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Arrowverse characters
Earth's heroes unite... well, most of them.

Since the Arrowverse is home to loads and loads of characters, spanning six live action television shows and two animated web series note , this index has been created to better categorize character pages relevant to the franchise.

As of 2019, the mass reorganization is still in progress, so feel free to help speed things along!

For an index of the Arrowverse actors and actresses who have their own page on this wiki, see here.


Star City

  • Arrowverse: Team Arrow note 
  • Arrowverse: Team Arrow Family Members note 
  • Arrowverse: Star City Citizens note 
  • Criminal Groups note 
  • Independent Criminals note 

Central City

  • Arrowverse: West/Allen Family note 
  • Arrowverse: S.T.A.R. Labs note 
  • Arrowverse: Central City Citizens note 
  • Arrowverse: Central City Criminal Groupsnote 
    • Arrowverse: The Roguesnote 
  • Arrowverse: Central City Independent Criminalsnote 


  • Arrowverse: U.S. Government & Military note 
  • Arrowverse: A.R.G.U.S. & Task Force X note 
  • Arrowverse: Justice Society of America note 
  • Arrowverse: League of Assassins note 
  • Arrowverse: The H.I.V.E. note 
  • Arrowverse: Vandal Savage & Followers note 
  • Arrowverse: International Groups note 

Time Travel

  • Arrowverse: The Legends note 
  • Arrowverse: The Hawks note 
  • Arrowverse: Time Masters and Time Bureau note 
  • Arrowverse: Time Criminals note 
  • Arrowverse: Past Characters note 
  • Arrowverse: Future Characters note 

The Multiverse

  • Arrowverse: Earth-2 note 
  • Arrowverse: Earth-X note 
  • Arrowverse: Other Earths note 
  • Arrowverse: Earth-90 note 

Supergirl's Earth

  • Earth-38
    • Kara Danvers / Supergirl
    • National City note 
    • The D.E.O. note 
    • Luthor Family & Associates note 
    • Other Locales note 
    • U.S. Government & Militarynote 
    • Outside Earth note 
    • Project Cadmus note 
    • The Legion note 
    • The Children of Liberty note 
    • The Elite note 

Other Characters

  • Arrowverse: Gotham City note 
  • Arrowverse: Other Locales note 
  • Arrowverse: Metahumans note 
    • Firestorm note 
    • Grodd
  • Arrowverse: Mystics note 
  • Arrowverse: Other Entities note 

Characters Indexed by Work (works sorted as per incorporation into the verse)

Alternative Title(s): Arrow Recurring Characters, The Flash 2014 Main Characters, The Flash 2014 Supporting Cast, The Flash 2014 Characters From Other Earths, Arrow Main Characters, Arrow Minor Villains


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