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  • Five words: "His name is Vandal Savage."
  • The promo features some nice long looks at a huge battle sequence with a stunning number of effects onscreen at once as the entire team fights together. You'd be forgiven for thinking it's from a feature film.
  • The gang will battle a giant robot.
  • In this series, after much build-up and hinting, Ray at long last acquires the shrinking abilities of his comic counterpart.


Season 1

    Episode 1: Pilot 
  • In the beginning of the 2166 scene, a little boy named Jonas dared to spit on Vandal Savage's face as an act of defiance. The same little boy later is revealed to be Rip Hunter's son.
  • In Tibet, Sara annihilates a group of men harassing a young female employee.
    • Doubles as a Call-Back to her original tendency of targeting misogynistic criminals
  • The entire fight sequence with Chronos. Despite the entire team giving their best, he forces them to retreat in the end.
  • When White Canary, Captain Cold, and Heatwave are in a bar, a biker ruffian hits on Sara, only to get his ass whooped, triggering a Bar Brawl. Sara took down at least 5 bikers on her own before asking Snart and Rory to join in the fight. And the whole thing is set to "Love Will Keep Us Together" by Captain and Tennille.

    Episode 2: Pilot, Part 2 
  • Professor Stein was able to get the group past the auction's security by listing the years of notable terrorism from the 1960s and early 1970s to a security guard. He does this under the Bavarian Fire Drill of the head of the operational arm of the terrorist organization "Scimitar," acting as a very annoyed member who hates delays. Mick is very impressed, as are Snart and Sara.
    Mick: You're a special kind of crazy. I like it.
  • Firestorm absorbing the explosion from a nuclear warhead! And later deploys some of the residue energy at Savage, who is sent flying.
  • 25 year old Martin Stein is the only leading expert on Alpha Particles, a concept not familiar in the 1970's. He even invented the prototype that specializes in detecting Alpha Particle within two years, something that would be considered possible only after 2 decades later.
  • Sara beating an entire room full of Savage's Mooks whilst stoned. And saying that she could do so unconscious.
  • The Oner fight scene at the weapons auction.
  • The fight at Savage's mansion.
  • Kendra getting to give the speech many fans had been hoping for since the truth about her was revealed back on The Flash, that she's sick of being treated like she has no agency and is destined to fall in love with Carter when she still only remembers her current life.
    • Carter also gives a pretty good response, taking Kendra's rejection with an adult reaction and backing off and giving her space.

    Episode 3: Blood Ties 
  • With Professor Stein's word of encouragement, Ray manages to destroy the knife fragments inside of Kendra's bloodstream thanks to his Atom suit.
  • Rip Hunter's line hinting that this version of the DCU isn't quite as cut off from the big names as it seemed: "I've seen Men of Steel die and Dark Knights fall."
  • Sara and Rip (but mostly Sara) going through all the goons in Savage's bank like a hot knife through butter.
    • Sara's Sherlock Scan was also awesome, as she deduced in mere seconds that all of the bank employees were hired mercenaries.
  • Later we get two pretty awesome moments, one of Snart, Rory, and Jax breaking into the cult to save Sara and Rip. Then Rip and Vandal have a big fight in which Rip wins.
  • Jax manages to fix the Waverider despite being an auto-mechanic.

    Episode 4: White Knights 
  • Snart wonderfully suave as he swoops in, talks Valentina into a hot kiss and swipes her ID as he does so. The man is a master thief in so many ways.
  • Rip Hunter VS Chronos above Russian airspace.

    Episode 5: Fail-Safe 
  • Stein gloating to Vostok about how her beloved Soviet Union is going to collapse in just five years and then degenerate into being run by a bunch of thugs. Made even better by him (and by extension the show) not acting like America is any kind of beacon of morality either.
    • Special mention to his triumphant declaration that people in America can "love whoever we want," which is entirely Victor Garber talking after finally getting to marry his new husband.
  • Stein stopping Vostok's Firestorm powers from inside her, then leaving her to blow up without his stabilizing influence.
  • Rip Hunter calmly walking away while Vandal Savage's lab explodes. Savage is still inside it.
  • While in the Gulag, Ray stands up for an old man he doesn't know against the prison Alpha, who promptly beats the shit out of him (but not until after Ray got in a few good hits). Later, when Rory is about to be tortured to make Stein talk, Ray interrupts by making Your Mom comments at the guard's expense so they'll torture him, instead. Snart means it insultingly, but he sums it up later when saying Ray would take a beating for anybody. Triples as a Heartwarming and Funny moment.
    • Later, when the team is escaping during the Prison Riot, Rory locks the guard who was in charge of the torturing in one of the cells, with the prison Alpha. The last we see of the guard, he's being dragged to the ground by the evilly grinning inmate.
  • When Vandal threatens Stein by detailing the various torture methods he's learned in the Soviet Union, Stein calmly stares him down before telling Savage to get on with it.
    • According to something Jax says, Stein endures two days of this without talking.
  • For all of Kendra's lives, Vandal Savage has made numerous unwanted sexual advances on her because he wants her to be his wife. Finally, when she meets him during the prison riot escape, she firmly stands up for herself, for all her past lives and turns down his offer again for good. The amount of bravery in her voice as a victim of abuse and sexual harassment is bone chilling.
    Savage: No? What do you mean, no?
    Kendra: My answer will always be no.
  • Jax doing a 100-yard dash in under 12 seconds with a torn ACL!
    Jax: Barry Allen who?

    Episode 6: Star City 2046 
  • It takes Mick Rory less time to kill a gang boss and take his gang over then it does to make toast. He's definitely one of the most dangerous criminals in not his time period, but any time period.
  • Grant Wilson did something that none of the other Big Bads of Arrow ever did. He conquered the city, killed almost all of the MC's, broke Oliver after taking his arm, and created an army of gangs that are very loyal to him. Not bad for Slade's son.
  • Kendra reveals that one of her past lives was a shipyard worker. A woman of colour working such a masculine job in the 1940s? Pretty damn awesome.
  • With Sarah and the rest of the Legends arriving as reinforcement, Oliver took up the mantle as Green Arrow once more and teamed up with Connor Hawk to start saving Star City. Treated with a Triumphant Reprise of Oliver's leitmotif from Arrow, to boot.
    • The entire climatic fight sequence is a showcase in escalating awesome. First Sara and Oliver show up to save Conner, leading to Connor and Oliver taking turns fighting Grant, followed by Ray and Kendra flying in backup, and then the rest of the team arriving to do a Power Walk through the crowd of criminals, obliterating anyone who gets close and sending the rest running for the hills.
  • The fact that the Arrow of 2046 John Diggle Jr takes on multiple opponents all by himself including the Legends. He has no back up, no support crew. Relying on skill and raw determination fighting a war by himself to try and take back his city. The fact of the matter he has been fighting against armies of criminals by himself for years.

    Episode 7: Marooned 
  • Kendra shows off her super strength a bit by ripping off the chest plate of Ray's armour and flipping giving him CPR by hitting his chest 3 times until he starts to breathe again.
  • Stein goes into Space Ranger fanboy mode and frees the crew, with nothing but his wits. This includes a nuclear physicist with no weapons having one of the Time Pirates with a gun Mugged for Disguise.
    Stein: I'll teach them not to mess with a nuclear physicist.
    • It bears repeating: an old, shortsighted scientist takes on a crew of pirates and wins. Already awesome when he was just sneaking around messing with the ship's systems, but then the aforementioned Mugging For Disguise happens; he takes on a seasoned fighter who is actively chasing him and wins. And he has the biggest "This is awesome!" smile the whole time.
  • The entire final fight with the time pirates.

    Episode 8: Night of the Hawk 
  • Sara saved Lindsay from a male doctor's unwanted advance by purposely bumping him with a desk cabinet, causing him to spill his coffee and leave with embarrassment.
  • Jax successfully landing a date with Betty after telling off two racist jerk jocks in a dining cafe. Give how racist of a time period The '50s can be, a black guy going out with a white girl is a considerable miracle.
  • Kendra finally gets to put up a good fight against Savage, despite him starting with the dagger at her throat.
  • Kendra and Sara tearing down Stein's Politically Correct History view.
    • Kendra slamming several racist women who thought she was a maid, once when she moves into the house with Ray and another time while they're at Savage's dinner party.

    Episode 9: Left Behind 
  • The moment when Chronos removes his helmet to reveal a much smarter and more intense Mick Rory is a truly amazing twist and Snart sells the total shock at realizing it.
  • Sure, Jax caught him by surprise, but he took down a League assassin with one punch! Reminds you that he was a star athlete before the particle accelerator explosion.
  • Rip tells Ra's Al Ghul that Chronos can wipe out the League of Assassins — and judging from how easily he mows through the ones present, it's true. One-Man Army indeed.
    • Then the team works together to finally take him down. They would've outright killed him had Snart not interrupted to reveal the truth.
  • Snart proves willing to freeze and shatter his own hand in order to escape from Chronos.

    Episode 10: Progeny 
  • The flawlessly executed kidnapping of Per Degaton.
  • The fight with the Kasnian troops.

     Episode 11: The Magnificent Eight 
  • Ray Palmer becoming an Old West Sheriff and being pretty darn good at it!
  • The team raiding the Stillwater gang's camp.
  • Rip's Showdown at High Noon with Jed Stillwater himself.
  • The team and Hex versus the Hunters.
  • At least one incarnation of Chay-Ara managed to survive into old age, despite all that Savage could throw at her.

     Episode 12: The Last Refuge 
  • The final battle between the Legends and the Pilgrim all done with beautiful bullet time. But the real kicker is that the above was just an elaborate distraction so Kid!Rip would stab her with a knife and distract her long enough for the rest of the Legends' attacks to do some real damage.

     Episode 13: Leviathan 
  • The brawl between the titular giant robot and Ray being enlarged by his ATOM suit.
  • Hawkgirl, armed with a mace coated in the melted Egyptian bracelet, finally giving Savage the beatdown he richly deserves. Well, finally giving it to him personally. If not for the brainwashed Carter showing up, she would've killed the bastard then and there, and this time, he would have stayed dead.
  • Snart manages to make Savage's daughter see him for what he really is, causing her to switch sides.

     Episode 14: River of Time 
  • As stupid as it was for Ray to enter Savage's cell and fight him, he does pretty well for himself considering he doesn't have his suit on at the time.
  • The climactic fight with Savage, which ends with Kendra finally knocking him on his ass: after Carter takes a knife meant for her
  • We finally get to see the Vanishing Point, and it looks amazing.

     Episode 15: Destiny 
  • Sans Carter and Kendra, this episode is one prolonged moment of awesome for the whole team as they've finally gotten their act together and become the team of heroes they were destined to become.
    • Even Kendra gets one, despite spending the episode as Savage's prisoner. When they receive word that the Oculus has been destroyed and that the Time Masters will therefore not be able to help him anymore, Kendra laughs in his face and tells him that he's finished.
  • Rip's epic Shut Up, Hannibal! to Druce by pointing out how insane they are by trusting Vandal Savage to defeat the Thanagarians and save the Earth.
    Rip: You are as mad as your friend Vandal if you think that he is the world's only hope.
  • Mick resisting his conditioning to become Chronos and killing the Time Master who supervised the process.
  • Snart dies in order to save the team, and history (with a Pre-Mortem One-Liner to boot!) Which is awesome (and sad) by itself. But he wasn't the first to attempt this. Various Legends kept on knocking the previous attempted sacrificer out to take their place. In fact, Sara would have probably attempted this on Snart if it wasn't for the fact that this would leave two unconscious bodies and no one to remove them from the blast.
    • Looks like you were right about him after all, Mr. Allen.
  • Sure, it comes amid a heap of Nightmare Fuel, but the reveal that the Thanagarians invade Earth is Awesome in its own way. For one thing, it confirms that aliens exist at all in the Arrowverse Earth-1. But in light of Supergirl's move to the CW, does that mean we could be seeing more crossovers soon?

     Episode 16: Legendary 
  • Firestorm takes a step closer to his comic counterpart by learning to transmutate matter, first to turn a Nazi's gun into ash, the second to turn the 1975 Nth Metal meteor into water.
  • Savage is capable of Parrying Bullets with his daggers.
  • The entire Final Battle with Savage, played out across three time periods simultaneously:
    • Ray fighting off the Hawk mutants, while Mick incinerates the '58 Savage.
      • Mick pummeling Savage in a fist-fight before said incineration.
    • Sara's one-on-one duel with the '75 Savage, ending with her snapping his neck.
    • Rip, Carter and Kendra taking down the final Savage, Kendra stabbing him and Rip tossing him into a transformer to finish him off. This Savage was the toughest of three, being able to fight both Carter and Kendra, even with their abilities. Kendra also delivers a Pre-Mortem One-Liner to the man who has made the life (er, lives) of her and her soulmate a never-ending hell for 4000 years.
      Kendra: Goodbye, my love. [stabs him]
      • This is immediately followed by Rip finishing Savage off, shoving him into a transformer which unleashes a surge of electricity
  • Ray shrinking one of the Nth Metal meteors.
  • Rip flying the final meteor into the sun.
  • The final scene as the gang is about to fly off into time when a figure comes to stop them. When asked who is, he replies Rex Tyler, a member of the Justice Society of America.
    • This also marks the Arrowverse racking up another Take That! at the DC Extended Universe, as the Justice Society predates the Justice League in the comics, being among the very first experiments with an expanded comic book universe.

Season 2

     Episode 1: Out of Time 
  • Professor Nate Heywood manages to figure out that the Legends exist – and who, what, where, and when they are – just from slight alterations in the timestream.
  • Just about everything related to Damien Dahrk:
    • On the Legends' side dispatch Dahrk's men almost laughably easily, with only Mick sustaining a minor wound.
    • Dahrk, on the other hand, seems totally unworried about the Legends. When Sara goes after him, he beats her in minutes and calmly strolls out of there.
    • Dahrk's partner in the Big Bad Duumvirate for this season? Eobard Thawne.
  • Mick sums up the feelings of many: "I love roasting Nazis!"
  • A more subtle one:
    • Rip is totally willing to sacrifice his life in order to save the timeline. He also made a plan to keep the other Legends safe in case such an action was necessary.
    • The Legends, for their part, seem to have survived quite well on their own in the times they got dropped into. Granted they all got rescued right as they were about to die, but still.
      • Ray survives in the Cretaceous Period.
      • Sara survives – apparently while being rather openly lesbian – in Salem.
      • Stein and Jax manage to survive together by tricking a boy king in Medieval England into thinking they're wizards.
  • The episode ends with the introduction of the Justice Society of America.

     Episode 2: The Justice Society of America 
  • The episode opens with the JSA delivering an incredibly, hilariously one-sided Curb-Stomp Battle to the Legends while some of the most bitchin' synth music Blake Neely has ever turned out rocks on in the background.
  • Nate Heywood is on his way to becoming his comic counterpart: he's not only the grandson of the original Commander Steel, but he's also been given a super-serum that could have unknown side effects! Plus, he's already proven himself a hero by saving his grandfather from Captain Nazi himself!
  • Stein's performance of "Edelweiss," which the whole team has to pause for a second to appreciate.
  • Stein is able to get over his pride and cedes his "captain"ship to Sara.
    • Because of this, the two teams are able to work together and stop the Nazis!
    • Ray and Amaya manage to take out their guards. Twice. And Palmer does indeed manage to escape with a microscope.
    • Captain Nazi gets taken out by the Allied bombing run.
  • Ray and Amaya's captor gets a particularly nasty punch in on Amaya while she's tied up. Her response? To deliver a scathing Death Glare and spit in his face.

     Episode 3: Shogun 
  • All of the battles at the end of this episode were full of pure awesome:
  • The revelation of Masako's family name: Yamashiro! And we already know the legacy is gonna live up to the 21st Century.

     Episode 4: Abominations 
  • In an Off Screen Moment Of Awesome that transitions to the regular kind, Sara proves the existence of zombies to General Grant by tracking one and bringing back it's still-living, decapitated head. She says that there were fifty others nearby but none of them followed her, which means she cut off one's head without any of them noticing. Ninja she is.
  • Jackson and Amaya witness a slave about to be whipped for ironing her master's clothes wrong. Jax convinces Amaya that stopping it would risk altering history. Later, he gets captured and locked in the barn alongside the other disobedient slaves. He ends up deciding that it is worth the risk. Amaya finds the captives by tricking their handler before kicking his ass (speaking of which, the look on her face when he starts talking to her after she sneaks into the house is glorious) and then frees them. But Jax isn't done, he still has to find the papers. So he returns to the plantation house overrun by Confederate zombies. Inside, he offers the slave owner what seems like a chance at redemption, which he turns down. Jax rightly leaves the bastard to his fate, then burns the bodies with a lantern's fire. On his way out, Jax stops Amaya and the others. He insists on taking a moment to enjoy watching this hated symbol of his people's oppression burn to the ground. Then they can go. The swelling music and look in his eyes of understanding, subdued anger, but also triumph/acceptance that he did the right thing regardless what the consequences might be are all what really sells it.
    • In the closing scene, Jax laments what he has seen, and talks about how he was surprised by his people's hope. Stein remarks that there are more good people than bad, and Jax says that the freed slaves really were good people. Stein admits that he meant Jackson.
  • After denying they were friends all last season, ribbing him constantly, and in general acting like a complete Jerkass, Mick gives Snart's cold gun to Ray at the end of the episode.

     Episode 5: Compromised 
  • The slow-motion shot of the team walking through the White House, the guys in tuxedos and Sara and Vixen in nice dresses...while "Danger Zone" plays in the background.
  • Sara's Breaking Speech to Damien Darhk, letting him know that all his grand plans are doomed to failure.
  • During the fight with Darhk's Ghosts and the KGB agents, Nate is able to steel up and deal with most of them himself.
  • Ray has proven himself to be useful to the team even without his ATOM suit by defusing the KGB explosives. Keep in mind that it's such an obsolete technology that Ray had no idea how it works.
    • Mick snapped Ray out of panicking by emphasizing Ray doesn't have to be like Snart. Ray managed compose himself enough to short circuit the bomb using the Cold Gun's wiring.

     Episode 6: Outlaw Country 
  • Steel catching a bullet between his teeth, then turning back to flesh so he can spit it out.
  • Sara laying down the law on Hex after Nate gets near-fatally shot, demanding that she tell him the full story between him and Turnbull:
    Sara: Now, I know you don't like taking orders from a woman, but you're gonna like getting your ass kicked by one even less.
  • Nate stopping a train by standing against it deserves a mention considering how he's scared out of his mind and unsure about the limits of his Steel form.

     Episode 7: Invasion! 

     Episode 8: The Chicago Way 
  • The whole episode is one moment of awesome for the Legion of Doom. They spend the whole episode playing the Legends like a fiddle and get what they wanted: a compass to find the Spear of Destiny.
    • The whole last act of the episode is one for Thawne. He's even more (comparatively) overpowered than Barry is. With more experience, and without Barry's moral inhibitions, he's basically unstoppable unless caught by surprise (and rarely, even then).
  • Sara gets one with her fight with Malcolm - thoroughly kicking the ass of the man who killed her and indirectly killed Laurel. Had the Legion not been holding Stein hostage she would've killed him.
  • A small one, but the aliases Mick decides on for himself and Amaya when they decide to approach the situation like a criminal? Bonnie and Clyde. The fact that they look uncannily like them only helps that fact.

     Episode 9: Raiders of the Lost Art 
  • It's revealed that none other than George Lucas is responsible for the existence of two of the Legends, as Ray and Nate went into their respective fields after being inspired by his films rather than having dull, ordinary lives.

     Episode 10: The Legion of Doom 
  • Remember the Time Wraiths? Well it turns out there's something even worse than them. When the Time Wraiths took Zoom, they turned his body into a husk and made him part of the Speed Force. He (is it is a "he") is called the Black Flash, and he's hunting for Eobard Thawne.
    • Seeing Thawne so terrified of his impending death might provide some catharsis for some fans.
    Thawne: OK! You've made your point. I need you as much as you need me, alright? But if you do not open that door, he is going to kill us! He is COMING FOR ME!
  • For all their fighting, mutual dislike, and constant snarking at each other, Merlyn and Darhk demonstrate they are far more than mere minions when they immediately identify a way of getting away from the Black Flash and come up with a plan that they carry out flawlessly. Special mention to Darhk calmly talking Thawne through a face-to-face confrontation with a Humanoid Abomination even though Thawne is utterly terrified. And this is after breaking into a highly-protected bank with from the future armed with (apparently) swords and a bow.

     Episode 11: Turncoat 
  • Rory is captured alongside George Washington, and ends up convincing him the value of the Combat Pragmatist tactics that were a major reason America won the Revolution. On their parting, Washington calls him the perfect embodiment of the country he hopes to make, and he even ends up with a statue in Washington DC.

     Episode 12: Camelot/ 3000 
  • Ray integrates his suit into a suit of armor and sword, creating what is for all intents and purposes a lightsaber, even if he doesn't want to call it that. Him defeating Damien Darhk with it (and only losing thanks to Darhk pulling out a gun) contributes to this.
  • Mick refusing to abandon Ray, and outright defies Sara, not remotely intimidated of her.
  • After the audience has likely been wondering where Lancelot is for the whole episode, it's ultimately revealed that Sara was the inspiration for the character. Suddenly that statue of Rory looks a bit small time.
  • King Arthur dealing with Rip in one single strike.
  • Amaya using all her powers together to pull out Excalibur. Even Sara comments "That was pretty badass."

     Episode 13: Land of the Lost 
  • Amaya facing down Gertrude the Tyrannosaur and calmly communicating with her, causing the dinosaur to peacefully depart after Amaya pets her on the nose. Nate and Ray simply watch in amazement and Nate calls it the most badass thing he's ever seen. Also counts as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Rip finally returning to his old self, shown in his mind by him force-pushing away the evil versions of his crew.

     Episode 14: Moonshot 
  • You have to give it up for Commander Steel's sheer inventiveness in hiding his piece of the Spear, putting it in the shaft of the Apollo 11 flag before it was sent to the Moon.
  • Thawne knowing the exact angle needed for the Waverider to safely re-enter Earth's atmosphere - despite being in a cell and having no access to any sort of visual cues that would aid in in calculating this. Even more impressively, he's anticipated Ray working out he can help the team and gives the correct answer as soon as Ray enters the cell.
  • Thawne gets his speed back and escapes his cell, only for Ray to cut him off with the Cold Gun. Despite Thawne telling him it won't work because he helped design it, and he's likely right, Ray both correctly figures out his problem with the Black Flash, and in doing so causes Thawne to hesitate and keeps him distracted until Thawne's detector signals it's approaching, forcing him to leave without being able to speed through the ship to grab the spear.

     Episode 15: Fellowship of the Spear 
  • The team undertakes what would seem to be their most dangerous mission yet, going back to the Vanishing Point to steal the piece of the Spear of Destiny the Legion already has. They pull it off before the first act is even over, throwing Thawne for quite a loop as he can only stammer that they're not that good at this.

     Episode 16: Doomworld 
  • The utterly insane Mêlée à Trois over the Spear of Destiny, with every hero and villain of the season involved and the Legends putting up quite a good fight even without their powers. Plus, Ray finally gets to hit someone with a microscope.
  • Snart killing Amaya was pretty
  • Another villainous moment of awesome goes to Thawne, humiliating both heroes and villains alike while having an utterly smug expression.

     Episode 17: Aruba 
  • Eobard finally listening to the advice of the other Legion members and killing Palmer was an awesome display of just how dangerous speedsters can be.
  • The climactic showdown between both versions of the Legends and the Legion is absolutely epic, and has a few key moments:
    • After Doomworld!Jax takes a fatal arrow for Prime!Stein, Prime!Jax rips out the arrow sticking into his own shoulder, stabs Malcolm in the leg with it, then knocks him out with his own bow.
    • Doomworld!Sara and Darhk's final sword duel, ending with her choosing not to kill him, despite having a blade at his neck.
    • THESE GUYS! They just had an army of Reverse Flash-es on this show!
    • Prime!Sara gets the Spear, and ultimately chooses to render it powerless, rather than give into temptation. Then she sits back and lets Black Flash erase Thawne from existence.
    • After all the cruel crap Thawne has put the Legends and arguably every hero in the Arrowverse through, seeing him erased from existence is deeply satisfying, and unlike the last time, there is no misguided sympathy for him at all — he's proved what an Asshole Victim he is.
    • The simple fact that after a setup designed specifically to let the show kill off all the heroes given that there's now a spare set, both Saras actually survive the whole fight, with the duplicate only fading away after willingly erasing her timeline.

Season 3

     Episode 1: Aruba-Con 
  • The Legends stealing back the Waverider.
  • Sara kicking Julius Caesar's ass in a one-on-one fight.
  • The Legends fighting Caesar's legion, with Sara and Agent Sharpe fighting back-to-back in a particularly awesome sequence.
  • The Stinger. Amaya is back in Zambesi as its protector. A group of Belgian Imperialists show up to plunder her village. She meets them, and uses her totem to summon four animal spirits at once who do the fighting for her — as they quickly make short work of the would-be invaders. It's also utterly terrifying at the same time because the spirits aren't just driving them off they're brutally killing them while Amaya can only gives a Slasher Smile as they beg for mercy.

     Episode 5: Return of the Mack 
  • For a villainous example, there's the resurrected Damien Darhk causally slaughtering a roomful of Time Bureau agents. All while dancing to Mark Morrison's "Return Of The Mack" in the most awesome and fun part of the episode.
  • While also a tearjerker, there's Sara getting back at Rip for manipulating and betraying the team for his own agenda by turning him over to the Time Bureau, simultaneously getting the Bureau off the Legends' backs.

     Episode 6: Helen Hunt 
  • Having picked Hedy Lamarr as the historical figure to center the episode around, the crew puts its emphasis not on her acting career but her genius intellect and invention of a frequency hopping technique which is the reason we now have Wi-Fi, and eventually half the systems on the Waverider.
  • Sara challenging Darhk to a good old fashion League Of Assassins duel. And delivering a burn even Firestorm would be impressed by.
    Darhk: I don't need magic to kill you.
    Sara: Funny. That's what Oliver Queen said right before he killed you.
  • The Arrowverse takes another big hit at the DCEU's interference with the characters they can use, as Helen of Troy is dropped off at Themyscira.
  • Victor Garber finally gets to wear the Firestorm suit, very much coming off as a parting gift from the crew.
  • Amaya and Kuasa's fight aboard the Waverider. And then Helen stepping in, stabbing Kuasa and forcing her to flee.
  • Stein managing to overpower Damien Darhk and his daughter. Enough said.

     Episode 7: Welcome To The Jungle 
  • Mick and his father killing a group of brainwashed soldiers with flamethrowers.
  • Damien Darhk's summary of the Vietnam War is pretty awesome, as well as funny.
    Darhk: Crappy war. Bitchin' music.
  • Damien Darhk recruiting Gorilla Grodd. By teleporting him out of Vietnam and through time, no less.
  • Stein recruits a team of historical geniuses to help him split Firestorm.

     Episode 8: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4 

     Episode 9: Beebo the God of War 
  • The long-awaited return of John Constantine. He manages to sneak on to the Waverider, all so he can hide in the shadows for a particularly dramatic entrance.
    • Also, the music shifts to the theme from his series.
  • Mick and Leo are able to weaponize crossing the streams to take out Eleanor Darhk.

     Episode 10: Daddy Darhkest 
  • Mallus shows us just how powerful he really is by shrugging off every spell Constantine can think off to exorcise him. Even the standard magical seal fails to have any effect.
  • An Off Screen Moment Of Awesome for Rip. While Darhk has been running rings around the Legends and the Time Bureau, it turns that Rip mananged to escape from whatever prison he was kept in —nothing will stop this man when he's got evil to fight.
  • A meta one for fans of the character: After being denied on his own show and so many near chances, John Constantine finally smokes a cigarette on television.

     Episode 11: Here I Go Again 
  • Zari being willing to sacrifice herself to save the others from the bomb. Fortunately, this is when it's revealed to be a simulation.
  • Why did Rip escape from prison? So he could recruit Wally West in the fight against Mallus; Wally may have felt overlooked in Central City, but now he has a chance to prove what kind of hero he really is.

     Episode 12: The Curse of the Earth Totem 
  • Amaya doing a great job as a pirate queen.
  • She and Mick fight off a pack of soldiers with swords.
  • Wally racing in and out of the Time Bureau headquarters to steal Rip's coat before they know he's there.
  • Sara and Ava turning into Back-to-Back Badasses to take on Blackbeard and his crew.

     Episode 13: No Country for Old Dads 
  • Wally proves his metal to the Legends when he not only manages to save Ray from Damian and Nora but also snatch the Fire Totem.
  • Damien's fight with his past self. Followed by Nora finally gaining control of the Anansi totem and using its power to help knock Past!Damien out, and then the father-daughter duo kicking the asses of every East German soldier who comes their way.

     Episode 15: Necromancing the Stone 
  • When confronted by Death Sara using her brother's image, Zari refuses to let herself fall for it, saying that it isn't real.
  • Everything about Mick bonding with the fire totem.
    • Despite Mick claiming that he isn't a hero, Mick barely has time to tell Amaya it didn't work before the totem bonds with him, and the bond is shown by what looks like fire travelling through his chest and then through his veins, until he opens his eyes again and they're lit up orange before fading back to their normal color.
    • Mick bonding with the totem distracts Death/Mallus!Sara and prevents her from killing Constantine.
    • Seconds after bonding with the totem, Mick can already use the pyrokinetic abilities well enough to create a fireball and catch Sara off guard. Then, while Sara's busy holding back the first one, throws a fireball that knocks her to the ground.

     Episode 16: I, Ava 
  • How quickly the aura of the Anansi totem changed from purple to blue once it was around Amaya's neck. It knows who its rightful owner-and lineage by extension-is.
  • Thanks to Amaya losing her totem, history has now changed so that Mari never gets it. And despite this, she's still a Badass Normal vigilante risking life and limb to clean up Detroit.

     Episode 17: Guest Starring John Noble 
  • The rather rediculous plan of tricking Nora into going to the Waverider by making it seem like Mallus is telling her to do seeking out John Noble and having him record some lines. And it works.
  • Just when Grodd is about to kill Old!Amaya and her daughter, Nate comes charging in with the Earth totem and launches Grodd out of the village.
  • A special mention should be given to Old!Amaya, who was literally about to attack Grodd with her bare hands.
     Episode 18: The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly 
  • Rip sacrificing himself to delay Mallus and buy the Legends time to escape.
  • Sara's Rousing Speech just before the big fight.
    "Today, we earn the name Legends."
  • Helen of Troy is revealed to now be a badass amazon warrior that picked up how to work a pistol effortlessly.
  • The free-for-all against Mallus' army of Roman legionaries, Vikings, and pirates:
    • Mick gets revenge on Caesar for breaking his nose back in the season premiere by returning the favor.
    • Amaya's sword duel with Blackbeard. Just when it looks like he's got the upper hand, disarming her with a quick pistol shot, Nate tosses her another sword and she disarms the pirate captain, sending him running.
    • Helen of Troy making good use of sword and revolver against the enemy.
    • Zari and Hex planting and detonating dynamite, blowing up most of the Mooks.
  • At the climax of the episode, the Legends figure out how to use the totems and come together to create a figure to defeat Mallus. However, due to Nate having something pop into his head, which the others latch on to, the figure the Legends create is a giant, living, breathing Beebo. And the funny thing? Beebo defeats Mallus.
    Beebo: Beebo wants cuddles! (body slams Mallus into the ground)

Season 4

     Episode 4: Wet Hot American Bummer  
  • Kid Ava and Sara taking down the Sthriga with some awesome teamwork!

     Episode 6: Tender Is The Nate 
  • Sara laying out Ernest Hemingway with one punch.
  • Hank singing the Minotaur to sleep with a pretty awesome rendition of James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James".

     Episode 11: Seance And Sensibility 

     Episode 14: Nip/Stuck 
  • Constantine gets several moments, close together:
    • About to be thrown into Hell by his ancestor King Konstantyn, he uses his own magic to stop the portal, then break free and quickly disarm the King in a duel.
    • He then has another duel with Neron, and actually beats him, only stopping from delivering a finishing blow in order to save Ray instead.
    • Which leads to his next moment, as he willing jumps into the hell portal in order to find and free Ray.
  • Mona, turning into Wolfie, frees Ava and Nora from Gary's hypnotic control, then bites out his hypnotizing nipple and throws him through a glass wall.

Season 5

     Special Episode: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part Five 

     Episode 1: Meet the Legends 
  • During the opening montage, the creators actually give 4 YouTubers, namely BlindWave, Free Bicycle Tours, abnormallyadam, and Married2theReal who regularly do reaction videos to the series, a cameo!
  • The immortal Rasputin is defeated by Sara tossing a shrunken Ray down his throat and then having him grow back to full size, reducing Rasputin to Ludicrous Gibs.

     Episode 3: Slay Anything 
  • Ava distracting Kathy Meyers by inviting her to tell her story, giving Sara time to grab a fire axe. Pity Kathy still manages to get the upper hand thanks to her telekinetic powers.
  • For a kid who's been tormented by his schoolmates and is clearly close with his mother, watching Freddy stand up to her and refuse to help her kill them all is fairly impressive.
  • Behrad charging in to save Zari, Freddy, Tiffany, and the other kids from Kathy with the Air Totem in 1989.
    Zari: Totally get why you stole that.

     Episode 5: Mortal Khanbat 
  • Ava Dual Wielding guns and seamlessly fighting alongside an undercover Hong Kong cop she just met.
  • A Mongolian army invading via motorized scooters.
  • Behrad saving Charlie with a Bullet Catch via his Air Totem.
    Charlie: I told you you could stop bullets.
    Behrad: (grinning) Not how I wanted to find out!

     Episode 11: Freaks and Greeks 
  • Sara beating Dionysus at beer pong, while blind.

     Episode 12: I Am Legends 
  • Gary being useful for probably the first time ever, by way of secreting the Loom pieces away from literal gods with a simple sleight of hand trick.
    • Oh, but it gets better! After the Fates have caught him and have left Astra to him, he's ultimately able to use his humanity to bring Astra out of the nihilistic funk the Fates have subjected her to, convincing her that her memories of her mother are important and that living a full life with her is worth fighting for even if she ultimately will have to watch her die some day.

     Episode 14: Swan Thong 
  • Behrad and New Zari combine their control of the Air Totem to throw Atropos into the Loom. Sara then combines Atropos' own thread with the Loom and strangles her with it, causing the Loom to explode and killing Atropos.
  • The Legends breaking Lachesis control of the population by publicly calling her out on the flaws in her philosophy while the Zaris shut down the substitute Loom program she was feeding people through their smart watches.
  • The Legends fighting Lachesis' Encores using a bunch of random objects and holding their own, until Charlie shows up with the Hell weapons, which they use to finish the Encores off with.

Season 6

     Episode 5: The Satanist's Apprentice 
  • The entire animated sequence. Not just the sheer fact that it exists and brings the show's zanyness to a whole 'nother level, but the animation quality is just outstandingly great.

     Episode 15: Fungus Among Us 
  • Spooner discovers that she has the ability to transfer powers between her teammates, leading to Ava borrowing Nate's steel skin, Mick getting Zari's wind powers, and Sara getting Astra's magic powers.
  • Sara and Ava's Now or Never Kiss convinces the Fountain of Imperium that humanity is worth saving after all, resulting in a massive energy wave that drive the Zagulons back.
  • Bishop being Eaten Alive by the Necrian hatchlings. It's a Cruel and Unusual Death for sure, but he absolutely deserved it.

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