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     The villains during crossover episodes 
  • Has anyone ever wondered what the villains of the season are up to during the crossover episodes, I mean are they just like "Oh something much more important and threatening than me has come up, lets just keep low for now and wait until this blows over." I mean the chaos would be the perfect chance for them to set up their master plan or move forward with, so that after the episode is over they would have a large advantage over the heroes.
    • For Flash's villain, it makes sense because they need him for their plans and the actions usually takes place in Central City. In Arrow, the show is usually split between before and after the crossover and the only time this would have really matter was when they faced Savage since they was always someone in Star City (at night at least). The Legends time travel and as for Supergirl she comes in when needed.
     Philosopher's stone 
  • how exactly does the Philosoper's stone work? i can understand that it's a solidified chunk of speed force energy but how exactly does it work?

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