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Season 1

     Episode 1 - Pilot 

  • The plane rescue may be a Superman cliche by now, but it's still awesome to watch.
  • During the plane crash, Kara zooms into it with her X-ray vision to make sure that Alex was onboard. The viewer can clearly see all the other passengers panicking while Alex is coolly assessing the situation, showing she knows how to handle a crisis.
  • Kara's fights with Vartox are masterfully choreographed and have impeccable special effects for a TV show, setting the bar high right off the bat.
  • The DEO is actually capable of taking down, capturing and restraining a Kryptonian all on their own. Let that sink in for a minute.
  • Cat's reasoning about why the name "Supergirl" doesn't diminish Supergirl's status as a hero:
    Cat: What do you think is so bad about "girl?" I'm a girl and your boss and powerful and rich and hot and smart. So if you perceive "Supergirl" as anything less than excellent, isn't the real problem you?

     Episode 2 - Stronger Together 

  • Supergirl dodging missiles during the DEO training exercise. The sheer pride in Alex's voice as she notes Kara broke the sound barrier sells it.
  • Though she is impervious to puny little flecks of copper-jacketed lead moving at supersonic velocities, these bullets do not lose all their kinetic energy when they bounce off her. She is reminded of this by her Secret Keeper friends. So what does she do when a pizza joint robber tries to blast her with a double-barrel shotgun? She ensures the shot never leaves the barrel by placing her hand over the muzzle. Since it's a shotgun and has kick, the law of action and reaction dictates that the crook gets Recoiled Across The Room.
  • As self centered as it is, Cat Grant's speech about how Supergirl needs to work her way up in her city saving endeavors hits the mark, culminating in saying that Supergirl should be more like Kara, is a mixture of this and heartwarming.
  • Scared, with Supergirl busy and alone against an alien that's been taking lessons from the Predator's playbook, Alex Danvers proves that she's a field agent of the DEO for a reason. To be specific, Alex kicks him in the crotch then stabs him with his own stinger.
  • Proving forever that Muggles Do It Better, Hank Henshaw stabbing Astra with a Kryptonite knife and forcing her to retreat.
  • Astra throws Kara out a window with a snappy line, only for Kara to instantly fly back in and start whaling on her.
  • Kara's superheroics montage, set to Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot."
  • After Cat Grant threatens James' job to get an interview with Supergirl, Kara picks up her car and carries it somewhere for the interview. Grant clearly was freaked out by being airborne, taking a bit of power back from her and making the interview happen on Supergirl's terms.

     Episode 3 - Fight or Flight 

  • Kara is faced with a villain even Superman hasn't been able to defeat, and almost killed him once. She does the job by melting a lead statue to make a protective covering for her hand, and ripping out his nuclear power source.

     Episode 4 - How Does She Do It? 

  • Over the course of the episode, Supergirl defeats a drone, holds up five stories worth of building, tosses a bomb into the upper atmosphere, and stops the fastest bullet train in the world without derailing it.
  • Hank disarming the last bomb with super strength.
  • For a more villainous example, Maxwell Lord's gambit. :He set up all of the feats above in order to get a measure of Supergirl's abilities. And now that he has them, the game is really on.
  • Kara's classic heroic poses as she descends into the train, and later as she stands on Maxwell Lord's balcony.
  • Cat telling her son all the things that make Supergirl a hero that aren't about how pretty she is.

     Episode 5 - Livewire 

  • Cat offers to use herself as bait to catch Livewire.
  • After the DEO's trap fails, Kara beats Livewire by ripping up a water pipe and spraying water all over her.

     Episode 6 - Red Faced 

  • Supergirl vs Red Tornado. The episode shows that pound-for-pound, Supergirl is more powerful than anything the government could whip up, android or otherwise
    • Round 1: Despite a rocky start, Supergirl beats down the android with extreme prejudice.
    • Round 2: Having learnt from the first time around, Red Tornado creates a massive vortex in order to create a distraction so it can retreat. In other words, it creates a tornado in the middle of the city so Supergirl is forced to rescue civilians rather then fight it.
    • Round 3: Her final blast of Heat Vision, fueled by anger that's been building up in Kara all episode, is awesome to watch.
  • Henshaw stepping up to defend Kara against General Lane's bigotry.
  • Though she immediately regrets her words, Kara telling Cat to back off when Cat is berating her for being ninety seconds late is pretty awesome. Anyone who's had to put up with a Mean Boss can relate.

     Episode 7 - Human for a Day 

  • Supergirl and Cat's joint Rousing Speech: Supergirl talks down a petty crook after losing her powers, while Cat exhorts the whole city to pull together after the earthquake and invites them to share the stories of the small acts of heroism they witnessed that day, showing that anyone can do it even without Supergirl's powers.
  • Alex goes up against Jemm by herself, using an assault rifle, a shotgun, and two pistols along with a flashbang against the conqueror of twelve worlds. While she isn't able to stop him herself, she does shoot out his power gem and give an opening for Henshaw to get the drop on him.
  • The brilliantly unpredictable yet perfectly sensible reveal about J'onn. He has been looking after Kara and Alex this whole time, honoring their father's last wish after Jeremiah died to save him from Hank Henshaw.
    • The writing staff deserves some props for this one for being able to completely fool comic fans right up to the reveal. Kudos to the visual effects team, too, for the shot when J'onzz melts into his true Martian form, green skin and red X-shape on his chest and all.
  • Jemm is known for being a superpowered conqueror, a brutal warlord who is extremely dangerous. After a few blows, Henshaw quickly snaps his neck.
  • Kara finally got her powers back when James was hanging on to an elevator cable for his dear life.
    • Earlier, James, Kara, and Winn teamed up to rescue the people trapped in the floor above them by using the elevator shaft and climbing up the ladder. James then opened the elevator door from the other side so the people can evacuate safely to the lower floor.

     Episode 8 - Hostile Takeover 

  • Astra and two of her fellow Kryptonians ambush Kara. Kara demonstrates the difference between Unskilled, but Strong and Boxing Lessons for Superman as she nearly escapes from two men who are notably larger than her and have the same benefits of yellow sun radiation just by knowing how to apply her strength. She might have gotten away if Astra hadn't pulled a Kryptonite knife to weaken her... which is a moment of awesome for Astra and Kryptonian science, going from not even being aware Kryptonite exists to creating an energy field to protect from it in the span of two months. Then the awesome goes right back to Kara, who throws herself off the edge of the building to escape, knowing that, as soon as she gets far enough away from the Kryptonite, all her powers will return, and she'll be able to survive the fall and escape easily.
  • With the combined help of Kara, Winn, James, and Lucy, Cat was able to expose the The Mole who hacked her embarrassing emails and arrest the perpetrator on the basis of corporate espionage.
  • Cat manages to figure out Kara is Supergirl.
  • Kryptonians are apparently immune to J'onzz's Martian telepathy.
    • Superman apparently "finds it hilarious". Which means he knows Martian Manhunter.
  • The whole showdown with Astra's minions.
    • Earth organizations (specifically the DEO and Lord Technologies) have weapons that can fight Kryptonians. Maxwell Lord even manages to kill one.
    • Alex manages to defeat some sort of poison-breath alien with martial arts.
    • J'onn taking on a Kryptonian, using a Kryptonite gun and his Super Strength and density-shifting:
      Kryptonian: You don't fight like a human.
      J'onn: Cause I'm not.
      Kryptonian: [Oh, Crap!]
    • Maxwell's Villainous Valor in personally leading his security force into battle against the Kryptonians, despite being clearly outmatched before reinforcements arrive, and doing so with his usual obnoxious swagger besides. Twisted, paranoid Jerkass he might be, but the man is certainly not a coward.
  • Kara Took a Level in Badass thanks to Alex's fight training. From the brawler she was in the pilot, Supergirl is now a capable hand-to-hand fighter, able to go toe-to-toe against her sister, a trained field agent, while depowered.
    • Of note is the "air punching" scene, where Supergirl repeatedly wallops Astra through the air while flying at high speed through the city skyline, much like Superman does against Zod in Man of Steel. Only it looks even better.
  • On a meta level, the crew must have gotten a real kick out of having Kara pointedly say "Superman doesn't kill people" and then back off from killing Astra, after the way DC interfered in the Arrowverse despite the films being in a separate continuity.

     Episode 9 - Blood Bonds 

  • Kara saves Alex from an explosion by wrapping her cape around her, while also pushing one of General Lane's men to safety. This gets him to take her side when she goes against Lane's orders, and the rest follow suit, showing her ability to win over people as one of her greatest strengths.

     Episode 10 - Childish Things 

  • In a villainous display of awesome, Toyman is able to weaponize yo-yos to break out of prison. Toyman in general proves to be a decent threat to Supergirl with his forethought, plans, and deadly toys.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Yo-yos were already weapons. Adding blades to the yo-yo is what really makes it awesome.
  • When Toyman has planted ten bombs in a toy convention, Supergirl doesn't have enough time to find them before they blow, so she uses her heat vision to set off the building's sprinklers and then her freeze breath to create a giant wall of ice. It's a very bold, comic-booky solution that's fun to watch.
  • Supergirl sucks up a whole room full of poisonous gas to save Winn and the FBI team, likely not even knowing that she could survive it.

     Episode 11 - Strange Visitor from Another Planet 

  • Supergirl as usual performs her heroics during the intro. In this episode, she saves a family trapped in an RV surrounded by a large forest fire.
  • Kara acts as the mediator between Cat and Adam, thereby repairing the strained relationship between mother and son.
  • Not only did J'onn face his past traumas at the hands of White Martians, he even captured one alive with the help of Supergirl and Alex.

     Episode 12 - Bizarro 

  • We get to see Kara throw down in her civilian duds, including using her heat vision and freeze breath. And it's glorious.

     Episode 13 - For the Girl Who Has Everything 

  • The show's crew having the sheer guts to take on one of the most popular Superman stories ever written, which already has a fantastic adaptation legendary as the only serious adaptation of Alan Moore's work to get his approval.
  • The entire climactic fight with Kara vs. Non and Astra vs. Alex and J'onn, especially Kara's Declaration of Protection concerning the Earth and the rage-fueled beatdown she gives Non.
    • This is also the first fight where J'onn fully embraces his status as the Martian Manhunter, complete with his own Declaration of Protection. He takes Astra on head-on, recovers from being thrown out of sight, and smashes her up the side of a building and back into the ground. And he almost wins, despite it being about a decade since he last really used his powers.
  • This whole episode is kind of a Moment of Awesome for Kara. Over the course of her life, she's lost both her home planet and her family, and in this episode, it happened again. She wakes up from that still ready to fight, furious at Non for doing that to her. Then she loses any hope of redeeming Astra when Alex kills her. Over the course of a day, she lost all connections she had to her former life on Krypton. It really drives home how remarkable it is that after losing so much, Kara can still be such a positive hero. It's even more impressive than Clark when she does it, because unlike him, she does remember Krypton and her Kryptonian family.

     Episode 14 - Truth, Justice, and the American Way 

  • Alex was able to discover Master Jailer's hidden base of operations, and managed to hold her own against the Knight Templar for a few minutes before setting Supergirl free.

     Episode 15 - Solitude 

  • Winn's skills with computers are so high that it's above DEO's cybernetic intelligence division's level. Alex even personally drafted Winn into the DEO so he can help counter Indigo's cyberterrorism. Winn even comments that creating an alien computer code takes him the same time as watching a Doctor Who episode.
    • Despite getting choked by Indigo via a computer screen, Winn manages to create and upload a malware virus into her and tear her body apart.
    Indigo: I'm invincible, I am a god.
    Winn: No, you're just a glorified Windows Vista.
  • Earlier in the episode, Siobhan wouldn't even give Winn the time of her day. It wasn't until near the end of the episode that Siobhan and Winn started to spend some quality time.
  • Apparently the Legion of Super Heroes are out there somewhere, and Superman may be a member. This also carries the realization that Supergirl's own appearance during Barry Allen's trip across universes wasn't the only one from this show's 'verse.

     Episode 16 - Falling 

  • Even if the circumstances are sad, it's pretty badass to see J'onn go all out against Kara.
    • This bears elaborating: Even though Kara punches him into the air and drags him across the side of a building, the fight ends immediately afterwards when he uses his own super-speed and intangibility to knock her around like a pinball and slam her back into the ground. J'onn takes Kara from "Nothing on Earth can stop me!" to eating pavement in under 30 seconds.
  • Seeing Kara go bad is just awesome in its own way, especially when she lays out the Brutal Honesty to Cat and Alex that every viewer secretly had on their mind.
  • Alex giving Lord some much-deserved crap for inadvertently turning Supergirl into the monster he always feared she was.
  • The moment Kara asks after returning to normal: "Did I kill anyone?"

     Episode 17 - Manhunter 

     Episode 18 - Worlds Finest 

  • Supergirl/The Flash crossover. Need any more be said?
  • Barry running so fast that he's able to cross through different dimensions without relying on the Speed Cannon.
  • As Kara is knocked out a window by Silver Banshee, the Flash arrives to save her, unwittingly sparing Kara from having to reveal her powers. He's just come from a completely different dimension, still blitzing around National City testing his speed, meaning that he not only saw Kara falling but caught her and carried her to safety all at the last second.
  • The citizens of National City banded together and formed a protective wall around Supergirl. Even though two supervillains can easily kill the crowd, they demonstrated considerable courage and altruism because of Supergirl's heroic efforts. Bonus points goes to the firefighters Supergirl saved two episodes ago, with Livewire being shorted out by a firehose and Silver Banshee getting shocked at the same time.
  • Meta-moment for the writers: In an episode featuring Supergirl and The Flash teaming up, taking the time to make ordinary humans The Real Heroes in the end is a pretty bold move.
  • So how does the Flash get back to his own universe? Simple: He and Kara race side by side and use their combined super-speed to open a dimensional hole to let Barry cut through realities, in a nice Call-Back to a recent Flash episode.
  • Cat demonstrates Nerves of Steel throughout the episode — when first told that Livewire has escaped and will probably come for her, she refuses to run. When the two villains appear in her office, she tells Livewire to get new material for her evil monologues and mocks Banshee's outfit. And when being threatened with death at the climax, she begs not for her life but for the sake of her children.

     Episode 19 - Myriad 

  • Kara taking down Maxima and preventing the mind-controlled DEO agents from freeing the Fort Rozz prisoners.
  • Max Lord casually revealing that he found a way to counter the Myriad signal, and that's why he and Cat are protected.
  • Cat convincing Kara, and then both of them convincing Lord, to Take a Third Option other than either letting Non win or Kryptonite bombing the city to stop him.
  • J'onn's fight with Indigo.

     Episode 20 - Better Angels 

  • Kara and J'onn vs Non and Indigo.
    • Kara and Non engage in both an epic fistfight throughout the entire nearby airspace, and a Beam-O-War.
    • J'onn and Indigo (both with their own form of Healing Factor) are much more brutal: Indigo impales J'onn (again). J'onn responds by ripping Indigo straight in half.
  • While a Tear Jerker in context, the battle between Kara and the mind-controlled Alex in Kryptonite Powered Armor.
  • Kara saves the world. How? By lifting Fort Rozz (about one million tons) out of orbit single-handedly. And then Alex saves Kara by using her alien pod.
  • It wasn't an easy ride, but both Kara and J'onn end the season on a high note. Kara's family and friends are all together to celebrate. Kara is given a promotion by Cat. And J'onn is cleared of all charges and (re)appointed head of the DEO.

Season 2

     Episode 1 - The Adventures of Supergirl 

  • The sight, at long last, of Clark Kent running down an alleyway and tearing his shirt open to reveal the iconic S-Shield underneath. Then, with a single bound, he takes off into the air.
  • Superman and Supergirl working together to save the Venture spaceship from crashing to Earth, saving all its passengers' lives as well.
  • Supergirl managing to repair the load-bearing member of the Luthor Corp building in time to keep it from collapsing.
    • In order to allow her to do so, Superman holds up a skyscraper.
  • Alex going one-on-one single combat fighting against the fearsome international assassin, Corben, and more than just holding her own.
    • The one who finally takes him down? Lena Luthor.
  • Winn teaches himself Kryptonian-a language understood by all of three other people.

     Episode 2 - The Last Children of Krypton 

  • Metallo gets one by handling Superman and Supergirl at the same time in his first fight.
  • Winn gets one for designing an anti-K shield for Clark and Kara's suits. They don't last long once they get punched, but they do block the Metallos' energy blasts just fine until then.
  • Alex dons the kryptonite Powered Armor to tag team with Supergirl against Metallo. Who tag teams Metallo 2? Superman and the Martian Manhunter together, meaning the two most powerful beings on Earth throw down on him. And both Metallos almost win.
  • Kara dropping a completed article on Snapper's desk, complete with witness interviews, sources, and no adjectives. He glances at it and says she's wasting her time. Then Kara calls his bluff by saying some other outlet will be happy to have it. Before she's all the way out the door, he calls her back, looking like he swallowed a lemon (to be fair, his default look) and grudgingly admits he might be able to teach her a few things.

     Episode 3 - Welcome to Earth 

  • Maggie Sawyer has proven her competence as a detective by figuring out that Alex is with the DEO instead of Secret Services and having enough knowledge of aliens to provide two different possible species who might have carried out the attack. She also delivered her fair share of ass-kicking against Scorcher when she's with Supergirl and Alex.
  • James making his stand as the CEO of Catco by reminding Snapper Carr that he's the one in charge. Carr grudgingly accepts his terms.
    James: (to Carr) You stay away from my lane, and I'll stay away from yours.
  • Kara gives a Wonder Woman twirl to extinguish the flames on her costume.
  • Kara is able to overcome her own, apparently fairly deeply-ingrained, Fantastic Racism when it's proven that Mon-El didn't attack the President.
  • J'onn is also able to get over his own insecurities and accept that not all aliens he hasn't met are bad. And the first one he meets? Miss Martian.

     Episode 4 - Survivors 

  • Mon-El was able to persuade Winn into letting him outside of the DEO despite being under orders not to do so. Even though Winn knew Mon-El was appealing to his ego, he couldn't say no to Mon-El.
  • Kara's rematch with Draga went in her favour thanks to Mon-El giving her a tip on targeting Draga's bad knee.
  • Maggie couldn't arrest Roulette for hosting an illegal alien fight club, but she certainly can cuff Roulette for not having a liquor license.
  • Kara gets her first article published! And it's not something silly, like the pelicans she was supposed to be writing about, but a serious major event. Granted when Snapper told her to get sources, she used herself, but still, not bad for only a few weeks on the job.
  • Meta: the effects in this episode are particularly high-quality (for a TV show, and even in general). Just about everything is showcased — superstrength, flight, heat vision, X-ray vision, J'onn and M'gann's transformations, fight scenes — and it all looks incredible.

     Episode 5 - Crossfire 

  • James tries his hand at being a superhero. It doesn't work out that well for him at first, as he's barely a Badass Normal in a world full of People of Mass Destruction, but Winn agrees to make him a suit.
  • When Lena throws a party in the middle of a spree of robberies by criminals armed with alien weapons, she is justifiably told how bad an idea this is; and sure enough, they show up. But it turns out the whole thing was actually a Batman Gambit so that Lena could make a device that would disable the crooks' guns. As she says, sometimes even a Luthor just wants to see the right thing done.
  • The head of Cadmus gets one when Miner pulls a gun on her, staring him down without flinching and making it clear that her belief in her goals puts her above him and she's not afraid of him. He backs down. And later, she kills him once he's been arrested.
  • Alex getting the nerve up to admit to herself there might be something to the idea that she likes girls. That kind of introspection and honesty is very hard to pull off.
    • Equally awesome is the performance given by the various members of the Supergirl cast in that particular story line. That kind of true-to-life portrayal is almost harder.

     Episode 6 - Changing 

  • Alex calling Mon-El out for his selfishness.
    Alex: This city could really use a hero right about now.
    Mon-El: Fighting rampaging creatures isn't on my resume.
    Alex: Oh, that's right, Kara told me. Uh, beating people up for money is, though, right?
    Mon-El: Hey, here's an idea. Why don't you go believe in somebody else, Alex? Thanks.
    Alex: I don't believe in you, Mon-El. I suspect you're a coward, and that you would run at the first sign of danger.
    Mon-El: Mmm.
    Alex: My sister, she's the one who believes in you. That's why she's so upset with you all the time. She thinks you have potential. To make a difference, like she does. To be a hero.
    Mon-El: I don't know how.
    Alex: You can start by standing up. Like the rest of us.
  • Kara defeating the Parasite by tricking it into absorbing plutonium, causing the Parasite to combust.
  • Alex immediately going in for a kiss with Maggie. Even though she does get rejected, doing something that ballsy takes major guts.

     Episode 7 - The Darkest Place 

  • Kara offhandedly mentions her cousin once worked with a vigilante who used a lot of gadgets and was dealing with some major inner demons. Yeah, the show just confirmed that Batman exists.
  • Jeremiah Danvers freeing Supergirl and Mon-El from their cells in Cadmus.
  • Guardian and Barrage have a pretty cool subplot, culminating in the two engaging in a badass fight, including:
    • Barrage countering Winn's directions by using grenades.
    • Guardian getting up from said grenades and fighting him.
    • While Guardian gets up, Barrage meanwhile targets the criminal he's been aiming to kill, who apparently killed a kid. When the man says he got Off on a Technicality, Barrage responds with a one-liner worthy of Frank himself.
    Barrage: That just means you got lucky.
    • Guardian saving said criminal, and calling out Barrage's motives before defeating him. To clarify, this is Jimmy Olsen who just beat a hardened criminal and pointed out the flaws in his origin.

     Episode 8 - Medusa 

  • Lena completely pretending to go along with her mother's plan to wipe out all the aliens in National City by giving her the isotope to make the virus work... only to switch out the isotope for one that would neutralize the virus without anyone suspecting a thing. She also called the cops.
  • J'onn fighting (and apparently beating, though the fight is cut short) Henshaw in his White-Green mutant form. Especially the look on Henshaw's face when he sees it.
  • Apparently Alex and Eliza were able to synthesize a cure for both the poison gas affecting Mon-El and J'onn's White Martian infection in around a day. Or, according to Alex, Eliza did; Alex "excitedly watched".

     Episode 9 - Supergirl Lives 

  • Even under a red sun, Supergirl is a Big Damn Hero. She not only inspires Mon-El to take up being The Cape, but she also gets unpowered human 20-something slaves to fight for their own freedom against armed aliens on a strange planet.
  • Maggie figuring out that Kara is Supergirl. The only other person who figured this out in the show was Cat, and she had the advantage of seeing both Kara and Supergirl on a regular basis, whereas Maggie has only seen Kara once and Supergirl only a few times more.
  • Kara manages to get her story of alien slave trafficking connected to the missing people on Earth ready for publishing, and gives a passionate speech about how she wants to be the kind of reporter who cares about people and helps them. After Kara leaves the Catco office, Snapper Carr secretly smiles and proudly utters, "Atta girl, Danvers".
  • Winn with a rock vs. an alien with a gun. Winn kicks the alien's ass. Repeat: Winn kicked an alien's ass in a fight.

     Episode 10 - We Can Be Heroes 

  • The details of M'gann's rebellion during the Mars war are revealed: When her superiors ordered her to execute a crying, terrified little boy, M'gann did not only refuse; She set the whole compound on fire to aid in the Green Martians' escape.

     Episode 11 - The Martian Chronicles 

  • Last season, it took J'onn and Kara together to beat a White Martian. This time, Kara defeats one single-handedly.
  • When Armek is strangling J'onn, M'gann impales Armek, landing the finishing blow.
  • When one of the White Martians gets back up again, Alex comes in a Big Damn Hero moment and uses the gun she found on Slaver's Moon in "Supergirl Lives" to blast it back down.
    Alex: (after blasting the White Martian) Have I mentioned how much I love my new gun?

     Episode 12 - Luthors 

  • Whereas Winn and James are surprised that Alex is a lesbian and dating Maggie, and J'onn always knew due to psychic telepathy, Mon-El is more surprised that it's a big deal that she's dating a woman.
    Mon-El: Is that like a problem here on Earth?
    • Despite it, all of her friends immediately embrace and accept her, congratulating Alex on her having a new and happy relationship with Maggie.
  • Kara's Determinator personality really gets focused on here, as she goes directly into the face of perishing in the midst of a K-bomb. She doesn't give a second thought about it.

     Episode 13 - Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk 

  • Lyra single-handedly taking out two alien thugs to save Winn from possibly getting eaten. She makes it look effortless.
  • Kara pulling a Batman Gambit on Mxy.
  • Apparently Daxamites have actually killed Imps before, by being very fast, before they can defend themselves.
  • Hell how about Mxy just BEING in the episode! After years of people assuming he'd only be in animated form and his last appearance had him as a random kid with a lesser power, THIS version proves you can do Mxyzptlk properly in live action and he's a BLAST.

     Episode 14 - Homecoming 

  • J'onn going full Martian Manhunter to fight Jeremiah, who manages to escape from probably the most dangerous being on that planet.
  • Cadmus blows some train tracks over a canyon as a train approaches, in order to distract Kara. She manages to weld one of the beams back into place in time, but has to actually hold the other up as the train runs over.

     Episode 15 - Exodus 

  • Alex and Maggie being quite the Battle Couple and beating up the CADMUS agents who invaded the alien bar.
  • When Alex goes after the CADMUS agents who kidnapped Lyra, she is held at gunpoint by another CADMUS agent. Maggie comes over and aims her gun at the CADMUS agent holding Alex at gunpoint, but the agent then proceeds to use Alex as a Human Shield. Then, James, fully decked out in his Guardian gear, uses one of his grappling-hook like devices to pull the CADMUS agent away, saving Alex.
  • Alex and Maggie efficiently take out the CADMUS agents who are kidnapping Brian, the alien from Slaver's Moon, and then Alex retrieves the GPS coordinates of everywhere the CADMUS van has been, allowing her to locate CADMUS's base.
  • Alex calling Jeremiah out for risking the lives of thousands by going along with CADMUS's plans in order to protect Alex and Kara, essentially valuing two lives over thousands, especially considering the fact that now Alex and Kara can protect themselves. When Jeremiah responds by saying Alex wouldn't understand unless she was a parent, Alex retaliates by asking whether Eliza would understand.
  • Kara rescuing Lena when CADMUS agents push her over the edge of her balcony due to Lena coming too close to discovering CADMUS's plans.
  • When Alex tells Lillian to stop the launch of the spaceship, Lillian scoffs and replies that Alex doesn't threaten her. But then Alex reveals that she has planted 10 Haldorr particle mines all over the CADMUS facility. When Lillian tries to call her bluff, Alex holds down the button on her remote, detonating one of the mines in warning, and says that the rest of the bombs are on a Dead Man's Switch, meaning that if she lets go of the button, the entire place will detonate.
    Alex: Lillian, do you really think I would walk into the lion's den without a whip?
  • Alex manages to successfully convince Jeremiah to turn against CADMUS, and Alex and Jeremiah take out the CADMUS guards in order to try to stop the spaceship launch.
  • Lillian reveals that there is no way to override the launch of the spaceship from the outside, and tells Alex that the only way she would be able to stop the spaceship is if she releases the Dead Man's Switch. Alex does exactly that and uses the distraction of the exploding bombs to make her way into the spaceship in order to try to override the launch command from the inside.
    Lillian: The only way to stop that ship, is to drop that stick.
    (Alex drops the stick, detonating the rest of the bombs)
  • Kara successfully pushing the spaceship with the alien detainees back into the Earth's atmosphere.

     Episode 17 - Distant Sun 

  • Kara defeating a professional bounty hunter in about a minute, by blocking his laser beams with her hand.
  • The telepathic alien who somehow manages to figure out that Supergirl is Kara, and where she lives. Even if he does get taken out pretty easy.
  • The aforementioned captured telepath brags that he is "the most powerful telepath in the Alcorian system" once captured, and claims that no human could possibly get him to talk even if they weren't too "moral" for it. Enter J'onn, who simply stands there and forces the bounty hunter to reveal who who set the bounty. Bonus points because J'onn didn't even compel the other alien to do it; whatever he did, the other alien was just so scared he gave up within 15 seconds.
  • The fight scene on the Daxamite ship, which is one of the best so far despite using very few superpowers and containing almost a dozen participants.

     Episode 18 - Ace Reporter 

  • Lena demonstrates she has some badass cred:
    Breen: Have I mentioned I'm a black belt?
    Lena proceeds to lay Breen out.
    Lena: Have I mentioned I'm a Luthor?
    • Just how much of a Curb-Stomp Battle it was between the two. Breen even tries to get back up only for Lena to EPICALLY punch her down in one hit. Note: Breen gets up, says something catty, and Lena just scoffs and gives her a back elbow upper cut to the face as if it's no big deal, whilst not taking her eyes off her Hollywood Hacking. And let's not forget why she was doing this: to save Supergirl and everyone in National City.

     Episode 19 - Alex 

  • Despite being only a Villain of the Week and a Non-Action Guy to boot, Richard Malverne gets several CMOA's:
    • He managed to somehow subdue and capture Alex.
    • When Kara knocks him around trying to intimidate Alex's location out of him, Malverne isn't scared of her at all. This comes to a head with him looking her in the eye while she threatens to fry him with her heat vision. Not only does he take the threat of the literal Death Glare without flinching, he smirks a and comments that her Glowing Eyesof Doom look cooler up close.
    • The sheer near-perfection of his plan to blackmail Kara. He put a year into the plan, and it shows. Every single base is covered, every possible curveball is anticipated. J'onn's shapeshifting? Saw it coming a mile away. Alex figuring out a clever way to signal help? He's got it covered too. He single-handedly outfoxed two aliens, an exceptional police detective, and an entire federal agency. All they can do is get more and more frustrated as his plan unfolds. He even somehow protected himself from J'onn's telepathy. Recall that J'onn has bested other powerful telepaths in battles in the center of the mind, one just two episodes ago, and this otherwise ordinary human can keep J'onn out. Forget any Luthor or Wayne... this guy is the most dangerous human being on Planet Earth.

     Episode 21 - Resist 

  • The moment Cat Grant appears, the episode is pretty much her extended Moment of Awesome.
  • The DEO is invaded by Daxamite warriors. Alex orders an evacuation, then calls Kara, who says "I'll meet you outside!" Cue Alex running and leaping straight off the DEO's outdoor balcony, twisting in mid-air to blast a soldier chasing after her, and fearlessly falling to the ground knowing Kara will catch her.

     Episode 22 - Nevertheless, She Persisted 

  • Kara taking out her cousin Superman who was infected by Silver Kryptonite and believed he was fighting General Zod. Especially impressive because Superman states that he was not at all weakened.
  • Kara's fight with Rhea for Earth. Despite Rhea's blood being laced with Kryptonite as a result of the promixity of Krypton and Daxam, during the planet's explosion, Kara holds her own and practically wins anyway! Nevertheless she persisted, indeed.
  • M'Gann returns to assist J'onn in fighting the Daxamites, revealing that she's found several other White Martians who are similarly ashamed of their race's actions and want to make up for it.
  • In general, how easy it was for the heroes to retake National City. Kryptonians and Martians are both stronger than Daxamites, and Mon-El has been under a yellow sun for a lot longer than the invaders, so each of them can take on whole squads with virtually no danger. At one point, Superman uses his heat vision to destroy one of the Daxamite warships by himself.
    • Superman, J'onn, M'gann, Mon-El, and a bunch of White Martians teaming up is awesome in and of itself.

Season 3

     Episode 1 - Girl of Steel 

  • Supergirl lifting the huge submarine out of the water.
  • While Kara is dealing with the sub, J'onn covers the surface. At one point a skyscraper starts collapsing, and he says he'll clear it. We don't see it, but apparently he cleared the whole area in no time at all; by the time Kara lifts the aforementioned sub, everyone has stopped panicking.

     Episode 3 - Far From the Tree 

  • Maggie finally getting to tell off her father for completely abandoning her after finding out she was gay, and tell him she's grown beyond needing anything from him. Extra points for the show resisting making him a simplistic Hate Sink as he's kept up with Maggie's life and couches all his homophobic actions in worry for the problems he wanted to protect her from, making clear that this kind of bigotry is just as harmful.

     Episode 8 - Crisis on-Earth X, Part 1 

     Episode 9 - Reign 

  • Two evil moments from Reign.
    • Dull costume aside, she makes quite an entrance, first savagely massacring a gang of thugs, taking them out like a certain Dark Knight.
    • When Kara finally confronts Reign, they have an epic battle that rages throughout National City, with effects just as good as last season's finale, and culminates in Reign beating Kara so badly that she bleeds.

     Episode 10 - Legion of Superheroes 

     Episode 11 - Fort Rozz 

  • Alex finds out that Ruby has been receiving some very mean text messages from a girl at school. What does Alex do? She goes right to the girl's house, tells her she's with the FBI and says that what she did is a cyber crime and threatens to send her to Juvie if she does it again.
  • Psi effortlessly forcing Reign to withdraw by making the World Killer relive Sam's worst nightmare.

     Episode 12 - For Good 

  • Morgan Edge and Lillian Luthor suffering Karma Houdini Warranty in one fell swoop, thanks to Lena deducing how and when her mother plans to kill Edge, confronting him about it, and wringing out a taped confession of his crimes while Supergirl and Mon-El take out Lillian.
  • Lillian's Lexo-suit, the first time it's ever been seen in live action. Need we say more?

     Episode 13 - Both Sides Now 

  • After half a season of continually being shown up, J'onn manages to capture a newly-awakened World Killer. Offscreen, but still.
  • Purity single-handedly taking on Kara, Mon-El (and Alex), and winning. J'onn was otherwise occupied with stabilizing the support beam.
  • When one of the subway station's support columns is damaged, J'onn is forced to hold it up until everyone can evacuate. Essentially holding the whole station together and preventing its collapse.
  • Last time Kara fought a World Killer, she ended up in a coma for days. This time, Purity breaks her legs.

     Episode 14 - Schott Through The Heart 

  • The lengths Mary goes to in the name of Winn's safety makes her an inspiration to all Mama Bears. Armed winged monkey robots attack her son? She grabs one by the ankle and stares it down.
    Mary: Get away from him, you nightmare!
  • Mon-El singlehandedly defeating the T-Rex robot with cape tricks that make Supergirl jealous.

     Episode 15 - In Search of Lost Time 

  • J'onn taking down a White Martian in about 20 seconds, ending the fight by tossing it out a window.

     Episode 22 - Make It Reign 

  • Erica Durance's Alura in a full-on superhero costume alongside Kara as a mother-daughter asskicking duo!

Season 4

     Episode 2 - Fallout 

  • As protestors outside the White House fight, things escalate until a huge flagpole is about to crush them. Supergirl catches it and stands with the flag in her hands, telling both sides "it's time to talk."
  • Nia, a regular squishy human (as far as we know/as far as she knows), standing up to a group of big men (one of whom had a baseball bat) to defend Brainiac 5 because it's the right thing to do. Then, inspired by this event, she has the courage to come out to her boss as transgender to emphasize the point that CatCo needs to take a stand against discrimination.
  • James himself after seeing one of the employees play a racist and offensive prank on her alien co worker tells his staff that CatCo does not support hatred and bigotry in any shape or form.
  • Kara using her powers in fun secret ways to keep herself, Lena and Eve safe from Mercy's attack on L-Corp.
  • Lena and Mercy facing off with power gloves.

     Episode 6 - Call to Action 

  • Supergirl fighting a fucking dragon in a completely random and epic encounter.
  • Brainiac fights off several Children of Liberty "with physics," mostly using Deadly Dodging to get them to take each other out before jumping sideways onto a wall for the finishing touch.
  • Alex letting Colonel Haley know that she's always going to follow her instincts and do what she feels is right, orders and consequences be damned.

     Episode 8 - Bunker Hill 

  • Manchester came prepared for everything. He talked his way into Lockwood's house, forced Lockwood to reveal himself as Agent Liberty to his wife, chased Lockwood to the Nth Metal factory and trapped him, and then trapped Supergirl in Nth Metal when she tried to stop him.
  • Kara, for her part, knows there's no point in trying to escape Nth Metal. She can't break out, so instead she lifts the whole factory.
  • The Stinger as the Monitor prepares to wipe out Earth-90 may be dark... until we see this version of the Flash (John Wesley Shipp) speed off as the music shifts to the theme song from the original series!

     Episode 9 - Elseworlds, Part 3 

     Episode 10 - Suspicious Minds 

     Episode 13 - What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way? 
  • If it hadn't been already, Manchester absolutely proving his status as a Badass Normal by taking out several police officers with a sword, and later on going toe-to-toe with Alex, coming out with honors more or less even.
  • Later, his Batman Gambit to discover the location of the satellite.
  • Kara pulls off a pretty good one of her own, disguising a tracking device as a gaudy ring in order to find out where the Elite were hiding.
  • Brainy is apparently one heck of a good teacher—in a matter of days, he's trained Nia to be an expert hand-to-hand combatant, capable of going toe-to-toe with the Hat, and doing very well against Brainy himself while blindfolded.

     Episode 19 - American Dreamer 
  • Nia holds off a pack of Children of Liberty by herself. She knocks one into a jukebox where the soundtrack immediately kicks into "American Woman" as she takes them down.

     Episode 20 - Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up? 
  • Lena Luthor vs Eve. Lena wins, using a sword hidden in the heels of her shoe!

     Episode 21 - Red Dawn 

  • Brainy turning back into Brainiac-5 due to the Children of Liberty torturing him is sad and slightly horrifying. But him effortlessly killing them all, including dodging a bullet from point-blank range without looking? Awesome.
    Brainiac: In short, you rebooted me. Aligned me with my more emotionless ancestors. And that was a calamitous mistake.
  • Supergirl and Red Daughter's fight, showcasing some truely awesome moves from two Kryptonians going all out.
  • Alex, who had her memories of Kara being Supergirl wiped by J'onn, sees Supergirl and Red Daughter fighting... and all those memories come flooding back. Martian telepathy is nothing compared to Alex's love for her sister.
  • Red Daughter uses some kind of lightning attack to overcast the sky (or change it suddenly to night), then beat the tar out of Supergirl. Supergirl's heart has stopped, and Alex is pleading with her to stay alive. Alex states, in almost childish logic, that sunlight is in everything, like the grass, and Kara can use that. And Kara does exactly that, channeling the sunlight in the surrounding foilage to bring herself back to life. Kara earlier stated to Red Daughter that she wouldn't give up as long as her heart was beating, and now proves even that won't stop her.
  • Lena gets her mother's help in finishing her Harun-El research by latching a baby Truth Seeker on her arm so she can't lie, then poisoning her lunch (not to mention buying the prison Lillian was in to secure her decidely temporary release). Once Lillian comes through, Lena holds out the antidote, telling her to drink it.
    Lillian: Oh, come on. You didn't really poison me.
    Lena: (Beat) You should drink it.

     Episode 22 - The Quest for Peace 

  • After an entire season of mostly coming out on top Lockwood finally gets ultimate comeuppance as he gets arrested for domestic terrorism and without the media portraying him as a victimised activist, plus after being a self-serving traitor bigot Baker gets impeached and arrested.

Season 5

     Episode 9 - Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part One 


  • Many fans further appreciated the Martian Manhunter's inclusion in the show since it seems the DCEU movies aren't using him, and especially because David Goyer, the writer for Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, had mocked people who wanted him in as "virgins".
  • Surviving the first season's production issues with a Channel Hop to The CW and a Canadian filming location, plus Calista Flockhart still tagging along despite her famous resistance to working outside of Los Angeles. Just shows how much she loves this role.
  • The announcement that Season Two will see an actual actor, Tyler Hoechlin of Teen Wolf fame, playing the role of Superman.
  • The move to the CW will also facilitate more crossovers with the Arrowverse, including the show being part of 2016's big crossover event which just involved Arrow and The Flash the previous two years.
  • The musical crossover with The Flash. Fans have been wondering for a while if The Flash would do a musical episode, due to many actors having singing experience, but the producers merely said it might be fun. Then BOOM! Not only will we get the musical episode but it will be another Flash/Supergirl crossover as well, complete with Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist's old running buddy Darren Criss as villain Music Meister.
    • Even though they didn't get Chyler Leigh in it, Jeremy Jordan's cheesy accent and amazing musical talent made up for it.
  • After the first season had such an uneasy time with how to integrate Superman, his onscreen appearance in Season 2 works perfectly, not overshadowing Kara at all now that she's had time to become an established hero herself. It provided an alternative to those who don't appreciate the tone of the Deconstruction-Reconstruction/Darker and Edgier approach of the DC Extended Universe version of the character.
  • Although she's done other roles since, and she's not playing Diana, there's still something awesome for older fans seeing Lynda Carter back on the screen in a series with DC characters.
  • CW takes full advantage of everyone being on the same network now with the Invasion! crossover, which brought Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow together.
    • This crossover also does a wonderful job of bringing everyone together while still going forward with each series's own individual stories, something that comic companies still have a problem with doing now.
    • The success of the crossover was a factor in all four shows being renewed for the 2017-2018 season relatively early so there'd be plenty of lead time to better incorporate another mega-crossover into all four shows instead of the first one's three shows plus very superficial link to Supergirl.
  • The crew was put in an extremely awkward position in Season 3, as Alex and Maggie had been widely embraced as a completely positive gay relationship and ended Season 2 by getting engaged, yet Floriana Lima didn't want to stay attached to the show and have to pass up other job opportunities that very recognition had opened up. And it was handled in about the best way anyone could have hoped for: they never once considered killing Maggie off to be a viable option, and instead have them become Amicable Exes over their differences in whether they want to be parents, an issue that many real life couples struggle with and doesn't make either out to be the "bad guy". They end up having one last fling and acknowledge just how meaningful the relationship was for both of them, with Maggie's parting words being that Alex is going to be a great mom with whatever woman she ends up with.
    • Especially when you factor in the implication that, if Floriana Lima had decided to commit wholly to the show, Alex and Maggie would have been allowed to be a Happily Married couple, without their relationship being milked for cheap break-up-make-up drama. Something rare enough in television relationships of any orientation.
  • Season 4 brings us TV's first transgender superhero, with Nicole Maines as Nia Nal, aka Dreamer. And the cast is thrilled.note 


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