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Oliver Queen: I started this alone and I had every intention of keeping it that way. I had a plan, life had a different one. And then things just got stranger.
Barry Allen: But the hard inescapable truth is that sometimes we're not enough. Sometimes the world needs a team.
Professor Martin Stein: You call this a team? A girl with wings and a past lives complex? A deceased assassin? A pair of criminals? And a billionaire with more tech than he clearly knows what to do with! And I’m half a hero… and my other half is combustible!

Vandal Savage: Who are you to stand up against me?! Vandal Savage, Destroyer of Empires!
Captain Cold: Leonard Snart, Robber of ATMs!
— Season 1, Episode 14: River Of Time

Amaya Jiwe: Are there any other felons on your team?
Ray: No, no—
Mick: Yes. [Points at Sara] She's an assassin. But never convicted, right?
— Season 2, Episode 2: The Justice Society of America

Nate: I know I have these powers inside me. I just can't figure out how to use 'em.
Masako: Does a child learn to laugh? Does he sit and practice laughing? No. He just laughs.
Nate: Hm. Do or do not. There is no try. From... a great sensei from where I'm from. Yoda.
Masako: This Master Yoda is very wise.
— Season 2, Episode 3: Shogun

Mick: What'd I say about crossing streams?
Ray: You said we don't follow the rules.
Mick: That's the ONE rule! One rule we follow!
— Season 2, Episode 5: Compromised

Mick: What's that?
Amaya: It's a little present. For keeping me alive, and for almost helping me get Rex's killer. Open it.
[Mick opens the box, which contains a bottle of whiskey.]
Amaya: I lifted it back at Capone's warehouse.
Mick: You stole it.
Amaya: You were right. The bad guys really do have more fun. [kisses Mick's cheek] Not that you're a bad guy. [Winks at him, then leaves.]
[Snart appears to Mick after Amaya leaves.]
Snart: I hope it was worth it. All this for a kiss on the cheek and a cheap bottle of booze. That speedster coulda killed you, Mick. What then?
Mick: I'll be dead like you.
— Season 2, Episode 8: The Chicago Way

Amaya: What are you doing up so late?
Nate: Just trying to figure out what the Legion of Doom wants with those two amulets.
Amaya: The "Legion of Doom"?
Nate: Darhk, Merlyn and the speedster. It's from a Hanna-Barbera cartoon I liked when I was a kid.
— Season 2, Episode 9: Raiders of the Lost Art

Darhk: What's to keep Hunter's crew from finding the rest of the Spear before Merlyn finishes unscrambling Hunter's brain?
Eobard Thawne: The inner workings of the medallion are lost to history. Trying to get it to reveal its secrets will prove difficult, plus we have an additional advantage over them.
Darhk: Enlighten me.
Thawne: They're idiots.
— Season 2, Episode 10: The Legion of Doom

Jax: You didn't have to kill her. Sara wasn't supposed to die. Not like that. Not by you.
Brainwashed Rip: There's no rhyme nor reason to any of this, Jax. History is war and slavery and holding a dead son in your arms. There's no point in protecting history, so we might as well just burn it all down.
— Season 2, Episode 11: Turncoat

Darhk Give it up, Raymond. You're a glorified nerd, not a knight.
Ray: It's Sir Raymond of the Palms, and on behalf of my 12-year-old self, allow me to retort. [switches on "lightsaber" and swings]
— Season 2, Episode 12: Camelot/3000

Mick: You hear them, too, huh? The voices. What's the Spear saying to you?
Amaya: It's not the Spear. It's my mother. Her voice, at least. She's begging me to help our people. To keep our family and our legacy safe. She wants me to change my destiny.
Mick: Maybe the Spear can do that for her.
Amaya: The chance to rewrite reality. Who wouldn't be tempted? What do your hear?
Mick: My parents.
Amaya: What are they saying?
Mick: "Don't play with fire, Mick."
— Season 2, Episode 15: The Fellowship of the Spear

Ray: [upon seeing his Atom suit] Ah. Yes. Oh, I have missed you. [kisses the suit's helmet]
Jax: Really, dude?
Ray: [to the suit] I will never, ever leave you again.
Jax: Rip, we found the suit. You need to close in on our position before I have to watch Ray do any more weird stuff.
Rip: On route.
Ray: Weird stuff?
Jax: Yeah. You got issues, dude.
— Season 2, Episode 17: Aruba

Snart: Should've done this in France, Mick. Could've saved us both a lot of time.
Mick: I didn't bring you here to kill you, Leonard.
Snart: So what are we doing here?
Mick: This is where Thawne recruited you for the Legion. I'm gonna wipe your memory and put you on the right path.
Snart: You mean the path where I join up with some Brit twit and die trying to save the world.
Mick: No. You die trying to save your friends.
Snart: Still a death sentence.
Mick: You know what your punishment is, Leonard? You end up being a better man, and so do I.
Snart: "Better"? You mean "softer".
Mick: No. I mean "better". [wipes Snart's memory]
— Season 2, Episode 17: Aruba

Jax: Come on, Gray. A chance to meet Julius Caesar and fix history. We have a time ship. We can get you home in time for dessert.
Stein: That's what I told Clarissa the last time I left.
Ray: And when you came home, you had a surprise daughter.
Stein: Your point?
Nate: The point is, sometimes we screw things up for the better.
Sara: That's a good motto. We should use that.
— Season 3, Episode 1: Aruba-Con

Professor Stein: To quote the Great Conqueror himself: We Came, We Saw...
Nate and Ray together: We Kicked Caesar's Ass!
— Season 3, Episode 1: Aruba-Con

Sara: Well, like Nate said, sometimes we screw things up for the better.
Rip: I fail to see how that's true in this case.
Mick: It's our new motto.
Rip: New motto? Right, does that mean you plan to continue swashbuckling your way through history?
Sara: With the Time Bureau's permission, of course.
Rip: And if I deny you permission?
Sara: We'll do it anyways.
— Season 3, Episode 1: Aruba-Con

Sara: We got a new problem. Rip has been hiding something from us. There's a greater evil coming. Something even the Time Bureau is afraid of.
[There is dramatic silence. Then, everyone bursts out laughing.]
Jax: What could be worse than an immortal Egyptian demigod?
Stein: Or an evil speedster?
Ray: [shaking his hands in mock fear] I'm afraid of the Time Boogeyman.
Nate: [laughing] I'm literally crying.
— Season 3, Episode 2: Freakshow

Zari Adrianna Tomaz: You guys are time-traveling superheroes?
Ray: Yeah! We've actually saved the world, twice. Not that we're counting.
Zari: Really? You saved the world?
Ray: Twice!
Zari: Then why does it still suck?
— Season 3, Episode 3: Zari

Zari: I already have you all figured out. The old guy wants to be anywhere but on this ship, these two have some will they/won't they thing going on, Rory's been drunk since breakfast, Jax is wondering if I'm single, and your ship's still mad at me for doing a teeny hack on her subsystems.
— Season 3, Episode 4: Phone Home

Ray: [enthusiastic] Can't wait to show you guys my home. First, we have to go to Pizza Master. Best slice in town. Then we have to go to Video Village. I can tell you how much of my allowance I spent there–
Zari: So, you're always this positive. Even when you're dead. How can you pretend like everything's okay?
Ray: I..I'm not pretending, I believe it. I found that if I can trust in myself, I can believe everything's okay. And it usually is. It's called "positive thinking".
— Season 3, Episode 4: Phone Home

Jax: When Gray first dragged me on board this ship, I thought it was the last place that I wanted to be. I mean, you were all a bunch of screw-ups. B-list superheroes, washed-up bank robbers... no offense. But, uh, the thing is... when you get a bunch of broken pieces and you put 'em all together the right way, you make something new. And suddenly, they don't feel so broken anymore. And I'm pretty sure that's what a family is. So, uh... I don't know what happens next, but I know I'll always have a family here, with you guys.
— Season 3, Episode 9: Beebo the God of War

Mick: I thought we gave the Englishman to the Time Pigs.
Sara: That was Rip. This is John Constantine.
Mick: Skinny brit in a trenchcoat. Same thing.
John Constantine: Oooh, doubtful, mate. You see, I'm an accomplished warlock, an expert of the occult, and a master of exorcism. I'm also a Taurus, for those of you taking notes. [winks at Leo Snart of Earth-X]
— Season 3, Episode 10: Daddy Darhkest

Zari: I am terrified and in awe of you, Gideon. Who knew you were such an evil genius? And a bit of a perv.
Gideon: You never bothered to ask. It's an impressive piece of software you devised, Miss Tomaz.
Zari: Is that a compliment, Gideon?
Gideon: Don't let it go to your head. Are you ready to wake up now?
Zari: One last question. Gary. Why even have him in the time loop if he was just gonna be stuck in the trash compactor the whole time?
Gideon: Thought it'd be funny.
— Season 3, Episode 11: Here I Go Again

Nora Darhk: Can you please stop fooling around?
Darhk: Nora doll, what's the point of living if you can't have a bit of fun?
Nora: Well, I'm not enjoying myself. I'm annoyed.
Darhk: Hi, Annoyed. I'm Dad.
— Season 3, Episode 13: No Country for Old Dads

Sara: All right, let's go check this out. We need to find Elvis before panic sets in.
Gideon: Elvis Presley's uncle preached at the Church of Zion every Sunday. The boy never missed a service.
Sara: You heard the lady. [Everyone just stares silently at Sara.] What? Why are you staring at me?
Nate: You know, we're waiting for you to... do the thing you do.
Sara: What thing?
Ray: You know. You usually send us into the field with a little more pizzazz.
Sara: [rolls her eyes, sighs, and turns to leave.] Okay, Legends, put on your Sunday best because we are going to church!
Nate: [off everyone else's approval] That's pretty good.
Ray: Amen!
— Season 3, Episode 14: Amazing Grace

Constantine: There isn't exactly a paint-by-numbers spell for locating a spaceship floating through a temporal stream. My business card says "Master of the Dark Arts", not Doctor bloody what's-his-face.
Ava: Who?
Gary: Who.
Constantine: Exactly.
— Season 3, Episode 15: Necromancing the Stone

Rip: I must say, it has been such an honor, Barack.
Young Barack Obama: Well, I go by "Barry".
Sara: I really like "Barack".
Young Obama: Well, "Barack" is what is says on my birth certificate.
Sara: Yeah, you might want to hold on to that.
— Season 3, Episode 17: Guest Starring John Noble

Sara: All right. We're facing an army of Romans, Vikings, and pirates. But you know what today is? Today is the day that we prove that Rip did not sacrifice his life in vain. And today is the day that we prove that we are not losers. And today is the day that we earn the name "Legends". [drinks a shot of whiskey] Now, how do we sneak out the back?
— Season 3, Episode 18: The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly

Nate: Well, I decided to extend my trip to 2018, and I may possibly be living a little bit at the Bureau.
Ava: You couldn't spring for a hotel?
Nate: Well, here's a fun fact about staying in the present: it costs money. And as a Legend, your salary is the... friendships you make along the way.
Ava: Got'cha.
— Season 4, Episode 2: Witch Hunt

Gary: Buckle up, Nate, it's Taco Monday.
Nate: Instead of Taco Tuesday?
Gary: Oh, we dare to defy.
— Season 4, Episode 3: Dancing Queen

Mick: You must've had balls to survive that hellhole.
Charlie: Did what I had to. Shapeshifted into whatever monster would keep the others off my back. You know exactly what it's like. Pretending to be something worse than you are to survive.
Mick: Well, there's that. And there's finding someone you trust. I did time in Supermax with my old partner. It's hard to plot against a team.
Charlie: I spent all my time shapeshifting and running. I never stuck around one place long enough to find anyone who I could trust.
Mick: Well... you gotta start somewhere.
— Season 4, Episode 4: Wet Hot American Bummer

Ishirō Honda: Why couldn't I just tell sober, grounded stories instead of indulging in these silly monsters?
Mick: Sober and grounded's boring. You had a story to tell and you told it. You brought that monster to life. And don't pretend for a second you're not a little bit proud.
Ishirō: I was so afraid of what people would think of my creation. And now that it's here in the flesh...
Mick: Story complete.
Ishirō: And I... no longer have to fear... what was locked inside my head.
Mick: No. No, you don't.
— Season 4, Episode 5: Tagumo Attacks!!!

Ray: You know, it's still weird not having you around.
Nate: I'll always be right there, Big Guy, in that giant heart of yours. And I'll be at the Bureau, so you guys can literally stop by whenever you want. But, you know, before I go, I do want to say one thing. When I first stepped on to this ship, I was, you know, trying to get away from all my baggage back home, and I can't believe I'm gonna say this.... Hemingway once wrote "Can't get away from yourself by moving from one place to another." And thanks to you guys, I don't have to run anymore. Being here with you all has turned me into the man I need to be, and, uh,... this place is special. And you never know when it's gonna be over. So, I say, Legends: [raises his beer bottle] Enjoy the ride while it lasts.
Sara: Hear, hear.
— Season 4, Episode 6: Tender is the Nate

Nate: Gideon. Any messages while we were gone?
Gideon: You missed calls from Barry Allen, Oliver Queen, and Kara Zor-El.
Ray: Sounds like the annual crossover.
Nate: Ugh. Yeah, that's gonna be a hard pass.
— Season 4, Episode 8: Legends of To-Meow-Meow

Zari: You know I'm a superhero, right? With a flick of my wrist, I can blast you with my wind powers.
Charlie: Being honest. Wind powers? Just not that scary.
Mick: Yeah. You're like a magical hair dryer.
— Season 4, Episode 12: The Eggplant, the Witch & the Wardrobe

Sara: Do you remember that night we all met, standing up on that rooftop and Rip told us that we would were gonna be "legends"?
Mick: Hmm. Embarrassing. You know what? We're the last of the originals.
Sara: Weird.
Mick: [low] Yeah, weird.
— Season 4, Episode 14: Nip/Stuck

[Sara, Nate and Gary have just shot a commercial for the Heyworld theme park dressed as Supergirl, Green Arrow and the Flash, respectively.]
Zari: Uh, guys, I feel that would've worked a little bit better with the real Trinity.
Sara: Yeah, well, I asked and they said [looks at Nate] "Hard pass".
Nate: [sheepish] We shoulda done the crossover.
Sara: Yeah.
— Season 4, Episode 15: Hey, World!

Vandal Savage: Yeah, right, what a guy. I was sent here to torture him, but then we got to talking. Oh, it got really deep, man.
Ray: It really did.
Savage: What were we even fighting about all those years ago?
Ray: Your compulsion for world domination and inability to accept rejection.
Savage: Ah. Translation: it was about a girl.
Nora: Girl? What girl?
Ray: Doesn't matter. We should go.
— Season 4, Episode 15: Hey, World!

Sara: All right, Time Bros —
Ava: And Time Ladies
Charlie: And Time Monsters
Mona: And...Gary.
Sara: As I was saying: Legends... our work here is done. Gideon, fire up the ship! It's time to hit it.
— Season 4, Episode 15: Hey, World!

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