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Heartwarming / Batwoman (2019)

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1x01: Pilot

  • While brief, it's clear from the flashbacks that Kate and Sophie really were in love.

1x04: Who Are You?

  • After Batwoman saves a young girl from a bomb, the child is starstruck, even gingerly touching Batwoman's face in awe.

1x07: Tell Me the Truth

  • In an unusual way, Jacob making sure Sophie understood what resigning from Point Rock meant and wasn't making a rash decision, since she had no family present for her hearing. Also the fact that he was there to support Kate.
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  • Kate finally making some time for Mary, by inviting her to help design the interior of her future gay bar.
  • Alice sabotages the gun that could kill Batwoman, risking the anger of a mysterious and powerful figure in order to protect Kate.

1x10: How Queer Everything is Today!

  • When Kate unmasks, Parker not only recognises her instantly, she also knows she's gay from seeing her in an article. This suggests she already looks up to Kate as an out-and-proud role model.
  • Luke baking and decorating a cupcake for Kate's birthday.
  • Mary forgiving Kate and giving her a hug.

1x11: An Un-Birthday Present

  • After getting over their paranoia, Kate and Mary welcome Alternate!Beth with open arms.
    • The images of the past with Kate and Alt!Beth showing their long and happy life together.

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