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Heartwarming / Crisis on Earth-X

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With four hours worth of content, this crossover was bound to have a few heartwarming moments.

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    Part 1 
  • Just seeing everybody interact with each other. Kara, Felicity, and Caitlin giving Iris some advice over manicure; Barry encouraging Oliver to pop the question to Felicity (again), the really shows that all of these heroes are more than just workmates. They are family.
  • Caitlin and Stein sharing warm words in remembrance of Ronnie Raymond.
  • Joe's heartfelt speech at dinner. That he's close to tears during the whole thing makes it obvious that he means every word of it.
  • When Iris wakes up the morning of the wedding, she sees that Barry left her a breakfast tray and an adorable note.
  • Kara's delight at Alex and Sara having hooked up, reassuring Alex that having a one-night stand wasn't anything to be ashamed of.
  • Kara singing "Running Home to You" while Iris walks the aisle, as a favor to both her and Barry.
  • Joe wishes that Henry and Nora could have seen their son at his wedding, and Barry assuring Joe that they are right here with him at the altar.

    Part 2 

     Part 3 
  • When Snart-X argues with Ray over helping the team, it looks to be two friends bickering...then "Leo" kisses Ray, revealing the two are lovers.
  • Despite all the chaos around them, Stein takes the time to assure Jefferson that he is like the son he never had and that no amount of distance is gonna break their bond after he's gone.
  • Alex confesses she can't lose Kara and Sara says she fully understands for failing to save Laurel.
    Alex: I didn't know.
    Sara: No surprise. All we know about each other is what we look like without our clothes. Beautiful, by the way.
    • Alex talks of wanting to get back to Maggie which is "complicated" and Sara smiles that "I have a Maggie, too."
    • Adding on to that, while it isn't clear who exactly Sara's Maggie is, it most likely is Nyssa as Sara said that she has thought about "going back to her" before and Nyssa is Sara's most known female lover.
  • Even on Earth-X, an imprisoned Felicity shares her food with others and faces death for it with as much strength as she can.
    • After taking care of the Nazis around them, Oliver takes the time to give Felicity-X a rifle, which seems to be giving her the will to live again.
    • When she asks him why he would help her Oliver’s reply while a typical heroic line reminds us what makes the Arrowverse heroes better than their Earth-X counterparts:
    Oliver: The strong protect the weak.
  • Alex eventually getting through to the freedom fighters' leader, Earth-X's Winn. Although it actually takes Leo and Ray to convince him to delay the attack.
  • Iris and Felicity's inability to remain inactive when their friends and loved ones are in danger.
  • Despite the fact that the Reich has been in power for over seventy years, there are still people who still fight back, who still resist. Up against a ruthless army, insurmountable odds and a General with god like powers. There are people who will fight to be free no matter what.

     Part 4 
  • Felicity, a Jewish woman, using Go Through Me between Dark Arrow and a weakened Kara.
  • The revelation from Snart-X that the Earth-X version of Mick died saving some cops from a burning building. While rocked at that, Mick must also be a bit affected that his double went out a hero.
  • While each knows this isn't "his" partner, it's obvious how happy Mick and Snart are to be back together in some way.
  • Mick, of all people, trying to calm Jax down about Stein.
  • Barry and Iris finally reuniting after their ruined wedding after Barry's been smuggled off to Earth-X and Iris trapped in Nazi occupied S.T.A.R. Labs. How do they reunite? Lightheartedly joking they probably should have eloped.
  • Ray and Sara propose (and everyone else consents) the idea that they fight the final battle in honor of the late, great Martin Stein.
  • While delivering the eulogy at Martin's funeral, Jax breaks down and apologizes to Clarissa and Lily, blaming himself for Martin not being able to retire and be with his family. Clarissa and Lily assure him that it wasn't his fault and that Jax was his family too.
  • Alex and Sara parting as friends after their awkward one-night stand.
  • It's also a blatant Sequel Hook, but if the Freedom Fighters are ever having any trouble again (and maybe not just with the Earth-X Nazis) Barry tells them that they should remember they have new allies on this Earth.
    • Ray and Leo affirming their love for one another, even though Leo says he's gonna stay on Earth-1 for a while, while Ray heads back to Earth-X to fight in the revolution.
    • Leo and Barry sharing a warm brotherly hug. Yeah, it's not the same Snart, but still it's kind of gratifying seeing the doppelgänger of a man that was once one of his archnemesis, part as a friend.
  • After all is said done, Barry and Iris finally trade their vows, with both Oliver and Felicity admitting they aren't even gonna try and compete with the two during their impromptu wedding.
    Barry: My entire life has been marked by two things. The first one is change. From when I was a kid to when I was an adult, things were always changing. But no matter how different things became or what new challenges I had to face, I always had the other thing that my life was marked by. And that’s you. You’ve always been there, as a friend, as a partner, as the love of my life. You’re my home, Iris, and that’s one thing that will never change.
    Iris: When I was nine years old, I wanted to be a ballerina, remember, even though I was not a very good dancer. And the day of the recital, I froze. I couldn’t move. And I wanted to die. Then I looked into the audience, and I saw you. You got up, and climbed up on the stage, and you did that whole routine with me. And we killed it! I mean, we brought the house down. And from that moment, I knew that with you by my side, anything was possible. The Flash may be the city’s hero, but you, Barry Allen, you’re my hero, and I am happy, excited and honored to be your wife.
    • For that matter, Oliver and Felicity's on a whim wedding. Sweet, but then given the couple's rocky history, who knows if they won't run into problems again. So just this one moment representing their entire love story, is just, well, lovely.
    • Not to mention Barry and Iris graciously sharing their day, when Felicity interrupts and asks if she and Oliver could hitch on. The look the couple give of giddiness in doubling with two of their closest friends is frankly adorable.
    • And the crowner: the ceremony is performed and officiated by John Diggle.

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