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Awesome / Heroes Join Forces

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    Legends of Today (The Flash
  • Kendra getting her wings and taking flight for the first time
  • The fight between Hawkman, Flash and Green Arrow.
    • Special one goes to Carter, for his first fight scene, he was able to take out Oliver and Barry before they got up and beat him.
  • Vandal Savage fully proves himself worthy of being the Big Bad of a whole new show when he throws knives at Barry's allies, forcing him into a straight path to grab them, and then managing to fire off another one to nail Barry with perfect timing while he was at super speed.
  • Despite hating Harrison Wells, Jay reluctantly took the Velocity-6 drug to enhance his speed temporarily in order to remove a bullet from Wells quick enough without damaging the pulmonary artery.
  • Oliver casually disarming Damian Darhk's minions at the beginning of their fight:
    Darhk: You brought arrows to a gun fight?
    Oliver: What guns? (activates a magnetic arrow, pulling away all the guns)

    Legends of Yesterday (Arrow
  • During the first fight against Savage, just about anything that can go wrong, goes wrong. Oliver barely has time to stall Vandal enough for Barry to bolt, speeding away from the magical equivalent of a nuke going off as Vandal makes good on his promise to level the city. An act which likewise would have killed just about all of the heroes. The awesome part? Barry not only outruns it, but escapes back to the past largely by accident, so they can get their do-over...
  • And during said do-over, during the final battle with Vandal Savage featuring a group of superheroes showing teamwork, strategy and distillated awesome makes it quite clear we don't need to wait a few years for Warner Brothers and a big screen to finally see a live-action Justice League worthy of the name.
  • Kendra striking a heroic pose in costume just as her wings emerge sounds like something that would risk being pure Narm but it works brilliantly.