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Crisis on Earth-X wants to top last year's Arrowverse event, "Invasion!", and as such it already had many epic moments.

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  • Let's all start with the mere premise, the multitude of heroes of the Arrowverse going up against Nazis. And not just Nazis, but alternate universe versions of themselves. The only thing more awesome than Supergirl fighting Superman is Supergirl fighting Evil Nazi Supergirl.
  • The special's opening titlecard, mixing together the themes of the four shows in a nice way and the classic DC "Crisis" font.
  • The revelation that Prometheus is the Earth-X version of Tommy Merlyn was a true shock. The producers were brilliant hiding it, not even revealing that Colin Donnell was taking part in this at all.
  • General consensus in almost all the critic reviews is that they compared this to Justice League (2017)...and the smaller-budget TV event is considered the superior one.
  • The kiss between Leo Snart and Ray Terrill, not only becase it's a same sex kiss, but because both are played by gay actors. Wentworth Miller even noted at a convention that Leo was a character very close to his heart because he is queer.

     Part 1 

  • On Earth-X, Guardian has a patriotic theme to his costume.
  • The start of the episode is both Funny and awesome with our heroes planning for the wedding while in the middle of fighting King Shark, Ninjas, Tax-collectors and a Dominator.
    • The fact that King Shark was even in the episode.
    • The Legends are first seen in 1183 England taking down some tax collectors...and chatting about the dress code for the wedding.
      • And being The Legends they're the only ones who never bring up how inappropriate it is.
  • The Earth-X invaders sorely underestimated their targets, attacking a hero's wedding. All they had was strength in numbers and the element of surprise, which didn't actually do much in the villains' favor.
    • Barry and Wally zipping at super-speed to catch bullets in mid-air. And barehanded. Barry even "welcomes" the Nazis by catching a hail of gunfire to start the fight.
    • Wally and Oliver displaying Improbable Aiming Skills.
    • Oliver uses a variant of the Fastball Special, where he requests Cisco to Vibe him to another part of the church and Dark Arrow.
    • Supergirl's first clash with her Earth-X counterpart, leaving a whole ton of wreckage. We later learn that Kara-X is overdosed on yellow solar radiation, yet "our" Kara can still go toe to toe with her.
      • The fight took place all over the skies of Central City, and at one point their heat visions clashing in a Beam-O-War. When Kara is smashed into the church, she slaps her hands together to create a Shockwave Clap, sending most of the villains running.
    • Alex and Sara Lance (who had just woken up from a night of drunk sex) tear their dresses for fighting and give each other a "nice" glance. They then work together to take down Nazis and Earth-X Prometheus and exchange a high five afterward.
      • Keep in mind, the duo are doing this while slightly hung over and in heels.
      • Their moves are great like Sara doing a spinning head scissors on one Nazi while behind her, Alex is firing off a stolen machine gun and then smashing the empty weapon into another's face. Then, Sara uses a thurible incense holder as a weapon against Prometheus while Alex backs her up.
    • Caitlin turns into Killer Frost causing Heat Wave to grin "That's what I'm talking about!" They fire off blasts of fire and ice at the Nazis.
    • The direction and choreography of the fight also deserves a mention, as despite the huge number of participants we always have a clear picture of where everyone is and what they're doing. It's a big help that there's often another hero fighting in the background of the fight a shot is focusing on.

    Part 2 

  • Supergirl, Flash and Green Arrow working together and preventing the collapse of the scaffolding at a construction site.
  • Oliver manages to hit Overgirl with a Kryptonite Arrow. Crazy-Prepared indeed.
    • Special mention has to go to the cool slow-motion shot of Oliver arrow's arrowhead bursting open to reveal the Kryptonite. Made even sweeter by Overgirl Tempting Fate by boasting of her invulnerability.
  • In spite of being knocked down during the fight, Oliver actually one-upping Overgirl by utilizing Deadly Dodging with a mirror, causing her to get zapped by her own heat vision!
  • The beautifully choreographed fight scene where Oliver, Barry, Sara, Firestorm, Kara and Alex storm the Earth-X forces' base.
  • Earth-X Oliver attacks STAR Labs and ties up Mick. Hearing a noise, he turns to find Killer Frost, who freezes his bow. But Ollie-X unleashes an electrical charge to knock her back.
    Ollie-X: Anyone else want to be a hero?
    (cue Black Canary, Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific popping up)
    Mr. Terrific: They wanted to wait...But I don't think we'd ever get a better entry line than that.
    • And then somehow, Oliver-X not only beats them all himself but locks them all up and escape with what he needed...all off-screen.

     Part 3 
  • Oliver, Barry, Sara, Jax, Stein and Alex are about to be executed when who comes to their rescue? The Earth-X doppleganger of Leonard Snart.
  • The Ray also makes his live action debut and proceeds to blast the Earth-X mooks.
  • One for a villain: impersonating the event's Arc Villain (his doppelganger) was Oliver's own idea, and he might have pulled it off, until Kommandant Lance has a contingency prepared in case his Fuhrer was actually an impostor.
    • Oliver retaliates by taking out a whole room of mooks by himself. Barry is impressed when he shows up.
  • On Earth One Felicity and Iris work together to try and free Kara from being operated on. They even knock out two Nazis on their own!
    • One has to give it to Felicity; when threatened with death by Reverse-Flash to turn the power back on so they can resume the operation, Felicity refuses and is willing to die until Kara tells her to give him the code to activate the power again.
  • Barry and Ray taking on the Earth-X version of Red Tornado. You also have to give props to Tornado; he's outnumbered, yet the two supers are the ones having trouble against him.

     Part 4 
  • Barry and the Ray combining their respective bolts of lightning to finally destroy Red Tornado.
  • Doubles as a Tear Jerker but Professor Stein using the last of his strength to open the gate even if it means his death. As a Jewish man he knows the Nazis can't be allowed to win and thus sacrifices his life to ensure his team and friends will take the bastards down.
  • Ray Palmer and the rest of the Legends pulling a Big Damn Heroes to save Kara and the others. Even with Thawne around they manage to pull it off so easily. In fact...
    • Special mention goes to how Thawne seems to be unable to operate on Kara; a closeup shot reveals the Atom has Thawne's scalpel in a Barehanded Blade Block.
  • The Legends, Team Arrow and the S.T.A.R. Labs crew combining their streams of energy to make Metallo explode. Which also includes the Last Dance for Firestorm.
  • Felicity using herself as a human shield to protect Kara from Dark Arrow and not standing down. Even Dark Arrow admits that the speech is Not Bad.
    "My grandparents didn't survive the Holocaust so the world could be ruled by Nazis. So if you want Kara, you gotta go through me! And even if you do you're not gonna win, cause we will not back down, we will keep fighting. So get the hell off our Earth while you still can!"
  • When Dark Arrow demands that the heroes hand over Kara, Green Arrow steps up and straight-up refuses.
  • The Nazis are running rampant in Central City, killing anyone in their path...and then our heroes do a Power Walk into daylight. As they stand shoulder to shoulder, The Ray and Supergirl fly over them as Killer Frost enters on an ice slide.
  • The battle...Oh the battle. A regular Nazi army (with only three elites) vs. a badass army of superheroes? Yeah, like there's even going to be an actual contest.
    • Yeah, it wasn't much of a contest, but you have to admit, it was still awesome for the Nazis to go up against a badass army of superheroes when there were only three elites on their side.
    • Wild Dog saves a kid from being killed.
    • Like old times, Heat Wave and Citizen Cold take mooks down together.
    • Felicity, Cisco, Iris and Harry fly the Waverider to attack the Earth-X version.
    • Citizen Steel easily smashes Nazis aside. His grandfather would be proud...
    • Mr. Terrific throws a T-Sphere with the shrunken Atom on top, blasting away at Nazis.
    • A brief bit has Flash and Reverse Flash fighting while it looks like everyone around them is frozen in place. Later, they run up the sides of two buildings and leap through the air at each other. And this time, Barry is quite decisively superior that Eobard bails.
    • Killer Frost uses an ice slide to bring Vixen and Zari onto the Nazi ship, with Zari using her power to propel them like a rocket. And they were given that opening by:
    • Overgirl finds Supergirl floating by the window, who greets her with a Mythology Gag Pre-Asskicking One-Liner.
    • Supergirl flying an overloading Overgirl into low orbit so she can explode safely. And when Kara is knocked out and falls back to Earth, she's caught at the last second by Steel.
    • Oliver putting down the Fuhrer with an arrow to the heart.

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