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Season 1

     Episode 1 - The Resurrection 
  • A non-action example, but Jefferson winning a debate with another teacher about installing metal detectors at Garfield High while simultaneously addressing the concerns of students he passes in the halls. His job isn't just a cover; he takes it seriously and he's very good at it.
  • In an extremely resonant moment for this particular place and time, when a cop tells Jefferson to "Get your black ass down," he visibly decides "Fuck these guys," lets them shoot him with tasers which just give him a recharge, then blasts the hell out of both the racist bastards and their squad car.
  • A small one, but Jennifer, a sixteen year old, holding her own against Will, a member of the 100 gang, after it's made clear that he planned to sell her into prostitution, by telling him "You know what, I thought you were kind of cute until I found out you were somebody's bitch!" and kneeing him in the balls hard enough to make even his boss laugh out loud and say "I like this girl!"
  • When Will comes by the high school and starts harassing Jennifer, Anissa comes to her sister's defense, asking Will to leave before she calls the cops. When he refuses, she punches him in the gut and judo flips him — you don't fuck with her sister. She does this in heels, no less.
    • Jefferson chews out Anissa for what he sees as her needlessly escalating a situation. Indignant at being reprimanded for coming to her sister's defense, she snaps back at him, brutally explaining the reality of Freeland and how naive he is to think he could keep gang violence from touching the school indefinitely and how it's time they help the community. Jefferson tries to counter that he's been helping the community long before she was born, but it doesn't work — his approach is clearly not enough, he just won't admit it.
  • When their daughters are kidnapped, Jeff tells Lynn he's going "to get our girls." His ex-wife, who had urged him to retire in the first place and to never tell their daughters the truth of what happened, looks at him...and says, "Bring them home." She knows full well what he is going to do and, at least this once, completely accepts it.
  • Jefferson donning his new Black Lightning suit and going Implacable Man while attacking the motel where his daughters are being held hostage.

     Episode 2 - LaWanda: The Book of Hope 
  • Lawanda being savvy enough to use her cell phone to record her entire confrontation with Lala, including her death. Becomes even more awesome when you consider that she likely knew she would die and wanted to at least make sure her killer was known.
  • The assault on Lala's apartment building. After Lawanda's death, Black Lightning marches right up to the front door and proceeds to kick ass and take names. Doubly awesome is how happy the employees are to see him back in action.
    • Just the way Black Lightning simply walks into the place is this as the bystanders crow around him in awe and amazement to see their hero back and kicking ass.
  • The beatdown Black Lightning gives Lala after his murder of Lawanda is very well deserved and oh so satisfying.
  • The fact that it was Lawanda and not Black Lightning who ended up taking down Lala. The reason the cops came to Lala's building was because they'd found the cell phone footage of Lala killing Lawanda.

     Episode 3 - LaWanda: The Book of Burial 
  • The Reverend's speech and deciding he will not let the 100 bully his congregation into fear after they murdered one of their own and decide to protest to take back their streets.
  • Black Lightning shows up at the march to save them from Tobias' goon, and they are in awe and immediately break out singing "Amazing Grace".

     Episode 5 - And Then The Devil Brought The Plague: The Book of Green Light 
  • Jennifer taking on Lana and her friend without getting so much as a scratch after they harassed her, blocked her path as she tried to walk away, and attempted to assault her.

     Episode 6 - Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder 
  • Anissa sees a headline that a white nationalist killed a student with his car at protest surrounding a Robert E. Lee statue. So she puts on her Thunder costume and uses her powers to turn that statue into a pile of rubble.
  • Rather than brief glimpses into how strong Anissa is with her abilities from prior episodes, she makes short work of a pair of goons holding her mother Lynn hostage, easily deflecting bullets and tossing them around like rag dolls. When Black Lightning shows up, Anissa proves she can handle herself against a seasoned superpowered vigilante, deflecting his lightning bolts, knocking him down with a Shockwave Stomp and hurling him through a glass wall. Sure, she may have lost due to him being an Experienced Protagonist, but Anissa showcases why any opponent, including metahumans, have something to fear when fighting against her.

     Episode 7 - Equinox: The Book of Fate 
  • When Tobias' men show up to assassinate her, Lady Eve manages to put up a good fight for someone who's spent most of her onscreen time behind a desk. If one of the mooks didn't hide in a coffin, she would've won.
  • We don't see most of what Gambi does to Joey Toledo's guards, but we do see him toss one through a glass office door. Followed by a flashbang. Then he waits for Joey to waste him ammo, and walks in dressed like the Shadow, executes Joey without a word, and leaves the evidence behind. He easily accomplished what took Whale three dudes, albeit against a less experienced target.

     Episode 10 - Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption 
  • An ASA soldier charges Thunder, and when he hits it's like running into a wall. She doesn't twitch and isn't even looking in his direction at the time.
  • The ASA brutally tortures Gambi to force him to give up Black Lightning. Doesn't work.
  • When the ASA brings Jefferson into the warehouse, he briefly uses his powers to cause a blackout that at most lasts five seconds. Those five seconds are all that Gambi needs to shoot his torturers dead — keep in mind, he's basically a shell at this point from the beatings he took.

     Episode 11 - Black Jesus: The Book of Crucification 
  • When the corrupt cops try to bring Jefferson out of the school, some students try to blockade the entrance to prevent them from leaving. Jefferson makes them disperse before the cops turn on them, but it shows how beloved Jefferson is to his students.
    Cayman: Move aside, son.
    Tayvon: My Dad’s name is Lamont… and you damn sure don’t look like no Lamont.
    • The fact that nobody turns on Jefferson; they believe in his innocence 100%.
  • Henderson digs up financial records proving a crooked cop's dirty dealings, and uses that as leverage to get him to spill on the even dirtier Deputy Chief Cayman. Henderson then very happily slams Cayman against the wall, lets him know he's busted, and hands him over to some other cops to be booked. Then Henderson gets promoted to Deputy Chief and releases Jefferson.
    • The best part? In a city with metahuman superheroes, people with ridiculous technology and hacking skills and access to even better technology, Henderson does it the old fashioned way: through ordinary detective work and without assistance from the people on the comic book end of the spectrum, demonstrating that he really is a damn good cop.

     Episode 12 - The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain 
  • Khaili is tearing up the school until Lightning and Thunder arrive, the kids obviously happy to see them.
  • The brilliantly done fight between Thunder and Syonide. It's one-sided until Syonide figures out Thunder's weakness and gets some good shots in until Thunder takes her out with a foot stomp. Before then, it's a terrifically staged battle between the duo inside a classroom.
  • Despite knowing Whale is wearing a suit to negate his powers and is heavier and stronger, Jefferson doesn't hesitate to fight his enemy for the school.

     Episode 13 - Shadow of Death: The Book of War 
  • The entire Pierce family working together to take down the ASA assault team sent after them in the cabin.
    • Then confronting Proctor, whom Gambi guns down.
  • Jennifer finally embracing her powers:
    • Using them to recharge Jefferson's own powers after his near-death drained them.
    • Blasting an ASA mook about to shoot her mother from behind.
    • Responding to a racist remark from Proctor by lifting him into the air and slamming him into the ground.
  • A villainous one for Tobias' crew, who storm ASA HQ and just slaughter everyone in their way.


Season 2

     Episode 1 - The Book Of Consequences Chapter One: Rise of The Green Light Babies 
  • The knock-down fight between Synoide and Kara in a garage with both women going at it and Kara using a pair of literal stiletto heels.
  • Anissa’s Hallway Fight as she utterly demolishes a bunch of criminals so as to take their money so the family of the captured children by Proctor can pay to sue the actual ASA government into releasing them.
    • She even manages to beat the first criminals and take the money without using her powers, it's only when they start using their superiors numbers to overcome her that she resorts to using them.

     Episode 4 - The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak 
  • Though it's merely an Imagine Spot, Jennifer giving a Curb-Stomp Battle on Khalil in the opening minutes of the episode with full control of her powers, especially when it might be indicative of her embracing her metahuman nature, becoming the superheroine Lightning like her comic book counterpart.
  • Jefferson letting Principal Lowry know that he won’t be taking any of his disrespect crap when the guy not only talks down to Jefferson in front of students and ends up expelling one student and suspending the other for fighting. Ex principal or not, don’t mess with Jefferson’s students.

     Episode 6 - The Book of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi 
  • Khalil finally realizes that Tobias was the one responsible for his paralysis and transformation into Painkiller. And once Tobias gets fed up with him, he and Tobias throw down in a Curb Stomp Cushion Tobias eventually overwhelms him. Good effort.
     Episode 7- The Book of Blood: Chapter Three: The Sange 
  • Black Lightning and Thunder taking down the blatantly racist Looker.

     Episode 8 - The Book of Rebellion: Chapter One: Exodus 
  • Cutter gets some points in her introductory sense, simply for taking absolutely *zero* of Tobias' crap.
     Episode 11- The Book of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son 
  • Jennifer destroying the car of a woman that racially profiled her and accused her of stealing her car when she was leaning on the hood (and then lying to 911 that she threatened her). Jennifer’s comments make the scene even better.
    Jennifer: Me ? Your car got hit by lightning. Wanna call the police on God?
     Episode 12- The Book of Secrets: Chapter Two: Just and Unjust 
  • Jennifer standing up to Principal Lowry when he insisting on taking down a memorial in the school that’s in honor of Khali. Pointing out that he cares about none of the students and blatantly calling him on his racist like behavior.
    • Even better when he has security remove her, the surrounding students themselves are inspired and refuse to move. Jefferson sees this and his reply to Lowry when he tells Jefferson to get the students to leave.
    Jefferson: Sounds like the principal's job.
  • A couple of Markovian agents attempt to kidnap Perenna while she's returning home from doing groceries. Perenna doesn't even panic, she just calmly activates her powers and delivers some potent Mind Rape on her would-be kidnappers that leaves them trembling in fear down on the ground, then Perenna just smiles casually, picks up her fallen bag of groceries and continues walking.
     Episode 13- The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire 
  • How powerful are Jennifer’s abilities? She causes a blackout in the bunker which Gambi says is built to "withstand the electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear explosion".
  • Determined to find Tobias, Jennifer starts ripping apart his men with her powers and is only nearly killed due to straining her powers so much that she passes out.
     Episode 16- The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega 
  • Lynn giving Dr. Jace an absolutely brutal beatdown.
  • Black Lightning and Thunder taking down Tobias' metahuman hit squad.
  • Jennifer bursting into Tobias' penthouse and easily overwhelming him. Black Lightning arrives and convinces her to not kill him... then when Tobias gets back up, they work together to slam him against the ceiling, and then Black Lightning finally puts him down in a fistfight.