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    Season 1 

Booster Gold will show up somehow.
Either as a character or as an indirect mention.
  • And Rip can't stand him, especially since Booster is his dad.
  • If he does show, since Ray in the Arrowverse is a composite of the Atom and Blue Beetle, they'll get up to doing Justice League International-style shenanigans, complete with "Bwah-Ha-Ha"s and all.

Ronnie Raymond is absent because he's incapacitated or worse.
Whatever happens, it will go down in the Flash finale.
  • Jossed, Ronnie survives the finale.
    • Double Jossed, Ronnie seems to die in the Flash Season 2 opener.

Sara was lazarus-dunked by Nyssa.
With Malcolm Merlyn now heading the League of Assassins as the new Ra's al-Ghul Nyssa is going to need someone she can absolutely trust in order to bring him down.
  • Or Malcolm let her get dunked so Oliver and the others leave him alone.
  • Jossed in season 4, episode 3 of Arrow. Ironically enough Nyssa is completely against the idea of resurrecting Sara due to her being dead so long. Malcolm does it, but not so the others leave him alone but to make Thea happy.

The Lazarus Pit will have an effect on her rivalling the likes of Jason Todd, taking away what previous reluctance she had to murder, as well as making her more than a little unhinged.
  • Confirmed. Behind the Scenes news states that Sara will have lost her humanity and possibly have her own plot to try and regain it.

Heatwave will be killed off.
Potentially early in the series. He's rather absent from the trailer (in fact, I don't recall one sighting of him during it which wasn't footage from the Flash compared to the everyone else who had fresh footage). He will be killed off, and his death with be the push that Cold needs to actually try and work with the others.
  • Heatwave is somewhat redundant since the team already has Firestorm.
    • Alternatively he won't be up to playing the hero as much as the others and is kicked off the team.
  • To the dismay of all Heatwave fans, confirmed as of 'Marooned'. Then immediately subverted.
  • And then inverted in the final two episodes of Season One. Cold is the one who gets killed off and whose death leads to Heatwave becoming less abrasive towards the rest of the team.

The series will introduce DC characters from other time periods.
Since the team is forced to travel to different points in time, they will team up with the Demon Knights, The Justice Society, Jonah Hex, and The Legion of Super Heroes to fight elements of Savage's empire in various time periods.
  • Calling it now, the LSH one is a Poorly Disguised Pilot.
  • Confirmed for The Justice Society and Jonah Hex, the rest have yet to be seen.

Mick Rory is Jonah Hex.
Mick is Snart's best fried so I think Snart would just freeze his hand or something instead of killing him, so while stranded the Time Masters will strike deal with Mick, they will help him get revenge by changing his face and sending him to the Old West as the legendary bounty hunter Jonah Hex. The Time Masters most likely know that Rip would end up in the Wild West and they could easily change Mick's face to be disfigured just like the legend. He will most likely make amends with the group and stay in the Wild West for possible redemption.
  • Jossed. Mick Rory and Jonah Hex are two separate people.

Jay Jackson is...
  • Jay Garrick with a Race Lift. Garrick's helmet appeared through a time vortex in the Flash's season finale, possibly confirming that he's a) in existence, and B) a time traveler. The use of his own first name is to prepare people to call him Jay, while still maintaining some anonymity.
    • Jossed. Jay will appear in Flash season 2, played by Teddy Sears.
  • Wally West. He's already gotten a Race Lift in the comics and his family has in the show, the name is alliterative in both cases, and it can be argued that Wally is actually more famous than Jay. They concealed his name because West would be a giveaway, and Wally wouldn't be much of an improvement in terms of keeping up the mystery.
    • Jossed: Wally will be in Flash season 2, played by Keiynan Lonsdale.
  • A fusion of Jay Garrick and Wally West.
    • Jossed, as above.
  • The new other half of Firestorm. Possibly Jason Rusch since they've recasted before. But maybe a new character.
    • Correct.
  • Vandal Savage. Nowadays it's widely believed that the earliest humans were from Africa, explaining the Race Lift.

Captain Cold and White Canary will start dating during the course of the series.
Cause what's a better way than to hook up both Ensemble Darkhorses of Arrow and The Flash.
  • Jossed. Sara will have a lesbian love interest from the 50s.
  • Double jossed in the episode Destiny, where Snart reveals his love for her and the two end up kissing while Snart Sacrifices himself

Chronos will appear.
As both the archenemy of The Atom AND a time-traveler, it makes perfect sense.
  • Confirmed in the pilot.

Per Degaton will appear.
As another time-traveler villain, his inclusion also makes sense.
  • Rip mentions him in the pilot, making this even more likely.
  • Confirmed, he's Savage's pupil and pawn at the time he rises to power. He's not time traveling though.

Rip Hunter will note the absence of Superman/Krypton from the primary timeline.
And Ray will be the one to react. "Super-who?"
  • Potentially confirmed, Rip mentions “Men of Steel dying and Dark Knights falling.” in the new teaser.

Snart will start using the "Citizen Cold" alias
As he transitions into being more of an Anti-Villain or Anti-Hero.
  • He is beginning to transition to more of a hero. Mick called him out on it in "Star City 2046."
  • Sadly jossed for now after his Heroic Sacrifice in 'Destiny'

Ray will compare Rip to the Doctor
As stated in Arrow, Ray is a Doctor Who fan and the similarities are too big for him to ignore. He might even mention how much Rip resembles one of the Doctor's companions.
  • It will be revealed that Rip either deliberately or accidentally inspired the creation of Doctor Who during a trip to 1963.

Rip is a Timelord
He met Rory Williams at some point and took his likeness when he regenerated.

Martin was recruited for his scientific knowledge, not for his Firestorm powers.
  • Because if you wanted Firestorm, recruiting Martin without Ronnie would be a stupid thing to do.
  • Suprisingly discussed but ultimately jossed. Martin THOUGHT they might want his scientific knowledge, but ultimately he was recruited together with Jax.

In a case of Adaptational Villainy, Rip Hunter will turn out to be Evil All Along.

They'll bring in Hourman at some point
He's a time related hero, and they announced they were gonna try to make a series for him a few years back that didn't seem to take off, so it seems natural.
  • Confirmed. He shows up in the final moments of Season One, warning the rest of the team not to board the Waverider.

Time Trapper will be brought in as a villain at some point, perhaps during Season 2 and debut in a fleeting Season 1 guest appearance.
  • Despite being a LOSH villain, he's also mainly affiliated with Time Travel and is a true Time Master himself.
  • He was probably deemed so dangerous, the Time Masters thought the only way to defeat him was to send him back in time and trap him in the Eternity Glass.
  • In order to make him less OP, perhaps he will serve as The Dragon to Season 2's villain, only for him to become The Usurper and take over as Big Bad, ala JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time.
    • They could also introduce the Eternity Glass from that film as well in Season 1, to hold back his powers until such time as he does take over and in essence make himself and the Eternity Glass Chekhov's Gunman and Chekhov's Gun respectfully to pop up again in Season 2.
  • Although he was mainly a LOSH villain, Time Trapper actually did fight the Super Friends at one point, and was a major player in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds.
  • The creators could toy around with the idea of Time Trapper actually turning out to be a future version of various other characters sprinkled throughout the show, and the most prominent theory is that he's a Valeyard-esque, aged Rip Hunter.
    • To play with this, the Time Trapper's identity could be a different person each time. Due to the actions of the team. Yet, has the memories of every person s/he is/was.
    • Zaman Druce will become the Time Trapper. The explosion of the Oculus didn't kill him, but sent him to the End of Time.
    • Alternatively, Time Trapper could be a personification of time itself, able to perform Grand Theft Me on specific beings, explaining how he could have multiple aliases. The Eternity Glass could still be a Restraining Bolt but in a more sinister light, given the standard attitude of the Time Masters Council. He could even be a Godzilla Threshold thanks to the actions of Rip Hunter and the Legends, giving the Time Masters no choice but to unleash something so powerful to possess one of their own and take the team out.
      • The Eternity Glass could be an alternate means for someone (in this case the Trapper himself) to screw around with the time stream, so it acts both as a MacGuffin and a Villain-Beating Artifact.
  • Jossed for the Season 1 appearance. Season 2 is still up in the air.
    • Jossed for Season 2, but Season 3 is most likely with the end of Season 2.

The team will go back in time to a planet called Krypton and prevent its destruction.
Establishing that the Arrowverse and the Supergirl universe are part of the same multiverse.
  • Unless they're in the same universe.
    • They're alternate universes, as shown in The Flash, but this would be an interesting Crisis event to merge the two universes into one.

The Team will visit Atlantis before it sunk
Jay confirms that it exists on Earth-2 and is still standing in the Flash episode "The Darkness and the Light". It's very likely that it existed in Earth-1 as well, and just wasn't so lucky.

Kendra Saunders will regain all her memories and becomes Shiera Saunders
They'll do a reverse storyline and have Kendra become Shiera after she retains all her memories of her past lives instead of the other way around.

Kendra will attempt suicide and become Shiera.

Sara and Ray will begin dating in Legends of Tomorrow.
In "Green Arrow", we see that 6 months in the future, someone (likely Felicity) has died. This death would make sense, as comic book fans know that Oliver and Laurel are supposed to end up together. However, how better to placate the fans than by creating a virtually identical relationship on Legends? It has been noted many times in Season 2 how similar Oliver and Sara are, and in Season 3 how similar Ray and Felicity are. If Oliver and Felicity could get such a huge following, why not Sara and Ray?
  • Jossed, it's revealed that Sara has a lesbian love interest form the 50s.

Carter Hall will die... permanently
Rip does say that some of them won't survive, maybe it's Carter's who'll kick the bucket for good?
  • Slightly Confirmed. He will reincarnate but not until Kendra dies.

Vandal Savage is the reason why Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman don't exist in the Arrowverse
Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are conspicuous for their absence in the Arrowverse. This series will reveal that Vandal Savage's time travel shenanigans are responsible for preventing their emergence as heroes:
  • He had Joe Chill killed before he could murder Thomas and Martha Wayne.
    • The Wayne Tech seen in the future newspaper seen in The Flash is run by a Bruce Wayne who never became Batman.
  • He prevented Steve Trevor from crashing down in Themiscyra.
  • He sent an interstellar message with all the information needed to prevent the destruction of Krypton.
    • Potentially confirmed, Rip mentions “Men of Steel dying and Dark Knights falling.” in the new teaser.
  • Alternately, they've yet to appear.

Speed Saunders will show up
In the comics, he's Kendra's Grandfather and a renown adventurer/secret agent. He'll help the team out in his own way, and help Kendra with her past lives issues as they have a VERY close relationship in the comics as well.

Sara will be the one to hook up with Valentina Vostok
The announcement or the character's casting claims that Ray Palmer and Captain Cold will be trying to earn Valentina Vostok's affections. But it will turn out that they will both fail and Sara will be the one to succeed in seducing her.
  • Jossed. Nobody actually succeeded in seducing her. She was Firestorm.

Captain Cold meeting himself as a child
The second trailer shows Leonard tapping a kid in the chest, possibly inspiring his younger self to keep on living under the abusive lifestyle for the future.

Vandal Savage will become a spirit who'll possess his descendants.
Just like Hath-Set in the comics, whom he's a composite character with. Thus coming full-circle with the character. He'll possess his descendant, Dr. Anton Hastor.

Mekanique will appear.
  • Gideon will gain a robot body resembling Mekanique.

The team will visit a future resembling Kingdom Come.
The team will meet the future version of themselves:
  • Green Arrow (William)
  • Black Canary (Oliver and Laurel's daughter)
  • Hawkman and Hawkgirl (actual bird-people)
  • The Flash who's one with the Speed Force (Barry Allen or Wally West)
  • Red Arrow (Thea Queen)
  • The Atom (Adam Cray, Ryan Choi, or Rhonda Pineda)

In order to learn more about Savage, the team will turn to his daughter for help
Bringing a fan favorite character like Scandal Savage into the series would be a smart move, and open up the possibility of the Secret Six appearing in the Arrowverse.
  • Assuming she doesn't get back together with Nyssa, she could end up being another love interest for Sara.
  • Sort of confirmed. Cassandra Savage only appears in one episode, but the team manages to convince her to help them against her father.

Resurrection Man will appear.
He'll be a composite character with Immortal Man, since they both have the same ability. He'll turn out to be even older than Vandal Savage, as he was around when the first meteorites (used to create the knife and staff) crashed, giving him his ability.

The reason why Vandal Savage has successfully conquered the world
It's not due to Merlyn seeminlgy planning to revive him at the end of Arrow S 4 E 8 Legends Of Yesterday. Rather, it's due to an unintended consequence of time travel. In the aforementioned episode, Vandal Savage manages to kill all of the heroes and wipe out Central City in the process. What if this timeline isn't erased by Barry's time travel, but rather continues to co-exist alongside the new one that Barry created after time-travelling? This would now mean that all of Central City and all of its inhabitants within (including most of Team Arrow and all of Team Flash) have now been killed. However, Ray Palmer is still in Star City, Jax and Stein are in Pittsburgh, and Snart is in Iron Heights (near Keystone City). It's possible Sara had already left Central City by the time Team Flarrow arrived (since she is absent from the episode), and Mick may not have been in the city at the time. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are both dead, but they always reincarnate anyway. In short, it's possible that all eight heroes of Lo T survive Vandal's destruction of Central City, which explains why they later become legends in the future. We know that Vandal Savage conquers the world. What if this somehow happens from this timeline that Barry time traveled from, and exists now as an Alternate Universe that somehow crosses into the main one?
  • Probably not. Cisco was recently confirmed to be in the show. The first trailer actually showed Oliver and Barry assembling the team. Barry and Laurel will also be in the show, and Laurel was "killed" and Barry would have no way of getting back.
  • Oficially jossed. Oliver has appeared, proving this is still the same timeline.

The team will meet Aldus Boardman in 1975 at St. Roch University
They will know about Aldus Boardman because of the tape he'd recorded that gave Team Arrow and Team Flash (plus the Hawks) the information they needed to defeat Vandal Savage in the Arrow/Flash crossover. Of course, when the team encounters him in 1975 he knows absolutely nothing about Vandal Savage. Its through the events that occur in 1975 with the team that Boardman learns about Savage, and makes sure to record that tape about the calamity that created Savage and the artifacts that can destroy him...which was how the team learned about him in the first place, causing a Stable Time Loop.
  • In the pilot the team do go back to St. Roch University in 1975 and meet Aldus Boardman...the rest mentioned didn't happen, though. He most likely recorded the tape long before they arrived.

The team becomes Legends of Tomorrow
Rip reveals that the team was chosen because their effect on the timeline is negligible. In attempting to stop Savage, and possibly succeeding, the team eventually becomes their namesake.
  • The team is the Arrowverse version of the Forgotten Heroes. In the comics, Rip Hunter was a member and they were banded together initially to defeat Vandal Savage.

The Time Masters reason for not contesting Savage.
Savage actually establishes the Council. So the reason they don't interfere is to ensure their continued existence.
  • It seems plausible, since "River of Time" confirms that at the very least, the Time Council has been in cahoots with Savage all along.

The team are forgotten in the future because Rip recruited them.
Trying to rescue Aldus Boardman is what led to his death. For some reason, the team never returns to their proper time, therefore Rip Hunter finds no records of them and decides they would make the perfect recruits.
  • This is doubly plausible when you think about the fact that none of the team are actually present in the current events of Arrow or Flash which they should be. That's at least what Rip fed Palmer. They would handle their mission and then pop back mere minutes after they left. Clearly THAT didn't happen.
Aldus Boardman is only Kendra's son, not Carter's
Boardman specifically approaches Kendra and calls her "Mother." Although Carter responds as though Boardman is talking to both of them ("How old were you when we...) and calls Boardman "our son" when talking to Rip, Boardman never actually addresses Carter at any time when talking about his backstory and never calls him Father— because Boardman is actually the child of Kendra's past self and a completely different man. Knowing that Carter has been her lover for many lifetimes, Boardman didn't bring it up because he thought it would be awkward. Realizing this will help Kendra understand that she doesn't have to play her life out the same way every time, and that she is free to make different choices in this lifetime than she did in others, even if Carter disapproves.
  • I thought the baby in the picture was darker then both parents. I assumed that he was adopted. It is possible that Kendra was a widower who was married prior . Then after her husband died she met Carter who revealed their backstory.
  • Possibly confirmed when Savage came across Kendra who was pretending to be married to Ray and did not seem to be surprised to see her with someone besides Carter. Seeing as he has come across her countless times before it would make sense that Carter and Kendra had partners before their Awakenings and even children with other partners before meeting up.
    • Jossed in the flashbacks of "Progeny," although "The Magnificent Eight" confirms that Kendra has had romances with men other than Carter (although implied to only be during times when Carter is not alive).

The team will fight Savage during World War II.
We were introduced to Vandal Savage in Justice League when he sent 21st century technology back to aid Germany during WWII. Plus the show has established he was around during that time. Leading up to the team fighting alongside Allied troops. It would also give DC a chance to brush off some of the heroes from that time period and give them a bit of an update. For further thought perhaps the reason why Savage conquers the world in 2166 is because the team's actions result in his world conquest being delayed. So he wins in 2166 instead of say 2026.
  • Perhaps while fighting Savage the team meets Lady Blackhawk, who asks for them to take her to the present.
  • Partially Confirmed. none of the above actually happens, but the team manages to intercept Vandal Savage during WWII during the first season finale, where he is attempting to acquire the original meteors responsible for his and the Hawks immortality. This leads to a three way battle between the Legends, a squad of German soldiers, and a contingent of Savage's army that he had brought with him from 2166.

The reason the members of the team are not well known in the future is specifically because they are redacted until after Hunter follows through on his plan and returns victorious.
In Justice League some members of the team were pulled into the future in order to help during a time of crisis. The History records showed that one of them never returned. Everyone assumed it was because Supergirl died. When in fact she chose to stay in the future with Brainiac. So it is possible that Hunter may show up 24 hours after he left the future and find a bunch of redacted historical records being made available once more uncensored. Each one detailing the legend and exploits of each member of his team.
  • Seemingly jossed for now. The first season ends with Rip failing to save his family, and once Savage is dead, he and the team set out to travel through time fighting evil.

Carter's next incarnation.
Will be Katar Hol.
  • Jossed.

The god Horus was an ancient alien from planet Thanagar
It would help reconcile the reincarnated and alien versions of the Hawkpeople.
  • Partly Confirmed, Partly Jossed. [[Horus wasn't from Thanagar, but the meteors that gave Savage and the Hawks their immortality were actually pieces of Thanagarian technology sent to Earth in advance for a future invasion.]]

Captain Cold will die in a Heroic Sacrifice, possibly saving Ray. Or vice versa.
The "I'm a survivor...One day you'll wish you were one too." bit makes me think that, come season finale (whether it be this season or next), one of the two will die saving the other, allowing for a small call back like with one of the two snarking to the other about it before passing away.
  • Confirmed, though indirectly. Mick knocks out Ray and takes his place in detonating the Oculus...And then Snart knocks Heat Wave out and takes HIS place, ending up being the actual one to detonate the Oculus.

The Nth metal meteorites are of Thanagarian origin.
They are pieces of Thanagarian warships destroyed in a battle with Ichthultu, who will be the Big Bad of the second season.
  • This is definitely a possibility following the events of the episode "Destiny"
    • And immediately confirmed in the following episode, where Savage reveals that they are Thanagarian technology, and as a result of their contact with the meteors, Savage, Kendra, and Carter all have Thanagarian DNA in their system.

Vandal Savage's backstory is a lie.
Hath Set was just another of his many aliases, he has actually been around for far longer than Egypt. The idea that his life force is linked to Khufu and Chay-Ara is a lie that he started to lure his enemies out into the open. The real reason that he's been hunting the Hawks isn't necessity, it's for sport. To a bored immortal like Savage, the idea of a pair of eternally reincarnating warriors who can learn and adapt to his tactics, but never actually kill him, is the perfect diversion.
  • The main piece of evidence for this is his use of flint knives, which ties him to the stone age, rather than an age where metalworking was often used.
  • Unable to kill him, the team will be forced to trap him in the time nexus that they used to hide from Chronos.
  • This theory is complicated by the fact that Savage has been shown absorbing the life force of the Hawks onscreen.
    • He could still gain some magical power from them through the ritual, it's just not tied to his immortality.
  • Jossed.

Or Vandal was already immortal before the business with the Hawks, and because of it his immortality is now tied to them.

In connection with the above, one of the team, possibly Rip, is actually the latest incarnation of The Immortal Man.
Whoever it is is not yet aware of his identity, but will learn it over the course of the series.

Kendra and Savage will perform a Mutual Kill in the Season 1 Finale.
  • Jossed. In an epic move, Kendra, Sara, and Mick kill Savage in three time periods simultaneously, destroying him forever.

Because Vandal Savage has seen the faces of those trying to stop him in 1975, the Legends will need to enlist another hero (that he wouldn't recognize) to spy on him
  • Jossed

For example, The Flash or a member of Team Arrow, since Vandal Savage doesn't first encounter them until 2015. And hell, if they want to go further than 2016 into the future, they could even get Roy Harper, who Vandal Savage has never met at all.

The team will meet a reincarnated Hawkman who doesn't remember Kendra/Chay-Ara
Leading to a Role Reversal where, for once, she is the one who tells him about their shared history, and who is trying to make him fall in love with her.
  • Likely jossed by Word of God. The producers have said Hawkman won't reincarnate until Kendra dies, which judging from The Flash, could be a while. But BTS pictures and some of the actor's instagrams/twitters tell us that Carter IS coming back but possibly won't remember Kendra.
    • Actually confirmed in "Leviathan". The team travels to 2166 to stop Savage just days before he completes his world conquest, and they do meet Carter's next incarnation, who was brainwashed by Savage and works as his adjutant.

Rip Hunter is a descendant of Oliver Jonas Queen.
Why else would his son be named Jonas?
  • Possibly after his grandfather, Jonar?
  • "The Magnificent Eight" implies he was named after Jonah Hex, as Rip felt guilty about leaving the 19th century and abandoning Jonah and a whole town to be destroyed.

Stein is being controlled by Mister Mind.
He's acting way out of character, doesn't recognize a former student, and when he meets his younger self he is obsessed with his "lush hair" and "beautiful brain".
  • Jossed.

Connor Hawke is the son of Diggle and Lyla.
Looking at the Legends of Tomorrow casting for Connor Hawke, this seems likely. Diggle may well be the one to go, and it could be while Lyla is pregnant again. When Connor grows up, Oliver and Laurel (probably not Felicity at this point) will take Connor under their wing and train him, and Connor will become the new Green Arrow.
  • Confirmed. And since timelines resemble each other...

Older William will be played by Justin Hartley.
Greg Berlanti seems to love having the previous actors of his current characters do a Remake Cameo by casting them as someone related to their previous character note . This time he will do the inversion, with the previous live-action Green Arrow play the current one's son. There's an episode titled "Star City 2046", and Hartley's age will fit William's around that time.
  • Jossed. No sign of William.
  • Jossed his older self is played by Ben Lewis in Arrow flashfowards that started in season 7.

Connor Hawke will be Red Arrow instead in a future episode, with William being the actual second Green Arrow.
Connor is the Red Arrow in the current continuity. William's case will be an extreme Casting Gag (see previous theory). While Word of God said that Connor will don the mantle of "a legendary hero", it doesn't necessarily mean Green Arrow. Roy (or maybe Thea) might be a legendary hero at that time too.
  • Jossed. Connor Hawke is actually John Diggle Jr.

All members of Team Arrow sans Oliver himself are dead in the episode "Star City 2046".
Katie Cassidy and David Ramsey are the only Arrow cast members confirmed to appear other than Stephen Amell himself, and both are confirmed to only appear in The Present Day scenes. It will also be a good way not to potentially spoil the "who's in the grave?" arc of Season 4.
  • Confirmed.

Barry has Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence in future episodes.
It has been established that he will disappear in the year 2024. The first future episode will be set on 2046, 22 years after that. There's also a story in the comics where Barry becomes part of the Speed Force, which will likely be the cause of his disappearance. Maybe he will reappear as part of the Speed Force looking something like this.

In future episodes, Wally West is now The Flash.
Again, it has been established that Barry will disappear in the year 2024. The first future episode will be set on 2046, 22 years after that. It's more than enough time for him to establish himself as a full-fledged hero, if not, a legend in his own right.

Bart Allen will appear in future episodes.
Especially if they travel around Rip's time. Inertia will likely appear too.

Eobard Thawne's parents will appear in future episodes.
Eobard said in the Season 1 finale of The Flash (2014) that "he will be born 150 years from now", making it 2165. Rip came from 2166. Expect dark Call Forwards.
  • He actually said 136 years, which would be 2151—but still very close to 2166.
  • Original Theorist: Then, 15 year old Eobard will appear. He'll probably be a sociopathic teenager.
    • As a version of Inertia possibly?

Ronnie Raymond will reappear.
Robbie Amell has been teasing that he will not only return as Deathstorm (Ronnie's Earth-2 counterpart), and both he and Victor Garber kinda spoiled it in their Instagrams. If so, then he's probably stuck on a different part of history rather than on a different Earth.

In the Wild West episode with Jonah Hex, Nighthawk and Cinnamon (the Hawks at the time) will appear.
Kendra will be mistaken for Cinnamon.
  • Jossed, for Carter, although his 19th-century incarnation, Hannibal Hawkes, is mentioned. The one who actually mentions him is an unnamed older woman who happens to be Kendra's 19th-century incarnation.

Savage's cult is the source of vampire mythology in the Arrow-verse
The members of the Cult that worship Vandal Savage get a prolonged live of several centuries from drinking the blood Hawkman and Hankgirl every time Savage kills them. This element of prolonged life through blood drinking may have given rise to vampire myths across the world.

Vandal Savage will become stranded in the Stone Age
He'll obviously try and use this to make his cult even earlier than he did before, but because he's dealing with neanderthals he'll be known for the longest time as Vandar Adg.
  • Jossed.

Someone will tag along to replace Hawkman with the Legends
There's an extra seat on the Waverider. Who knows who will step up to the plate and become the Sixth Ranger.
  • Jossed. Hawkman's seat remains empty for the remainder of the season. But after Vandal Savage is killed, Both Hawgirl and the reincarnated Hawkman retire from the team to try and live a normal life now that they don't have to fear being hunted down by Savage.

The Final Battle with Savage will take place in...

The Time Masters will ultimately be the Final Boss, not Savage
They're giving the heroes more hard time than Savage himself does.
  • Possibly, after the team defeat Savage for good.
  • Partly confirmed. The Time Masters have been in league with Savage from the very beginning, so now with Savage out of the way they could very well be the Big Bad of Season 2.

Sara will ultimately be cured of her bloodlust.
Using the Lotus.

Rip Hunter is quite literally Not Himself, and the man wearing his face is working in cahoots with Vandal Savage to enforce the Stable Time Loop resulting in Savage's conquest.
Rip has come across as a terrible leader, making several ill-advised or unsavory decisions and moves with easy backfires through the first few episodes of the show. Among these include:
  • Trying to kill Savage in his Egyptian past without packing advanced future weaponry to do it despite having centuries of advance time to do so.
  • Recruiting a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits consisting of Arrowverse B-players on a mission to kill an immortal would-be conqueror.
  • Convincing the team to get on his side by twisting back and forth about whether they're legends or forgotten while initially lying to them about his status with the Time Masters.
  • Either not knowing or not caring to tell the gang that only Kendra could kill Savage until Carter has already tried and lost his own life for it.
  • Incapacitating and impaling Savage yet not bringing him to the ship for Kendra to kill himnote  and instead leaving him alive to recover for a decade and set out on a path to create a Soviet Firestorm.
  • Having Sara and Kendra train to balance their warrior and human sides by fighting each other only to ice them while leaving their teammates out to dry in Moscow, then turn around and give Sara a contingency order to kill a teammate on the ensuing rescue mission while still icing Kendra until her and Jax's protests.

Long story short, as a captain, this man is blatantly in over his head at best. Now this might be the whole point of the story, and Rip is easily not the only character on this show to choke the Idiot Ball on a number of occasions, but again, he and his Gideon AI recruited this team as well as set the tone for them running around haphazardly through time. And sure, the occasional naive error is entirely possible. But when the mission has devolved into a comedy of errors to the point the team finds itself celebrating managing to not screw up the timeline worse in episode 5 and had to defy his orders to even accomplish that, when logically they should've been able to end Savage numerous times already, it starts to get a little suspicious.

However, we know from the Book-Ends of episode 1 that Vandal killed Rip's wife and son and Rip was heartbroken about it. So there's no way Rip Hunter in his right mind would ever work with Savage. Double however, as has been established by The Flash, there are ways of taking on someone else's appearance.

That brings us to our theory: Rip Hunter was body-snatched, killed, or otherwise taken out of play and replaced shortly after mourning his family's murder by someone who is working with Vandal Savage. This person is deliberately using Rip's appearance and motive of grief to commandeer a time ship and mess with history just enough to enforce the timeline where he conquers the world in the 22nd century under the guise of trying to stop it.

"Trying to kill" Savage back in ancient Egypt but without taking advantage of infinite future weapons at his disposal established the legend of the "garib" which helped Savage gather his cult. Assembling a team instead of "going rogue" by himself ensured that his machinations to help Savage's conquest could be disguised as simple mistakes. Making this a B-team full of clashing parts while deceiving them about aspects of their purpose was a way to ensure early screw-ups. Acting against the Time Masters in the process ensured that the team would have an extra obstacle in their path adding to their woes. When "errors" didn't come naturally from the others he made sure to produce them himself with moves such as blatantly trying to keep teammates out of the Moscow mission.

Going by some of the speculation in the Adaptational Villainy WMG above, this person could be either a minion of Savage, an ally of his, or The Man Behind the Man. The former is unlikely, as anyone competent enough to see this plan through would naturally have issues acting as just a lackey to Savage. The latter is a bit more likely, but enforcing a time loop where Savage conquers the Earth is pretty limited reach for what a mastermind acting above him could do with a plot like this. The most likely option is easily for this person to be a co-conspirator, who gains some sort of opportunity from Savage's rise to power. This co-conspirator might also be a Treacherous Advisor, with no interest in prolonging or extending Savage's rule, only in establishing it. The most likely party for this? Eobard Thawne.

1) For those who haven't seen The Flash season 2 episode 11…the title is "The Reverse-Flash Returns", and it turns out Eobard Thawne still exists due to time remnants of the Speed Force protecting him and linking him to the timeline. Considering all the implications that Thawne and Barry fought each other across several different timelines, not the least of which being Thawne's own knowledge of future history, it's entirely possible that he and Vandal Savage would've met at some point, and that the time remnants still cover that.

2) Rip uses a Gideon AI just like Eobard did in The Flash season 1. It may or may not be the same one; however, we know from The Flash that Barry was the one who created the first Gideon. It would be awfully convenient is something Barry created, that his worst enemy hijacked for his own purposes, also just happened to be duplicated for use by the Time Masters, characters who Barry has never been implied to have any ties to. Which is what Gideon's presence aboard a time vessel is supposed to indicate at face value.

3) According to Rip's protestations to the Time Masters, he makes the case that the conquest of Vandal Savage will essentially end the timeline. However, the Time Masters themselves consider it to be part of the natural flow of time—implying that there is a Stable Time Loop involved—though their knowledge that they or any of their own has anything to do with it is probably limited, given that they frequently try to stop Rip anyway. Furthermore, one of the things Eobard would typically say when he killed someone is that they've been "dead for centuries"—implying that he somehow knows the Arrowverse has more than 200 years ahead of itself, as he would have no reason to embellish or lie about something like this to someone he just killed. Savage's conquest takes hold in 150 years. So implying even to the Time Masters themselves that the end of the world is nigh because of Savage's rule is kinda BS. And Thawne is an expert at BS'ing people when he needs to. Sure, it's implied that Rip lied because he wants the crusade to be taken more seriously than just his vendetta, but again, with the allies and resources and time at his disposal, save for the frequent Plot-Induced Stupidity it should've been done by now.

4) As evidenced with Harrison Wells, Thawne is not only a superstar at playing the Long Game and pulling off a Dead Person Impersonation to advance his goals, he has the device to steal someone else's genetic code in order to Kill and Replace them. Perhaps a future Savage helped him get that technology, plus some sort of method to reverse it and regain his own appearance, and in return he used it to help ensure Savage's rule? As for why he would bother using the ship to travel through time instead of using his speed to do it; not only is it part of the facade of being Rip Hunter, it helps him conserve his Speed Force energy since he obviously needs to do so. And impersonating Rip is easier than impersonating Wells because there's no personal life to overlook since Rip was a Time Master who just lost his family in a conquered and ravaged world. Assuming being Rip counts as having happened "before" being Wells in Thawne's existence, his success with Rip probably helped convinced him he could do Wells and, he probably forgot to account for certain details as Wells because he "didn't" have to as Rip.

  • Thoroughly Jossed. Rip Hunter is himself. The Time Masters are the ones enforcing the Stable Time Loop leading to Savage's conquest.

Savage will bring together a group of evil counterparts to the Legends
We've already seen that he's studying the Atom suit technology, and given that he's also hired the Russians to try and create a Soviet Firestorm, it seems there's a possibility he could be making an enhanced team to take on the Legends. Assuming this is true, my predictions are that by the finale Savage will have on his side...
  • Project Svarog (Soviet Firestorm, possibly Valentina Vostok), equivalent of Firestorm
  • Chronos, equivalent of Rip
  • Mr. Blake, equivalent of White Canary, may be called Catman like his namesake in the comics.
  • Someone with reverse-engineered Atom technology, possibly able to grow instead of shrink, equivalent of Ray Palmer,
  • Someone with reverse-engineered cold gun, equivalent of Captain Cold, OR If Heatwave survived the end of episode 7, Savage may very well recruit him
  • And the final battle comes down to Savage and Kendra
  • Jossed.

Vandal Savage hasn't met nearly as many famous historical people as he claims.
He just loves to name drop to make himself seem more powerful. Think about it, if he was such good friends with Stalin, why did he not offer him the chance for an extra hundred or so years by drinking the Hawk blood? If Robin Hood was his close student/friend how did he end up being such a hero? He only ever name drops when he is trying to intimidate people who already know he is immortal and there are no other people of extended life spans (his blood drinking followers, Damien Darhk, etc) around who may be able to contradict him.

The name "Connor Hawke" was adopted in honour of Hawkgirl and/or Hawkman
Presumably, something will happen during the course of the series that makes Hawkgirl and/or Hawkman a true legend in the world (or at least Star City) by 2046, which inspires John Diggle Jr. to use "Hawke" as his surname.
  • Unlikely, given that in this timeline, neither Kendra nor Carter returned to 2016. Granted, its possible that Carter reincarnated at some point and so ended up becoming Hawkman during the intervening years, but its a long shot at best.

Lyla is not Connor Hawke's mother.
Lyla is never mentioned once as Connor's mother, nor is her fate revealed. Sara's fate is also not revealed, which is very interesting. Connor also has very dark skin, which does not usually result from the child of interracial couples, as shown in baby Sara. So it's possible that Lyla and Sara are long since deceased (possibly the grave) and Diggle got together with someone else. Possible Theories:
  • Connor Hawke's mother is Mari McCabe. It may seem crazy, but both the Flash and LoT featured crossovers with Diggles this week, while Arrow featured a crossover with Vixen. Coincidence?
  • Connor Hawke's mother is Carly. Perhaps Andy dies again as a result of HIVE, but rather than focus on his brother's death, John is able to build a working relationship with Carly.
  • Jossed, see below WMG

Diggle and Lyla are NOT the parents of Connor Hawke.
This sort of tags along with the above theory and the theory that Diggle will die and Andy will take his place. Rather than being named after his father, John Diggle Jr. is named after his uncle, for his heroic sacrifice to save Andy. In this case, Connor is actually the child of Andy and Carly. The episode "Star City 2046" never explicitly states that John Diggle is his father.
  • Seems to be Jossed by Flash episode "Paradox" in which it is revealed that Barry's time travel has caused Sara Diggle to be replaced by John Diggle Jr.

Grant Wilson was born in the future of Arrow.
Grant Wilson does not seem that old, certainly not older than 30. It is possible that on Arrow, Slade will escape the island and have another child. Otherwise, Grant Wilson would have to be at least 40 years old in order to have been born before the events of Season 1. When the team returns, Sara and Ray can help guard Lian Yu better and prevent Grant Wilson from ever existing.
  • That would mean that Grant was only 14 or 15 when brought his army to Star City and killed all of Team Arrow and took Oliver's arm, that would seem unlikely. It's more likely he was born during Slade's mercenary days in the 5 years between swimming off the island and coming to Starling City. Most likely during the time when Slade said he "tried to put the island behind him".
  • Besides, Leonard Snart and Barry Allen are proof that the Arrowverse is willing to have characters be closer to their actors' actual age than the age they look like.

The show will do an episode with a future Central City.
It seems only fair, after Star City 2046.

Heat Wave is alive.
More wishful thinking than anything, but considering all we saw was Leonard firing his gun... and come on, this is a comic book show.
  • Confirmed!

The final arc will be a "Time Compression" arc.
There's an episode near the end titled "River of Time" (Episode 14). If that's the case, then it will likely happen due to the constant Time Travel creating paradox after paradox.
  • Jossed.

Half of the cast will not make it out of this season alive.
Well, two are (apparently) already down barely around the halfway mark...
  • Jossed. Captain Cold is the only one to be Killed Off for Real, and the Hawks (Carter was reincarnated and popped up in the future) retire from the team after Savage's death so they can try to have a normal life now that they don't have an immortal psychopath hunting them.

Chronos is actually...
Mick Rory/Heat Wave. After being presumed dead by the Legends, he will be recruited by the Time Masters to kill his old team.
  • Adding to this, the Chronos of the comics is just a petty thief who happens to get his hands on dangerous technology. Mick was exactly this before getting the Heat Gun, so the end result would be about the same if he somehow got his hands on time tech.
  • Confirmed!

The Season Two Big Bad will come into existence because of the Team's actions.
The Time Masters' main objection to defeating Savage before he conquers the world is that Time would try to correct itself because of Rubber-Band History, so an even worse unforeseen evil might rise to take his place. At the end of Season One, when Vandal Savage is defeated, they will be proven right and an even worse Big Bad will emerge.

The Time Masters cannot detect time travel via the Speed Force.
The Time Masters' main function is to prevent time travelers from changing history, but they have never intervened in all the massive time travel shenanigans going on in The Flash. The reason for this could be that speedsters like Barry or Eobard Thawne don't use technological means to travel through time, but only their connection to the Speed Force, and that the Time Masters are unable to detect such movements. This is reinforced by the visuals used for time travel that accompany each method: When a speedster travels through time, they traverse a realm of swirling blue light and get glimpses of parallel universes; but when a timeship is used, it moves through a green colored realm called the time zone. Because they cannot detect the time travel soon enough, time solidifies and they are unable to make any corrections to the timeline.
  • Additionally, because the Speed Force is a (super?)natural entity, time-travel done through its application has the ability to self-correct or self-sustain. Even if the Time Masters could detect Speed Force travels, they would have to have realized after one or two times dealing with it that this is beyond the bounds of what they can tackle and/or that it's a natural force that self-integrates into the flow of time. The singularity that occurred after Eddie killed himself and destroyed Eobard, the time remnants that preserve Eobard's historical existence even after the fact, and now the appearance of time wraiths lend credence to this theory.

Rip will erase the memories of his teammates at the end of the series.
After it's all over, Rip erases their memories of what happened and lets them all live out their very different lives. The show has just been picked up for a second season, so it's unlikely that he'll do it until AFTER the first season; when the final threat of the show is killed (whether it be Savage or something/someone else), he'll wipe their memories clean and drop them off at their respective cities/towns to continue on living their lives.

Kendra's destructive side occurs because Carter is not alive to keep the balance
What if Kendra's inner goddess side emerges whenever Carter dies in any of their past lives? Sure in the Arrow crossover we saw a glimpse of Kendra's goddess side but it was only a little bit. What if it gets worse the longer Carter is dead? Carter and Kendra share a psychic link so maybe Carter's part of the link keeps Kendra from loosing control of herself.

Talia Al-Ghul will play a role later in the series
Because otherwise, it seems a waste that they'd go out of their way to bother introducing her into the Arrowverse. Perhaps she's the female bounty hunter hired by the Time Masters in the new trailer?
  • She's not the female bounty hunter, but there's still the possibility that she'll show up again later on.

The Real Life people the team have interacted with aren't actually them
Rather, its someone who coincidentally has the same name. One Steve Limit doesn't exist in real life, so realistically speaking, there's probably a few people named William Gates born around the time Bill Gates was born and same goes for H.G. Wells; thus, the inaccuracies they have in their depictions thus make sense because these aren't the people the team think they are.

Each season will feature a new team
Since season 2 has been confirmed and I don't see the team sticking together after defeating Savage. This would allow Sara and the Rogues to return in Arrow and The Flash while other fan favorites from those shows could replace them.
  • Partly jossed. Captain Cold is killed off and the Hawks (Carter having reincarnated at some point during the season) retire to live a semi-normal life without the threat of Savage hanging over their heads, but the rest of the team sticks around for season 2.

Talia betrayed the League of Assassins and joined Batman
Despite the embargo on using Batman in the Arrowverse, there are various hints that Batman exists - a newspaper in The Flash mentions Wayne Tech merging with Queen Inc. in 2024, and in Arrow, Oliver mentions that the name Oracle has already been taken. Talia al Ghul appears as Ra's al Ghul's daughter in 1960, but no mention of her was made in the 'present' of the Arrowverse, and Nyssa appeared to be his only heir. Given Talia's history with Batman in the comics, it seems possible that the Arrowverse's Talia actually defected and worked with the Batfamily, at which point Ra's disowned her.

Cassandra Savage will travel back in time and end up forming a team of her own...
...with five other people. Not very likely, but could be an awesome opportunity to give the Arrowverse heroes a team of Anti-Villains they can either fight or team up with, depending on the situation. Only trouble is, Deadshot died in the current continuity, but nobody ever stays dead in these shows anyway.

The reason why Star City was left to fend for itself in 2046
After Star City was overran in 2031, for the following 15 years no outside force, not even the US federal government, stepped in to restore order. A possible reason for this arises from the revelation in Genesis that Star City is a nexus of evil like Lian Yu. The governments of the world may have wised up by that point to the existence of the supernatural and decided to place such locations under quarantine.

The Big Bad of Season 2 will be the Thanagarians
In the episode "Destiny", Druce reveals that the reason the Time Masters have been grooming Savage to rise to power is so he can fight off the Thanagarian threat that occurs only a few years after he wins. With Vandal presumably dead at the end of the season, someone will have to fight off this other future threat, and it might as well be the Legends.

Mick will become an Expy of Bane
While he most likely won't be called that by name, you have to realize that there are certain similarities between the two. Mick is violent and strong, and both become Darth Vader Clones though this is only for kick when he becomes chronos and he is quite poetic in regards to fire. He also reveled in the lawless world of 2046. And the way he crushes the skull of the time master who tried to make him chronos again seems like something Bane would do

Eobard Thawne was influenced by the Time Masters
With the reveal in Destiny that the Time Masters have been manipulating the timeline all along, it may well be possible that this includes orchestrating Thawne's travels through time and his feud with the Flash family. Thawne's timeline, as presented thus far, includes far too much Timey-Wimey Ball - he supposedly only became the 'Reverse-Flash' because of a Stable Time Loop wherein he discovered he was destined to be the Flash's enemy; his appearance in the 2016 of the altered timeline was the result of him being a 'timeline remnant' from a previous timeline, and yet he appears to be in a causal sense be the earlier version of the same Thawne who was erased from existence in 2015 due to his bloodline being wiped out. All this might be explained by the fact that the Time Masters have been manipulating Eobard and his timeline all along, ensuring that in going back to 2000 and getting stuck there, he engineers the origins of metahumans (including the Flash, and Firestorm) nearly a decade earlier...or maybe they wanted him to erase the Flash from existence as they didn't want a time-travelling speedster being able to potentially thwart their temporal schemes.

Why does Rip return the team five months later?
In the first season finale, Rip returns the team to May 2016 instead of January. This could be because its not the first time he's recruited them. He starts in May 2016, but despite their efforts, The Bad Guy Keeps Winning, they never save Rip's family, and/or things just get worse (Total Party Kill, The End of the World as We Know It, maybe even a Time Crash). Rip decides that the only way forward is to smack the Reset Button, and recruit the team again, this time from a slightly earlier time period (call them April!Team, but slice the intervals as fine as you like). By removing April!Team from the timeline, Rip RetGones May!Team and their actions. Rinse and repeat until the desired result occurs. Similar to how Rip initially tried travelling to earlier and earlier periods to rescue his family from Savage, but eventually concluded that the only way to save them was to kill Savage.

When he's done with a particular incarnation of the team, he returns them to May, as after their 'first' disappearance is the only way to safely reinsert them into time without creating some flavour of paradox. We see him return January!Team to May after they kill Savage, as its probably as far as he can get with this incarnation of the team, and has either reached his Despair Event Horizon and given up, or is rebooting from his Heroic BSoD before going to recruit December2015!Team when January!Team contacts the Waverider.

Its also why he won't let Sara save Laurel. When he says he knows that trying to save Laurel will get all three Lances killed, its because a previous incarnation of team (or maybe multiple incarnations) attempted to save Laurel with the stated result.

A Practical Question about Firestorm
Okay, not sure if this is the folder for this, but I have to ask... Jax and Stein experience what the other is going through, both physically and emotionally. In Failsafe, Jax knows when Stein is being tortured, and communicates with him by carving messages into his arm so the scars appear on Stein. In Star City 2046, Stein has a tantrum because of Jax's jealousy towards Ray. It's obviously pretty vivid, is my point, and either difficult or flat-out impossible to block.

So, umm... what happens when one of them gets laid?

I mean, it has to have come up, right? Stein is married, and Ronnie was married long enough to have had a wedding night before dying and being replaced by Jax, so presumably this has come up before? If Jax is on a date and it's going well, does he text Stein a warning not to operate heavy machinery for a couple of hours?

Apologies if this has been covered in an episode at some point, I just have to ask.

Also, that "replicated wounding" thing could get embarrassing if one of them's into something kinky.

    Season 2 

Potential future LoT members
  • Arsenal / Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) and or Speedy / Thea Queen (Willa Holland). Both characters are currently Put on a Bus in Arrow. Arsenal seems more likely, since he has been in the bus for a longer time.
  • Jossed
  • Wildcat / Ted Grant (J. R. Ramirez). He didn't appeared in Arrow since his Uncertain Doom, but Word of God confirmed that he survived.
  • Jossed
  • Katana / Tatsu Yamashiro (Rila Fukushima) and Digger Harkness / Captain Boomerang (Nick E. Tarabay). Unfortunately unlikely for both since Executive Meddling forbids the use of Suicide Squad (2016) characters.
  • Jossed, but her late husband's ancestors do appear in the third episode
  • Vixen / Mari McCabe (Megalyn Echikunwoke).
    • Confirmed, except that it won't actually be Mari McCabe, but a Legacy Character.
  • Linda Park / Dr. Light (Linda Park). Currently on the loose and not entirely evil.
  • Jossed
  • Shawna Baez / Peek-a-Boo (Britne Oldford). Currently on the loose and not entirely evil.
  • Jossed
  • Lisa Snart / Golden Glider (Peyton List). She would probably want to avenge her late brother in some way.
  • Jossed and she's not even mentioned.
  • Hartley Rathaway / Pied Piper (Andy Mientus). Now a nice guy after the "time travel reformation".
  • Jossed
  • Jonah Hex (Jonathon Schaech).
  • Jossed
  • Maybe a character from Supergirl (2015) now that it is a CW show. Alternatively, Melissa Benoist (or someone else) could play an Earth-One alternative version of the Girl of Steel, namely Power Girl / Kara Zor-L.
  • Jossed
  • Sin (Bex Taylor-Klaus). Just sort of vanished from Arrow in season 3 and hasn't been mentioned since.
  • Jossed
  • Jim Corrigan / The Spectre (Emmett J. Scanlan).
  • Jossed

JSA, and their members
With the JSA joining the fray, there's a few ways they could be depicted, either as a team of heroes from the 50s, a modern-day team of heroes, or heroes from another Earth. Given the upcoming DCW crossover though, its likely that this would involve some large-scale multiversal crisis, so once its done, all three of the different versions of the team could end up merging into one, creating a full Justice Society, serving as a composite of the multiple different versions of the team throughout DC's history.Their membership could include:
  • Earth 1 50s Team members:
    • Alan Scott, the Green Lantern, user of a magical artifact that creates light constructs.
    • Kent Nelson, Doctor Fate, possesses magical helmet, cloak, and amulet given to him by Nabu.
    • Past incarnations of Carter and Kendra, Hawkman and Hawkgirl.
    • Rex Tyler, Hourman, creator of the drug Miriclo based on research on Mirikuru. (Seen in LOT season finale)
  • Earth 1 Present Day team members:
    • Ted Grant, Wildcat, boxer, former vigilante, and the trainer of Laurel Lance. (Seen throughout third season of Arrow)
    • Curtis Holt, nicknamed Mister Terrific, Palmer Tech scientist and Olympian-level athlete. (Currently Arrow cast member)
    • Helena Bertinelli, Huntress, crossbow-wielding vigilante in need of redemption. (Seen in Arrow seasons 1 and 2)
    • Courtney Whitmore, Stargirl, possesses Cosmic Staff and trained gymnast and kickboxer.
  • Other Earths' team members:
    • Jay Garrick, The Flash of Earth 3, scientist-turned superfast hero. (Seen in The Flash Season 2 finale)
    • Jesse Quick, Jesse Wells, teen genius, may-or-may-not have super speed and flight powers. (Seen in Flash Season 2)
    • Maxine Hunkel, Cyclone, resident of Supergirl's world who gained wind powers from exposure to Red Tornado technology.
    • Kara Zor-L/Karen Star, Power Girl, alternate world version of Supergirl.

(Feel free to add any more possible members)

  • Rex Tyler/Hourman and Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl confirmed. All other guesses Jossed (for now). Other confirmed members include Obsidian, Commander Steel and an earlier incarnation of Vixen. Also, the team is set in the 1940's.

Felicity and Ray slept together sometime during Arrow Season Four
Felicity and Ray were a couple during most of Arrow's Season 3, but broke up because Felicity was still in love with Oliver. However, in Legends episode "Progeny," when Ray believes he has descendants in the future, he comes to the conclusion that he left a woman that he was with for a short time with child. But who could this mystery woman possibly be? Before joining the Waverider's crew, Ray was believed dead—yet was a recognizable enough figure in Starling that it would have been difficult for him to have a relationship—except with someone who already knew the truth. Just a few episodes later, in "River of Time," Ray is seen leaving a letter for Felicity and having a heart to heart with her before taking off on his trip through time. They discuss Ray feeling as though he has nothing left for him in Starling, and Felicity encourages him that he may find new love during his adventure. The flashback is "sparked" by Ray's romantic troubles in the present, to boot. Perhaps the real reason Felicity turned on Oliver so quickly and viciously when she found out he had fathered a child and not told her, was her own guilt for cheating on him tearing her up

Vandal Savage will be defeated again for good. But this time, Rip's family will live.
The Legends may have killed three alternate versions of Savage, but no the one the sets everything into motion. At the end of "Legends of Yesterday" on Arrow, Malcolm Merlyn was seen gathering up his ashes because he wanted a favor from him. Yet again, Malcolm makes a big mistake which will result in genocide.
  • Sadly Jossed

The Red Tornado will appear in season to and suffer Adaptational Villainy.
The Ma Hunkel incarnation will be part of the Justice Society and at some point she will ether be killed or have her costume stolen which will lead to a villain turning them into an evil robot army like what happened to Ray's Atom suits.
  • Jossed

Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash's creepy Kill and Replace device will make another appearance
Without a doubt, one of the most horrifying moments of the first season of The Flash (2014) was when he used that device on the real Harrison Wells. However, if Eobard has access to this kind of technology, who's to say he won't use it again if the right opportunity arises? Perhaps he may attempt to use it on someone, but will get interrupted in a Big Damn Heroes moment. Or he may even let one of the other members of the Legion of Doom use it. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if it shows up again in some fashion.
  • Confirmed in "The Chicago Way", although this time it's used non-lethally since it's used on Stein, and Eobard can somehow "shake off" the disguise once he's done with it

The Legends will find a way to resurrect Captain Cold
Because, as Mick said, Leonard Snart never does anything without a plan. And who better than one of the Flash's most intelligent and persistent rivals to pit against the Reverse-Flash?

The Pilgrim survived, and became the Caretaker
I thought this was where the episode is going. The Pilgrim's powers over time seem vague enough that she might have survived, and she didn't leave a body. She makes it out, but the near-death experience causes her to reevaluate her life. She goes from being willing to target children to working to protect them. Hence why the Caretaker is unphased by pretty much anything. Just seems like a fun background redemption story.

Ray will learn due to exposure to his suite he has the power to shrink on his own
Because he can't be the Atom without his trademark shrinking power.

The woman in Stein's visions is his daughter.
By traveling back in time and interacting with his younger self, Stein caused his younger self to pay more attention to his wife. This led to a daughter being born who did not exist in the old timeline. This would explain why Stein loves her. This will make his decision to travel throughout time more difficult, as he will be leaving his daughter behind.
  • This alteration to the timeline would be considered as "Steinpoint".
  • Confirmed in the Invasion crossover series.

Eobard Thawne's mention of Rip Hunter from The Flash season 1 finale will be brought up again this season
In the season 1 finale of The Flash, Thawne says the following, about the Time Sphere:

"Rip Hunter would be impressed. He built the first one of these. Interesting man."

Obviously time travel can be quite confusing, but perhaps his lines here are connected to the story of both characters in Legends Of Tomorrow season 2.

  • Confimered. Eo mentioned him again in The Chicago Way and Rip himself appeared, secretly disguised as a film director making a movie of himself.

The Time Wraiths will appear in Season 2
With Eobard Thawne as the main villain, it's only natural that the enforcers of the Speed Force also make an appearance. They seem to be hinting at this in The Chicago Way, as the moment Eobard's alarm goes off, he goes from smug to terrified, and at the end, desperately wants to get out of 1927 as soon as possible. We've only ever seen him this scared when the Time Wraith appeared in Season 2, which stands to reason that he knows they're hunting him and are closing in, which is why he's desperate to leave.
  • Confirmed in the form of Black Flash.

Stein's daughter is NOT his daughter but a ploy Thawne.
Let's look at the evidence. When Stein first got visions of Lily, the effect looked exactly like Cisco's visions when he vibes. Over on Flash, Savatar says someone on Team Flash will betray them, and Cisco vibed a future vision of himself fighting Caitlyn as Killer Frost. Add to that the loss of his brother and the possibility of a time traveler returning him to the timeline, there's a real possibility Cisco might have sent Stein those visions. Now, add to this that Sara TOLD Thawne about Stein's daughter in The Chicago Way, and Thawne still has that machine that lets him look like anyone, or may have teamed up with other supervillains we haven't met yet. Lily could be Thawne or some other member of the Legion of Doom in disguise and planted by faking a time aberration as a means of getting emotional leverage on Stein.
  • Jossed

Prof. Thawne needs Spear of Destiny to cancel his own Ret Gone
This is why he's only traveling in the pre-Barry past, because that was before Eddie's death. And he said that the Spear can be used to rewrite reality. this is why he needs it, to rewrite the reality of him never being born.
  • Also, this might be the offer he makes to Damian Darkh and Leonard Snart - if he helps then get the Spear of Destiny, he'll use it to help them escape their respective future deaths. He might have made Malcolm Merlyn an offer to rewrite his past and save Tommy (or better, yet, Rebecca, preventing all the tragedies her death directly or indirectly led to).
  • He won't just bring himself back to existence, but he'll also bring Eddie back to life, thus his lineage restored. Eddie does shoot himself, but soon after, he was "brought back to life" in-universe (via the Spear of Destiny) with memory loss, he somehow gains super-speed and becomes Cobalt Blue. Eddie turns out to be Barry's Long-Lost Twin Brother.
  • Confirmed.

Rip makes a movies as a message for the Legends.
If he makes good enough Sci-fi movie, which main character is named Rip Hunter the legends might see it at some point in the future, in which case they'll know that he made them. After that they just need to google movie's release date, and they'll know when and where to find him.
  • Jossed. While Rip's movies are based on his subconscious memories of the Legends, he doesn't actually remember them and isn't trying to reach out to them.

Rip is the reason George Lucas quits film school.
Based on The Chicago Way, Rip must being working at Lucas' school as a filming teacher. Rip's ungratefulness, aggressiveness and bad attitude would be almost impossible to bare.
  • Semi Confirmed plus see all of the craziness when The Legends came didn't help

Rip is suffering from being in one time period for too long.
Like Ray, Sara and Kendra did in Left Behind after spending 2 years in the 1958-60, Rip lost touch of his former life and began to believe he was an American film maker.
  • Discussed by the characters, and ultimately Jossed. Rather, direct contact with the Waverider's Time Drive altered Rip's mind, giving him a new identity

Malcolm will finally die.
Unlike Oliver, Sara has zero reason to spare Malcolm. She is a trained assassin with every reason to hate him. She has already Curbstomped him once and thus the logical conclusion of the season would involve Sara killing him for everything that he has done to her and her family.
  • If he's gonna die, it should be in an episode of Arrow.
    • Except that Oliver spent the last two seasons being buddy-buddy with Malcolm, so that's never going to happen.
      • Jossed: He's A Karma Houdini. As always.
      • Well, up until the end of Arrow's Season 5.

The character who appears in the penultimate episode of Season 2...
According to Word of God, a character from one of the other Arrowverse shows will be appearing in a way we have never seen them before (and probably never will again). Guesses for this character include-Alternate Kara Zor-El: Kara's Earth 1 counterpart (or her counterpart from another earth). This version of Kara could be the only Kryptonian on earth. She might be a villain or at any rate not a superhero. If she is a hero, she goes by Power Girl rather than Supergirl. She might have reduced power levels compared to Supergirl and/or amnesia which prevents her from remembering her true origins (which the Legends may or may not inform her of).Original Barry Allen: The Barry Allen from the original timeline (where Nora wasn't killed) who is pursuing Eobard Thawne. He might himself by a time remnant of some sort.

The Spear of Destiny will be used to bring back Laurel, somehow.
Perhaps by merging her with Black Siren.
  • Jossed

Likewise, Malcolm plans to bring back his wife and Tommy.
He'll also make Tommy the son he desires. And probably make Thea his and Rebecca's daughter.
  • Confirmed thats what he does with the spear.

Barry Allen's creation of Flashpoint changed Sara Lance from a bisexual to a lesbian.
Ever since the start of Season 2, Sara has only been depicted as being interested in women. And since Barry's time-travel was able to change the gender of John Diggle's child, the idea of it changing someone's sexual orientation isn't any more far-fetched.
  • Jossed. Nate specifically called Sara bisexual in Land Of The Lost.

There is an alternate Eobard Thawne who became a hero.
With limitless timelines, and different versions of characters who go in-between good and evil, surely there is one Thawne who decided to Screw Destiny and fulfil his childhood dreams of being like the Flash. Being as petty as he is, the Reverse Flash will most likely ignore this revelation that heroism was once within his grasp, even if his good counterpart calls him out for turning into a monster.

     Season 3 
  • Pre-Season:
The team will visit Vlad The Impaler at some point
It would be really cool if the Legends went to Romania in the mid-1400's and saw the historical Dracula first-hand. Vlad Tepes hasn't been depicted in fiction enough, and it would be cool to play with the crew's knowledge of pop culture vs. reality. It could make for a fun Halloween episode. It's also possible that there may be some outside influence—likely supernatural—that could transform the historical Vlad Tepes into the more familiar pop cultural icon, similar to how in "Camelot/3000" Stargirl transformed the actual Middle Ages Britain into the Camelot widely depicted in pop culture.

The premise of the show will change to the team traveling the Multiverse
After two seasons of time-travel, its time for something new. The Legends will now fight a Multiversal threat, and several new team-members will be from parallel earths. Series like Countdown to Final Crisis and Multiversity will be a good frame of reference for the show moving forward.
  • Jossed for this season. Besides, these things should be saved for the crossovers.

There will be an episode dedicated to the Justice League International.
Booster Gold will appear in the 80's as a member of the JLI, who are a Similar Squad to the Legends, being Failure Heros most of the time. Ted Kord will finally make an on screen appearance, though Max Lord and Guy Gardner probably won't; they could have Fire and Ice, and the Hawks could reappear as different incarnations of themselves.
  • Jossed

The Legends will encounter their own ancestors/descendants due to the Time Crash
It's too good an opportunity to pass up! It can be used for comedy purposes, like a child Michael Jon Carter appearing and Rip being mortified to discover the goofy glory hound running about is his long lost father, Jax being envious that his potential son gets to have the successful football career he didn't (before learning to be proud), and Mick meeting a snooty, classy gentlemen from his mom's side. It could also be played for drama, like Rip meeting a version of Jonas who lived into adulthood, Amaya meeting her daughter and knowing she will tragically die someday, and Sara meeting a young optimistic version of Quentin who is destined to go through losing her, then losing her again, and then losing Laurel.
  • Semi-Confirmed; the Legends have encountered several of their ancestors/descendants already, but it is not a result of the Time Crash. Rather, it seems to be the work of the season's Big Bad, Mallus.

Barry Allen will join the team sometime during the season before going back to his own show.
  • If you count the crossover, Confirmed! Otherwise, you seem to be out of luck because he's too important to take out of the present day.

The Time Storms are localized
It would be a pain trying to explain how all the other shows are doing fine if the Legends broke all of time. Rather, the time storms cause most of time to happen at once but only over, at most, a city-sized area.
  • Jossed; Rip Hunter and his Time Bureau arrive and fix everything in 5 minutes. They're a larger organization with better cooperation than the Legends. For a while.

Sara's new love interest will be the Wesley Dodds Sandman.
At San Diego Comic-Con, both Marc Guggenheim and Phil Klemmer stated that Sara will be joined by a new love interest. Guggenheim then went on to state that a major priority of the crew's is to reestablish Sara's bisexaulity, meaning that the person will likely be a guy since each Girlofthe Week Sara had last season was, well, a girl. He also said that they'll be a completely new character. As for why'd it'd be the Wesley Dodds Sandman, his mask appeared in Guggenheim's tweet-tease regarding this year's crossover. As such, he'll probably join the Waverider before then. Really, the only major hole is that he wasn't on the "Crisis on Earth-X" poster, but he probably didn't appear so the show runners can keep his appearance more or less under wraps.
  • Jossed, the mask was a German gas mask to foreshadow that Earth X is ruled by Nazis. In fact, seemingly Jossed on all accounts, as Sarah's new love interest seems to be Agent Ava Sharpe of the Time Bureau- a woman. Though she did sleep with Gary to steal his tech...
  • Jossed, Sara has never slept with Gary despite what his fans hope. Nor has she or Gary acted as if she has. Not suprising as season four reveals Gary has never slept with anyone.

  • Mid-Season:

Mallus' Identity?
  • Mallus isn't a person. It's the name of Damien Darhk's new organization. We know Darhk will be resurrected in Season 3, and that he'll lead a team of villains, and that there is no villain named Mallus in DC lore. Why create a new villain when you can just create a new organization?
    • Jossed: "Return of the Mack" reveals that Mallus is an Ancient Evil, and Darhk is simply his dragon.

  • Mallus is actually a well known DC villain: Trigon from Teen Titans! He's described as an Ancient Evil older than time itself, and he has a cult of devoted followers doing his bidding.
    • He and his followers do seem to have a lot of magical power...
    • The mid-season finale has Sarah latching onto Darhk's time travel and ending up in a hellish other-world. Also, John Constantine, the most mystical man in the Arrowverse, appears at the end to ask Sarah's help...

  • Mallus is Mister Mind

  • Mallus is a future version of an already existing character.
    The Arrowverse has a history of repeating story arcs, like season 1 of Flash paralleling season 1 of Arrow. Season 3 of Flash had Savitar, a future version of Barry. It isn't out of the question that the show with time travel as its premise could do something similar:
    1. Mallus arose after the Legends broke time, similar to how Savitar appeared after Flashpoint
    2. They both have/had cults that did their bidding, while remaining in the shadows for a large part of the season
    • One problem: Word of God says that Mallus has always existed, and is merely going through a cycle of rebirth.
    • Ignoring that problem, or accounting for the possibility of Trolling Creators, who could Mallus be/have been? Options:
      Earth-1 Leonard Snart, driven insane by the Oculus explosion.
      Future Rip Hunter, his obsession with being the one who decides what can and cannot be changed will keep pushing him further and further into darkness until he fully turns evil
      Future Jax, now that Stein is dead and he's left the Waverider

  • Mallus is the Anthropomorphic Personification of time itself.
    Similar to how the Speed Force is portrayed, as a Sentient Cosmic Force / Jerkass God; the way other characters talk about time, that it "wants to happen", and "when you mess with it, it messes back", it implies a consciousness. A Control Freak one at that, somewhat prone to Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrums. There's also the fact that the Speed Force is very strict about time travel, in spite of the fact that it, quote, "exists outside of time". If both are sentient, then they may have an agreement that Speedsters are only allowed to time travel via the Speed Force if they follow specific rules.
    In addition, some folks are predicting that the Time Bureau will turn into the Time Masters in the future; it's said that the Time Masters fought Mallus in their early days. This could all be a giant Stable Time Loop, similar to Vandal Savage murdering Rip's family, to establish the Time Masters and Legends, Time protecting itself.

The Time Bureau will have a dark side.
It is already established that the Time Bureau holds a very low opinion of the Legends (though the whole "breaking time" thing is at least somewhat to blame for that). And with the exception of Rip, they don't seem to want to work with the Legends or to even let them operate at all. Agent Sharpe would rather have them dead three episodes in because of their actions. But I think it worse than just that. As mentioned in the third episode of Season 3, any powerful and controlling organization will grow corrupt over time.

Time wants to happen.

What if Rip has inadvertently created a Stable Time Loop when he established the Time Bureau? What if the Time Bureau... is the origin story for the Time Masters?

Zari is from 2042, exactly 100 years after Amaya was recruited in 1942. This isn't a coincidence.
We know there is a connection between the Vixens (Amaya and her future granddaughters Mari and Kuasa) and Zari due to their amulets. Perhaps there is some ritual magic that only works every 100 years or something, which explains why Kuasa came after Zari exactly in 2042?

The Dominator "Gumball" will become Green Beetle
It would be cool to see the Blue Beetle story appear here since Rip is the son of Booster Gold who is friends with Blue Beetle.

The fate of Firestorm
Episode 4 ends with Jax asking Ray to help him to "break up" Firestorm. Knowing that Victor Garber will soon leave the series as a regular, this could mean that:
  • Firestorm will become inactive permanently.
    • Confirmed. Jax has also left the series, and Word of God has confirmed that another Arrowverse character will replace Firestorm aboard the Waverider.
  • Ray will find a way for Jax to use the Firestorm Matrix by himself, thus enabling him to access the powers without merging.
    • Jossed, unfortunately enough.
  • Jax will have to find another partner to merge with. Perhaps even Ronnie, who might be Not Quite Dead or an alternate version of him?
    • Jossed.
    • Jax will, thanks to time travel silliness, end up with young Martin Stein as his new bonding partner.
      • Seemingly Jossed, as Young!Martin accepts his future fate and will do nothing to change it.

The Cult of Mallus has a mole (or moles) in the Time Bureau
No one in the Bureau wants to believe Rip's claims about him, and they arrest him when he decides to take matters into his own hands.
  • Possible, but it's also possible that Rip was just acting like a jerk and he recruited a bunch of jerks when he formed the bureau.

The reason Henry Stein—Martin's great-great-grandfather—looks identical to Martin is not a coincidence
Essentially, this is a show about Time Travel, but the My Own Grampa trope has still yet to be deployed. What if that turns out to be the case here? As horrifying as it sounds, perhaps Martin's ultimate fate is to become a devotee to the Cult of Mallus in 1895 Victorian England, changing his name to Henry, and thus becoming his own ancestor? Of course, there might be other, less creepy reasons why the two look identical that doesn't necessarily involve a Stable Time Loop.
  • Jossed, thank goodness. Martin's fate is to die in the crossover.

The demon and the little girl Constantine refers to...
... are none other than Mallus and Nora Darhk! Sara would want to refuse at first, but knowing that they have a common foe, she'll agree to work together.
  • Confirmed.

Nate is Mari's grandfather
  • There was been no mention of who fathered children with Amaya so it is possible that Nate could be her biological grandfather.
    • Seems to be leaning in that direction, as Amaya stopped Kuasa from killing him by saying "You need him too".
    • Jossed. Kuasa later confirms their grandfather is someone else. She even says Amaya's relationship with Nate endangers her and Mari's existence.

Firestorm's replacement
With the departure of Victor Garber and Franz Drameh, there's a couple of empty seats aboard the Waverider, but the producers have confirmed that an existing character in the Arrowverse will soon take their spot. Who will be?
  • Wally West/Kid Flash: most likely option, as he has been shown to be friends with and worked with Nate already, and could fill Jax's vital spot as the team's engineer.
    • Confirmed!
  • Roy Harper/Arsenal.
  • John Constantine.
  • Leo Snart/Citizen Cold.
    • He'll be around for at least a couple of episodes more.
  • Connor Hawke/Green Arrow II.
  • Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost.

Kuasa becomes Grandma Amaya
After reclaiming the Anansi Totem, Kuasa will have an epiphany about her destiny. She will take Amaya Jiwe's place, performing a 'Grandmother Paradox.' Leaving Amaya to follow her own path.
  • Jossed Amaya goes back to her time and Kuasa's destiny is reset in an slightly altered timeline.

The fate of the Darhks
One more episode to go. Since the show was renewed, the heroes are very likely gonna win against Mallus. Even though Sara promised to kill Damien to fix an anachronism, she may not be able go through with it. Despite everything he has done, Damien has nothing left much like Malcolm Merlyn last year. Instead, if Nora doesn't get revived he will walk the earth as a form of penance. Alternatively, Damien may opt for a Heroic Sacrifice that will restore Nora. And it will be her who decides to atone for their family's sins.
  • Confirmed Damien somewhat redeems himself by dying in Nora's place while its hint Nora will take an lighter path

Jesse Quick is dead
When Sara uses the death totem under Mallus' influences, she shows apparitions to several people. Nate sees his father, who died in a Season 2 episode. Sara sees one of her victims during her time with the League of Assassins. Zari sees her younger brother who died back in her original timeline. Wally sees... Jesse Quick? It's not like Wally doesn't have a significant dead person in his life—his mother, whose death was a part of Flash season 2 and who is brought up in the episode anyway. Why and how would the death totem have any power to show a random person with no connection to either Mallus or death? (Wally even questions this in the episode) Since we know Jesse isn't connected to Mallus, the only possible conclusion is that she is dead. Possibilities for how this can be include:
  • She died offscreen in mission for the world she is Flash of
  • She died/will die before the end of Flash season four, but the Legends are out of sequence with that timeline, so Wally/the viewer doesn't know it yet
  • The Jesse Quick of Earth One died while still unborn when Eobard Thawne murdered her mother, which makes her "dead" enough for the totem's purposes
     Season 4 
Booster Gold will appear
...As the antagonist. He'll be a Well-Intentioned Extremist that is trying to alter the timeline so he can save Ted Kord and assembles the Justice League International as a replacement for the Time Bureau. The Legends will fight against that team to preserve history and Rip will have Daddy Issues towards Booster.
  • Jossed Rip is dead leaving no reason for his dad to come.

Firestorm will return
Jax will meet Gehenna at some point during his time away from the team, and her metahuman abilities will enable her to participate in the Firestorm matrix.
  • Jossed: Word of God confirmed Firestorm would not return.

Potential villains
  • A younger, time-traveling Malcolm Merlyn, with either John Barrowman returning or a Time-Shifted Actor portraying a particularly younger version of the character. If the latter is the case, he'll go by his birth name of Arthur King and change it to Malcolm Merlyn after he's defeated because everyone slips and calls him that throughout the season.
  • Professor Ojo, who will be depicted as the leader of a version of the League of Assassins from the future, now much less "Arabic-named ninja" and more "cyberpunk mercenary" in style and practice. They now travel through time to assassinate various figures, sometimes before they make their mark on history and sometimes as children, for very well-paying, deep pocketed clients.
  • The Wildebeest Society, who are operating at various points in history in different incarnations with the goal of creating the ultimate monster. In this version their leader is Johnny Sorrow, who wants to create a being too strong for exposure to his face to kill.
  • The First of the fallen, since the season 3 finale shows that various demons have been released due to Mallus breaking out this would be a perfect opportunity to use him. Since John Constantine is teaming up with them next season, why not use his Arch-Enemy as the main villain of season 4.
  • Tala
  • Dreamslayer
  • Blackbriar Thorn
  • Gustav Klimt, who will be depicted as a disguised demon attempting to turn people lustful and horny through erotic paintings.
  • Johnny Sorrow, as the agent of a powerful demonic entity, he would fit the cliffhanger perfectly.
  • Trigon. Mallus was assumed to be him anyway (before ultimately turning out to be a Canon Foreigner), so why not have the real thing show up?
  • Savitar, who's preserved in the timeline for the same reasons as Eobard Thawne, and who could be wearing a costume closer to his comic self.
  • Another past version of Damien Darhk. Love him or hate him, the Arrowverse will try to milk Neal Mcdonough for as long as it can.
  • Imperiex. He’s been mentioned as a Mythology Gag in the show before, and he’s enough of an Omnicidal Maniac and universal threat that he would work as a Legends antagonist.
  • Nergal
  • Papa Midnite
  • Manny
    • All jossed
      • First of the Fallen makes an appearance

"As you can see, the Devil does indeed wear Prada."
The Cameo: Cast member(s) from Lucifer (Warner Bros.) and/or the TV series Brimstone (Warner Bros).
  • Nebiros

Etrigan will appear
But only as a minor role to save on the special effects budget.
  • Jossed, he doesn't appear.

Henry Cavill will appear as Ray Palmer's brother and fraternal twin Sydney Palmer.
He does have the extra time now.
  • Yeah, sure he does.
    • Only Ray was born an identical twin making it impossible although Henry Cavill could be another character in the Arrowverse future.
      • Jossed.

The fates of Chas Chandler and Zed Martin will be revealed
They haven't been seen of even mentioned ever since John's solo show got cancelled. John never talks about them, seems to spend all of his time by himself and his insistence to Sara that him joining the Legends will just bring them misery, it's implied something very bad happened to them — especially since Constantine is infamous for no happy endings.

The Big Bad will be an established Constantine villain — either Nergal, Papa Midnite, The First of the Fallen, or Manny the Angel
This season is all about Constantine and what better way to tie up lose ends from his show than by bringing back one of the old villains?
  • Jossed, Neron and Tabitha are the big bads of the season.

The one after Constantine is Nick Necro
  • Jossed, it's Neron.

This season will involve the Hellblazer plot about John's terminal cancer

Constantine's noted to be even more broody and depressed than usual BEFORE the demon/whatever makes itself known to him. Maybe he's recently found out he's dying. Maybe whoever's after him is one of the demons he sold his soul to.

  • Jossed, no mention is made of Jon being sick.

The season will end with the Legends and Constantine breaking into Hell and saving Astra
It happened in the comics, it can happen here. Plus "Legends" is a perfect show for a happy ending
  • Jossed, Jon attempts to rescue Astra but she's turned evil during her time in hell, and the Sequel Hook indicates she will be the (initial) big bad of next season.

The mysterious man who John keeps having visions of, and likely the season 4 Big Bad, is Klarion the Witch Boy
Reddit user Itzie4 posited this theory.
  • Jossed.

Project Hades is the series' adaptation of S.H.A.D.E.
Again, I was not the one to come up with this theory, but given that Project Hades seems like it wants to control supernatural creatures similar to S.H.A.D.E., and the fact that the words are anagrams of each other, this seems like a plausible theory.
  • Jossed, the project is to build a theme park where all the magical creatures can be put on display.

Charlie will regain her powers
As it currently stands she doesn't add much to the team that isn't already covered by other characters (Nora and Constantine for magical expertise, Mona for humanizing the Fugitives). At some point she'll be able to recover a small amount, enabling her to shape-shift for brief periods of time before reverting back to the Amaya-form.
  • Confirmed; she slowly regains them over the course of the season can fully shapeshift again by the final episode.

Desmond is Neron
  • Neron's capable of taking on Desmond's form, and he's already been shown to be petty and cruel. What better way to hurt John than to trick him into falling in love and then manipulate circumstances so John thinks he's been forced to send his lover to hell?
  • Jossed, Desmond is a regular human who got possesed by Neron, and later freed from him.

The souls freed by Astra will include...
  • Matthew Shrieve
  • Lewis Snart
  • The Turtle

Jonah Hex will remind everyone about Zari

     Season 5 

"Everyone deserves a second act."
  • Vandal Savage will return. Who better to help track down evil than well, a greater evil.
  • Rip Hunter briefly returns. Hilarity Ensues.

Revisiting the roots
Season 4 was out there compared to the first three, so a return to basics might be in order. The Legends will resume to travel and preserve time while confronting villains who seek to cause trouble.

Astra's being possessed by a demon. Or alternatively a demon masquerading as Astra just to mess with John
  • From what we've seen no other human soul has aged during their stay in Hell
  • There was story in the comics, a demoness Chantinelle disguised herself to get close to the First of the Fallen and betray him.
  • The child!Astra is different from the one seen on the NBC show (her actress from that show made a voice cameo in Season 3 and appears in stock footage from the show) hinting she might be an illusion.

Ryan Choi will join the team as the new Atom.
An actor has been officially casted for Choi and will make his debut in the crossover (if not sooner). Brandon Routh (Ray) and Courtney Ford (Nora) will be departing the show asa well. It's practically been set up.

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