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Tear Jerker / Black Lightning (2018)

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  • LaWanda's death in 1x02 is heartwrenching. After establishing herself as a Distaff Counterpart to Jefferson with a missing daughter in her hotel, she promises to stay out of sight while staking out the Seahorse. But when she sees Lala, her love for her daughter overrides her common sense, she confronts him, and Lala shoots her dead. While her actions helped put her killer behind bars, that fact remains that she and her daughter will never reunite. She was even warned by Jefferson: “What if she comes home safe and her mother is dead?” In the end, that’s exactly how it goes.
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  • 2x05 has the apparent death of Gambi. Neither Anissa or Jennifer take the news well and break down crying. Jefferson tries to remain calm and optimistic, seeing as Gambi is the man who has a plan for everything, but when it becomes more and more clear that Gambi is really gone, the grief and stress start getting to him. It finally hits Jefferson when he's sitting in Gambi's shop and sees an old locket he gave to Gambi and he breaks down crying.
  • The death of over half the containment pod children. Lynn deals with it as good as one would expect as along with feeling responsible for their deaths many of the families take their anger out on her when she can’t tell them who are amongst the living and dead. It all ends with her getting drunk to the point she throws up. Then Jennifer’s disappearance comes along and it but breaks Lynn emotionally not being able to find her daughter.
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  • 2x11 starts with Reverend Holt being assassinated by Cutter. The heroes aren't even given time to grieve as they are busy trying to keep alive Khalil, who was mortally wounded by Tobias at the end of the previous episode. Despite their best efforts, Khalil ultimately succumbs to his injury, but not before Jennifer gives him a simulation of a prom dance together.