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    Hour One 
  • After the opening, the credits shows Grant Gustin's name just a half second before Oliver emerges from bed.
  • The second Ollie realizes he's really living the Flash's life, he immediately assumes it's Barry's fault.
    Oliver: [in Barry's costume, completely resigned] Oh, Barry, what have you done this time?
  • The first clue that there's something wrong with the world is a hilariously badly photo-shopped picture of Iris and Oliver-as-Barry.
  • One of the Alternate Universe changes? Iris can suddenly make decent pancakes.
  • While he's pretending to be Barry at breakfast, Ollie gives Iris a hilariously fake Technically a Smile.
  • And then there's Oliver's...less-than-stellar first run as the Flash, beginning with him running past a heist in progress on accident and then immediately knocking himself out when trying to catch a criminal.
    • When he finally makes it to the warehouse Oliver was briefly holding his leg as he runs at a normal pace. Cramps, maybe?
  • Oliver suggests he and Iris tone down the public displays of affection while at work, as he doesn't want to be "insensitive" to the others. Cisco assumes "Barry" is just trying to be polite about his breakup with Cynthia, and shows that he appreciates the thought with a hug. Cue hilariously awkward look from Oliver.
  • Ollie-as-Barry heads out into the STAR Labs hallway to go home. Everyone follows him, because they expect to have one of the usual patent pending STAR Labs heart-to-heart hallway talks about what's bugging him.
  • When the special finally focuses on Barry, he comes to in the middle of a sparring session with Diggle. After delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to Diggle, Barry has a shit-eating fangasm grin on his face before going Oh, Crap! when he realized the implications. Also, the fact that unlike Oliver, Barry is really enjoying the Green Arrow package which includes martial arts skills, Improbable Aiming Skills and Heroic Build.
  • Barry asking Diggle how to put on Green Arrow's costume.
  • The Running Gag of Diggle vomiting after getting carried by a speedster never gets old.
  • Oliver tries to handle the situation by drinking. It takes him going through a whole glass before Iris breaks it to him that his super-fast metabolism won't let him get drunk.
  • When Barry and Oliver find out about the swap, Barry is at first kind of ecstatic about it...until he finds out Oliver woke up in bed with his wife Iris.
    • To make it even better, you can see Oliver realize he's said too much right after mentioning that.
  • Iris knocks 'Barry' out with nanites, courtesy of Ray Palmer. How does Ralph take out 'Ollie'? He just walks up and punches him in the face.
  • Oliver's reaction to waking up in a Pipeline cell with Barry.
    Oliver: [flatly] Why are we in your secret prison?
    Barry: It's not a prison, it's a Tesla conductor tube that dampens meta powers.
    Oliver: ...
    Barry: OK, it's a prison. [Oliver nods]
  • After four and a half years of the fans asking how Pipeline prisoners go to the bathroom, Oliver finally forces the issue with Barry directly, and it's revealed there actually are toilets which fold inside the wall when not in use.
    Oliver: I spent the past seven months in a maximum security prison, and no matter how bad things got—and they got bad—EVERY CELL HAD A TOILET!
    • A clearly annoyed Barry then kicks the wall, causing a side panel to open and the toilet to slide out.
      Barry: You think you can hold it?
  • Barry dislocates his thumb to get out of the cuffs. He's thrown when Oliver starts laughing, explaining he never realized just how ridiculous that actually looks.
  • Lois is arguing with Clark about publishing her story on Argo. Lois turns to Kara for backup, while Clark stands in the background mouthing "No" and waving his hands back and forth to get her to side with him.
  • Lois confidently identifies the truck part she's holding (which Clark correctly notes is the end of a tie-rod) as a muffler.
  • When discussing the visit to Argo, Lois says that she'll make up a reason as to why she was there with Superman.
    Clark: So much for truth in journalism.
    Lois: Says the man who writes exposés about his alter-ego.
  • Clark warns Lois that the ladder in the Kent barn is rickety, but she reassures him that she knows he'll catch her. A few minutes later, Clark and Kara are having a beer and talking and there's a loud thump in the background, and Clark just grins.
    Lois: [from off-screen] I'm okay!
  • Lois holding up her hammer defensively after Barry and Oliver pop into the Kent barn from Earth-1, even after Clark and Kara super-speed in to confront the possible danger. She keeps it raised for much of Barry and Oliver's exposition before finally lowering it.
  • When Ollie demonstrates that he has Barry's powers to Kara, he does it by imitating Reverse-Flash's vibrating-hand.
  • Barry and Oliver meet Clark for the first time, and Barry notices Oliver, facing the premiere superhero around, trying to puff his chest out to look bigger. Oliver doesn't even bother denying it.
    Barry: Are you puffing out your chest?
    Oliver: Yes.
    • And then there's Barry's eye roll afterwards.
  • The Call-Back to the first time Oliver and Barry trained together: Barry fires arrows into Ollie's back. And finds it hilarious.
    Barry: (trying desperately to restrain a smirk) Why don't you run over there, then come at me, and I'll try to hit you with an arrow.
    • Barry is so vindicated, he jumps up and down and even takes a picture on his phone.
      Barry: HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, I've been waiting four years for that, man! Oh, that is priceless!
    • Even better is that Oliver saw it coming, but Barry convinced him he'd never do anything like that. And how does he do so? By saying he's not Oliver (Fridge Funny: Technically, as far as the rest of the world is concerned, he is).
    • Even better than that is Clark, Kara, and Lois's reactions to Oliver getting shot.
  • When Oliver starts being a Jerkass to Barry to try goading him into hitting him, Lois lets it be known whose side she's on.
    Lois: Deck him, Barry!
    [Clark and Kara look at her]
    Lois: What? He's a jerk.
  • Oliver insulting Barry about how he can't go nine hours without Iris giving him a flowery motivational speech.
    • Barry counters right back that Felicity pretty much invented on the radio piggybacking.
  • When Barry and Oliver patch things up, Kara immediately shows up and admits she was listening in with her super-hearing waiting for them to get over it.
  • Sherloque giving Clark a check. When Clark insists he doesn't take payment, Sherloque explains that his third wife is on Earth-38 and he's behind on his alimony payments.
    • This comes back to bite him in a later episode of The Flash, when his ex on Earth-38 outright confirms that Clark actually delivered the check. And she is pissed that he had the gall to make Superman into his delivery boy.

    Hour Two 
  • The intro. Grant Gustin doing the whole "My name is Oliver Queen" routine is funny enough, but they actually went through the effort of re-shooting many of Stephen Amell's scenes throughout Season 7 with him as Oliver instead!
  • To everyone's surprise, Diggle actually believes Barry and Oliver's body swap. Curtis, meanwhile, doesn't buy it until "Oliver" starts shooting his mouth off.
  • Felicity entering to talk to Barry, thinking he's Oliver is already good. Followed by Oliver rolling his eyes and deciding it's best not to get Felicity into this.
    Felicity: I know things have been kind of fraught between us...
    Barry: They have? [shares a look with Oliver] They have. Which is...sad.
    • Cue Oliver rolling his eyes.
  • Oliver doesn't believe in Batman. Let that sink in: A man who has seen people come Back from the Dead, is jumping realities with a speedster and an alien; regularly pals with other metas, and has fought bad guys drunk with Super Serum finds Batman just too out there. Although it's less to do with Arbitrary Skepticism and more with Ollie being a Green-Eyed Monster as he wants to make it very clear to Kara and Barry that he was the original vigilante.
    • Also, as noted in Fridge, this is a another humorous Leaning on the Fourth Wall that Oliver is the "Batman" of the Arrowverse.
    • And the cherry on top of the hilarity of this scene are Kara's facial expressions as she listens in utter disbelief to the nonsense Oliver is saying, with her exchanging looks with a laughing Barry right behind Oliver's back.
  • Given that, on her Earth, Clark and Bruce are friends, it's very likely that Kara knows his identity. With that in mind, watching her basically try to prompt anybody into putting Bruce=Batman together when both disappeared from Gotham at the same time is hysterical.
  • Barry freaks out over Oliver just walking around in the Flash suit with the mask down.
    Oliver: This isn't even your face!
  • Oliver still isn't used to Super Speed. He arrives late to the meeting place, still overshoots the location by running across the rooftop, past his companions, and down the side of the building. And it takes a while for him to actually get back.
    • Doubly hilarious when one remembers that, in the last crossover, Oliver arrived late because he was riding a motorcycle and he noted that he didn't have Super Speed to work with. Now that he actually has Super Speed, he STILL can't catch a break in that area.
      • Meanwhile, Barry, who's had Super Speed for years, is still obviously geeking out about Kara flying him.
  • Once the team arrives in Gotham, Oliver brings up the possibility of contacting Vesper Fairchild who knows basically everything in the city. The idea is shot down when the possibility that Oliver might have slept with her comes up. Making it even funnier, Oliver himself doesn't even remember if he did.
    • Later, Barry shows up from meeting Vesper as Oliver and dryly notes they did, in fact, sleep together.
  • When Kara notes Oliver's Really Gets Around behavior, Barry brings up Oliver sleeping with Sara while dating Laurel, something both Oliver and Kara didn't really want to hear.
    • It gets even better when you remember that Alex also slept with Sara last year.
  • Kara mentions offhand that unless Kate has some Kryptonite stashed away somewhere, she's not too worried about the latter's anger. Given that she's inherited Batman's mantle, the fact is that she might!
  • Meta funny: Gotham City is a Wretched Hive, but because it's filmed in Chicago, the streets and alleys are clean. All the tagging, debris, and garbage are inside the buildings.
  • The main trio are accosted by some crooks and have hysterical looks of "Are you joking?" They're then arrested with the guys because the Green Arrow is among them.
    • Oliver used his phone call on Laurel...who decides to leave them in jail. Which is doubly hysterical considering she's the evil Earth-2 version of Laurel and is probably still ticked at Barry for locking her up a while ago.
    • Kara points out how the trio could have just taken off at super-speed. Oliver and Barry admit she's right.
  • Amazingly, it's Caitlin who spills the beans on the swap to Felicity as Diggle just has a tired "how is this my life?" look on his face.
  • Hearing Batman is missing, Barry smirks at Oliver while saying "I would never compare myself to a total badass like Batman."
  • Oliver shows he stole a data file from the police station.
    Barry: You stole data from the police?
    Oliver: [laughing] No. The Flash did.
  • Kara's idea to get into Arkham? Wheel in Killer Frost, pretending that the latter's mad.
    Nurse: Yeah, we got a few of those in here.
  • Look closely and one of the names on the door of the Arkham inmates is M. Guggenheim.
  • Barry is outside Arkham when a blur of red and yellow goes by and he's instantly in the Arrow costume. He doesn't even bother worrying about Oliver dressing him at Super Speed before going to work.
  • Though it was never explained how, and could easily be written off as another consequence of reality being rewritten, there is still something humorous about Barry and Oliver being doused with fear toxin and seeing EACH OTHER'S fears given form. Think about it for a second: Even their hallucinations can't tell their adversaries somehow swapped bodies and lives.
  • Batwoman wants the heroes out of her city, but Barry tries to push his luck.
    Barry: Hey, would hitching a ride in the Batmobile be out of the question?
    Batwoman: Get. Out.
    Barry: [hurrying away] Sure.
  • Supergirl says she peeked under Batwoman's mask with her X-Ray Vision, just like Superman did to Batman in the Superman: The Animated Series three-parter "World's Finest." Her response is "So many tattoos" as a Call-Back to an earlier line from Kate. Ruby Rose does indeed have many tattoos in real life.
  • Earth-90 Flash shows up just as Oliver is kissing Felicity. In any universe, Barry Allen has the worst timing.
  • When Deegan re-shapes reality again, he turns Oliver and Barry into a duo of bank-robbing siblings sought after by the police, specifically ones known in the comics as the "Trigger Twins". When a squad shows up led by Diaz, Oliver has a face that screams "Okay, now I'm really getting fed up with this crap" before he disarms and noticeably brutally beats the crap out of Diaz before he and Barry escape.
  • In a meta example, the episode of Legends of Tomorrow that aired right after this portion of the crossover reveals why the Legends aren't part of this event: They got distress calls from Barry, Oliver, and Kara, but were too busy having their own reality totally rewritten to answer any of them.

    Hour Three 
  • The Legends do appear in the crossover! Well, Gary does. And he wants a selfie with the Trigger Twins.
  • Barry and Oliver find Cisco as a mob boss with Barry just sighing. Then it turns out that James Olsen is his enforcer and Barry just looks up with a "Oh, come on!" eye roll.
    • Oliver assures Barry "we got this." Gilligan Cut to the two being thrown across the bar and through a table.
    • Also, the fact that Barry, with all the skills and memories of his world's premier Badass Normal, and Oliver, a speedster, somehow got overpowered by a few thugs.
  • Oliver and Barry popping back to Earth-38 with Evil Cisco. With all the body-swapping, Clark asks the obvious question to Cisco:
    Superman: ...Kara?
    • Also, it took "17 tries" to get there.
    • Barry does a horrible job updating Superman on the situation:
      Barry: Everything's back to normal...except not everything.
    • Cisco complains that Clark "doesn't even look like Superman!"
  • The second the two Supermen start fighting, Evil Cisco (understandably) bails.
  • Upon overhearing Earth-1 Alex discussing her boyfriend, Kara looks borderline offended at any version of her sister being into guys. Possibly a Tear Jerker for Elseworlds Alex in that it's heavily implied that Kara knows this Alex isn't into guys either, but that she's still in the closet (or perhaps just in denial), at least with her co-workers at STAR Labs. Not having a Kara of her own in this reality may have led to her not having any close family or friends she felt comfortable confiding in.
    • Along with that, the implication that Alex's ex-boyfriend is Winn of all people, with the fact that the Alex's Earth-1 ex is now dating Pam from HR.
  • Cisco bonds with Oliver over "doing time" in STAR Labs with Oliver giving him a light punch on the arm...and Cisco snaps "did I say you could touch me?" Just the sight of Cisco talking back to Oliver is priceless.
  • Barry goes to hug Alex...who puts him in a headlock. When Kara assures her Barry's okay, she apologizes and Barry just tells her "it's good."
  • Appearing in STAR Labs, Clark looks his other self up and down and snarks, "Nice suit."
    Barry: Badass in every reality, got it!
  • When Alex tells them that Deegan hid the Book of Destiny in the Fortress of Solitude, Barry exasperatedly says that he's been to the Fortress already. And then there's his slight disappointment learning that the "Fortress" in question is actually the Time Vault.
  • Barry suggests slowing down time.
    Barry: Come on, that's only about the fourth craziest thing you've heard in the last three hours.
  • Remember how Lois threatened Barry and Oliver with a regular hammer back in Hour One? Well, during the final battle against Deegan in Hour Three, she arrives on Earth-1 armed with a larger, high-tech hammer, specifically the Solar Hammer from All-Star Superman.
    • Topped with Superman's reaction.
      Superman: ...Honey?
      • Lois, meanwhile, seems to act as if coming to her boyfriend's rescue with a gigantic hammer against an evil version of himself is just another day at the office.
  • Kara notes that these crossovers are becoming a yearly affair. Barry sure hopes not. Boy, is he going to be disappointed next fall.
  • Kara playfully teases Oliver for smiling. His response?
    Kara: Are you...smiling?
    Oliver: I kind of like you guys...Don't tell anyone.
  • One reason Oliver is glad to be back in his own body? He can get drunk again.
  • Oliver is absolutely insistent that no hugging be involved this year.
  • Clark, in his Superman costume, is so distracted that he burns a meal he's preparing for himself and Lois in the Fortress, and Lois rushes over to put out the fire. It's also rather endearing, too.
    • What makes it funnier is that Clark/Superman is cooking the meal the way a non-powered person would (in other words, no Mundane Utility with his heat vision). Standing in the middle of a building full of super-technology, he's using a regular old barbecue.
  • Lois refers to having sex and getting pregnant as "a lot of fun on Argo".


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