is completely flabbergasted and helpless to do anything as the judge pronounces Barry Allen cleared of all charges and a free man.
    • Even better, aside from the impersonation, almost everything Cecile and Ralph said was entirely true, satisfying Barry's moral stand of not lying to the court. DeVoe is alive, someone did try and frame Barry for his murder, and Central City is a place where impossible stuff happens all the time, so someone returning from the dead shouldn't be considered impossible.
    • Ralph also both impersonates DeVoe flawlessly and manages to tell his story and get the judge on his side with impressive acting chops, and holds his form the entire trial. A far cry from his earlier complete failure at posing as the Warden.
     Episode 14: Subject 9 
  • Izzy first displays her powers by emitting a sonic blast that sends Barry and Ralph flying.
  • Thinker has taken out Flash, Vibe and Elongated Man and moves to Izzy...who unleashes a blast of sonic energy that sends her flying back. Thinker's face clearly has a Didn't See That Coming look which is hysterical for him/her.
  • Izzy uses her fiddle for training and the team amazed at how it works.
    • A beautiful sequence has Barry circling her at super-speed with her twisting about firing "shots" from her fiddle.
     Episode 15: Enter Flashtime 
  • The entire premise of this episode: a nuclear bomb goes off in Central City and Barry is able to move fast enough where second of regular time seem like five minutes, long enough to figure out how to stop it.
  • Barry managing to use the lightning of the Speed Force to stop the nuclear bomb from exploding.
    • Special mention has to go to the effects team for rendering the Speed Force prison. Never before on the show has lightning looked so powerful or terrifying.
  • Like with him running Big Sur to China (mentioned above), Dr. Comix also calculated Barry's speed during Flash Time. Based on his (rather lengthy) calculations, Barry was moving over 800,000 times the speed of sound. The only applicable expression is "Holy crap!"
  • More than anything, it highlighted how each member of the team is essential to Team Flash - Cisco and Caitlin both used their powers and brains to help, Harry attempted to use his knowledge, Jay and Jesse used their speed, and Iris uplifted Barry and gave him a final boost of morale. Ultimately it was Barry who saved the day, but it took the whole team trying and failing to get there.
    • Iris gets a special shoutout for being the only member of the team who doesn't have a background in science or superpowers yet still being the one to offer the solution, proving that you don't have to be a scientist or have powers to be a hero.
     Episode 16: Run Iris Run 
  • The episode is pretty much one long CMOA for Iris:
    • The very fact that she was more than willing to dive into being The Flash despite just getting powers.
    • Managing to take control of her powers after just a couple days of training. Remember how long it took Barry back in season 1 to get the hang of not crashing into stuff and/or setting himself on fire?
    • Iris not only manages to capture the metahuman who gave her powers in the first place, but she neutralises a thermal vortex with a tidal wave, something that every Barry has never done before.
    • What has to be the crowner, Iris realising that her destiny is journalism and helping the city that way. It's great that after losing her fearlessness because of the threat of Savitar, she was finally able find what makes her get up in the morning again.
  • Cisco quickly breaching in to save Iris when she was in danger.
  • Harry making his Thinking Cap work and using it to help Iris save the day.
  • It's more implied, but the way the story shows how sitting behind the desk is actually not the job of a coward. Barry is clearly incredibly nervous whenever Iris runs into danger, but Iris watches her husband, brother, and father head into deadly danger on a regular basis, and yet seldom complains. That takes Nerves of Steel.
     Episode 18: Lose Yourself 
  • Joe West takes on a Samuroid. We don't see all of it...and then he returns with a sword, the Samuroid's head hanging on it like a meatball on a toothpick.
  • Marlize turns out to be an electric-sword-wielding badass.
  • ...who is still outmatched by Iris. How does Iris win against a much more experienced fighter? Not with the freaking BFG she picks up, which would be a CMOA already. No, she lets Marlize impale her to immobilize her sword, pulls it deeper into her flesh to get close, bangs Marlize's head against a console, activates the teleporter on the Thinker's chair (he's not using it at the moment), and shoves Marlize at it, causing her to teleport away with it. When the super-powered team members rush in to save her, they find she doesn't need saving. Despite her pain and the dripping blood, she basically tells them that it's Only a Flesh Wound and it's the others who are still fighting who need help.
    • The whole episode is pretty good for Iris. In addition to all this, she was Crazy-Prepared enough to get Cisco to make her some earring grenades at some point. (And yes, it was worded like that - it's clear they were her idea, not his.)
  • Ralph one-upping Mon-El's takedown of the robo T-rex. Instead of using fancy shapeshifting moves, he just delivers a Megaton Punch that shatters the dinosaur to pieces!!
    • Ralph uses an impression of the tuning fork left in his body to shape his hand into it, allowing him to replicate it and get the drop on DeVoe.
  • DeVoe manages to get Ralph's body and promptly floors every empowered member of Team Flash.
     Episode 19: Fury Rogue 
  • Leo Snart and Caitlin Snow use Cold guns to deactivate Neil Borman's radiation.
     Episode 20: Therefore She Is 
  • Marlize finally leaving DeVoe and pulling a double case of Hoist by His Own Petard on him. To whit, she does this by teleporting herself out of their pocket dimension with his own Cool Chair and prevents him from interfering by setting up his own forcefields beforehand.
     Episode 21: Harry and the Harrisons 
  • The team finally have a leg-up on DeVoe thanks to Amunet's technology.
  • Iris writes an article about DeVoe and what he plans to do, resulting in the whole city responding and wanting to help.
     Episode 22: Think Fast 
  • DeVoe tearing his way through the A.R.G.U.S. agents in one long shot and to the tune of the Hallelujah Chorus.
  • Iris had these awesome words to persuade Marlize: "You asked me what was I willing to do for my husband. Now I ask you: What are you willing to do for the world?"
     Episode 23: We Are The Flash 
  • Marlize tricks DeVoe with the force fields.
  • After witnessing a sociopathic monster like DeVoe commit one atrocity after another for an entire season, seeing his ultimate defeat by Barry and Ralph's hands — with the latter finally regaining control of his old body — is immensely satisfying.
    • The lead up is awesome as well, with Barry and Ralph fighting their way through a literal army of DeVoe copies to reach the nexus of his mind.
  • Team Flash working together to save people from the satellite debris falling on Central City. Culminating with Barry and Nora delivering a Megaton Punch to destroy the satellite before it can impact.
  • "I'm your daughter Nora...from the future. And I think I just made a big big mistake."

Season 5

  • Let’s face it. Who wasn’t excited to see Barry finally get his own Flash Ring.
  • The new Flash Suit!
     Episode 1: Nora 
  • Barry, Nora, and Wally phasing an entire airplane through building and a bridge.
    • Even better the scene is lifted straight out of New 52 The Flash # 3.
  • The Flash Ring is finally introduced and used along with a new suit that leaves even Cisco in awe.
    • And who created it? Ryan Choi aka the second Atom.
  • Credits go to Ralph, even if it's largely Played for Laughs, once he got past being Locked Out of the Loop on Time Travel he makes tremendous strides. He figures out by himself about the multiverse within 24 hours of learning about time travel, something that takes Team Flash, a group of scientists, several months to be told about, and he quickly figures out why Barry couldn't change time to save him in case of the ripple effect, a lesson Barry still struggles with now.
    • Plus he showed his detective prowess in tracking down Catlin's father's death certificate and figured out it was faked.

     Episode 2: Blocked 
  • Cicada nullifying the powers of Barry, Ralph, and Cisco before proceeding to curb-stomp them in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Iris saying Screw Destiny when Barry and Nora reveal to her and the others his dissapreance in the future, noting that they have beaten time and fate before.
  • There is something rather cool seeing The West-Allens formulating a plan together to track down Blocked, since STAR Labs' satellites are still off-line.

    Episode 3: The Death of Vibe 
  • Nora's plan to deal with Cicada in the climax of the episode? Since he wouldn't stop unless Vibe was dead, she helped fake his death, by making it look like he was disintegrated in an explosion (when in reality the explosion disguised the opening of a breach).

     Episode 5: All Doll'd Up 
  • The visual sequence of Ralph using his Rubber Man abilities to swing from building to building to rescue Barry, with Iris riding on his back. The scene is gorgeous.
  • Iris jumping off a building to save Barry. Both he and Nora admit that was amazing.
  • Ralph taking down Rag Doll all by himself.

     Episode 7: O Come, All Ye Thankful 
  • Weather Witch kills her dad by using her staff to drop a truck on his head.
    • Except she didn't. It was a hologram the team whipped up to distract her, since they certainly weren't going to deliver the real Mark Mardon to her in case she did...well, what she did.

     Episode 8: What's Past is Prologue 

  • Every scene with Thawne is just oozing restrained menace, especially the parts where he quickly deduces Nora's identity.
  • After Team Flash finally executes their plan of robbing Cicada of his dagger by having Cisco vibe it into space and far away from him, what is Cicada's response? He raises his arms toward the sky, let's out a fierce roar, and charges himself with enough electricity and pure willpower to summon it back to him, resulting in it slamming on the ground and knocking each Team Flash member present on their asses. Is it any wonder why he got away in the original timeline?
  • Cicada is about to stab Flash when Caitlin turns into Killer Frost to blast him against a truck. And Cicada runs rather than face her.

     Episode 9: Elseworlds, Part One 

     Episode 10: Flash and The Furious 
  • After Silver Ghost fires an explosive at Nora, she merely side steps it with the blandest smirk possible.

     Episode 11: Seeing Red 
  • Barry and Killer Frost each deal out their own Curb-Stomp Battle to Cicada, and considering what Cicada has did to Nora earlier, it’s very cathartic to see him get his ass kicked.
    • Also, up untill now Cicada has been portrayed as pretty tough to defeat even with powers, let alone by powerless people whose hits don't faze him. Barry's running on so much Papa Wolf Unstoppable Rage that he tells Killer Frost to Leave Him to Me! and proceeds to pummel Cicada for quite some time without powers before Cicada manages to turn the tables.
  • Also: Nora being able to stop the Flash from rage-punching Cicada to death with two words, "Dad...No..." It snaps him out of it long enough to realize what he was doing; and that killing Cicada because he was angered by him hurting his daughter makes him no better than Cicada himself hunting Metas down due to one being involved for his adoptive daughter/niece's coma. Doubles as Heartwarming when they hug after.

     Episode 13: Goldfaced 
  • Barry and Ralph, currently minus their powers, going Back-to-Back Badasses on Goldface's goons. All set to Dragula.
  • Iris subduing Orlin Dwyer with nothing more than Mace and a stab to his chest wound, subsequently finding out how Team Flash can incapacitate him long enough to administer the metahuman cure.
  • Goldface unveiling his powers, and fighting Barry and Ralph to a standstill with a golden chain.

     Episode 15: King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd 
  • The premise and title of this episode. Do we really need to say anymore?
  • The titular fight is probably one of the best special effects moments the show has received so far.
  • Joe finally returns.

     Episode 16: Failure Is An Orphan 
  • Grace Gibbons from the future makes an appearance, revealing that she is Cicada in the future. She then wipes out Team Flash with minimal effort, including slicing Barry's lightning in half with her blades.

     Episode 20: Gone Rogue 
  • Held prisoner by the Young Rogues and forced to repair a device for them, what does Cisco do? He does what they want, but at the same time subtly reduces the signal strength of the drones Queen Bee uses to keep him and Sherloque under guard. Then, after simply waiting for the villains to leave and get far enough out of range, they take advantage of the now-dormant drones to escape.
    • Sherloque reveals that he was capable of escaping his bindings at any time, and only waited until Cisco finished his above move.
  • Team Flash anticipating the Young Rogues' heist and ambushing them — while Sherloque poses as the Flash via hologram to distract them, Barry, Joe and Iris (having infiltrated the facility using holograms to disguise themselves as guards) free the hostages.
  • Barry and Nora working together to destroy the facility's meta dampener. Once it's gone and their powers are restored, they make quick work of the villains.

     Episode 21: The Girl With The Red Lightning 
  • Cicada II fighting off Team Flash and nearly succeeding in her evil plan with ease.
    Cicada II: I don't need a dagger to kill you. I didn't have it before I came to this time.
  • Cisco disabling the metahuman-killing device. Right in Cicada II's line of sight.
  • Thawne revealing that the entire season was essentially him setting up his own escape. That smug smile he shows after it turns out the Cicada dagger was under his chest plate the whole time was the icing on the cake.
  • Major props to Ralph, who didn't understand time-travel at the start of the season, but managed to make sense of the alternate timelines that transpired since Nora's interference and made the connection between Thawne and Cicada's dagger.

     Episode 22: Legacy 
  • Nora convincing young!Grace to let go of her hate and take the metahuman cure. When future!Grace drops in and tries to kill Nora, Barry destroys the dagger, erasing Cicada II from existence.
  • Thawne completely owns the middle one-third of this episode.
    • Just a millisecond before his execution device's deadly electric bolts hit him, the dagger disappears and his powers activate. The Cheshire Cat Grin he gives with his signature red eyes before he escapes and destroys the device by vibrating out is just icing on the cake.
    • The Reverse Flash nonow disarms all the guards and delivers a superspeed Neck Snap to all of themthem save the sadistic warden, whom Thawne pays back for years of Electric Torture with non-lethal lightning bolts before killing him with his vibrating hand.
  • Barry and Nora save the prison guards from Thawne by running time backwards to before he kills them.
    • Thawne proceeds to make them look like fools, with him and his Time Remnant easily outrunning them before tripping them both up, making them crash into each other.
  • Just when it looks like Thawne is about to finish Barry and Nora off, a breach suddenly opens and the time sphere comes flying out, smacking into Thawne. He gets to his feet, and looks up to be greeted by the sight of all of Team Flash (including Iris packing a BFG) standing there ready to confront him.
    • The team, working together, then proceeds to kick Thawne's ass. If not for the distraction of Nora starting to disappear from the timeline, he'd have been defeated for good right there.
      • It's also worth noting that this is (as far as he knows) the very last time Cisco will use his powers as Vibe, given that he takes the metahuman cure in the Dénouement. It's thus incredibly fitting his last outing as Vibe is against the very man who gave him his powers in the first place, and killed him in an alternate timeline.

Season 6

     Episode 1: Into the Void 
  • Barry running into a black hole to recover Chester's consciousness. All set to the tune of Queen's theme song from Flash Gordon.

     Episode 8: The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Part 2 
  • Allegra ends up being the one who saves the day by using her ultraviolet manipulation powers to cancel out the effect of Bloodwork's serum. Barry gives her well-deserved props afterwards.

     Episode 9: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part Three 

     Episode 15: The Exorcism of Nash Wells 
  • Barry needs to conserve his speed, so how does he beat Sunshine? By making her chase him into his lab at CCPD, then completely darkening the room, leaving her powerless.
  • He, Cisco and Cecile also bring back the neural inhibitor they used to defeat The Thinker to perform the titular act. They even use it the same way: to go into Nash's mind and defeat Thawne from the inside.

     Episode 19: Success Is Assured 
  • While dark, it's still pretty damn impressive watching Ultraviolet, Dr. Light and Sunshine completely destroy Carver's security forces.
    • There's also how it's great payback as the team first assumes that these are Mirror duplicates only to find they're the originals...who are sick and tired of being forced to work for Carver so jumped at the chance to join Eva.

Season Seven

     Episode 2: The Speed of Thought 
  • In order to subdue an out-of-control Barry, Killer Frost injects herself with Velocity X. That's right: Killer Frost on super-speed. The word "awesome" does not sum up the glorious high-speed race/fight they have through the streets of the city.
    • And then it turns out that the entire fight was a Batman Gambit by Barry, who'd already calculated the outcome down to the second.

     Episode 3: Mother 
  • Barry, Cisco (who has artificially restored his Vibe powers) and Frost cornering Eva. Who counters by summoning dozens of copies of herself, leading to a huge fight.
  • Barry at one point spinning up a lightning tornado to take out several of Eva's clones.
  • Iris and Barry talking Eva down, and then working with her to destroy all her duplicates.

     Episode 17: Heart of the Matter Part I 

     Episode 18: Heart of the Matter Part II 
  • Barry has finally managed to come face to face with the real Godspeed who reveals his Evil an artificial speedster he can never match up to actual ones. No matter how much speed he steals from anywhere else he'll never be able to overcome a natural speedster. So he's engineered things to force Barry to give him organic speed. Given that Godspeed has become Bart's equivalent of Thawne all out of jealousy that Bart basically inherited his greatest wish and thinks Bart is a reckless child who doesn't deserve it, Barry essentially tell him to go to hell.
  • The Flash Family, including Jay, Speed Force Nora and a temporarily repowered Iris, all go to take on the Godspeeds threatening to tear Central City apart. Everyone of them gets a chance to show off.
    • Nora commented last episode that Bart could create stars out of lightning. We see what she meant here.
    • Speaking of Nora she uses her lightning lasso to trip several of them at once.
    • Jay charges his helmet with lightning and uses it like a Pinball Projectile to take several of them out. Eat your heart out Captain America.
    • Speed Force Nora shows what it means to be a cosmic force when she gives a Badass Finger Snap to drain the lightning right out of them with no problem.
  • Cisco manages to save himself and Frost from being overwhelmed by the Godspeeds by putting up an entropy field over them.
  • Despite all of their efforts the heroes wind up in the Darkest Hour. With every plan that they've come up with thwarted Barry has no choice but to give Godspeed the organic speed he wants. It seems like a clear cut case of The Bad Guy Wins...until it's shown that Barry had a contingency plan to keep Heart from truly winning. What was it? Have Speed Force Nora bring back Thawne for an Enemy Mine.
  • So we have the Flash and his greatest enemy teamed up to take on Godspeed for a final battle. How could you possibly top that? By having all of them wielding lightning sabers! And then we see what a battle between speedster Jedi would look like.
  • After Godspeed is defeated Thawne predictably tries to kill Barry. Only the Reverse-Flash is moving in slow motion and Barry easily tosses him away. Cue a glorious Villainous Breakdown from biggest nightmare in Barry's life, questioning how this is possible. Barry's response showcases just how much he's grown.
  • Barry gets a post-action one when he reveals why his plan with Thawne couldn't do anything but succeed. Thawne's only limit is that he couldn't let anyone else kill The Flash. With that in mind he'd do everything in his power to stop Godspeed and because the Villain Forgot to Level Grind wouldn't be able to do anything against Barry afterwards.

Season 8

     Episode 1: Armageddon Part I 
  • Barry taking down the Royal Flush Gang in under a minute, due to being able to think so fast that after Queen formulates a plan of attack after reading his thoughts, he's immediately able to come up with a new plan to counter them.
    • Specifically, once he goes into Flashtime, he shows that he's gotten fast enough that he walks around the Royal Flush Gang, maneuvering around them to beat them up.
  • Ray suiting up as the Atom once more to help Barry fight Despero, ultimately ending the first round by tampering with the alien's belt to send him teleporting away at random.
    • Despero gets a moment when he manages to see past Barry's speed clone trick and hit the real one.


  • Season 4 has added one of comics' biggest Ensemble Darkhorses to the team. Making his live-action debut is none other than Elongated Man.
  • The character of Rag Doll is based on the premise that a "normal" person became a metahuman, with the ability to contort their body in all sorts of highly unusual ways. However, in the series, the character is played by a contortionist who is really doing all of that himself. So essentially, what In-Universe is considered a bona fide superpower is actually performed by a real person with extraordinary talent, and no CGI required!