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What follows is a list of characters that have appeared in the Legends of Tomorrow television series and the pages their character sheets can be found on. Main and recurring characters will either be listed next to their page or (if they have their own pages) written in bold letters, while minor characters will be listed under an expandable note.

Time Travel

  • The Legends note 
  • Time Travelers: Mallus, Legion of Doom, Zaman Druce, Wilbur Bennett, and note 
  • Past Characters note 
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  • Future Characters note 

Star City

Central City


National City


Gotham City



Misc. Characters

  • Other Locales: Desmond, Dorothy Heywood, Kuasa / Water Witch and note 
  • Metahumans
    • Firestorm: Firestorm II, Martin Stein, Jefferson Jackson, and note 
    • The Hawks: Kendra Saunders / Hawkgirl, Carter Hall / Hawkman I, Scythian Torvil / Hawkman II and note 
    • Grodd
  • Aliens note 
  • Mystics: Fairy Godmother, Konane, and note 
  • Other Entities: Neron, Lachesis, Atropos, and note 

The Multiverse

  • Other Earths note 
  • Earth-X note 
  • Earth-2 (Post-Crisis) note 
  • Earth-9 note 
  • Earth-19 (Post-Crisis) note 
  • Earth-21 note 
  • Earth-96 note 

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