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What follows are a list of characters that have appeared in the Legends of Tomorrow television series and the pages their character sheets can be found on. Main characters will be listed next to their page, while minor characters will be listed under an expandable note.

Time Travel

  • Arrowverse: The Legends: Rip Hunter, Gideon II, Nate Heywood / (Citizen) Steel, Amaya Jiwe / Vixen I, Zari Tomaz, Charlie and Mona Wu Etc. 
  • Arrowverse: The Hawks: Kendra Saunders / Hawkgirl, Carter Hall / Hawkman and Etc. 
  • Time Masters and Time Bureau: Zaman Druce, Declan, Ava Sharpe, Wilbur Bennett, Gary Green, Nora Darhk and Etc. 
  • Arrowverse: Time Criminals: Legion of Doom, Mallus and Etc. 
  • Arrowverse: Past Characters: Jonah Hex and Etc. 
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  • Arrowverse: Future Characters: Miranda Hunter, Jonas Hunter, Oliver Queen / The Green Arrow I (2046), Barry Allen / The Flash (2056) and Etc. 


Central City Characters

Star City

The Multiverse

Other Characters

  • Arrowverse: Other Locales Etc. 
  • Arrowverse: Mystics: Etc. 
  • Arrowverse: Other Entities: Black Flash, Neron and Etc. 

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