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What's more powerful than a locomotive? Sisterly love.

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Season 1

    Episode 1 - Pilot 
  • Alura and Zor-El's final goodbye to their daughter before they send her to Earth.
  • Alex encouraging Kara after she loses her first fight with Vartox. She also gives her a recording of her mother that the DEO had confiscated.
  • We learn that James was sent by Superman to National City to keep an eye on Kara. After a Running Gag through the episode with Kara going through capes at an alarming rate, Jimmy presents a gift he was messenger for: Kal-El's swaddle blanket when he was delivered to Earth, made of a more indestructible kryptonian fabric to use as her cape.
  • Hank Henshaw sealing his Jerk with a Heart of Gold status by telling Alex that while she did get in because Kara was her sister, she got to stay in because she's her. In other words, while her connection to Kara got her foot in the door, she stayed in on her own merit.

    Episode 2 - Stronger Together 
  • James told a dejected Kara to look outside the window and ask her what she sees. While Kara gave out the technically correct answer that she sees people and buildings, James reiterates that he sees a city of people that need help, and if anybody could fill in the boots of Superman, it's Kara. His pep speech was more than enough to cheer Kara up.
  • Although Cat Grant is generally kind of a Jerkass, when discussing how Supergirl should start small in her heroics and work her way up, she says that she (Supergirl) should be more like Kara and work her way up. To clarify: She just said that a superpowered badass from Krypton should be more like her meek, Adorkable assistant. Seems like she doesn't take Kara for granted as much as her behavior might suggest.
  • Kara's obvious anger and concern at Alex getting Kidnapped, than later trying to tell her she needs to rest when Alex struggles to stand up.
  • Kara explaining to James the true meaning of the "S" symbol ("stronger together") and relating it to his current worries by pointing out that being his own man means knowing when to ask for help.
  • Kara and Alex learn that Kara's Aunt Astra is still alive, and is the Big Bad.
    Alex: I can't even imagine what you must be feeling right now. I mean, after all this time, finding out you still have family...
    Kara: You're my family. My aunt... we have to stop her. I have to be ready for her next time. Show me how to fight. Train me to be as good as you.
  • Alex thanks Henshaw for helping her set up the room to let Kara talk with the hologram of her mom.
    Henshaw: It's the least I can do for Supergirl.
    Alex: I won't tell her you called her that.

    Episode 3 - Fight or Flight 
  • When Kara begins her origin, Cat sighs "I've heard this story before." Kara firmly informs her "This is my story."
  • At the end of the episode, Superman texts Kara to tell her how proud he is of her for defeating Reactron, something even he couldn't do. He even adds "Guess it was a job for Supergirl."
  • Kara and Alex have gotten over their issues and are acting like sisters who love each other, with Alex teasing Kara about her obvious attraction to James and Kara threatening to melt her face unless Alex gives up the last of the takeout.

    Episode 4 - How Does She Do It? 
  • Cat's son Carter started off as a rather shy and reserved kid when Kara babysits him. It wasn't until Supergirl shows up that Carter finally breaks out of his shell and admits how much he admires the Girl of Steel. By the end of the episode, Cat was genuinely surprised that Carter gave Kara a hug.
  • When Jimmy found out that there's a bomb at the airport, he rushed all the way through traffic in order to find Lucy. His selfless act of love is more than enough to rekindle his romance with Lucy.
  • Generally when children of workaholics like Cat are described as "special" and "sensitive", they turn out to be a Spoiled Brat. In this case, he actually is a special, sensitive kid.

    Episode 5 - Livewire 
  • A Hypocritical Heartwarming example: Cat tells Leslie Willis to stop bashing Supergirl on her show despite the fact that Cat just wrote an article being equally hard on her. Cat also jokes that she wishes she could adopt Supergirl.
    • Cat shows where a clear line is: she may criticize Supergirl's actions, but she won't have Leslie ragging on Supergirl's looks, her clothes, or her sexuality.
  • Kara and Alex flying together as teenagers is a sweet scene for the two newly made sisters.
  • After they fight over Kara becoming Supergirl and Alex working for the DEO, Alex and Eliza make up.
  • After Livewire's attack, Cat and Kara actually bond. Kara tells about her parents dying in a "fire" while Cat tells Kara that her mother was never satisfied with her.
  • Winn thanks Kara for inviting him to dinner as he has no family and his father is in prison. He says that Kara is what he's thankful for and kisses her on the cheek.
  • The morning after catching Livewire, Cat decides to devote the next issue of her paper to bringing attention to philanthropic organizations over embarrassing celebrities.

    Episode 6 - Red Faced 
  • Kara flies off the handle at Cat for berating her about being ninety seconds late. Rather than firing her, as one might expect, Cat takes a moment to play Benevolent Boss, taking Kara out for drinks and giving her some good advice about how to deal with her anger and admitting that she was never really mad at Kara in the first place.
  • Hank Henshaw stepping up to defend Kara to Sam Lane:
    Henshaw (to Sam) She saved you and your daughter's life tonight. You don't owe her fear and contempt! You owe her a thank you!
  • When Cat's mother insults Kara, Cat shoots back that while she has no problem with her mother talking to her that way, she doesn't want to hear it about Kara, who she admits is "excellent at her job." Moments later, she acts almost maternal when she's worrying about Kara cutting herself on broken glass.

    Episode 7 - Human for a Day 
  • Instead of subduing the store robber with brute force, Supergirl uses a Talking the Monster to Death strategy in persuading the robber into giving up his gun. This happened while Cat broadcasts her message to National City that Supergirl inspired everybody to believe in the best of each other, and help each other during times of crisis.
  • In the midst of a crisis, Cat proves her humanity, calming her employees in the wake of the earthquake, and openly pushing for those who have families, to go and check on their loved ones.
  • After James showed Kara a photo of Supergirl talking the thug out of robbing a store, he reassures Kara that she does not need superpowers to be a hero.
  • Alex learns the truth about how her father died: He sacrificed himself to stop Henshaw from killing an alien he realized was just a frightened refugee, resulting in both their deaths. The dying Jeremiah asked the alien, J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, to look after his daughters, which he's been doing by taking over Henshaw's identity.
  • Cat receives a thank you from Supergirl for giving hope into the city. While Cat was one word away from giving Supergirl "The Reason You Suck" Speech for being absent during the earthquake, Supergirl insisted that Cat is the one who is the true hero for inspiring people with hope because Cat inspired the Girl of Steel.

    Episode 8 - Hostile Takeover 
  • Cat reveals she's figured out Kara is Supergirl, and takes the opportunity to sincerely thank her for all her help, in both identities.
  • Cat is willing to give up control of the company she founded and built all so her eldest son, who she assumes probably doesn't think a lot of her for giving him up, won't be dragged into the spotlight as tabloid fodder.
  • A small one, but when she learns that Lucy is Lois' kid sister, she looks at her and says "Congratulations, you got the looks." It's small but no less sweet.
  • Similarly, Cat earnestly telling Kara that she always has a job with her if she wants it.

    Episode 9 - Blood Bonds 
  • The soldier whose life Kara saved siding with her during her standoff with General Lane, and convincing the other soldiers to do so as well.
  • While Non is willing to turn the Prisoner Exchange into a trap and wipe out the DEO, Astra calls him off, honoring the deal, thus proving Kara right that she's not as far gone as she appears.
  • The IM chat between Kara and Clark:
    Clark: Blood bonds us all.
    Kara: You didn't learn that in Kansas.
    Clark: No, I learned it from you.

    Episode 10 - Childish Things 
  • Kara attempting to cheer Winn up that he is not his father just because of his genetics and intellect. And in turn, Winn finally gathered enough courage to confess his love towards Kara, and he admits he loved Kara before he was Supergirl.

    Episode 11 - Strange Visitor from Another Planet 
  • In an episode that was so focused on the past and loss, it was beautiful to see just how much hope Kara manages to hold onto and how she can share her optimism and strength with the people around her, from helping Cat rebuild her relationship with Adam to stopping J'onn from giving in to his hate and anger.
  • J'onn, Kara, and Alex shares one big group hug after they captured the White Martian alive. It solidifies the bond between them even more when J'onn said that the Danvers sisters are like daughters to him.
  • Kara shows again how empathy is her most important power, as by episode's end Senator Crane has realized just because some aliens are dangerous doesn't mean shutting them all out is the answer, and vows to turn to more moderate defense measures.
  • Being told that Cat is going to make her life hell for writing Adam on her behalf, Kara answers: "It's worth it. Family always is."

    Episode 12 - Bizarro 
  • Winn starting to talk to Kara again.
  • Once it becomes clear what Bizarro actually is, Kara insists on treating her as not just another Monster of the Week but the true victim of the whole situation, and ultimately succeeds in getting the DEO to try to find a cure for her. Also, Kara comforting her when she says she's afraid.
    Bizarro: Thank you, Kara.
  • When Bizarro calls herself "ugly", James tells her that people don't love Supergirl because of what she looks like, but because of who she is. He almost seems to be reaching her, until she catches him trying to go for his signal watch.

    Episode 13 - For the Girl Who Has Everything 
  • Alex's love for Kara, and her sheer determination to save her sister from the Black Mercy.
  • Despite all the traumas she faces—seeing Krypton die again because of the Black Mercy, coupled with Astra's death—Kara still has a family on Earth, and gets to close the episode spending time with them all.

    Episode 14 - Truth, Justice, and the American Way 
  • Kara and Non putting aside their differences in order to perform the traditional Kryptonian funeral rites for Astra.
    Kara: (reciting the Kryptonian Prayer for the Dead) You have been the sun of our lives. Our prayers will be the sun that lights your way on the journey home. We will remember you in every dawn. And await the night we join you in the sky. Rao's will be done.
  • Luzano trying to get the Master Jailer to let Kara go as a Last Request. He doesn't, but still a nice gesture.
  • Luzano wondered why he's being released by Supergirl despite his past crime as a drug smuggler. Supergirl responded that since he already served his 18-years sentence, he can go back to living peacefully as a university professor.

    Episode 15 - Solitude 
  • Winn cheering up Siobhan by stating that even if they don't have the ideal American nuclear family, she still has people that care about her.
  • Alex revealed that she was the one who killed Astra, and J'onnn took the blame for her to Kara. Instead of getting angry, Kara proceeds to give Alex a hug and includes J'onn J'onzz by holding his hand.

    Episode 16 - Falling 
  • J'onn telling Alex that he'd be willing to spend a thousand years imprisoned if it meant keeping her and Kara safe.
    • Also, the wink he gives her while in his cell.
  • Kara taking the time to put in a personal appearance for a girl who's being bullied for being a fan of hers, including using her x-ray vision to get the girl's name and let her pretend they know each other. Which makes it extremely sad when the girl later throws out her homemade Supergirl costume.
  • Cat's visible distress when she has to denounce Supergirl as a villain. You can tell that she really wants to believe in the hero she presented to the public.
  • Alex telling Kara that, no matter what Kara did to her while under the influence of Red Kryptonite, she forgives her.
    Alex: Kara, you're my sister and I love you. No matter what.
  • Kara gives a speech to Cat about how much she loves National City. When she gets around to talking about how scared she is that she'll never be able to win back the people's trust, Cat responds with words of hope and encouragement.
  • The final scene of Kara asking Cat if "I can just sit out here for a while?" on the same balcony she threw Cat off of. Without a pause, Cat nods and tells her she can, and stays out there with her in silent support.

    Episode 17 - Manhunter 
  • Alex and J'onn's conversation in the beginning of the episode really demonstrates how close they've become and how much they care about each other. Alex knows his favorite foods and reassures him that she isn't going to abandon him, while he tells her to stop bringing her cookies and to protect herself.
  • It's lovely to see Jeremiah meet J'onn and hear what he has to say about Kara and Alex. Kara may have been new to Earth and the Danvers family at the time, but Jeremiah still saw her as a daughter.
    • The Reveal that Jeremiah is still alive. Alex and Kara have the chance of getting their father back, and J'onn has the chance of repaying the man who saved his life.
  • It's also pretty sweet to see how quickly Kara and Lucy bond once the latter is let in on the former's secret.

    Episode 18 - Worlds Finest 
  • Cat's attempt at giving Kara advice regarding her love life is funny in how ridiculous it is, but it's also heartwarming in that their relationship has finally returned to the point where they can have conversations like that.
  • When Kara shares how she lost the city's trust after her Red K rampage, Barry tells her he was in the exact same position (in the episode "Flash vs. Arrow") and knows what she's going through, telling Kara she has to take her time and not rush it but people will come back to trusting her.
  • Kara regains the city's trust by taking a full blast from Livewire that would have destroyed a police helicopter. While she's incapacitated, the firefighters she saved two episodes ago return the favor by spraying Livewire with their hose, saying, "It was our turn to save you."
    Livewire: Yesterday, you people were ready to string her up. Now you're willing to die for her?
  • When Cat begs for Livewire to spare her life because she doesn't want her two sons to be left without a mother, Livewire actually looks affected, as if she might reconsider killing Cat; she clearly looks as if she didn't expect Cat to say it.
  • Kara bonding with Barry. She is the only one in her world with her experience level. Barry has - at most - a year on her. So it's nice to talk to someone who gets it, and has gone through her stuff recently. It's also especially nice because usually, superheroes meeting for the first time tend to fall prey to Let's You and Him Fight. Here? They instantly become best buds.
  • And the fact that the two networks got along to do this. The ratings for the episode are very good.
  • Just watching how quickly Winn became this Earth's version of Cisco for Barry is frankly adorable.
    Winn: Well, leave Dynamic Duo to it and we'll build you a new one!
    (he and Barry high-five)
    (Watches as Barry rushes off after Kara)
    Winn: (In total fanboy mode) Have I mentioned how much I like that guy?!
  • Kara's reaction to being given a surprise ice cream cone by Barry became an instant iconic moment for the series, and was noted in a number of published reviews as one of the most pure expressions of joy to be shown on US network TV in a long time.

    Episode 19 - Myriad 
  • Cat's speech to Kara about how she can inspire and change people with hope, rather than fear or violence. It gives Kara the idea to counter Myriad's brainwashing by using the signal to broadcast a message of hope.
    • The very fact that Cat steps up to the plate and drops her cold act both with Kara and, surprisingly, Max, because of the stakes involved.

    Episode 20 - Better Angels 
  • Remember Cat's speech to Kara about Hope? Well, Kara's speech to National City is even better.
  • J'onn is pardoned and reinstated as head of the DEO by the President.
    • A background bit: although the DEO was tasked with catching aliens and originally very xenophobic by nature, the staff look rather happy when J'onn, an alien, is officially made director with everyone knowing who he is.
    • And J'onn immediately pays Lucy a public compliment in order to reassure her she still has a place by his side in the DEO.
  • Cat gives Kara a promotion. And then finally pronounces her name right.
  • After saving the world, Kara gets a chat message from Clark, recently recovered from the coma he'd been placed in by Myriad. The first thing he says? "My hero."
  • Despite the gulf between them, it's clear General Lane still cares greatly about Lucy, racing to see her once Myriad is shut off and then cradling her when it seems everyone is about to die. And then he's actually smiling when he tells J'onn about his pardon, showing that his views on aliens are starting to come around.
  • At the end, when Kara and her family are celebrating (itself pure heartwarming), James calls her away for a moment to reveal his favorite picture he's ever taken of her: Kara, in her civilian clothes rather than her Supergirl outfit, smiling "with her eyes". Then he follows it up by finally returning The Big Damn Kiss she gave him two episodes ago, thus rebutting the Tear Jerker speech she gave him when she thought she was going to die stopping Myriad.

Season 2

    Episode 1 - The Adventures of Supergirl 
  • Basically all of Kara and Clark's interactions, finally showing first-hand the close bond they share and the latter's genuine good nature — he is Superman, after all.
  • When Kara tells Cat she wants to be a reporter, Cat pulls out her resume and reveals that she scribbled the word "reporter" on it because she always saw the potential for it in Kara.
  • Lena Luthor really seems like she wants to make up for what her brother did – and what's more, everybody seems willing to give her a chance. Of course it's possible she's lying, but until then...

    Episode 2 - The Last Children of Krypton 
  • J'onn getting furious when Superman accuses him of not caring for Supergirl becomes this when you realize why: J'onn had told Alex before that he regarded the two sisters as his own surrogate daughters, so saying he doesn't care for one of them brings out the Papa Wolf in him.
  • The thawing of Superman and J'onn's mistrust. At the end, J'onn finally decides to let Superman have all of the Kryptonite the D.E.O. owns as a sign of good faith.
    • J'onn even learned Kryptonian because "if [they] don't preserve each others' cultures, who will?"
  • Winn's continued awe at Superman can come off as silly, but when Superman offers to shake his hand, Winn instead goes with the Man Hug. The sweet part is Superman doesn't mind at all and returns it, showing how kind and easygoing the Man of Steel really is.
  • Part of the episode involves Alex feeling taken for granted, and like Kara has made her life worse. So when she's offered a place in Cadmus, you'd expect her to at least pause for a moment. Nope: she points out that unlike anyone at Cadmus, she has killed a Kryptonian, so they should be very worried now that she's coming after them.
    • And then immediately afterwards, Kara shows up and apologizes to Alex for ever seeming like she favored Clark over Alex.
    • Easy to miss, but when Alex arrives to help Supergirl against Metallo, she's wearing the same Powered Armor that she wore when she was Brainwashed and Crazy and fighting her sister.
  • Cat telling Kara that she won't help her deal with Snapper Carr...because Kara is "smart and talented and astonishing" enough to handle the situation herself. Note, she also pronounces her name properly.

    Episode 3 - Welcome to Earth 
  • Even though the Madam President survived two assassination attempts twice, not once did her optimism and hope for the Alien Amnesty falter. In fact, she of all gave J'onn a word of encouragement that acceptance will come to everyone equally.
    Madam President: It's not enough to defend this planet. You need to live in it as well.
  • J'onn visiting the alien bar undisguised is sweet enough in its own right - in his true form. And then the bartender is revealed to be M'gann M'orzz, aka Miss Martian. The look on his face as he realizes he's not the last Martian is beautiful.
  • Kara and Alex simultaneously asking each other if they're okay.
  • Kara being forced to realize that she is Not So Above It All when it comes to xenophobia, and decides to make the effort of moving past the prejudice of Daxamites she learned on Krypton by treating Mon-El with respect.

    Episode 4 - Survivors 
  • The Prince of Daxam sacrificing himself to save his bodyguard Mon-El.
  • Winn and Mon-El having a guy's night out. "Okay, one drink." Cue the pair of them having a Drinking Contest, playing bar sports and so on.
  • When confronted with leaving the DEO, Mon-El immediately takes responsibility and defends Winn.
  • Snapper Carr shows that he genuinely wants to develop Kara as a reporter. All of his advice is Brutal Honesty, but when she does develop sources and gets requisite evidence, he still criticizes her writing technique (rightfully), but also marks a "1" next to her name on the Stories board, meaning he thinks she can do the job.
  • Lena Luthor isn't the nicest person, nor is she the fondest towards aliens. But she refuses to go to Roulette's fight club. She even gives Kara her ticket to help Kara save J'onn, no questions asked.
  • Mon-El's line to Kara is rather cheesy, but still, it's a nice showcasing of what bringing two people from mutually antagonistic worlds can do:
    Mon-El: Who would have thought? A boy from Daxam and a girl from Krypton, working together.

    Episode 5 - Crossfire 
  • Lena inviting Kara over to her fundraising party on the basis that she feels like Kara is her only friend in National City.
  • Alex's realization of her homosexuality. It's especially sweet for being treated with such realism in the midst of all the comic book craziness; after a single episode she's still not comfortable asking Maggie out or even calling herself a lesbian, but a wall has been torn down and she's inevitably headed there.

    Episode 6 - Changing 
  • Alex coming out to Kara. Kara is instantly completely accepting, and later encourages Alex, "I'll get the bad guy. You get the girl."
    • Later, after Alex is rejected by Maggie, Kara notices she didn't come in to work and goes to check in on and comfort her. It's a gesture that shows just how strong their relationship is.
  • M'Gann agrees to donate blood to save J'onn's life. She's apprehensive at first (and with very good reason), but she still comes as soon as she hears J'onn is hurt.

    Episode 8 - Medusa 
  • To help Mon-El cope with being place in quarantine, Kara plays Monopoly with him.
  • Alex goes through the arduous process of coming out to her mother, only for Eliza to broach the subject first as she'd figured it out from the way Alex had been talking about Maggie. She then points out nothing else about the family's lives is "normal," so why should this faze her at all?
  • Alex thanking Maggie for helping her realize that she is gay.
    Alex: When you first suggested that I was gay, I denied it. Then I thought that it was just about you; I mean, how would I not like you? But you know, deep down, I think I wasn’t comfortable that that was my new normal. But it is my new normal, and I’m happy that it is. Because I, I don’t know, finally I get me. And now I realize that it wasn’t about you, but it’s about me living my life. So, thank you.
  • Then Maggie admits she does like Alex, too, and they kiss!
    Maggie: Life is too short... and we should be who we are. And we should kiss the girls that we want to kiss. [hesitates] And I really just... I... I want to kiss you.
  • A small moment, but Kara is positively overjoyed to see Barry again. And she doesn't even blink at the idea of going to a completely unfamiliar universe to help him with his problem.

    Episode 9 - Supergirl Lives 
  • Alex being a completely lovestruck fool in her first genuine relationship. She reaches Kara levels of Adorkable over having a real girlfriend.
    Alex: That's amazing. I mean, like, you're in my apartment and it's morning and you slept in my apartment and now you're wearing my T-shirt and making coffee and I can't believe this is happening and everything coming out of my mouth is very cliche.
    Maggie: (grinning) It's called being happy. Get used to it, Danvers.
  • Kara being so happy for Alex.
  • The DEO letting Jo the alien scavenger leave Maldoria for Earth. Humans weren't the only ones rescued that day.
  • Kara going to great lengths to rescue the kidnapped girl Izzy and reunite her with her mother, leading to Tears of Joy at the end.
  • After Kara tells Snapper off for his apathy towards Izzy's story and declares she wants to be an Intrepid Reporter telling stories that matter to her, Snapper waits until she leaves, then cracks a smile and says, "'Attagirl, Danvers." It seems he's been doing some Trickster Mentor to help her find her calling. The best part? Kara might have heard him, due to super-hearing.

    Episode 10 - We Can Be Heroes 
  • J'onn finally allowing himself to learn the truth about M'gann's past, which allows him to move past his hate of her simply because she's a White Martian and accept her as a person.
  • When J'onn prepares to go into M'gann's mind, he warns Alex and Kara that doing so may bring back traumatic memories of his dead family, and so he needs them to emotional support, making it clear, again, that he considers them his surrogate daughters.
  • "You are my friend, M'gann M'orzz. You are forgiven."

    Episode 11 - The Martian Chronicles 
  • J'onn's explanation to M'gann about why he wants to help her so much:
    M'gann: I know you think it's [helping M'gann stop the white Martians] is your duty, but—
    J'onn: It's not just my duty, M'gann. It's more than that. You've become dear to me in a way no one else has since... I just had this huge hole in my heart now. I never thought... dreamed that anybody would be able to fill it. When I realized you were a White Martian, I never thought that that person would be... you. But I was wrong. Your spirit is so beautiful and brave. Now that I'm able to see that, I can't imagine my life without you.
    M'gann: I'm brave because you showed me how to be.
    J'onn: I'll protect you, M'gann. Forever.

    Episode 12 - Luthors 
  • There is something to seeing how quickly Lex accepts Lena as his sister in the flashback.
  • Despite their surprise, except for J'onn who always knew and Mon-El who is more surprised that it's a big deal in the first place, Alex's coming out and her relationship with Maggie is immediately accepted by their friends, and everyone wishes them congrats and happiness.
    • Speaking of J'onn knowing about Alex and Maggie's relationship.
    Alex: Why didn't you say anything?
    J'onn: It's not for me to say.
    • Bit of Reality Subtext there: it's not unheard of for people coming out to have friends and/or family who already knew or suspected, but also knew the person needed to come to that knowledge on their own, in their own time.
  • Despite her animosity towards Lillian, Kara pushes Lena to go and mend fences with her mother while she has the chance.
  • Eve is quick to pick up on Mon-El's feelings for Kara, and later is quick to pick up on Kara's feelings for Mon-El, leading to her finding closure and happiness for the two.
    Eve: I told him to get over his feelings for his Ex-Girlfriend before going back in the field.
    Kara: (guffawing) Mike and I never dated!
    Eve: (slyly) Mike told me the same thing!
    (Eve leaves beaming ear to ear)
  • Kara and James finally repair their friendship, and even plan on reinstating game night.
  • Even when all the supposed evidence makes Lena look guilty as hell and everyone is telling Kara she needs to accept it, Kara never loses faith in Lena.
  • When Kara arrives as Supergirl to rescue Lena from the clutches of Lillian, Metallo, and Henshaw, she says, "Kara Danvers believes in you." This flies right in the face of Lillian's claim earlier that Lena doesn't have anyone who believes in her.
  • This episode confirms that Lena does genuinely admire Kara and values their friendship. She even considers her family.
    Lena: I've never had friends like you... Come to think of it I've never had family like you.
  • A small moment, but when Kara is venting her frustrations about everyone thinking she's stupid to trust Lena by smashing some concrete in the training room, Mon-El arrives and she asks him if he thinks that, too. He says no, citing her belief in him and how much it means to him.
  • Kara and Mon-El finally have the chance to admit their feelings to one another.

    Episode 13 - Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk 
  • With the two Valentine's Day stories going on, the episode still takes a moment to reveal J'onn is sending a psychic Valentine to M'gann, who is back on Mars. D'awwwww.
  • Supergirl in Season 1 told Winn that she visited Starhaven when she was a little girl on vacation, and said it smelled like cinnamon. Winn says in this episode that he's a huge fan of Starhaven, even having learned to translate its writing, and repeating Kara's line that it smelled like cinnamon. It tells you what kind of crush Winn had on Kara.
  • At the end, Kara assuring Mon-El that she didn't actually mean what she told him earlier about them being too different to be a couple; she was just trying to keep him out of harm's way and ensure Mxy, if he was listening in, wouldn't catch on to her plan.

    Episode 14 - Homecoming 
  • Kara basking in the afterglow of her night with Mon-El is even more adorable than usual.
  • Jeremiah's return, especially Alex's tears of joy as she runs into her father's embrace.
    • Jeremiah immediately accepting his daughter's sexuality and welcoming Maggie into the family.
    Jeremiah: (to Alex) Well, no man was ever good enough for you.
    • Jeremiah's "thank you" to J'onn for looking after his girls.
    • Eliza and Jeremiah watching their daughters and their respective SOs with a sense of pride.
    • Subverted when they learn that he is involved in Cadmus's plot, leading to them all even more shattered than when they thought he died.
  • Lyra and Winn's relationship is going strong, and just how into each other they are. 'Bout time Winn got to be happy with a girlfriend.
  • Mon-El, despite the spats the two had, gently holding a crying Kara after they've learned the terrible truth about Jeremiah.
  • After seeing how distraught Alex is, Maggie stops Alex from pouring another drink of liquor and tries to get her to talk to her instead, and holds Alex in her arms while Alex breaks down into sobs. Alex doesn't even say anything and Maggie still knows what to do. It really shows how close they've become and how much their relationship has grown.
    Maggie: Hey, I'm here, okay? You can tell me anything.

    Episode 15 - Exodus 
  • After Kara tells Alex that, though she doesn't agree with J'onn's methods, she does agree with J'onn's assessment of Alex being too emotionally compromised to participate in the CADMUS case, Alex expects Maggie to agree with Kara. But:
    Maggie: Actually, I don't. You wanna protect your dad? That's what you need to do.
    Alex: Then you'll help me?
    Maggie: Ride or die. Where do we start?
  • When Kara is struggling to push the spaceship back into the Earth's atmosphere in order to prevent it from launching at light speed to its final destination, Alex encourages her by putting her hand against the window of the spaceship in order for Kara to put her hand against the window on the other side and tells her that Kara can do this, giving Kara the motivation she needs to push the spaceship back.
  • Alex and J'onn hugging in reconciliation after apologizing to each other. And then J'onn gives Alex her job back.
    Alex: Can we just agree to stop doing the wrong things for the right reasons?
    J'onn: Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

    Episode 16 - Star-Crossed 
  • Winn still loving Lyra, even after she used him to help her steal the painting to save her brother. It really is cute to see Winn telling Kara how even though he was nearly arrested because of her, he still loves her because she was lying to protect someone she cares about.

    Episode 17 - Distant Sun 

    Episode 18 - Ace Reporter 
  • Snapper and Kara reconciling, and Kara then getting her job back.
  • Kara's steadfast friendship with Lena; Lena clearly takes it close to heart when Kara shows it's not just something she's saying to be polite.
  • James calling Winn his brother and mentioning that he hasn't been so close with anybody since Clark.

    Episode 19 - Alex 
  • Doubles as a Tear Jerker, Alex and Maggie talking from Alex's cell. Alex trying to work up a goodbye speech but Maggie won't let her, talking about all the first she wants them to have together. It's sweet and sad all at the same time.
  • Maggie and Kara both holding Alex right after she gets out.
  • Maggie and Alex talking after she wakes up in the DEO med bay. There are no words, so just see this
  • Kara and Maggie finally bonding and getting past their differences.

    Episode 21 - Resist 
  • Cat Grant is back! And she gives Kara another Rousing Speech.
  • Her speech on finding the true meaning of happiness-it's not about power or money, it's about community and The Power of Love.
  • Lena and Mon-El conceding to Rhea's threat, when shown holding the Luthor Children's Hospital hostage as well as several other medical centers, schools and municipal buildings. Even Rhea, while in a slight mocking tone, openly admires Lena's commitment to "The little people."
  • In the midst of escaping Lena and Mon-El fondly compliment each other's attributes, recognizing them as the reason Kara loves them.

    Episode 22 - Nevertheless, She Persisted 
  • M'gann Morzz returns! And she tells J'onn she can stay on Earth for a while afterwards. Also, she's been locating other White Martians who feel as she did about their genocide of Green Martians and want to fight the established authorities there. J'onn may one day be able to go home again.
  • Kal-El accepting Mon-El despite the animosity between Krypton and Daxam. He accepts Kara's word that Mon-El is a good man, and reasons that anyone who could win his cousin's heart must be worthy of his trust.
    • He also remembers Winn's full name, calling him "resident genius of the DEO," and calls him "buddy." Winn's Ascended Fanboy expression of absolute glee is completely adorable.
  • Mon-El's allegiances are clear this episode, he would rather die than allow his friends on Earth to suffer under the tyranny of his Mother and New Daxam.
  • Mostly funny, but Winn's response to J'onn being up and at em is to yell, "Ey, Papa Bear!" and glomp him. J'onn even returns the hug.
  • Kara and Mon-El's goodbye, as hard as it is to watch. The two who've been tumultuously tossed around by circumstance, finally secure their love for one another. They both concede that though their romance was difficult, they both are now better people for what they shared.
    • Kara sends Mon-El off with the trinket Alura gifted her during the destruction of Krypton, as both a keepsake to remeber her by, and a charm to keep him safe.
    • The sigh of relief Kara takes between her tears, when she witnesses Mon-El take his first un-labored breath since the lead poisoning of Earth within the escape pod. She may never see him again, but still the man she loves is going to live.
  • Cat watching with a sense of pride as Kara leaves to save the day.
    Cat: (quietly to herself) Go get 'em Supergirl!
  • Maggie's overjoyed face when Alex asks her to get married. 'Nough said.
  • Kal-El, Cat, and Alex all do their best to comfort Kara with You Are Better Than You Think You Are and You Are Not Alone speeches.

Season 3

    Episode 1 - Girl of Steel 
  • Both Alex and J'onn encourage Kara not to throw away her "Kara Danvers" identity to be Supergirl full time, with Alex saying that Kara has saved her more times than Supergirl ever could and J'onn pointing out that it was Kara, not Supergirl, who helped him see that his loss had made him stronger.
  • Despite her genuine problems in the loss of Mon-El, Kara takes the full blame, attempting to assuage Lena's guilt in her part on making Earth inhabitable for her lost love. Though this in itself is actually quite sombering...
    Kara: (to Lena, while trying to keep a stone face) It's not your fault. It was Supergirl's choice.
  • While she still considers turning away from "Kara Danvers," Kara's compassionate nature still rings true when she calms and refuses to leave the side of a wounded security guard until she is sure his injuries aren't life threating.
  • Of all Kara's friends J'onn is the only one to truly take her side, reminding them, especially Alex, that everyone must grieve in their own way.
  • Maggie comforting Alex about her father not being able to come to their wedding.
  • J'onn is on the verge of tears when Alex tells him he is family and asks him to be the one to walk her down the aisle at her wedding.
  • Kara's very first real smile in the entire episode during the unveiling of the Supergirl statue and Lena's speech praising Supergirl.

    Episode 2 - Triggers 
  • The ending scene where Kara and Alex are watching "The Wizard of Oz".

    Episode 3 - Far From the Tree 
  • Kara automatically going to Mars to help J'onn. And Alex makes clear she'd be going too if she could actually survive on the planet.
  • J'onn's immediate defensiveness of his father when Till'all condemns M'yrnn for not giving up the location of the Staff of Kol'ar.
    Till'all: He is willing to let us die and he calls himself a man of God.
    J'onn: That man of God was tortured for centuries by your people!
  • J'onn and his father M'yrnn reuniting at last, after an entire episode of M'yrnn believing J'onn is an impostor because he could not stand to lose his son again. The way they lock eyes after sharing a memory to confirm J'onn is the real deal.
    M'yrnn: J'onn! My son!
    J'onn: Father..! I missed you!
  • When M'yrnn, J'onn, and Kara return to earth, My'rnn is already enchanted by the planet, picking up a small weed in fascination.
  • This exchange between J'onn and his dad:
    M'yrnn: [in awe of Kara flying] Can everyone on this planet do that?
    J'onn: No, she's special.
  • Eliza assuring Maggie that she does not need to feel ashamed for her parents kicking her out when they found out about her sexuality.

    Episode 4 - The Faithful 
  • Twisted as the cult may be, it's hard not to be moved by Olivia's story of how Supergirl saved her from a drug-influenced fall after catching her boyfriend cheating on her, causing her to realize she truly matters for herself. And for her part, Kara confirms that she remembers this incident perfectly, along with every other person she's ever saved.
  • Kara, Lena, Alex and Maggie fully committing themselves to being Ruby's "Cool Aunts", proving so by attending her school recital with Samantha.
  • Ruby's lovely rendition of "Pure Imagination", capturing the innocence and purity of childhood; it's so powerful that it leads Alex to an important epiphany.

    Episode 5 - Damage 
  • While it's definitely a Tearjerker, Lena does not deny that she cannot be entirely sure if the lead bomb did or did not lead to the children's illnesses, does not attempt to reflect the blame as her mother and brother are infamously prone to. She takes full responsibility in a press conference and after offering a gripping and emotional public apology, steps down from both L Corp and CatCo. A very wise and responsible choice.
  • Small but Eve, in the midst of helping Lena handle the crisis of the supposed lead poisoning incident, still finds the time to offer her sympathies towards her boss' situation.
  • Sam opening her home to Lena in the wake of the assassination attempt on her life.
  • A small one but Kara and Sam sharing a connection in the fact that the two were Happily Adopted.
  • Maggie and Alex's break up, yes sad, but Maggie assuring Alex she will make a great mom, and the two part on amicable terms.
  • Kara and Sam assuring Lena that she will always have loving sisters to support her.
  • Kara dropping everything after reciving Alex's call, and calling J'onn to inform him the two will be away from the DEO. When Alex asks where they are going, Kara simply answers home.
  • James, while not outright hating her like he does the rest of her family, had demonstrated a slight distrust towards Lena. By the end of the episode, he is admonishing Lena and the positive qualities she has demonstrated in a subtle way. She returns the sentiment, pointing out how he took a bullet for her and the two share a rather friendly moment, one might even call it, dare we say, flirting.

    Episode 6 - Midvale 
  • The entire episode is dedicated to how Kara and Alex came to really become sisters — and boy, is it sweet.
  • Towards the end of the flashback, Alex reveals to Kara that Kenny had known she was an alien, through analyzing his last telescope images. Kara admits that if he were right in front of her right now, she'd kiss him.

    Episode 7 - Wake Up 
  • J'onn buying a new apartment for his father and himself to live in after realizing that he is indeed too much Married to the Job and wants to spent more time with what is really important in life.

    Episode 8 - Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1 

    Episode 10 - Legion of Superheroes 
  • Kara's scene with Streaky, who is a stray cat in this version, while recovering from her coma inside her mental loft. This may double as a Tear Jerker.

    Episode 13 - Both Sides Now 
  • J'onn and Mon-El having a warm talk on marriage and family and truly bonding.

    Episode 14 - Schott Through The Heart 
  • James wants to stay with Winn after he learns of his dad's death.
  • Kara tells Mary how much Winn means to the team and Mary is happy her son has friends.
  • Winn asking Mary to stay in National City for a while to get reacquainted after she proves she never would have left him as a kid if it wasn't his safest bet. After years of the shame of being the son of Toyman, Winn now has a parent who isn't a homicidal psychopath.

    Episode 17 - Trinity 
  • Winn building Alex her own supersuit
  • James deciding not to break into Lena's vault because he trusts her. He also comes clean to Lena about being Guardian, breaking into her lab, and that Supergirl asked him to do, and asks for her forgiveness. Lena forgives him and shows that she trusts his to by admitting to having learned how make Kryptonite.
    • This part of the conversion deserves special mention:
    James: You know, for quite some time, I've been looking for any reason... Any reason I could to distrust you. It's not your fault, it's just, um... Lex baggage, or whatever. But for the last two years, you have done nothing but prove me wrong.
    Lena: Until now.
    James: No. No. The way I see it, your friend came to you with something unbearable. And you tried your best to help her carry it. You did everything in your power to help her, regardless of what that might look like to other people, when they found out. And that's beautiful. That's somebody I want to know.
    Lena: Really?
    James: Yeah.

    Episode 19 - The Fanatical 
  • Ruby teaching M'yrnn how to play foosball at the arcade, and the two of them smiling and happy for the first time in a while.

    Episode 21 - Not Kansas 
  • Samantha's reunion with Ruby after Reign is exorcised from Sam thanks to Black Kryptonite. It is so sweet!
  • The farewell parties that are thrown for Kara at the DEO and CatCo.
  • Kara's conversation with Mon-El while both were wearing the clothes they wore in Kara's dream, while they were in Argo City.

Season 4

    Episode 2 - Fallout 
  • A crowd of pro alien immigration advocates is right next to the anti-alien protesters trying to break down the gates of the White House. Unfortunately, the two sides still get into a brawl.
  • When J'onn is visiting the DEO, one of his former coworkers claps him on the shoulder as he passes by.
  • Nia stands up for Brainy against some anti-alien bigots, and later speaks to James, encouraging him to speak out on behalf of the aliens.
  • When a CatCo worker plays a prank on an alien co-worker, James gives a big speech to the entire staff on being open for everyone.
  • Alex tells Brainy that not everyone is anti-alien, and that if anyone else tries to hurt him, he should send them her way.
    Brainy: Every alien deserves an Alex Danvers.
  • Kara's great speech to the nation on not letting them get divided and they are stronger together.

    Episode 4 - Ahimsa 
  • Brainy of all people starts shedding tears about the state of things!

    Episode 9 - Elseworlds, Part 3 

    Episode 10 - Suspicious Minds 
  • When Alex talks to the six DEO agents who know Kara's secret identity, all of them unhesitatingly promise to help support her and protect her identity, even though it involves lying to a superior officer.
  • Brainy's utterly Adorkable way of asking Nia out to dinner, and basically all of their flirting and Will They or Won't They?
  • J'onn has a framed picture in his new office: Himself, Kara, and Alex, all smiling.
  • This line about Alex, which sums up the whole episode:
    J'onn: "Protecting you is in her DNA."
  • Brainy's Dare to Be Badass speech to Nia.
  • Alex being prepared to have her memories of Kara being Supergirl removed to protect her identity is one thing; she's family, you'd expect that sort of sacrifice. But then J'onn reveals that everyone at the DEO who knew the secret also agreed to let him remove those memories to protect her.
    Alex: Let me save you this time.

    Episode 11 - Blood Memory 
  • When Nia is being down about her sister turning on her when she found out about her powers, Kara reveals her true identity as a way to inspire Nia to be a hero, and show the she understands exactly Nia's burden at being the sister with superpowers, while her sibling is left merely human.

    Episode 14 - Stand and Deliver 
  • It's a very small victory, but an anti-alien protestor named Quentin lacks Lockwood's thirst for blood. When the Children of Liberty show their true colors as thugs, he's horrified and opts to help an alien to her feet when he could have run away unscathed.
  • Humans and aliens alike setting aside their differences and helping each other during the attack, showing that, despite all that's happened, Kara's hope for peace between the two sides isn't in vain.

    Episode 16 - The House of L 
  • Otis may be a thug and a killer...but he shows how he has his limits as rather than killing an innocent child as part of Lex's plan, he whisks the kid away from the blast site and tells him to just keep hidden for a while.

    Episode 21 - Red Dawn 
  • The flashback of Alex teaching Kara to keep rhythm to "You Know Me" by The Format. A really sweet sisterly moment.
  • A twisted Deconstruction between Lena and her mother Lillian Luthor. After Lena forces Lillian to tell the truth by sicking a Living Lie Detector alien on her, she tells Lillian not to worry: she won't ask Lillian if she loves her, since she already knows the answer. After an unpleasant back and forth, Lena leaves to confront a superpowered enemy. This follows:
    Lillian: If he's got [the Psycho Serum], you should wait.
    Lillian: Of course. I love you. (Lena looks at the alien, realizes her mother is telling the truth and opens her mouth to say something)
    Lillian: (wracked with disgust) There. You have gotten me to say it.
    • To elaborate on the "deconstruction" aspect: the revelation that Lillian does love Lena is immediately followed with the implication that she deliberately withheld affection from her daughter, despite knowing her needs. Love or not, that's callous and abusive.

Season 5

    Episode 9 - Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part One 

    Episode 13 - It's a Super Life 
  • In the second Alternate Timeline, Kara telling Lena the truth still leads to Lena rejecting her. Mon-El gives the despondant Kara a pep talk, telling her that she deserves the same compassion she gives to others.
  • In the third timeline, Kara reveals her identity to Lena during their first meeting. Lena is so touched by this seemingly-spontaneous show of trust that she becomes Kara's partner in heroics, working side-by-side with Supergirl in fighting evil and saving lives.
  • At the very end of episode, Kara fully forgives Mxyzptlk for his past misdeeds, and thanks him for helping her gain clarity regarding her past mistakes with Lena. In return, Mxy admits that it felt truly good to help her.

     Episode 15 - Reality Bytes 


  • This clip of Tyler Hoechlin's first appearance as Superman (and Clark) set to John Williams' original Superman theme. Guaranteed to tug at the nostalgic hearts.
  • The ninth episode of Season Two is called "Supergirl Lives", a play on Kevin Smith's unproduced screenplay. Kevin directed this episode and he cried when he saw the title.
  • The Season Two episode "The Martian Chronicles" was written by Gabriel Llanas & Anna Musky-Goldwyn. A screengrab of the credit was put on Instagram by Musky-Goldwyn's father, Tony Goldwyn, with the caption "Proud Papa."
  • Michael Rosenbaum congratulating Jon Cryer on Twitter for being cast as the new Lex Luthor [1]. Their brotherhood in the shared role was even evident when debunking a rumor about Rosenbaum’s Luthor appearing in Crisis on Infinite Earths.
  • The romance on set between Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood. Especially in light of the news of their engagement, marriage, and now their pregnancy.

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