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  • The final minutes of Rogue Air, Barry is about to get his butt kicked by the Reverse-Flash when Firestorm and Arrow pull a Big Damn Heroes Moment to help their fellow hero. And thus we see the seeds of what will become the Arrowverse version of the Justice League. It well may never include Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman due to Executive Meddling, but that doesn't make it any less effective or awesome. They managed to beat the DC Extended Universe to the punch by one year.
    • And now Supergirl is joining the Arrow multiverse. She's not exactly Superman, but she's close enough given what they've got to work with.
  • The trailer for Legends of Tomorrow - where we see Ray Palmer finally shrinking down like his comic book counterpart.
  • Season 2 of Supergirl (2015) will feature Superman being played by an actual actor. Let's do a little headcount, shall we? We have The Green Arrow, The Flash (and maybe multiple versions of The Flash at that), Firestorm, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, The Atom, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, and now Superman himself. We've also had a reference to Hal Jordan's origin story and the addition of Superman is a sign that the DC Extended Universe is loosening its hold on the Arrowverse, which means we could very well end up with an Arrowverse version of Batman as well. Anyone else seeing where all this could be headed if things work out?
  • And now with the new trailers for the Invasion four parter being revealed we now have a Crisis Crossover involving ALL four Arrowverse shows! Who are the villains of this new saga? THE DOMINATORS!
    • And during said crossover, we got a nice little addition to Earth-1's real estate: a proto-version of the Hall of Justice! Perhaps a sign of things to come?
  • The announcement that fan favorite John Constantine was finally returning to the verse in his own animated show on CW Seed. It may not have been the live-action revival that fans were hoping for, but he's back none-the-less instead of languishing in red tape hell.
    • Recently it has been announced that Constantine will be showing up on Legends of Tomorrow for a few episodes, so wish granted.
      • And now that that's in the books, it turns out to have been greater than we'd expected: after appearing once in Arrow and it being stated that licensing complications made this a strictly one-time thing, he got to become a series regular in Legends, and some storylines from his NBC series have been continued (as some of us had hoped for with the animated version, only to be disappointed when it turned out to be a sequel to the Justice League Dark animated film instead of the sadly shortlived live-action show.)
  • Seeing just how far this universe has come from starting with Green Arrow a character that many considered to be an arrow themed rip off of Batman to adding the Scarlet Speedster and even making its own Justice League expy with Legends of Tomorrow and now including Supergirl in its multiverse. The Arrowverse has become a television franchise that many have noted seems to be giving the DCEU itself some competition even in spite of some of the fan favorite characters being killed or written off to appease the movie side. The Arrowverse has truly hit a milestone on the possibilities that television can bring us.
    • It’s gone from “some competition” to being universally considered vastly superior to the DCEU, even though the films have the A-list characters front and center, all the budget in the world, and a lot of famous names attached.
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  • The brief trip to Earth-38 during a Vibe battle in The Flash. It's basically the crew saying "Just wanted to remind you, we can do this whenever we want."
  • The fact that the franchise was able to pull off a musical episode! It used the best singers of its cast and was able to have fun with the idea. It really shows that the franchise is having fun with itself and is taking ideas that many would argue couldn't be done in a serious superhero show and using them to their fullest potential.
  • The 2017 Crossver: "Crisis on Earth-X"; not only is it a true crossover event — it will actually start with Supergirl this time (unlike last season where Barry just came to get her), but all the heroes will have to face their evil doppelgängers from Earth-X.
  • One that might be a little understated are the Crossover Promos. They remind us of just how awesome this shared universe heroes is. (and from the last one it seems to be giving us confirmation that Black Lightning will be joining the family one day.)
  • At the CW upfronts, the crew dropped a big hint about how the next crossover would be topping "Crisis on Earth-X": Batwoman. Yes, after years of hints and nipping at the very edges of how much Warner Brothers will let them use the biggest DC characters, they're finally bringing in part of the Bat family. As a bonus, this has the honor of being her first ever appearance in live action.
    • They topped this just a few months later with the announcement that this appearance would lead into her own show.
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  • What is going to be the next Crossover? Crisis on Infinite Earths!

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