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Heartwarming / Elseworlds (2018)

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    Hour One 
  • Iris being Felicity's support during Oliver's imprisonment; especially consider how Iris was a little mad over her hijacking her wedding, but put her grudge aside when her friend needed her the most.
  • Barry manages to persuade Iris by reminding her of the night Joe brought him to the West house. Barry and Iris' love proved stronger than the "Freaky Friday" Flip of this incident.
  • For the first time in the Arrowverse, we see the Kent Farm, using the same set as the one used on Smallville. So naturally, what do we hear in the background? Remy Zero's "Save Me." Smallville fans were promised an Easter Egg during Elseworlds, and Twitter accordingly melted into nostalgia feels.
  • Clark consoling Kara over her being fired from the DEO, and she pays back the favour.
    Kara: Love is the most unselfish thing in the world.
  • He worries about Lois on the rickety ladder, but she just shrugs and states, with perfect confidence, that he'll catch her. She's not being reckless—she just has that much faith in him.
  • Barry and Oliver bonding over their respective experiences and life philosophies, and coming to an understanding.

    Hour Two 
  • Kate and Kara bonding and revealing that each knows who the other really is, ending with the two shaking hands.
    • Kara stating that Bruce would be proud of Kate. She knows a thing about living in the shadow of one's more famous heroic cousin.
  • Barry and Oliver telling each other just how much they admire each other.
  • Oliver assuring Felicity that just because they have changed as individuals does not mean his love for her or vice versa will ever change.
  • The fact that Kate's Wi-Fi password is "Alfred."

    Hour Three 
  • Deegan choosing to save a bunch of children from a falling crane but had to let Oliver and Barry escape, despite the fact he's more than capable of doing both. This one act shows he does have what it takes to be a real hero, but his negative traits were sadly more powerful than his need to help people.
  • Kara bonding with alternate Alex and talking her into a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Oliver telling the Monitor that Barry and Kara are the best of the best for their pure hearts and inherent goodness.
    Oliver: I'm not what you need! You said I passed the test if I knew my true self. My true self is filled with darkness, but Barry and Kara are different! They inspire hope! They inspire people because they are the best of us! And if this test of yours is going to kill our best hopes of stopping this crisis...well, as gods go, you're not a very smart one.
  • After everything has been fixed, Kara playfully teasing Oliver for smiling, which Oliver admits is because he likes hanging out with her and Barry.
  • The very surprising news that Clark and Lois are having a baby, topped with Kara's reaction.
  • Clark Passing the Torch of safeguarding Earth to Kara since he's retiring to Argo with Lois. And Lois gently teasing her boyfriend.
  • Clark proposing to Lois. He only has to say "Lois Lane," for her to say yes.
    • He awkwardly, but very sweetly, fumbles his way through the start of the proposal, finally lamenting "I'm so bad at this," while Lois is grinning and supportive all the while. Then he picks up a piece of coal from the grill, crushes it into a diamond, and puts it in a ring. He barely gets down on one knee (because of course Clark would propose on bended knee) before Lois glomps him with a big yes.

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