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1x01: Pilot

  • Kate punches her way through a frozen lake using ankle cuffs as brass knuckles after her trainer/guide deliberately traps her underwater.
  • How does Kate break into Wayne Tower? By free-climbing the side of the building a couple floors.
    • Even better, Ruby Rose's stunt double performed that climb for real, without any wires.
  • Batwoman's Big Damn Heroes moment, combined with Dynamic Entry—it's the first and only time during the whole episode we see Alice get caught off-guard, because it's clear to her, and to everyone else, what this means. Gotham has a protector again. And not just any protector, either. The Bat is back.
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  • Kate saving Sophie by catching her in midair while falling and shielding her with her body as they crash through a roof.

1x02:The Rabbit Hole

  • Mary managing to survive an attack by Dodgson, a trained security agent. Especially when she stabs him with a souvenir batarang.

1x03:Down Down Down

  • Kate making her debut in her full Batwoman outfit, stopping Tommy's plan and saving everyone in the elevators.
  • Alice saving Kate by whacking Tommy over the head before he can cause Kate to lose her grip and fall down the shaft.
  • Mary shows her chops as a doctor, spotting something wrong with an injured woman that the EMTs missed.

1x04: Who Are You?

  • After the "batawhiff" from earlier, Kate makes up for it by sniping an explosive pearl out of a little girl's hand before it goes off. And then grappel-hooks Magpie off the side of a building and into a fountain.

1x06: I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury

1x07: Tell Me the Truth

  • Though unseen, Kate winning a sharpshooting contest against 200 other cadets while hungover is quite an accomplishment.
  • Similarly, she shoots out a tire of a Crows van while on a motorcycle, from about 150 feet, with a pistol, and left-handed.
  • When the homophobic owner of Alessandro's tries to kick out Kate and Sophie when he assumes they're a couple, Kate gets him to back down by threatening to call Mary. And having her put his attitude on display for all 3 million of her followers. He wisely backs down.
    • And as a little payback, Kate's first real estate purchase is a primo space right across the street from Alessandro's. Which she plans to turn into a gay bar.

1x08: A Mad Tea Party

  • Batwoman taking down all of Alice's henchmen at the theater singlehandedly.

1x10: How Queer Everything Is Today!

  • When Alice threatens to blow up a school unless Parker outs Kate as Batwoman, Parker balks at the notion of outing someone and possibly risking her safety. Kate tells her to go ahead and do it, not willing to put her own safety and privacy over the safety of innocent high-school students.
    • And then Parker, knowing what it's like to be outed, refuses, sending Alice and Kate what they think she's sending and mass-texting a warning about the bomb to everyone else.
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  • After the whole city starts shipping her with a male cop, Kate decides to have Batwoman openly be a lesbian, with none other than Kara Danvers breaking the story now that they're on the same Earth.

1:15 Off With Her Head

  • After seeing everything Mabel put Alice through, seeing her get her revenge by burning Mabel alive using Mabel's own oxygen tank as a flamethrower is oh so satisfying.
  • Despite the fact that she ended up horrified at breaking her code, it was rather satisfying to see Kate kill that monster Cartwright, the man who took her sister from her and turned her into the psychopath she is now.

1x16: Through The Looking Glass

  • Kate completely out playing Alice and locking her and Mouse up in Arkham Asylum, finally putting an end to Alice's killing spree.

1x17: A Narrow Escape

  • Luke activating a lockdown protocol in Wayne Tower, limiting the blast to the area. Crazy-Prepared at its finest.

1x18: If You Believe In Me, I'll Believe In You

  • Luke and Mary rescue of Batwoman when she is captured by the villains.
  • The episode ending reveals that Lucius Fox wrote his entire journal in a code only he knew in case it was stolen.
  • After all the endless accusations of political correctness, vitriolic abuse directed at the CW and the cast, review-bombing across various sites and lackluster reviews, the show being given an early renewal was a triumph for the fans.

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